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August 31 & September 1 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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11:30AM BBT: Renny is in the kitchen eating at the bar. Dan is looking for something in the refrigerator. Other 2 feeds are on Jerry walking slowly across the back yard. Must be his exercise time. Jerry comes in and goes up to HoH room. Keesha is sitting at the bar with Renny and Dan.

11:40AM BBT: Keesha and Dan go outside to the couches. She asks if he is going to start badmouthing her. He said no, he won't say anything against her, but he will try to stay in the house. Other feeds show Jerry laying down on the HoH bed. Memphis is sleeping in the spa room.

Keesha is complaining about how Jerry plays. He is always badmouthing the others, and wanting to know what every one is saying and talking about to each other. Keesha said she told him she doesn't have anything against anyone left in the house. Dan said they still have one more to get out, number 75. Keesha feels like she gets cornered by Renny. Dan said when Renny starts getting crazy, he just walks away. Dan said the pool looks pretty, that is where he is headed. Keesha said her too. Dan goes inside to clean up his mess. Renny is doing dishes at sink. Keesha stays outside, doing crafts. Dan goes into bedroom to get suit.

(Sorry, I was out for a while)

12:20PM BBT: Came back to Dan swimming, and singing. Get FoTH when he sings (Thank you BB) Renny and Keesha outside on the couches. Keesha said she wanted to wait to settle down so she would have no regrets. She thinks it was the right move for her. She starts talking about someone who was mature for her age, and we get FoTH again.

Keesha said she has accomplished just about everything she wanted to, that was within her reach. Renny said that was good. When you get older you look back and wish you had done things differently. Keesha said she has no regrets. She thinks she is at a place where she could be happy to settle down. Dan still swimming and occassionally singing. Now Dan is asking Renny and Keesha if they watched Flavor of Love. Keesha said no, Renny said she has seen it. Dan keeps saying Flavor Flav.

Keesha talking about her sister. She was the settling down type, and got married young and had kids. She isn't sure she wanted kids so young, but things have worked out well for her. Keesha said they are different. Renny mentioned young mothers who were too young, and grandmothers are raising the children. She said other young mothers seem to mature with the responsibility. Renny said at 18 she couldn't have been a mother. Keesha agrees...no way!. Keesha said "she" (sister I think) was always the type that wanted to play with the babies, cousins, etc. Always wanted to play with them, baby sit, will be a terrific mom, 18 or not. Keesha said she would hold the baby, eewww, so cute, then is ready to hand them back to the mother. Keesha said she doesn't have much of a domestic side. She does, but in different ways. She is more adventurous. Renny said Keesha will be a beautiful mother, she can just tell.

12:40PM BBT: Renny and Keesha go inside. Dan gets out of the pool and lays out in the sun on a towel. Keesha tells "Renny-roo" she is sooo funny, then goes into her room and makes her bed. Renny gets the oversized deck of cards, and goes into the VW bedroom with Keesha. She asks Keesha to cut the cards 13 different ways. Every cut goes on the bottom. When she was done, Renny turned them over and they were in pretty much the same order....all in suit. Keesha kept saying that was crazy and squealing. Renny whispering as they walk out of the room, Dan still sleeping in the BY. No one else on camera (Jerry and Memphis).

[such a riveting Sunday! - pierceka]

Be back later.

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1:00PM BBT: Did anyone else just catch that?? Dan was in the pool, and Memphis in chair in the shade. Talking about Renny will be crazy when she is on the block, and that someone has to go this week, they can't change that. Jerry comes out and says just another California day. Dan says, hey, can you read that? Jerry looks up in the air and tries to read something in the air and continues to back up trying to see what it says. He keeps backing up until he falls backward into the pool!!! Dan and Memphis asks if he is ok, and as he stands and gets up, says he hurt his ass. Went to FoTH for several minutes.

Back to BY with all outside except Jerry. Talking about what happened. Said there was skywriting, about a movie opening or something. Renny said Jerry came in , soaked from head to toe. Keesha said poor Jerry. They are laughing and saying poor guy. Memphis and Dan said they were both out of the pool when he went in. Someone said it was a good thing it was the shallow end. They think he hit his butt on the side of the pool. Keesha said she would have loved to have seen that. Memphis said it was like walking into an open manhole. They are all sure that will get shown on TV. Dan said with all of them laughing at him, with evil music behind them.

Still talking about Jerry falling in. They said he is lucky he didn't hit his head on the side, or get really hurt. They can't stop giggling. (It was prety funny!)

1:10pm bbt: Jerry comes back out. Said he is okay, has a bruise. He stepped back with his right leg, so it is scraped and bruised a bit. They are talking about the skywriting plane. Jerry forgets what kind of canister it is that they use. Memphis said they can reach a lot of people that way.

Dan said that was their excitement for today. Jerry said he was soooo embarrassed! Keesha said she can't wait to see the look on his face. Jerry said he was always doing something to get on TV. Keesha said it sounds like something she would do. Dan asked if he was moving pretty quickly, he said no. He was just wrapped up in the moment, trying to read what the word was, and just fell. He said he feels so foolish. He is still a little in shock that it happened. Keesha told him he doesn't need to feel foolish, it coould have happened to any one of them.

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Jerry asked what Keesha is doing today. She said just trying to get through the day. Jerry said that is all any of them are doing. Keesha can't wait until she sees her family and JJ. Jerry said they are all thinking about that. He considers it thining about life.

Not much going on. Jerry said his leg is a little sore. Keesha said that is crazy! (Jerry is going to really milk this today!) Jerry said he does relax when he falls. He said most people tighten up, and that is a mistake. Old people's bones break easily. Keesha said she knows. Jerry said he worried more about getting the microphone and battery pack wet. Isn't that funny? Keesha said she understands, she would too.

Jerry now trying to figure out what the skywriting was. He thought the word was ocean, and thought it was for something at the beach. Memphis said it is for movie premiers. Jerry said it was a 5 letter word, could have been opens.

Jerry moves out of the sun, Memphis gets up and walks near the pool. Keesha still on couches with Jerry. Dan is in the pool, not sure where Renny is.

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Keesha headed towards the bedroom, she's found Renny-roo who was napping. Renny laying on the bed staring at the camera. Keesha heads back outside to do some laundry. Renny said she was getting up.

1:29PM BBT

Keesha and Renny lying in bed chatting. Keesha says she thinks they deserve to rest a bit. It's mentally hard to deal with it. She is saying that it's only human that they will have mental down days. Everyone else got a break because they aren't there right now. FOTH


Keesha and Renny discussing what's going to happen. She thinks Memphis will save Dan. It makes sense for him. He's close to Dan. Renny says you won't be going home so...

Keesha says she might be not completely correct.

Renny says she's lazy on Sundays and Keesha agrees. They both love lazy Sundays. Renny says the Col. didn't protect anything. Renny is no good at the POV's, if he had looked at the stats he would have known that it was him and Dan that won most. Keesha says she doesn't know how he would have protected her though. Keesha called to DR.

Feeds switch to Dan and Memphis outside.

1:40PM BBT

Dan askingif there's anything Memphis is worried about right now. Memphis is saying it comes down to only the 3 of who's left to play for the next HOH. They don't want to talk about who they would keep with them in the final 3. They like Keesha but strategically.. then they say they shouldn't even talk about it. Worst case scenario is that Jerry wins next POV and then one of them is going home.

1:47PM BBT

Keesha just came up and asked them if they decided to vote her out to let her know as the curiosity kills her. She just wants to know. Memphis says, "Keesha, we are not voting you out." Dan is asking if she'll want collateral. They ask if Renny knows what's happening. Keesha thinks she knows. Keesha told her awhile ago, before they told her what their plan was that she thought that's what would happen. They ask if she's mad at them. Keesha thinks she's more upset at Jerry, who lied about stuff. Jerry told Renny that Keesha said stuff about Renny. She didn't, she's not going to dog other people to try and save herself. America is watching to see who is going to turn on who for the fnal 4 and shes' not going to be that person.

Jerry comes outside. He's neck and his back is tightening up. He feels he's lucky he didn't break his hip.

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Keesha, Dan, Memphis outside....talking about how Jerry will come out looking like a great guy and Memphis the devil. Saying how Jerry talks about "The money" all the time. saying THEY ALL need the money ..And Jerry keeps saying he is giving alot of it away..

about 15 mintutes ago Renny, Memphis, Dan Keesha RUNNING around the house having a pillow fight and Renny tickling Memphis... (SO FUNNY) :box:

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BB Time.....11:44 Pm........Dan and Memphis both taking showers while Keesha is talking to them and Renny is taking off her makeup....

BB Time......11:47 Pm Jerry walking around in HOH and feeding the fish....

BB Time.....11:48 Jerry Now changing clothes....

BB Time....11:48 Pm.....Memhpis out of his shower Dan still in his...Renny laying down on her bed, Keesha laying in hers both talking about Keesha changing underneath her covers.....

BB Time 11:49 Pm......Memphis comes in grabs clothes and leaves again....comes back in a few secs. gets in bed... They are all talking, Renny Keesha and Memphis about Dan's Birthday and Now asking quesitons (Memphis) of Renny and Keesha from the box of questions BB gave them with thier games...

BB Time.... 11:53 Pm.... Dan getting out of Shower and now brushing his Teeth...( :happybday: Dan :) )

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