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July 22, Live Feed Updates

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9:00 BBT Dick in big beds room talking to Jessica and Eric about the POV competition. They all had cool outfits on. Jessica feels she is not good at comps. Dick goes to get more beer for them. They speak briefly to Zach.

Feed switches to HT, Kail leaving. Jen and Mike talking about Dick not using the HoH room that he'd rather sleep with them. Jen says Dick wants her to be mad at Kail, Mike says he wants all the votes to go against Kail to rub it in. Kail returns, says no one can be seen with her. They tell her to be buddy buddy with Zach and follow him around like a lost puppy. They laugh that Dick will for sure put Zach up then. And when Dick sees her and Zach, she should separate from Zach.

Kail goes over the conversation she had with Dick earlier about their conversation they had last night.

She laughs and says Dick is calling her a liar because she said she had nobody in the house but she talks to Mike. She feels he wants her to be miserable her last week in the house.

Kail is concerned that the other HG will feel she is buddying back up with Zach, they decide she only has to do it until Monday when the replacement nomination is made. They would love it if all 3 of them are still in the house. They only have to get Zach on the block.

Kail asks Jen to speak with Dick about putting Zach on the block.

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Jen, Kail and Mike in the hot tub. Jen and Mike came up with the plan for Kail to follow Zach around and talk to him every chance she gets. This way ED will think she is teaming up with Zach now and he might put Zach on the block. Jen says as a bonus, when they see ED spying on them, break it up with Zach fast and walk away. She says ED won't believe Zach trying to explain himself, Kail will get the blame again for talking to someone and maybe Zach will be put up.

Jen says ED wants to talk to her but she is putting him off and has refused him a few times. Kail says that ED says he wanted to talk to her and she just told him she wasn't going to talk to him any more because he twists her words around and gets angry if she even has a casual conversation with anyone, which is what lead to him blowing up at her this last time.

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9:15 BB announcement about HG you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG.

Jen feels there should be a penalty nom for repeated violation of the rules. They make fun of the various announcements in the house.

Mike gets out the HT, riveting food discussion ensues. All three decide to get out. They rag a little more on Zach and go inside.

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9:25 BBT Dick, Eric, Jess and Zach in big beds room. Jen joins the group.

They feel having their parents in the BB house would be weird. They begin talking about people in the van during casting and Foth.

They begin talking about meeting people in the hotel during casting. Foth.

They begin talking about the food competition and diving in a tub for different foods.

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Jameka and Dustin speaking on the hammock, talking about Amber. Dustin feels he knew they would be safe this week.

Switch feeds: Mike, Kail and Jen in bathroom getting ready to workout. No real conversation going on. Kail goes to backyard to get the 15 pound weights. Jameka and Dustin say she is amazing looking for her age with three kids.

Kail says that Dick told her that Jen told Dick all about their alliance. Jen denies it, and says if she told him anything it wasn't anything that mattered.

Kail says Dick is mad because Kail won't have another conversation with him. They talk about the Zach strategy again. Kail says she is going to stop hanging around Mike.

Feed switches, bedroom group moving to the backyard. Mike sitting by himself in the kitchen, Zach has joined Jameka and Dustin at the hammock.

Back to the gym: Kail and Jen laughing about who would be in the sequester house. Say the show would move there if Jen Kail and Dick were all there together. They imagine Zach there and say that would be a horror show.

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Jen & Kail

They are in the gym working out.

Kail feels she doesn't need to talk to evil again.

Kail is going to stop hangin out with Mike

Kail feels she is out of shape.

They are talking about the sequester house, they said it would be Kail first, second would be Evil Dick, Jen would be next, it would be more exciting than the big brother house. They would have their own day for footage. They are making fun of how the sequester house would be more exciting than the Big Brother house.

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Zach, Dustin, Jameka are at the hammok

They are talking about the show being ok, but dealing with the questions after they are eliminated from the house. Dustin feels he needs to be prepared for any type of questions.

Jameka is not feeling good, she feels she ate to much junk.

Jameka is leaving to go back into the house

Zach and Dustin are talking about Joe, Dustin says what you saw is what you get, but he wasn't always like that.

Dustin said, Joe for the last couple of weeks stired up the house quit a bit.


Zach was very depressed. The beer didn't help, neither did him streaking in the backyard (but we love it zach)

Zach is talking about his mistake having done the Mrs. Robinson alliance.

Zach is having problems dealing with his break up from his ex-gf. He feels this experience has been difficult to deal with. He wished he had gotten to know other people in the house before making alliance. Zach feels there are many things with his ex-gf that aren't resolved.


Zach doesn't like dating, the meet and great and the awkwards days. Zach is wondering about if his ex-gf is watching the show(like I don't think she will care about it). He feels something is still unresolved from the relationship.


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9:45 BBT Zach speaking with Dustin by the hammock. Jameka left, Zach saying he made a mistake getting involved so early with MRA. Says he is glad the alliance was outed because now he doesn't give a f*ck. Conversation turns to his ex. a little foth.

Zach hates the awkwardness of dating, he just wants his ex back. At the end of the day, she is the one he always thinks about. He thinks bad things, the worst being that she may be dating someone else right now. foth

Dustin doing a good impression of a therapist.

(Cutie, you've got it covered, I'm off)

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Nick & Daniele in the HOH Room

They have the screen on, checking up where other houseguest are. Nick is making fun of Eric in how he walks on his tippy toes.

Dick walks in thinking they two of them are talking about him, but they said they are talking about Mike.

They are talking about the 7 stupid outfits Mike wore today.

Daniele is talking about how she was outside and Kail asked if she had any questions for her....laughing. Kail was asked if she has won HOH this week would she have put up Daniele and Evil on the block. She said she would do that, because she has a connection with me, not sure if it because you are like my daughter, she doesn't trust nick or zach. I never hardly talk to Nick, Zach and Mike. The day before I (Kail) leave, I (Kail) am going to tell you everything about Nick.

Nick thinks Kail will tell her that he is using Daniele and their feelings are real and he is using her as a pawn to get further in the game.

Basically go over the same BS over and over again.

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Nick, Daniele & Dick in HOH

They are talking about fucking with Kail but keeping her in the house. Having her nominated on the block for three weeks in a row and how she would be stressed out and flip out.

Kail is saying Dick is twisting everything she tells him.

Dick told Jen that if she wants to talk, he is willing to talk to her.

They can't have Jen be HOH today

Jen and Kail need to go in the next two weeks.

They are talking about if they keep winning HOH that they will need to back door Jen in order to get her out of the house.

They are go over people they want to get out of house, who would be the most annoying to keep around.

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Dustin Nick Daniele in the HOH room

Kail told dustin if she is still here after Thursday, she is going to put up Zach on the block. Seems like Zach is pissing and annoying people off. (Nick said he has a small penis). Nick is talking about Daniele having a dream about it (zach's dick).

Amber is very sick and sleeping.

Zach tells Dustin he likes Nick alot. Nick said he is ready to screw him over.

Daniele left the room

Kail hasn't confronted Nick yet, but he said she won't because she doesn't know what is going to happen yet.

Jen told Dick about Nick's alliance. Dick has outing everyone's alliances in the house.

Dustin wants HOH so bad next week. Nick please but up Zach and Kail. Dustin said Zach and Jen. Jen wins POV again.

HOH could be endurance this week. Zach will never go aftering winning HOH.

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Jen and Kail are getting ready for bed. Well maybe Kail is going to bed....Jen has her swimming suit on......or something with her shirt.

Dick comes to the bathroom asking who is in their. Jen says me, he says are you pooping, she says no just changing.....he said he will wait......(not like people care, but trying to report)

10:55pm BBT

Dustin, Nick, Daniele in the HOH room

Nick is telling daniele she would like Minnesota. Talking about how Halloween parties are in Minnesota.

They are shocked at how Dick is never in the HOH room and he still sleeps downstairs in the dungeon with Kail, Mike, Jen.

Dustin is going to go downstairs to take care of Amber, he will give Nick and Daniele the thumbs up or down on their cookies.

Dustin gets on the dinner table and tells them 2-3 mins.....lol

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11:18 BBT

Outside Dustin Jess Dani Jameka Eric and Dick outside talking.

Talking about eating...

Jen joins em outside.

11:30 BBT Zach bashing going on

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Dick is telling Dani the convo he had with Dustin that Zach had to go next week.

Dick saying Nick and Zach were talking earlier and then stopped when he came out. He mentioned Nick and Zach cleaning and asked when have they ever cleaned?


Backyard crew - Nick, Jen, Jessica, Eric, Jameka, Dick, Dustin and talking about walking in on people in the bathroom. Jen saw Mike today.

Dustin to Jen on pooping

D: so you eat a cucumber whole? How does that feel coming out?

J: I don't usually inspect it.


Dustin saying he likes to see his "products" before he flushes. Jen says she's taken a picture before of her poops before! (OMG why am I listening to all this shit talk?)

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11:35 BBT

Danile talking to Dani telling her to watch out for Nick saying Nick never clewans and caught him cleaning with Mike and whipsering to him.

Dick say Zach has to go next week.Dick warns her to watch out.

Danile says she knows

Outside the Zach bashing continues

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11:39 BBT

Nick and Daniele in Bathrrom talking about Jen saying she ttok a pic of her poop once.

Nick asks for a hug and says "that was a lame one"

Nick saying 11:30 at night he can't stay up..Dani "oh my God"

Outside they go.

Talking about sleeping arrangements.

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11:45 BBT

Jen sitting all by herself on the hammock and Dick yells "are you playing with yourself" becuase the cameras were focusing on her.

Dick asking about her sharing her bed and says she will as longs as it's not Zach. Dick joking says it is..Jen laughing and says "i'll kick your ass".

11:57 BBT Most HG outside just talking....

12:08 BBT Nick and Danile have gone to bed

Outside the HG that are up are outside talking...talking about previous BB seasons

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12:09 BBT

Dani and Nick whispering and it's inaudible. They are laughing.

"if there is one thing you can change about your past what would it be" Dani saks Nick he says "nothing"

Dani says she would try harder, wouldn't have dropped out of college.

Nick says there is a lot he would have changed but glad he didn't as it made him the person he is today.

Looking into each others eyes

Zach snoring and Dani says "i'm gonna throw up"

Nick just touching her face [waiting for the kiss]

Dani keeps saying "what" and Nick says "nothing" Dani- "you always do that"

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12:25 BBT

Nick and Dani are in bed together again. Comforter over them and Zach's loud snoring echoing the room.

Dani says "I wonder what Zach's dreaming about" couldn't hear Nicks reply.

A lot of rustling under that blancket as well as other noises.

Those naughty kids.

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Shows over as Dani has gone back to her bed.

Outside the sleeping arrangement discussion goes on

Jess says she's going up to HOH to get comfortable

Jess invites everyone up to "My HOH room"

Jess tell Dick if he wants to sleep up in the HOH "I'll sleep in the round room" Dick says "with Mike?"

Dick suggest they sleep together and start a scandal...

Dick can't find his HOH key blames Amber..

Jess says "I'm tired of this boringness" {me too}

Jess moves outside and is playing golf.

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12:43 BBT

Amber talking to Dustin about her aliment. Amber says her headache is from lack of water [maybe meth withdrawls]

Dustin says she should start her day with a cup of cofee and a big glass of water.

A paranoid Ambers says "is that camera on me'

Talking about that they really want HOH. Dust says he was thinking about his family because he doesn't know wherehis mother lives. "part of the reason i'm here..can't talk about it right now" when Amber asks why

"is she on drugs" Amber asks and Dustin says "NO" FOTH

Talking about her losing his and his brothers college money..Amber_"gezz" FOTH

Dustin talking about how his dad encourage him to do this..."no one knows" Amber said "not even Joe" Dustin "joe knows that's why I had to get him out of here"

Dustin tells her no one knows where she's at..amber say "well then how does she know you're here then" FOTH

12:53 BBT Feeds back on Jess and Dick playing golf

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Jameka and Joe come outside making fun of the size of Zach's penis. SOOO funny!

NOW Jameka saying that his girlfriend must have been "a midget" considering his size.

Jameka contines with midget jokes and FOTH.

Zach bashing continues..

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