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February 19 - Live Feed Updates


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Sheila is explainig to Jen what went on in the DR. Adam came to Sheila and told her that they have to do the right thing and stick with their word and vote out Allison and Ryan. Jen is crying and Sheila says she can't looks Allison in the eyes.

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1:25 pm BBT

Allison comes into Sharon and Josh, once again complaining about Jen. She doesn't understand why Sheila is upset, if Sheila voted her out? But they think it's for show. She tells them that she is the best person to take to the end because she knows she won't win, and she can carry them to the end. Josh leaves, and the girls continue to talk about Jen, and how being in the house brings out your emotions.

Allison is sad because she "doesn't want to go". She continues to bash Jen and how she talks to Ryan. Conversation changes to Allison's past relationship with a guy she started dating when she was 17. She says it's like Sharon's relationship with Jacob. She says they're adorable. She then starts talking about Jen, again. She says she knows Sheila wouldn't have voted her out, and Sharon says she would be a moron if she did.

Allison says she's a really bad actress, it's hard. She's going to act like she's going home. But then she says it's easy because she still feels that she could go home. Sharon explains that people start getting nervous, that Josh does. Sharon says the votes are locked in, it will be 3-1 because Matt and Natalie will give them the "sympathy vote".

Allison complains about Jen once again smirking at her. Sharon comforts her, and gets up to leave. Allison says she loves them and she's been with them since day one. Sharon says she knows and it will be fine.

1:35 pm BBT

Matt comes in, Allison is saying that she is going home because Sheila didn't vote for her. Matt tells her he's not dumb, he knows she's not going home. [seems like she's trying to get his vote.] He also says that they haven't voted yet, so perhaps they were just leaving goodbye messages. Says that Sheila said that so it will get around and Allison will be humble. Parker comes in and talk changes to Matt wishing he had went on Real World instead. Matt them tells him that he's voting him out, and he's sorry. Allison says "hahaha, good one" and he sticks his tongue out at her.

Parker leaves, back to Allison campaigning. Matt continues to tell him Sheila wouldn't vote her out, and rolls his eyes at her. Still doesn't give her his vote, only asks for a nap. She tells him Sheila told her she has to vote Ally out. He tells her that he has to vote her out, even though he doesn't want her to leave. Conversation goes in circles, him telling her she won't go, and why can't he just vote for her? She's past subtext, she's flat out asking him for his vote. Basically saying she's going if he doesn't and he argues it.

Allison then asks if Sheila is smart enough to know Allison is all she has. He says he'll talk to Sheila for her, and they "never had this conversation".

1:45 pm BBT

She promises if he votes for her to stay, she'll do whatever he wants her to do and go against everything. She promises that if she stays and wins HoH, he won't go up. She also promises a kiss. She says she knows she wont win, and she'll carry him. Same deal she made with Sharon and Josh. She tells him to think about it. Back to the Sheila issue and her saying she's going home. She keeps asking him to take the deal, he tells her he has to talk to his partner.

Flirting and general comments about her leaving, and then she gets up for a second. Matt leaves.

Ryan sits down in his place, and him and Allison discuss the voting. She starts bashing Jen to Ryan, AGAIN. Couldn't get this full conversation, lots of whispering, but I did hear her say she thinks she's just locked in the fourth vote. And she said Jen is totally buying into it. [the Sheila thing, and her having the votes, maybe?]

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2:25 PM BBT: Allison and Ryan are in the storage room talking game. Allison is saying that Shelia is crying because she had to do the good-bye message. She thinks that Shelia was just acting like she voted against Allison. Allison then talks about her goodbye message and we get FotH.

2:27 PM BBT: Back from feeds. Allison does not want Shelia to act like a livewire. She says Shelia is scared of Jen and Parker and that is the explanation of her actions. Allison is going to go talk to Parker or Adam, not sure which.

Allison leaves and Jen comes in. Ryan aasks about her DR session. She wont talk about it. Jen goes and opens the fridge. Ryan tells her that she looks cute today. Feeds go to the kitchen where people are eating.

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2:15 pm BBT

Cameras switched from Ryan and Jen's random conversation, to Matt and Parker in the middle of a conversation. They didn't want the camera's on them, it looks like they're talking trash. Sounds like Matt's voting to keep Parker, still, and they discuss putting up Sheila/Adam and James/Chelsia if they get HoH. Matt keeps saying Parker has to stay. They discuss Alex and the 2-2 comment during Sunday night's fight. Say James is an attention whore. Little more James bashing. Parker says he can take his pink hair and get out.

2:22 pm BBT

Amanda comes in and tells them Sheila said she's voting out Allison. Matt says she's lying, and Allison and Sheila are doing that on purpose. Everyone's forgetting that she's an actress. Amanda leaves, and Parker and Matt discuss that Sheila is lying.

2:26 pm BBT

Cameras switch to Allison and Ryan talking in the storage room. Allison reassuring Ryan that Sheila's voting for them to stay, she's totally sure. She begins discussing her goodbyes messages, throwing in digs about Jen, and we get FotH.


[seems like the perfect time for me to go to dinner. Thanks! I'm happy to be back and help updates.]

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HoH camera time. They're like a bunch of kids at Christmas! All the girls got on the couch with Adam for a picture. Natalie put the top of his head between her brests.. :lol:

Right now, they're looking at all the pictures.

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2:58 BBT

About 10 minutes ago Alex&Amanda were called up to the HOH and brought the camera down

The HGs have been taking pictures.. some of the poses include:

all the girls with adam

all the girls holding up matt

all the girls

all the guys

nat, amanda, chelsia doing "sexy poses"

prom poses

there was also talk about alex and amanda making a blog

i'm out!

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3:37 PM BBT: Adam Parker and James playing pool. Thats all that is happening, a little chitchat. Not too much though. Matt joins them. They are discussing who is winning. They say James always gets the long shots. James is beating the other two. Now its Adams turn and he makes one. On Parkers turn he makes one. James makes a one more. Adam hits his own in I think. He says that he has lost.

3:42 PM BBT: The feeds switch to the red room Sharon is in there with Josh. Sharon hass a swimsuit on (maybe hot tub?) and then leaves. Josh is sitting there on the couch alone.

3:43 PM BBT: Feeds switch to Jen in the Boat Room talking to herself about not wanting to go home. She says it isnt her time (apparently it is) She says luck brought her to the game so now luck need tto keep her there. The feeds go back to the pool table.

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4:00 pm BBT - Sheila is talking to Allison, Ryan and Josh about her past when she was on the Letterman show and how they were worried about her wardrobe because she had been a Penthouse or Playboy (I couldn't tell which one she was referring to) Pet. Letterman interviewed her about the movie that she was in with Shelly Winters and played her daughter. He also asked about the celebrities that she was dating and the million dollar pageant that she was in (1983)--Andy Gibbs hosted it but she was only in the top 10 because it was rigged. They gave the pageant to a girl from Denmark who had been in porn and had posed before. Sheila thought that because she lived with him (not sure who him is) for 3 years that she would win the pageant but moved out afterwards.

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4:10 pm - Matt, Allison and Chelsia are on couch in bathroom. Ryan is shaving.- Jen is hanging out. Sheila is telling them that she almost got the part of Dixie on All My Children. Matt said that he almost got a part on Passions. Sheila and Matt are saying that they would love to do a soap, especially a CBS soap.

James and Parker have joined everyone in the BR (seems to be the happening place). They are talking about their lunch choices, bed times, and sleep patterns. Parker is off strike and was in the DR for 1.5 hours at 3:00 a.m. -- He asked them if they missed him...

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4:20 pm BBT - Alex just got in trouble from BB for playing basketball with the hoop on the awning. He and Adam arenow playing a game. Ryan is outside. Sharon and Josh in hot tub.

Feeds switched to Natalie and Amanda in the kitchen. Natalie is dressed up in a red sweater and jeans(no bikini and her hair is out of pig tails!!!) Amanda asked Natalie if she should try and talk to Josh. Josh came in and now Amanda and Josh are talking in the nail polish room. Amanda said that he obviously tore me a new a**hole. She said that the best part was when he walked by her picture and flipped it off. BB told Josh to put on his microphone. Amanda has forgiven him for what she's said and did. Amanda tells him that even though everything happened that their deal of going to the final 3 is still good and their fight doesn't change is. Josh said this was his problem with her. He asked her straight up if she said that and then she ran and told Matt but then she lied and swore on her dad. He looked at Natalie and she agreed and then he was brooding and it built up. He said that she has played this game by talking shit about a lot of people, like ragging Allison out...

Josh asked Amanda who she thinks is going home. Amanda said that she would prefer that Parker and Jen stay. Josh assures her that it's not happening that way and that it will be 3-1, one way or another--no tie. Amanda is trying to talk Josh into keeping Jen and Parker. Josh says that Parker and Jen are weaker than Allison and Ryan.

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4:30 pm BBT - Josh is asking why Amanda believes in Jen so much but she says that she trusts Parker more. Amanda says that there are 7 groups left, one is leaving on Wednesday, leaving 6. She doesn't know who is going home next, it totally depends on HOH and POV. But if they keep Jen and Parker in the house that they will keep all 4 safe (Matt/Nat, Alex/Amanda, Josh/Sharon)

Final four with less competitive people. Josh says that he doesn't want to sit on the block with Amanda. Amanda says that Josh is flying below the radar and that she and Alex are flying above the radar. He's still pissed that she lied to him in the hot tub. Amanda didn't want to say it because she didn't want him to run and tell James and Chelsia. Natalie just joined them and is turning on the sauna, interrupting them. Josh has to protect the group that has his back. Amanda is aligned with Matt/Nat, Alex/Amanda. She swears that she's never campaigned against Josh (except for possibly using him as a pawn). Josh had never said anything about her until the big fight. He's on the fence so he gets to play both sides and everyone confides in him. Amanda wants Jen/Parker because they will not put Amanda on the block. Josh says that his group won't put him up and after that he'll have the #'s. He says that he was baited by Chelsia and apologizing about the dad comment and calling her the "c" word--he admits that he was wrong. They are both saying whatever was said was said.

4:45 pm BBT - Josh felt that everyone was scheming prior to the fight. Amanda is talking about Jen not coming up to console her. She's trying to convince Josh to save Parker and Jen.

She promises that she won't lie to Josh about anything. She promises him to take him to the final 3. Amanda says that she has Parker. He believes that Jen runs the show and that Amanda runs the show with Alex. If Matt/Nat or Parker/Jen wins HOH she promises Josh that they will not put them up. She says that she won't say who is going up (that's what got her in trouble last time) but she ASSURES him that they will NOT put him up--she knows. She asks Josh if she trusts Allison...

Josh tells her again that he's very sorry for the father comment and that he was out of control. She says that it's not necessary. Amanda is saying that when Chelsia and Josh were tag teaming her that she didn't understand cuz the other girls walk around in booty shorts. Josh denied saying anything about that...Amanda is wondering why no one else has been picked on as bad as her and Josh says that Allison has had her fair share.

Amanda has feelings for Parker and plan on seeing him after the show but she assures Josh again that she will do everything in her power to take him to the final 3. She says that it's not about physical challenges but about mental challenges -- she thinks that Allison is stronger. (I've got to leave--please someone take over--this is good).

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5:30ish BBT - Nat, Sharon, and Josh in the Sauna (i just tuned in) they diss Parker for being on strike, then Amanda for getting hair dye by threatening to leave.... She explains that her and Matt have to 'keep up appearances' by voting to keep Jen/Parker....Amanda comes into room to talk with Shelia? and they whisper so softly i cannot understand anything....

Amanda pops her head in to ask if they are getting annoyed with Bueno (*i am*) compares herself with Jess an Booyah.....blah blah

Josh leaves to take shower, complains about HT being dirty

Amanda wants bigger boobs, she walks away, more whispers i can't hear....

more talk between sharon and nat about amanda trash talking antics, Sharon leaves, camera pans out it's ali and shelia on the couch

(FYI Nat is again sporting the pigtails, bikini)

alex comes in lays on massage table, sharon goes back into sauna

alex asks about vacum....general chit chat


amanda/Jen in HOH talk of votes, hair dye, race issue again, votes more

they hate chelsia and ali

talk about fight on sunday

look at spy screen

talk about sharon/josh and ryan go keep them apart, jen leaves

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6:10 PM BBT: Adam, Alex, Sharon and Matt in the BY. Adam is reffing a boxing match between Sharon and Matt. They lock up and then Adam says Matt wins. Sharon said she wants a remtatch but Alex wants to fight. Sharon is a little Alex cheerleader. Matt says no face shot, they make this show. Amanda comes out side. The score is 2-0 Alex. For some reaon Adam is saying that the score is now 1-1 tie. Amanda is screaming for Alex. Matt says that it hurts his feet. Amanda is worried about the brands of the socks. Adam declares it a tie. Amanda gives high five all around then goes inside. Ryan comes out for a second. Matt goes inside next for water. Alex runs inside. Amanda and Sharon are now boxing. Sharon says she doesnt want to hurt Amanda cause she doesnt wanna hurt her. Amanda and Sharon put on their gloves. Alex thinks Sharon is going to win. Nat says she gets winner. Amanda and Sharon go at it. Amanda hits hard and Sharon runs away. They are laughing alot. Round 2: Adam calls 2 shots to the boobs from Amanada. Amanda cant stop laughing. Sharon wins and Amanda can not believe it. Adam tells her to stick to ring cards. Nat and Sharon now. Nat doesnt wanna be hit in the titties cause she doesnt want one to pop. Nat starts whooping Sharon. Nat is declared winner after one round. Matt and Nat now. Nat says no titties and no face. Nat chases Matt around and he wears her out. Matt starts laughing and running as Nat tires herself out. (Man i feel like a sports caster lol!) NAt says it is a workout.Nat gets her in a headlock. Nat teabags Nat. Matt is proclaimed the winner. Amanda is now going against Jen. Jen immediately goes to the face. ROund two is Amanda hitting Jen in the face. Jen says she spit all over Amanda. Amanda wins because she got hit in the face again. Sharon still wants her rematach against Matt. But, Its Alex against MAtt. Everyone is out in the BY Now... Cheering from both sides. Alex loses a shoes. Round three... All tied up. Matt is wore out, and after a pep talk from Adam, Matt goes back to fight some more. Alex has Sharon cheering.Matt goes down! Alex taunts Matt and Nat runs over to help him. Adam declares Tuesdays to be Fight Night. James wants to fight Chelsea. Chelsea said she would lose hands down and wont do it. Matt goes in and gets a good job from Nat. They all talk about their battles in the ring. Alex is reliving his battle with Matt. Chelea yells to BB to get the helmets. Chelsea complains about the BY making her feel closed in (LMAO). Alex says his arms got really tired and Nat agrees. Matt says dancing is the hardest part. Amanda tells about how her dad and her had a speed bag in the basement. Chelsea says she has a fight helmet and couldn't bring it. Nat is trying to tell Matt that she won by taking him down and he denies it. Alex backs her up. A lot of chit chatting going on about the boxing matches.

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just tuned in- good lord- everyone is really chatty tonight

People in the BY (alex, matt, adam, amanda, maybe others) talking about how crappy the weather was this morning and how they all didn't want to wake up and face the bad weather.

outdoor group wants to make some dinner.

6:40- parker playing pool as adam and james smoke a cigarette. Lots of commotion and chit chat going on, everyone seems to be really, really chatty and generally in a good mood tonight.

Josh and Sharon talking alone

Sharon saying earlier Parker pulled her aside and said we know we're going home, Josh said that was just strategy. Sharon saying she agrees. As soon as they start to get into the convo, Amanda pops in and disrupts all intimate game strategy. Now they discuss how it sucks that someone has to go, but someone has to go.

Amanda saying every year before this one people seemed to have such an easy time getting rid of people but this was so hard.

Josh and Sharon agree how hard it is that someone has to go.

Amanda saying that now it'll be fair for everyone in the house, that they will only have one person in for everyone now (as in reference to Jen and Ryan)

A saying its a positive note that will be fair, they discuss how people will be in and out of each room now. A thinks it will get harder and harder now. And less people will be less drama and less he said she said.

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A saying as you get closer to people...

S: it'll suck.

Amanda said she gave a shout to neil in the blog, and Josh saying he'll like that and they hope that they don't edit it out.

Sharon saying she wishes they could all do a blog.

Amanda leaves to help fix the oven

Sharon telling Josh that Parker told her if they keep ryan and allison that Josh and Sharon's chance of going home increases dramatically.

J says they have Allison under control cuz of her secret (LOL!...) Josh saying that P does't know that part of the puzzle. J reiterates that he has A under control.

J and S think P has a very bad attitude.

Sharon saying that Parker said that Josh only hangs out with Chelsia and Sharon.

Josh reminds Sharon that Parker is the one who sent her out.

J swants to know if Sharon believes that he has A under control

S says she believes anything J says

J says that Amanda is only nice to her bc she wants Parker and Jen to stay, and Amanda knows that Sharon and Josh are the swing.

J says Jen and Parker are very strong.. they won the power couple.

S thinks they are very tough tough competition

J thinks they will continue to win phyiscal comps.

S : i have one black eye why would i give myself a second?

J says the only people who want Park and Jen there is Amanda , and J says A is going home next week.

Sharon thinks that A only wants Parker and Jen here because her world is falling apart

J : she has nobody on her side, she's scrwed.

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Josh: Natalie told me they were putting up alison and ryan if they win hoh

enter allison

Allison: Everywhere I go, Parker follows me. I have been getting followed all day!

Allison wonders if the votes are locked in, or if they vote again tomorrow.

J: we didn't vote today.

A: oh? I raelly thought you did, but I wouldn't know.

A: do you mind me here.

J&S: no, no. we're just hanging out.

Allison wishes the time would go faster.

Sharon exits.

A: it's so stressful when you're on the block. even when you know.. like i'm dying. I'm having a panic attack.

J: you're fine. I wouldn't stress

A: everywhere I go... he follows me. EVERYWHERE!

J: did you cdall him out in the sauna room? what happened??

A: he was mad that I was already planning my eviction speech and outfit

A: I hope they do it tomorrow morning

J: I think so, hoh is tomorrow.

A: I want this to be fucking done.

J: Im surprised they haven't told y'all to pack.

A: I Know!!!

Allison is reiterating how stressful it is

A: you know what they do? they have everyone vote one by one, remember? that's what they do.

enter sharon

S: this time it's 2 by 2!

J inquires about the food.

A: they're frying steak

J: frying ...steak???

A: Im shocked ryan and i and jen and parker haven't been called in the DR more today

J: usually it happens the day of.

S: yeah like jacob and i that day.

Sharon talks about how crazy it was (when she got evicted)

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7:35BBT Houseguests are giving their comments and their goodbyes to the four people (Parker/Jen/Ryan/Allison)

Enjoying their final supper together. All having a good cry and laughs around the supper table.

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8:00BBT Ryan/James/Adam - outside having their smoke. Talkin about how everyone is so nice to each other, it is nice to get along with one another for one night.

Parker has joined them.

Adam/Matt/Ryan/parker are playing a game of pool outside. Matt is talkin some sh** about Jen with Ryan, about being on the outside.

Adam and Matt agreed supper was awesome. The steaks tasted awesome.

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8:05pm bbt

allison and joshuah are emptying the trash can from bathroom into a white trash bag. allison then emptys the one near the sink. sheila walks in and looks and then turns away. josh leaves, comes back for a second to check his face (i think his teeth) in the mirror. then leaves. and then sheila asks allison, what did he say? (not sure if she is talking about josh or what)

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At dinner Alex I think stood up at dinner and said "Allison, you don't need the money" and Matt said "Allison you need to smile more." I am getting this from them talking about it after dinner.

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