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August 19, Live Feed Updates


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Jen and Jessica are playing quarters in the kitchen.

Zach and Daniele were chit chatting in the hoh room. Eric has joined them.

They are really boring tonight, even with beer and wine...

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Jameka and Amber are still in the hammock. (I'm watching shotoo) No real conversation going on

(Off to bed, if something exciting happens I hope someone can post it)

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11:10 BBT

Zach and Dick outside talking

"remember what happened to Dustin" will be remembered for seasons to come Dick says..

Out comes Dani and talking about Jen how she was bugging them.......

Dani saying her and Zach did all the annoying things Jen does for Nick in hopes he's watching...

Amber from the door asking how to make tea...

Talking about misquitos Zach when he went camping how he got bitten on a camping trip with his dad.

Dick wonders "monday when she goes up do you think she will cry"[talking about Jen]

all say yes and Dani says "she'll talk crap about me for the next two days and make my life hell"

Zach ask Dick to play Chess Dick says no..Dani "don't even ask" Zach "wanna learn" telling him to play with Eric and Zach says "he's so predictible"

Talking about hot it was today [it was] and Dick says "I can't believe I was out on the first God damn question" [POV]

Jen comes out.....asking if they were playing a game and says no talking about POV

Dick asking what question she would have gone out on in POV and the "dustin and Joe" question...

"what % would think Dustin would make a good boyfriend" talking how he scored lower than Joe.

Dick saying Dustin denied it but Dustin said the same exact thing about Joe upstairs before they went in on the 1st day....

Dick saying he's finding it odd that Zach and Dani are hanging out. Jen says that he does that to all HOH..Dick says it was at Nick's eviction when she found out how loyal he was.... Dick saying he's always liked Zach......

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11:21 BBT

Dick and Jen talking about Joe's eviction talking about 9-1 and Jen says she didn't know..."whatever" "that was so long ago why bother" and Dick says "because I was on the block"

Talking that Amber was second in hOH and second in POV today..saying "it was guessing" Jen says "not the HOH" and Dick said yes today's POV was "all guessing"

Upstairs in HOH Zach and Dani are talking.....saying "now that the table's small enough you can see everybody" [through spy screen}

Dani "im so over these people"

Bacck on the patio;

Jen says Dick "was always mean" Dick saying when she was following around room to room when she was HOH and told her off minutes before putting him up.

Jen "I didn't mean to follow you around" talking about laying intoi her...Jen "whatever"

Talking about what's going inside "how desperate are we for entertainment"

Talking about Dick's "ridiculous " questions and answers in POV.... "how mant people do you think it would be easy to be in the house" [camera cuts away]

Talking about she has HOH and POV "and is going out on the fucking town" saying it's "fucking awesome" since its her birthday....

Jen goes in to watch the others playing at the table...

In HOH Dani and Zach watching the through the spycreen talking about the night "Nick had 8 beers" the night the beers got taken away...Zach saying he was punching tetherball....

Zach "we're up here at everyone else id down there" just staring at the sptyscreen.

Downstairs playing some game ..........

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11:39 BBT


"why is everyone fondling Eric" saying he's not a fondle type person.

Dani worried about the question she's going to ask.....saying her questions are brutal..talking abou the magnus and cranus questions...

Dani talking about her HOH questions are always "about her dad" saying Iwas "stunned" Zach says "maybe these are questions people want to know" dani says its BB "being mean"

Dani saying this seasons questins are so Zacxhs says "intrusive" and Dani says yes..Zach says he's only got 1 question this season...

Zach says I feel ;like "I'm in a house with 12 year olds" Dani says more a" Frat" or soroity house...

Talking about Jen know... Dani "One of a kind thank God for that" saying

"can you imagine 2 Jens in the house" saying she would "shank" them in the house with the "plastic green knife"

Talking about the Sunday show saying "the food comp and the nominations" talking his borthers are goping "to laugh there asses off when they see him" with the flag running...

Dani talking about Jen "she made my life miserable" saying she never met anyone so "mean to me" and says she "would stare me down and give me dirty looks" saying Jen pushing her in art POV "who does that" Zach "go casting"

Talking about if Jen goes downstairs and Nick was in Dani's bed she was putting him on the block..telling Zach "didn't you hear about that" Zach says he didn't...

Zach talking 1st day or 2 saying "there is something wrong with her and couldn't figure it out" saying Nick would say "daniele's pretty frickin hot" Dani "shut up"...

Talking about Dick's sister[Dani's aunt] says "no one talks to her she's disgusting" only her grandmother does who she lives by and we get FOTH

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1:54 BBT

Talking about Dustin being in Mexico for a week byhimself Dani says "I don't see his ugly face again" Zach "you will"

talking about meeting "all the voices" and people who put it all together at the wrap party and we get FOTH

Zach "I want HOH God damnit I've been saying that for a month" and Dani add "a half"

Dick comes in and annoyed Dani saying not to bang on the door.......

Dick saying "jessica's drunk" Dicl leaves Dani "hurry lock the door" and comes back in and did something and says "did you see it" laughing no one did

Zach yaling about "can't go to sleep without ice ceam"

Dick "this is like watching a horrible sitcom without sound" about the spy screen...

talking about "they can eat the mexican food while it lasts" Dick saying it should be midnight.......Dick telling Dani "by the way I'm going to bring my cigarettes up here"

a knock collective "oh God" {guess who it is}

Jen floats in in asking Zach if he's doing the face mask zach say not tonight and says he's going to bed and Jen says she may too.

small talk ensues.....

Jen says she'll do her face "and go to bed"

Dick saying "you snore" to jen and jen retorts about his grinding and cussing while he sleeps

Zachs says "I can'y wait til she's fucking gone"

Zach says "fuck it" I'm going to sleep "Good night" leaves...

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12:07 BBT

Dick asking Dani what's wrong and saying she's sick of people his farting his "trying to parent me all the time" and it's just annoying..

Dick "i'll give you your space" Dani "you asked" Dick "i'm telling you" and he leaves and Dani "fuck you"

Dani brushes her teeth..\\Downstairs Jess Jameka and Amber just sitting around....

Jameka goes outside talking about "the ant problem" with Dick...she goes back in and Dick sitting there by himself smoking..

Foth trivia

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12:16 BBT

Dick talking to himself [or us]

basically saying about Dani 'you can never just be happy" and "you always have to have some kind a bullshit going on"

he's silent again cracking his knucles....belching "ooffa"

"i just wanna go to bed she just givers me a headache"

she needs me "when she needs me" and doesn't and its the same "bullshit all the time"

"jameka is annoying shit Amber everbody"

gets up goes in..to the load mouths having their game....

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12:30 BBT

Jess and Eric having their nightly gigglefest with each other.....she's slurring her words though tonight...

Jen finally heads to bed....

everyone else just standing around talking.....

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12:34 BBT

Eric and Dick talking about Dani and Eric wondering why she wasn'y in a good mood saying her HOH POV and dick whispers something [i didn't hear] and Eric "what it's not going to be aired" and foth...

Talking about Jens ball not coming out saying Eric says he wanted to play..talking POV....

Dick whispering about jen rehashing stories about being mad if Jess puts him up. Talking about Jen....saying she's "full of shit" Ertic just agreeing...

Eric said he would of went out on the 2nd question.....

Talking about Amber saying she said to them "I'm going home" laughing "you're not going home your going to Dustin> saying he's "poolside doing yoga with tears in his eyes"

talking about Dustin eviction..yet again..

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12:50 BBT

Dick and Eric still talking about "final four" and Amber getting 2nd in HOH and POV.....and talking about Jen not getting to play POV "its over"

Eric says he wants them to start campaiging just to see saying tonight was the first time she spoke to her.......

talking about a double eviction and get them "flying outta here"

Talking about going to bed soon and both decide to go outside..

[not much happening so I'm bowing out early...night all]

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1:35AM BBT: Lies, Lies Lies. Eric tells Jameka and Jessica that Zach told him that he threw the PoV competition when Dick was on the block to help Dick. I didn't hear Zach say this, and if he did say it, it's not true, Zach didn't want to win and be pressured by either side. When the girls hear this news from Eric, Jameka says, "With that being said there must be an alliance there, wouldn't you think?" "I believe so. I think it has been that way since Nick left. That still leaves a pretty powerful alliance of three." Eric also says that the letter from Nick to Daniele that says to say "Hi" to Zach confirms it, "He didn't say to say 'Hi' to anyone else." Eric points out. "They should never have permitted her [Daniele] to receive a letter from someone that was in the house, and certainly one that mentions another houseguest."

Eric goes on to promote the idea that Daniele, Dick and Zach are in an alliance. [Eric might believe it himself, it's hard to tell.] Another thing that bothers Eric is that 35% of America thinks Zach was the sexiest bunny. Eric says that the biggest liar in this game is Zach.

I'm out for the night, please keep the updates flowing. -M

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1:59 BBT

Quick update: Eric, Jessica and Jameka are outside in the lounge chair talking. Seems like they're talking about Dick and his actions. Jameka says Dick doesn't do well on slop. They're talking about the food comp and what Dick did that they didn't like.

2:34 BBT

Cams still on Jameka, Eric and Jessica chattin gin the BY. Jameka just suggested that if it's Jen and Daniele in the end and Eric and Jessica said they'd vote for Jen, and Jameka says she wonders if Daniele realizes that, and if that's the reason why Jen is a threat to Daniele.

They've been talking about different senerios with what will happen this week.

Now they're talking about different tv shows, such as Fresh Prince and Seinfeld.

Basically, they're just talking. Nothing too exciting, not much strategy talk.

(mod mark)

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Eric is going on and on with his theory's and how he is protecting Jessica.

Jessica says before she can trust him 100% she wants to know about Jen saying he told Jen he wasn't going to be played by a 21 year old. He is dancing around the question saying he never even had a friendship with Kail and Jen. Says he did have a conversation with Kail because she was HOH that first week but the rest is just flat out lies. Says he has no recollection of ever saying anything like that.

He now is sitting straight up getting "passionate" about defending his previous conversations with them. Says it is possible he said something like that but he has no recollection of it and to remember they had only been in the house 5 days.

Jessica wants to know why Jen was so upset about it then. Eric says if the situation was reversed and someone said Jessica said something like that he would be storming around. Says he doesn't listen to anyone else and makes his own determinations about this game.

Eric says it has become more and more apparent how f*ing shady everyone is in this house. Says he feels more and more like Joe is back in this house with all the conspiracy theories.

Says Jessica needs to evaluate who the source is that tells her those stories. Says Jen is going all the way back to her (Jen's) HOH week and he talked to her a lot. Says she may be referring to some rambling conversation he had with her (ya think!!!) and he doesn't recall it being said but who knows what all she thought she heard.

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Eric is really spinning the conversation with Jen he had. Dropping the f bomb about 10 times in one minute. Says whenever he speaks of jessica it with the highest of compliments. Jessica perks up and says "highest"!!! He says probably higher than she speaks of him. She replies that is how she talks about him too.

He desperately wants her to erase from her mind that he would ever do something to hurt her. Says as the game gets nearer to the end it is only going to get worse and worse.

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Conversation between Eric & Jessica has turned flirty. They talk about having a reality show when they're engaged and planning their wedding. They say they'll be 80 together, but she wants to die first.

Eric asks Jessica if she's a jealous type girlfriend and she says yes. Eric goes through all sorts of scenerios of going out with friends, having female friends, etc. and they talk about each one and whether or not Jessica would be jealous, and why or why not. Just general chit-chat and flirting.

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4:55am BBT Eric and Jess still in the hammock. No more game talk just general flirting and silly talk about "what if's". ( i.e. what if I went to ultimate fighting and came home drunk - her response is she wouldn't be mad because she would be out with her friends getting drunk.)

discussion about jealousy and it's origin - (Doesn't Eric's throat ever get sore from talking so much!)

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Eric and Jess still up. They had left the hammock to visit the bathroom, comparing how they could (or couldn't) feel the warmth of their pee. Dick came in to do his business, too. E&J decide they're not sleepy yet and went back outside, this time to the double chaise lounge. The flirting chitchat continued until Dick came outside, deciding he was fully awake now. Now a threesome, the conversation turns to the house, strategies, and personalities - serving up absolutely nothing new.

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General chit-chat between Eric, Jessica, and Dick continues. Nothing important or game strategy. Example topics: Jessica's state Senator, who Dustin would have had sex with in the house, TiVo, blah, blah.

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