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August 7, Live Feed Updates

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sooo, kail did go to hang with dustin/eric/jessica in the bedroom..kail is lying with dustin in his bed

they all make fun of the BB voice (its pretty funny, but does not transcribe as such, sorry)

cams switch to jen/amber/jameka...still working on that hair

jameka:you're a smart girl you'll figure it out

jen: i know....but im trying to figure out why is dustin campaigning so hard for him (eric)

jameka: mmhmmmm....considering his relationship with kail..its so tricky and that's the thing, you have to find solice in that you may never know

amber: jen, do you know of anything that eric has going on

jen: i know that eric's put out a lot of negative qualities in dustin, in general....that's whats most confusing to me now, suddenly they're hanging out together, im wondering if he's his number one person because he's the only one that he didnt tell me about

jameka: but eric is not cool with zach though, maybe dustin is pulling zach...i dont know

jen: i cant believe that eric would vote with dustin, i believe he'd be with kail/amber..not dustin...i think dustin is going to switch his vote so you guys will be mad at each other, i think dustin thinks eric will still be the target if he's still here

jameka: mhhmm

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amber/jameka gigging hysterically watching zach do his ninja croquet player routine wearing his bunny suit (its not very funny, i do believe the laughing is embellished)

jen: i think those two have things on each other (eric and dustin) eric has told me that the seven would break apart so that amber and dustin would break apart because dustin taking the prizes in the veto, and everyone already hates evel.....

jameka:do you think eric would go after ED and daniele?

jen: i dont know, no offense, but why would he?

jameka: and just like zach?

jen: why would he?

jameka: yeah, why would he...he wont go against jess...so that leaves me you amber

jen: so who does he want to be at the end with? no offense, but not you or amber?..he has problems with me...if im ever standing up there next to dick that's the only way that you guys HAVE to vote for me, because if i lose to him i'll like kill myself

jen: zach is really scared about the boys...he's really scared about that (talking about the girls picking off the boys)

jameka: mmhmm

jen: but im pretty sure that he's willing to keep kail, he hasnt the past two weeks but you never know

jameka: mmmmmmmmm....sigh

jen: dustin was 100% sure that it wasnt eric both times, and i figure that the only way he would know was if he did it (she thinks dustin was the stray votes)

jameka: but why dont you think eric would put up daniele and ED?

jen: because i think he thinks he'll be the target of you guys' group, i dunno.......eric telling me and amber the exact same words multiple times, that's something that bothers me....as much as i want to not trust him if he stays, i feel like he's such a good talker that we'll end up believing...i dont like it....and i hate giving in to people i dont like...why does dustin keep making sides, that's stupid, i've never been on a side before, like i wasnt invited to be on you guys' side

jameka: well that's because it was unclear that you were on their side

jen: unfortunately im in the middle of it every week, except for evel everyone that's put me up has told me that im the pawn....now they all say that i was the pawn after

jameka: well both of you cant be the pawn

jen: well last week with dustin that's what happened, we both were told we were the pawn

jameka: he told each of you you were the pawn

jen:nodding...i dont know if anyone noticed eric and i were friends the first weeks, and then we said we shouldnt be hanging out...and then (something?)

jameka: dont let people degrade you for no damn game, its bad enough that you get it outright from evel but dont let him do that (eric)

jameka explains what she is doing on amber is called microbraids, not cornrows....zach has sat down to inquire about the hair process

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550pm bb time

jen complains again about her ear, and says they told her the doctor is coming tommorrow so she's trying to not let it bother her so much

jameka: you do a lot of surpressing

jen: is that bad?

jameka: mmmmm...well, it can be

jen: its like, things i cant do anything about.

zach makes a random comment about the ozone (conversational skills zach)

amber makes fun of zach's belly

zach explains he was 35 lbs heavier two months ago

zach wants everyone to play volleyball, wants some unity back in the place because everyone has been at each other's necks, he says even though its a game its still supposed to be fun

(gonna go watch the show now...Cya)

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4 feeds switched again to Jen and Dick in the kitchen. Dick is doing dishes. Very little conversation going on between them. Jameka came through on the way outside to look for Amber and mentioned that Dustin and Jessica are sleeping. Dick said that's all they do anyway.

Feeds switch back to outside. Dick and Jen are out there too. Jen called to diary room just as she sat down to eat.

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Jameka and Amber doing laundry and discussing Eric. Amber is saying Eric is too smart and they can't trust him. Sounds like they are considering voting Eric out but I'm not sure as they keep stuffing laundry into a bag and it's really difficult to hear. Amber says she needs to talk to Dustin. They also ponder whether they should tell Jess.

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While Dick and Amber were doing dishes, I heard Amber say:

"You're the house Dad; I'm the house Mom."

(just happened to be during a commercial within the CBS show)

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Dick and Dani in kitchen. Commented that they are enjoying today because Jessica and Dustin are sleeping all day and it's quiet without them.

kail, Jameka, Jen & Eric outside. Jen asks if they would be concerned if the doctor and dentist was the same person. BB Voice: You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions.

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Jen and Kail are sitting outside talking about what to have for dinner, Salsa soup seems to be the order of the day. Eric and Jameka are outside with them. Jen asked Eric (who is in the HT) if Jess and Dustin are getting up at 3am.

Daniele is in the kitchen mixing something up while Dick is on the couch smoking. Kail moves to the couch with Dick.


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Dani in bunny suit in kitchen making something with choced: 6:59 lets see those potatoes and see how thay are going... ah this is much better... and much hotter... and still hard as a rock... god, it will take me foreverdani:that oven sucksed: this oven does sucked: so is that the extent of your cookingdani: I cook! I just don't cook hereed: I'm just kiddinged goes back outside... dani still in kitchen mixing her chocolate concoctionshe keeps pouring more and more powder sugar into the mix... is putting the mixture in the fridge with a big pan with a lid on it... starts cleaning up the kitchen...no convo in the BY... eric in the hot tub... dick laying on couch, kail on couchK: did you see a dr. about thated: it is my ribs and something is just not rightk: did you see a chiropractor about that?ed: that is for your backK; ohed: it keeps trying to heal bt keeps breaking againk: how did the original injury happened: bar fight, I am not sure how it happened, I think the door guys, I think I had gotten an elbo or something... he continues with the story and says that he can feel that it is broken again and he can feel where it has popped up and has never set right...ed: I don't mind a quiet boring daydani: I don't eithere but I am really freaking board... I am not the type of person that can sit at home all day, I'll go crazy... that is why I am ahorrible shopper, I shop when I am boredk: clothes or makeupdani: anything... I'll got to petco and buy my dog too many outfitsed: your poor dogdani: he loves it! all except the hats, I want to get him doggles, you know the goggles for dogsed says something about papllion (sp) dogsdani: I want one of thoseed: I dated this girl with like a psycho cat... one minute he would be purring and then the next time he would attack you and go crazy, she had scars on her leg... he fell from 3 stories in santa monica and I think he got brain damagek: did you do your CBS mobile?K: I did mine the next day because I was sleepingDani: one of mine was so predictabledani: what was the most obvious question for me this week...more talk about ited, dani and kail talking about the nasty food they get from ralphs... rotten fish, green meat and stinky turkeydani asks what is going on under therekail laughsed: it looks better with it under water (eric is in the hot tub)talking about the FSA (fake sleeper alliance) saying mike was the biggest FSA member...

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Eric in the hot tub, alone, for at least the past 10 minutes. Ironic: He keeps sinking the center bottom and working on rising again.

If he gets out, he can't avoid confronting Dick and Dani on the couches.

He does get out, says something inaudible (no mike) and Dick says, "Nope, it's all good" as Eric goes inside.

Dani then says, "Oh, that's nice. So now you're going to vote to keep him in?"

Dick: Nope.

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Amber puts the heat on Dustin to vote out Eric. She puts her foot down and is very aggressive. She tells him her hands are tied because of her swearing on her daughter. She also tells Dustin to go and tell Dick that he will vote out Eric and get back in his good graces.(KISS ASS BASICALLY)

See video thread..(processing)

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7:35PM BBT: Jameka was doing Ambers hair and Amber went to the BR to talk to Dustin. She was trying to convince Dustin to vote Eric out of the house. She thinks he is a smart player and it would be better to evict him than Kail. Kail isn't a threat because she can't plan in HoH competitions and Eric is so smart and has lied to her. Dustin thinks that if Eric goes this week he will be the one to go next week.

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2 feeds on the kitchen with Daniele, Jen and Dick

Jameka and Amber in the LR. Jameka still doing Amber's hair.

Jess, Dusting must still be in bed. Eric walking around. Zach was in the SR getting something out.

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dani and jen setting table... they said that they are not setting the table with two more plates because "those two are not eating"... *my feeds took forever to reload* Dick says he has Stone Temple Pilots stuck in his head like peanut butter... dick cooking potatoeskail doing dishesjameka braiding ambers haireric sitting on couchjenn cookingdani setting tablejess in bed (like usual)dustin in bed (ditto)zach in kitchenmy feeds keep pausing and freezing...saying that BB has given them quite a bit of alcohol tonight... because it has been an incredibly boring and quiet day... zach says "awwww kissing ass, lookin for fireworks" jen says that she likes it when they give it to them early like during dinner... zach asks dick if he wants a beer... ed says nope not right now... ed is still getting frusterated with the potatoes, he is not liking how they are cooking... BB "House guests you are not aloud to talk about your DR sessions" the HG's say they are sorry and BB says Thank You... a bunch of awwwws...

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