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August 17, Live Feed Updates

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I am desperate had the speaker to my ear...


Jessica and Eric are in bed talking about when the noms come down(or did they), to act like they are shocked. That Dani is going to make some such little speech refering to Eric that basically he is next(I guess if POV is used) That they have to act really really good but Eric tells her NOT to ever say to any of them directly that we are going after Dick and Danielle(because they are not, dont want to stir up anger)

Jessica then tells him what if I already said something like that right after HOH, he said like what did you say, she said EXACTLY like that.

He just laughs.

Amber is walking in and out of room, getting clothes for or from bath...

Jameka upstairs either praying, in a trance, sedated or dead. I ssume praying as she is on slop.

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Eric brings up the mustard incident, saying it was pinned on him, even though he didn't do it. Jen agrees. Jen's in the round room, talking to Eric and Jess through the door. They're now talking about their visitors from the other day.

On other feed, Zach and Daniele talking in the kitchen. Seems like just chit chat. Dick keeps closing the door to the round room so Jen can't talk to Jess and Eric. Eric jokes about Jess being in sequester for 3 weeks before he shows up, her waiting for him. She says she's not going to vote for him to win, jokingly.

No talking in the kitchen. Seems kind of awkkkkkward! Zach says, 'Oh, Nick, what would you do.' Daniele replies with, 'Swim in the hot tub.'

BB is Foth happy tonight with a lot of trivia popping up.

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Daniele just left from outside to go to the HOH room and Jameka was laying on the couches outside the hoh room and dani asked her if she was ok, jameka said yeah, i'm fine. D said well i want you to know it's not personal and if you want to talk i'm here ok? J said thanks she appreciates that.

D in HOH by herself

zach eric and jess in bedroom just chit chat about mario brothers and other various things

nothing important

(ed: i have not seen amber yet)

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Amber putting on makeup in the bathroom.

Jameka still on the balcony couch.

Dani is her room listening to her CD.

All the others gathered on or around Jessica's bed.

Jameka has just joined Amber in the BR.

<just popped in and filled in, taking some screencaps - good to see you here, Lori >

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now jen and dick are in the tall room with zach eric and jessdicked asked if they are about ready to eat,he said the taco's are almost done. just waiting on the meat to cookdani was just called to the DRall 4 feeds are on the tall roomfeeds switched to amber messing with her eyelashes in the bathroom mirrorjameka in the bathroom with amber nowamber whispered something and jameka said i'll be out there or do you want me to waitA said you can wait for meA asked if Jam has eaten yetJam said no she doesn't think shs is today (they're both on slop)amber asked if Jam has talked to daniele yet, jam said no, then she said well.... i'll tell you about when we go outsideamber and jam going to hammock(ok i'm going to try to keep up with amber and jameka but amber talks fast so bare with me)jameka keeps singing and we get FOTH

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Amber and Jameka in hammock talking about strategy for the week. Amber says that Dick, Dani, Eric, and Jess have a plan to get themselves to the final 4 and that she thinks both her and Jameka will be safe this week. (ed.. I'm thinking at this point that maybe Amber has just been playing dumb.... but then..) Amber says they are both safe because she had a vision.

Amber thinks that she is the target this week because they are all afraid of her and don't want to be in the final 2 with her because she has a daughter, she cleans, and she gets along with everyone.

They are discussing who would go up if one of them won PoV and coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories.

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Amber and Jam out in the yard, they are talking about why they are up.

Amber said she is up because they want her to go home, Amber said GOD did this for a reason(dint know he produces reality shows)

Amber said there is no way they want Jameka out because she cannot play for HOH.

Jameka said Jessica wants Dick and Danielle out...Amber said no Jameka they are playing us.

(Why r they discussing this, they must be mad GOD put them up)

Jameka begins to go on that is isnt her life, it doesnt defy her...who cares it is pre determined...Amber listen the odds are against us, but we do have a strong alliance of four(yeah right)

Amber said Eric and Jess are in a alliance with Dick and Danielle and US...(see video thread)

Whatever man, whatever man..Ia m done...grrr...fighting to the end...grrrr AMber Ia m done too grrrr.....

These two kill me...fucking gonna a win..Hail Mary!

They r going over all the signs from GOD they got that this is what it is, Amber had a dream Dick put the POV on her,

but if the noms stay she knows she is going home.(what about the sign)

They have lots to say but mostly the same thing over and over(see video threads)

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ok all feeds on jam and amber in hammock

jameka asked amber what her theories are

amber said she thinks Eric jess dick and dani are going to the final 4

she said their goal this week is to get me out, she said not you

jameka thinks zach is safe all around

amber said she thinks dani is full of sh**

she said the only reason she put you (jam) up to get me out, she said she gets along with everyone so she thinks that dani sees her as a threat (give me a break)

jameka: hmmmm mmmmm

she said but jess get alongs with everybody too

amber said they are playing us jameka

jameka said she doesn't want people at home being like "it's a game" she said but still she wants to see somebody decent win it, not decieptful people, she said this time it should be different though

she said she knows this is a game, she knows that, she said but this is not her life and it's like whatever,

amber said yeah we already know it's preconcieved but right now it's like i'm not giving up

she said eric is still "shucking and jiving" with everybody

amber said if we're here next week, we'll be the new jen and kail, being put up every week

she said she was in the shower today and was like fu** this, i'm not taking this sh** i'm gonna win, i'm gonna fight

they are both now going over comps that they've won and what was bullcrap, and how they saved this one and that one and now look where they are at.

(jam not talking all like pitty party, she's got attitude in her voice) (keeps saying things like, "yeah, that's right, "man, it's a game" "like ya, know it's a game)

amber said i just keep thinking it's our time

now just talking about how she is good with what God wants to for her but still she's like a "warrior" though,

she's determined. she said it's like ok i've cried and now it's like different

it's on now.

amber said she said is done with eric and jess

jameka said be cool, don't be too distant

amber said it's f'ed up because they don't wnat to be sitting next to me in the end because they know i'll win, she said she's a single mother and she gets along with everybody and they know that

now they are discussing her "vision" of winning something

she said if noms stay the same, she said "i'm going home"

jameka said i dont' know, she said i'm believing big

she said think about it, her with those hoh's she can't win, that's good for jameka because she's not the one they want to go home, she said it's me i know it's me

she said that's why they all voted to keep kail cuz they were like well she can't win hoh

(she just keeps going over the past stratagies other hg's have used in previous weeks, (ed:her versions :huh:)

amber said she has got to win hoh this week

she has a feeling they will both be here next week

she said it just wasn't their time this week

jam said you just got to fight girl, "fight girl, fight, fight"

amber said she knows "God works in mysterious ways"

she said she was just thinking abou that lucky number 7 and she just knew she had it,

but it wasn't her week

jameka said she is just so overwelmed

gotta take a quick break


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Jameka says she thinks the letter that nick wrote to dani is coded

A -the thing that keeps me alive is my mom and my best friend, you know i told you about my best friend having that dream, if i don't win POV, im going home, i haven't won nothing, you know like Janelle, she didn't win anything the first 6 weeks, then the last weeks she won everything

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7:30 BBT

Amber and Jam in BR.

Jam weighs herself.

A: Did you eat yet?

J: No need to rush it...

A: Did you talk to Dani yet? Did you go to the DR yet?

J: They don't want me.

Amber is putting on eye makeup. Jam is standing around waiting for Amber. They go in BY. Jam gets pillows for the hammock, goes back in for water, comes back out singing, and FOTH.

Amber and Jam in hammock

J: Hey, we got TV time....what's your theories? I have mine....

A: First of all, I think we're both going to be here this week. I think Eric, Jess, Dani and ED are going to take them to the final four.

Amber talks about how she had something to play for, her kids. Jam has no HOH to win.

A: If I win POV, I don't know who she will nom. Jen doesn't care about the money.

J: Then you go for Zach.

A: She's not going to put up Zach.

J: I think it's those three. Zach is safe all around.

A: Dani is full of shit...the only reason I am up is to get me out of here. I feel like God did this for a reason to make us stronger. If I get POV, I'll use it on you. I'm a big threat in the game, I get along with everyone

J: I don't know Amber. Jess, Eric made it clear that they want their people to be in the end. That's what Jess told me. I don't know if our alliance is even in play.

A: They are playing us Jam

J: I really want someone that is deserving of this..not someone malicious..I know where my motives are, not evil, I know this is a game, people who are deceitful win, but I think this time is diffrent, money will be nice, but fuck it, this isn't my life...these people deal with this shit every day...this is a game, we got 12grand, I'm not giving up by any means....I'm not going to do that shit...all odds are against us now...we thought it was bad before, we thought we had a strong alliance before, now it broken up...me not being able to win HOH, Eric is still shucking and jiving with Jess.

A: If we stay next week, we'll be the new Jen and Kail

J: Whatever..I'm fighting to the end

A: I'm done...fuck this...I ain't crying any more...I'm done hurting...I haven't won yet...I will win..

J: I won food, that was bullshit...eggs..big deal...

A: I threw the POV

J: I was fighting for Dust and Jess, till I found she was shucking and jiving....it's all good..hands down? Biggest mistake? Eric...without a blink. Keeping him... You talk to Eric?

A: Jess says she still wants to talk to me...I will win HOH...its my time...it's our time...

J: I don't know...I refuse to believe that this is it...it's more than not getting it that season..I don't know how I got here without God...my fate does increase, God is limitless...I'm good with that...at the same time, I'm a warrrior...I'm so amped up...if they had POV tonight, I'm fucking ready...that fire under me..it's a different feeling...

A: I'm done with Jess and Eric...they don't fool me.

J: They felt they were a stronger alliance than with us

A: Jess doesn't see them...how bad they are...sitting next to those strong players...you said you felt it, you don't ususally feel things..I saw that POV...I was so happy in that vision....

J: It's weird you didn't see anyone else with it....

A: What if Dani picks Eric to host? Eric was 'right there' in my vision...the only one I seen...Zach and Jess won't play...ED was right there, I remember it going right around my neck...if the noms stay the same, honestly, I won't be mad, if they stay the same, I'm going home

J: I'm beliveing big...

A: I see it..I see it...

J: Who's willing to give up partial alliiance to get that? Jen has given up the money, Zach...one of us...regardless...they would want us to leave.

A: If I stay up, I'm going home, you have a chance..Zach kept Kail, she wasn't a threat...you not having HOH, you should be thankful for that...you're not a threat...I'm glad I'm up against you and going home, and walking out the door...I just want you to know that

J: Because I belive who God is, he's giving you a gift...not only that, what you say...I'm past the fact you being here you being up....I'm not a threat but who would that sell off? One less is one less

A: You need to talk to Zach about that alliiance

J: Why? I don't want to talk to any of them about that

A: Why not Jen or Zach? I don't trust who I trust...I had it with Dust, I have it with you...I can't trust that person...I'd rather be alone...try to fight for myself, as opposed to trusting someone...I'd rather go down by myself....I'm telling you Jam, neither of us is going home...

J: I love God...look what you did for me today...

A: This week we will be here...I'm going to win HOH....I could have already...if it's something to hang from, to keep your finger on....I'm on that 24 hours...I'm winniing next week...we'll both still be here...

J: We just got to fight...

A: 7 is my lucky #...this week is from hell...never forget week 7....

J: 7 is completion

A: That's weird...7 is completion..look who is on the block

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