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August 30, Live Feed Updates

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Shotoo -

Eric is in the HoH bathroom with Jess. She's brushing her teeth and he just climbed into her bed. She joins him. I think they did some lip smacking? Could her Eric say, now your mint fresh.

Daniele and Dick are having another altercation. It was about her attitude. Dick walked off and mimics Daniele "Oh my gooood, I knoooooow, I

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:stop: Stop the press! Amber is crying. She misses her daughter and says, "It kills me being here and away from her." From what I gathered, Zach made some kind of comment (I missed it) Jameka is flashing her bra and starts to giggle as she is pulling her top back up. She says, "Excuse me America!" They both start to giggle.

A litle later... Jameka and Amber are talking about what will happen after this week and that she never made a deal with Daniele when she pulled Amber off the block last week. Amber "my personality doesn

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Amber is again telling Jameka about all her merits and why she believes that she will remain in the house and how horrible Zack is. (She is definitely the president of the Amber fan club)

She says that God will not allow Zack to stay in the house.

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Amber & Jameka still talking about the votes.

Amber" she (Dani) is going to keep me here, she has to, I'm going to be here, God wouldn't let it happen any other way"

She thinks D&D are fighting over keeping her, thinks that Dick is mad that Dani is keeping Amber because they were just fighting (thinks Dani just told Dick). "Dani knows I won't put her up" She thinks that Dani didn't tell Dick about the deal Amber made with Dani.

Jameka- "hmmmm mmmmm"

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Daniele saying first time made peanut butter cookies so they might not be that good.

Zach says he took over haircutting duties on Eric and they asked if Eric liked it and he said it only seemed to matter as long as Jessica liked it.

Daniele sneezed..no god blees yous...lol

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Dick..I'm very sick of her bullshit, that girl pisses me off..while he is burping. Ay Yi Yi Yi folding clothes isnt' bad enough..he is humming to himself...then I don't need this shit.Dick..Hey..Hey..more humming while folding clothes still and yawning. He is talkign about a shirt he brought that he doesnt' like or wear.Zach and Daniele talking about school Daniele had Spanish only and Zach had Spanish and Latin. Zach asking if she had home ec..daniele says no..Daniele says she took graphic arts..asks if they did t-shirts Daniele...no we never did silk screeningCommercial time on Shootoo

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Zach- Said no beer and golf clubs

Dick - Same thing as drinking and driving not a good idea

Zach Is skeleton on shirt an album cover. Dick No

Jameka comes to kitchen ask Daniele about working out

Daniele tells zach I thought you was going for 1000 calories..he said I was

Zach..this is probably the worst fucking show ever half the people are sleeping

check out erics hair it's pretty short

Dick you shaved it bald like jess wanted

zach..it's pretty trim

zach they move furniture on deck i heard lots of dragging..the nasty smell outside is gone

dick..no i smelled it today

zach..whats the secret..baking soda is that the secret to making a cookie a cookie..lol

daniele...i have a confession to make to you zach..nick and I saw you outside and we werent' gonna let you in and we were laughing..missed the rest

zach..saying we are suppose to being trying to build bridges between us not tear them down.

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Zach..I'm friggin tired

dick...it's been going on for hours them moving the furniture

zach.maybe they are making a new deck

danielle..call me into the diary room so i can make fun of zach.


zach, daniele, and dick in kitchen just chatting stupid stuff

zach...have you ever been to the hyatt lounge...it's super hard to get into you have to have all access pass and I have a conection..no one seems interested

they are laughing about when Jen loses her clothes and naming numerous times her taking off bra and underwear...saying it's nasty

( I think I would rather watch jess/eric sleep than the uncomfortable trio in the kitchen..lol)

Zach asking if dick is up for water pong game..zach hope everyone got to see dick fall into pool on the live feeds especially the past evicted houseguests

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Jameka and Amber now talking

jameka saying her bra isnt' that great from target..

Back to the kitchen the camera goes

taling about hte $4,000 mic dick went into the pool with

zach saying they modified the mics..dick asking how he know..zach i just know...dick how do you know you dot' just know something like that....zach well i do

talking about batteries being charged...

dick...telling Zach when we get out of here you will either be a genius or totally full of shit on the message boards..people are googling what you are saying right now and will post wether you are full of shit or not

commercial again

I'm going to bed this is to boring for me..was gonna try and help but i'm falling asleep..

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oh they are in the room now

Daniele, Jameka and Amber

They are all dying to know what they are doing in the backyard

Daniele back to the kitchen to check her cookies

Dick spinning his drinking cup for entertainment like a top

Zach wow it's come to this

dick yes the entertainment of the evening is spinning glasses

( back to the boring kitchen so I'm really going to bed now)

Saying Nick got a warnings all the time for singing and never having his mic on..all the time

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10:48 BBT

Eric Zach and Dick in bathroom

Zach "is jess sleeping" and Eric tells them she's out for the night....

Eric says 'I'm pretty fuckin tired in my own right" saying he cam e"up for air" saying he couldn't sleep....Eric is now talking about his 1/4 haircut saying it was done "ot od sheer boredom"

Jameka waving her hand as Dick tells he "your comming in to a fog of farts"..Jameka saying "you haircut really looks better" to Eric

Back in the workout room the Amber and jameka working out............

Dick just walking around ....

Now he's laying on the floor just laughing and starring at the ceiling...moving his fingers like he's playing piano..

Dick saying 'one more hour" so he can go outside to smoke..complaining it was hot during the day "today was miserable" [i agree it was]

talking about the lights with Eric.....

Dick just laying on the floor...

In trhe woork out room Amber calling her stomach "jelly belly" as she lifts her shirt...

In the bedroom talking about what's going to be in backyard after the lockdown..Eric says they are doing things unseen....Dani wonders if something is happening while Eric is skeptical that its double eviction since there is no time for editing....

Eric talking about "good colleges in NY, NYU Colounbia" Zach says he could move to LA and "stay on my couch" and talking about rent being in Whitch ata is $400/month while Jess would stay at her parents....saying he would live near the witchata bar scene...

Bar scene talk...

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Dani says "they still haven't gotten there suitcases" "double eviction double eviction" Eric says that they would need their bags earlier laughing about having to thrwo all their belongings in bags or go to the Jury house with no luggage..

Zach talking about lost luggage at LAX and had to go through a lot of bags and got "$25 voucher" for his trouble..

Dani says yousu should have taken an better bag..also wondering "they let you go through all the bags" since they all looked the same...

Talking about airports..

Zach was wondering if he was serious about moving out here and Eric says he doesn't know saying he has no job and may or may not have a lease...

"i really don"t no much of anything" says Eric...

Dani says "because we are on lockdown " Jameka thinks its AC.

Eric says AC is "no more" Dani says maybe next week but that's the last week..

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11:11 BBT

jameka comes in and says she still has some more working out and Dani still says that the silouette picture on the wall looks like Eric....Jameka says it does...

Eric say this is one of the most "asanine days yet"

Amber is working out with weights....

Back in the bedroom Jameka Eric Dani and Zach talking Eric says unlikey Jess comes out...also saying he will wesr something ridiculous for tomorrows show.......

Talking about going to concerts Christine Aguilera...Jameka asking what's that like with a date...

Jameka saying "you look older and more defined" and "sex appeal" about his haircut.....

Jameka asks why Eric was cast..... as the sly "know it all"..Jamek a leaves...

Now they are talking about what will go on at midnight and would be excited if something does happen......

Dani leaves and is talking to Amber......

Amber and Zach called to SR to get their luggage.....Amber "finally" Zach "sweet"

In round room Zach and Dick talking about time to talk..."tonight after the lockdown" In their back they carry out its just an overnight thing just in case their big bag "doesn't catch up with you" Dick says

Zach heads back to his room to pack.....

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11:25 BBT

Jameka to camera "you don't want amber to go" then tells the camera "stay still if you want Amber to stay" "hmmmmm thankyou" [oh brother]

Amber says she want to talk to her saying she has things to tell her "just in case"..Jameka "stop".......Amber continues to pack saying basically it sucks like she did "in week one"

Whispering and says something about Jess as Amber points to the other room.......talking "the #'s don't lie" veto saying it was the worst because it was so early....Amber talking about her clothes and when she wore them....

Amber says she has to wear Jeans since all she brought were "flip flops".."no shoes".......

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11:35 BBT

Amber saying the only thing that keeps her from being depressed about being evicted "is Dustin"

In the other bedroom Zach is wearing a latex glove on his head acting like Sloth from the Goonies saying "chunk"

now Zach is blowing up gloves like balloons

Amber giving some clothes to Jameka..well the stuff that doesn't fit......."are you sure" and Amber says yes..

Amber says "i've gained so much weight" "nothing fits me..it so sad"

Amber talks about all the shoes she has adidn't pack any because she thoughty she wasn't going anywhere..

she says she has so many shoes that some she doesn't wear some because she can't "get to them"

talking about her bills her rent is 460/month for a room she rents with a friend ...saying her little girl says "when are we going to have a house of our own"

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11:48 BBT

Dick in the room looking like he's having nicotine withdrawls since he can't smoke because of the lockdown.

Back in the bedroom Jameka watches as Amber packs....talking about her flip flops "$4.99 at Rite-Aid"

Jameka finds 6 cents in Amber's bad and says 6/2=3

Back in the other room they are just talking ..In fact Zach talking about roaches .....and Lobsters and crawfish "eat shit" [no wonder I hate lobster]

Dick mocking BB "HG the lockdown is over"......

In other room Jameka is now helping Amber pack "this is murder" as she is having trouble getting all her stuff in the bag...Jameka asking for "your drawers" Amber laughs "my drawers?"

Amber "i'm depressed"

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12:06 BBT lockdown is over

"SIX HOURS FOR THAT" Dani shouits saying it looks like a stage with a tarp over it.......

Dani Zach and Eric trying to figure out what the HOH comp was...Eric daring that all three rip off the tarp "to see what it is"

Zach saying there is "something behind the trees" as it is probably camoflauge for something...

Zach wants to talk and Dani says that "you can hear" and Zach says where they can go....Dani says "ice cream" she and opens he container of "private select" [gag] ice cream while Zach sings songs fom Alice in Wonderland .....

Zach now says that he can have a small scoop...of chocolate...

Dani "i hope it's endurance tomorrow" and Zach hopes he's "still here" saying he doesn't want to be stuck with Jen and Dustin for a week..

Dani says "I heard its doing really well" about Showtoo and Zach who though it was canned says "how did you hear that" her saying from "my trip outside the home"...her thoughts go back to what's under the tarp...

Zach wants to talk but is tired and Dani says "we'll chat in the morning"

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12:22 BBT

Jamek and Amber are lamost finished packing Amber's clothes....Jameka shoving in the last few things....

Jameka "they're ridiculous" "hear 'em talking"

Amber seems to be getting frustrated.."these cameras are ridiculous" as she puts her hair and body products into a bag....

this happening on all four feeds...

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12:31 BBT

Amber whispering something about Eric couldn't hear but Jameka said "ok"

Jameka trying to keep Amber positive ....

Zach comes in and asks if it would be ok to "turn the lights in a hour" "that's fine".... and Zach telling them he "packed in 5 minutes"

Amber lamenting about "all the fucking mistakes in this game" Jameka silent then talks about getting her stuff out of the bathroom....

Amber is leaving her "new Balance" shoesbehind as they are "too rough" saying "i like soft shoes"

Amber hauls all her stuff to the SR where Zach's bag is ......

other than that not much new to report...

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12:43 BBT

Dick telling Eric and Zach "she has a worried look on their face" and then says "two more HOH's" talking baout what a mistake Jameka made...

Dani comes out of DR "I have an annoucement" "just kidding"

Talking about Jennifer changing her named Nakomis...and Dani say "ulch" ...Dani says Zach's nick name on message boards is "angry inch"

Zach saying he's been getting "a lot of cracks lately"

Talking about previous BB season"

"Angry inch coma 30 ..eyebrow tweekzer" Dani says .... she continues what it says on message boards

"Dustin comma 22 Queen of Sheeba"

"Joe comma 23 Story Teller"

trying to figure one for Jen....

"kail comma 13 Rainbow"

"what would amber's be"

"amber comma 27 Slogan Killer"

"Mike comma 27 Meat log connoisseur"

"Nick comma 25 Professional Tetherball player"

"Carol comma 21 Now getting a touch of a Man"

[Dani's pretty funny with these]

[i'm out... be back tomorrow night..night all]

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