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July 18 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05 BBT

Angie having a heart to heart with Angie trying to put in her mind that the young guys are "physical" and have "a lot of aggression" and goes on about his appreciation of Angie..Steven listening intently and says Reeney does not "not like him" thats just the way she is..as Jerry wonders if reeney doesn't like him (umm einstein you nominated her)

Dan heads to bed as Jerry goes on "there's life after to this" while they agree "this is a small portion of our lives" and Stev goes on like he's giving his eviction gooddbye speech...Jerry going on how much fun he's having and say "he love it"..Angie reeling Jerry in (maybe a vote)...Jerry says "you'll never see me cry..but you'll see me tear" (what???)

Jerry offers his shoulder and she can "come talk to me" and Angie "Thank you jerry" and Angie goes on about her admiration of Steven and Brian..while Jerry goes on about Brian being over agreesive to early and even though he never lied to him personally he "almost took us all down" Jerry warns her "not to get into a debate with those girls" and "we need to get through the next three weeks" saying they will "band together".....Jerry things April and Keesha will "get into it again" and thinks Libra is getting too cocky and may face the same fate as Brian..

Angie says "lay low" since their power is going last so long.....Jerry says he can't be the "true Jerry" (Yikes it gets worse)

Steven says he gives Brian props for wanting to know who to get out before the jury...They are talking about the jury the possiblity of America's Choice and someone being "brought back in" and says he worried about someone festering for 7 weeks and come back in for revenge...

Steven says their game is just "being mad" and vengeful and not about who they want in a jury...

ANgie says next HOH may be humbling Jerry disgarees as he says "these people" aren't even thinking past that" and just following the people they want out the next few weeks.

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12:25 BBT

Angie still venting to Jerry about the people in the house while Steve goes on about "the gloating" that people do when they are power....Steve

Michele come out and gives them an update about Ollie and April "with Dan in the room" and someone said "there will be a lot of little ollies running around here"

Michele babbles something about "dr Phil"

Steve and Angie goes back to working Jerry for his vote....Jerry the only real rule for the bible is John 3:16 as Steve must have given a bible passage earlier to the house ...Steve goes on about his religious beliefs and his praying as says "God sees us as we are" and says him being gay shouldn't matter...Steve was worried how he would take him being gay because of his diferent generation as says "Live and let live" "why should I be worried about how you live your life" and only worry "how you treat me" and will treta people the same......Jerry says closed minded people are in "a sense of pain" and older people are have a" built in dpression" and that's why old people "live in the past" because they don't think "they have a future" goes on with his wife nursing home story he's repeated several times to different people.

Ollie called to DR...Jerry says "get a condom" [LOL]

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12:38 BBT

Jesse and Michelle palying pool telling her "you are BREASTtaking" and giggle with each other.."I'm kidding your;re one of the funniest chicks I know"...

In the bedroom Libra and Keesha strategizing {uses term loosely} she's worried that Steven getting voted out saying that he's a good person and that "he can't see it" that he's getting played by Angie Dan and the late Brian.....Libra can't figure why he would turn on them..they are rehashing "the sheep" comment by Brian...Keesha saying she wouldn't want to have Steve use in on her{pov} and tells Libra that Angie says she wouldn't use it on him....Steven walks in and Libra asks "are you drunk?..are you drunk Steven" and giggles and laughter.. Steve gets into bed...Steve yells "who farted?"

"i'm gonna try" for pOV tomorrow..."that's all you can do honey...fight for yourself.......honey" reeney jokes around....

Steve trying to get votes as he goes on about his "roomates" and how their random throwing their bags on beds ended up like this...

Outdoor Jerry talking about the food comp with Michele and Jesse and Jerry accuses Keesha of not doing her job of pouring the bottle with her hand cupped....Jerry says they didn't listen to him and said "shut up"...and says Libra doesn't "want nothing from anyone" and doesn't like to listen to anyone during the comp and Jerry and Memphis did well and beat Jesse and his partner.."him and I worked well" and Libra 'tried to balme it on someone else"..calling Libra "out of line" for complaining for being on slop and says "this beautiful body might not be able to take it" for him being on slop..

Jerry telling Jesse the same thing he told Angie and Steven "we need to get through the next 3 weeks" and goes through the same jury story he told Angie and Steven....

April and Ollie in the Kichen for a post frolic snack....head over to the couch and whisper to each otherabout abs and talk about POV being tomorrow and says the last one was way too hot...talking about the food comp. ollie says their pourers didn't have the "technique".. workout talk...Ollie says "Dan's funny" and asks her if he's talked to him about "his girl"...April is Catholic as her and Ollie talk about her religion...back to Dan "yeah he's funny"...April wants her kids to not think going to church "as a chore"

"chicken strip and french fries" are their favorite foods and "bread"...and "love spaghetti" "with garlic bread" comparing their similarities......faith talk goes on...

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1:20 BBT

Jerry talking to Jesse about their dogs....Jery says he likes cats "my daughter has six" and jesse says "when's the last time " you can "command" a cat.....Jerry says cats please themselves Jesse "selfish"

Jesse asks "how much land do you have" and Jerry says "2 acres"

Inside Ollie and April talking about heading to bed a get to sleep fast before Ollie starts snoring..They head back to bed...Ollie kneels down to pray..

Outdoors Jesse and Jerry are the last 2 that are awake and just having a general cit chat...no game talk. Jesse yawning as Jerry rattles on...

Jery says "I told you today I'm gonna work with you"..jesse says "we already set up a plan" and "logically" sat on course with the plan..saying he could have been selfish and "put up Reeney"..going on says "i was so irrate" about what Reeney said about him...Jerry going on about integrity.....Jesse says Dan took it all in stride and admired Dan even though he stuck with Brian because he gave him his word.....Jesse says Brian should be in sales....Jesse complaining steve didn't congratulate him when he won and "tried to find God" after 10 days in the house...

Jerry telling Jesse that he called the "the Brawny Boys" Jeese laughs said he already heard...

Out comes Michelle conersation turns to her voice.....she admits her and Jesse have a brother sister type relationship

{the nights slowing down seems Jesse and his alliance want Steven gone...Dan approached Ollie and Ollie says not to worry that he's cool because he's laid low and told him to continue to lay low....Jesse admitted to Jerry he admired Dan's loyalty and that he stuck to his word and voted to keep Brian even though it could hurt him.. Steven tried to get Keesha and Reeney to use the PoV on him if they win it..Reeney didn't answer while Keesha said she might but later told Libra she wouldn't. Angie told Steven she would not use the PoV on him or Dan and is comfortable with either of them winning it and removing themselves and herself going up. They all think PoV is tomorrow..we'll see...I'm out..night all til tomorrow}

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9:29 BBT -

FOTH gone and the action is on!!

Michelle and Angie in bathroom brushing teeth. Michelle says she was last to bed and first up

Steve and Libra in 60's room talking about Lava Lamps making the room too hot. Steven and Libra talking about drinking out of the same shakers that everyone else does.

9:38 BBT -

Keesha, Renny, Ollie, April, Jerry, Dan, and Memphis in Kitchen talking. They are discussing food. Renny mentions she may see the bed as a giant cheesburger because she misses food.


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9:40 BBT -

Returned from FOTH

Keesha, Renny, Ollie, April, Jerry, Dan, and Memphis in Kitchen talking again. Drinking coffee. Keesha saying her laugh is too loud so she had to bury her face in the pillow. Jery mentions he never heard it at night. Steven joins. All making fun of Ollie for loud snoring. Ollie says it's genetic and he got it from his parents.

All house on lockdown for PoV prep (guess)

Keesha mentioning her father used to fall asleep at the wheel alot and how scary it is.


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9:45 BBT -

Keesha, Renny, Ollie, April, Jerry, Dan, and Memphis in Kitchen talking again. Still discussing driving and falling asleep.

Steven and Libra in 60's bedroom fairly quiet. Steven reading the bible.

Dan, Keesha, Renny, Jerry, and Michelle in kitchen talking. All cooking except Jerry who is sitting at the table.

Keesha and Memphis in Sauna room. Keesha is on massage chair mentioning it hurts.

FOTH (lot of that going around)

Keesha and Memphis still talking about manicures and pedicures.

FOTH again....

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10:02 BBT -

Jerry and Ollie in the grey room discussing losing weight. Ollie attempting to sleep more.

Jessie alone in HoH bathroom preparing for the day

No strategic talk. Keesha and Memphis discussing Florida. Ollie and Jery resting in grey room.

Michelle, Dan, Renny, and Angie in kitchen. Angie making and omelette. All discussing the PoV comp. Renny mentions she hears trucks so there 'must be something big going on out there'

Feed leaves kitchen and back to Keesha and Memphis is sauna room still talking about the Southeast coast.


Heading out now. PoV should be soon so I imagine trivia will be up

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Feeds are back and Memphis and Jesse are talking. It doesn't sound like they have had the POV comp because they said the worst that could happen would be for Steven to win and then Jesse would have to put Renny up and then the animosity would begin again. Most of the players have said they won't use the POV if they win, but those on the block had indicated the of course will use it. Jesse says if he is in the competiton (of course as HOH he will be) Steven won't win.

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