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August 7, Live Feed Updates

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Dustin gets called out by Dick for working people. Dustin admits to his crap, then proceeds to ask who told Jenn(she told Dick)

(check video thread)

Kail admits to the leak, Dick sees him talking to Kail about it and calls him out.

Kail is now out chasing after the Donatos in the BY, and is clearly aligned with them, (per conversation)

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Kail, Danielle and Dick...Zack too but not involved. Talk in BY, Dick tells her a few tidbits about how things went down for POV contest, (prior)

Danielle is supporting Kail advising her on what to say and to whom.

Kail then leaves the BY and is looking for Jenn, to whom Danielle scripted her a speech.

Dickand Zack playing in yard, Dani on sofa outside. The rest of the APNABMS ( Americas Player non-alliance but maybe so)...in the kitchen.

(see video thread) few mins to process...

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Kail gets Jenn in the storage room and tells her about the conversation and getting caught by Dustin telling Jenn things. She tells Jenn now she is out for sure because she needed Dustins vote and now that is gone he is mad at her.

She is upset and now relizes she is going home. Unless jameka sees God or something and votes for her.

Jenn tells her not to give up..I would...:)

(video thread)

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9:35pm bbt

Jen and Dani in BY. Jen relating the exchange she had with Dustin and crew earlier. (Background - Apparently Dick found out that Dustin woke up Kail (Or vice versa) to have some secret conversation.) They asked Jen if she told Dick abolut this and she said no she didn't tell Dick anything. Jen having laugh over that. Jen very proud because what she did was tell Dani and Dani told Dick. So she says she didn't lie.

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Well earlier Zack told Dustin he did not know whom he would side with. Well it is perfectly clear now, The entire DONT TRUST THE DONATOS ws leaked to DICK by ZACK. He came and told Dick everything that was said...(see video thread) Dick tells Dani that it was Zack who told him, she told her dad please stop saying anything for a few days. This after Jenn told Dani to get him to be a little more private..

Wow (could we have, Dick, Dani, Zack, Jenn and Kail in a alliance)

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10:51 BBT

Zach telling Dick that Dustin confronted him and that Dustin must have picked up on some words that both he and Dick talked about. Latter Zach said he told him everything was cool and says he didn't care.

In Kitchen Jess told Amber and Dustin that Dani wants to have a meeting with them on Wednesday. Amber says she swore on her daughters life to vote out Kail and she doesn't lie.

Back outside Zach talking about how surprised they will be if he gets HOH......Dani telling them if one of them gets HOH her and Dick will go up and he will be the third. Zach saying "we will definitely defend you..I want it ..I fucking want it"

Zach telling Dick him people will be freaking out since they ignored him Dani saying it would be funny "seeing people kiss your butt" if he got HOH.

Talking about what HOH comp could be.

Dick saying the next HOH will putting someone else out "for your gain"

Zach goes in to play beer pong

dani "jessica is kinda bratty today" "she's rude" "she has a bad attitude" "not with just me personally but with everybody"

Dani wants to go to bed because "I'm bored and tired" but her nap earlier is preventing that.

Jameka came out to tell the Dick and Dani that entertaining is going on and Dick says he'll join em "in a minute"

Dani saying were probably are being referred as "the Double D's" "I hate everyone" "I'm so over it"

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11:03 BBT

Dani and Dick on Patio talking about the Tues Show saying it will be POV "all the crap that happened" "the fighting" and the meeting....

Dani "I hate this place" having to sit and "dwell on things" saying she feels depressed and alone and Dick says "I'm here" she sarcastically yells and Dick says "That's really mean" and says "you don't understand" [i guess daddy has to win HOH to make her happy again]


Dick telling "things change on a daily basis " and radically and Dani "what does that heve to do with anything"

Zach comes out and says beer pong is delayed because of a Dustin Amber tiff and Dick says "good"

Dani ragging that Dustin slept in Nicks bed and if she was sleeping down satirs she would have told him not to sleep there[ um..ok]

Dani and Dick saying the comps are not fun and Dick saying its not fair that they asked HG "to give up prize money"

Inside the games hasn't started....

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11:12 BBT

waiting for the game to start because of hair braiding in the bathroom..Zach starts quoting lines from "Meet the Fockers" and everyone just gives him cold stares....

Jess goes to change from her wet clothes..

Back at the table jameka and Zach talking about Bars somewhere

Out back Dani and Dick's pitty fest has a new member..Jen telling Dick he needs to be careful about talking to Dustin and Dick says that they don't have him and will work on Amber and Jameka..Jen says Amber swore on "he daughters life". Jen says Jess hung out with Joe all week and voted him out in the end.

Dani tells Dick he needs to use how Amber promised to vote "her brother" NIck out but won't vote Eric.

Dick "today's only Monday there's a long time to go" Dani "don't remind me and nothing to do" Dani wants a AC saying its week 5....

Inside Zach still talking about Bars/clubs he wants to go in ..Hydes..wondering if being on the show will be able to get them in.

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11:21 BBT

Wishfully thinking the AC will be a evicted HG will come back and it will be Nick..

Dick saying that no banners this week saying that since Eric is up.."I think I will point that out to Jameka"

Beer pong has started......

Back outside Dick talking about Eric squirming in "the jacuzzi" was hilarious...Dani says "you should have seen the look he gave me"

Dani "this house" Dick "I agree..real life doesn't seem to bad" Dani- "you're not joking"

Dick asking if she's traveled and Dani says she's "too poor" and Dick says you make good money Dani says $1400 for rent and Dick is playing $1250..Dick saying at least you can split with your boyfriend and Dani says "yeah right" saying all their fights is over money.

Dick asking her if he's glad he's hear "no comment" and Dick says "come on" Dani "all I'll say is I'd have less of a target on by back" if you weren't here.

Talking about Amber won't win HOH and Jess will really want it if Eric leaves....Dick says she's safe and "doesn't really care"

In bathroom Jameka talking about whether Eric has thrown out stuff and Amber says Eric told her he doesn't want Dustin in the final 4......Jameka saying her final four would be her Amber Eric and Jess.....whispering about Eric..saying Eric thinks it's a numbers game and if he stayed he could join up with them [the denatos] and Amber doesn't think so....[hard to hear so sorry for any mistakes]

Outdoors Dustin bashing if full force by Eric and Dani......with a little Amber bashing thrown in for good measure..

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11:39 BBT

In bedroom

Jameka telling Amber that there is nothing they can do "this week" Jamek asays if there is a tie vote then they can see if Dani sends Kail packing.......Amber says there can't be a tie vote.....

Jameka wonders if Eric will try for HOH....

Amber is saying it was Zach who told Dick "Don't trust the Denatos" since Dustin was the only he told that to.

Amber says when Jen confronted if she was in an alliance with Dick she said she had a truce to stop fighting....

Amber says Dustin has no side deal or any other alliances.....Jameka "I need time to process this" when Amber asked if it is real what is going on with the Denatos and Eric.......

Amber says she feels bad for Kail and its better she goes home to her family saying "it will be selfish to keep her around" "she's like useless" acn't play HOH misses her family and "fucked up her game with that whole allinace think"

Jameka says they shouldn't answer questions from Eric....Jameka brought up the "the secret" that maybe Amber has brought it up as a general comment calling it "a blank statement" and Amber says he didn't tell Dick and that he was "saving it" to use against her. Jameka now says hmmm mmmm

Jameka "timing means everything is this game" saying to keep Eric and hoping that Dustin Jess or Amber..

Amber says she can see Danile and Jen in a "no one would ever suspect us" type alliance. Jameka Jen would night want to go through a Dick nom if she gets HOH and have to go through all his verbal stuff...

Jameka saying all the thinks about Eric is true. "a lot of it"

Amber repeating the gay HG always backstabs their closest allies in the end....according to her sister.

Jameka saying she upset for on sticking "with the plan to get the four out first" and Amber blames Dick and Dani

Jameka jets in fear of getting caught strategizing

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11:58 BBT Kail in bathroom getting ready for a DR and everyone else at table playing beer pong except dani and Dick

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Jen weighs herself in her bunny suit..131 lbs.

Amber in Bathroom blow drying her hair wearing dustin's clothes.

Dick going upstairs to HOH to get some cigarettes.. talking to himseld "she wants those macadamia nut things" "hmm I can't see em" "these?" finds em and heads out.

Daniele picks the wrong ones and Danile complains he brought the wrong thing...heads back up to get the right ones.

[as you can tell not a lot going on]

Dick complaing about the camer guys being drunk.

Is it just me "or has other seasons having cooler people" and Dani agrees and says everyone but Carol, Jessica Amber "Amber so ugly she dresses like a frump" says Dick...Jameka "typical end of story" Dustin " would have not gotten here with out Joe"..Dani says "that it" Dick "I think so" and dani says "and us"

talking about Lady Godiva chocolates Dani says there the best because they are expensive.

" I can do it for 8 more weeks" Dick saying if he gets put up they will go for all prizes and tortures for all HG. like putting people on slop etc.....Dani hoping they get that POV that just happened when they are on "the block"

12:25 BBT All feeds are on Dani and Dick talking about what BB will give her for her impending birthday.

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12:26 BBT

Talking about who they would like from previuos season.. talking about their favorites and not so favorites.

Amber and Dustin whispering since everyones mics are on I can't hear. But Eric caught wind of it and casually checks something in the oven to get a listen.

Amber saying he boyfriend dress like Nick...

Dick saying if Eric doesn't go home and het gets HOH he would put up Eric and Dustin with Jess as the pawn..Dani asks who would he want out ..Dick saying "it would be tight".......probably Eric...Dick saying Dustin laugh is annoying and can't wait "till that asshole is gone"

Dick asking if this week will be croquet and knocking them out and dani says that it will be questions and what order it goes in and knocking in the right balls..."jen is really good at that"

In livingroom Jameka is corn rowing Ambers hair

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12:38 BBT

Amber teeling Jameka that Jen told her that when she was HOH that he told her to put up Amber Jameka or Jessica

Jameka saying that's good to know.

"i love you Jameka" Amber tells her.

In bathroom Kail pleading for her BB life. Telling him why is Evil yelling at him at campaigning to get her out yet he's accusing Dustin of having an alliance with her.."it doesn't make sense"

dustin saying he told her she's safe if Dani had only put up Zach...

Dick does all dani's "dirty work" and its "so sad since she's an adult"

If anything they say about "eric is true" then it's too late because they want Evil out.Kail says it's not Evil that up it's me....

Eric comes in "sorry to interupt" [yeah right]

Kail saying people are losing sight that it's "Eric and Me" and not Evil

whispering so Eric can't hear but Kail is pleading.

Eric weighs himself taking his time. Dustin says that her not able to play HOH it's one less person who can put Dani and Dick up...Kail says that she's a vote....Eric is going to put them up and people want that.

Kail says "he hasn't won anything yet" Dustin "everybody has their time to shine" promising dustin "I will never come back at you"

Dustin understands saying "you have my word" those two will be going up and one will be going home and you'll be at home "to see"

Dustin "for whatever he doesn't like Jameka" talking about Zach as thw "wild card" HOH

Dustin says the advantages of having her there "are great"

Talking how Dani's nom was "her last chance" to prove herself and is out $550k

Dustin tells her she should be proud how she played the game....

"it's on" talking about his showdown with the denatos calling them 'white trash" "pathetic" and they will be the first two out......kail hoping he says "this one is for Kail" and says "I will"

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1:03 BBT

Zach Dick and Dani talking about who Jameka would put up when they realize that she can't play and Zach says she's "out of the game " in his eyes.

Zach says he wants to see him Jen or dick win HOH and Dick needs to figure out what's going on with kail and Dustin and tell Dick "becareful what you say and" who you say it to. and Dani says "just shut your mouth" and Zach says "Becareful you strong power could be your downfall"

Zach saying everything he says to Kail will get passed to Dustin........."if e Eric stays in this house " after everything that happen "it will be hard"...

Dick says the "worst scenario would be him[Eric] getting HOH" "or Dustin" as all three would go up.

Zach calling Jen "the strongest floater"

Zach saying she's powerful to keep "on your side " because she's the perfect person to have at the end .

Zach saying we have "a 50% chance" of winning HOH and with Amber unable to win anything Zach says "a 60%" chance.

Zach says they need to get Jess into the group and Dick says "once Eric is gone" but even though "be careful" as she is tight with Jameka.

Zach goes in to bed

Dick on broken record mode as repeating his argument with Dustin.........

Dani saying that her advise is to state that ERic is the greater threat as HOH and she isn't because she can't play..[lol she tried that on dustin without success]

Dick saying they need to stop separating themselves and get in the middle of their convos......Dani says "i don't care " Dick "I want you her and need you here" Dani "whatever" and Dick says what you mean.........

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1:20 BBT

Dustin and Kail still in the bathroom letting her know she's done

Jess and Eric in the bed laughing and talking.

1:25 BBT same as above except Dustin tring to sell kail the idea the stray votes were "the Denatos" and with that

[i'm out early tonight( as it's repeat convos galore) til tomorrow]

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3:25 BBT

Pretty much a repeat of the above. Jameka is braiding Amber's hair in the living room. Dustin and Jessica just left the DR where they were discussing the '24-hour nap'. Dick returns from having a cigarette - the girls report that he has been having nice, non-game chats with them. Jessica joins Eric in bed and they continue to talk to the lLR group, despite Jessica's caution that Zach is sleeping. Dustin is fixing bagels in the kitchen.

A few minutes ago a feed showed Jen and Kail chatting in their round bed, in the dark.

Light banter between the LR and BR, with the conversation centering around the fanasy marriage of Jess and Eric.

By 3:30 Dustin is getting into bed, Jameka is talking by the Jess-Eric bed, and Dick/Amber are left in the LR. Zach can't possibly be sleeping through their noise, but he makes no indication of being awake.

It sounds as if Dustin and Jess are going to do a self-imposed 24-hr nap. They can get up for 15 minutes every two hours. Eric has said that he will have to leave the Jess bed eventually because his nose is all stuffed and he will be very noisy.

Jameka runs some errands for Dustin and then returns to the LR. In the meantime, Dick is telling Amber various bar and 'friends' stories. Jam changes her mind and goes in to sit on the foot of the Jess/Eric bed.

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They tell Jameka about last night's game of "I'd do that for a dollar," with the challenge being to take a dump in your pants. She laughs - but returns to the LR to work on more braiding after Amber's bagel break.

Jessica mentions that she smoked (Marlboro reds) from about 16 to 19. Quit because her grandmother got emphysema. Dustin used to smoke too - at his worst he was a pack-a-day.

Dustin has a cat, Jessica doesn't like them, and Eric is highly allergic. His cat is anorexic since it used to live with drug dealers. Jess asks if they have cats who never get big.

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Looks like the bedroom crew has settled into sleeping. Amber and Jameka, still doing hair, just got a time-check from Dick, who has gone for a smoke. They comment on how people are watching this, how people email each other with news and suddenly it's everywhere. (Allusion to Amber's secret). Jameka tells stories of her firends, which brings on sporadic FotHs.

Dick returns. They discuss the movie Kill Bill.

4:50 BBT

Dick is saying that he's ready to start a new life, to move away (Ireland), and isn't sure that he would come back at all. His dream job would be as a travel show host. He figures now is the time to go, if his citizenship is approved (takes 12 to 18 months - applied last November). He thinks a stint of 5 to 7 years would be enough - that he would miss the States and any grandchildren a lot. He would like to be around for their toddler stage, so hopes the two kids hold off on children for a few years.

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Jameka's teminology for Jem doing a beaver shot -- "She was snatching." Amber says she'll kill herself if she ends up in the same bedroom as Jem. Jameka cause a FotH when she says that she got the heads-up that there were some stong biatches on this season's show.

When feed returns, she poses the question of what each would do with $1000 of fun money. Amber would gamble - for the first time. Dick would take a weekend trip somewhere. Jameka says maybe a laser job on her leg hair. That prompts Dick to say maybe laser eye surgery. He uses the drug-store magnification glasses to read and hates having to carry them.

Dick goes on to discuss his Mom and how frugal she is. As he gets more personal, about her marriage, he brings on a FotH. When feed returns, they are discussing why men can't seem to stop cheating, decide they've had enough of being sex-driven. Dick says the genetic makeup of men is to procreate - so the sex desire is always there. Amber asked Dick if he ever chetaed on his wife. He says yes, we get FotH.

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Jameka finally done with the braids (for tonight) - but is still fussing and says there's more to do.

Amber has never done a threesome, doesn't think she ever could.

Dick says it's a thousand times easier to get a girl when you're already with a girl rather than single. Makes a few more comments about his being off any steady relationship for several years now, then goes for a smoke.

5:35 BBT

Amber is drawing in her eyebrows and lovin' her new look - spending her time in the bathroom. Dick comes back and says he's ready for bed. Tells Jameka that tonight has been a really nice night - minus any of the bullsh*t that typically goes on in here. Somehow they move into the conversation about the decor in Dick's house - 60's modern, complete with a "Sputnik" lamp and a bed that rules - Egyptian cotton sheets, mohair blanket.

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The girls are finally in the bathroom doing their bedtime ADLs as the sun rises. They share giggles over Eric's teeth. Amber says the front (top) four are capped and the bottom ones make them giggle more, especially since his father is a dentist.

<funny> Amber now admits to Jameka that if she had that $1000 she'd move this chubby (hip handles) to here (fanny, I think).

Jameka moves to the loo and calls Amber on some puddle in there. Amber explains its water from her glass and they get into a long conversation about how clean the toilet is or isn't at any given time of the day. They have sanitary seat liners in there and they do giddy laughs over how and when they use them, and what does or doesn't fall through them.


They've been going through late night giggles at the expense of Zach, but it's fun to watch them laugh to tears. They shift to the kitchen, comment on conditions, stop in the storage room and comment on the trash bin, stop by the sliding door and sweep the tiles. They really have the best of intentions to head toward bed, really they do.

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