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August 17, Live Feed Updates

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12:38 BBT

In the bedroom and balling Amber is being comforted by Jameka says "you have to move forward" to do for Lexie talking about God.. "you're not a quitter"........"don't do it" "you can do it" ..Amber "dustin's gone" Jameka telling Amber "he did it to himself" saying it's not a you thing but a "dustin thing" and ED people know who he is.....

Jameka telling her what she said to her daughter because Amber asks........."was it good" and says she wishes she would have said something about her niece..Jameka "she didn't ask about your niece"

Jameka telling 'you're going to make it" Amber says she feels like she has nobody ans says "it makes me so mad" when she listens to Jess/Eric talk.....

In the bathroom Jem found her face mask mate and both masking Zach saying it taste wierd ans Jen says "you're not suppose to eat it"

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12:48 BBT

In HOH Dani tells Dick about the Jens saying that Jen isn''t going to vote for her if she sends her to seqester with dustin even though she was joking she thinks she is serious...and Dick says "who cares" and Dani says "I care" because she's lost Dustin's vote.............Dick says "she needs to go and it's not you voting her out"

Eric called to DR to get his AC [i voted for Jess]

Dick saying jameka was stuck on that POV and are just confused as to what happened tonight

Dani really excited about her corndogs.........

Dick going over his convo with Jameka[see previous post] Dani says that she try to signal to get her out and jameka thought she "set her up"

Dani says that all they want to know what's going on with Eric..........

Rehased Jen convo [see previous post]

Back to why Janeka is stuck on the POV...Dick rehashing his convo.......

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12:58 BBT

Dani says Zach is so excited because Nick said to say hi to him in her letter...Callling Zach the Howie of this season....

Dani says "now that Dustin's gone ..you're here and I'm HOH..this is the best birthday ever"

Dick happy they will be here "another week"

Dani trying to figure how many HOH's are left...saying that can't win the HOH before the final 4.....

saying they have to be in good standing for that....

talking about winning alternating weeks for HOH.....

Eric comes in talking that it went off "swimmingly" Eric says Dustin was dying this morning trying to get him to talk to him.......saying he was "having that moment" asking Eric for that reassurance even though he knew he was staying...

we get FOTH

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1:06 BBT

Eric talking about his shirt dustin wanted to wear saying he'd would just get a new one......

Eric saying he did a great job about volunteering himself Dick calling a blunder and Eric said he tried to get out of it.....but Eric said "too late " put him up....

Eric going over Dustin's cold feet of being put up.....Talking Jess like him "personally" but not from a game standpoint

Eric talking they are a week away from "being there already".."the three of us will understand this scenario"

Eric saying "i'm always receptive to listen"..saying it would be "mutaually benefiacial" saying they would have been out 7th 6th and 5th...

laughing about Amber's premonition..Eric telling them "I would love to see her on the block" "she should go up in memory of Dustin's farwell"

Amber is AC..no doubt

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1:16 BBT

Eric talking baout protecting each other with votes......asking about being open with their new alliance or keep it hidden.....Eric wants to dent any deal and sayt it was stratetgic......Dick wonders if they willl buy it....Eric "I don't fucking care"

Talking Jess explained it to Jameka and was wonder who was at the bottom of it and Jess took some blame but explained it was "for the best"

Eric talking Jen says she "tried to out things" like her telling them her Zach and Dani would be forced to work together....

Dani going over the Dustin sequester Jen no vote joking threat[see previous post for explanation]

Eric says Jen was flusstered after the vote......Talking about Jenisms and "ding dong" Zach enters......

Zach "what's going on" Eric "we're talking about you" Zach "good" Dani telling him all his fans have "shrek ears" saying "if Disney is willing to work out a commercial I'm down"

just a lot of joking around....

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1:30 BBT

Talking about Jameka's calorie counting.....Talking about the Chinese food was a nice change of pace....

They are now bashing Dustin saying "pompous little shit in the jury house" and Dick talking about his good bye message...

Zach asking what Eric's message and Eric says he said "something has transpired" that wasn't good for you Zach says he talked about all his alliances even wity "the stove and the fridge"

laughing at doesn't Dustin's arrogance..."wearing the Robe around"

Ereic calling Dick "gonnorhea killer" Dic said jus call him "penicillian"

now talking about Amber now...instigated by Eric..........

Zach talking baout Kail now and everyone joins in.....

Talking about Mike "being the house MOM"..talking about Mike having a birthday party "on a yacht"

Zach talking about what was more stupid move Dustin or Mike's ..they all agree it was Dustin's stupid move of offering of being the pawn...

Eric "can you imagine him stewing" at the sequester house.

Talking about the close POV

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1:44 BBT

Amber Jamek and Jess in the bathroom and everything seems to be good between Jameka and Jess as a lot of girl talk is going on while a visiblt upset Amber is being uncharacteristicly silent..

Jameka and Jess talking about Dance auditions and "cheerleading camp"...

Back in HOH Eric and Daniele

Eric talking about Amber..saying "she was going to win it for Dustin" rather than rolling over saying he would have been the target and Dani said it would have been "you and my dad"

Dani talking about being a mess from being on slop

Eric says it'scrazy the turnarounds from being totally hopeless to being safe and on top.

Eric saying how much better of players they are than Amber Jameica and Zach...

Dani talking aboutAmber sliding since Day one.....

Eric asks about the nominations and Dani says Amber and Jameka with backdooring Jen.....

Dani says people will vote personally rather than strategically....

Eric talking about how he's lost or is losing votes.....

Eric talking about Amber and Jameka took it better than he thought and Jess is nice and felt sorry for her selling her friends down the river but is "very happy" with the decision..

Eric talking in his usual circles but gets his next AC task accomplished with an Amber nomination

[with that I'm out for night til tomorrow..night all]

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0200 BBT

Amber, Jess, Jam, in BR

All in the middle of brushing their teeth.

Jess and Jam are talking about dancing, Jess saying she can take 2, to 4 days to learn a routine. Jam mentions a team she is on a squad for(?).

Jess says 'day 1, I can't get frustrated'

Jam: Cheerleader camps, you can't get bored'

Jess: I love cheerleader camp

Jam: I remember once at camp this girl, middle school, this was pompom...she was captian I was co-captain....dontcha know, we were the only 2 there in our group? We see other groups there with 25, 50 people there, we had to perform...it was terrible...

Jam talks about the different types of moves in cheerleading, and being embarrased. She couldn't wait till her mom picked her up.

Jess ask if they had a coach. Jam says no, it was just my mom...

Switch to Kitchen, Zach and

Z: Give me things to justify the way to go...not just the way people are going to go

A: Last week with me and Eric, I swore on my daughter...

Z: That was stupid

A: I'll never do that again

Z: Other people will give you supporting documents to survive...use them, or be like lemmings and go with them over the cliff?

A: I"m not a follower...I believe everything everyone tells me....

Z: This game is based on how people percieve each other, not lies...just because me and my ex fought, doesn't mean we don't love each other...like me and Jen...we fought...You, Amber, have to figure out what people are telling you, decide what this, this, or this is true, and then decide.

You're part of the final 8, you have to decide how to play, you can't let someone else make that for you...you screwed up with Nick, you made the right decision with Dustin at the time, you need to sit there, never overloook anything...I try not to let things that can't affect me, affect me. You get to stay in the game, you can't let Dustin leaving stop that...others make horrible decisions, don't let that affect you..he's not the same as you...you have the option to take something good for yourself...Dustin took the prizes...he made that choice to end the game there...

A: I told him that was stupid

Z: He made a choice to screw up his game, that was stupid. You have to live with your decisions...you have the chance to still win, you're still here, Dustin doesn't have that...get your ass into gear..

A: Thanks Zach

Z: You're one person closer to the money, he's one person less...if you're someone who came to win a trip or money, or someone to win the game, you're here. Commit to the group. If the group commits, and go against it like Dustin, he went against the group...he was a good guy, he made inconsistent choices that you didn't....

A: Thanks Zach...I feel better

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0215 BBT

Jess and Jam in BR

Both are sitting on the little couch.

Jam: People messed up because of their personalities...Joe because he was all over the place, Kail was so quiet, that's what stuck out, Nick because he played both sides...do you still wish Joe was here?

Jess: I do..I love Joe...he's so funny, all the time..it just sucks that he was so....all over the place.

Jamm: He couldn't help it...there were so many sides to him though...

Jess: Everything happens for a reason...if he had stayed, would I be as close to you? Eric?

Jam: I don't know...I don't know...I'm so grateful you told me though, I know you didn't have to, I'm just grateful...I guess I'll talk to Eric tomorrow....yeah..I just don't want us to split up, I really don't...

Jess: Eric wants to talk to Amber too...

Talk about the midget, and how Jam couldn't sleep. She dreamed the midget was standing next to her while she was in the bed

Jess talks about a dream she had.

Talk about them going to the bathroom...in detail...(not going there!)

Jam: This house...

She talks about mics, camera's, and where they are. That there is one in the toilet, Jess says one in the shower. And that's why Kail wouldn't go in it. They go in shower to look. They talk about how people are shown 'making out', while in the shower.

Jam says she doesn't have the money to worry about decor in her house. Says '8'. About the people left in the game. Jam asked who Jess would NOT want to be in final 2 with. Jess says no one, then Dick for sure.

Jam: If it was final 2...yeah...Jen said 'I'll be in the final 3, cause I don't want to win anything'...why wouldn't people want to keep her around, she can't win it all(meaning all the money)

Jess: Half of it gone...that's so crazy

Jess talks about liking Dani, but not Jen so much. How she can't just go and hangout. Jam talks about how Jen was in the beginning, so 'all over the place'.

Jess says Jen was in the HOH room all the time with Kail. Jam says she doesn't think she could share the HOH room...like Kail did. Kail let too many people use the room.

Eric, ED, Zach come in, loud voices talking general game.

Eric ask the girls how they felt when Kail went home, and how he was happy, since it wasn't him.

Jess: Kail was the first HOH to go.

More talk about teeth. ED goes to kitchen for ice cream

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0245 BBT

D: Eric hid things in the house too...small things, insignificant things, not that it matters

E: Eric and Jen are too close, and she needs to go. And I want you to know, should the oppourtnity arise, not to give Jam the shot to win POV even one time...it could be blind fold darts

D: It could be scripture

E: How do you think America responded to what happened tonight?

D: I don't know, none of our talks started till 2 nights ago, everyone thought you were going home...

E: How do you think,

D: God save the Queen! Did you not think that was funny? I take credit for that....I was rolling...that song was playing, God Save the Queen...I guess the tea bag can come out of the scenario...I'll probably will have visitor after visitor up here now, before, no one...

E: That's because no one will feel safe. Do you think Joe is going off? Am I Joe's hero?(laughs!)

D: I can honestly say Dustin made a horrible move, I told Amber...

Dani is playing music. ED still gloating over having stayed, and Dani having won HOH. ED says he couldn't see Ambers face. Dani says she was hysterical. ED is so proud of her. That he can't complain over anything that has happened. Dani says it is what it is.

Dani talks about her nominations.

D: Jam and Amber, I nom you for basically the same reasons. You get along with everybody, I don't want to be sitting next to you in the end. I kind of want to...after POV, I want to talk to Amber, I don't want to get on her bad side, I want to tell her I'm not coming after her...

E: Amber should be last to know....so she will be a mess...tell her after

D: I just don't want anymore enemies that I don't have to...

E: Keep it that you are playing strategic from the beginning

D: Yeah

E: We have a free week

D: No week is easy, I'm happy because we won't go home this week

Talk about which key will come out of box first. ED says he's really glad Dustin is gone. Dani wonders whose key should she put in first.

E: We are really deep in this game...

D: I'll put Eric's key in first...for laughs...tell him I thought about it, ha ha ha...

Talk about the order of the keys. How too many people read things into the order of the keys.

E: We got rid of the 2nd biggest asshole in the house.

D: I'm so excited about my birthday

Talk about winning prizes. Past games luxury comps, America's Choice.

Dani says ED should have told Dustin to have fun in Mexico.

Talk about Dustin, and what he said to Julie Chen, and how mad he must be. That's he's walking around in his hotel room with his cape on.

Dani says he was a trully awful person. ED says there were so many times he wanted to punch Dustin in the head.

Talk about how Jen has to go this week, and keeping her from having a chance to play in POV.

Dani is happy to have a blog this week, so she can apologize to Kail. And to mention ED in the blog to, that he was surprised to see her go too. And to mention Vincent.

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The gang is calling for bedtime finally, leaving Dick and Dani out on the porch discussing her birthday. She would love a bottle of champagne.

Eric is having a (silly) whisper with Jess while standing by her bed. She sends him on a mission that has him crawling in the dark. He was to go to Jen's bed and make panting noises. Busted, tho - Jen saw him crawling. Now he's off again on all fours. He surprises her this time and they have a quick wrestle. They continue their horseplay and giggling in the dark for another 5 minutes.

Eric is going to streak for the girls. No, he does jumping jacks instead. <video posted> "I told you girls I'd make it up to you."

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So now everyone is wide awake again. Even Dick joins them in the bedroom, but they continue their conversation (over Eric's antics) in the dark.

Dani comes in and says one of the production crew (James) said they either have to quiet down or turn on the lights. Eric chooses to sneak up to Jen again. Jameka closed the door as he's snaking his way around the round bed.

D/D have gone upstairs to the HOH; Eric is still sneaking (Feed 1). He does several quick pounces and Jen laughs hard again. He officially goes to bed after a few more word to Jess, leaving us with D/D still awake in the HOH.

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D/D discussing Carol as Dani tends to her split ends one more time. Dani says she was the lush of the house, always wanting more and more of the wine when it was available. Dick moves too discuss the English version of BB - with the guy going in to live with 13 girls who have already been there for two weeks. "What kind of deal is that?"

Other topics:

- Jen doesn't want her kiddies to hear her being called names but she can expose herself all over the internet.

- Really nice of BB to let Amber have the shout-out to her daughter.

- Dani wears her bandana from Nick during all the competitions. It's so nice to know he's out there supporting her. "He always said we got the wrong gay guy. well, we got him this time."

- Dani was an ugly baby; her hair looks terrible in that picture (with Grandma), and they used it twice.

- Dani says something so secretive she does it directly into Dick's ear. I think it's about her being the #1 player on the show. Dick says aloud, "Everyone is rooting for you." He says he'll bet her dinner for two in London. "You mean you'll pay for me and Nick?" "Yes, and in the process I'll put in my application for their Big Brother." (Big laughs)

- "Your Grandmother will never be seen with me again."

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Their strategy remains the same - they want Jen to go this week. Dick says even Eric said we have the final five wrapped up - all we have to do is win HOH next week.

"The DDA, the Double-D Alliance, is not dead."

5:05 BBT

It sounds as if they want to use Jameka as a pawn - potentially for three weeks in a row.

Both go downstairs - Dani to get a baggie for her Skittles. She notes the time and says she's going to bed. Dick says "Goodnight - I love you very much." He goes outside as she goes upstairs.

5:10 BBT

He's all wound up - walking around saying unbelievable. He mentions that Amber has to go, then seconds it with Jen. "And Jameka, you're a sitting duck, baby. You're going home. 1 - 2- 3 weeks - the least week. Jen, Amber, Jameka, Zach."

He apologizes again to Nick, and toasts Danielle on the marvelous job she did today.

On Feed 4 is Dani in bed, watching the screen - assuming it must be her Dad she's watching. On Feed 2 Jen is still tossing. Feed 1 shows Eric the rabble-rouser now sound asleep.

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Late-Night Dick, flip-side:

My poor Mom. She must have been jumping up and down today, even though she's mad at me. And Vincent - my son, my son, who I miss so much. The one person I can really talk to. He must be very proud of me (pause) and think I'm an idiot in so many ways.

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5:29 BBT DICK AT NITE! Dick in back yard doing laundry by himself, he is in awe that he is still there.

"Oh my poor mom, what is she going to think. She must have been jumping up and down today even know she is mad at me."

"...and vincent, my son, my son, my son, who I miss so much, anyone person in the world i could talk to, it would be my son. He must have been going nuts, and be so proud of me, and think im an idiot in so many ways."(laughs)

"Oh my god, last weeks hoh seems like fuckin motnh ago, OMG"

"Dustin walking up on me, fucking asshole. Amber and jameka talking shit, jameka clapping her hands in my face, now she is kissing ass, your at our fuckin mercy bitch, jameka will be there soon, jen your the pawn, sorry and then goodbye!"

"Jameka needs to go up three next weeks in a row."

"zach will never make it...well be too strong by then, too strong by now."

"this was the plan, you got side tracked for a week, didnt go home eric, but kail went home instead, thats okay. back to the original plan, tit for tat were even. 4 weeks"

"4 weeks, another month together."

"That was the best case of backstabbing your alliance. I CANT BELIEVE I PULLED IT OFF, OMG." (laughing)

"im dumb founded, im here, im still here, omg"

"I cant believe it, dustin you jerk off son of a bitch, some people get what they deserve you motherfucker. the next person to get what they deserve is jenn that wacko bitch, cant get too confident with all the crazy shit that happens in this game."

5:40 BBT

"I cant believe im here, fuckin A man, un fuckin real. FUCK!"

(dick is ecstatic hes still there, he has been giggling like a school girl)

"how is it fuckin possible for me to walk around this place, and to talk the shit i did to eric, and then go to him and say keep me in? and it works! fuckin great plan, fuckin great plan."

"shut the fuck up, goddamn washer, fuck you, piece of shit." (talking to the washer, lol)

Dick picks up some nasty panties, and says must be Jenns nasty panties, as he goes over to wash whatever off his hands in the hot tub.

"Please no more slop for Danielle, we might kill each other."

"it happened 12 hours ago and I cant get over this fuckin shit. what a fucking game mother fucker! Mwhahahahah!" (Dick is so happy about staying)

"4-2 vote, dick you stay, dustin your out, laughs again"

"Interesting! IS it interesting, your walking around your hotel wondering what the fuck happend, in your fuckin robe, this fuckin rules! Un-fuckin-believable"

"Dick at nite show is still on the air motherfuckers! Everyone knows how much i hate magic, right vincent!?, but there was some magic in here tonight, i pulled that shit off motherfucker! David Blayne aint shit, I would rather sit in an icecube in manhattan for a week. That aint shit"

"I gotta go to bed, but im so excited...IM HERE! burp!"

"my friends have to be going fucking crazy"

"another week ahead, a free week in the big brother house, which doesnt happen very often."

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Dicka and Danielle in HOH talking about general chit chat. (see video thread)

They do take time to talk about JEnn, as well as what Dick calls, The Gaining Weight Syndrome...they said that he told Jenn that she was getting fat, Zack called her pregnant and Jenn told them she gained 12 lbs....

They then start talking about her mother and we get FOTH..must not have releases.

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7:02 AM BBT

Dick leaves the HOH and lights are now off in HOH. Daniele must be finally going to bed.

CAM 1 - Round Beds

CAM 2 - Short Beds

CAM 3 & 4 - Daniele in HOH

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7:45am bbt everyone is asleep

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