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February 20 - Live Feed Updates


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S/A/J/C in the bathroom

Shiela and Allison saying that they owe James and Chelsia one.

S/A are apparetly coming clean with C/J saying they aren't really in a relationship.

A says whatever she is told to do, she will do it

Shiela and Adam apparently disagreed over the vote.

6:06 Allison and Shiela coming clean to Josh about being fake lesbians. They start and then get interupted.

Sheila/Matt and Chelsia talk about how mad parker is.

6:10 Allison and Josh in the storage room. Allison blames Sheila over the whole lesbian thing. Allison confessed.

J: why would you even make that up

A: I was leaving and I was really pissed off at people and I wanted to go out with a bang. I was really fucking pissed. I felt alienated and alone. I had nobody, not even Ryan.

J: I am so confused right now.

A: to be honest we wanted you to tell people....

J: well i never did.

Allison discusses how they wanted Chelsia and Josh to tell everyone but they never did.

Allison saying that she doesn't want Josh to be mad.

J: what was the point of that though.

A: I just wanted to go out with a fucking bang.

J saying she better know she can trust him because he didn't say a word to anyone.

A saying she owes Josh and Chelsia one and will do whatever they want this week.

A says she doesn't like how Sheila is playing the game.

A tells Josh that Chelsia thought it was funny.

J saying that as far as they know everyones just going after amanda.

Allison saying she is swearing on her mother and father and brother and herself and getting cancer and dying that she knows nobody.

A: the reason I'm telling you this is because I really don't like the way Sheila is playing the game.

Allison is blaming this WHOLE STORY on Shiela.

Josh claiming Sharon doesn't even know this.

J & A hugging and saying they are cool

A: just saying i am in an alliance with you... i am taking you to the end

J: thank god they won.

A: amanda needs to leave this week.

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the HGs got a washing tub and bin

Allison reports to Shiela: he doesn't even care. He just said he didn't get why we did it.

Josh and Chelsia alone:

J: what the fuck?!?!

C: i dont know what to believe!!!

J: feel like they're saying they arent cuz they dont wanna be a target

Chelsia is confused because of convos Allison and Shiela had.

J saying that it was rude of them to put him and chelsia in that position

J: that's fucked up. why would you do that?

C: I don't know what to believe!!

J thinks they are trying to backpeddle and get out of it.

C: I trust you.

J: I trust you a lot. I told Neil the first day that I trust you. i have your back 100%

J: sheila tells me adam wants jen and parker to stay. Adam told me that sheila wanted jen and parker to stay. they're contridicting each other! why would anyone want parker to stay? that's just crazy. why are they talking shit about each other? which one is lying?

C: I dont know! i don't know who to trust! I feel like adam.. but I dont know!

C: I really don't know who we are putting up yet.. we haven't talked about it. Do not say anything! After that stunt...

J: it makes no sense.. why would they say they're lesbians..WHY? it makes no sense, that's a huge target. it's fucked up

C: I don't know!

J: it makes me think they're both huge liars.

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Chelsia saying that Allison told Chelsia that Matt and Alex approached Allison with an alliance.

James joins Chelsia and Josh

Chelsia: I don't know what to believe!

James: I know what's going down. operation condor!

Josh and Chelsia are extremely confused, and James is trying to say that Amanda and Alex need to go.

Chelsia saying that maybe they are backpeddling now that C&J are hoh.

Josh looks EXTREMELY confused.

C: I don't know.. we can't fucking trust them! day 3 they said this.

James saying the votes are there for A&A

Jam: I think I know who I want next to A&A. Don't worry, it's not you [to Josh]

Chelsia: yeah don't worry, you won't even be a pawn.

Josh still can't comprehend why you'd lie about being lesbians and married for 10 years and it'd be a huge target.

Chelsia said Sheila and Allison wanted Josh and Chelsia to tell the house so put a target on Chelsia/James and Josh/ Sharon.

James talked to adam.

James said adam said to James that it was all a plan. Adam wanted to vote out Jen and Parker.

Chelsia: we'll have the hoh room soon. let's split and go downstairs and make dinner and we'll come up and talk about it later.

J: she also wanted to make sure she - Allison - and Matt didn't know each other.. which makes me think they fucking do!!!

Josh exits.

Chelsia and James alone talk about how confused they are over this lesbian thing. Chels says in the DR they say 'so how are your lesbian friends' - chelsia says this either makes her think this is real or they are making fun of her.

James: We have Josh, ryan and adam's votes to send A&A out.

Chels: worst case scenerio A&A get veto.. matty and natty leave.

Chels: this is going to go our way. Careful what you tell Joshua.. we dont want people to know we're working with him. Dont say shit to anyone until you talk to me.

Ryan joins them

C: are you happy

R: yeah.. im sad for jen but you know what? fuck that.

J: operation condor... ready.

R: hell yeah operation condor

James: all the guys know operation condor.

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6:44pm BBT - Matt is working out in the backyard.

Alex didn't have a going away party before he left. They took his phone away on Saturday. So he couldn't text message with his boys.

Alex has sex with this girl before he left. (what a winner....NOT)

Adam is working out right now.

Alex wants to lose 3lbs - 5lbs on his stomach. Matt tells him to eat 6 small meals to help him lose weight.

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6:55pm BBT - They are in the HOH Room. Chelsia has a nine inch nails CD, some favorite t-shirts from home, her nice pink blankie. They seem to have alot of junk food in their basket. Everyone seems to be excited for them. Chelsia has pictures of her mother, she said she has lost alot of weight. There was a picture of chelsia with long hair. They made Chelsia dye her hair before she came into the big brother house.

7:00pm BBT - FOTH

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7:05pm BBT James and Chelsia - stated the whole house has to go on slop this week(not sure when this actually happened). They don't have to eat slop this week. Chelsia is going to get a bowl. They are both excited about being in the HOH room.

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7:00pm BBT Amanda calls out James the other day, there is nothing you can do to control her. Adam/Matt/Alex they seem to be talkin smack outside. Adam, nothing really bother's me anymore. Alex doesn't want to get his face f***** up in this house.

7:05pm BBT Parker got in Matt's face (Last night) and said you are going to vote for us. Adam/Sheila couldn't agree on who to vote, but sheila didn't want to say Jen/Parker. Sheila thinks Adam is a big jerk. Is she is the only person that sees him as a big jerk.

Sheila is getting stressed out in the kitchen. Sheila thinks people in the house are hating them again because of Adam.

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7:08pm BBT Joshua/Allison/Amanda - cutting up onions for tonights supper.

Alex - asking shelia what is the matter, she said to How many hours do you have?

Sheila doesn't care if Alex put her up. Sheila tells Alex you did the right thing putting up the right couple. Sheila and Alex are getting into a tiff in the house.

Adam - I hear my name what is going on? (silence in the house)

Sheila tells Adam you shouldn't said what you said before they left the house. You make me look like a fuckin idiot. Adam says: Fuck you and listen to me. Sheila says: Don't ever tell me to fuckin shut up. Sheila are going to get into my face. Adam you want to talk to my back, here you go.

They are having some fish for supper tonight.

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&:15pm BBT James and Chelsia are in the HOH room.

Chelsia look here we have a freezer. They have strawberries.

Sheila and Allison are talkin in the bedroom. Sheila is fuckin steaming mad about Adam. Sheila is pissed that the house thinks she was the reason that Jen and Parker are out of the house. Adam is a dumbass. Alex said we are getting the miserable people out of the house. Sheila said Alex didn't understand what she was talkin about.

Alex and Adam are assholes, like they are in the boys club outside. Allison said that James wants to take the course and just be cool.

Adam need to decide what side of the fence he is on. Adam told both couples they were voting for them.

Sheila - Amanda please leave me alone and let me calm down. I am not trying to freak out on you. Sheila says : she needs time to calm down.

(need to deal with something, be back in a bit)

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8:15pm BBT - Outside: Adam, Matt, Alex, Ryan, Joshua

Adam wants to know why his girl is so wacked out. James and Chelsia are drinking in the HOH room.

Margarita's are something Matt likes, but he will have some.

Alex can't believe they gave up Hot water over losing hot food.

Ryan can't remember what he choose. They are talking about the questions in the HOH competition.

A: Sheila is 46 yrs old and she is very emotional, she is a mother.

AD: why is she so wacked out man. I want to spit in her face. I want to break her down.

Ryan/Alex/Adam - started to laugh.

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8:15 pm BBT - James and Chelsia are in the HOH room. Chelsia is worried about her ex-boyfriend to the show. James is telling Chelsia that his ex-fiance called him and told him that CBS told him not to call him (it appears that they were trying to get her to go on the show for another twist). BB told him, "James, Stop That!" Chelsia is making a pact with James that if they bring in their ex's OR they BB breaks them up that they will stick together.

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8:20pm BBT - James and Chelsia are talking in the HOH room. James thinks Matt is fucked up if he doesn't go after something hot like Natalie. Matt is very shaddy, he is going to play every girl in this house. Matt is flirting with Ally. Chelsia, who do you talk too in this house. Ryan or Adam could be the 10,000 dollar winner

BB: Joshua please put on your mic.

8:25pm James said he is being truthful with Chelsia. Chelsia swears to america that she doesn't have a relationship in this house. James said you have to straight up lie in this house to win this game. James is asking Chelsia if she wants to get down with Ally. (she doesn't seem to be denying it at all) James and Chelsia are laughing.

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James is telling Chelsia that Matt is shady. They are thinking that maybe Allison and Matt know each other because they both live in Boston, know the same restaurants, etc. James talks about Matt trying to hook up with Allison in the house. They think that Allison likes Matt. He says that Matt checked out Natalie and felt her "vajayjay" to make sure that she didn't have a "dick." Chelsia says that Matt is shady. James says that Matt is doing gross stuff and is trying to flirt with all the girls.

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8:28pm BBT - They ladies are in the kitchen cookin their husbands dinner as per the HOH competition. They are going to be drinking out of bowels this week.

Sheila she is going to be losing it when people are going to be drinking out of bowels. Something was in her bowel, she said that isn't right. It is freezing water. Thank god it is only three days

Natalie - I can't believe we have to deal with this freezing cold water.

Sheila: it is hilarious we are all drinking out of bowels Did you request it in their.

They are cooking tuna, Sheila said it shouldn't be cooked for too long. Sheila said these are done.

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