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August 18, Live Feed Updates

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A: A girl is going to win this year

J: I can play when it's four....final five? Four...if you think of 4, I can put up 2, that's one person voting...why they pulling them 2? Dani wants to back door Eric to get him out....

A: She could put Eric up, so that Jess could vote Eric off...she might take one of us off...Eric is smart Jam, look at all this shit he's pulled up...I had my alliances...I'm glad Dustin is gone..I was so stressed out...it made me sick....i knew what had to be done...i just let him keep me from it....

J: Can you belivee we are on slop this week?

Talk about Dani getting letters for her b'day. Jam talks about her not getting a letter from her 'boy friend'. Amber says how weird is that. She got one from Nick...BB must have told him to write it.

A: I think they are destined to be together.

Talk about trying to be on the same team for food comp.

J: I'm sorry I'm a threat because I'm so nice to people...I love it...I'm grateful..my people are going to be woooo...

A: God works in mysterious ways...they asked me to play beer pong last night...everything happens for a reason...

J: How awkward would it have been to be in the majority....I can't with Zach....it's official...

A: I can't either...

J: He didn't mention that date we were going to have once...we had chinese...why? It didn't matter. HE know me and Dani had no relationship...he didn't have to get in my ear....I can't...his little big ass bunny suit...I can't...and he's getting ballsier...he's slowly getting up there again...if his alliance hadn't been getting up in there...he's so full of shit girl...full of it...in their with his girl now...he thinks he got it gong on now...his dolphincrash...I can't....he makes it a point to say 'we worked out those differences...I can't.

Amber gets called to DR. Zach gets in hammock with Jam.

Talk about dinner. Taco salad.

Zach says it's 'pretty serene out here'. Jam says she's going to be out for a long time.

Zach talks about the stars, and how nice it is out. Zach comments on the smaller table. Zach mentions people getting called into DR left and right. Talk of POV, and how Jam gets a chance to fight.

Z: I can't offer you any kind of...anything

J: I can't talk about it, honestly...just gotta fight

Z: If I go, I could be on a beach, my summer isn't completly ruined.

J: I still think we'll have handlers when we get there

Z: You get to tallk to people ffrom home...

Jam thinks they may do POV tonight....Jam gets called to DR. Amber doesn't want to sit with Zach, tells him to shut up. She sits anyway. Zach tells her he stinks

A: You're insecure...what up?

Z: Like I told Jam, I can't offer you anything, but I'm here...

Talk about a stuffed animal Dustin gave Amber, and how she didn't think he was going home. She kept his earplugs.

A: That's my boy!

Z: You get to see what you are made of tomorrow...you got to fight....maybe you can get the trip to Barbados.

A: Whatever...what's meant to be will be..

Z: I think if you work really really hard, you'll get it..I believe that things happen, they are total learning processes...I'm a firm believer that you control your destiny...God has a plan, but you really chose what you want, even though God know's you were going to make that choice. He gave you free will. It's not over. Maybe this is what you needed.

A; I'm done crying

Z: This is the chance you can prove to Dustin that you didn't need hhim...he'll watch it, but not be here..you won't have to deal with that shit...this is your chance...

Talk about Nick, and how if those who voted against him had voted for him, he would have stayed. Zack talks about how Ambers daughter will be proud when Amber wins, or if she doesn't, that she tried.

Talk about Amber playing basketball in high school. Zach did, and didn't know that about Amber.

Z: I don't mean to be pessimistic, if you leave, being stuck with Dustin on a beach...that won't be hard....don't give up

A: I'm not giving up, if it's my time, I'm going, I think God has it all worked out already

Z: Look what you get if it doesn't work out..you get the beach, the food, it can't be all bad...just because the game is over, doesn't mean your summer is over..for me it's like 'beach...can I get my surfboord?'...you'll see me in a total different light.

Talk about how dark Zach gets in the summer sun. Zach talks about his heritage, Czech, Polish, German...he's not sure. Zach spins story's about his life. Talks about being at a Breast Cancer benefit party.

Jam comes back to hammock. Amber bashes Zach. She tells Jam how Zach told her not to give up.

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Jam and Jess in hammock.

Ja: It's ridiculous to me...I don't buy it...Jen giving up the money...Zach thinks it's a woman thing going on..I don't believe they keep her on their side because she's a woman...don't you get to a point that enough is enough?

Jam is talking about how the guys degrade Jen in the house all the time. Tells Jess how Dani told her to talk to her any time. Jam talks about being in final 2 with someone not nice, but have to realize it's the game. Jam is 'so whatever Jess'.

Ja: If I get houseguest choice, do you mind if I pick you?

Je: Definitely, I don't mind that

Ja: I don't want to ruin any chances you have, if you wan't me to pick someone else, that's ok

Je: You know I like to play those games anyway

Talk about beer pong, and how it was really basketball. How ED got in the game 'to pratice'.

Ja: What can you expect when people really want the money in the end...how do you have relationships outside the house...this isn't real life...you want to do everything you can...we shall see...

Talk about being on slop.

Je: Do you wonder what Eric is like oustide the house? What's going on insde his head?

Talk about Eric and his jumping jacks, and how big he is....being proud of his 'manhood'. Jess says Eric says he's the best guy they have in the house.

Ja: Do you think he(Eric) has a deal with ED in the house? I want to believe him Jess, if money wasn't a factor, I just don't know...I'm just ready for tomorrow.

Je: You think you can go into it relaxed?

Ja: I think it's going to be like tunnel vision....I'll just go into it...are the veto's that hard in general? So intense?

Jess talks about how it is to watch on TV, thinking it's all easy on TV, until you're in the game. Talk about America's Choice, and how they haven't had it this year. Jam says something has to happend this week. Except the party for Dani. They talk about having had a lobster feast.

Jam talks about being competitive in the competitions, and not sitting 'next to you'. Is there a difference she asks.

Jess talks about where Dustin is, and if he is in the house yet. Is it Mexico this year?, they ask each other.

Jam wonders if the POV will be an endurance, or sloppy event. They talk about the food comp. It sounds like it had a roman theme, they mention toga's, and armour. Jam has never done that, Jess recalls doing it in college.

They go on talking about food, and general chit chat.

Jess tells Jam that betweed her and Amber, she thinks Amber will be going home. They talk about how the vote went down the other day, and how Jam felt it would be ED going home.

Jam talks about Amber's 'vision' thing. And how they thought ED was leaving.(I guess the vision thing wasn't too accurate there...)

Ja: I don't know Jess....I'm just gonna fight, fight...I don't think anyone is going to throw it...

Je: Unless there is another target...

Ja: I don't see that as her style...I don't see her going for Eric...

Je: You never know...that's who she went after last week

Ja: She told me 'You're a big threat'...when she was trying to get Eric out...how come ED didn't pick on Eric? he picked on me and Amber...like I said, Dani says 'talk', 'it's not personal'...is she really like, torn? or is it stratetgic? in case she has to put someone up in place?....so she doesn't get on our bad side...I don't know if it's genuine..

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10:45 BBT

In the round room Eric and Amber having a talk...[just logged on]

Amber saying she doesn't have anyone and says well Jameka....

Eric telling the Dusrin Eviction "was not planned" when Amber asked.

Eric starts talking about his goodbyes in DR and gets warning..

Jen comes in saying that they are having "am meeting in my room" Eric says its a "love fest"

Jen leaves but Dick Enters "what's up with our room " complaining its "the meeting place"

Eric reassuring it wasn't planned and Jess wopuld have never "babied him" to go on the block..

Ambers saying "it sucks" saying she thought the group was strong and feels that him and Jess may turn on her..both wanting to "sit down and talk" saying they may be a stronger group or maybe nothing is there....

Eric saying Jess had "a brief opportunity to talk to Jameka" before the vote went down....Dick comes in to get ready for DR session....

Eric says she knew that he knew saying he had a terrible look on his face all day of eviction.......telling her that he was last man "on the totenm pole" Amber "i understand"..Eric says they came after me with lies they were "rude and inappropiate" "insult and discredit" talking about Dick......Eric says that it wasn't in anyones best interest for him "to be here" [Dustin] and says he was worried what their group was going to think......now saying he didn't envision her and Jameka going up.........and being on slop....Eric says "I didn't know where to begin" ragging about Zach grabbing bandanas for the food com...Amber "everything happens for a reason" saying her and Jameka are nominated and are on slop together and will help each other through it.

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10:57 BBT

Eric and Amber's convo continues as he's trying to repair his relationship with Amber and Jameka.

Eric saying that when he talks to ther people he felt that he was precieved as being sneeky in the group.......Amber says that she doesn't want to be blamed "for other people's thoughts" and Eric says he didn't and thought it was a collective thoughts.

Eric saying he felt like being on the outs of everything in the group.......

In the backyard Zach and Jess playing a game of tetherball

Back to Amber's brainwash session with Eric...

Eric still lamenting that things "were taken the wrong way" "seen the wrong way" ......in their group with him..

Eric saying he likes to see he's good with everyone.....talking he's never won HOH and he's been close......the disqualification "eliminate myself" in the Eliminator.

Going back to being doubted in the group and now having no chance in winning ..Amber "that's how I feel"

Eric says that his status in the group if was working so he had to make a bold move saying he only had time "to talk to Jen"

Jen interrupts and Eric says "you need something" Jen "i just want to lay down" asking them how long and Eric says a few mins

Eric trying to hope dustin won't be mad and would suck if they couldn't enjoy their company saying it would suck...

Eric saying "I thought iwas going really be good at this but I'm not" talking about decisions, comps, personal vs strategic.......saying having "very little hope"...

Amber no saying had she voted him out she would be "close to Dick and Daniele" saying its not a I'll scratch your back deal........Eric saying jen being backdoored will be the "best solution" and Amber says "I hope"

Eric says sorry and hope "it clarifies" it and Amber says "it does" "i'll see Dustin again" "i'll deal with it" saying she though she was going to "be a mess" both glad they talked...

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1030PM BBT

Amber and Eric in round room

Eric says nothing was concocted. That an opportunity came up, that might never come up again. That it wasn't against anyone, a decision not made by any one, but by everyone.

A: Why didn't you tell Dustin?

E: To be honest, one, it was fairly cowardly of me, two it wasn't my doing, my choice, I didn't want it to be percieved as such...it was a collective opinion...it wasn't on my shoulders...I didn't make some master plan...this was a collective aggreement...additionaly, how should I Know what Zach and Jen do? Part of me was thinking Dustin would stay, and I'd have a good realtionship if he did stay...I'm not saying they are good reasons, they are just reasons...it all shook out at the last minute....I didn't have a time to have a discussion with you and Jam...sad thing about it, the 3 of you, Jess aside, I was afraid this would compromise that...I had a brutal time with it...I wasn't proud....I was saying, this is a big choice, a hard choice...it just went..I went with my instincts

J: I just don't feel like it's a group anymore...how can I trust you'll keep Jam?

E: We should all sit down and talk, the 4 of us(jam jess eric amb) I am suprised you were nominated, I thought I'd be nominated...

J: I wouldn't have nominated you, I'm loyal like that...I really trusted you..I still want to...with all that Nick stuff...I want to trust you, we had a good relationship...

E: I can honestly say..this is me...I felt, in the configuration, that I was going to be the first to leave...that the likelihood of the 5 of us getting to the end intact...which would be the one to win HOH? who would be picked off? it would be me...do I think I have any chance at winning? the way I saw it, previous week...I was easily the low man on the totem pole. It requiered a shake up, a different alignment...I don't care if Im 7th or 5th...if it pans out lke a pile of shit, I'll go home a week earlier...I know there are doubts about what I am doing...I know people wanted to know..I never made any deals with anyone ever in this game....it was frustrating...I felt on the outskirts...you all spend a lot of time together

J: I totally understand why Dustin left...strategical it was good for him to go...he had my back, he was my ally,

E: He was a complete liar, he was a strong duo...

J: Now I'm a target

E: It takes the target off you..

J: They aren't going to give the money to an honest perosn...they give it to the game player

E: I hear the same thing...that we're nice, and we aren't suppposed to to want the money....

J: I'm doing what's in my best interest

E: I have no idea what they are doing..how often do they put poeple on the block that acutally go home?

J: I think its me...Jam can't play HOH, like Kail..

Amber says it is what it is. She's going to fight for POV tomorrow. She starts to cry. She says she can't trust anyone.

A: It sucks so bad

E: I can sit and make an argument, all I can say, you know that I have always cared about you...nothing has changed that....you might think so, I've been really flustered the past few days...we need to sit down together....its a public fact..people consider me to be a threatening person in the house...I will never feel safe again in the house....

A: I thought we had such a strong group, I just don't know who to trust...we should sit down and talk if we still have a group...I just don't know

E: We should talk...we could come back stronger...it might be there, might not...I know you had your doubts about Dustin...

Eric continues to talk to Amber. Re-telling the same story over. How he likes her the best, he's always had her back. How the target was him. How he gets where she is coming from. How sad it all is. How outside the house, it would be different for everyone.

E: I'd like to consider myself good with everyone.

He talks about how close he's been in competitions. How Julie ripped him off. How frustrating it is to be close. He says he realized he had no chance of winning the game, and had to choose another path. He tells Amber he only talked to Jess about evicting Dustin.

Jen comes in. She wants her room. Eric tells Amber they can't even have 5 minutes. (It's been a half hour)

Amber feels better. Eric says he'll talk to Jam. They are both glad they talked.

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11:13 BBT

Eric says he wants to talk to Jameka and decide it would be better to talk somewhere else since Jen wants to go to sleep...

In the backyard Zach and Jess still playing asking Dick who just walked out "how was your DR session"

Jameka waiting foe Eric so she can have brainwash session with him......

eric saying their talk "is long overdue" saying "never in a million years" did he think they would be nominated.....

Eric saying "it was clearly a strategic" decision......."at the last minute" "had achanged of thought" "that little gut instict" it was the right thing to do at the time...

Eric says Dustin told him he had deals with everyone.....and he didn't "a certain un easiness" felt acroos the board and "a great great threat to win the entire game"[repeated 3 times]

Talking about felling "on the outside" of the group [saying what he said to Amber..see previous post]

Jameka doing her trademark "mm hmm"

calling their group "dream scenario" "low man on the totem pole" talking the first of the 5 and no one is playing for 5th.

saying evicting dustin "offered more possibilites" for him......."purely strategic" Dustin "gaining strength by the minute"

saying D&D "strongest pairing" "should always be the target"

saying the same thing as Ambers.......saying he felt bad he didn't have time to talk to her before the vote but glad Jess did...

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11:31 BBT

Dick outside talking to Jess about the flip from last night talking about the deal......

Jess talking how she never had a problem with them from the beginning.....

back in the room Eric still talking in circles with Jameka basically repeating everything in triplicate to get his point across

Back outside saying they will talk later when Daniele gets up from her nap "she's exhausted".......................

Jen interupts again saying everytime she comes in someone is using the room.......

Jameka looking down not really taking notice of Jen.....

Jen folding her clothes and getting her laundry ready........

Jen leaves

Jameka saying the whole situation was "fucked up" and saying someone was getting greedy saying everytinme it goes the opposite way and that's the way it is...Jameka says they had votes for each other "out of loyalty" and Jameka saying that when the other side came to her she never was going to change her vote "my word is my word" and Jameka says "everybody just bullshitted" this week about getting ED out..saying she would have voted for ED no matter what.

Jameka says Jen and Zach changed the whole plan and was never given the opportunity to discuss it and "don't respect that" Jameka saying he did what "was best for Eric" and not the group......

Eric says D&D now have admitted that the things that they said as true about him are not really true..Jameka says why she didn't take the opportunity to "right the wrongs"

Eric blaming it being late in the game........Dustin told him had "full on deals in place" with D&D Amber and the group.

saying he resented Dustin being accused of being shady and having deals......

Eric repeating his "outside looking in" speech.........

Eric repeating everything he just told her over again...........

Jameka asks if he believed the 5 was 5 and Eric says he did until Dustin say his as his biggest threat only kept him because 'it was a numbers game"

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11:50 BBT

Jen and Dick talking outside on the patio saying how he annoyed them when he was HOH he slept downstairs...

Jen talking about his teeth grinding at night and he needs to get "night guards" as its bad for his teeth as wellas annoying..

Jen asking when he's going to sleep and Jen saying "daniele should be well rested"

Talking about the POV being important and Jen says yes "to keep it the same"

Talking about Dustin and his POV being a "selfish asshole" for taking the przes and money[old news]

Back to Eric and Jameka Eric still repeating himself about dustin being shady and jameka says she never saw it.....Jameka says he was telling the truth and that was his fate "to why he left"....Jameka say "he never said those things to me"

Jameka says her 5 HOH was "out of love" for him and respect for Dustin and Eric says he'll be working hard for them in the POV ......

Eric talking how he would love for him and Jess be in the final 3 with you....Jameka says she wouldn't mind sitting with him and Jessica because of his love and passion for the game "i would be honored" talking about being more to this game.....[that's Jameka's way to throw Amber under the bus]

Eric says "you can't win the final vote unless you're in the final vote" even if you lose the votes along the way..Eric telling Jameka D&D as the great threats in the game.....but otherwise he now can be either 8th to 1st rather than 5th with the old group..

Eric denying the mustard and stray votes.....wondering what allegance he could have with them......."you are going to see...and watch this afterwards..at every single time "her name came out of her mouth it was in a positive fashion...[oh brother] telling this knucle head [who seems to believing it] that she was 2 of 14 that he never bad mouthed....[foth just in time before I heaved]

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12:06 BBT

Eric denying any orechestration but Dani and Zach didn't like Dustin....Eric whispering [didn't hear] calling about buddying up "a load of bullshit"

Eric says if the vote went the other way he would have been the target 100%...he went from "public enemy #1 to public enemy#2" and is better off th now..talking how he was acting for the group when we get foth.

Eric says whether "she agrees to this stratetic" standpoint it was he believed to be his best strategic move....

Jameka "this is hard for me to digest" because everything she heard about Nick and Joe she never heard but will have to accept it and as of tody "i still don't understand" she may tomorrow after she sleeps on it but either way "I still love you"....and say at the end of the day she wants to come back and have things like before...

Eric D&D never put up the people they never really want out......and tells her we get FOTH.....\

Eric talking how he stood up to Dick and his threats....Eric tell her he completely understand where she's coming from and told her to ask Jess how he feels....

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12:19 BBT

Talking in the hot tub about Dustin was probably the stary vote and Eric the other..Jen asks Jess who did "the mustard" and Jess says she'll find out at the wrap party and probably won't care...

Jen wondering if they'll fly the families out......

Jen sayas "i hope I'm fine with my job and my life"

talking about past comps Jess liking the Christmas one...saying "today was freakin' cool"

talking about getting the "power" and if Dick got it he'ss use and "be mad at you..that'd be horrible"

Jen says she needs rest to win the POV and says people may get people mad winning too many things and Jess says "no way" as long as it saves yourself and who cares......

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12:28 BBT

Eric talking with Jameka in the round room still and Eric saying one the happiest monet of "my life when I stayed and Jess won"

Eric says if people want him out they get him out but until that time comes he's playing..........

"I released a weeks worth of crap in that moment" saying if its for one week "i'm nbot going home" saying it was "50.5 to 49.5" about his decision to evict Dustin.....

'talking about his crime bucks" story from a couple nights ago....

Eric saying "I can't leave her having regrets"

Dick comes in...........Dick telling them "people are sleeping" and Jen wants to go to bed and says they will be done in "5 mins"

Eric just rehashing the events that led up to his group betrayal.. Jen come in and Eric asks for a "legitamate 3 to 5 mins" she agrees both says "thanks Jen"

Eric finishing up his convo with "a move and a shake up might do the trick" hoping they will be able to move past and wants the four to sit down "to see what's fair" and what can be done to get out of the situation that they are in....talking about if he wins POV he'll see how they will sort it out.....calling his move "a runaway train" that could have been handles in a more respective manner........."we'll take it from here"

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12:49 BBT

Dick on the patio alone being quiet [nice change from Eric's repetitive rambling]

Smoking spitting and coughing... TO himself [or us] "what a week what a week what week and no slop on the top of it" "The only thing that could be better..[long pause].is that Jen doesn't play in the POV tomorrow" "I can use an Alka Selltzer. holy shit"

Whistles and get FOTH

Dick silent again.. just the ocassional cough..

"he still talking tell him the fuck come on"

Dick goes in.....wakes up Jen to tell her "room's empty"

Jen gets up to Go the bathroom while jameka and him giggle in the bathroom while they get ready for bed Eric saying "this is the earliest bedtime" in the history of this season

eric tells jen goodnight and apologizes and didn't mean to "cramp you up"

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1215AM BBT

Eric and Jameka in round room.

E: I don't know...the theories..all the whatever's it gets to me...I told Amber...i believe that I was going to be great in this game...i am gonig to be good at this game....i have been so wrong...so much more of a diffucult time.....when I miss a ball in the food comp...i dont' play a veto comp...look at HOH comp...i have almost won 5...tea cup question wasn't fair...Jess won, I was over joyed, Julie shot me in the foot...did they mean to do this? I don't know...if mulititude of people won that week, I'd have been up the creek without a paddle...it eats away at me that I don't win comps....I thought i was going to stroll my way thru this thing....

J: Umm hmmm

E: I can't take one more thing...the whispering...if all of them walked back in the house...everyone playing all sides, this one coming for you then this one...I've heard every theory in the house....I know every which thing...this bedroom, these guys, any scenario...I know it's being posed...it doesn't mean shit to me...all I can do is get to know people..build relationships..as it comes...have I been perfect?

J: None of us have

E: I question...maybe you don't...if I have any viable chance of winning at this point..I'm sitting next to most of these people, someone has to win, you gotta vote for someone...I will not be part of a season where someone does nothing, not made strategic moves, and win this game. I'm not going to skate thru. I'm not going to watch Zach win half a million dollars...whether I like them or not, I want the best people, the people I care about, to be here in the end.

J: Um hummm

E: If you were to ask my firends and family, what are 3 things Eric would do, this is one of them....this show, this time...I quit my job to be here...I don't know where personal relationships outside stand...I thought I almost rolled over a week ago...I gave up everything outside

J: Um hmmm

E: The people who are skating, get them the hell out of here...a week ago, I stood there, one of the happiest moments in my life, I stayed, Jess won, I'm going to be here until someone makes me leave this house...I was falsly accused...if the rest want me to leave, get me out...till then, I'm staying to play...I can honestly say, if anyone questions my loyalty, my honor, and they watched my reaction, when Jess won, it should have cleared any doubt anyone had...seriously...I threw the girl up to the sun I was so excited...I wouldn't have been happier to see her win...I released a week of crap in that moment...I am thrilled to death, with my friends, I came off a hellacious week...it's a total rollercoaster ride...

J: Um hmmmm

E: What's going on here, it was nearly 50/50...I have a history of not taking risk in my past....

Eric tells of being on Where in the world is Carmen San Diego....

E: I can't leave here having regrets...

J: Um hmmm

ED walks in, breaking the convo. He leaves. Jam reminds him of where he left off....

E: I didn't seriously think I was in danger those first 4 weeks....I fought for Dani's honor when Jen insulted her...I didn't think I had to dodge a bullet, and then I'm am half in the grave...

Jen comes in. Eric asks for more time. 'Graciously'.

E: I went from someone in a pretty bad position, to one in a pretty good position...I fought strategically for myself...I desparately hoped this was something we could move past...if not, I would have to seek other alternatives....I would love for 4 of us to go...to see what would be there...see what all of us have to say....see if collectively we can go forward....

J: Um hmmm

E: This, to say the least, is not how I envisioned it...I am not going to roll over on it...I am going to do what I have to do...I'm sorry to see you guys up there...I'm sorry the way it went down...I know that doesn't mean much, it was a run away train, I wasn't able to handle it in a more respectable manner...it must feel realy sucky for you...

J: Um hummm

E: We'll take it from here... we have a lot of time in the house...last night, we were hanging laughing in the BR, 50 percent of me was happy we could hang out like this and the other half thinking she thinks this is brutal...then of course what unfolds today....

J: Um hmmmm

E: I know how these days feel...I don't know at this point what my support means to you...you're going to do with it what you do with it...it's a decison I made, I have to deal with it

J: I remember....I honestly see...you felt like everyone was acting differently...maybe that wasn't the time to go with that..you said...I thought...its not my intention to hurt your feelings...I thought that wasn't the week to talk about things....

E: I thought I was a man of steel....my brain scrambles...I had a heigtned sense....I just can't win, do the right thing...

J: Um hmmmm

E: I am being questioned about my integrity...this streaking...I thought, it will be a way to energize everyone, I did what I said I would, and it upset people, something I was supposed to do for fun, and it upset people...I can't really win..if I don't do it, if I do...someone will get upset....I had to do that or be a liar...and it upset people....

J: Um hmmm

E: The way he(Dustin) presented himself, it was do this, or he is going to do it to me....whoever strikes first is going to be here, who doesn't, is gone...I'm going to ruffle some feathers...

J: Um hmmmm

E: I know what he(Dustin)did for me, hopefully he and I can sit down and...you know...

J: Um hmmm

E: If we can make our way thru this...we can make it thru another week

J: I'm going to fight my way thru tomorrow

E: I think the 4 of us should sit down and talk

J: Thank you...I know...you had to spill again(he likes it Jam)

E: Thank you for expressing how you feel

Big hug...

E: This is just not what I expected it would be....

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12:59 BBT

Jameka went to Amber whispering to fill her in on the convo with ERic and we get FOTH and when it's back Amber back in bed going back to sleep..[think the FOTH was a mic warning]

Outside Eric joking with Dick totallly giving the version of the talk with Amber and Jameka of what Dick would want to hear...

Talking about Amber and Jameka being on the worst Food Comp team to "4 hrs later being nominated"

Eric continues with his version of the convo saying they are clueless as to what happened with the vote "the two of them the don't get it" Eric lies that his and Dani's name didn't come out of his mouth once.........[it didn't once but 20 times or more]

Both rehashing things with Amber and Dustin.....and getting "daniele off the block"

Dick with the next HOH we will own the place "It's over" .......talking being the most deserving and badass and when they get there good luck in HOH and POV.......at the final four......

Eric talking baout Zach telling people "what they want to hear" contradicts everythings he says......talking his preception is "crazy" Eric "is he really this bad or is he throwing everything" Dick tells Eric "he threw it for me"

Dick talking about the 3 dumbest moves....1. Dustin volunteering to be put up...2. Mike asking to be put up..and 3. Jameka giving up 5 HOH's

Dick says when confronted he said she had no answers......

Eric telling Dick he told them that it wasn't a mastermind thought out plan but a last minute decision...but a last minute decision....Dick says "I told them the samething"

Talking about their goodbye messages FOTH

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1:18 BBT

Eric and Dick trying to decide when to get rid of Zach..Eric wants Zach out next weeek Dick wants Amber first then Jameka next then Zach after that.

Talking about making hin the third person in both their alliances to just let him walking around "King Shit"

Eric worried that Zach may put him up and Dick says he isn't and if he does he gurantees Eric they "have the votes" [we all know what happens when that's said]

Zach bashing ensues......

Talking about croquet POV that he "should have whipped Dustin's ass" Eric noting had he won the nominations wouldn't have changed....

rehashing the past weeks events that led to Dustin's eviction.......

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1:35 BBT

Rehas continues as they have crowned themselves as the most desering to play for the final four..saying 'they are playing a weak weak game" talking about his regret if "pile of dogshit" would win.....

Dick "who cast these motherfuckers"

Eric "in what regard is Zach on this show" ...........eric is Zach bashing calling him "a bad Howie knockoff" "a poor man's Howie"

1:50 BBT Pretty much talking it won't be a shock if Jen wins tomorrow and Dick agrees and says "Amber will go home"

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1:52 BBT

Still pretty much the same as now Eric Jen bashing.........talking about Jen interupting his so called "getting reamed" convos..by Jameka and Amber...

Dick telling Eric that Jen was bugging the shit of of them today after Dani told her "you'll be fine"

Eric saying he's glad with the noms.....

Dick .."i love this nomination"

1:58....Same thing a lot of laughing and self admiration of them playing the game.......

[with that i'm outta here til tomorrow night..night all]

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Quick update:

2:12 BBT

Seems like everyone is asleep except for Eric and Dick. They've been in the BY talking on the couches. Eric has been relaying to Dick how excited he has been the past few days. Tells Dick about how Eric was grasping at his last straws, then he stays, and Jessica wins HOH. Says the same thing happened to Dick, that he surprisingly stayed, and minutes later, Daniele won HOH. Eric says this is the livest he's felt in the house and he's just having fun now.

Now, they're speculating on a possible twist to come. They think something is going to happen soon.

Eric tells Dick they have taken a lot of big threats out of the game. Dick states that his HOH was a mistake because they got rid of Mike, someone who wasn't doing anything. Eric asks what would have happened if some of the poeple were evicted were to have stayed, and played in the competitions. They're now replaying the veto comp. where Mike basically asked to go up on the block, saying they didn't understand that move. Now onto Kail bashing. Dick states that Kail was a bad player for spilling all the info to their group. Now on to Carol, saying she thought she deserved the royal treatment. Eric says Carol has the single worst player in BB (well BB2-BB8) history, with Ashlea from BB6 being second. Dick says if she hadn't tried turning on her seductive ways, Carol would have stayed, and Amber would have left. Eric say Carol still would have been gone within the first few weeks. They're still Carol bashing.

Daniele is now up, joining the small LNC outside. She says she's awake now as if it's 8:00 in the morning. Eric's now rehashing his conversations with Amber and Jameka to Daniele.

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8:35 BBT Jameka is awake, and she is going to the bathroom. All other HG's are still asleep. Jameka weighs herself, and appears to be doing her ADL's. Jameka is now in the Weight Room using the mirror to put on make up? (great view of her sitting right behind the treadmill, lol.)

8:55 BBT Jameka is now sitting on the bathroom couch deep in thought.

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