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July 28, Live Feed Updates

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Well I guess Eric is being the host for the POV from what I can tell. Jen asked Amber if they are going to do abs tonight and she said no in a very depressed sound and instead she is giving Eric a back rub. Jess is doing abs and as Amber walked out of the room she stopped to talk to Jess and said that Jen did this or that to her and Jess said she saw Jen pull away from her like she didn't want Amber to touch her. Amber says thank you very much she didn't think anyone saw that. Then Amber wanted to know what Nick told Jess and Jess said that Nick told her Amber was mad at him and accused him of hugging Jen. Amber says she didn't say hug, she said comfort Jen. (she sure said hug to Dustin and Nick didn't hug Jen as far as I saw). Amber says Eric talked to her alot today and knocked some sense in her and she really is down with putting any of the four up and sending them home. She says Eric is good at talking to her and making her see things and Jess says Eric is good and showing everyone a new angle to things.

Sounds like they have to get up early tomorrow for the POV. Jen told Kail that she didn't see why it would take two hours to set up for the POV if they were hiding things in the house. Jen just says that she is glad they told them so they can get their stuff done and everyone can go to bed tonight.

(I am out of here for the night. Please someone take over. Night folks.)

Sorry Jem, posted this on the other thread before I saw you start the new one.

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Nick and Dani were talking in the HOH. Nick said he knows something is bothering Dani, but Dani won't confirm it. (Dani has been acting different since Amber told her they want to backdoor Nick). You can tell Dani feels awkwaaaaard trying to keep the info from Nick.

Nick tells Dani that he was only talking to Jen because she was crying. He felt bad for her and couldn't let her cry in the corner by herself. Dani says she doesn't care about that. Niick tells her that he really has feelings for Dani.

Dani is playing in the POV. She says she really didn't want to. Her and Dick think the POV will be about things missing from the house. Dani says she's horrible at that kind of stuff, but Jen is really good at it.

Dani and Dick are in the BY talking. Dick says he's so over Amber and plans on avoiding her for "more than a few days."

Dani again saying how she doesn't want to play in the POV. Dick says that BB said they'd be on OD LD for 2-4 hours and he's assuming it'll be 4.

Dani and Dick going over Zach's behavior. They compare notes and see that Zach is telling everyone the same thing (they're all fierce competitors) and he's trying to get into an alliance.

Dick tells Dani to stop whispering to everyone. He says that can really be misconstrued. He also said someone said she was talking under the covers with Nick this morning. Dani says, "So?"

9:30 BBT

Nick and Dustin in HOH. Nick is telling Dustin about his conversation with Dani. He's telling Dustin that Dani can trust him and that Nick has no feelings for Jen. Dustin and Nick start trashing Jen.

Nick tells Dustin that Dani shouldn't read too much into his hug with Jen; he's just being empathetic. Nick tells Dustin he feels bad for Zach, too since he's out of place.

Dustin's bear's name is BearBear and his dog's name is Poopy.

9:35 BBT Dustin leaves HOH and Nick stays to listen to music.

Kail and Jen are in the BY. Kail is telling Jen that they need to stick together and get Dick and Dani out next week.

Kail says it's going to be a long week for her. She says if she wins the POV, she may have to take Jen down. Jen says, "That's funny." Kail says she doesn't think Jen would have the votes to stay against anyone else.

Kail says, if she wins, she'll talk to Dustin before she does anything.

Jen says they need to take Dani out of the competition, but anyone else should be on their side.

Jen says Eric has been getting shady. He took Jen out of the HOH comp and left Dani in for three more turns. Kail says Dani has been flirting with Eric, but Jen says that has no effect on Eric.

Kail says that, if Nick is put up against Jen, the vote will be tied. They wonder who Dustin will choose to evict. They decide to stop talking about it until the POV meeting.

Jen says she always wins the POV. (ummmm.... hasn't she only one one POV??)

They agree they need to start winning HOH's again especially since "someone like Dustin will put us up."

Kail and Jen are talking about Zach telling everyone in the house the same thing. (Funny that Dani and Dick just had this conversation in the exact same spot less than 30 minutes ago).

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Dustin and Nick are in the HOH room talking about the situation when Nick was in the bathroom hugging jen after nominations.

Nick continues to talk about how he feels Danielle is upset that he was showing empathy for Jen, when she was crying. He feels that Danielle is really upset about it.

Dustin says that Kail is walking around the house like a basket case, she is off her rocker now that she is on the block again. She has already came and talked to him twice today.

D: i had a conversation with Jen, she is ok with being nominated now. Kail on the other hand is going crazy.

Dustin leaves the HOH room.

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Dick and Jen in BY...Dick is telling Jen how she should play better

She was stupid for putting Joe up on the block for Dustin

He says that she didnt even want Joe to go and reminded her how she campaigned for ED to get evicted

Dick is glad that he isnt playing in the POV tomorrow...he congratulates Jess for being in it even though she sucks....Jess replies with I will show you tomorrow that I dont suck Dick...

Dick laughed and replied with Did you just say suck dick?

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Jen: Weve been here for almost a month...They are both saying how things seem to have happened more recent than they actually have

Jen is happy to play tomorrow....she says because the other players are HGs that really want to play(not sure on her strategy with that on)

Dick goes back to breaking the Mrs Robinson alliance up...he says Kail has talked shit about his son.....he explains to Jen that nobody wants Kail here that Mike was a bigger threat than Kail...He says that the votes werent because the HGs like Kail more as the HGs felt Mike was a stronger player

Dick confronts Jen about talking to Kail blurting out things right before the eviction and before HOH...Jen replies: I dont know

Dick repeats the story of stepping off the pedastal to put Mike on the block....and says he accomplished everything he wanted to during his time as HOH...(broke up the alliance) He says it was Mikes stupid mistake of "defending his alliance" that he is gone.....but then ED changes heart to how he misses Mike...Shouts out"sorry Mike...we can go out for a beer after this" He says he misses Mike for doing the dishes...the laundry

Jen says she is heading to bed....ED replies"Good luck tomorrow"

ED walks in mumbling to himself...these people are full of sh**

Feed switches to the Kitchen....

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Dustin takes Amber in the SR....he sounds upset...

A:its the whole way you went about it...but its fine now"

D:Every move we make is for you and I...Im sorry if I got you worked up for hosting the POV competition...

Dustin says something about her wearing her heart on her sleeve

Amber asks what Nick said about her....Dustin doesnt say much(not to upset Amber I suppose)

They both say Nick has to go...they then talk how Dick had said Kail has to go and Dustin had said...no Im HOH this week and I want Zach out...that was my plan, to backdoor him..

Dustin and Amber are still in SR talking about how the POV will be played tomorrow...stuff hidden in the house or missing...Dustin tells Amber how he told Kail that she was put up as a pawn and she is a strong competitor and that she can win POV...Dust doesnt know about some of her relationships in the house and thats why she is on the block...but he also told Kail Good luck in the POV tomorrow

Dustin and Amber both say I love you and hug...

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Jen leaves the backyard as Dick is very confrontive with her, and a little vindictive. He told her she was lying about saying she doesn't remember who she claimed voted against Kail (Dick thinks she said Nick did it).

She thinks she said Dani and Zach voted against kail, but Dick says that is a lie. She says she doesn't remember, then, and he says that is a lie, too.

He says he is happy with the two on the block this week, and one of them is going home. He says that it is the same couple of people on the block (Jen and Kail) and so he is happy. He feels he had a "successful HOH" and broke up the alliance and a sub-alliance.

Jen goes in the kitchen, and Jameka is talking with Jen and Dustin. Jameka was the one chosen in the draw by Jen to play for POV. Jameka is telling Dustin that she does intend to play for Jen and take Jen off the block as she was drawn by Jen. She hopes this is ok with Dustin. Dustin tells her that she should play and try for it, and not throw it. Jen tells Dustin that she didn't ask Jameka to do this--Jameka offered. He says he understands that. He tells her (reminding her of how she tried to sway the POV when she was HOH) that he is not out to tell people how to play POV. It is their contest to play. He can choose to do what he wants with POV if he gets it, and they can, too, and that's the way it should be. She appreciates that. She says it was different during her HOH, though. He says no, it wasn't different. Jen thinks a second and says he is right--she was stupid to go telling people how to play POV. He agrees. Jen says that if he had been upset with Jameka for playing for her, she would have told Jameka to get out first, to avoid getting into trouble.

As they are talking, Amber walks across the room and gives Dustin a mean look. He yells across at her to come and talk to him! He sounds really irritated. He leaves the talk in the kitchen and is exasperated and joins Amber in the storage room, where he tells her she is angry with him, and she hugs him. Apparently, during the drawing for POV, Dustin drew Eric as a random person for the hosting duties. He says that he realizes Amber is upset that he didn't choose her. She says that it just hurt her feelings, as he made a point of saying he was doing it by "random" chance. He says that he did that on purpose because he and Amber sleep together and choose each other for everything in the house. So, he wanted to show that they don't have to choose each other for everything. Amber seems okay with this.

Amber talks about Nick, saying he worries her and he needs to go. They discuss whether it should be Nick or Zach who is backdoored. They know that Dani (who is playing POV) will keep the nominations the same. They believe Jess (who is also playing) might go ahead and use POV, too. They know it it is a sure thing that Jameka, Dustin, Kail or Jen would use the POV, so they have a good chance of backdooring someone, and they will have to talk and discuss what to do after the POV is played, to see who is left on the block.

(Outside, Dani and Dick were talking, saying they want Kail gone. Dani feels Kail hates her, and Dick feels Kail hates him.)

Dustin has gone outside. He is telling the group that tomorrow is POV and he IS planning on changing the nominations if he wins. He says it is his goal to backdoor Zach, and that Jameka will use POV, too, if she gets it. Dani is silent during this conversation. Dick is also silent. Dani looks angry, and Dick is blowing smoke rings constantly, looking angry.

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Dustin goes to the BY and tells Jameka, Jess, Danielle, Eric, ED, and Amber...that he is planning on putting Zach up if the POV is played and that he would want Zach to go....

Jess: So is it like a group consesus that everyone wants Zach out

Jen walks out to interrupt their conversation...it goes to why they had to pick the players tonight.....then talk of nerves and almonds...(got me...lol)...then talk of doing abs again....(go away Jen)...nothing interesting being said...

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During the above conversation, those present are Jameka, Eric, Jess, Dani, Dick, Amber and Dustin. (Earlier I said Jen was present, but she came up later on and stopped the conversation about backdooring Zach, so she might not have heard)--ed

Just before the talk, Eric was telling Jameka that they have a great scenario going, and there is no wrong thing to do, but he thinks they should take a deep breath and get Zach out. He tells Jameka that they each have personal feelings about people they would like to see out first. However, if they all stick together and work together (and Eric says that he will "fight to the death" for the people he cares about in the house), then they have another month in the house, guaranteed. It's too early to even think of breaking apart. Jameka is really soaking this in, and agreeing. (In the storage room at near the same time, Amber told Dustin that Eric talked a lot of sense into her about Nick. Dustin said he was glad Eric could do that for her, and maybe she should be in an alliance with Eric. He said this as if joking, in a dry manner. She said in the same way that maybe she should! Then they laughed and hugged.)

So, then Dustin came out after this and gave his speech about how he plans to use the veto. So, the only one who would not plan to use it is Dani at this point, as Jess agreed outside, and she is the other POV player.

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Jameka is talking to Amber, who is on the treadmill.

Jameka is talking about how Jameka had asked outside if Dani and Jess planned on playing for the veto. Jess said she would play (to use it) and Dani said she would never not play.

Amber says yeah, but it was okay for Amber to throw the veto to Dani when she played!

Jameka says that she feels that she (Jameka) must play a selfless game to get ahead. Jameka was selfless with Amber, and now with Jen, and it is working for her. And only selfish people have a problem with that. Amber agrees.

Jameka says that Dani wants her to throw it or not play. That way, Dani can get Jen out.

Amber says she doesn't want Jen to leave--Jen needs to be in sequester, and Eric wants Jen in sequester. Jameka agrees. Jameka says she is going to "state her case" out there, too.

Amber says that she had it out with Dick, Nick and Jen today. Jen and Dick apologized, and now they know where she stands.

Dustin comes in. He says that he has thought about what they've been saying. He is wondering how Jameka/Amber would feel about getting Nick out this week? Amber says she thinks it is better to stick with getting Zach out this week.

Jameka asks who Nick would put up next week? Amber says that Nick says he would put up Jen and Kail. Jameka says she does not buy that. That is Nick buying another week in the house.

Dustin says that he likes Eric, but Eric is out there saying that the group wants Kail gone, though! Dustin says that he wants to say that maybe the group wants that, but Dustin wants Zach out, and so did Eric last week, so what changed his mind?? Jameka says that you can't say that, though!

Dustin says that Dick is griping that he wants Kail out, but he said that last week and didn't take Kail out--he didn't accomplish what he claims he wanted. Why not?

Dustin says he doesn't want to say anything to split the group more, though.

Jameka says that he needs to go and talk to Dick and say that he doesn't feel comfortable with doing this any other way. Dustin says that if he puts Zach up, he can't afford Zach staying in the house! Jameka says that he needs to beware. If it is Kail and Zach on the block, they can easily override him! So, it's a chance keeping Kail on the block with Zach.

Jen walks in. Dustin starts to say what he was thinking, then stops himself and says it is a dumb question.

Jen: What.

He doesn't answer.

Jen says she is thinking of going to bed instead of abs.

Dustin says he is thinking of going to bed, too.

Jameka and Amber say they are going outside now.

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Jen says that every time BB tries to punish her, she is fine with it. Dustin says he liked the unitard--it was all Jen. She liked it, she likes slop--She says that BB was "stoked" when she finally cried. They were happy about it.

Dustin says like him with his letter--he finally showed he was human.

Dustin does an act of Dustin crying with his letter.

Jen: I'm just glad it wasn't Evel that made me cry.

Dustin: Yeah! Yeah, it was me that made you cry!

Jen: Dustin!!!


Amber talking about how Jen wouldn't let her leave earlier until Amber said she wasn't mad at Jen. Jen says she always does that with people. (Earlier, Amber tried to hug Jen when Jen was crying, and Jen avoided the hug a little, and that hurt Amber's feelings. Jen explained to her it was because Jen was ashamed to cry).

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Outside, Eric is flirting with Jess (who doesn't feel well tonight).

Dick is asking where Amber is (she's finishing her workout, and Jameka is brushing her teeth with Jen right now).

Dick says he wants to brush his teeth.

Dani is outside, and so is Dustin, so that's the crew so far.

Dani says that she thinks the reason they drew the POV names tonight is that BB is going to gear the comp to specific people. Eric and Dustin agree, and Dick disagrees.

They are going to be spending the entire day outside tomorrow on lockdown. BB has told them 3 or 4 hours. (They think it will be even longer, and everyone has been speculating that they think the comp will be one where they move or remove things from the house, and then ask the houseguests what has changed).

(During the earlier conversation where Dustin said he was going to use the POV if he won it, Jess expressed her fear that it could be one of those comps where they are offered treats to get out of the POV, and that could affect the backdoor.)


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Dustin says he thinks the meeting can "commence."

Jameka says she will start. She says as soon as the POV drawing ended, Kail approached Jameka and Jameka told her that she plans to use the POV for Jen. She doesn't want Kail following her around.

Jameka is talking fast, and Dustin started to say something, and then shut up and said it was okay, and Jameka keeps on talking.

Jameka says she went to Jen and told her the same thing, and that was all because they had already agreed that they would keep Jen. So, Jameka wanted to make a friend out of Jen, because Jen could always win HOH later, and they had agreed that Jen would still be there. So, now Jameka is commited to doing what she said she would do.

Dick says (in a testy voice) that if Dustin puts up Zach against Kail, he is just saying right now that he will "split this group." He says that they shouldn't split the group this soon.

Dustin says that he "recalls" last week that they had a plan, and Dick was allowed to change his mind and the group went with it. Dustin feels he should be given the same consideration. Dick asks why Dustin doesn't want to put up Jen? Dustin doesn't answer.

Dustin asks how people feel, and he doesn't feel that anyone should hide their feelings.

Jess says out of Zach and Kail, she would rather see Kail leave. Dustin asks why. She says that Kail is the better player, and she feels more comfortable with Zach instead of Kail.

Dustin says okay. Jess says either way, though, she has no plans of her own against either of them.

Dani says that she wants Kail out over Zach. She says she knows that Zach would put her on the block so that is saying a lot for her to say he should stay. She feels Zach is a mess in the house, as no one will align with him. "For everybody else's benefit and strategically, I would rather Kail would go out of the house."

Eric says for him, he agrees with ED, as only 3 people have gone, and they have a long time to go. They have a month of safety if they stay together, and he will fight to the death to protect those he cares about.

Eric says that no matter what, if one of the four of the people they want gone leaves, he will be fine. He says that the important thing is that they don't fracture the group. They all need to leave "smiling, happy" with another productive week in the books "toward our collective success."

Dick says this is a good point. He says when they ran the Kail/Zach scenario, it was a "landslide for Kail." Dustin says no, it was not a landslide. Eric says he thinks it was 5-2 to take out Zach. Dustin says no, it was 4-3 between the 7 of them. It was not a landslide. It's just that Dustin can't actually vote.

Dustin: Dick, I will say that that I don't appreciate the fact that you can put words into people's mouths and say that if you split this group, you doing trouble. (Dick tries to interrupt)

Dustin: No, please! I think that the way you came at me in that situation, I didn't appreciate it.

Dick: OK, what I'm saying is, if you did that, this could happen. I'm not coming at you; not at all. The first thing I said is that I agree with Eric, we need to keep this group together.

Eric: OK, Listen, I'm going to stop you both. It can't happen. I personally will not allow a scenario in which that happens. So, let's put it all to rest, forgive each other, you apologize, you don't take it to heart. Nobody---

Dick says he didn't mean to come off that way.

Eric says that they are all talking amongst people they are close with, and they are open to say what they need to say, and it's not a possible conclusion, so put it out of their minds. They aren't going to turn on each other.

Dustin says that "no one is going to turn on anyone this week, because if anybody goes home, it's still going to be a win/win situation.

Dani says everyone is saying if one of the four goes home, everyone will be happy. She says last week everyone was weighing their options between Kail and Mike, and she felt people were antsy that she was on the fence, but she wasn't. They need to figure out who is the biggest risk.

Jameka says she wants to know--will Dani use the veto if she wins?

Dani says Jen hates her and she would never use the veto on Kail. She says that Kail does not like her at all, although she is fine with Kail but doesn't like the way she plays the game.

Jameka: Regardless of the step-daughter?

Dani says Kail is fake with her--she doesn't buy it. She doesn't feel Kail would be an ally for her.

Jameka says that when Dani says she is competing, that means she will try to win and not use it.

Jameka: Okay. Okay.

Jameka says the issue is that she gave Jen the power and told her that she can choose to use it or not. She is now wondering if they are telling her that she can't keep her word to Jen and they are trying to say Jameka can't use the veto.

Dani says that Jen needs to leave, but she can stay this week.

Dick says he doesn't see why they can't just leave Jen up with Zach.

Dustin says if he wins POV, he will take Kail off.

Dick says this is confusing, because he thought Dustin was saying he would take Jen off.

Dustin says that he never said who he would take off the block!

Dustin says that Jen has the "power" because it is most likely that the choice will be Kail/Zach, because he doesn't know who will win the veto.

Jameka says she doesn't want people to question her intent--she already told Jen she would help her!

Jameka: I thought it was already established clearly yesterday that Kail was going to be the pawn and Zach was going to be the one backdoored.

Eric says he thought Dustin's initial desire was to go for Kail and Zach, and it would be that Kail would go home in that case. Then why make an enemy of Zach?

Eric thought that they would not bring Zach into play, as they didn't want to make an enemy of Zach. So, they would put up Jen and Kail, with Kail being the one to take out. (This is NOT what Dustin wants--he wants Kail out--ed). Then, if Kail won POV, she would take herself off, and then they would have to take out Zach.

Jameka sounds irritated. She sounds she must have misunderstood the whole meeting, then. Dustin says he didn't see it that way, either. He felt that the purpose was to backdoor Zach.

Dani tries to tell them that they shouldn't get upset about this--they have plenty of time to discuss it.

Dani and Eric say that they had said that it isn't guaranteed that a backdoor will work, though.

Dustin says his words verbatim were that he didn't want to put up Kail and Zach up together, because he would make an enemy putting Zach on the block.

Jameka says she didn't see it that way--she apologizes if she got mixed up.

Dani says in a hurry that they have a day or two to decide. Why get upset now?

Dick says in a low voice to Dustin that he didn't mean to threaten the group splintering (of course, that's just what he DID say--ed). Dustin says in a cold voice that it is okay--he's fine.

Dustin says that he talked to Jen and told her that she is a strong player and has a strong chance of winning POV, and that's why he wanted her on the block, and she won't hold it personally against Dustin in the game. Also, he told her that she has "questionable relationships" with people in the house and won't talk about them.

Eric: Um, no bullshitting, no copout. I am 100 percent fine with putting either of them out of the house.

Eric says that there will be weeks when he won't be fine, and he'll argue his case, but he will put out Zach.

Eric says that Zach hates him.

Jameka says she thought that Eric said Zach tries to talk game and strategy with him!

Eric says he tries to talk game with Eric, but Eric won't, and he knows that Zach hates him. Eric keeps saying he is cool with getting out Zach, if that is what they want. It's a win/win scenario.

Eric: As long as none of you little shits tell me that you are with Kail and Jen in an alliance, because then I'll kill you all.

Brief laughter.

Dick says he said last night he doesn't care what order one goes, as long as one goes.

Dustin says Jen is not a robot--she cried today (joking)

Eric: Whatever.

Dani: She's a fable.

Eric: Fable?

Dani: I don't believe that people like her really exist.

Dick says she is a competitor, and she will be trying hard, and so will Kail, so don't fool yourselves!

Jess says so will Jess, and so will Jameka and Dustin!

Eric keeps saying it really doesn't matter--what's the worst that could happen? One of them will leave out of the four.

Dustin says as long as the seven of them remain as a group with a goal in mind.

Eric says his "slight preference" really isn't an issue, and he will vote as Dustin wants.

Dustin: I appreciate that, guys, and I want to let you know that even though this conversation was tense and nothing was accomplished....


Dani: (In a snotty voice) That's the thing. Nothing can be accomplished right now.

Dustin says "Thank you for pointing that out, Dani."

Dustin says that it is important that they all fight, and he came outside to say that, "and then it got distracted with probable cause."

Dick says he thinks they all had the wrong impression, and with Jameka playing for POV, he had no idea that was her deal from the beginning.

Jameka says she thought it was clear.

He says she didn't tell him!

Jameka starts to argue her case, and then says she respects everyone's game.

Jameka says he wants to be clear, as she is Jameka, "me being me" that is honestly her outlook on how things go.

Dick says it is a whole separate issue. He says she made up her mind, "Knock yourself out, that's cool, that's your game."

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The houseguests seem more relaxed in the BY now, talking about past HOH comps.

Two feeds are on this conversation outside at 3:00 Eastern time

Two are on people sleeping.

Outside, Dick is talking about how Kail is probably a nice person outside the house.

Dick talks about how he talks with Jen and Kail. He has had long convos with Jen, and there is more to her than "me me me me me."

Eric says the only thing is, if Zach goes home this week, then next week one of their alliance has to stand up there and put up Kail and Jen for the third week in a row.

Everyone yells and groans, saying they didn't think of that! Laughter

Dustin says it would be SO FUNNY!

Eric says he would love that!

Dustin says that it would make great TV

Eric says how bizarre would it be if for the 3rd consecutive week the same people go up, and never go home? And it's not even like they aren't succeeding with what they have decided!

Jameka talks about how she wonders about flying the family out to meet the evicted people. Eric and Dick think they aren't doing that any longer.

Eric says the only thing they've done was fly out Colonel Sanders for George. And poor George thought it was his wife.

Dick wonders how much CBS got paid for THAT?

Jess says they could give THEM some chicken, then!

Talk of schedules

(I'm out for the night--Cat)

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12:05 FotH...

12:08 BBT back from FotH and Amber and Dustin are in the Hoh bathroom talking about not trusting Daniele because of Nick... Talk turns to Dick and how Dick is telling Dustin that he is splitting the alliance up with his nominations and how that's wrong and that the house went with Dicks choice last week and how Dick is trying to rain on Dustin's HoH...

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It is 4:14 bb time and to my suprise they are all SLEEPING.

Has the Dick being a Dick show been cancelled..:(

Back to bed for me....with check later....all four cameras on people sleeping.!

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All guest still sleeping....

Dustin and Amber in HOH,

Someone just yelled out Ouch, ouch..awwww..like they got hurt. Could have been the rats or the hamsters not sure.

In the meantime,

(picture link for Dustins rise as king)

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Dustin, Jen and Kail are in the kitchen. Dick is in the bathroom with Jameka and Daniele. Zach is walking around. Dustin head to his hoh room where Nick is listening to music. Lots of ADLs and getting pretty for Veto.

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Amber and Dustin making bed in HOH and saying the only two against the plan are Dick and Daniele. Say that is because they know if Kail or Jen win HOH next week they will be the two going up. Everyone else is onboard to do the backdoor.

Kail sitting at the kitchen table alone and chewing her nails. Very contemplative.

Daniele now doing the makeup routine. She and Jameka having very deep conversation about what to wear today.

Now Nick in HOH listening to music with headphones while Dustin "cleans his pores"

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