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July 28, Live Feed Updates

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5:11- dick is out of hoh with dustin and walks into the little room and trys to get into bed with eric. Eric declines the offer (ed note kind of what happend with joe). In the little room are zack nick jessica and jen and eric.

Dick- imitating of what eric would say - I hate you that was kind of extreme dont you think.

Eric and jessica jokingly call Dick a homo. Dick saying how he should spoon Eric.

Jessica- Eric get over yourself like your so cool and hip.

Dick explaigning how Eric got mad at him.

jessica jokingly says that eric got mad because he lies in his bed naked.

Now dick in the backyard smoking cigarettes. Dick complaigning about the heat and telling BB he would really like to do some diary room sessions.

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Dick said he wants to do a DR, talking to BB, then quick switch to Dustin. Kail runs upstairs to HoH and tells him the outside is open and no one knows she is there. She hugs him. He apologizes for being selfish, she said she told him not to win PoV. It is better to let someone else use it, then to change his own nominations. Kail asked if Jameka is going to use it. Dustin said he isn't sure, he hasn't spoken to her. Kail said she has to or she will look bad. dustin explains that Jen is the one who put her in that postition, and it was a shady way of doing it. Dustin thought Jameka told Kail she would use it on her, but Kail didn't remember that. Kail said that Jameka will look horrible to the house if she doesn't use it. Dustin said if Jameka uses it, then he puts Zach up, then Zach will go home.

Kail said Dick knows about the backdoor scenario, but Zach doesn't. She said that Dick will remember it, and if Dustin is in the final 2, Dick will hol it against him that he backdoored someone. She said Zach doesn't even know that is what is going on, so he wouldn't hold it against him if he made it to the jury. (she is really campaigning to backdoor Dick) Dustin wants to know why it would be held against him when he isn't doing anything against Dick. He asked if she wanted Dick backdoored. She said yes, but that isn't best for Dustin. He said the house wouldn't go for that.

Kail is trying to coach Dustin on how to handle Dick, and he said Dick has never come after him. He is going through the comp again, and how it played out. Kail said if Zach is his target, then it plays well for him. He said Kail was already out, she had no money. She said she would have lost anyway. Kail wants to know what he is going to do, and he said he has to talk with Jameka to see what she is going to do.

Zach comes up and rings the doorbell, and Dustin barely opens the door to tell him to come back later. Dustin said Zach is driving him crazy and everyone else in the house as well. He said he will put Zach up. Dick wanted Jen or Kail out, then flipped last week to Mike, and Dustin said he isn't going to cover and take out Jen or Kail for him. He said Dick doesn't mess with him. He said Dick knows his plan, that Dustin is going after someone ele. Kail said Jameka HAS to use the Veto to save herself.

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Dustin said if he won PoV, it would have made him look like a comtender. It also would have made him an enemy of others. This way he doesn't have to talke one of his nominations off the block. High fives for the way the game is going for him.

Dustin said every single time there is a challenge, 3 things always happens.

1. Dick goes off on somebody.

2. Amber cries.

3. Nick and Daniele go off in a corner and whisper.

Kail laughs and said he is right. Amber isn't talking to him right now. Kail said Amber has never been HoH so she doesn't know what it is like. Dustin hopes they don't hold it against him. Kail said she completely understands. Dustin said he doesn't know if he will win, so at least he has something. Kail is worried because Amber hasn't talked to her. Dustin said that is okay, it is because she doesn't want to say anything since Kail is on the block. Again saying Jameka has to use the PoV to save face.

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Kail goes up to HOH and talks Dustin up. Kail asks Dustin if Jam was going to use the veto and then Kail says she (Jam) has to or she will look horrible to the HGs. Dustin says Jam may not.

Kail insinuates to Dustin about backdooring Dick. Dustin asks her directly if that's what she wants and she backpeddals and tells Dustin that Dick didn't go off on him (Dustin) because dan stopped him and reminded Dick that Dustin was HOH. Dustin deffending Dcik saying Dick would never go after him and Dick did not flip him off and Dick actually had been giving him (Dustin) advice in HOH.

Dustin tells Kail that he asked Jam if she was mad at him and she said "no, it's your HOH sweety, you do what you have to do. It's your week". Dustin says Dick doesn't mess with him, they have an understanding. Dustin is putting up Zach, and that's that. Kail insists that Jam can't back out of using POV.

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Dustin and Kail still talking about the game. He is repeating himself over and over again about taking the money and trip and hopeing it doesn't come back to bite him.. He said stop beating a dead horse. (He should heed his own advice).

Kail said don't let Dick plant doubts in his mind about taking the gifts. She said until Dick said something about Jen doing it on purpose, it never occurred to her. Dustin said his mind doesn't work that way. Kail said she will tell Jen to stop talking about the money. She overheard Jen talking to Jameka and thanking her for fighting so hard for her, giving up the money and all.

Kail thinks that Nick and Dani voted for her to go out. (it was Zach and Eric) Dustin said he doesn't know who voted which way and he doesn't care. He said it is like the mustard thing, some things are better left unsolved. Kail said this is the first time in 4 weeks that Jameka has had to put herself out there. Dustin had to put two people up, PoV has been used, HoH has noms, Jameka hasn't had to do anything.

Dustin doesn't know where Barbados is, but he is excited about going. The money will pay his rent while he is in the house, plus while he is in Barbados. He said there is a real world out there, and he has to think about that. Dustin said Dick could go off on someone else. Kail said she will still have her moments. Kail thinks she has Amber, Jen, Jameka and Eric's votes, so Dustin will be the tie-breaker.

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Kail leaves, Dustin said he is going to take a nap. Jen starts to go upstairs, but Kail stops her and says she wants to talk with her first. They are trying to find a room to talk. People seem to be everywhere. They end up in bathroom. Kail tells about her talk with Dustin. Jen thinks that Jameka doesn't need to be talked into using it. She thinks she will use it. Kail telling how Dustin is afraid everyone is mad at him for taking the money and gifts. Jen said no one is upset except Dick.

Kail said she tried to talk Dustin into putting Dick up, and it isn't going to happen. Jen said that is fine, then they are in an alliance. Kail said Dustin said Dick doesn't mess with him. Jen said not yet. Kail told her not to discuss the money that Dustin took. Kail said she has to worry until Thursday that people won't flip. Jen said they want to keep them in the house, so they are always targets. Kail said no one will take Dick out except her and Jen. They don't know why, except they are all afraid of him. They keep saying Jameka HAS to use the veto. It is huge for everyone to see that she follows through with her word. Jen said no one is mad at her except Dick. Kail said she would love it if Dick were more paranoid. Jen said he already went to see Dustin, so he knows he isn't going up. They think the Veto ceremony is Monday.

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Kail said she was saying who she had for votes, and Dustin said he would have Amber talk to Dani. She questioned why Dani instead of Jessica. Again he stated Amber would talk to Dani. Jen said she always thinks that there is an alliance with Dick, Daniele, Dustin and Amber and that shows it even more. Kail said she never thought so, but now it makes sense. Jen said she sees a lot of things, but doesn't say anything. Nick comes near, so Kail said she is going to take a shower. While Kail goes to drop off her cup in the kitchen and get her shower stuff, Jen stays in the bathroom reading the bible. (they used it earlier to explain Jameka).

Feeds switch to outside. Dick and Dani in mid-convo, saying Eric is the smartest player in the game and he will be hard to get out. Nick comes out and they start talking about Kail going up to talk to Dustin all the time. Dani says Zach keeps trying to talk to her, saying he doesn't have anyone in the house. Nick wants to be the one to take Zach out. He said he will say tell him shadow, I am tired of you. Dick said actions speak louder than words. Nick said he has won three practice HoH games, he just has to win a real one. Nick talking about agendas change, and Dick again brings up the money and Barbados thing.

Feed back on Kail in bathroom, waiting for toilet. Jameka comes out. washes her hands and apologizes for being in there. Kail said no problem.

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Feeds follow Jameka out of shower and into Big bedroom. Eric and Jessica asking her about cheers. Jameka is trying to get her underwear on, and both cameras are on her. She asks Eric to get the cameras on him. They didn't move.

Feeds switch to Dustin in HoH with Nick and Daniele. Daniele is talking about Dustin taking prizes and it was obvious that he was throwing it. She also saying when Jen blew the final answer, she told her Dad that Jen said that wrong. Daniele saying she would never take the trip. she said Dustin said to them earlier that they needed to play to win, then he took the prizes. He said he did the math and thought he had it, but he made a selfish move. She said that sucks. He said he hopes that doesn't come back to haunt him later in the game. He said that doesn't make him a threat to anyone. She said she plays to win. Dani said when she found out she was going to play, she stressed. She said if she would have won, she wouldn't have used the veto. She said she did a wrong answer and took herself out of the game. Dustin said people have told him they understand his taking the trip, Dani said no one playing would have. (Kail was playing).

Zach comes up, Dustin yells through the door "not now, Zach." Daniele goes to the door and says they are talking. Zach says "again?" Dani said she hasn't talked with him all day. Zach sits down on the couches outside the HoH room. Dani says loudly that he is probably sitting close so he can hear with his supersonic ears.

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6:45BBT Dani is trying to convince Dustin to take out Kail. Says Zach - just look at him - (he is sitting alone outside HOH waiting his turn to go in) that is all he ever does is lurk around saying he has no one in the game. She says look at Kail she was in the finals for season 5 and 6 and this is game on now for her. Says something about her is threatening while Zach is going to be gone anyway. He doesn't play.

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Earlier dick and Daniele were discussing how hard it will be to take eric out of the game because eric is very good at playing. they agree that eric is the best player there and they (Dick/Dan) need to make all the other HGs aware of that.

Now Dan is in HOH giving dustin a piece of her mind (Nick there too). she's not happy that Dustin did not try to win HOH. Dan says she knows that Jen buzzed with her bs answer so that Jam would win POV and get her (Jen) out and that that wasn't cool. Dan says the moment Jen did that she elbowed her dad and told him why Jen did that. Dustin keeps repeating that it was selfish of him to go after the prizes. Dan says she wouldn't have gone for any prizes. Dan says Zach told her he felt sad for her because she could have won that trip to Barbados, but she was not going to do that because they were all supposed to do their best to win like they agreed last night. Dustin says Honestly he got caught up in the heat of the moment and made a selfish mood, and that he agrees, it was a selfish mood. dustin says he did not threaten anyone. Dan says she didn;t feel it was a threat to her but she told amber last night that she felt stressed out because she didn't want to play today because she felt she had to win today so as not to "piss" Dustin off...Dan says if she was in dustin's place she does know what she would have done (not get any prizes). Dustin says people have told him they would have doen the same thing he did. Dan says that's because they were not playing for POV. Dustin asks her if she feels like he stabbed her in the back...zach rings the bell and Dan shoos him away (Nick , who has not said one word now excuses himself and leaves the room). Dan continues with the "you didn't give a 100%, not cool you took prizes, I could have gone for prizes but I didn't..." Dustin also keeps answering that "it was selfish of him, he's sorry..." Dan is blasting Jen still for buzzing and getting Jam to win...she can't understand why Jen would do that (ed. huh?)...the whole thing sucks...Dan's personal opinion is that the noms should stay the same and Jen should go home.

Dustin tells Dan that Dick said Jess, Amber, Jam went to him and said thank you for pointing out that when in fact Dan just told him (Dustin) it was her (Dan) who had pointed it out to Dick during the comp. Dustin says Dan has to tell people that it was actually her (Dan) who saw that and not Dick. Dan says she already talk to her dad about it. Dan says her dad is goingt o talk with "her" (Jam?).

Daniele says she doesn't want to stress Jam out but somebody should talk to her (Dustin) and tell her that sometimes the right thing is not what she thinks it is. Dustin says he will talk to Jam. Dan tells Dustin Jen is their target this week but not to tell him (Nick?)because he'll tell her. Dan says Zach is blah and they shouldn't waste the noms on him.

Dan says she doesn't like Kail because she talks about her behind her (Dan) back, but Kail is a horrible game player. Daniele insists that Jen needs to go out this week. Dustin asks Dan if Jam insists on using the POV, should he put Zach or Nick up. Dan says she doesn't care BUT she would prefer that Nick went to sequester. Dan goes back to Jen is the target because the whole house wants Jen gone.

Dan tells dustin Nick has said that he wants to win HOH really bad and that he's told her and her dad that he will put Zach up and she want it to be Nick the one to put his "buddy" up for noms.

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Nick gets up to leave HoH so Dani and Dustin can talk. They again start in on the competition. Dustin said it was a selfish move and that he is a selfish person in some situations. He said he didn't know what the competition was or what they would be able to do.

Dani said it is up to Jameka, but Dani feels she should leave the nominations as they stand and Jen should go home. Dani doesn't want to say anything to anyone because they will think it as personal. Dani said Kail sucks at everything, but Jen is a manipulator and uses it against everyone. When Jen made her answer, Kail said "what" real loud, like it was unbelieveable, but then when to Jen and said good try. Dustin said he knows Amber is holding it against him on how he played the game. Again Dani said it sucks. Going over the game again...and where they went wrong and how they played it differently. More Jen bashing by Dani, Jen needs to leave. Dustin said it all boils down to Jameka. They said Jameka's ball was pulled by Jen, so Jameka felt like she had to play for Jen. Dustin is still going to talk to Jam one on one. Dani said they are playing the game differently.

Knock on the door, Nick comes in. Says something about "she" coming up, then he leaves. Dani talking about how Nick will cover for how he votes. Dani said Zach isn't a threat, because he sucks at everything. Dani wants Kail out, because she made it through the auditions and feels she hasn't yet shown who she really is. Dani starts talking about auditions, and we get a short FoTH.

Dustin asks if Jen comes down, does she want Zach up. Dani said well who else? Dustin said Nick. she starts coming up with reasons as to why not. She said it will take hours and hours and hours for the house to come to a consensus. Dani saying Eric, Jessica and Amber all would vote Jen out.

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6:47pm BB time

the end of dustin/daniele's HOH room conversation...she's pissed that he took prizes in the veto comp. instead of trying harder to win veto because she NEEDS jen out

daniele: i believe that if jameka doesnt use the veto then jen is gone because there is a concensus: everyone hates her

dustin: well if jameka does use it, because she works on fate or whatever, should i put up zach?

daniele: well who else would you put up? ( a hateful look on her face for a split second there)

dustin: well should i put nick up?

(sorry i missed a bit, but i dont think she really answered that directly)

dustin:would your dad vote jen out?

daniele: God, yeah

daniele: we have to make everyone see kail is worth nothing in this game, she doesnt even know basics (kail didnt know 'nominee' in the veto competition today)

dustin:omg yeah shes soooooo

daniele:im so over these people...i just need to talk to jameka...i think we should let my dad talk to her first

dustin: i dont think thats such a good idea

daniele: just to see where she's at

dustin:im not going to give her advice either way, im just going to talk to her to see where she's at

daniele: we've got to get our opinions in there

dustin:your dad is very good on outing people on their bullshit, that's a factual statement, and its always with HER (jen)...she acts like a dummy but she's not a dummy

daniele:she is an idiot but at the same time she knows what she's doing

dustin:this HOH stuff is not what its cracked up to be

daniele:that's what every one has said so far

dustin:its bad because that motherfucker is sleeping out there waiting to talk to me (zach)....

daniele: he knows

dustin:oh he knows, i wonder if the three of them were tipped off

daniele:its been cut down the middle since the first week, its obvious to everyone

dustin:mrs robinson is much bigger than we thought it was, and its webbed

daniele: he's not sleeping, he's such an idiot, he's following you, he's a freak....just say 'please leave me alone nobody is changing my mind'

daniele is going to listen to dustin's music, dustin thanks her for listening to him, he leaves her alone in the hoh room

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Dani saying Nick wants to win HoH and take Zach out. She said her dad told him actions speak louder than words. Dani said best case, noms stand and Jen goes home. AGAIN going over the game.

Dustin said he needs to talk to Jam, Dani said to let her dad talk to her first. He said he doesn't know about that. He said he wants to know what she is thinking, he isn't going to advise her either way. Talking about Jen...Dustin thinks she isn't book smart, but she is street smart. Dustin said HoH isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Dani said everyone says that. She said it isn't all bad either. He said it isn't good that he has Zach sleeping outside wanting to talk to him...again they joke about him saying he has supersonic ears. Zach has come to him 3 times now since the game. Dani is going to listen to Dustin's CD, he goes to the bathroom.

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Eric goes to talk to Amber. Amber is STILL CRYING!! Says Dustin was selfish and took the trip and she could have had a plasma TV but she would never do that.

Said before the comp he said he, Jen or Kail needed to get POV and he let her down. She can't even look at him because he was selfish and let her down.

Jameka comes in and tries to talk Amber into going outside for some fresh air. She agrees finally and then looks in the mirror. She starts crying again because she looks awful for crying so much!

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7:00pm BB time....(i am relieved the dani/dustin talk is over)......but now all four cams are on eric and amber in the same bed...jameka and jen are in the same room looking bored but trying to talk a little bit to them too (i just turned on the feeds a few minutes ago...amber has either been crying or is sick ...wanna guess which?....)

well she's CRYING

amber:im just so sad, dustins decision...its just so wrong, to do this to jameka....the fact that just his train of thought, he knew he had enough points in the puzzle, before the competion he said you me jen or kail has to get it, he just let me down...im like you know how much i love you, but i cant even look at him, he's so selfish

eric: i think he knows it, like he has his tail between his legs

amber: i was like there's no way he's going to take the next prize and then......im sick about it.....i cant understand how people are so fucked up its not right

jameka comes in to inform them they are having pizza and salad for dinner....jameka tries coaxing amber to come outside for some fresh air (just what amber wants, attention)

amber:guys look at me, look at my face (cries more)....who cries like this? waaahhh.....hugging eric....you know how i feel about dustin

eric:its hard right now, but you guys will talk and you will be ok, jameka is strong and she'll be ok, it will be fine and we'll get drunk tonight

amber: ok

now a hug from jameka, she has talked amber into going out on the hammock

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Amber is crying (is anyone surprised?)/ She is talking to Eric about how dissappointed she is in the way Dustin was selfish in the game. She loves him, and she can't believe how he played the game. She said she can't even look at him. Eric said he thinks Dustin knows that, and has his tail between his legs.

Jameka wants to know if she can get them anything. Eric said they are good, and should all eat together soon. Jameka said she is going to eat pizza and salad. Eric complains as they just had that. Jameka tries to get Amber to go outside. They get her up, then she starts crying again. Amber hugs Eric, and Jameka tries to cheer her up. Eric said he needs to change his shorts. Amber again goes into how much she loves Dustin, Eric says it will be a hard day, but Jameka is strong, and it will be ok. They will get rid of someone they want out, so it will be ok. Eric said he needs to take a shower. He looks bad, his hair is bad, he smells bad, he has bags under his eyes, he has guava on his crotch... Amber and Jameka get ready to go outside, and Eric announces he is going to take a shower.

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well she didnt go to the hammock, she got a washcloth and put it over her crying eyes and laid back down in the damn bed

and all four cameras want me to watch this

for a long time, while people are talking from the kitchen

finally relief comes in the form of nick and dick sitting on the couch outside....umm, spoke too soon, they are just talking about slop and types of birds outside

jen comes out eating a bowl of slop

dick mentions that when the others were on slop he avoided all the condiments and junk that the slop people could have so they would have plenty, and he's mad that this week's nonslop people are not as considerate as he was

dick nick and jen are just kinda chillin and talking/laughing

dick: what about taking your bra off in the middle of the live show last thursday?

jen: omg it hurt so bad, it was a strap bra that i was trying to make into a strapless bra, i had tucked the straps in

now dicks talking about some wonderful someone that he once hung out with (who cares, i'll take a break)

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7:33pm BBtime dustin is circling/hovering around jameka at the dining table....but there's jen hanging around in the kitchen :animated_bouncy:

jessica is still eating at the table with jameka, and now eric has come in talking loudly too.....it is easy to sense dustin's annoyance

jameka is either the world's slowest eater or she isnt ready to talk now...her food is lasting a loooong time, so instead of hovering beside her at the table he gets something out of the fridge, while he is over there jameka and jessica try to make a break for it to go outside......BUT dustin blurts 'jameka do you wanna hammock date with me?'................and she of course says yes

jameka/dustin/dick standing outside:

dustin: jen's trying to be up all night with us and hang with us.

dick: why dont you tell her to go away, why dont we all go up to the hoh (for the late night crew meeting)

dustin and jameka move it to the hammock:

jameka:so you feeling ok now?

dustin:no, cause i understand amber, nick, daniele are upset with me

jameka:where is daniele?

dustin:talking with amber......i told daniele, i fought it to win it....but daniele said you took the two best prizes thats not fighting to win thats being greedy

dustin:i said the only thing i can do is apologize, when it came down to the heat of the moment i fell for it , i bought everything on the counter...im going to enjoy them when they come but right now it hurts....i saw myself paying off bills paying off bills and i saw myself on vacation with my best friend and i grabbed it......it was not my intention to put you in this position at all

jameka: mmmmhmmm mmhmmmm mhmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm mmm hmmm mmhm

dustin: if that five grand had sat there and no one would have grabbed it we all still would have had an equal shot at the end to win it, and that opened a door for jen to do what she did, i dont know if she planned it but daniele and dick seem to think she did

jameka: i am not shocked, not because i had low standards for you, i just look at it differently, its like yeah fight to win but even at that point..why let it go (her mmhmmm's make more sense than this)....i feel like you are hoh so enjoy the perks that come with it

dustin: you made that promise to jen , and i feel that was crushing you up there

jameka: yeah i was just like ugghhhh, its whatever, she did what she did, im still gonna use it, like eric said in the big picture.....i dont know if people want to go with kail,nick,or zach, so you have to keep reevaluating

dustin:so have you had the conversation with jen?

jameka: yeah, and she said "i know it looks like i threw it but i really thought it was just safety, i cant believe you didnt take the money and im sorry" and i just said whatever, i understand, whatever.

dustin: after all was said and done, i was like wait a minute, i could have not taken those prizes and i could have the pov in my hands now....the consequences of my actions didnt cross my mind until after, i was like jameka could have had that money

jameka: no dont think that way, i gave my word thats why im not trippin, its whatever

dustin:daniele said you said youre sorry, amber is not talking to me now

jameka: i noticed a few faces when i came out the house , i was like whoa

dustin: daniele was like 'im a competitor and i compete to win, and you did not compete to win'

jameka: mmhmm

(backing up, remember that dustin had just told daniele he would talk to jameka about using the pov, but no mention of that has been done, he's just lamenting about everyone being mad at him for winning prizes instead of the pov)

dustin: our meeting tonight is going to be heated

jameka:well maybe we should have some kind of order

dustin:i will have my individual conversations about the pov events because im not ED, im not going to walk around saying 'fuck off' that's not me

jameka: it would be different if i hadnt already told everyone what my intentions were beforehand, im not worried about it

dustin: big picture i see it as nothing, an hoh week, major personal gains outside of this house, but also major consequences down the rode in this game

jameka:mhmmmm (times infinity)

dustin:the fact that amber wont talk about shows certain parts about her character, she can tell everyone else what a terrible person she thinks i am now

jameka:i dont know what she's processing

dustin: i know honestly she is hurt because of the situation that you are in

jameka: i want y'all to know im fine fine fine with it

dustin:the relationship i have with you and the relationship she has with you, she wears her emotions on her sleeve, her being herself and the way she processes in this game, thats the choices that she makes, i hope that you are at peace with this situation (she has said she is ok a million times dustin!)

jameka: i am fine

dustin: i want to say one thing before we meet as a whole group, because jen is coming down, there are a few that can go up, you and i both know of the possiblities , if kail stays she is a solid vote for you and me if we were to be put up, because i dont think that rings true of anyone else in this house

jameka: my thing is that i dont think she'll make it

dustin: my original intentions, i hope people wont go back because of the way things transpired today

jameka: i can totatally see that happening though

dustin: yeah like a big 'fuck you'

jameka: i totally see that being the case, but we shall see ....i kinda just want to be done with it, but i know we cant...the waiting game

dustin: the hoh or person with veto has always complained about waiting till thursday again, now that you and i are in the position we are in its terrible...i appreciate you being open and honest with me

jameka: youre welcome......can you see like previous hoh's were torn now that you are in this position?

dustin: when dick and kail said it was hard to be hoh, i never really took it either way, but it is oh it is soooo hard...if jen or kail dont go home they will still remember that i put them up

jameka:but kail offered to go up

dustin:she did and she said she would never hold it against me...i think eric is very good at playing devils advocate and playing out different scenarios...many people want to play with personal vendettas and thats not how i want to play this game, for me its best for me strategically to take one of those guys out

jameka: i look at zach and im like just please leave, its not much of a strategy.....i look at nick, you take out the jen-zach-daniele factor

dustin:tonights debate is going to be zach or kail...and im really hoping its going to be one of the guys

jameka:would you put up a pawn to ensure?

dustin: i would make an enemy...would anyone be willing

jameka:i dont know of anyone

dustin: i had asked daniele about nick, and she was like dont you dare...so i dont want to see that ever again

dustin: do we need to figure this all out tonight, or can it wait till tommorrow? because jens going to be trying to hang around till four oclock in the morning

jameka: no, well it'll be the same tommorrow

dustin: yeah, i need to get things off my chest and break that silence with certain people in this house

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Jessica asks Jameka if Amber is okay then rolls her eyes. Jess then whispers to Jameka that Amber is bitter because Dustin took the trip to Barbados.

Dustin is now apologizing to Jam for going for the prize which, he says Dick and Dan are sure, opened the door for Jen to do what she did so that Jam would win the veto and get her (Jen) off.

Dustin tells Jam that it was the promise that Jam made to Jen that probably "devastated" her. Jam: "I don't know, it is what it is". Dustin asks if Jam has had "that" conversation with Jen. Jam says Jen apologized to her...Jam says she's not tripping over that at all...Dustin asks her if she means that...Jam says she does.

Dustin continues to apologize, says he feels responsible for her winning POV because he let himself get carried awayduring the comp. Jam says she would not have taken the prize either way, it's not his fault, he should enjoy himself. Dustin tells Jam that Amber is mad at him and so is Daniele. He says Dan told him he did not compete to win.

Dustin tells Jam that Dan told him it is going to be a heated conversation with the group tonight. Dustin says he doesn't want to address everybody as a whole. he wants to talk to each person separately, he's not like ED. Jam says it would be different if she had not told anyone of her intentions and now came out with "I'm going to do it", but she had told everyone, and she's not tripping.

Dustin is afraid that there may be major consequences against him in the weeks to come because of how things went today. Dustin says that the fact that Amber is not talking to him bothers him cuz it says something about her character that she's not able to say to him what she's telling everybody else about him. Dustin says he knows Amber is hurt because it happened to Jam. Jam says that's why she keeps saying "I am fine"

Dustin tells Jam that he hopes she (Jam) is at peace with this situation. she says she is. Dustin says, that if Jen comes down they need to talk about who they're putting up. Because Dustin thinks if Kail stays she'll be a solid vote for Jam in the future. Jam can totally see it, but she doesn't know how Kail will survive against anyone this week.

Jam just wants to be done with it. She wishes they all could just have that talk right now and get it over with, but she knows she has to wait and she hates the waiting game.

Dustin appreciates her being okay with him. Dustin says being HOH is hard because you are putting your neck out there because of this and that. Dustin says Kail understood why she was being put up. Dustin thinks Eric is very good at playing different scenarios, that many people use this game for personal vendettas and that's not how he wants to play the game.

Dustin tells Jam that he asked Dan what if he put nick up as a pawn and Dan said "absolutely not!" (ed. to be fair Dan didn't say it like that, she said she didn't care but she'd rather send Nick to sequester)

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8:15pm bb time

dustin and jameka have talked this into the ground so now they're both silent...watching loud jessica playing golf

jameka:do we wait till people go to bed?

dustin:we could do it now...

jameka: i think its going to be different tonight because people are on edge, like zach hanging around upstairs

dustin:kail was the first to come upstairs, then within five minutes of the door opening there's zach 'hey'....and then im come downstairs talk to dick and daniele, and zach asks to listen to my cd...then me and daniele in hoh and he comes upstairs...i had to go zach go away...daniele said we are having a conversation and he laid on the couch upstairs..even all through my diary room...its scary scary behavior that i dont trust

jameka:its ridiculous...i dont know where they got him from, that one i cant figure out

dustin: he didnt apply for the show

jameka: he said he did

dustin: he replied to an AD on craigslist (quick FOTH from that)

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In the competition, they wore black turtlenecks and black berets. Dustin thought they were going to paint. Eric commented at one point afterwards that he had food all over him.

Dustin is talking to Jameka. Zach was waiting for Dustin in the HOH before Dustin had a chance to even rest after the competition. Zach has been following Dustin around. Nick then wanted to listen to Dustin's CD. Dani and Nick were in the HOH with Dustin, and Zach followed them up there, and Dustin shouted through the door, Zach, go away! He wanted to know why. Then, Dani told him that they were having a private conversation. Zach laid down outside the door and wouldn't leave. He laid there the whole time Dustin was in DR. Dustin says that is the type of scary behavior of a person who would call someone over and over. (Stalker).

Jameka is being firm with Dustin that she isn't having a hard time (Dustin keeps saying "they" are in a difficult situation now, due to the way things "played out" with POV). She says she told everyone before POV even happened, that she would take Jen off. She told Jen that, she told Kail that, and she told the group that last night. So, the decision isn't hard for her.

It's obvious (to me) that Dustin has tried to make her think that Kail would be better to keep than Jen. He told Jameka that Kail is a "guaranteed vote" for Jameka, Dustin and Amber. He says that is different than others in the house. Jameka told him that she doesn't think Kail will stay around that long, though. Kail is on the list of four people that they want to get out, so why does it matter in what order it happens? So, she's at peace with it. (It would be in Jameka's best interests to keep her word with Jen--Jen would remember it and would not put her on the block later--ed).

Dustin is now agreeing with Jameka that Zach would be the person to get out, and the conversation tonight will be about whether Zach, Kail or Nick leaves. Dustin says that he doesn't like Jen, but she is not his enemy.

Jameka says think of it this way--next week, Jen and/or Kail will be on the block three weeks. They will be thinking of who put them on the block THAT week, not who put them up this week, necessarily. Or maybe they will think of Evel Dick.

Dustin says he needs to talk with Amber.

Dustin: Actually, she needs to talk with me, because she's not the type of person to just open up when a person wants her to.

Jameka agrees.

Dustin: Well, I apologize that you are in the situation you are in, but you handle it with grace and dignity.

Jameka; Yeah, and my big mouth.

Jameka says she guesses she misunderstood from the conversations they had--so many scenarios were played out.

Dustin says he thinks a lot of people misunderstood.

Dustin: I mean, don't take the situation too personally, though. You know? If ED is going to blow up at you and go, "Look at what you got yourself into!"

Dustin tells her to say she told them last night what her plan was. Dustin says their group is so large--every person has their own wants and needs, and each week the new HOH will have their own plan and way of going about things.

Jameka: That's true. Mmmm mmm mmm This is true.

Dustin: Let's get in there.

To summarize: Jameka plans to keep her word to Jen. She would love to see Zach out, and that is how she would vote.

Dustin claims that he would rather see one of the two guys (Zach or Nick) out rather than Kail.

They plan to have a talk in the HOH tonight.

At first, Dustin talked of postponing it to tomorrow, but now it looks like it will be tonight. Dustin told Jameka that he will not talk to everyone tonight about the POV comp (he doesn't want to hear them jumping on him about it). He will talk to each person individually.

Dustin goes in and asks Amber if she will talk to him now, and she says "probably not."

He asks if she will let him know when she is ready.

She doesn't respond vocally.

(Earlier, Jess told Jameka that Amber is taking this hard, "Even harder than me, and I could have won the fucking trip!")

Now, Jess is inside asking if Amber is okay, and she says she is doing better. (Someone kill her, please! --Cat)

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