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February 20 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:30PM BBT: Just turned on my feeds. Ryan is giving Jen a massage. Jen is complaining because he only did it for about 15 mins and she gave him one "for a long ass time"

She also has a yeast infection. [TMI!! - Jem] Sounds like some of the girls have come down with one.

Sharon, Sheila, Allison and Josh in one corner of the BY. Sheila is saying "he" was acting totally different. It's like someone has a talk with him or something. Allison says Jen apologized to her but she doesn't forgive her even though she always forgives people. Sharon says this will show Jen that she is not queen bee and the world does not revolve around her. Allison says Jen is not attractive at all.

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There are a whole bunch of HG's outside playing pool. Amanda, Parker, Chelsia, Nat, Matt, ALex, James and Adam are the ones I can see on camera.

Sharon and Josh are in a room whispering (can hardly hear them!) Josh says that Parker and Jen have to go this week and Amanda the next and that they will win because they're the strongest team.

Sheila and Allison are in the BR talking and Jen joins them. Just as I switch cameras to hear what they're saying FOTH!!

Feeds are back and Jen and Ryan are in the BR with Shelia and Allison. They're wondering if they'll get any drinks tongiht.

9:43 foth

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We come back to Sheila yapping for a few and back to foth. Sheila was told off for doing something while we were on foth.

Chelsia is taking her makeup off with baby oil.

Sheila is wondering who she can and cant talk about and we get foth again! BB is telling her "STOP THAT" :lol:

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:animated_wave: - just tuned in!

Allison confirms they have to pack tomorrow morning.

Jen's rash has progressed since yesterday

She got hydrocortozone cream for it.

Lots of HGs just hanging out in a bedroom, not really doing a whole lot of anything.

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Chelsia in in the sauna with James and Adam, she has all her clothes on. Amanda is outside the sauna talking. Chelsia flashed the boys her boobs and they're tring to get Amanda to show them hers. James asks if they want to see his "c**k" and they say they've already see it.

Chelsia comes out and leave the boys to it.

Adam is laughing, it's kinda cooky eh eh eh eh - dorky! :lol:

(Hiya April )

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James kiddingly asks to see Chelsia's boobs, she jokingly lifts her shirt.

they (Adam, James, Chelsia and Amanda) now are discussing who has seen who's privates.

The girls leave and just the guys are left

Adam: you got lucky dude

James: we'll see.. could be the death of me

A: could be the best you.. you never know

Adam and James talking and joking and laughing with each other. Talking about tomorrow and such.

They wonder why Allison made a scene when she knew she wasn't leaving.

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Jen is at the round table in the kitchen eating and apple. Alex and Josh are there too.

Feeds change (sheeesh) to Chelsia, Matt, Allison, Amanda and Sharon in one of the rooms talking (shit chat). Matt is on the couch playing with and apple and sticking his feet in Chelsia's face. (blech)

They need booze or something!!

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Natalie gets into the sauna, James leaves.

Adam and Nat discuss that James loves the sauna and he did a very thorough job cleaning it.

he comes back and they compliment him on his sauna cleaning skills.

they say it was filthy but it's James' weekly project to clean it because he loves it. He doesn't like when there gets to be a 'loud bitch' in there.

Alison and Josh talk in private in the storage room

Alison warns Josh not to get close to amanda bc thats who allison is going after.

theyboth agree they are acting to amanda.

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Switched to the other feed. James and Adam are still in the sauna and Natalie has joined them. James is popping her zits on her back. (jeeezzz)

I shouldn't complain, James at least got out to pass gass. Natalie tells Adam that Matt isn't talking to her and Adam says he's sorry about it (Earlier, Natalie asked Matt to spend some time with her and he refused saying he wanted to be alone). She says she is used to it now and they chit chat. James jumps back in and they talk about how dirty the sauna gets.

Alex also came in and tells James that he has to cover his tattoos that need to be covered because they are live on Showtime.

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10:40PM ISH: Matt and Nat had a little argument because they dont talk. She tells him they need to be close to win the game and he blows her off and leaves her alone.

(I need to get to bed soon)

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11:10PM BBT: Parker and Amanda in HOH Room talking about the times for tomorrows broadcast and Jen comes in and lets Parker know that BB told her that her and Ryan can sleep together without any questions or Penalty Noms later down the road for who ever stay.

(Guess Ryan and Jen will be going for the GOLD tonight......With a Yeast Infection and a Rash even)

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Amanda sits on Parkers lap and he goans, so Amanda ask if she is fat and he goans again and she jumps off and smacks him with a pillow

Parker thinks that BB is going to make him out to look like a Mack with all the ladies (NOT).....Amanda is still acting like a school girl with a huge crush

(Waiting on the note that says "Do U Like Me" check Y or N)

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11:30 BBT

Now they are so bored they are naming the cameras in the HOH room....One is Frankie......Two is Phylissia......the little one in the corner is F#ck.....the we have Mike and Mike for the microphones

BB just said Parker...Amanda....Stop That.....

They are know thinking what the rest of the houseguest are thinking of that and are wondering what they are doing

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11:41 PM BBT

Matt and Ally in SR flirting.....Matt keeps trying to get a kiss and Ally continues to pull away

They leave and Matt finds Alex in the Kitchen talking about how much food tey have eaten

Ally just called to the DR.....Matt and Alex in Kitchen getting something to drink, and Alex is making Instant Tea

Alex is sure that the vote is going to be 3-1 unless something amazing happens and Matt is asking well what if it is a tie....

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11:51 PM BBT

Matt is going over the comps. with Alex in the kitch as Alex makes a peanut butter sandwich.......asking who they should put up next week as if they have already won HOH........

Ally comes in and Alex and Matt pull her into the Spa room to ask where she stands with other house guest

(Looks like Matt and Alex are trying to create a new alliance)

(I'm out for the night......someone pick up there)

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12:25 BBT

allison told matt and alex that she and ryan would be the best pair to bring to the final two. Nothing was official, but maybe the start of a new alliance? Meanwhile, Josh eavesdropped on the whole conversation and thinks Alison is turning on them. He's now telling Adam and James about it. They all agree that Parker and Jen have to go this week but Next week may put A/A and A/R up on the block.

She then goes to Josh and Sharon and shares the info with them.

Alex and Amanda appear to be sleeping in the same bed again. He is trying to make her jealous now saying he talked some strategy with Allison and if they were partners the two of them would take the house down. Amanda says you can't do that with me? Alex says we could have but you blew it.


Jen and Ryan are lying on the floor next to Jen/Parkers bed. They are ???

Sheila says Alex is a good guy - Nat says Alex is hysterical and keeps her laughing.

Nat is complaining about how Matt wont talk to her (is she catching on??)

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It seems Jen and Ryan are now "finishing up" and Jen goes to the bathroom now. When she returns she and ryan are laughing about what they just did.

2:00 BBT

Camera is on Amanda and Alex again. They are at least talking. She asks him if he masterbates in the bathroom and he says no cuz he is afraid there are camera in there.

She asks Alex if he will brush her hair tomorrow and he wants to know if that is a turn on for her. (he is using baby talk to her) then says something about staying away from her "no no spot".

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I noticed no 1 was reporting from 12am-12:30am so wheres what happned on BB9AD.

alloutside from 12AMBBT till

12am SOme1 has yeqast infection and it aftected (Parker? or a male) in the ear!

12:02am BBT Allison & Sharon talk that no1 rembered shellia's a actress and both say Jen's not beutitfall at all.

12:05am BBT Allison tells Sharon that Sharon the total package, good looking face,body & great personality.

Inside in sauna room:

12:07am Josh & Amanda make plan 2 fake fight and have chelsia part of it.

Amanda fills chelsia in. BB calls Amanda 2 DR. Amanda tells Josh hold off on fake fight.

outside camera zooms in on empty pool. then waatchs ppool game then back inside.

Josh tells Amanda to talk 2 chelsuia then run over at yell at josh and push him in pool.

Aman da gets Ryan/JEn 2 go outside.

12:10am FAKE FIGHT about 2 begin. Josh takes off mic and sits next 2 pool. Amanda fills Jen in on fake fight. Josdh yells at amanda. Josh calls her names. Amanda yells at josh. they push each other. James starts running over! Amanda 's laughing as she pushs Josh(who dives head first into pool lol) into pool. Josh in pool still yelling. James is yellin "No dog! no! at Josh 2 calm down then Josh stars laughing. James: "i thought he was gonna slap her this time." All the guys & Sharon belived it but Allison says she knew it was fake.

12:15amBBT Josh wipin off in showeer tells Amanda he thought she ruined it when she was laughing. they laugh at how James reacted. (i dont know how 2 upload it 2 computer sorry but tottaly hiralous.)

Soooooooooooo funny. then feeds switch 2 massage of Ryan 2 Jen(in her underwear)

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