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August 31 & September 1 - Live Feed Updates

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9:30 BBT Two feeds on Dan still sleeping in the 80's room. Other two feeds on Keesha and Memphis in the bathroom area. Memphis leaves. Renny joins Keesha.

9:40 BBT Keesha is dusting the bathroom. Memphis has been outside, then back in to get more to drink, and now back out. Renny's walking around the house.

9:55 BBT Renny's in the bathroom cleaning her face. Dan, Keesha and Memphis talking about teachers and the bad things they would do.

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10:43AM BBT: Dan sharing his Detroit Free Press Marathon experience. He ran over the Ambassador bridge and back through the Detroit tunnel. He had a beer on the 21st mile. (I've volunteered for years and have yet to see them serve beer to the runners - LOL - ZuZu)

Dan fixing his hair. Renny was doing some last minute touch ups. Dan now sitting in the massage chair getting a massage. Memphis is outside in the BY heads into the LR and starts reading the bible.

10:57AM BBT Jerry called to DR, Renny lying in bed, Keesha getting dressed.

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11:05 BBT

Keesha is acting very 'up' this morning. She's been humming to herself and keeps talking in a rather excited voice. She told Renny that she seems really down today. Just gave her a big hug and kiss. Both ladies are now lying in their room. Keesha's fingers have swelled this morning. Renny is going to take her meds. Commenting on the weather, it was cloudy earlier and now the sun has come out.

Renny called to DR.

Jerry comes out passes Keesha in the BR and says, "Hey Bright Eyes". Keesha responds, "Hey-y-y".

(Not very much to report on. Be Back later - ZuZu)

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12:29 pm BBT

Jerry just went up to HoH and said "And the beat goes on" and then he got into bed. Memphis in the BR popping zits, Dan and Keesha sitting in the BY on the couches. Keesha "It sucks, it had to happen sooner or later and it sucks".. Dan "Ummmnhum" Keesha "it sucks it could have been all 4 people, I don't want to see anyone go..."... Memphis goes into the Bedroom and Renny says "You always have to be prepared" Memphis "They are making fun of my purple blanket..." then he says something about jokes.

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1:00PM BBT: Keesha and Renny are lying down in their room, Renny looking very down in the dumps. "It was too good to be true - you and me", referring to their hope to be the final two. Renny's been put on the block now that Memphis won POV and removed Dan. Keesha asks if Renny packed her things to go. Renny goes thru a million scenarios, then says "I'm gonna check my laundry". Keesha heaves a big sigh of frustration and says to no one "I"m really tired" Renny returns within moments and folds laundry. Keesha is all curled up with covers over her, Renny asks "Keesha are you asleep?" (My heart is breaking for Renny right now.) Keesha in silence, apparently sleeping, after Renny packs some things she lies on the bed and stares into space not blinking once.

(P.S. to all who logged whilst I was away - what a story to read Jerry walking backwards into the pool! Thanks for staying on top of the feeds!)

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3:10PM BBT

The feeds return from FotH, and we find Memphis as he emerges from WC, checks his chin in the mirror, washes his hands, and then goes to an empty LR and lays on a couch. Memphis yawns. [ - and so do I. - jimmie]

3:15PM BBT

Feeds switch to BY where we find Renny checking the washing machine. She then goes into the kitchen, pours some Grape-Nuts into a baggy, reads the Grape-Nuts cereal box, and returns to the BY where she lays alone on the couch and snacks.

3:25PM BBT

Keesha joins Renny on BY couch.

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3:55PM BBT: Renny, Keesha & Jerry in BY. Jerry has just found out that he can't play HOH this week. He seems pretty down about it. He says that whomever is left between Keesha and Renny will have HOH and POV to try for in order to save themselves and at least he'll have the POV. He says it's only the last one where it's the final 3 that it's not really considered a HOH comp so you can play it even if you were HOH. Talk about the remaining 2 from last year staying in the house downstairs. That they don't get to use the HOH room. Jerry goes back inside. Renny says that's bad news for Jerry but good news for the rest of them. Keesha says that Jerry is really bothered by that news. She said she already knew that before Jerry told them as Memphis had told her earlier.

Keesha and Renny speculating when the finale will be. Saying maybe it will end on the Sunday rather than the Thursday. Keesha says regardless of the date she'll run out of the stuff she has.

Jerry comes back out to BY and is lifting weights.

Dan sleeping in Doom Room. Memphis sleeping in Spa Room.

Jerry sitting out on weight bench staring blankly, perhaps the reality of being a sitting duck next week is sinking in.

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4:10PM BBT

Renny alone, lying on bed in '60s room.

Keesha alone, lying on BY couch.

4:15PM BBT

Keesha goes to bathroom and brushes her teeth.

4:20PM BBT

Keesha in '60s room chatting with Renny.

Memphis asleep in sauna room.

Jerry asleep in HoH.

Dan asleep in Jerry's old bed.

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4:00PM ish BBT: Renny & Keesha in VW bedroom complaining about the house and how bored they are. Renny saying after all of this she'll need to spend a week with her husband alone to get grounded and then she'll go back home to see her kids. Keesha agreeing and saying she'll need to spend a week here before going out to Ohio for a week. They both agree they're just sick of this house and Renny points out that they never seem to use the front room. Keesha says that's because it's for evictions. Renny pointing out there's no TV, no phone, no nothing - isn't that the point? Talking about how there's been no luxury comp. Renny also mentioned she was going to make an appetizer for dinner tonight of celery sticks, cream cheese, and pineapple. [sounds interesting :animated_scratchchin: ]

Renny wondering if she'll be hounded after the show. Keesha saying people will ask her questions. Renny is speculating what it will be like at the first place she goes with her husband, to a lounge in L.A., she seems to think that people will come up to her and ask questions and say "Were you on BB?" She says she'll say no, it's not her.

4:30PM BBT: Renny saying that 3 months in this "adventure" can change someone's life so much, in the way that they think. Keesha agrees saying it's changed her thinking so much. She said she came in to the house thinking she had a good head on her shoulders and didn't have much to change about herself, but now she sees so much she wants to change. She thinks she used to take people for granted but doesn't want to do that anymore. She said she's realized so much in here and that she's associating with people outside that aren't good for her and now she doesn't think she'll ever bother to be around those people anymore or allow them to have such an effect on her. Renny feels the same.

Jerry is still sleeping in HOH. Dan still sleeping in the Doom Room.

4:45PM BBT: Keesha and Renny agreeing they liked April right off the bat initially, but that it only lasted for about 5 minutes. Renny talking about how she was trying to console April when she was crying in the BY that first week telling her about her family and her mother. Renny is saying she was always complaining about something or someone, that she couldn't stand anyone. Keesha points out "except Ollie". Keesha reminiscing about that first fight she had with April, that the first week they were already bumping heads and that she couldn't wait to get April out of here. Saying she was uncomfortable as a person not in the context of the game to be in the same room as her, that it was uncomfortable being fake. Sometimes Keesha wondered if she wasn't giving April the benefit of the doubt, thought maybe it was her and she wasn't giving her a chance. Renny disagrees with that and says that she was never going to like Keesha. She says that she never liked herself and was very insecure, unless she was in control of a situation. Keesha saying she didn't like how April would go on power trips.

5:00PM BBT: Renny saying they are getting a lockdown soon. Keesha & Renny in bathroom hoping it's a luxury comp. Renny saying they need to do something because they aren't making good TV because they are depressed from boredom. Keesha hoping it's Gizmo. Keesha telling Renny that she calls her Renny-roo all the time and Keesha's favourite cartoon is Winne the Pooh, says that she's Winnie and Renny is Roo, the little kangaroo.

5:05PM BBT: Indoor lockdown called. BB won't let Renny in to storage room either. Keesha & Renny in kitchen. Renny points out that the cards are made in Ohio [she must be bored!]

5:10PM BBT: Renny and Keesha making up fortune telling card games.

Renny: Keesha, what's your fav number?

Keesha: 5

Renny: K so if you pick a 5 then you're going to have a child soon

This goes on covering multiple scenarios and each time the "right" card turns up it is followed by screeching laughter. :cookoo:

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5:30PM BBT: Outdoor lockdown is over. They got a BBQ in the BY.

Keesha is totally excited. Renny keeps saying they got a "Kitchen Aid" and saying what an awesome grill! They point out it's Dan's bday and then think it's for Labour Day. Keesha says that they did ask her about wine and Dan, Renny & Keesha all go running from BY in to the Storage Room. Dan is hoping for fireworks [no chance of that!] Seems that in the DR they asked Keesha what her and Renny's fav wine is. They gave them hot dogs, veggie patties, sausage, real hamburger, beer and a flag. Jerry laying in his bed watching the others in the kitchen on the spy screen.

Keesha told the DR that Renny likes Chardonnay and she likes Cabernet wine. Dan is walking around the BY waiving the flag and is asking Keesha and Renny where to put it.

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5:30 BBT Yay! And they got stuff for a BBQ party for Labor day as well! But of course Keesha is whining for lack of wine... "He asked what my favorite wines were". (If I were BB I'd leave Keesha a gigantic wheel of cheese and when she asks, they can say 'It's to go with your whine.").

Meanwhile...Jerry upstairs pensive and quiet in his HOH just watching the screen...

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Dan looking for THE perfect place for the flag - tried the weight bench, the weight tower, the planter things by the pool, and finally decides on the chair that Memphis suggested. Renny says "Would you just put it somewhere!" [definite frustration!]

Renny saying she told the DR that she was off to make an appetizer and they hinted that she might want to go easy on it. Keesha saying they asked her about everyone's fav alcohol, complaining there's no wine yet!

Keesha saying it's nice to have the American flag flying now and not the Portugese flag. Memphis saying they were in the house for July 4th and now Labour Day. He's saying that July 4th totally sucked and he was depressed watching the fireworks.

Jerry lying in bed and mumbles something about one of them is going home as he rolls over. [if no one talks to you you've got to talk to yourself!]

Memphis in BY saying he's surprised that Jerry didn't wear anything patriotic today. He then goes inside saying he going to change in to something festive. On his way in he says he's going to do it up right on the grill for dinner.

Renny is starting the pineapple, cream cheese, celery appetizers.

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