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7/20 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 1 month later...

(My feeds are too choppy tonight for me to do any serious updating. Any takers?)

9:24 BBT For roughtly the past hour, Ronnie has been up in the HoH room, where he had summoned the athletes plus Chima, Kevin and Lydia. They've been discussing the plan to put up Jordan, and basically making fun of the other "side".

When Big Brother announced an indoor lockdown, Casey went to his bedroom and lay down, but this woke up Michele, so they've been awake, up and around.

(Indoor lockdown did not last long, and has been over for a while now.)

No serious talk taking place.

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**The boards were down, so I couldn't post this, but want to now.

Around 8:30 BBT, Ronnie and the whole jock side group were up in HOH. Twice Ronnie brought up the HOH game 'Majority Rules' and how he thinks it will be the game this Thursday. He instructed the HGs how to cheat, along with Jessie's previous knowledge with the game. Jessie mentioned that when you change your answer from A to B, the device clicks. So Ronnie tells them all to wait to hear how many clicks you hear, and if it's many people who click it, then click it as well and leave it. Nat is confused, so Ronnie makes it easier by saying to always vote A, until they knocl out Michele, Casey, Jeff and Jordan, to ensure their group wins HOH.

Ronnie is almost positive this will be the HOH game on Thursday. Chima says if it is, BB will hear them and change it, but Ronnie continues with his idea to fix the competition.

**Just wanted to fill everyone in on his plan for them to cheat the HOH comp this week. Someone at BB/CBS needs to know this, so this game is not played.

ETA: I see Morty has already covered this on the front page. Glad everyone knows, so hopefully BB will have a different game.


10:00 BBT

Jessie and Russ working out in the BY while Jeff is running around the yard. Jordan, Casey and Laura chatting in the red room. Jordan says she's laying how she is so she can see Ronnie when he comes out of the DR and make him feel guilty. The girls also talked about packing and being back home, but now talk has changed to Casey's job and who he's met.

Russ is called to the DR and him and Jess do some reps before Russ heads in. Ronnie comes out and has joined the workout crew.

Laura says she doesn't like judgemental people and how if you don't actually know someone, don't judge them. She feels bad for her family and bf, Ben, b/c of the misconceptions and gossip about Laura and her being on the show.

BB Scolds Nat for talking about production, but she's not on camera.

Laura asks Casey and Jordan if they think America hates them and they don't think so. Laura hopes they're not the villians for 'The Dumb 5' and her and Casey are calling themselves, for being tricked and lied to. Laura calls the other side 'The Villians'.

10:10 BBT

Laura says how she loves where she's at in her outside life right now. She loves her job, boyfriend, family, the people she hangs out with, everything. Casey mentions how people in the house 'fish' for things and he's not confrontational.

BB tells Chima not to talk about DR sessions and Jessie is then called to the DR. Jordan makes jokes about Jessie, saying, as him, that he has big muscles and is the best reality player ever.

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10:15 BBT

Chima, Michele, Nat and Kevin talking in HOH room. Laura and Jordan go outside and fold laundry. Jordan mentions she almost wants to go to 'them' and tell them to vote her out and Laura says no no no. Jordan says she's not good at comps and Laura tells her to not let 'them' hear her say that.

Russ and Ronnie, lifting weights and talking about reality shows and musicals. Russ wants to know the name of a musical that was about a bum, which stumps Ronnie.

Jessie comes back outside and starts on the weights as Ronnie watches.

Laura says she loves doing laundry and Jordan says really? Laura likes the feeling of warm clothes.

10:40 BBT

Ronnie, Jess, Nat, Chima, Kevin, Lydia and Michele in HOH room. Laura, Jeff, Jordan and Casey outside, then Casey called to DR. Lydia tried to get Nat to go outside with her.

Laura hopes if she doesn't leave this week, she'll stay long in the game and fix her mistakes, but she has a good feeling it's game over for her. Jeff is sitting in the HT.

(Yay, StephenV is here!!!!!!!!)

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10:31 BBT

Jeff being pissy that he gets blamed for evrything "the put Lydia up" "Ronnie wanted to backdoor Russell" and its my fault "what the fuck" he tells Jordan Caseyy and Laura...Casey says "maybe its sour grapes" Jeff "maybe its a little of both"

Jordan wants "Thursday to be here" to "get it over with"..Casey saying he misses his family and had got along with the others better BB "would have been more tolerable"

Jeff 'yo must have said some shit to Russell because he was about to flip" but now he's "back on the rack"....Laura "its High school"...saying Ronnie "just wants to fit in.....Jordan "I don't know how you fit in with the offbeats".....Laura tells Casey "you should have been in the populars"..Jordan says she wants to go to the DR..Casey "I don't" BB "Casey please come to the Diary Room" they all laugh..

Jordan "I hate feeling like I'm losing"...Jordan asks if they film the "early show" that night you're evicted or the next day.....Laura doesn't know and wonders how long she has to stay in LA doing interviews.....

10:38 BBT "i don't want to go back to work yet" Jordan says..Her and Laura talking about visiting each other think they will be evicted back to back.....Jordan says she wants to watch...Laura says "I have them TIVO'd" Jordan asks "what's that"...Laura says her parents bought the 3 months of live feeds when they could have bought the 15 bucks instead..Jordan says "don't say that"

10:41 BBT Jordan trying to figure if its the 3rd or 4th day on slop....Jeff sitting in the hottub being mostly quiet....and Jordan and Laura being quiet..

Very little talk...most talking is by Jordan ....they head in to their "stupid ass room" and Jordan says we just get...Laura finishes "shit on"...

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10:44 BBT

Jordan looking for tampons before she goes to bed since she has only the really little ones ..Michele says something to her.....Michele heads to the bathrrom and talks about their hair with Chima....

10:46 BBT In the kitchen....Russell who's preparing some food as Natalie begs for "some steak"......Russell who is now being Mr Nice jokes with her brething her skank breath into it...

10:48 BBT In the eco room Jesse and Lydia talking about Russell and laughs at Jordan trying to petition to "go home" and Jesse says "she has no control" and she should stop thing she has "that power" over 9 people...a foul rat enters ooops its just Natalie.."that's that fuck the bitch" Jesse says about Jordan...Lydia bashing Jordan for wering Jeff's tshirt without panties.....they get up to go out and Lydia tells Ratalie that they are going to get "her in skirt and heels" by time bb is done..

10:51 BBT Back in the bathrrom Michele bond with Chima as she really has no other option

10:52 Lydia playing pool with Natalie...and Kevin comes over...talka about wagering beds......{Natalies obsessed with beds}

Back in the bathrrom Chima and Jesse whispering...puts a towel over head...and is talking about something...he told someone "don't ever make that face at me again" and someone "got all pissed off" he told someone "hey come here" and this person turned his back on him.....and it made jesse mad "don't sit there and be cute".....{not sure who he was talking about BB get saying Knock it off for whispering with a towel over his head} she was talking about Natalie Thanks SwatCopsWife!!!..

10:57 BBT Ronnie pops out of Jesses butt eer walks in and joking around Chima telling him "we are having non game" talk ..Russell appears and talk turns to teeth and brushing and whitening..

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Back in the bathrrom Chima and Jesse whispering...puts a towel over head...and is talking about something...he told someone "don't ever make that face at me again" and someone "got all pissed off" he told someone "hey come here" and this person turned his back on him.....and it made jesse mad "don't sit there and be cute".....{not sure who he was talking about BB get saying Knock it off for whispering with a towel over his head} but I guess it was Laura..

** Hey Stephen, just wanted to let you know it was Natalie, he's upset because he wants her but can't have her because she has a BF

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11:00 BBT we have FOTH and I'm waiting out the BBAD commercials....Laura and Jordan in their darkened Have not room....figuring out what she should say on her speech on eviction day.....".I was glad to redeem yourself from the technotronics thing and good to see Dumb party of five" Laura says before BBAD switches to Jeff in the shower..

the feeds are still FOTH at 11:06 BBT

But at the pool table Lydia and Natalie cackling about their pool game ...Best of three" Lydia says ..Natalie whining "you're a cheater...and don't stick to your bets".......Natalie "cuts her a break" on Lydia welching and agrees to play agin with Kevin saying something unimportant...{sorry this all we're getting..BB is torturing us tonight}

11:08 BBT Feeds still foth and now we get Chima and Jesse bashing laura in the SR and heads out to Russell preparing them steak to get back in good graces.."dinner's ready" he says and calls his buddy "Ron" to eat...

Lydia and Natalie playing pool and we still have foth..

11:10 BBT Casey talking to Ronnie.."i do feel horribly" about putting up Jordan "but I have to ensure Laura goes home" and casey tells him Laura may be "pretty good" and stuff "down the road" and Ronnie says he's trying to be "upfront" unlike "last week" and hopes "people respect that"....Ronnie trying to explain why he was the rat..info came to light "20 mins" before the live show "I rolled the dice"....Casey says he tried but his din't wok out...

11:12 Ronnie saying Jeff wouldn't put him up because "he needs a friend"....and casy says he will vote the way they want and Ronnie apologizing actually kissing ass about what happened and says he can trust him from here on in...he goes in and eats..

11:14 BBT feeds still FOTH..and BBad showing the Athletes and their sheep eating.....a lot of overly happy yelling..{its nauseating} Jesse and Lydia head to the eco room........

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11:17 BBT

BBAD Jesse and Lydia rehashing the pool game and subsequent loss of Lydia who loses her makeup for the week in the bet she made {hope BB gives her a bag for her face}..only for Jesse says "you have to have one foot on the ground" and Natalie says she's "give her another game" since she cheated according to Jesse and Lydia..

Jeff laying in bed in the dark talking to Michele..and we have a BBAD commercial and Foth..

11:21 BBT Feeds back talking about "double evictions"....Michele says she has "no chance of winning"...."nobody will vote for me" and Jeff says he feels the same way.."i'm more of a leader than a follower" and Michele says she's "stubborn"..and says "fucking Ronnie" and a glimmer of hope...Jeff talks a new day...and Michele "twists"...and Michele brings up Zach BB8 and Jeff sas "Ogre" and talks how they make "one person to look like the leper" Michele jokes...

11:25 BBT In come Laura and Jordan and says their speech for the POV ceremony will "make you laugh" and Jordan giggling "its funny".....Laura asks Michele "any good gossip" and Michele says theyw ere talking who would be the leper...and Laura says "all of us"

Jeff says they are eating steak "maybe they'll give us the bones"...hoping Russell will explode......Jefff says "you better not throw a big stone at me" about laura speech "it better be in fun" and they say it is...

11:28 BBT laura wants food...Jordan...says once Ronnie's HOH is over no one will be nice to him Jeff sasy who cares and Michele "what's done is done"

Jordan "where's Casey" and they all make their guesses...."I want some fucking food"..Jeff says they spilled slop by the fridge and didn't clean it up.....and Jordan and Laura says "we didn't do that....why would we do that" and Jordan says "someone probably did it on purpose".."I swear I didn't do it" and Jeff says that's what they said......"whatever"...Jordan says and ask Michele if she wants to "lay out" and she s happily says "yes"

Jeff wants her to scratch his back "for a 1/2 hour" and she says "he like to be rubbed" and Michele who doesn't...Jordan tells her "you have a pretty smile"..."I always notice it" and compliments her teeth and she "smiles really big"..

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11:34 BBT Jeff says they will be up all night.."i think my days are numbered" when Jordan says "I hope you make it far" and Jordan says to lay low...Michele says if she had gotten HOH next week she wouldn't be able to play and be out next week...Jordan "don't tell him anything" aboutRonnie..

11:36 BBT Laura comes back and turns the light on and Michele says "i'm done talking about him" when Jordan says Ronnie "is so easily influenced"...Jordan says BB took her perfume but laura has hers and Jeff has his cologne..

They are talking about how cold the have not room is in the morning even though its hot most of the night...

11:38 BBT...in walks Natalie "you all hyped up on candy" Jeff asks her and like a rabid chiuaua she goe son about her and Lydia's pool bet and what she lost.."who's idea was that"..Jeff asks and talk turns about all the candy she took from the movie Chima and Casey watched...and talk turns back to pool and their bets of drssing alike basically be "each others shadow" eat sleep when the other does...

Natalie and Lydia go play pool and she leaves..

11:42 BBT Outside casey tells Natalie 'you have to have a foot on the floor" and Natalie "that's why I'm giving her a new game"...Casey and Ronnie and the couch......

11:45 BBT Ronnie explaining to russ who's trying to get ready for a shower of the Lydia bet..and informs him what him and Casey and him were talking about "you made me feel dumb" casey tol him according to Ronnie......Jesse comes in...and talking about...and Russell says "he knows" why russell isn't talking to him...Casey told Ronnie that "his teammates hate me" and he has no one and nobaody really "knows me"

11:48 BBt "is it ok I come talk to you guys" as he enters laura Michele Jeff and Jordan and Laura's convo talking about what to make with slop.......Ronnie explains what they made before with slop.....Michele says "the salsa slop soup" for a change of pace..an d Michele talking about Jesse telling her protein shakes do no good unless you work out....

11:52 Ronnie talks about the pool game ...and what was said and the politely laugh....talking about their glasses...nothing interesting as jeff asks for Jokes...Laura tells a bad joke and took Jordan a secon to get it....they tell ronnie they are going to bed...Ronnie leaves...Jeff "wher you going" to Jordan she says "to bed"......Laura says she's going to tell Michele what Ronnie says before she leaves...

11:56 BBT In the kitchen Ronnie Caey and Jesse talking about what the new HOH could be..Jesse brightly says if could be "dodgeball" and the person who hits the first person "in the head' is HOH and talk how the "have not" campetition ended and they "didn't expect that" while Casey says BB trying to save money..

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12:00 BBT

Michele and Jeff talking why people are there...saying some people are there to be "on tv"....Michele says 'who are the biggest jerks in the house" and hang out with them....in walks Lydia complaining she doesn't want to dress like natalie..in the pool room they try to decide how their bet will be settled...

12:03 BBT In the kitchen...Ronnie bonding with his Athlete buddies Jesse and Russell and Casey.. regailing them about his dorm stories and they sem to pretend to be interested..."wow" OMG" as Ronnie laughs at his story the hardest....

Ronnie talks about his pranks....Ronnie rambles on and BB spares us with a FOTH {thanks}...

12:08 BBT Feeds come back and Ronnie still talking in the kitchen..Its just Jesse seems Russel snuck away..and jesse says he needs to get some sleep and Ronnie says he went back there to talk and says "guess who's back there with em"...Jesse "michele..and Ronnie "she's a ho fo sho"...Jesse leave to the BR and Ronnie follows him with stories...Lydia and Natalie being uber obxoious about their bet.....

12:12 BBT Outside....Kevin asks Casey if he thinks he's a target.....Casey says its people telling Ronnie things..."ronnie talks to everybody" and that's why "I haven't said much" to him.... out comes Natalie Ronnie and Lydia ...

12:14 BBT Jordan and Laura talking in their room and Jordan says she's holding back even though she wants to "cuss people out"....

Laura says when you're on the block they "call me a lot more often" because they want America to know you better.......talking about looking good on "TV" as it will be their "last week " there..

12:16 BBT Now there is just silence between them....and I think Laura and Jordan may be falling asleep...

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12:20 BBT Lydia overacting about paying her bet to Natalie......Jesse sings "i'm a Pina Colada" and Casey says he's heading to bed..."see you manana"....Casey says...Jess whistling and gets no warning..

Natalie removing Lydia's nails and Russ and Jess says we need to get to bed since the Veto Meeting is in 6 hrs..and they head to bed as Natalie butches up Lydia..to be like her..

12:22 BBT Inside Ronnie asking what he can do to help Chima clean up....seems people are getting ready for bed since they have to be up early...Ronnie heads to HOH..Chima "i'll be up soon"

Ronnie in HOH by himself..rummages through his snacks..

12:26 BBT Kevin and Chima and Russell clean the kitchen while Lydia brushes her teeth.

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12:29 BBT

Jordan has joined Jeff in his bed to talk.."i can't stand another week" she tells him and Jeff upset about their inconsideration making noise flipping on the lights..Jordan says when they leave she'll tell them why they are like that...Jeff "i would like to know" but Jordan says she doesn't want to say it on TV...Jeff "that's wierd"..Jordan "that's what I think"

Jeff saying they need to thell Russell how everybody wanted him out and says "you should stir up some shit" and Jeff says "if you go home its a shot at me"...Jordan "can you believes" they would do that to us...Jordan says we were nice to him while the rest were talking "shit behind his back" and Jordan why he's doing that "because he's a fucking pussy" and even though Ronnie says she's safe...neither don't beileve it...Jordan says no one will remeber her..no one ever remebers the 1st 2nd 3rd person out...

12:35 BBT Jeff "if you stay you need to shut your fucking mouth" telling her she gets him in trouble...Jordan "how do I get you in trouble"..."you don't help the situation...Jordam says Ronnie "will regret it" and his wife and brother are probably saying 'what are you doing"

Jeff tells her he thinks she's staying "I have this feeling" and Jordan tells him he needs to fight for hOH....."you and me should be the final two" jordan says .."in a dream world"...Jordan "we would have got along better" had Jesse would have not been there......and Jeff sasy he wishes they were all new people..{I strongly agree}...

12:39 BBT Jeff "i feel like the biggest loser" in here they laugh..."I'm just waiting to be fucked"..."you shouldn't be" worried about going home Jeff says "I think I am" and Jeff says "everything say I'm wrong" they laugh..

"you get so aggrivated with me" as Jordan thinks he's talking about a kiss and jeff was talking about a goodbye message.....Jeff is gonna "lay one on " jordan...if sheleaves....

Jordan let it be realy realy good..and funny...and long.....and last" because she wants to laugh on stage..

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12:43 BBT

Seems Ronie is having a meeting in his HOH with Kevin and Jesse....and Chima "he's a dumb bitch" jesse says aboutLaura again....and proudly says he's told her...Ronnie asks "do you think the right decision"...Ronnie says Russell swore he wasn't putting him up..."I don't know" and Chima says "we could be screwed"

Chima says "he's a strong competitor" "volatile" and has a lot of side deals...Chima says once we get rid "of them" they will implode because they will have to turn on each other..

12:47 BBT Chima says "i thought we didn't want Russell in the jury house" and Chima says Lydia will not put him on the block...Ronnie thinks if cliques are over...Jesse would put up "jeff and Russell' and chima looks skeptical and says it won't be over this week..

Kevin says keep Russell until they get the other 4 out...

Ronnie says in will be interesting who will be against Jordan when they run out...Chima says Jordan would win against anyone in the final two..Chima says maybe we should get her out....

Ronnie "if Laura goes home ...next week I want to see Jeff next week" and Chima says what about Casey....Chima says 'how do we know the athletes are not pulling our legs" and Ronnie says because it would be too early.....and Ronnie thinks Russell wouldn't put him up...beacsue Jesse and Natalie would be pissed off..Cima "we really need the numbers" and Chima says "lets get Laura out"....Kevin is si stupid thinking Laura still thinks she's gonna stay and they are putting up Russelll...But Ronnie says she knows she's leaving..feed switches .....Kevin says Casey has heard the names have been tossed around.....Cima "how does he know"...Kevin says Casey told him "i know for a fact" his name is being tossed around....

12:53 BBT Kevin telling Ronnie casey told him he doesn't trust Ronnie and at 12:58 Ronnie says "I bet its Jordan" becaus she said "i know you're putting Casey up"...Ronnie wnat to talk to Russ before the meeting...


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12:59 BBT

Ronnie, Chima and Kevin having a talk about tomorrow's 6:30 BBT POV ceremony..

Ronnie talking how they want then to fracture....Ronnie asks who Kevin would he put up..."jeff" and would let the group to decide..Chima "I want Casey and Jeff"

1:02 BBT Kevin saying today this was the first time he had a conversation with Jordan about game...

Ronnie says he wants to talk to Russ that the idea was "pitched by certain people" it ws never gonna happen....Chima and Kevin "that's good"..

Ronnie"it will be absolutely unbearable" at a Casey or Jeff HOH and all three thinks it will them..Ronnie says if it Casey "it will be a coin flip"....says he will remind him that he kept his word...

1:05 BBT Ronnie telling Kevin he would be a pov replacement in a Jeff HOH and Kevin stupidly says he wouldn't put Lydia up....

Talking in circles..Jeff has to go next week..Chima "we should backdoor him"...they talk scenarios...and realize if they don't put up Jeff and he wins POV they would have to put up one of their own....

they are planning all their HOH wins and perfect scenarios and "we are all on the jury" Ronnie says...

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1:12 BBT

Jeff up talking with Lydia and Jesse in the bathroom..talking about what they ate...and are just talking about lydia has to butch up like Natalie for "two days"

Jeff heads back to bed...

1:15 BBT Kevin worried about Laura bringing up the bathroom incident..Chima "we're screwed on that" and they say they can threatnen Laura that if she says anything they will vote her out...Russell won't believe her and says she didn't hear anything.."she did" because Kevin says he could hear...Cima says there was no way "to deny the laura...Ronnie we can tell Jesse and Russsell and "spin it" Chima it won't work "we can't defend hiding laura in the bathroom"

Kevin says they should put up Casey so she believes she has a chance to stay ..they all believe she'll blow up and spill it.....Ronnie says she can't get specific...Ronnie "you are making it over complicated" Ronnie says they all lie it didn't happen....

1:21 BBT they are trying to figure how to cover their tracks.....Ronnie "if we says she's lying they are going to assume she's lying" Kevin is worried the if the lie has some element of truth it will bring doubt..and Ronnie "the best lies are based in truth"

1:23 BBT So they are going to deny....Kevin "i wish there was another way" instead of "bold face lying" "i don't like that shit"

1:25 BBT Kevin says she overheard from outsid the door as they were walking out {that's not a bolf face lie?..Hypocrites}

Now they want to bring Lydia in to make sure she knows...and says "that bitch is crazy"

Ronnie going to Look for lydia explain and go to bed..and Kevin and Chima will head to bed..

{well Jordan will go up tomorrow at 6:30 AM BBT today....they want Laura out on Thursday and I'm out till tomorrow}

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7:17 am BBT

Jordan goes back to bed... not sure where Jeff is, after all the Populars are supposed to be in the 'cold room'... it looks as if it is very cold in there. Jordan is sleeping with her hoodie on and up, she and Laura have their blankets all the way up to their heads....

7:20 am BBT

Ronnie up in HoH room messing with his ding-a-ling-a-ling whilst he is asleep... ***pretty talented, thought he needed tweezers for that.***

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7:35 BBT

Michele in bathroom getting dressed.

Jessie, Casey and Jeff outside. Casey is happy BB let them sleep until 7:30 instead of waking them up at 6:30.

BB tells the HGs the bedroom lights must remain on. Russ is up in the kitchen. Jeff goes inside to get more coffee. Russ goes to SR where Michele now is. Everyone is quiet as they're still waking up.

8:30 BBT

Doesn't seem like much is going on. Jeff and Michele outside talking. Nat and Lydia STILL in bed sleeping. Chima, Laura and Ronnie in bathroom.

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10:00 BBT


10:05 BBT

Feeds finally come back on. Chima is doing her makeup and talking to Russell on the bathroom couch.

Laura, Jeff and Jordan all sleeping in the recycled room. Chima's talking about places she's lived and now an ex boyfriend.

FOTH again.

10:15 BBT

Feeds back and Chima's still talking about men, saying she's gotten many jobs from strange men.

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{anyone else see think Ronnie looks like 'THE PREGNANT MAN'}

feeds are back

:closedeyes: Chima going on and on about a guy she met. she is talking to Russ. All feeds on them on the coach in the BR

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