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August 22, Live Feed Updates


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(oops posted on other thread as Jem was closing sorry) ED says green flashing light..they recieved beer and wine..Jam commenting they never get wine not even on her bday

E: Ladies lets do something...

Jess: Lets DRINK (lol) (they are bored and waiting for dani and amber to get back)

Eric is telling Jam she has to play also even if its water..

Eric being quite the gentleman..getting wine for Jess and glass for Jam (lol)

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ED, Jess,Eric and Jam sitting around breakfast bar...ED commenting on girls may be in DR waiting for shotoo

Jam says nevermind I just saw DR is available (moving to laptop to watch shotoo will post if anything good :animated_wave: )

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Eric, Jess, Jameka and Dick still sitting around the kitchen counter. Jameka said hi to Shotoo viewers. Think they're waiting for the girls to get back...

Can't see Jen or Zach.

[PS, I'm off for the night, hope someone can help Morty out by posting. Jem]

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"Final 4" until Jen comes out and starts baiting people, Zach wakes up aor the girls return arre discussing Punked episodes, music and a wide range of nothing. There is some random chatter about the event of last night. Zach just woke up and came out into the kitchen to play tether ball. No sign of Jen for about an hour and a half.

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hey all its jessica from bb8 check out my new hit single

I love slop in my tummy they thought I was the new holly

eric never gets to play in POV


Jam adding chorus,.....Zach is up eating (icecream?) lots of joking around and laughs *killin time*

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10:00pm bbt

last 45 minutes summary

Jen asleep

Eric/Zach/Jessica at kitchen counter

Dick moving between the kitchen counter and going outside to smoke

Jameka leaves the idle chat at the kitchen to disappear(to sleep?)

Dick asks if Eric knows of the Kan-Jew alliance, Kansas-Jewish alliance of Jessica and Eric... they also discuss the 'network questions', Eric says he wasn't asked them until Thursday last week

Dick: how did Julie describe my relationship with Jen? They question if it's pronounced vo-li-tile or vol-i-tle

Eric: I think it's to-ma-toe ta-ma-to

Eric pleased he got in a few jabs at Jen this morning, when Jen discussed her jury vote, Jessica says for once Dick wasn't a part of it

10:17pm bbt

*I was close to going to bed, but just noticed*

Jen is up and in the bathroom on Feed1 doing her makeup

Eric/Dick/Jess/Zach still at kitchen counter talking about celebs

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10:29pm BBT

Eric, Jess, Zack & Dick in the kitchen playing football. also eric trying to get jessica drunk. Eric saying he thought he was the only one watch treasure hunter. loads of jokes going on.

10:31pm BBT

Zack talking about the amazing race all star, he liked the blonde instead of the midget.

EDIT: Camera 1 jess still looking at herself in the mirror.

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10:35pm bbt

Eric continues to show his reality knowledge by sharing the names of all the winners of The Apprentice. He also explains about a quadruple firing Trump did. Further discussion of Pirate Master, and if the show was canceled, and if they televised the final episodes

Zach: that show was so awful, I loved it...

They try to remember Christian Okoye's name

Dick: all they would do is give the guy the ball and run up the middle, 5 yards, the Nigerian Nightmare

Zach: Christian Okoye was on Pirate Master? I had his 1989 Score card!

Jessica drinking, while Dick/Eric/Zach start talking NFL running backs

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10:54 PM BBT

Eric And Zack planned to wedge the door on jens room so in the morning when she wakes up she cant get out. the plan is still in the works.

Jam is up headed to washroom.

EDIT: Wedge is up Jen will not get the door open. Camera looking at the door where eric inserted the wedge.

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11:09 BBT

In the Kitchen all the HG minus Jen are just talking and eating..Eric is poking at HG pics on the cake......

Just joking around with Dick says to Eric "you haevn't won a POV" and Jess says that he's going to win this week...

Talking that "are we done with it" talking about the old cake...Dick says "are we getting matching tatoos" after they leave BB.

Zach wants to toss the "cake in the trash in the back"

Showing the inside of the DR on Showtime too no one in it....

Dick heads into BB Jameka wants "Raid" [for their ant problem] but Dick says "they won't give it to us"

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11:16 BBT

Zach and Eric playing a slap hand game with Zach really thrashing Eric's delicate hand.....Zach got hit on the wrist saying "i'm in pain" other HG surveying the damage of the two....... Jesss "Oh my God" Jameka "wow" at the look of Eric's hand.

Jen is in the kitchen now and none of the HG haven't really acknowledged her..looks like she's eating something or preparing to make something.... it's Tuna as Jess realized that's the smell and not the cookies burning

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11:28 BBT

On the patio bashing Jen calling her a skank and how bad she looks without her makeup....

Dick saying Jen gave all her makeup to Amber but Zach thinks Dick has it up in the HOH...Dick saying how awful she will look on her "exit interview"...Making fun of her having no luggage...when she leaves...

Zach try to "sequence the events" that why she ate food...Dick says he was just hiding her stuff as "ransome" to get his ciggies back..

Zach wondering why "she targeted you" since it was Daniele put her up...Zach calling it "bizarre to me" that she would start stuff unprovoked...Zaching saying "unless she's a pyscho".....

Zach saying he would never breach the rules saying "the easiest solution for her is to have fun" because of being backdoored...

Talking about "the rule"[penalty vote] and its new and had it been the nom it wouldn't be fair to Jameka.

Zach says if Eric and Jess are "on the same page" as to who goes ..Dick says yess that they are going to be final 5....Dick says the target next week is "amber"

Talking about if someone comes off next week between amber and Jameka then one of the have to go up "as a pawn" Dick says...

Zach "I fear for anyone who goes up as a pawn against Jameka"...Zach talking about Dustin's "dumb move"

Saying Jameka "doesn't play period" calling her snafu when she pullled Jen off the block.....

Zach "come on Daniele and Amber" Zach wants to "go to sleep" Dick thinks they are in DR because they won't let him in.....

Talking about Food comp "beer pong" figuring out when it aired Zach said today Dick who is correct said Sunday..

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amber and daniele are in the DR., they slipped and the audio feeds had them saying that they *the other hg's* are probably all standing outside the door waiting for us to come in.

They now came into the house, and stated that they took a private jet to new york, and they are not allowed to talk about it before the live show.

amber just said that michael vick did something bad but he did not know what.

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11:43 BBT

Dick feeling sorry for himself about Daniele's tone and whinning saying "i deal with it" and can't with his "farting" and "Rude comments" zach going off on a tagent about farting being uncooth

Zach calling he a very nmature and intelligent 21 year old...saying she's not into getting "shit canned and hooking up with duses" Dick saying she doesn't talk to her brother,mother Grandfather...Zach says he wasn't talking about the family issues..

Dick regretting giving "twat face" the slop pass because Danile insisted on it but says that she did vote for him to stay.

Talking about going out in Hollywood and running into Jen but Dick says that theu don't frequent the same clubs...

All feeds switch to Jess and Eric talking and giggling with each other....

Jen saying "I can hear them coming out of the DR" {about Dani and Amber}

Jess saying that they are not that far in their realtionship to see her feet when Eric asks to look at them....

Jen chopping and talking to Eric and Jess talking about shortening the season.....

Eric says at 11:59 lean in and say something romantic and at 12:00 midingt "oops tune in next time" to Showtime viewers

They're Back and are not allowed to "talk about it"

They went to "NY" "in a private jet" "you guys will find out in a couple days" Amber 'we were so depressed to come back" Eric asking if they were allowed to talk to people..Amber saying they had to wear "sunglasses and wear head sets"

Eric talking about what went down.....Jen telling them I'm been eating..Eric says "don't spoil it"

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Now jen is claiming that she was told by BB that she could destroy cigarettes.

Jen is now talking about she will be leaving sequester, and that she can make more money modeling.

She is bragging that she is breaking the rules and is proud of it.

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11:56 BBT

Talking about being debriefed.....about the Jen situation.....

Jen says "we are going out " to have a discussion.... and Dick says "not we"

Dick telling about the "penalty Vote' but Amber ask if Jess and Eric are "a couple"

Eric going over Dick gathering Jen's stuff and how he followed Dick into the room and how Jen found the cigs and smashed and bleached them..

Jen saying "they gave em back to you" Dick saying she's not invited in the convo

talking about Jen eating the Turkey burger apple and cottage cheese....Amber "is this a joke"

Tells them the Jen and Dicks slap fight over the cigareete smoke debacle...

Eric says she would be penalty nom and wouldn't be fair....talking about ithe house meeting over the intercom..and has threaten not to stay in the jury house and will get a penalty vote....Amber "what is a penalty vote" and Daniele "this is too much" Amber "I can't"

talking how she cried over it and Amber asks why she did that and Jen says she had asked if she could destry cigs they said 'that would be fine" according to Jen and we get FOTH

Jen says "i'll be leaving sequester" and tells Eric that she wouldn't vote for him and says "go fuck yourself" talking about the "utmost respect"...........for the game..

Amber saying it was fun but it was "so rushed" Daniele "that's gross" with Dick sleeping in her HOH room.

Amber talking about being interviewed in the limo and foth talking about the videotaping walking into the private jet saying it was a 4 hr flight and got to order the food and were told to take a nap and arrived at NY at 5:00 saying they stayed at the Hilton and the room "was ok" after Jameka asked if it was nice...and then they went "to a special place" Dani "wre not allowed to talk about it" saying "you'll find out"..Dani "it was a new experience"

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Amber is really going off on Jen about her lack of morals, and her trying to screw up the game for the rest of the HG's. Jen keeps lying and saying that she did not know this, and know that.

Jen says that everyone knows that she does not like to follow rules that is why she ran away from home.

She ate because she was mad at BB.

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12:11 BBT

Jen and Dick still bickering

Dani saying "it was so nice" having convos without the mics..Amber "nothing against you guys" saying it was so nice seeing Starbucks and Subway Dani says..

Dick keeps turning the convo back to the Jen vote....

Amber asks Jen "so you decided to eat" and Amber asks why and says because she found his hiding spot.Dick saying you can hide but can't destry...

Jen telling Amber that she borrowed her pants and that BB told her "she's allowed to eat until Thursday" Eric says id she leaves Jury House no one will come back to replace them that seen the show ..Dick yelling at Jen 'what in the hell are you doing here" talking about if you break the food rule you will be nominated if you're not....Dani aks when do you get the penalty nom....saying if "you can't be HOH if you're a penalty nom"

Amber asking why to Jen "why riun for everyone else" "what is your goal" Jen says she wants to talk to her family and get caught up on her real life....Amber "why are you mad..because you're leaving"...Amber you knew that if you don't win you're going to sequester.....

Dick calling her "full of shit" because she wanted to experience a luxury comp and AC...Dick going on about Jameka and the penalty NOM...."jen just shut the fuck up" Eric says "the ruling was changed" because of the penalty nom.....Jen denying she didn't think that..................Eric and Dick tag teaming against Jen..

talking about him hiding her stuff......Amber telling Jen calling her rude about it...."why would you eat..like why..are you that fucked up of a person..are you that spoiled" FOTH

ERic saying that she said "Idon't like following rules" Dani "this is too much to handle"

Amber "if this isn't about you going home why did you eat" ........Dick calling her a fucking liar saying she won't be doing her exit with no make up..Jen says that she's getting her stuff back and Dick says she's not...

Eric telling her she's making a mockery when everyone else is here "it pathetic" Jen saying Jameka shouldn't be upset since she knows she's going to stay.......

Jameka praying "i'm not that person "i'm not that person anymore" "i'm not" "I'm not" "take it out " take it away God" "Lord take it away"

The group outside talking about the precendant setting situation..mostly Eric..FOTH

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