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August 1, Live Feed Updates

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10:25 a.m. hamster time

Nick is using the hot tub water as drums.

The camera person is taking this opportunity to mess around with shots, and we get a view of an outdoor AC unit or something, and now we see Nick's back.


Nick ends his soak and goes over by the teacup to change into shorts, using his towel to cover himself.

Nick's inside, goes to the bathroom area and Kail is up and at the sinks.

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10:31am BBT Nick gets out of Hotube then chages under towel back into chothles as Kail has woken up and used BR, As Nick heads to BR, Kail washes her hands and he asks how shes doing. Nick said he lost 8 lbs. on slop as Kail brushes her teeth. Kail goes to Kitchen as Nick washes hands. Kail makes Coffee as Nick heads to bedroom stand over Eric then tries to wake Dani as Kail heads outside on patio to read. Nick goes back to bed at 10:38am BBT. Only Kail up reading.

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Nick asks Kail if she is losing weight. She says she is.

Kail: You're not?

Nick: Yeah, probably 8 pounds.

Kail: God!

Nick says it's hit and miss, though.

He is brushing his teeth.

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A loud plane goes over and Kail looks up hopefully, but no, it's an ordinary plane. (Can someone stop the excitement??)

11 a.m. Kail is lying down on the couch, sniffling a lot. I can't tell if she is crying or getting a cold.

Lots of construction-type sounds in the background. Probably building yet another competition extravaganza.

11:15 Kail is still on the outside couch, tucked into the part where it has a curve. Still sniffling occasionally. Siren in the background.

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11:25 Jameka is up, and goes to the bathroom.

Kail flips listlessly through the Bible. Closes the Bible, then looks for a certain passage.


Jameka washes her hands, and there is no handtowel there. So, she goes over to the bureau and opens a drawer, wipes her hands on one of the clean towels, and then closes the drawer.

She then goes to the door to the outside, and moves away in a hurry after looking outside. (Not sure if she did or did not see Kail). She then heads to the storage room for something.

11:32 Jameka crawls back into bed.

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11:28am BBT Jameka is awake and is in BR then out and washes hands(water only!) then heads back to SR Then to bedroom then back to SR changes mic and back to bedroom again and goes back to sleep at 11:34am BBT, so again only Kail awake reading and looking at the Bible.

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11:58am bbt (I'm getting more work done today because...) all the house guests are still asleep... wait, as I'm typing, I'm hearing music playing.... feeds are still showing... "I won't let you down" jazzy style song, and now FOTH!

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Kail's with Dustin in the kitchen. Dustin is wondering how BB gauges when to wake them up? He thinks maybe it's according to when the last person goes to bed.

Kail says that there were people still up when Dick went to bed, she thinks.

Dustin says he went to bed at 3 a.m., and Amber came in at about 5 a.m., and they chatted until 6 a.m.

Kail asks if Amber is okay.

He says yes, and they were laughing.

Dustin: Yeah, she's okay. Every day is rough, you know?

Amber joins them in the kitchen.

Dustin tells Amber to grab her pill bottle and put it with her stuff. She doesn't do it.

Dustin: Walks away. Doesn't care.

Dustin: Wow! Only one song, huh?

Kail says she was just thinking that.

Dustin: And you don't know who it was.

Kail says she doesn't know it.

Dustin says he knows the whole thing, dances and sings to it.

Dustin tells her it was George Michael, Freedom.

He sings the first part of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and we get FOTH

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12:10pm Amber come back out of BR again she has changed her chothles. then bruses her teeth. blows her nose then back into BR. (lol) then back out and washe hands at 12:14pm. Kail talks about great dads that she knows who go camping and are very close families she tells Dustin. Thhen Amber comes to Kitchen and Dustin tells Kail how Dustin & Amber gave out their phone numbers last night. Kail says they can just look in phone book and we get FOTH then back. Dustin asks Amber if she heard a Woman laughing last night and feeds cut to FOTH. Amber says shes mad at Dustin...Cause she says.

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Dustin says that last night, he and Amber were "dropping phone numbers like crazy." He says they were saying them out loud and got into trouble.

Kail says that for her, all you have to do is "look up real estate." We get a short FOTH

Amber says that a lady asked her to get out of HOH as they needed it.

Kail: Oh. They're going to set up the computer.

Dustin asks if Amber "heard that woman laughing" last night, and we get FOTH again.

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12:10pm bbt

Kail/Dustin at kitchen counter

Kail: what are your predictions for today?

Dustin: I have to right my blog, get the camera...

Kail: cold, lukewarm or hot day today? what do you think?

Dustin: lukewarm, tomorrow is going to be a hot one, depending on how things shake down

Kail: is that doubt in your voice? (nervous laugh) do I hear...

Dustin: what do you mean? what do you mean doubt?

Kail: "how things shake down"? we should know how things are going to shake down

Dustin: no, I mean as Head of household

Kail: oh, ok, just making sure, don't scare me

Kail: my predictions are... below hot, little over luke warm... definately one sided campaigning

Dustin: mmmhmmmm

Kail: I may be checking in with you later tonight

Dustin: absolutely

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12:23pm Dustin goes up to the HOH room and sits down at the computer(its a MAC) and starts typing his blog, feeds switch off him back to sleeping HG's & Kail & Amber in Kitchen who are talking alittle. Kail driking alone in the Kitchen Amber has left her and then returns from SR.

12:27pm Zack gets up and goes to SR and changes mic. back to HOH where Amber not happy with Dustin for telling Kail details. Zack & Kail say hi in Kitchen. Dustin tells Amber he was not told Kail anything about her & Nick we get quic FOTH. Amber goes downstais back to kitchen. Kail tells Amber that Nick was up early and went right back to bed. Kail says she going to get bathing suit and Amber says shes going out. Amber goes outside at 12:30 BBT and moves one bench to middle of BY and screams that the ground to hot and jumps on top of bench. then goes over to laundry.

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Amber is talking to Dustin, confronting him about the little conversation downstairs. She heard Dustin say "It's hard" about Amber, and she is afraid Dustin told Kail that Nick was leaving, or that Amber was voting against Nick. She says that she doesn't need Kail knowing how she will vote.

Dustin tells her that they just talked about phone numbers and how he and Amber laughed.

Amber starts to walk out and Dustin tells her to wait and close the door.

She asked if he told Kail anything about Amber, and he tells Amber he didn't say anything about Amber or him

and we get FOTH

(Zach was up earlier and in the storage room. I don't see him now--ed)

Amber goes outside.

Lots of the houseguest are still asleep.

(ROFL) Amber is moving a lounge chair and it makes a moaning/squeaking sound. (I thought Amber was breaking down again and hurried to look, but she was just moving the chair).

Talk going on in the silhouette room.

Dani: Today is August first.

Dani: Eric!

Eric: Morning!

Dani: What a saucy little man!

Nick: Uh oh. She said LITTLE man.

Eric: The keyword is little. But you got man wrong. I prefer boy next time.

Zach: Panty crickets?


Zach: (whispers) If you build it, he will come.

Dani: What??

Zach: (whispering) You guys talk like this so much. It's so fun to talk like this.

Dani: Which of your fellow housekeys (laughter) houseguests is most likely to be found fake sleeping?

The answer was Zach.

Zach: What are you talking about? YOU fake sleep.

Dani: Which of your fellow houseguests is most likely to start ogrewalking through the hallway at 5 o'clock in the morning?

NIck: Ding! Eric!

Nick: Ding! Zach!

Dani: That is correct.

Zach: Wrong. I got up at 2:30 to pee and I got up 10 minutes ago. Suck it.

Nick; What are we sucking?

Zach: Your small schlong.

Nick: That's the kettle line.

(On the other feed, Amber is doing laundry--ed)

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Kail know in her bathing suit and is washing hands (soap and water) as we hear Jessica yell "Eric! my sassy little man." Nick says "Small" Zack & Nick make scary movie nosies and Dani asks trivia questions that has Nick,Zack, & Eric ashwering. Zack says to each answer Nick guess and Dani says correct Zack says "wrong!" Danniele is up to talking in Bedroom. and Dani tells Nick a story Zack said about Carol. as Zack keeps reperating "i dint say that, not true" Dani & Nick said he said that. BB annoucer the "the bedroom lights must remaind on during the day" 12:37pm Dani,Jessica,Zack,Eric,& Nick all still in bed with lights out but talking. no sign of Dick and Jen (hmmmm? lol) Kail & Amber talk outside getting sun we get FOTH.

I'm out

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12:15 Zach is commenting that Dani and Nick were "making a fire," and comments about "two sticks rubbing together." Nick asks if the two sticks are supposed to be two penises??? Zach says no. He says he doesn't get the metaphor then. Zach tells him to use his head. Dani tells Zach to use HIS head. Nick says that Zach should know, with the covers the way they are, that it makes a lot of noise without doing anything. Dani says not to defend himself. He says he isn't, and if Dani was up for making out he'd be all for it, but the fact is, they weren't!

On the other feed at the same time, Amber is talking with Kail about Amber's crying.

We get FOTH -- A long one

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When the feeds come back, Kail is talking to Amber. Kail is saying some people claim that you can't get to the end of the game without lying, but Kail has a feeling that Jameka, Amber and Dustin CAN get to the end of the game without lying.

Amber says she would NEVER lie. (Yeah, right--Cat)

She says she has only told one small lie, and that was a joke, and people knew she was joking!

Kail says she doesn't know if people think her alliance was a lie, or just her holding a secret.

Amber says that she thinks that people feel that they can't trust Kail because of the alliance.

Amber says that Kail put Nick's key in last, the day that Amber's key wasn't there (when Amber went on the block the first week). Amber says that she feels that was a lie.

Kail says that was not her intention at all. She just scrambled the keys up.

Amber says that she heard that Amber was the one who was targeted during the first HOH. Kail says that is not true, at all. She says that it was always Carol--never Amber.

(At this point, my feeds messed up, so I missed the rest)

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