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February 19 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:11pm bbt

the hot tub is way too loud to hear anything now.

9:12pm bbt

amanda, chelsia, and shelia in the kitchen. james comes in and tells amanda that there are bubbles coming from washer. amanda says that she only filled it up half way. amanda and chelsia are outside. amanda ran over to the hot tub to talk to natalie and sharon. amanda asking about how alex was? checking to make sure that hes ok.

allison and joshuah in the bathroom on the chair with sheila. sheila wants to be about 120lbs. she feels like she wants to eat. she knows that it is in there, she wants it. she wants to lose 8lbs. amanda comes in and puts some lotion on. sheila talking about how the sun was so good today. sheila is always the first one up. (they think that bb takes into consideration what time they go to sleep, they don't care about anything).

parker walks in the bathroom. wiping himself off after getting out of the sauna. matt and alex come in from sauna room.

sheila brushing her teeth (probably doing that so that she doesn't eat anything) matt loves comfy pants (don't we all). alex puts some lotion on his hands and face. matt brushing his teeth too. (he stares at himself in the mirror so much, its crazy, he is so obsessed with himself) bb tells alex to put on his microphone. allison tells alex to follow rules or he is going to spanked (by who?) matt saying that bb took his vitamin e oil, sheila says why would they keep that?

talking about whitening strips for your teeth, only need them for a month and your teeth are white (i need some) Allison says that you she is psycho about her skin. sheila telling matt that he naturally that color because he has that Italian skin (yep, we are naturally dark)

9:24pm bbt

allison and sheila talking about parker's recent behavior. him pissing off the bb producers. flipping off the cameras. and not wanting to do any diary sessions, he mentioned before that the contract says nothing about requiring them to do diary sessions. he says that he sits in them silent.

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9:29pm bbt

sheila says that she will flip out if allison gets evicted out of here. amanda tells allison that chelsia wants her outside. allison leaves. sheila still in bathroom laying on the chair (watching for allison to come back) cam switches to allison and chelsia in the backyard. chelsia folded all of allison's clothes (how nice) watching allison walk back to her room to put back her clothes.

9:32pm bbt

allison and sheila back to talking. FoTH. back. FoTH again. back again. sheila talking about getting the heat off. allison says that we should just wait until after wednesday. (when jen and parker are hopefully getting evicted) allison wants to say something to joshuah, ask him who he hates the most in the house, she'll put up amanda for him. and tell him something that he isn't going to like. not sure what they talking about (wish i did).

9:37pm bbt

sheila and allison are going to talk to joshuah together. tell joshuah that they weren't trying to fuck you over. sheila talking about being bi. not sure if she really is. don't understand what they are talking about. (they are confusing me)

9:40pm bbt

FoTH. back. sheila tells allison that she needs to make a big decision right now. that they need to think about it. they need to make sure that no one tells the secret or what ever they are keeping it from everyone. (i am so confused)

9:47pm bbt

sharon and sheila talking about pretending to be lesbians. (not sure the reason, they haven't explained that yet). sheila hoping that she isn't going to be bashed about lesbians. they are going to pretend to be lesbians. allison and sheila pretending to be lesbians. (i want to know why?) they are going to reveal it just as the right time, hoping that it doesn't come out before they are ready to reveal it to everyone and explain the reasoning behind it.

9:50pm bbt

sharon walked in. holding a towel, she is taking a shower. joshuah is in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. brushing his hair now. sharon takes off short shorts and shirt. only bathing suit on now. allison and sheila still talking. sheila says that she may not have the book knowledge that most girls have in this house, but i'm older and have more knowledge in that sense. wants to complete her schooling once her son starts in own life on his own. sharon wants to talk to allison for a second. sharon and allison talking by the shower. can't hear anything. shower running.

9:58pm bbt

allison and sheila are back to talking. didn't catch what they are talking about. sounds like sharon is taking a shower.

10:00pm bbt

natalie and parker are in the sauna room talking. talking about some movie or something.

can someone please take over

see ya all tomorrow.

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From dumblonde :)

Parker & Natalie in the sauna. Natalie is running her mouth to Parker & telling him everything Sharon told her in the HT. Nat assures Parker that she will work Josh to get his vote for them (after she just told Sharon no way she would do that). Nat says that Allison thinks she has Matty but little does she know that Matt is working her. They say they need to get rid of Alli/Ryan then James/Chelsia then ma/pa. Natalie says she hopes this shit works because if it doesn't then her & Matty will be playing all alone. Parker thinks they have Matt/Nat's vote & they need Josh/Sharon to force a tie so Alex/Amanda can be the tiebreaker (from listening to these people talk I have no clue who is voting for who. I don't think they are flip-flopping, I think they are just bold-face lying to each other-DB)

Nat keeps saying she doesn't trust Alli, there's something about her that she can't put her finger on but she doesn't trust her. She is manipulative. Nat says when she is talking to Josh & Sharon she will get them to ask her who she trusts more so she will be able to tell them Parker/Amanda. Parker says Jen has done nothing but hurt them from day one & it's time for him to take over.

10: 30 There is a large HG crowd grazing over freshly baked cookies in the kitchen.

Jen/Sharon/Josh in the BR. Jen says her & Ryan are thinking about moving to Boca Raton, Fl so Ryan can go to work for a friend that owns a Mortgage company. Jen says she can teach anywhere so when Ryan finishes his last 2 classes in school that's where they are headed. Jen goes to that bathroom. Josh says he hates Amanda, Jen, Parker. Sharon hates Jen too. She starts bitching about how ungrateful Parker is to be here & how bad his attitude is. She says he is never never positive. The most negative man in the house Josh agrees. (Oh the irony). Josh puts on the king's crown & Sharon says when they make their decision he needs to go in wearing it & she will wear the other crown. They say Alex has no backbone & Amanda runs the show. Josh says she thought she ran the show til she met me. Sharon thinks that's so funny. Josh (snarkily) says she kinda off her pedestal now isn't she. They say Natalie is smart because she listens to them. Sharon said she told Nat from day one how things were going down & now Nat is watching it unfold.

Josh tells Sharon to see if anyone is in the next room. She looks & says no.

Josh: you ready?

Sharon: for what?

Josh: the biggest secret in the house

Sharon: Am I scared?

Josh: you should be, there is another couple in the house.

Sharon: how do you know? how do you know?

Josh looking at her smugly

Sharon: OK don't look at me like that you're kinda scaring me, I'm starting to get nervous

Josh: (nodding) there's another couple in the house, hold on...

Josh gets up & says he is going to get her the crown

Sharon: I'm scared, I don't know if I want to know

Josh: you do, you wanna know

Sharon: am I gonna be pissed?

Josh puts the crown on her head

Josh: (giggling) (long pause) Shelia & Aliison are lesbians and & they have been together for over 10 years

Sharon: get the fuck out

Josh: NOOOOO, you cannot, no one knows except for me

They both laugh & say it's crazy, look at each other in amazement & say cray-zee

10:40PM BBT: Most everyone else is hanging out in the kitchen.

The lesbian alliance & Amanda are in the bathroom. Allison says she tried to ask Alex how he would vote if there was a tie. Alex said he would have to talk to Amanda. Allison trying to get the info out of Amanda but she says she is not going to talk game with anyone any more. They tell her that's smart. Allison says she not trying to play anyone she just wants to know straight up what will happen. Amanda doesn't give her any info. They rehash what happened last night & give the old "wait til they see the tapes" & the truth will come out. They decide to get up & go join the others.

Adam in the By telling S&M sex stories. James is into S&M & talks about some sex show he went to where they would call an audience member up & sew their eyes shut.

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Just tuned in. 12:00BBT

Jen & Parker in bedroom whispering. Parker saying he so badly wants to call Chelsia out for running her mouth. Jen tells him not to and he says he won't but he wants to. Jen said wait until after we stay this week.

They are saying they are getting pretty sick of the Sheila/Allison duo. Jen continuing to complain about Allison.

Jen saying they should really try to work on Adam to get him and Sheila to vote for them. She would much rather it be 3 to 1 rather than 2 to 2.

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Jen & Parker continually going on about Allison. Jen can't stand her. Said when one of them leaves this week there is no way she is hugging Allison. Can't believe Allison's so upset that she made up a song about her but she's buddy buddy with Amanda who did the same thing. Jen rehashing a bit of Allison and her conversation from last night when Allison called her out for making fun of her outfit. Then Parker and Jen trash the outfit again.

Feeds 1 & 2 - Natalie, Matt & Adam playing pool

Feeds 3 & 4 - Jen & Parker b*tching in bedroom

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Feeds 1 & 2 switch to Allison & Josh in other bedroom. You can see Parker standing with his ear up against the bedroom door listening.

Josh complaining that this is a horrible day and why is he surrounding himself with these people. Allison tells him it's good to be there because he's going to win the whole game. She says there is no way she is going to win but she is going to take him all the way to the end.

Now, Jen has her ear against the door listening. Not sure where Parker went.

Josh in bed & Allison going to bed.

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Parker outside now with Sharon telling her that Allison is working the sh*t out of Josh. That she is sucking up so much and won't leave him alone. Sharon says she knows, that's why Josh is always asking her not to leave him alone. Parker says Allison is in his bed right now working him over. He tells her she better get in there to see what's going on. Sharon agrees and goes in to check.

parker now telling Jen about the conversation he just had with Sharon and how he pointed out to her that they never hung out with Josh before and now they're all over him. (I think by they he means Allison and Sheila, I know Allison is one but not sure who the other person is he's referring to)

Most HG's in the bedroom now.

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All 4 feeds on living room couch. Alex sitting in middle with Parker and Sharon laying on each side of him. He's pretending to host a talk show and asking them how their days went.

A minute ago Adam walked through and as he went by said "Let's have an orgy".

4 feeds switched to HG's in bedroom. They are laying in dark talking. Adam, Chelsea, Allison is there. Not sure who else.

4 feeds switched to Jen & Ryan in bathroom. Jen brushing teeth. Ryan asking her to play checkers.

(Ed: As exciting as this is I think I'm going to tear myself away and go to bed-I'm out)

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Amanda & Parker rehashing what was said about racism. Parker says Ryan can believe in not mixing if he wants.

AM asks if her ass is all that big.

Talking low & hard to hear. AM sitting on Parkers lap. He has a dark blue moose tee on.

Calling James a fucking attention whore.


11:16 bbt

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11:25AM BBT: Ryan and James are in the BY smoking and talking about politics.

11:30AM BBT: Natalie and Sharon are in the bedroom talking, they have the whisper down to a science so you can barely hear! Allison has joined them and they explain to her that people are saying she has her speech all ready and she has been going around the house all cocky. Allison says, "I never said that!"

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Allison has now gone to Sheila about Jen saying she has a speech prepared for her exit. It seems the words have been twisted. Allison said, "I have a speech prepared for BEFORE she (Allison) is evicted" (meaning that before the others vote - and Jen (or someone) has taken it as "I have a speech prepared for Jen's exit" (to say to Jen as she walks out the door).

[i thought I had a bad memory... ]

Sheila says, That because they're being nosy and not listening to what we actually say.

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1:00 PM BBT: I just turned on the feeds to see Chelsea Allison and Matt in the bathroom. Shelsea is wearing no pants, just underwear. She said that her Allison and Matt were going to have a threesome (so naturally all cameras are on them). Allison took down her pants then pulled them back on. Matt starts kissing Allison's neck and then Chelsea's. Allison says her rule is if her clothes look better on someone else, she gives it. Chelsea said Matt looks better on Allison so she can have him. They start using the Lint brush on eachother. Matt starts trying to kiss on Allison again and she says that all he is doing is messing her hair. Chelsea and Allison are talking clothes again.

1:04 PM BBT: Shelia walks into the bathroom and is crying and runs out. She runs into the spa room and says that she isnt allowed to talk about it. (Something probably happened in the DR with Adam) She did say something happened in the DR, but cant talk about it. Josh comes in. Chelsea prods at her but Shelia tells her she can't talk about it. Sharon is in the room now, she is just standing there watching. ( I wonder if Adam either disagreed with her vote or if Adam voted to evict Allison...) FOTH...

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[by the way, I was a member here for the last two years, but I deleted that email account and I couldn't log in anymore, so I made this new one today since I got the feeds a couple days ago. I looked over the rules and it said anyone could join in, but if I'm not allowed to add updates in, I'm really sorry, just tell me and I wont.]

1:00 pm BBT

Chit-chat and primping. All four cameras on Allison and Chelsia are in the bathroom talking about their jeans. Allison says she gives people her clothes if they look better on them than her.

Sheila comes into the bathroom crying, they follow her, and she's saying she "can't talk about it." Really upset, crying and stoming her feet. Chelsia says "it's not locked in, you can change it." Sharon and Josh come in. Chelsia asks if it's about eviction, and Sheila says again that she's not allowed to talk about it, and she hates this. Allison comforts Sheila, telling her it's okay. Everyone except Allison leaves so they can talk about it. Then we get FoTH for awhile.

Came back for a split second, Sheila said "why do you think I'm crying" and then back to FoTH.

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