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August 30, Live Feed Updates

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7:36pm Jess & Jam whisper as Dick closes in on Zack. Dani wairess skills are coming to use with the cups and Jess says Eric is starting to get better. (Dick & Zack are soo close!) Jess:how this is gonna be so close!" Zack still with 2 cup methong but holding 3 cups as every1 is using all 3 cups. Jess & Jam think POV will be somthing crazy. (Zack is 1st but his 2 cup method to Dick's 3 cup method is catching Dick up. & more buttler) 7:44pm Dick is really cathing up to Zack with his 3 cup method to Zack's 2 cup.

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More butter. Dani looks like her ankle is about to snap.

Jess wonders what the POV will be. Jameka keeps saying "mmm mmmm"

Jess talks low to Jameka. Talk seems to be of Zach.

Jameka: If he is threatened by the girls, then I don't know.

Jess: It's getting down to it!

Jess: Oh, yeah.

(Sounds like Jess said "We've got to accept it."--Cat)

The camera person is showing Dick and Zach's bowls, now. Zach is still ahead. Dick is close behind.

(I can't see Zach losing unless he trips and breaks his leg or something, at this point.--Cat)

Jess says that Zach has been only using two cups for a long time, too. (And he's still ahead).

Dani: I changed my mind! I do like questions! (comps)

Jess is wondering why they aren't having the next envelope read.

Zach is smiling....

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7:51 Zach tries to get balls out of the bowl, and can't. He goes for more liquid.

Zach gets his balls out. 7:53

Zach is HOH

Jameka, Dani and Jess say congrats to him. Dick says he "had him by a little bit" the whole time.

Eric says nothing.

Zach gives Dani a big hug. He ignores Jess at first when she tries to give him the key. She asks if he wants the key. He says yes, and comes around to get it. She hands him the key. She starts to hug him, but he doesn't respond. She stops trying (acting like he was messy, and that was why, but he did not respond to her, either.--Cat)

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Eric is whispering to Dani. He says that he doesn't want them to think that he wasn't trying--he was just beaten by so much.

Dani and Eric are whispering. Feed one shows Jess, and it looks like she looks over at them, and then she just abruptly turns away.

Eric whispers something about Zach being a piece of shit. Talking about things Zach promised.

Eric: He's gonna put her up. (Jess) I just fucking know it.

Dani seems pretty cheerful. She tells him not to worry--there's always POV.

Eric says that maybe the four of them should stand up and tell Zach that they are an alliance, and if he put one of them up and takes them out, yes he will get one of them out. But the other three will still be there, and they will take him out.

Zach says that if it had been questions, he wouldn't have a chance, as he is a "dork and loser," but when it is physical, he is good at it. He says he is glad Jen wasn't competing.

Eric says if she was, he would have pushed her off the lane and would have been disqualified. No answer to that from anyone.

Eric and Dick look really upset.

Dani is calling Zach "Zachary!" and telling him not to forget something, asking about his pictures.


HG, this is a lockdown.

They are told to go inside.

Jess asks if Eric is really okay. He says he is.

Jess: Thank you for the phonecall.

(Sounds like Eric gave a phonecall to Jess?)


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They're outside hosing off butter.

Inside, Jess is asking Jameka if she thinks "Dani had anything to do with" him giving that. (I think she means Eric and the phonecall--Cat)

Jameka says she doesn't know, but why else was he talking to her like that?

Jess says she is going to ask him!

The discuss that maybe he wanted her (Dani's) advice.

Jess says she tried to talk to Eric out there, and he wouldn't even talk to her.

Jameka says that she thinks he is just upset or something.

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the competitors are rinsing off in the BY

Jess: uh oh.. now there's gonna be a brunette in the HOH!

Zach goes to take a shower

Dani: ugh.. cold water for EIGHT DAYS!

Jam: Hey! you were responsible for 2 of those

BB is telling everyone to put on their mics

Zack is done showering

Eric and Dick are in the shower now

Eric looks pissed!

Dani is saying how she forgot to say something about being glad that Nick "shaved that hideous mustache off his face"

Eric gets out of the shower and doesn't close the shower door... Dick says "hey.. you wanna close that for me?" and so he goes and closes it

Jess and Jam are in the big bedroom whispering (I have it on quad so I can't really make out what they are saying)

Cams 3&4 on Dani and Zach in kitchen not really too much going on there so I will switch to Jess & Jam

BB tells Dick to put on his mic

Jam is mmmhmmming (as always)

Jess says something about having a lot to carry back down the next Thursday (I think she is talking to Zach who is off cam?)

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Dani: You guys! Cold water for eight days???

Jameka: You were responsible for two of them! (Jokingly stern voice)

Dani says she wouldn't have taken it if everyone else hadn't already done it.

They were offered things during the comp.

Dani says that she didn't take the phone call because she didn't know who she wanted to talk with. She says she knew who she wanted to talk to, but she had someone else she wanted to talk to, also. So, she didn't want that decision.

Jameka says that maybe if she had been able to be alone, it would have been different.

BB is telling everyone to put on mics, even though they have no clothes on.

Dick: Give me a second. Goddamn!

Jess is sitting alone at the table, looking upset.

Eric, Zach and Dick around the shower area, taking showers. Zach says that a beer would be good, now.

Zach is out now, and the other two guys are showering.

Dani is saying something about how she was asked if there was "anything she wanted to say to Nick." She couldn't think--thought she would say something about how glad she was that he got rid of the "hideous mustache and hair."

Dani is very chipper right now.

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Jess is whispering to Jameka. She says that she is excited about the phonecall, but kind of feels bad that Eric didn't keep it for himself.

Jess says she is hoping Dean is home.

Jameka says she is happy for her, and she would rather Jess got it (Jess said she felt bad Jameka didn't get it).

Jameka says you enter the game thinking you won't have friends, but you end up having them.

Jess says that there aren't many weeks left.

Jameka says they have to see how this week goes.

Jess says she had to sit this one out with Jameka.

Jess is worried about how this week will go.

Jameka says she doesn't understand--she thought she only had to sit out four HOH's, and she could compete on the 5th. Jess explains she still has one more to go before she can compete, after this.

Jameka is confused, then understands and says Jess is right.

Jameka says that she heard Dick and Eric talking about the phone call, and Eric said to Dick, "It's not for me." (Meaning Eric already planned to give it to Jess). Jameka says she was telling Eric to take the phonecall (knowing Eric was so far behind) and she hopes Eric didn't take it that she was trying to get him to take the phonecall for someone else--she meant for Eric to take it for himself. Jess says no, she doesn't think he thought that.

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Dick: not bad for an old man, huh?

Jess: you did good, Dick... sooooooo close

Dick is wearing a red shirt that says "MEAT" and puts on his mic

Jam says something about seeing "it" on the patio part in the BY and apologizes for not thinking to grab it (not sure what "it" is)

Dick saying that he is so mad (because the comp was so close and he almost won)

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Dick very proud of himself for a close call. Zack winning(see video thread) has stirred things up in house a little. Everyone is nervous and chatting.

Jessica and Jameka talking,

Eric just finished cleaning up and Dick done shower,

Dani in kitchen.

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Jess and Jameka are talking about whether "that was just an act" by someone. (Feeds are breaking up tonight, so I didn't understand who they meant).

Jess says she is "tired of trying to figure stuff out." Jameka agrees.

Jess says she needs to go in the kitchen and get something to eat, even if she doesn't feel like it, and she needs to "stop pouting."

Jess asks if Jameka is going to go up and talk to Zach. Jameka says Zach is the "type of person" who would want each person to talk to him. Jess says she knows, and she will eventually have to talk to him.

Jameka says Jess put him up, and Jameka is the person Jess didn't put up, when she could have (so they are both in a bad position with Zach--Cat).

Dick goes in to talk to Jameka and Jess.

In the meantime, Zach is sitting with Dani at the table as she eats. Dani whispers to him that he is "final five for sure" and that's exciting.

Zach says "Next week is big, and I can't do anything."

Dani asks if he has an idea of who he will put up?

He says yes--he has been building the idea in his head "for a long time." She says she knows "one" and he says she will "be surprised."

Zach says something to Dani about "reinforcing information with your Dad, for next week."

Zach says he goes "over the top" with him, and he doesn't like that.

Dani says, "Hello!" She says he is talking to someone who didn't talk to Dick for 6 years, total, so she knows. She says he does that because no one stands up to him, and she does.

Zach kept a teacup as a souvenir.

Dani, Jameka and Zach are sitting at the table, talking. I don't see Jess, but I think she is making food. Eric is nowhere to be found. Dick is lying on the round bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking.

(If we think we've seen a power trip before, I think we'll see a major one to beat them all this week.--Cat)

Zach is telling them that "anyone that wants to stay, can" in his house. (not HOH--his actual house).

Zach says that he only has one prized thing--his Tony Hawk signed skateboard.

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Eric hurt his back in the competition. He was in the DR asking for someone to see him for it.

Dani: Jessica, someone needs a backrub. I was talking about Zach.

Dani giggles

Jess doesn't say anything.

Zach says that he can't believe he actually won something.

Eric says he did really, really well.

Zach asks Eric what hurts on him. He says his back. Eric says that it's not an excuse why he lost--he just got hurt.

Zach says that his older brother won a car, once.

There was a graduation thing and Jess says her school had that, too.

Zach's brother won the car.

He ended up giving the car to his Dad, and then his Dad gave the car to his uncle, and then his uncle totaled it.

Talk about Jess and her car wrecks, and she says she was always sober, and they always happened in the morning, on the way to school.

Dani says she has never been in an accident, but had a ticket once.

Zach says he has totaled two cars. He "hydroplaned into a FedEx truck once." It was on Thanksgiving.

Zach says he "can't believe he got skipped again" on the Julie questions. He thinks Julie doesn't know he is "still here."

Dani keeps joking with Zach, talking a lot.

Zach: I always feel like I've got ants crawling on me.


Dani says the comp was rough. She says if she had been watching, she wouldn't have appreciated it (and she says no offense to Jess and Jameka) but it was brutal.

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Eric says he knows people have eaten, but would anyone like a grilled cheese? Everyone says no, thanks. Jameka offers to make it for him (even though she is eating right now--ed) but he says no, thanks. Then, Zach decides he would like one, "if Eric is making them."

Eric talks about getting butter right into his eye. Plus, he slammed into the teapot.

Jess says she laughed when he dumped it on his head.

Eric says he was so far behind, he dumped it on his head.

He says he was "dying and wanted to be refreshed."

Talk about the spit question.

Dani says that her dad does it all of the time, and Dick has been asked not to do it, because of the audio.

Dani: We've had complaints.

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