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August 7, Live Feed Updates

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Now it's serious cleanup as Amber deals with laundry loads and Jameka tidies the kitchen counters. Jam had said may as well just cook a full breakfast and lay down later. They haven't gone quite there yet but they have put away all the dishes washed earlier.

7:00 a.m. BBT

And they finally get into their beds.

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NOTE: The update page talking about Jameka calling Amber out regarding the puddles on the toilet seat - they were NOT from Ambers glass....that's not what she said. She dropped her mic in the toilet...she was saying it was from that and her cleaning the floor after that. Apparantly this is not the first mic to make it in the toilet....I think they said it was the 4th. Just thought ya'll might want to know....

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10:47 am BBT

FOTH (but it's not the normal BB music in the background...it's the old stuff???)

At 10:50 am still FOTH (wake up call?)

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11:03 am BBTBack for just a few minutes. Dick and Kail were outside. Jen was in front of the mirror and BB called her to the DR. Then FOTH again (with old BB music).11:05 am BBTBack again for just a few. Jen still in front of the mirror (she never went to the DR) then BB called Zach to the DR. Dick and Kail outside, Dick smoking no words exchanged. Hear Zach go into the DR and say "what's up" and we get FOTH again (still with old BB music - I kinda like it)

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11:10 am to 11:22 am BBTFeeds back.Dick talking to Kail and still speculating that it was Eric who casted the vote to stir the house but thinks it was Dustin the second time. Dick is telling Kail that Dustin was trying to make deals with him and Daniele the first couple weeks in the house. Kail telling Dick again that she never had deals with Dustin or Eric and the only deal she had with Dustin was last week and it was to be his pawn and that is it. Dick goes on to say that Dustin has lied so many times this week and that everyone in the house is liars but that he expected it. Dick says that he asked Amber why should would give everything to someone she's only known a few weeks.Jen comes out and talk changes. Jen says they wanted her in the DR and she got ready and now they don't want her. She is saying she doesn't feel good has a lump in her throat. Jen asking Dick why Dustin would campaign for Eric. Dick says he is drawing a line in the sand putting each side against each other. Dick says that "no way Jameka, Jessica and Amber will go for it." Dick plans to talk to them today or tomorrow and tell them. Jen says that they shouldn't say anything until Wednesday or Thursday. Dick now going on with his same old story about he went on slop and volunteered to do it for the group. Dick says it was planned that way. Kail says "interesting." Dick says last week everything went perfect except for Nick leaving. Dick saying that if there was a "small chance" Nick was using Danielle, he couldn't let it happen. Dick says he went back and forth on what he should do and he really started changing his mind when all the banner planes went overhead, saying 2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday and he can't even know on Thursday because they were on lockdown for 24 hours. Jen says she doesn't understand why Dustin is campaigning for Eric when Eric wouldn't do the same for Dustin. Dick says Eric and Dustin have a deal but why Dustin is such a "retard" he doesn't know. Kail says "unless you think he is voting to keep me and just telling everyone that he is voting out me." Dick says that Dustin should "STFU" and hope that I don't get HOH next week otherwise he is going out the door. Jen says "yeah that is why I don't understand why he's putting themselves out there."Danielle comes out and joins Kail, Dick and Jen on the couch on the back yard.Danielle comments about who is up and not. Jen says that Dustin and Jessica are spending the day in bed and they are only getting up to use the bathroom. Dick says "good, I don't have to see his f'ing face today."Jen and Kail talk about what kind of slop to make for breakfast.Very short FOTHTalk to general chit-chat now.Again with the FOTH (still old BB music...I wonder if this is permanent now.)11:25 am BBTBack again.Zach doing ADLDani, Dick, Jen and Kail outside in the BY. Not much talk right now.

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11:08am bbt

Dick/Kail on patio(back from FOTH-I like the old music for a change of pace!)

Dick:... might have been Dustin the second time, but the first time guaranteed was Eric... why would he come up to us immediately before even the HOH, and he told me 'Jen just told him(Eric) that Nick told her(Jen)' and there really wasn't that much time for all that *&^% to go on.

Kail: so do you think that Eric was the first week and Dustin was the second week, that the two of them know about it and they are talking about it, and doing it together, or separate?

Dick: I don't know.. Dustin has alot of *&^% going on in here, I knew something was going on with you, and my guess was you tried to make me a deal when I was HOH, that you tried to make him a deal the second week, and you tried to make a deal with Daniele the week after that

Kail: Dustin's never tried to make a deal with me.

Dick: no, but you might have tried to make a deal with him, you were on the block.

Kail: no, no...

Dick: well you made a deal, he admits that, only that you'd be the pawn every week

Kail: well not every week(light laugh)

Dick: well that week, why would Dustin be so 'I have got her wrapped around my finger, she is putty in my hands, she will do what I want'..

Kail: and I told him I would be his pawn, the one week, not the rest of the summer...

Dick: this week I found out Dustin has told me so many lies and learned so much about him, there are so many liars in this place, which I expected... but to be honest with you, I thought I'd have ended up lying before alot of these other people, and I haven't... and twice last night Dustin has gone after Daniele, saying stuff in front of others, just like Jen would do... instead of coming after me, when annoyed with me, instead of coming after me, they go after Daniele, with his rediculous smile, and I brought up the trip and the $5000 and wiped off that smile, and I will do it continuously and do it each time, he freaks out more than you, he started screaming *&^% you, you bring that up again you *&^^, Dustin is like, at least I'm consistant with who I am

Kail: right, right

Dick: Dustin will freak out and start going on tangents

Kail: right

Dick: he is so afraid of being, he told me right after that happened, you saw Amber's response, and he knew

Kail: it seems all is well between them

Dick: we'll see

*Kail about chokes on water she swallowed*

Dick: I told her from the beginning, you willing to risk everything for a guy you have known 3 weeks, 4 weeks?

*Jen the bunny comes to the patio and plops down with them, talk of Jen's ear still hurting from the other day, and her throat has a little lump in it too*

Dick talking with Jen/Kail

Dick explains the food comp was planned by their group, if it was two teams, Dick would get on team with Kail, Jen, Nick and Zach, then throw the comp so their team would all be on slop, Dick was willing to go on slop for the week... it wasn't teams though, he says he did try to build the egg with Kail, he was just bad at it (lol). The plan last week went as expected...

Jen: why was Nick not in on it?

Dick: because we didn't trust Nick... and Nick was doing stuff on both sides, even at the end, and he *&^% up, and I made it clear to everyone, the biggest reason for me to get rid of Nick, even the smallest chance he was playing Daniele, I couldn't let it happen, even sitting on the couch before the vote, I was going back and forth...

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11:27 am BBT

BY group back to talking about Dustin. Dick saying Dustin will have problems with him. Dani saying he just doesn't understand. Dustin says it was Eric the first week, but Dani says it was either Dustin or Eric the second week. Dick says that Eric always has the "magic information" and that Eric has lied about the handshake that Eric said he saw but it was in the gym and Kail says "without me" and Dick says "yes."

Conversation going on and on about the same things.....

Kail asks Dani about Nick and if he has ever lied to her. Dani says no. Kail asks about Amber and Nick and Dani says that she knows Amber lied to Nick and Kail says "noooooo" (very shocking sounding).

Talk turns to what they can see through the mirrors in the house.

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11:35 am BBT

BY group talking about POV and how they don't understand why Dustin just backed out and didn't do anything for the POV. Then talk of Jameka and why she would give up 5 HOH's but not wear the bunny suit. They say it doesn't make sense. More POV talk then FOTH again

(missed some of this convo)

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11:42 am BBT

Back again from FOTH

Everyone in kitchen talking about banner planes and previous seasons. Dani says that they used to let them just see them, they wouldn't do lock downs. Jen says it is funny that they still try when people know they get into a lockdown.

Dick says that Eric must have been in the DR screaming and yelling. Dani says it doesn't make sense to her. Jen asks how long it takes to do that and Dick and Dani both say "no time at all." Jen says I never got a banner plane when I was nominated and Dani says "that is because they knew the plan" and Jen says "oh yeah I know I was just kidding".

Quiet again. Talk about memory wall and how they change or dont change it etc.

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11:52 am BBT

Not much now....general chit chat and lots of quiet. Talk of who got what in HOH room and that Kail got the least and Dani has got the most and they speculate the later you get HOH the better and more stuff you'll get.

(I gotta run to the courthouse for work I'll be back in a couple of hour and I can do updates some more)

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Backyard with Dick/Dani/Kail *Zach/Jen in kitchen*

Dick: a reason I decided to go after Mike, it cut ties with Kail, and also broke up the three guys(Mike/Nick/Zach).... Nick also *&^% when Jen/Zach came out of the HOH room

Dani: that was just you over reacting

Dick: having those three up in the HOH really *&^% me off

Dani: we all noticed

Dick: good!

Kail: Dani, have you ever caught Nick in a lie?

Dani: no... or when he did, he told me the truth(about it)

Kail: what about Amber?

Dani: I have no idea, I know she's lied to him

Kail: really? noooo

Dani: oh yea

*Jen back outside at the patio, talking about the people behind the window*

Jen: you know you can see thru the windows? it's really cool I could see the monitor zoomed in on you sitting here while you are talking

Dani: wait, what?

Dick: thru the windows, like mirrors, you can see stuff, like I pointed to the exit sign, we were in the round room, and I could hear a guy talking, and I said which conversation is more interesting, his behind the wall, or ours right here, and all of a sudden he got real quiet, and I said, Daniele, can you see the exit sign, and soon as I said it she looked and it went out

Jen: this is the easiest one, because you can see the camera right there

Dani: or by the front door, there is a door there(behind the wall) and if it's open you can see real easy

Jen: this one is the same from the kitchen to here, so it's like... cool... I didn't know they zoomed in that much

Dani: wait, you saw him?(Dick)

Jen: yea, on the monitor

Dick: that's a good 'see', cause they try to be so descrete about that... so far with Dustin... he lost alot of trust after what he pulled on the POV

Jen: he's worried about me, because I said I would put him up

Dani: I don't know what his problem is, because I've never done anything to him, and now he's scared of Dick, so he's doing all this *&^% to me, I don't know where he's coming from but he's an idiot because it's unnecessary

jen: it's retarded

Dick: he pulled that smiling thing, I came out here and told her, and he came out and did it again, I said nice parting gifts you have

Jen: do you think if he made it to the $10,000 he would have taken it?

Dick: no he wouldn't have been that obvious, people would want to kill him, and that's why he threw it

Jen: isn't it obvious that he threw it, he didn't want to wear a bunny suit for 5 days? I can understand the dunk, but

Dani: there was no doubt in my mind that everyone would put the entire time, no question at all, I was even surprised that Jameka wouldn't put the whole thing, she'll put 5 HOH's but she won't wear a bunny suit for 5 days?

Jen: I don't think she thought we would all do the full thing

Dick: but she put full for the lop too

Dani: maybe she thought from the first question people were going to start trying to get in the middle and stay in and get other people out

Kail: I don't think she realized what was going on

Dick: if anyone could have gotten away with taking the $10000...

Jen: it would have been Jameka... I thought Zach and Jameka would have...

(up to FOTH mentioned by Gem)

Kitchen group is Dick/Dani/Jen/Kail/Zach

still general chit chat... Zach was called to the SR... BB left him some advil... he returns to say BB left it for 'him' causing Dani to laugh that it was all for him... Dani thinks he looks like Pharoh with his bunny ear/hat

Dick has left... discussion of what the CBS website is putting up as the main picture each week, and Jen mentions they have a poll on who is the favorite, who do you want to win(I was just reading the message board thread about Dick/Jen being the two favorites as of this week lol)

(just realized it's the 4 bunnies up and everyone else asleep, or at least off camera)

Zach: one thing I miss is having a window that looks outside, it feels so inclosed in here, I mean it is

Jen: fresh air

Zach: you remember the first day you walked in here, and what you felt?

Kail: confusion

Dani: it was a rush

Zach: I remember Nick's face, he had the biggest grin, and running to find a bed

Dani: I came in with Jameka and Nick, and I remember Jameka was walking so slow in front of me, and I'm like come on, come on! we got in the bed room and Nick was looking at one, and I said I have dibs on that one!

*Jameka comes to join them, they start lauging again over Jameka walking in slow*

Kail: I think I was the last one in

Jen: Eric says he was

Dani: I like how Nick harrassed me about how heavy my bag was, and says I was looking at him like I wanted him to trade bags with me... I never did that... idiot (awwww I hear a hint of the girl who used to joke and teasingly insult her best friend in the house lol)

Kail: I remember how many takes it took to get us in the house

Zach: I remember how excited I was standing out in front of the house with all of you

Jen: we were like ok, come on

Dani: and they were ok everyone look at each other... and Mike couldn't stop smiling, he had the most akwardly huge smile

Kail: it was hard for me to turn and look at everyone because I was on the front row

Dani: I think Joe was on the top row, because the one time we got 'guys can you let him thru next time'... we didn't even move, we just stood there... that took forever too, so many takes, I was dying because my bag was so heavy

Jen: I remember Jameka was mad at me because I had my name on my bag

Zach: yea I wish they had put our names on our bags

Jen: I asked if they would embroider them and they said no, so I put my name on it anyway

Zach: so what is today? day 36?

Dani: I stopped keeping track... 37 or 38? We came in on... the day before the first?

Jen: a Saturday (that would be Saturday, June 30 then)... I'll have to go back then and figure it out, I hate being like this, not sure

Dani: I was good last month, because there were things like Jameka's birthday, after mine on the 15th, I won't know

Kail: my anniversary is the 18th

Dani: after that... there is nothing to look forward to.. one of my friends bdays is two days after mine, so I'm good for two more days

Jen: my friends bday is sometime this month, but I don't know when

Dani: I'm so bad about birthdays, I have a friend that, we had a fight about his birthday like he wouldn't know when it was? I called him on the 6th to say happy birthday and it was on the 4th.. put me in a room of people and I know all their names, but not their birthdays...

*talk of relatives and when their birthdays are, I won't bother posting when Dani/Jen/Kail's parents/siblings/children/aunts/etc birthdays are*

Dani: ok, seriously, this is a long lockdown (I guess they are on an indoor lockdown?)

Kail: my goodness, that's a long banner (ok, so speculation is it's another banner plane)

Dani: are they retarded or do they not know everyone sleeps until 4? I mean, really, come on, have you not been watching the feeds?

Jen: maybe they were trying to show Kail and Dustin, because they are the only ones up early

Kail: then they should have done it at 10am!

*they start to whisper*

Dani: like what I was saying about Nick, they did 2 banners the day of POV, 2 the next day, and like 5 the next day, I think it has to be something or it wouldn't have been the 4 warning one...

Kail: there is no way I can get Jessica to vote for me

Dani: you don't know that, it's all about perception... like the time with Nick, I was hanging with him

Jen: she hung all week with Joe

Kail: I can't talk with her because I don't have a relationship with her

Dani: then don't, leave it to us... just don't freak out

*they start to whisper VERY softly*

12:27pm bbt

Jen doing dishes running water noisily, Kail/Dani whispering softly about best strategy to save Kail from the block this week, no other HGs visible on feeds

Dani: I beat myself up everyday for voting out Nick over these people *something about Amber*

Kail: Amber sat here yesterday crying because she said she got tricked into voting Nick out

*it is strange to see these three ladies sitting together conspiring together!*

12:30pm bbt

Jen goes to bathroom, Dustin is up

Jen: we are on lockdown

Dustin: yea? do we know why?

Jen: yea, banner

*Dustin goes past kitchen, comments to Kail/Daniele that he isn't going near kitchen(because of his/Jessica's sleep-in)*

*Dani still whispering very softly to Kail, Jen back with them again*

Dani: I definately think it's something you should bring up

Jen suggests they go to the HOH room(so that I can hear them better!)

Kail: how am I getting 4 votes?

Jen: we did this last night! Leave everyone alone until Wednesday!

Dani: don't pull a Joe... be careful what you say to Dustin

Kail: I found that out last night

Dani: from what you learned or what we told you?

Kail: after listening to him, I'm beginning to wonder

Dani: ever since the POV from last week, it couldn't be more obvious, Dustin is in this game for himself and will do whatever he can, after he lectured us to give 100%, he told me it was a selfish thing, it is what it is, as HOH I was going to take what I could and he did, I'm not going to trust that, and that was after he went around saying his finger accidently hit the button

Kail: and Jessica heard that too?

Dani: yes, I told her, and she said she heard that too.. if you are going to come up with an excuse, make it better than that

Jen: I was moppy because I didn't know how Jameka was

Dani: where is Zach? he's going to be all sad when he comes out and we aren't there.. I'm going to say to Jameka about this lockdown, she knew it was a sign each time, if you think about the days it all makes sense, and I'm going to say something to her

Jen: when I was talking to Dustin in the room yesterday, I wasn't lying to him, he was asking questions I didn't want to answer

Dani: I hate talking to him

Jen: later we were sitting by the bed, he was saying my eyes were shifting to the side so I was lying... he was making me uncomfortable, he was trying to point out I was lying, but I just didn't want to answer him, he said my story was changing, I didn't tell him before and now I did, he's just being annoying... he said both of us were the pawn, if you want to believe that, not saying I wasn't but he told me that, or that he didn't want either of us to go

Dani: but if me or jess had won the pov you would have both stayed

Jen: he's scared of me because he knows I'll put him as the pawn

Dani: I don't know what he's doing, he's hanging himself

Kail: he thinks the 5 of them are strong and tight, he's starting to act like the leader

Dani: squash that!

Jen: the HOH kingdom

Dani: oh my gosh, it was the worst HOH ever! I was going to speak 5 words and he was like uuup! you didn't raise your hand... am I like 5 or something? he is so belittling and sooo rude... and he has so much sass when he does it, it makes me so angry... "is that a yes Jen?" she just said yes... I'm so over it

Jen: I thought your dad and Dustin had something

Kail: me too

Dani: why?

Kail: I think I saw them talk alot or something

Dani: my dad's always hated Dustin

Kail: I thought for sure Dusting and Evil were together

Jen: he was talking bad about Amber... what did Joe ever say about him?

Dani: he always had something mean to say.. they both called the other out about their personalities... everyone said now we'll get to see the real Dustin, and I'm like yea... Joe was right...

Kail: they are alike

Jen: too much wanting to control and manipulative

Kail: Amber seemed pretty smitten with him last night

Dani: they are pretending to fight now, that is so fake, like sleeping in Nick's bed now, or being upset after the POV, they are trying to make it look like they aren't the power duo

Kail: you don't think she gets upset and he tries to smoothe it over?

Dani: after the POV, he didn't care, she came to talk with him

Jen: why did Amber let him put Nick up?

Kail: because Dustin convinced her

Dani: at the same time, if Dustin hadn't done what he did at the POV, Zach would have gone up, but Dustin had to make up for it, and Eric was here with his convincing arguement

Kail: then shouldn't Amber be upset with Eric?

Dani: Eric plants the seed and Amber spreads it.. when people feel they are close to Amber...

Jen: she doesn't talk game to me

Kail: me either, never has, never will tell how she is voting, or Jameka/Jessica

Jen: Amber did a little about Nick when he was up, she'd ask me things

Jen: I think if Amber didn't swear on her daughter...

Dani: she told Nick she wouldn't vote him out, but...

Kail: so is Eric worried about Amber?

Dani: I think everyone is trying to put on a show.. I think the biggest one to talk with is Jameka, she's not going to because they want it, she will do what she feels is right, and she knows what we said is true

Jen: and they can't get mad at her

Kail: but if Amber tells Jameka, will she listen to Amber?

Dani: it doesn't matter, if you talk to her, she will understand, she has said lots about Eric, she needs a few days, I know she will come to the decision on her own, what she feels is right

Kail: I wonder if Amber is starting to get Dustin's number?

Dani: Jessica was one of the first ones on board, after she talked to Jen, I was like are you ok, but she's hanging with Eric, I heard them talking about going to buy a house, they are close friends so maybe upset about that, if she was on the block I think Eric would vote against her, but he wouldn't put her up, so I need to talk with her, say I know where she is coming from

Jen: I know they are going to hook up

Dani: they would hook up, seriously?

Jen: they sleep together

Kail: he gets up in the middle of the night, then she moves to the middle and takes up all the space

Dani: I need to talk with her, let her see the bigger picture

Jen: it's not like Nick who was being honest

Dani: she may say how do you know Eric's not?

Kail: what hit home is Dick said Eric studies reality shows, and listens to reality radio, he's got his strategy

Jen: you can tell her all that, but if she thinks he's with her 100%

Dani: I think Jen should talk with her on Wednesday, remember how you and Amber compared notes?

Jen: I'll point it out, I didn't know he had the same stories and deals going with Amber, if he didn't with Jessica, was she a throw away toy? It didn't matter if he lost someone

Dani: he had so many people... except Zach

Kail: so who's his next...

Jen: Dustin... that's why I don't understand why Dustin is fighting for him so hard

Dani: he told me/Dick that Dustin/Amber go up when it's to 7... when Dick told Dustin that in the kitchen, Dustin's face dropped

Jen: Eric told Dustin it was D/D

Kail: so he doesn't believe Dick?

Dani: Eric said if I put her up it's a huge mistake, I said if it is then come talk to me, and he didn't

Kail: he said it's a mistake because he has the votes to stay

Dani: he said Dustin wasn't the first to go, so that's a lie, he said now you are accusing me, and I said I'm just saying what you said

jen: and he said to Dick he never had anything with me

Dani: these people are so blind

*more talk of the same*

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1:24 pm BBTFeeds 1 & 2 on Dani Jen and Kail in HOH talking about Disneyland. Dani says her BF used to work as a character there (I think she said Aladdin). General chit chat about DisneylandFeed 3 on Dick sleepingFeed 4 on Dustin sleeping(someone is breathing really loud!)FOTH (still old BB theme music)1:25 pm BBTBack from FOTHDani talking about Dezel Washington's son playing football and basketball. Dani saying "they were really snooty....like bad." Jen talking about the same thing (.....I'm lost in the convo due to FOTH)And we get FOTH again

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1:10pm bbt

Dani/Kail/Jen in HOH

Kail says she never has heard any lies from Eric, so if she was voting she wouldn't have a reason to vote him out

Dani: I could tell you something bad he has said about you... but please don't tell him I told you...

Jen explains to Dani that she needs to be careful what she tells her dad, because Jen refrains from talking to Jen and telling her things, because she will tell her dad and he will tell everyone... Dani agrees and says that happened last night with Zach

Kail: so what did Eric say about me?

Dani: before he was nominated, he said we should keep you this week, then evict you next week so you have to go to sequester and can't be with your family

Kail: awwwww, he said that?

*they hear a BB rat in the walls sneeze*

Jen notices Dani rearranged the pictures on the walls... Dani doesn't like one of the pictures, because she has it on her bathroom wall smaller, but when it's blown up big like this, it doesn't look proportional... then they start talking about her boyfriend being Alladin at Disneyland, and Kail tries to figure out when her family went to Disney, and if he was there at that time

Kail: oohhh, did they talk about the undergroud city?

Dani: it's not true, I'm obsessed about Disney, and there are urban legends that there is a whole city... there are medical rooms and metting rooms, but that's it

Kail: I read two books about Disneyland, one was good and the other was a slam

Jen: they stole my sunglasses and got away with it!

Kail: it talked about Walt Disney and how he was into small details

Jen: I have a pass that lets me in every day, and I asked if I could get it off for 3 months

Dani: he loved it, he loved it so much, he didn't get tired of the kids

Kail: how often did you go?

Dani: after we started dating, he still worked there for a while, but he'd call in and then quit, I never got to see him do it... but I got to use some of his stuff to get in...

(I'm taking my family to Disney World in December!!!! I grew up there and am so excited!!!! If anyone reading this post wants to thank me by getting us in the parks, you can email me at georgectv@yahoo! lol)

( lol Dick isn't in the room, so Jen name drops that her boyfriend is in the beachboys, and when they... FOTH )

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1:40 pm to 1:45 pm BBT

Been back from FOTH for a bit

Feed 1 & 2 still on Dani, Kail and Jen in HOH. More talk of the same thing...Eric and Dustin and how the votes have been. They really think that Dustin did it one week and Eric did it the other week. Kail says that she has never caught Eric in a lie that she can remember, Dani tells her Eric said something really mean about her then tells Kail repeatedly to not tell him or anyone that she (Dani) told her this.

Dani says that Eric said he wanted to keep Kail and get rid of her next week, so she'd be stuck in sequester and not be able to see her family. Either Kail or Jen went "oooohhhhh" ( I couldn't tell which).

Not long after that one of the camera people in the walls sneezed and they said, "bless you" and laughed (that they heard them sneeze).

Kail talking about how she thinks Dustin will end up voting to keep her in the game. She says that she thinks Dustin wants her to be frazzled this week because she wasn't last week and that got him in trouble. She says that she thinks Dustin will flip and vote to keep her.

Kail laughing that she believes everything she is told until she confirms it with someone else.

BB calls Jessica to the DR (I bet she's going to look really great in the DR since she's been sleeping all day!)

Feed 3 on Dick sleeping.

Feed 4 on Dustin sleeping.


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1:46 pm to 2:00 p.m. BBT

Back from FOTH (we've had it a lot today on and off)

All 4 feeds now on HOH room with Jen, Dani and Kail.

Jen is talking about how their schedules are messed up because they stay up all night long. Jen says it is kind of good because it's so hot outside and they all remark that it wouldn't be good especially because they have those hot bunny suits on.

Dani talks about that she is excited about HOH pictures tomorrow.

Dani talking about the croquet game they got and how her Dad thinks it is for HOH Thursday. They talk about how certain people haven't practiced so they think it will be to their advantage. Kail says that "them 4" play their hearts out for the competitions and the other side is skating by. Dani says that she feels she is the only person trying for the competitions. Kail says she has to get through this one and so they will feel pressure and have to win. Dani says that Jessica and Eric had been feeling the safest so they haven't been trying (ed - she was one of the last people on the HOH competition last week).

Jen: "Maybe that's why Dustin wants Eric to stay, is because he'd still be a target." ...Dani saying that's not the case. Dani also said if Eric stayed, and he and Dustin were on the block, she thinks Eric would still go home because he's the better player. Dani and Jen telling Kail that she would probably have a better chance at getting Jameka's vote if she hadn't picked her name for veto.

Dick is up and has joined them in HOH.

(Missed some of this convo)

Kail talking about the votes she thinks she has and doesn't have. Dani talking about Eric and how he sleeps with Jessica (actually he doesn't). Dick says that is because he is afraid to leave her alone for a second. Dani says that she heard they talk about buying a house and getting married and Eric brining his Iguana (sp). Jen says that she knows Jessica is concerned with trusting them (D&D). Dick says "why we don't lie." Dani says that she went right up to her and explained everything to her.

Dick says that it needs to be pointed out that Eric has deals with everyone. Jen says that it has. Dick says yes but not in front of everyone. Jen says that Jessica told her that she doesn't have a deal with Eric, that she just hangs out with him and is friends with him. Dick says that he was thinking about her and that she is sweet and innocent. Jen says that she knows she is fine either way with who ever goes this week. Dick says that they need to talk to Jameka. Dick says "I kept saying it, I kept saying it."

BB calls Dustin to DR.

Jen says that is funny that they are calling people to the DR "who have been sleeping all day."

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2:05 pm to 2:20 p.m. BBT

Kail now telling Dick about what she has already told the girls about how she thinks that Dustin will vote for her to stay on Thursday.

Dick says yes that he knows about the frazzled stuff because he was pissed off. Dick asks Kail where she got the information from that she wasn't going home last week. Kail says not Eric. Kail said she "had a pretty good idea from Dustin." Jen says she didn't tell her. Kail says that she didn't get the information from Jen.

Feed switches to Jessica and Jameka in the bathroom area talking about voting. Jessica says "even with that questioning it is better to keep him here". Jessica says I think I said something like "even if he had something with Jen he doesn't anymore." Jameka doing her normal "mmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm". Jameka said that "with her feeling as bad as she did." Jameka says that he is clinging more to you and that it is not a bad thing. Jessica says that she is .....and then doesn't finish the sentence....then she says "I keep him for now, but .... it's in the back of my mind." Jameka says are we sure that he isn't going to go with the other side. Jameka repeating that she figured out that Eric said once that Nick had to go because he was playing with the "bros and girls" that he was friendly with everyone but Jameka says that isn't true about Nick but it is true about Eric. Jessica says "yeah.....you're right." Jessica begins to brush her teeth. Jameka says "hey.....he hasn't eaten for 3 days" and Jessica says I know I asked him about it. I keep telling him we are fine but he is worried.

Jameka asks Jessica why she thinks Dick yelled at Dustin last night. Jessica thinks it is because the house is split now. Jameka says "yeah I guess". Jameka comments that "yet again Zach is just going through the motions and stays another week."

Jamkea wondering how does Eric know about the handshake he supposedly saw but took place in the gym. Jessica says she will ask him that later.

Jessica says "is every week going to be like this?" Jameka says "mmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm"

Jessica says "you ready" Jameka says for what and Jessica says "to go back to bed?" Jameka goes into the bathroom and Jessica walks out.

Feeds switch back to HOH room with Dani, Dick, Jen and Kail. Dick continuing to talk about how he has brought things out to the open because of the way he is. Kail talking about votes still. Jen saying that but that is if Dick can keep his mouth shut because then they'll vote just to spite Dick. But Dick says that he has done a lot of things for that group, hid nothing, and he's been totally honest with everyone and they all know Eric has lied. Dick says that Jameka even brought up the handshake and how Eric is in the perfect place and time and hears the perfect things in the house. Dick saying that they need to realize that Dustin and Eric have an agreement and Jameka and Jessica need to realize that. Jen saying that she is going to talk to Jessica about that. (same stuff and same conversation just different time....I wonder how many times we are going to have to hear them talk about this)

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2:24 pm to 2:30 pm BBT

All 4 feeds on Jameka showering. Dick was in the bathroom and comes out and asks if they can talk today. Jameka says "ummmmmmmmmmmm today?" and he says yes. She says well I would rather....and he says "tomorrow" and she says okay. Dick says he understands and that they can talk tomorrow.

Jameka asks if they are going to have a meeting before eviction and Dick says no because Dustin has gone to the other side so he doesn't see the point.

Dick goes back to HOH room. Dick says he talked to Jameka and he says "we are going to talk tomorrow." Dani says that "she didn't want to talk today?" Dick says "no." Dick says that she asked me about having another meeting and Dani says "we aren't going to." Dick says he told her that they wouldn't because Dustin has drawn the line in the sand and has split the house so there isn't a point anymore. Dick thinks that because she has said that that she is on the fence.

Jen says she was asked about why she trusts them. Jen saying that she doesn't know that she can trust them. Kail saying that Dustin is telling everyone that Jen has "sold out". Dick saying that they aren't together but they are compairing notes just like Janelle and Erica did last season.

Danielle starts saying CEP, CEP, CEP (Crazy Eye Person). They are saying "he" (are they talking about Eric?). They are all laughing.

Danielle called to DR. Kail saying she is taking a shower.

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2:32 pm BBT

Feeds switch to big bedroom

Kail in the room talking about lockdowns this morning because of banner planes and saying there is a lot of them again. She wonders if this will be an every week occurrence. She said this to Eric, Dustin and Jessica who were in the room.

Feeds keep switching following Kail around the house as she is getting ready to take a shower.

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2:46 bbt All 4 feeds in the kitchen. There is an incredible uncomfortable silence as Dick is doing washing dishes and Eric is making waffles.

There's awkward talk about the banner planes. Eric says "It will be like this until the end." Dick doesn't thnk so..

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2:47 pm BBT

Has been really quiet.

All 4 feeds have been on Eric making waffles in the kitchen.

Dick comes in and says "they've started again." Eric says "what" and Dick says "the banner planes". Eric says "oh I think that is the way it will be to the end." Dick says "I don't, they are about one of the same people that the other one was about" and Eric says "maybe" and Dick says "no maybe, they are"

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3:00 p.m. BBT

Things are quiet now. Everyone is up and out of bed except for Dustin and Jessica. Eric is making waffles for people who want them but he isn't having any. Dick is cutting potatoes to have for dinner.

General chit chat.

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