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Cancellation and Delay Complaints


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Sigh...my television market is showing a fireworks concert instead of BB.  If I wanted to watch the darned fireworks--I'd walk outside my door.  I'd rather see Big Brother fireworks on one of it's "most explosive" nights.

You should remind the tv station in Indy that this is Labor Day weekend . . . NOT July 4th.

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Guest SasSyPaNtS
You didn't get rippedoff as bad as Howie and Jannelle......CBS's biased HOH comp questions GUARANTEED that ONLY a sheep can win the $500,000 now!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if you guys missed BB last night! I live in the same area. It was on at 9 on

channel 10 .

(WNDY or UPN). I was upset at first too, :angry: then it ran the information

across the bottom of the screen.

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