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February 20 - Live Feed Updates


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9:10 AM BBT: FotH. The Hgs were doing ADLs before FotH.

9:16 AM BBT: Feeds back. Allison, Chelsea and Natalie are doing their make up. Jen is in the shower. Chelsea is showing Allison how to put a certain type of make up on. Chelsea says she Allison needs a natural looko. Chelsea said that she normally has different make up. She says just look at her picture. Allison shays she has the best picture hands down. Natalie says she tried not to fake smile, but it didnt work. James comes in and searches around. Allison said that she needs scisors to trim her eyebrows. Josh comes in and gives James whatever he needed and said that they were under the dresser in Allisons room. Chelsea and Nat start talking about the song BB played to wake them up.

9:20 AM BBT: James and Matt walk into the bathroom. James starts his ADLs and Matt goes to the bathroom. Looks like Nat is finishing up. She is now wondering what to wear. Jen is out of the shower and starts her ADLs. Matt comes out of the bathroom looing confused.... He washes his hands and leaves. (I think there is a lot of tension in the room because of Jen, not much talking going on now.) Ryan comes in. BB Calls Alex then Alex and Joshuah, then Joshuah to the DR all within five seconds. Nat is back and wearing a light blue shirt with black pants. Ryan leaves. Chelsea is still doing her make-up. She i having troubles with her eyeliner. Chelsea hears the vacuum and says, "Why is someone taking my fun away?" Feeds go to Jen and Parker in the boat room. They are packing and getting ready for the live show.

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Jen and Ryan agree that today sucks. Jen still has to pack. Ryan told her to remember to leave him something. Jen leaves the bathroom

Ryan is camped out in the corner chair of the bathroom,

meanwhile Lots of people in and out of the bathroom. Most of them look like they're already showered and are just kinda running around packing, cleaning and changing. Nat brushing her teeth and listerining.

In the background (cuz we have all 4 feeds on the bathroom) everyone sounds very chatty. Lots of commotion.

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10:17 BBT

A silent Natalie primps herself as silent Ryan continues to camp out in the corner. Sounds like everyone is in the kitchen still. (lord can someone give us a different feed?!)


finally we're in the kitchen!

James, Matt, Alex, Adam in the kitchen talking about girls. All are talking at once. One of them is about to comment on a latina girl when we get FoTH.

10:20- 10:36 is continued FOTH... (I might turn these off if this continues for a little longer)

(sidenote: all of them seemed very close to being ready for the live show. it's my understanding that through a conversation last night, none of them are really sure exactly what time the live show will be, and perhaps BB is clarifying it for them now or soon)

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11:09 Foth but with trivia....

Who was the first person evicted from BB?

Who saved the big brother pet from drowning on BB1?

What was the first pet?

Something about a united group?

Who wore a space suit and tried to launch out of the shower?

Something to do with the HOH comp tonight????

Who would have moved into BB1 if one had left with an offer to leave?

These all seem like BB1 questions...HMMM.

Who was the winner of BB1?

Who was the first persone evicted in BB@?

I think this is going to go on for awhile.....

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Nat and Ryan discuss how there doesn't even feel like they are on tv, how many people are fans, how it doesn't feel like they are on nat'l tv.

N thinks america could hate her just for the fact that she just has huge boobs. They play nat on the big screen at hooters in vegas.

Nat's ex boyfriend thought she was crazy for wanting to be on BB. Ryan said he wouldnt change being on this for anything.

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