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August 8, Live Feed Updates

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Dustin is jumping around on the bed and paying with the overhead mic. Jess is still in bed. Earlier, Jameka tried to smooth over the issue with dinner and wanted to know why Dick didnt cook for Jess and Dustin. Dick said he cooked for everyone but was not going to serve them dinner in bed. Daniele said they were not coming out for dinner so she only got out the amount of plates she did because they had already said to Jen they (Jess and Dustin) were not coming out for dinner.

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on shotoo I have Dick and Daniele in the kitchen with Jen making herself a drink.. Amber is at the counter too. General chit chat

on quad (only one I can get to work) we have dustin, eric and jess still in the br and the kitchen crew chatting.

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10:44 BBT

Amber telling HG that she was originally cut from BB but after 2days she was called back and was told that she made the show because of a mistake.

In the Kitchen we have Dani Jen Dick and Amber Kail talking about picture wall. People look in good moods except Kail..

Amber tells Dick he looks hot in his pic but looks like hell "in real life" Dick what a bitch and Amber says "I'm just kidding"

Eric Jess and Dustin in the big bedroom..Jess asking if people are mad about them and Eric says that "sound travel" and people can hear them making fun of people and demanding they bring them things since they are on the self imposed bed prison.

Zach comes in and talks about his belly button ring and Jess asks what made him decide to do it and says "look how big this thing is" refering to his belly button.

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10:30 BBT

Eric/Dustin/Jess/ Amber somewhere near

Which of the following little girl playthings was Dustins favorite?

Dustins favorite girl toy- Lady Lovely Locks.

He says Carebears weren't a strickly girl item

True/False game continues....

Dustin plans on getting a nose job if he wins 500,000

Jessica wears gel fake nails

If Eric wins 500,000- wouldn't get a nose job b/c he's happy the way he is

If Jess wins 500,000 she wouldnt move out of her parents house

Dustin wouldnt move out of his apartment- more then happy with his 1 1/2 room studio

Dustin doesnt like any beer

Dustins natural eye color is (not blue)

Dustin sings we get Foth (thanks)

Zach enters the room

(and my feeds timed out)



Discussing percings

Foth in and out

Talking about shaving their chests

On feeds 1/2

Dani saying she now weighs more then when she came in the house

Talking about eating cookies


Talking about when Julie said to pick your beds wisely b/c your not only sharing the house you may be sharing beds

11 BBT

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10:52 BBT

Zach talking about his shaving his chest telling Dustin he would never have a hairy chest like his "God forbid" Dustin says his bro says he doesn't think his chest isn't that hairy but says his dad has a forest.

Back in the dining area....I bet the people watching on showtime are thrilled with us tonight" Dick says ..Dani says "I think its cancelled" thinking after Zachs "weiner" "That was the last show"

Amber comes back in and Dick says don't like the "giggle fest" and Amber says that she has never really part of it that much...Dick saying he feels sorry for Zach since Jess "kackle" laugh will keep them up...Amber saying it really travels into the room where she sleeps.

talk turns to sleeping arrangements....what ifs and such

In the bathroom Zach and Amber talking calling her "medusa" in the bathroom asking "are you coming" to Jen..Amber "I'm so fat you guys ..I can't take it" "I have no will power what so fucking ever"

the girls washing their faces talking about going to bed and Zach says "Bah humbug"

Zach says evertime he sees Amber's hair it remind him of the Bahamas....they tell her they like it...

Talking about what skin ailments he has and says "acne on the chest" The three of them are going to do facial masks.

[so far a slow night]

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11:05 BBT

Dick and Dani are outside

"My stomach hurst I can never eat again" Dani

Dick says it's cold but Dani says it's taosty in her bunny suit./..Dick wondering how much hate mail he gets and gives "Julians" email out and we get FOTH and Dick asks about Dani's Myspace and asks if its private...Dani saying "my life is my life" and I'm a very "private person" and doesn't do promotions at work.

Dick asking when people get out calling names..Dani doesn't think it will be that bad.. ..Dick "people into this show are obsessed with the show"

Talking about ringtones and Dick says it will be wierd to hear your voice as ringtones Dani in a bitchy tone "I hate my voice"

Dick telling her she should talk to her brother and in a bitchy voice "I don't want to talk about it" and he asks her "what do you want to talk about" and in a bitchy tone she says "nothing"

Dani talking about Zach running on the treadmill with his bunny suit while eating a carrot..."some people are so desperate for airtime" Dick says he isn't and Dani says "right" and Dick says he doesn't do the things he does for airtime.

Both talking aboout Julie Chen doesn't give "a rat's ass" about who they are . laughing at Julies Jabs at the HG saying "whoever her wrters are they're brutal" and Dani says "she's brutal"

Kail comes out and asks how many question Julie asks and say 1 or 2 because I always have "to give a speech" and Dani laughs saying that's right "you're always on the block"

Talking about the truce Dani saying Dick should wear one of Jens shirsts "jensa member,,that would be hysterical" "with the headband" [that would be funny]

Talking about Eric just "blah blah bla' when he's usually quick witted.

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11:19 talking what their montages would be ..Diccks is yelling at everyone and Kail asks "what is mine?" and Dani says "being quiet" and Dani says her will be "eating crap" even though Dick says it will be "her and Nick"

Dani says she's cried a lot and asks Kail if she's cried "oh my God..I've been on the block for three weeks" saying in DR when the ask about "her kids" Dani says she's never seen her and remebers when Mike left and says "I'll give you one"

Dani says her and Nick "had a couple things" that they only knew and Dick says BB told him not to talk about "the voices in his head" [kidding?]

"I wonder what celebrity has died since we've been here" Dick says and Kails says "or aaressted" talking about Rehab all the stars go to. Dick saying "betty ford" was the first and biggest and remebers when he took a pic with "johnny Depp" and he wore a "Betty ford t shirt"

Talking how their last name is used so much in the house Dani says "The Denato's" and Kail asked how it's spelleg and talking about goggling their names Dick saying when he did old interviews came up.

Inside in bedroom Jess Zach Eric and Dustin talking about Nick and the night the beers were taken away[old news move on folks]

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11:05 BBT

Feeds 1/2

Zach bunny suit 1/2 on/ Amber in her braids/ Jen in bunny suit

Putting on face masks

Feeds 3/4


Talking about drinking at weddings/ Bar mitzvahs

Jessicas parents got married when they were 21

Kail got married at 18

Joking about when they were 18 they were driving drunk and smoking cigs

Jessica says the only thing diffrent now is she doesnt smoke

Dustin story:

Freshmen year- his bestfriend, Hannah, and him went to school together

and friend Megan were going to get an apartment together sophmore year

...... and they switched coverage......

Dick and Dani in back yard

.... back to Dustin story....

(I have all 4 feeds on so hard to hear)

Had major problems with this girl ( )- BF lives in Minneapolis and misses him a lot, pretends to get pregnant- says she cant live there, moves out 2 days laters, Dustin has to pay her portion of the bill ($450)

FOTH interupts story

Story was never finished on feeds- switching to Dani/Dick/Kail in BY

Talking about Julie, Dani calls her a tough cookie, and Dick says shes been brutal

Talking about how Julie questioned Amber about the crying and they bet they had just shown a montage of her crying

If there is a montage-

Dick's would be yelling/screaming, Kail's would be quiet, Dani's would be eating crap, Dick says Dani and Nick would be montaged together whispering and how thered be the "wrong" sub-titles.

Dick didnt think hed cry at all

Dani didnt think shed cry as much as she has

Dani asks Kail if she's cried. Kail asks if shes kidding. Says she's been on the block for the last 3 weeks. Talks about the DR and she'll cry if they ask her about her husband and kids (Foth).

(Back-) Kail balled when Mike was voted out

Wonder what celebs have died, gone to jail, pregnant, eating disorders, rehabs

Dani says thats everybody (rehabs)

Dick says they have to go to the exspensive ones so they'll be catered to

Dick talks about Johnny Depp and how funny it was that he has a betty ford clinic shirt on

Frankie Muniz had a Donato's shirt on (On the punk episode). Donato is Dick and Danis lastname.

Now discussing googling themself and myspace- about how many fake myspace pages there must be now of them

Dicks had 3 hate websites dedicated to him before he even came into the house

Switching feeds-

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11:32 BBT In bathroom

Amber says not to say anything "to him"[?] and Jen says she won't and says "I know you are" and Amber says about her vote "she has no choice " and Amber says "Jameka gave her word" and both are stuck.....and did so before they lied and both are confused and Jen says Jameka would'nt do that and Amber says "you're right" and Jen is working on an Eric eviction and is telling Amber she's scared that he will manipulate her..Amber "you can't let him" telling her "I don't know how much longer I can handle him"

Amber says "if Eric finds out we talked" he will go after us "if he stays"

Jen saying it's either "me or Jessica" Eric wants at the end and so "why wouldn't I' and says "I know it sounds stupid" telling Amber she knows what Eric has said about Jess.......

Amber says "becareful" and can't be vulnerable and tell things to people and Amber says she hasn't tol dustin about anything and tells Jen Dustin thinks "she lies"

Jen saying talking to Dustin is like an "interrogation"....Amber "if we keep Eric around" and he kknows we talked and could "use it against us"

Jen saying the boys are manipulative and why is "Dustin fighting so hard for Eric" and Amber says Dustin thinks he's a good guy" and Jen says I know Eric doesn't think Dustin is....

Jen really working Amber...jen saying she doesn't hide her emotions saying "i really don't have emotions for myself or other people"...Amber says people show it different ways......Jen saying how she is and "once you know me" and wonders why people don't like her... if "it's my looks or my attitude" and Amber says "it's your looks" and your age.

both leave the bathroom

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11:40 BBT

Mid conversation:

Amber and Jen in bathroom

Talking about a guy (Eric maybe Dick) about how he would want to take eith her or Jessica to the end

Amber says be careful

Jen likes Kail cause she doesnt have to be careful

Jen Says she can easily talk to Jameka and Amber even though she prob shouldnt

Amber says she doesnt tell Dustin anything her and Jen talk about

Jen doesnt understand why Dustin is scared of her

Amber says he thinks Jen lies

Jen feels uncomfotable talking to him and felt she was being iinterrogated

Now whispering about if they keep Eric around-

If they keep Eric around, Amber is nervous that if he knows that they talk he'll use that against them

and Jameka. Saying they both like her. The girls are being upfront and honet and the guys are being manipulative.

Jen asked why is Dustin fighting so hard for Eric. Amber says Dustin doesn't know everything about what Eric has done.

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11:47 Amber talking about who she likes saying Dani must not be that bad if Nick likes her and kail is like one of those friends that you want to kill when you go on a long trip....

jen still pushing to get Eric out when Zach walks in

Back to the bathroom as Amber has to rebrush her teeth after eating cookies....

Amber "i don't know who I'm going to put up if I get HOH" saying that she so indecisive and Jen says she will put up the same people and maybe "Dustin" and Amber says that she told Dustin she's not with them and Jen says "I'm not on either side but get blamed for being on both side" saying its not about side but "personalities"

Amber saying if she gets HOH "don't let people make up your mind for you"

Jess comes in and Amber asks id jameka's aslepp and Jen ask Jess if she was born in 1984 since her shirt says that.

Both head into bedroom with Eric and play a game.............

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11:56 BBT

Zach talking about his acting resume and saying how they accidentally got mistaken for being a part of "a back draft episode"

Talking about Mike and the "strong man competition"..Dani says "Mike's funny"

Dick talking about the old dayd when HG didn't have washing machines..Dani says she doesn't remeber those times..

Talking about people from other season and Dick says well meet a lot of these people when they get out....

Dick saying where he met Erica at a San diego convetion at a "reality booth" laughing at Eric doing $10,000 to do appearances..Dani is confused to why and Zach says usually when people needs "celebrities" and Dani sarcastically says "eric Stein of new York"

Zach wants to do commercials and Dani didn't know Elisabeth form "the view" was from survivor...

Talking about Janelle winning VH1's reality star of the year and Dani mentions Allison and Dick saying she's ugly

kail say send your hate mail to .Dick says "lalonghair@aol.com"

Eric bashing

Zach says he's going in to bed

Dick saying he told eric there was another banner

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Amber in Jen in kitchen and infront of pics

Jen so mad the Evil wasn't sent home.

Jen saying how Kail is cool and all but she's the type of friend you'd go on a trip with for 2 weeks and want to kill.

Jen likes Jessica. Jen thinks she could like Dani. B/C if Nick liked her that much then she much not be as bad as she thinks. She likes Jam. Sometimes she likes Dustin and sometimes she doesn't. She says something is not right- makes her concerned. It doesnt matter who goes home to Dustin b/c he's set up with everyone. (more talking but I can't hear everything out of Jens mouth)

Zach comes in. Singing without foth. Jen gets her bunny ears on. Now we get foth.

Jen and Amber back in bathroom. Amber brushing her teeth (again). Jen talking about putting people up from both sides. Amber says you have to make up your own mind of whod you put up.

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Dustin/ Eric/ Amber/Jess/ Jen

Eric talking about cutting his hair.

Amber is going to keep her braids in until Thursday. Jam will curl them for her.

Amber going to the DR to talk- doesnt want to talk to Dustin

Now just Jen/Jess/Dustin

Dustin (picking on Jen) about showing emotions. Says she is happy.

Amber comes back in

What would Jen show emotion for? Sequence the following events-

Jen wins HOH

Panties with blood on them

Shirts removed

Mustard on shirt

Jen answers:

Blood, Shirts, HOH, Mustard

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12:06 BBT

Kail saying this is her best week here and she's probably going home and she says its because Dick has laid off her and Dani says "see we're noy bad people" and tells her it's not over until Julie Chen says so.

Kail asked what his gut feeling is and Dick says he doesn't know but "will be close either way" saying he will talk to Jess tomorrow and will say what Amber says about her daughter "will be easy to fix"

Dani warning to be kind to Jess and Jess buttons are easliy pushed.

Dick says "i'm gonna be open and honest with her"

Jen comes out..looking for her "water and my chapstick" Dani saying she left it upstairs.

Kail leaves....

Jen asking about wether Jameka gave her word and Dick says he'll talk to jameka tomorrow....Jen saying "jessica has been pinned to her bed all day" saying she going in the hot tub a 3:30 BBT and Dick says he'll stay up til 3:30

Dick saying todays wake up music was horrible and Dani says she liked the song and they played "hello goodbye" and Dick say he ated it and Dani says "they're from Huntington Beach"

Jen says if Kail gets voted out and has to leave and do her exit in "her Bunny suit" that it would suck [i'd laugh]

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12:20 BBT

Outside Dick Dani and Jen complaining about "luxury comps" and how they feel gypped that they haven't had any..

Jen trying to justify it that POV' had $10k and $5k and Dani says "that's not a luxury comp"

Talking about Kaysar being out before sequester and All "Stars..."I hated that guy he was a complete jackass" Dick saying about Jase....

"eric gets all wigged out about the We thing" and Jen says so does Zach and we get foth

Jen "im fine not being in any groups" saying its easier that way.

Dick "God I want to see Eric go this week and Dustin go next week"....Dick says the guys are dwindling and Jen says eric says in doesn't matter but they know he cares...Dick goes into his Survivor season when Chris won against Twila story..

Dani complaing about "final three" reality endings

talking about last season gyps and malfunctions......[old news]

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12:32 BBT

jen says it would have been easier to get Dustin out than Eric..Dani disagrees....

Dick if I get HOH "look at Dustin's face"

Jen says how funny it will be to see her key come out of "dick's box"

laughing how they don't really have to turn the key for them to come out. dick says can't believe the keys are not made of metal.

talking about the keys they got prior to entering the house.....Dick gave is to his son..they took Dani's and Jen and Mike had his in the house ....Amber "i saw his"

Amber comes out talking how her daughter told her about the key "mommy I have something for you"


Dani said she was told to act "more excited" and again FOTH

Jen says 'right before I was coming here " she was cleaning a toy box and found "big plastic keys" laughed hysterically and no one else does.

Dick says "it will piss me off" watching the show..Jen "why couldn't you work out everyday you fat bastard"..Amber "that will be me" but Dick bets "you'll cry"

Jen says she know a house with a 40 member theatre where they can watch it together..Amber says we should watch it together and Dick says "there will be fights" and Amber says she can't wait for people "to see"

Dick asking about wear her "Jensa member" shirt at the live show Jen gives no answer...

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12:52 BBT

All feeds on patio with Amber Dani Jen and Dick talking about small talk......Dick says he wants to stay in bed and be served hand and foot like Dustin is.......

12:55 BBT talking about the Blogs Dani says she excited to to her blog saying she has alot to say to different people.. and asked what she'll say to her BF and Jen asks if he will be mad..Dani says nothing.

Dani tells them her lease is up and wil be homeless when she gets out and he bf is moving out for them and he is moving into his parents house.

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