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August 1, Live Feed Updates

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Amber talking in the kitchen about her life.

Daniele and Nick in the bedroom. She is trying to talk to him and he wont listen. Something happened outside and she fells like she is in the wrong (?) she is trying to apologize. Nick tells her I think the world of you but there are things like manners and you cut me off and that is rude.

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they are playing a game of memory.. rearrnaging keys with wrong pictures and having to guess which key is in which picture.

they call the game "purple wall"

Jen won the game of purple wall.

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Zach and Jess on the hammock...Zach is talking to Jess about how he's never seen anyone like Jen. Jess says that if "he" had talked to her that way, "he"'d be dead, because her family would kill him. Zach says that he's the type of guy that if he'd seen that kind of disrespect in a bar he would have stood up for the woman, but there...it's not his problem, why get involved.

Zach says Jen can really take the heat but she sets herself up and then says nothing to defend herself. That Jen calling Dani out would have made him mad too because it wasn't Jen's place to do that...Jess says yeah, but in all that Dan, Nick, Jen situation, somebody is lying and she doesn't know who nor does she want to know...

Zach agrees, says he doesnt want to know either...that he thinks he shouldn't get involved in anything there and if he was the one who had someone outside the house then that would be his problem (?)...Talk turns to Carol and how Jess felt relieved and free to be herself once she (Carol) left. Zach says that Carol did that to herself because she did not campaign...

Amber calls dinner and Jess trying to get away, tells Zach she doesn't want to be rude but she has to go...Zach asks her for a couple more minutes...Jess says okay and then Zack tells her (ed. what he's really been trying to get to for the last hour, LOL) that he wants Nick to stay.

Zach says that Nick doesn't know Zach's campaigning for him... Zach wants Jess to know that Kail lied to him and that that alliance was only based on a handshake, that Kail only came to him when she needed something from him...Zach tells Jess that she doesn't need to give him an answer right there...Jess tells him what really "pissed her off" with Kail was that she kept pushing her to give her and answer as to who she was voting for (ed. hint, hint) Zach says he understands (ed. no, he didn't) but wants Jess to keep in mind what he's telling her now...kail lies...Jess says yeah and that she really has to go...Jess yells "coooming" (ed, in a very funny way) and runs off inside.

Zach goes to Nick and tells him about his convo with Jess (apparently Nick knew Zach was going to talk to her) tey then talk about how Jess looks like everyone's seventh grade crush...

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Nick tells Dan that they have to work on the way they handle things because they both start fights and they both have to learn to admit when they're wrong. Nick says he's not stressed about leaving but that he doesn't want to leave in bad terms with her (Dan). He wants to not talk about game for the rest of the time he's there, because he cares about her and these may be the last 36 hours he gets to spend with her.

Dani says she doesn't want him to go home that's why she's trying to advice him. Nick tells her it irritates him when she tells him that it would be good for him to listen to her. Dan says she's trying so hard to help him and he talking like that hurts her feelings. Nick says he doesn't want to waste time talking to people. Nick says he'll talk to Jam and Amber. Says he hates it whe she (Dan) cuts him off. Nick says what hurt his game is that he was too friendly to people so they all wanted alliances with him. Nick tells Dani that if he leaves the house with them both being good, he'll be on top of the world! Dan says she's been trying to apologize but he doesn't let her...

Nick tells Dani that he knows his feelings won't change when he leaves the house, but since she has a boyfriend, what happens, happens...Nick asks Dan if she wants to tell him something... (ed.*crickets*)...

2 cams on Dan and Nick laying in the dark....2 cams on Amber, Jen, Dustin, Jess, Eric and Jam playing a game with the houseguests keys. Jen is called to DR.

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Feeds are on Dustin and Zach in the bathroom. Dustin seems to be pulling grey hairs (I need that done.. lol)

Nick outside playing with the golf clubs. he was with Daniele before in bed kissing her ear.

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10:59 BBT

Nick and Zach outside playing golf............Talking about Nick not getting his singing fix in.

Indoors an ice cream party ensues with jaMeka Dustin Dick Jess Eric Kail and Jen

nick talking about bring his sister to wrap party or a buddy that played for the Charhers even though it was originally his bros best friend Nick says he's pretty much his best friend now. Doesn't think his brother would come since he's really not into the show.

Zach talking about all his hot chicks and offers Nick to set him up.

Zach asking if there is potential for afterwards..Nick says "I don't know" saying he really likes her....Zach asks if the 3 months would be too long. Earlier he talked it depends and what it would be like if she brought her boyfriend to the wrap party.

Jess and Dick come ooutside so the golf game continues.

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11:07 BBT

Dick and Jess talking about her ex saying they didn't see "eye to eye" "money things" saying he was "irresponsible" with money and Dick says what really went wrong saying "the sex was good" Jess says "shut up" doesn't want to go into it saying their relationship "started off rocky"

Talk turns to marriage .... Jess said when her and ex first started dating he lied a lot and had "sex" with a lot of people she knew and he and they "lied about it"

Dick telling stories about friends

Eric and Dustin sitting on the opposite couch...

Dick telling Jess "I don't understand the jealousy thing"

Dick tells Eric he looks odd with a perplexed look on his face. Eric says "tired and bored" [i say worried about the eminent orders to come to evict Kail]

Jess says that she hasn't dated since her ex....

Dick telling her that boyfriend/girlfriends tend to try to cut you off from friends saying he tells them that they will be around a lot longer than them "so deal" with it. Dick saying a lot of his friends wives/girlfriends "don't like me"

Jess saying Witcita is small so you tend to run into a lot of ex's. Jess telling dick it's pop is 500,000 after he asks. Dick surprised it so small saying "Long Beach is bigger than that"

Talking about Los Angeles population . Dustin saying it's about 4 mil Zach saying it's smaller [dustin is correct]

A quick shot of Kail helping Jen floss her teeth in the bathroom.

Eric asks he can go upstairs to listen to music.

Dick asks Jess how many kids do you want to have..Jess says "none" Dick saying having children "is a major part of the human experience" getting a lot o whatevers from Jess and Dustin who is saying it hard enough to take care of himself.

Dick saying he doesn't want kids because he's gay...Dustin says no that it just as easy to for min to wear pants and shirt a "size bigger" a go into a bar a "fuck a chick"

Jen "why a size bigger" Dustin saying that's how straight people dress.

Dick saying don't let other people raise your kids because you'll end up with a kid like Jen.

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11:27 BBT

Amber working out on the treadmill...Nick comes in and Amber says if they are going "to talk later" after abs class and Nick says ok. Nick tells her he thinks he can get the votes in fact he's sure and Nick saying it was a consesus that people wanted him out of here and that is why he isn't going to campaign.

Amber wants to "tell him the truth" about what went down because others are lying to him. Nick saying he thinks he has Jameka Dani Amber....Dick Zach...telling her since the three were so close he doesn't expect to be evicted by them.

Amber say she want to tell him the truth "because I love you" Nick saying "I want to stay" but if it's his time it's his time.....Nick telling Amber Dustin is a sketchy guy .

Amber tells him there are other thinks she wants to ask him about things he said about her to other people but will talk tomorrow...tells him "we'll talk tomorrow..I love you"...Nick "I love you too"

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11:38 BBT

As the girls and Dustin prepare for ABS class Nick returns to the bedroom to lay with Dani who is supposedly sick. Nick said earlier that it may be her time of the month and Amber told him that she was on her period.

Amber telling Dustin in the kitchen " tomorrow I'm only drinking water"

Dustin saying Jameka said No to abs class but Jameka said she was. Jameka is joing amber on her water diet....

Nick and Dani in bed and Dani looks like she really is sleeping while a rustling Nick rubs her back..

Dick "starting to bitch" about cleaning up..though Jameka says it isn't....talking about Mike doing a lot when he was here.

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11:47 BBT

Ab class starting with Amber Dustin Jameka and Jen as Jess is sleeping

Other camera has Nick and Dani in bed...nothing going on...yet

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11:54 BBT

Amber whining that she's at her heaviest and can't figure it out "I haven't taking my medicine in three days"

Dick and Eric upstairs talking in HOH

Telling Eric Abs class is going on and that's why he's up there.

Dick saying "if jen snswers another question I'm asking someone else" Dick Jen bashing....

Eric telling a Survivor season the women formed a strong alliance and it was 7-1 and the guy still won the show...telling him they wre "catty'" and eat their own but doesn't think it won't happen in the BB house.

Dick saying "I really want to break up the bible bitches" Eric saying he agrees...

Dick making fun of Jameka....Eric says he doesn't make fun of people who believe in God and says that's why there is a DR and "ding dong" that's where he goes.

Eric telling Dick about Amber's mom's premonition as being the final two.

Eric saying that it's going being Eric Zack Dick daniele for HOH tomorrow....

Dick saying he got gypped out of his CBS.com questions because he was sleeping Eric was about to say "the basic questions" when BB warning about DR discussion.

Eric asking if Nick believes he's really leaving and Eric says Nick told him he's not campaigning and told him do whatever he wants to do.....Eric says he's fight to stay in the house and campaign and will be the first,,Dick says "Kail" Eric laughing about her pathetic attempt.

eric saying tonight if weeks he let his mind drift to home since its hard to do since the mind is wrapped up in the game. Eric saying it will be wierd once he gets out and is able to make phone calls...

Eric saying if he was a staright forward guy and would like to have realtions after the show they are bonded and "tied together" for the rest of their lives and hopes people don't harbor grudges say he can see him and Dick having a beer in a bar in LA with Jen eveb being there.....Eric saying he doesn't deceive that way and him and Dick are what you see are what you guys get but admits they will wince as what was said about them. Eric saying he says good about people he likes and doesn't about people he doesn't.

Eric saying he's not excited about having pics from home. he says it could either recharge his batteries or make his mind stray from the game.

Dick saying he's sick of the majority of the people here..

Talking about the "fucked up" aspects of being part of BB character.

12:15 BBT

Eric and Dick still talking Eric saying if someone ppushes the wrong buttons "I will explode" "I will fucking lose it"

Eric say it will make Dicks trirades look small [oh brother]

Dick bring up he's happy Joes gone [move on Dick]

eric joe bashing saying "his shanigans" "shiesty piece of shit" "fucking spaz" "hated story times" "absolutely shady" but at the end would like to have a beer with him.

Dick saying the relief he felt from joes eviction he will feel from a Jen eviction.

Eric saying saying Jen may have trying to get in on their side..Dick says he thinks Jen may have something with Dustin and Amber and Eric agrees.

Dick says Dustin has to go even before Zach. Eric talking about not letting easy targets get through the crack...

Talking about Dustin bullshit with brothers Id and how "he stole $3,000 from his father and Dick saying he'll have no probs fucking them over down the road. fOTH

Dick saying if Zach got HOH he would put up Kail and Jen. though Eric says his chance are 0% he'll win.

Dick sarcastically if he had a God who would grant him "the magic ping pong ball I would be set" Jameka christian bashing..talking about the hypocisy of it.

Eric saying no point is saying anything because there is no rationalizing with religious people.

12:27 BBT Eric and Dick head downstairs.

12:29 BBT

Jess telling Jameka outside about her conversation with Zach telling her how he thought Nick should stay and Kail this Kail that.....confirmed Jen wasn't part of them.

Talking about taking care Kail next week..Jess saying she is being pushed by Dustin and Amber to win HOH and Jesws saying she doesn't want to make enemies, She says "I see Eric winning" saying it will be endurance and Jess saying she's more physical rather than mental...........

Jameka saying the only threat about endurance HOH would be Dustin but Jess says "'he can't do it" Jameka " oh right"

Dick comes over jokes how he interupted them...

12:35 BBt

Jameka asking if anyone is wavering and Dick say let's talk tomorrow and jess says if anyone wavers then they "will show their true color"

Dick saying "you never know" "expect the unexpected"

Dick saying it would be a good idea to have a talk tomorrow.

Dustin says it's a gurantee Zach to vote Kail out. Dick saying HOH is extremely important this week

12:49 BBT

Nick and Dani are awake in bed inaudibly whispering...

I can hear the talking what he should say to Jameka tomorrow.

Dani saying she smells BO whether it's her or Nick I can't hear.

12:58 BBT

Dustin asking Dick where Eric is saying he's still in DR and Jess Jameka nd Dustin talking about how wierd he was acting tonight...

Dustin saying everybody has their day jess saying- "yeah" Jameka-"mmm hmmm"

Cameras back on Nick and Dani whispering

I think they are talking about the bed stinking.....

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Eric is in the DR

Jameka and Jess saying something is different about him tonight.

Ja: Everyone has their moments.

D: He asked if he could go upstairs alone. He likes his alone time.

(Eric is probably getting his assignment right now)

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1:07 BBT

All four feeds on Dani and Nick. really can't hear

Dani got up and Jess tells her she's getting ready for bed...

Talking with Jess and Jameka in the kitchen

Amber and Jen in the bathroom doing masks looking like mimes.

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1:23 BBT

In the kitchen Jameka Dick Dani and Eric talking...about camera men being in shape....reality shows....

Talking about "cash cab" reality show. Dani calling it her favorite and Dick saying "it's a great show"

Dick moves to the LR talking to Jess who's tired "but I can't sleep" Dick noting maybe because she slept too much today.

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1:32 BBT

In the living room Eric and Jess talking Jess playing with the chess set pretending they're at a wedding.

Now jess is making a "cheerleading formation" with the chess pieces.

Dick saying "how bored are we...I think I'm going to kill myself" Jess says ok and eric "I would"

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1:42 BBT

Al four feeds on Amber and Jen waiting for their facial masks. Jen talking about hercar and when Amber asked what her car payment was she said she didn't know but owes $8K on it.

brief FOTH

All four feeds on Jess cheerleading formation in the livingroom with the chess pieces.

1:49 BBT All four feeds of Amber and Jen talking about clothes wrinkles and beauty products in the bathroom.

1:52 BBT Eric talking about the BB twist of father daughter and says he really doesn't care after the intial shock was over.

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1:54 BBT

Eric telling jess he was just feeling "really wierd" and that he was just thinking figuring things out.

jess saying how he wasn't enjoying the games and Eric says "I was really checked out"

jess telling him about dick talking about wanting to talk about it be the right decision. Jess saying "I don't think they have the votes" Eric saying they do "If Dick votes" Eric saying "i don't want to run the risk" saying if they didn't want him to go he shouldn't have been up. Eric saying Dick set him up earlier

eric saying they can talk tomorrow. Jess saying she 's being pressured to win...Eric says so they deflect the attention from themselves.

Eric saying it will be Dani Zach Dick or Me for HOH {background mics are on so its so loud and hard to heAR}

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2:05 BBT

Still talking but Eric is definitely bad mouthing Kail so I'm saying almost positive Kail is AC.{warning: hard to hear because all mic were on but I heard him ragging on someone and heard Kail}

2:12 BBT Jameka join them as well as Dustin. Dustin leaves....

2:17 BBT ERic Jameka Jess and Dick talking about the Jetson's and Flintstone's ages.....

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Now Dick and Eric are discussing the Smurfs and teh Chipmunks. Eric said the Smurfs are based on communism and the Chipmunks are political. Jameka comes in and says she loves the Smurfs. Especially Sassette Smurf. She had red hair or something. No one else remembers that one, and Amber comes in and says she remembers her. Jameka is practically yelling, and Eric jokes that she is one of the "quiet ones"in the house. He says he could hear Jameka and Jess whispering last night, and he ws in the other room. They accused him (playfully) of spying, but he said he didn't pay attention, he just went to sleep.

Talking about different people in the house :without using names), one was the person who "skidmarked " the bowl. Dick doesn't understand what they are talking about, and Eric tries to explain how Dani found a brown skid mark in the toilet bowl. It took 16 flushes to get it down. It stunk, too. Eric is saying what he was in it, too like pieces of corn. (it was Zach)

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