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August 17, Live Feed Updates

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oops, new thread :animated_wave:

they had a close up of the letter from Nick when Daniele first went in the room. It almost looks like it was airbrushed onto a tshirt... Dick was saying how Nick had told him he did caligraphy... I'm posting the screenshot I got of it in the picture thread... if your eyes are better than mine, you may be able to make out the words...

I can see the end of the letter says "to be continued" XOXOXO and Smitten

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Amber says she wants to say something.

9 p.m.

Amber: Um, I wanted to say something to you guys. Obviously, this is a hard day for me with Dustin being gone. Everybody voted how they needed to vote for their best interests. I don't hold it against anyone. Obviously, there's a lot of stuff that I'm confused about, but it's a game. And, like I said, everyone's here for themselves in a sense. I'm not mad at anyone and I don't hold any anger towards anyone, and that's all. I just wanted to say that. Don't treat me any different because he's not here, and I'm fine. I'll be fine after a few days.

Dick: OK

Jameka: All-righty.

Jess: Thanks, Amber.

Eric: Thank you. That's nice, Amber.

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All downstairs about to eat their Chinese food...Everybody still very animated. Amber sitting quietly while Dan announces ... "Hey, I'll give a speech, I'll take one! I'll give a speech!...umm...like I was saying upststairs, you know, we started out with a bunch of people and it's down to this, and... we've been through our ups, we've been through our lowest lows. I know for a fact that I, in this house, have hit absolute rock bottom and, you know, stopped up from there and I know a lot of us have, umm...this summer has been nothing, NOTHING like I would have imagined, at all, and...you know your opinions of people in this house change daily. you go from one day feeling one way about somebody, to the next day feeling a different way completely...and, honestly, I can honestly say that I really appreciate and I'm really happy to be sitting here with every single one of you and I'm... extremely proud of all of us, and that's all" Dick starts clapping and the rest do so too.

Amber also speaks ..."I wanna say something to you guys. Obviously this is a hard day for me..." She says she knows that everyone voted how they needed to vote in order to help their own game. amber says, she's confused about a lot of things but does not want to be treated differently. that this is a game and everyone is there for themselves so no hard feelings, she will be fine...

I hear some "thank you"s then talk gors back to the food and ED saying they should read their fortune cookies...

Fortune cookies say...

Jess's..."The time is right to make a new friend"

Dick's... "Others will be impressed with your artistic side"

Zack's..."Others find your charm irresistible"

Eric's... "Its okay to slow down and smell the roses"

Dan's..."Focus on your long term goal"

Amber's..."Good news are on your way"

Jen... "You're inclined to come up with unconventional solutions"

Jam's..."You will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation"

Jam says she doesn't like hers at all bacause it sounds like an eviction... Everyone laughs...Jam asks if she canwait another month and a half for her fortune to come through...

Dick tells Jam to have a re-do...Jam reads (mocking) "you want to be home sooner than you need" they all laugh, again...Jam reads another one and this one says "It is time to help a friend in need"

Amber reads a new one..."An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings"

They tease Amber that it will be that little guy...Dick says "he's gonna be back under your bed tonight"...

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during dinner(ignoring the 'please pass the wonton soup' comments)

Jameka: can we officially throw away everything that happened yesterday?

Dani: I can't believe they did all that for 6 questions!

Dick's fortune: "others will be impressed with your artistic side"

Zach's fortune: "others find your charms irresistable" (Zach added 'in bed' to the end, saying you always say your fortune that way)

Eric's fortune: "it's ok to slow down and smell the roses"

Daniele's fortune: "focus on your long term goal"

Amber's fortune: "good news is on it's way"

(Dick says he has that fortune in his wallet)

Jen's fortune: "you are inclined to come up with unconventional solutions"

Jameka's fortune: "you will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation"

Jameka says she doesn't like hers, it sounds like an eviction, and everyone laughs hard!

Jessica's fortune: "the time is right to make a new friend"

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They read their fortunes from the cookies:

Dick: Others will be impressed with your artistic side.

Zach: Others find your charms irresistible in bed.

Dani: Shut up! What did it say??

Zach: You always put "in bed" at the end of your fortune. It makes it fun!

Eric: It's okay to slow down and smell the roses. In bed.

Dani: Ooh! Mine's good! Focus on your long-term goal. In bed.

Amber: Good news is on its way.

Dani: That's a good one!

Dick: Hey, that's mine! That's in my wallet. Except it says it will happen any day, or it will come soon any day, something like that. I've had that in my wallet for like 8 years.

Jen: Mine says, you are inclined to come up with unconventional solutions.

Dick laughs

Dick: And I keep going, I'm still waiting!

Dani: What's yours, Jameka?

Jameka: I don't like mine at all!

Dani: I want a redo!

Jameka: It sounds like an eviction! "You will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation!"

Everyone laughs really loud.

Dani: OMG! That is funny!

Jameka: I mean, can I wait another month and a half or so?

Dani: What was yours, Jessica?

Jess: The time is right to make a new friend.

Eric says they have to eat the cookie--if you don't eat the cookie, your fortune doesn't come true.

Dick talks about a company that will custom make cookies for you, with fortunes you write.

Jameka says, "Now, if you were at home and got that, you'd be like, OH!!!" (The vacation fortune)

(I'm thinking that I have to get the rest of the fortunes down, and then I realize that this is all of them. Wow! --Cat)

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Jameka and AMber talking about what could have happened outside in the BY. Jameka tells her what Jessica said and all the reasons.

Amber said she bets that Dicka nd DAnielle made a deal with them not to put them up. DEAD ON AMBER!!!


Amber tells Jamkea that she has been praying everynight for God to make her strong, and if he had to hurt her to make her strong...do it...and he Did Jamkea GOD took Dustin...

(I think god is busy helping the earthquake survivors) thats just me AMber...

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Jameka outside with Amber

Approx 9:30

Jameka says Jess came up to her as soon as they sat down before the show, and said, "Dustin's leaving!"

Jameka says she wasn't going to vote any other way.

Amber: So you knew, too!

Jameka says no, she didn't tell Jameka until they were sitting down for the show.

Jameka says she remembered that Zach said he would vote whichever way. So, how did that happen. It had to be someone from their group.

Jess told Jameka that Eric said "The group met" and Jameka's heart dropped.

Jameka: I"m like, what group made that decision?

Jameka says that Jess seems to think that most of the info about Dustin came from Zach, but Jess didn't give her hardcore info that Zach told her this or that.

Jameka says that the meeting too place obviously without Amber and Jameka.

Jameka: So that's not a group. Or is it? I don't know, Amber. I knew literally one minute before I went out there.

Jameka: They said they made their decision today. I don't know whether that means today 12:00 last night.

Amber asks why Jess didn't tell Jameka earlier. Jameka says that Jess wanted to tell Jameka, but she didn't know if Jameka would tell Amber.

Amber says Eric and Jess made a deal.

Amber: That's the same deal Dick made with Dustin.

Jameka says she didn't want to push, but Jess said that Dustin had done some stuff with Zach, and he would try to play both sides.

Jameka says she asked Jess how much she trusts Eric.

Jameka claims that Eric threw the HOH comp, but Jess says that his nerves get the best of him.

Jameka: She says he's smart, but his nerves get the best of him.

Amber: Daniele's gonna put Jen and me up, I think.

Jameka: She says (Jess) she thinks she'll put Jen up. She didn't say the other one. I said, probably me. You know. I would think me, you, because of the two votes that didn't go for her Dad. I don't know what kind of game she's playing.

Jameka told Jess she didn't understand how Eric could vote for Dick after what Dick did to him.

Jess told Jameka, 'They just sold me on it."

Amber: This is so stupid! We had it all figured out!

Jameka: I know. But we gotta look at the bigger picture. Something else is happening.

Amber says that she has been praying to God every night. She asks, "Just make me stronger, whatever it takes to make me a stronger player, even if you have to hurt me."

Amber says she'd obviously rather have Dustin around, and he had a target on his back, but now she has a smaller target on her back.

Jameka says they will put Amber/Jameka up. Amber says that won't happen since Jameka can't compete for HOH.

Amber says it will be Jen/Amber up.

Jameka; I said it's not over yet, because remember her vision. Remember, she saw ED mad! She said, Oh, the POV!

(This "vision" that Amber had did not have Dustin in it, and Dick was mad in the vision, and Amber claims she felt the metal on her neck).

Amber: Patience. That's ok. I'll get it next week.

Amber says that if she goes up against Jen and no one wins POV, Jen will beat Amber in votes because she already gave up all of the money.

Jameka: Just the whole Dustin thing today, I'm like, I felt it though, man. I felt it. I hope he didn't think I knew.

Jameka told Dustin, "People's words don't mean nothin'."

Amber says that she told him (Dustin) he is never going up on the block again.

Jameka says that Eric definitely said to her that they should never put up one of their own.

Amber: I don't see Dani putting me up, though. She came to me after Dustin was gone. You saw her hugging me.

Jameka says she (Dani) knows how it feels.

Amber says she doesn't have the feeling she is going up. If she does go up, she feels that Dani will tell her that Jen is going home.

Amber: Eric, man!

Jameka: I don't know.

Amber: Good news is on it's way is mine. Look at the numbers. 2, 8. 13 and 27 is my lucky number. An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings.

Amber thinks this means she will be picked for AC and they will take her away (for something fun).

(Keep on thinking that, Amber! --Cat)

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(if anybody cares) The fortune cookies messages...

Jessica--the time is right to make a new friend

Dick--others will be impressed with your artistic side

Zach--it's OK to slow down & smell the roses

Dani--focus on your long term goal

Amber--good news is on it's way

Jen--you are inclined to come up with unconventional solutions

Jameka--you will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation

(Jameka doesn't like hers & says it sounds like an eviction so Dick gives her a redo cookie)

Jameka--it is time to help a friend in need

At some point I missed Amber getting a second cookie but outside she has 2 fortunes & the second one says "An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings"

(It's odd how the fortunes eerily pertain to BB)

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Amber says that the stuff that was gone, like the wisk, is back.

Amber: Told you!!

Jameka: They said Jen took it.

Amber is stunned.

Jameka asks Dick (who is now outside) about this.

Dick says that Jen did it so that everyone would concentrate on that, instead of other stuff.

Jameka: Are you kidding me??

Dick: She did it today.

Amber: Oh, my gosh!

Dick says the wisk is still gone, and she (Jen) claims she didn't take it.

Jameka; Are you kidding me??

Dick: No.

Jameka thought it was just one or two things, but Dick lists them.

Jameka: And did what with them?

Dick: Hid them. The thing is, she's stupid. I told her when they do that, they lock you outside!

Dick: She has to cheat at everything!

Jameka: To throw everybody off--Whatever! I'm done with that! Mmm, mmm mmm mmmm

Dick: Everything she does is a cheat.

Dick says that when they did the HOH, he was flipping his thing around and around, to throw Jen off.

Jameka says it was a lot of noise.

Jameka; Mmm mmm mmm

Dick says he had no idea about the colors on the headbands.

Jameka says she wanted to hear the rest of the questions. She got them all right, and wanted to know the rest.

Jameka starts to call them "midgets" and then says "sorry."

Amber: They ARE midgets!

Dick: That's what I say! They call it dwarfism for dwarves. What, do they call them little people, too? Everything is getting so politically correct in this country, it's just making me ill.

Jameka: Yeah, I know. It's just like you don't call, you know, people retarded anymore. You call them disabled.

Dick says his mom gets mad at him for that, as she works with special needs.

Jameka: Are you kidding me? Hid them all over the house??

Dick says a lot of them were in the slop bucket.

Jameka: That girl! Mmm mmm.

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Eric is whispering to Jess, giving her ideas about what they can say.


Eric is talking about when they have to get out Dick and Dani, hopefully when the pots and pans come out one of them will be HOh, and they can go upstairs.

Jess thinks she will win HOH week 10.

Eric says that it's not a good week for her to win, because then she can't compete in final 4.

Eric hopes he can win HOH week 8.

Jess: You better!

Eric; I'm trying!

Eric tells Jess she really did awesome.

Jess says Jameka told her that she did really good and didn't make any enemies and she'll go all of the way. Jess says she doesn't want everyone thinking that! Eric has told her that, and Jameka, too. Eric says that's better than people saying you will go down the tubes. She says no, it's not!

Jess says that she was told that she "pretty much got off free" and she made a deal and isn't being blamed for getting Dustin out. FOTH (Maybe she is saying the DR told her this--Cat)

Dani comes in, talks about how she doesn't want her clothes to be gone for a long time. Jess says she didn't get hers until Tuesday, late. Eric says they believe they totally forgot about Jess' clothes and an intern had to hurry and do the laundry.

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Danielle with Dick outside talking about nominations.

The plan is to nom Jameka and Amber and BACKDOOR JEnn,

they dont want Jenn to win POV, and will tell anyone who could win it if Jenn is eliminated or not i it to Let Jam or AMber have it, so they can put up Jenn......

They plan on playing for all the prizes and money in VETO if any..I am all over that, DAni said to her father.(these two kill me...too funny)

(see video thread)

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Dani says she has a plan. The only thing is that Jen can't win POV. Dani says that they could have everyone throw it except for Amber and Jameka. Dani says if there is money, Dani is taking it!

Dick says to tell everyone that they should play to win, and use it if they win.

Dani says that they could tell people to play to win until it is left with Jameka and Amber, and then let them win it.

Jen comes out and talks about how Eric and Zach are going to do cross dressing. She goes back in.

Dick says that the "candybar plan" can still get used against them (Dani and Dick) and they would still have the controlling vote (the other side).

Dani: Jameka doesn't have HOH!

Dick says it doesn't matter.

Dick says if say, Dick and Eric go up, they can divide the votes just like they had planned.

Dani: But, are they really that smart?

Dick: No.

Dani: Thank you. I know, I know. But again, are they really that smart?

Dick: No.

Zach comes out and interrupts them.

Talk of the dresses. Dani says get the zebra one with glitter and the heels.

Zach called to DR.

Zach: Damn you guys! Right when we finally get something together, you call me in!

Zach goes in.

Dani says she wants to know for sure what she wants to do for nominations, no questions asked, so she doesn't second guess herself, and she will stay up all night with the candy bars doing all scenarios, to make sure she is happy next week.

Dick: I think Jen needs to go. I think she still has ties with Eric.

Dani: I know Jen needs to go, period.

Dani says the question is whether to put Jen straight up or backdoor her.

Dani says if she puts Jen up first, she is an enemy if she can take herself off later.

Dani says she wants, and she knows Dick wants, 110 percent, Jen gone this week!

Dick says he knows.

Dani says she knows others in the house aren't on that page.

Dani: I'm HOH and that's what I want. For my birthday!

Dick: And you'll have it.

Dick says that there are two of them here, and there will be only seven people left next week.

Dani says she can't play HOH.

Dick says he's not talking about HOH. He's saying for winning. That's better than a 25 percent chance that one of them will win.

Dani says that Amber talked to her outside.

Dani says she believes Amber.

Dick: Does she even know it is Eric? Has she figured it out?

Dani says that Amber said she wanted to vote out Eric, but swore on her daughter. She told Dani that upstairs that everyone said if Dani/Dick were on the block, they want Dani gone first, as she is the better competitor. Dani says she knew all of that--she isn't stupid.

Dani says she doesn't want to win POV this week.

Dani: I just want the money, for my birthday! $20,000! Oh, God, yes! Birthday! Cha-ching!

Dick says they can blame it on Jen.

Dani says they know Jen isn't in it for the money.

Dani: We'll blame it on Jameka!

Dick says they can blame it on Amber. Then Jameka.

Dani says she hopes POV is a good one. She's played in every single one except for one.

Dani: Eric's so jealous!

Dick; I told him, I said it worked out good for all of us.

Dick says he told Eric that he knows Eric thinks Dick is full of shit about the plan to get Eric out, but there was a plan and Eric would have been gone.

Dani: What did he say?

Dick says Eric told him that the plan had little to do with his decision. Dick told him that it had a little to do with it. Eric told him it really didn't. Eric thought about it with Jess for a long time, and he thought about how Dick said, "Who would you rather be with, you and Dani who are real competitiors in this game where we blow everyone outta here, or Jameka and Amber."

Dani says that Dustin would have turned on all of them. Dick says Eric knew that.

Dick says Eric told Dick that they basically the final four.

Dick says that is the truth, and at that point they will bash it out and see who wins.

Dick says if he puts Eric/Jess up, if one comes off, Dani goes up.

Dani: And then Jess decides???

Dani says that's not good! Dick would be sending her home!

She doesn't want to talk about it and depress herself.

Dick says they need to think about it. It might be better to put up Dick with one of them.

Dani says that's risky, too. Either way, it is risky.

Dani: I'm telling you, if it is down to the four and they win it, I'm going home. I know that for a fact.

Dick says it works the same way with them. If they are put up and win veto, the one who comes down off the block decides.

Dick: If we have the option, she (Jess) is going home.

Dani: She's going home? Are you kidding???

They agree to wait and see--

Dick: Amber almost fricking won HOH.

Dani says that Amber is weird with numbers, and she's superstitious.

Dick: Yeah, she's weird, period.

Dick says the evictions should go: Jen, Amber then Jameka.

Dani: I know. I know. All right. I want Jen home this week, though.

Dick: Without a doubt. We're so close!!!

Dani asks what he thinks about their plan to throw it if Jen isn't playing? They can let them think they won and take themselves off.

Dick says not to tell Eric and Jess--let them compete.

Dick; Let us take the money and trips.

Dani: OMG. I'm all over that!!!

Dani: Come on, for my birthday!!

(God, are we going to hear "for my birthday" all week long?? Kill me now! --Cat)

Dani: I love this week already. I'm having a really good day.

Dick kisses her.

Dick: I'm so glad you won. What a week. I can't believe I'm here, still. I can't believe we pulled that off! It was a coup! OMG, OMG, OMG!

They go inside.

Dick says he still hasn't been called in to DR.

(I'm going to have to stop typing now--I hope someone can fill in! --Cat)

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Eric and Jess putting on each other's clothes to settle the beer pong bet. Eric actually fits in the dress and shoes that Jess wore the first night. All HGs but Amber are laughing uncontrollably and having a great time.

Getting ready to play beer pong in each other's clothes but BB has not given them any beer tonight.

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OMG Jessica dressed Eric up in drag. He is wearing the outfit she came into the show with.

He had to model walk around the entire BB House..Scary how well he did...Everyone gets a chuckle and is having a good time(video thread)

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I see no one posted yet what was written on Daniele's letter from Nick so since it is an update of sorts, I'll post what I was able to read from it


First & foremost, Happy Birthday Blondie! I miss you so much & know that things in the house are hard but you will perservere because of how strong & determined you are. Congrats on HOH, I'm proud of you & expected nothing less...such a competitor. I miss every thing about you, but I get to see your "pretty" face often so that keeps my spirits up. Simba says "Meow", Joe says "Oh my knees"...& my parents say "Hello." Tell Zach I say "Hey" and to stop fake sleeping..muahahaha You're so beautiful, personable, funny & intelligent & I can't wait to see you again....Hopefully, there is a roadtrip lined up in the future. I'll have my people talk to your people (wink) Then it's "Dani & me tonight" Hawk twa & 153 Dollface To Be Continued XOXOXOXO

Nick Smitten

(such a creative guy. I want a Nick of my own)

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10:56 BBT

In Bedroom

Amber and Jameka talking Amber saying "I don't want to be here anymore" telling Jameka about her talk with Daniele earlier and telling her it was "unexpected" "it was hard" "how she wanted Eric out" the previous week but she swore on her daughter..blah blah blah...

At the table beer pong going on with Eric paying his debt off in Jess' dress...

Amber telling Jameka she never wanted to put up Daniele and she told Dani that and said she told her "I never had it out for you"...talking a mile a second.....

Amber telling Jameka that she wont be sad or upset if she gets put up and that's what she told Dani and tells Jameka that she told her that Dani doesn't know what she's going to do.

Depressed Jameka ..."Dustin"

Amber is sick to her stomach...and tells Jameka she told Dani "her word is good" but "not golden" telling Jameka Dani told her it had a lot to do with Dustin how he "talked to people" and how he thought he ruled the house..and Eric and Jess realized they were the first Dustin would come after.

Jameka doesn't know what's true....Amber thinking it was Zach...Jameka wants to call ed in here she goes and gets him..

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11:05 BBT

IN the round room with Dick and Jameka asks what he could have said ....Dick says nothing and knew that they planned that Daniele was being evicted..

Both sasy "that's not true" and Dick said Dustin told him what it's going to be like with out your daughter here...

Dick says he knew that "dustin drew the line in the sand" was unfair because he was loyal and shared every bit of info....

Jameka says its not true......Saying no one told her to throw POV

Dick talking about Dani's realization that Eric's vote saying most was true and some of it was Dustin....like the Kail deal..."why wouldn't she" saying he caught them doing the Happy dance...

Amber trying to say she wanted Eric to go home and Dustin told her it was in "his best interest"

Dick "it wasn't in his best interest" and saying Dustin has been "an asshole" since Day 1....

Dick talking about his planned strategy and said that the things about Eric were true and it was to early to go after him...and when it didn't happen "we were on the other side" and Dick tell Amber she said she would changed her vote if Dustin didn't and Dustin lied that it wasn't his vote.

Dick "Did he volunteer to be put up on the block" "yes" from both "he's an idiot" Dick replies...

Talking about his disloyalty during POV prizes.....talking about his crown and HOH robe "did not go over well at all period end of story"

Dick says he was beig honest during rants because he wanted Daniele to go forward in the game and he wanted them "to dispise me".......and there would be " no way to keep me in"

telling them he meant it when he told Dustin he would be the first to go out of the 7

Dick said he would have called her a skank outside of the house he would have kicked his ass....

Jameka says is it 5-% Eric and Dustin and Dick says he doesn't know the %.

Dick saying he knew he was going home and "was fine with it" after the POV he knew Dani was coming off..after Dustin went up he was outside he did "the happy dance" and gave him "a ray of hope" "talked to some people" and work things out .....

Dick talking about he even had to align with Jen and Kail to get Eric out...Talking about the Nick situation and said he didn't change his vote because "of the group"

Amber trying to defend what went down with Nick and Dick said that she wasn't ostersized like him and people putting him on the ither side..

"sorry dustin" you fucked up cant belive he's still here " But I'm glad"

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11:21 BBT

Jameka trying defend her actions in the POV and brings up "when was Dustin out"in that POV? the first question...

Dick saying 98% of Americ jaws dropped with tonights eviction........Jemaks says maybe not since they get to see everything....

Dick said it would be 50-50 chance but he thought it was more 75-25 because he didn't know if he was being bullshitted

Jameka "i see the point" but didn't see the stuff with Daniele/Dustin and Dick said he's perplexed about the HOH question.....

Dick saying she bid low the first couple questions and so high for hoh telling Jameka it made no sense.....

Dick going over the "slop pass' regret

Jameka going back to POV game saying at first question "let me feel the game out"....Jameka says she was fighting for "keeping the nominations the same" and wasn't sure saying ..Dick saying her and Kail were talking during POV and Amber why BB let it go on.....FOTH

Talking about Jen "there is more to her" than she 's led on Jameka says..

Jameka concedes that she understand the Dustin HOH..

Saying if he would have went home someone would be going home from them this week..

Dick leaves..

Amber says that Eric /Jess and Dick/dani are going to the final 4 and say Eric/Jess and Jen have a side deal..realizing that "a deal had been made" for them to that.......

Jameka looking confused..Amber says that it's not aboy #'s its about getting the stratetigic people out...Amber says that her and Jen will go up and she will win veto Jameka says the "I'll go up" as the pawn....

Amber "If Daniele was smart she would put up Eric and Jessica" Amber "I hate Jessica now" and Jam says ""don't say that" because she doesn't know the whole story...."for all we know Jess wasn't a part of it"..

Eric comes to change ...

Amber whispering as Eric and Jess are in the next room..taling about Dustin strategic ? something about "it was personal"

Jameka "I'm so mad"

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(Amber just said the smartest sentences I've ever heard her say--Cat)

Amber tells Jameka that it's obvious to her that Jess, Eric, Daniele and Dick have a deal to go to the final four.

She says that they have to have had a deal.

She says that the only thing they can do is team up with Jen and Zach and make a foursome with them.

She says that if Dani was smart, she would put up Eric and Jess.

She says that Dani still might do that.

Amber says that she "hates Jessica now," and Jameka tells her not to say that! She says for all they know, Jess might not be in on it--they don't know the whole story yet.

Amber says that she knows she and Jen will be put on the block. Amber says she will win POV--she "saw it." (In her vision, remember?--Cat)

Jameka then says, "Then I'll go up!"

(This time I really am going to be out for the night! --Cat)

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11:37 BBT

The beer pong group has moved into the bedroom and Eric and ZJess are on the bed...as everyone leaves.......

Talking as Jen talks to Jam and Amber..

IN the HOH Dani and Dick talking about her letter....Dick says "i'll tell you about my conversation with jameka and Amber" and Dani says "i wanna hear"......Dick goes to bathroom first..

Dick says between you and I "we have won half the POV's and HOH's"

Dick starts to tell here abbout Jameka but Dani runs to go get something first...Dick laughing to himself "ha ha ha oh my God" all excited and raising his arm in triumph..

Downstairs Jess and Eric in big bedroom just in silence..with jen interupting every now and then...Jen goes to join the Amber?jameka pity party......

Back in HOH something "really expensive" "bath stuuf" but "discontinued" broke in her BB bag...."Oh man" Dani whines as Dick goes to get a towel to help clean it....Dick telling her "next time" to use a plastic bag .....Dani "this is disasterous" "this sucks" "I'm reaching my arm into a bag and goo"

Dick talking about his convo with Jam/Amber saying he was nice and not a "smug asshole "like Dustin was

Jen comes in to investigate what's going on..Jen says "did you redecorate" talking about the boas BB let them keep......

clean up continues...

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11:50 BBT

jen and Amber talking about "Bath and Body Works" sales...

Dick says he wants to take a bath and he asks and dani says "I don't know"

jen talking about the mess......

jen "what's going on" saying she was mad because she was "so dumb" and Dani says she was surprised she went out first.......Talking about the Eric going out and Jen saying she knew "there was 6 cards" saying if Amber won she would have been the worst person to win it...

jen asking about the letter from nick and Dick says she'll get a letter from Grandmother or Chris for her Bday....

Dick says he's not telling her what went down about his deal and Jen says she was BB in DR talked about the benefits of keeping him over Dustin and Jen gets a BB warning "Jen stop that"

Talking about AC and luxury comps......

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12:00 midnight BBT

Dani "what a week" Jen saying it was "fun and interesting" saying Dustin was so sure he was staying and didn't talk to anybody...Dick says the pawn always goes calling this BB season "the back door season" basically his own team back doored him because he was so cocky....Jen telling him that he didn't want to do up against Dani and that she was but was more confident going against Dick

Dick thinks Dustin was still in shock when he was talking to julie Dani imatating dustin "no no no you wait Julie you didn't raise your hand" she jokes

laughing/talking about the pics of Dick .....

Jen likes the one "when you were little" dick says its great pic...talking about the dod "life vest" in the pics...

Dick called to DR.....

Dani "what a week" and Jen says it had to be a memory dame and dani says "we read way to much into stuff" and Jen says it was something to do.......Talking about jameka coming up with wierd stuff like Jen being one of Dick's daughter or they knew each othe because both are from "Huntington Beach"

Jen "what are you thinking of doing" Dani says she doesn't know "too many options"

Jen saying "why would they vote out someone"that was with them...Dani says with Dustin "there you'd have been a lot of head butting" Jen doesn't care since one person less "that sucks"

Jen talks about how they questioned her who she was going to nominate...."I don't know their logic"

Jen says its goofy to but up Amber and "no reason" to send jameka home but "put her up"

Jen says now it's 4-4....

Jen says its no big deal to put up Jameka Dani says "doesn't mater" and "she's so mad" Jen says Jess told her right before and that's why she was so pissed on the couch....Jen says it would have been better as a tie because Dustin would have been mad at Jess.

Talking about Dustin he would only vote for Amber,Jameka or maybe Zach..Jen says Dustin spread nasty rumors about her and Dani to everyone....Dani "one phony down..a few to go"

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12:18 BBT

Jen talking about the annoying noise that Dick makes from grinding his teeth........Dani say she does but has stopped frrom wearing retainers.....

Dani talking baout the slop really got to her especially after the slop break.....

Dani says "the weeks go by fast but the days" take forever...talking about how things seem so long ago

Dani "so gald I don't have to spend my HOH in a bunny suit"

Dani says she told zach "all his fans" will have Shrek ears...

Dani wants the POV to be fun.........Jen says the art one was fun...and dani says the pedestal one was fun...Dani says that was the only POV she hasn't played in.....

Dani wondering how Dustin was viewed by the public and Jen says "they hate him" he was mean .......Dani says the worst scenario is going to sequester with Dustin Jen says don't do that to me or you won't "get my vote"

Jen says they were upset because they told her 'you can't play both sides" Jen says the only thing that sucks about Dick staying he'll be close to her "and I won't be"

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12:27 BBT

in Bedroom

Jameka wondering if it was a hard lesson to learn...to Zach about Dustin...Zach says "the choices he made" got him evicted "he went there" because he chose to....

Zach says in the real world knocking his faith being Catholic he'd be upset but in here he doesn't need to prove it....Zach says she brought back that faith as he resented God "from the difficult times"......Jameka hmm mmm "that's common"

Back in HOH

Talking about Zach saying last week was the first time he ever talked to him this "whole game"

Jen says she's going to do a mask..talking about "cute things"....Jen talks about hate carry a purse but wears a fanny pack...........her friends don't like it and carries her stuff.......Jen says she like the reaction from wearing one..Dani "my grandmother wears one"..

Jen says "are you coming down or gonn stay up here" and Dani says she's probably going to bed..Jen alright..Dani "have fun face masking"

Jen heads downstairs looking for Zach to face mask....

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