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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner


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Ben Affleck Proposes to Jen Garner


Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck proposed to his girlfriend, "Alias" star Jennifer Garner, after her 33rd birthday party Saturday at her Brentwood, Calif., home, Star magazine reported.

Affleck, 32, bought Garner a $500,000, 4.5-carat Harry Winston engagement ring

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Ben Affleck's girlfriend Jennifer Garner has sparked reports she's pregnant with the Hollywood hunk's baby after she was photographed with a bulging stomach. 

The couple met on the set of 2003 movie "Daredevil" and allegedly got engaged 11 days ago, fueling rumors they are expecting a child. 

Celebrity experts insist it's unlikely Garner's swollen belly is a result of overeating or lack of exercise, because she famously devotes herself to a grueling health and fitness regime, reports British newspaper the Sun. 

An insider says, "Jennifer was showing quite a big bump and she was walking very carefully. 

"The bulge is out of proportion with the rest of her body, which is really toned. I'd say she's a few months gone."

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CONFIRMED! Jen Garner's Baby on Board

By Marcus Errico


Jennifer Garner's next alias: mommy.

The Alias star is expecting her first child, E! Online and E! News have confirmed.

Multiple sources close to Garner and beau Ben Affleck say the actress is three months along. News of the pregnancy comes just two weeks after several published reports claimed the couple were engaged.

According to E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca, Affleck flew Garner's kin from West Virginia to California in April for his leading lady's 33rd birthday party. The question subsequently was popped in private, Casablanca reported.

At the time Affleck's rep, Ken Sunshine, described said reports as "garbage." On Saturday, Sunshine declined to address the baby news, saying "I never comment on [Affleck's] personal life." There was no immediate word from Garner's camp on the pregnancy or whether a ceremony was in the offing.

Despite having a baby on board, Garner is still keeping to her schedule this summer. Her next big-screen project, Columbia Pictures' romantic drama Catch and Release, begins its two-month shoot next week in Vancouver. The film costars Kevin Smith, Juliette Lewis and Timothy Olyphant and marks the directorial debut of Erin Brockovich screenwriter Susannah Grant.

But Garner's November due date could prove tricky for the Alias brain trust. While ABC's spy thriller is wrapped for the season (the finale airs May 25), the show has been picked up for the fall and is slated to resume production in July. Now, producers must decide how to deal with Garner's pregnancy, either by incorporating it into the show (remember, Sydney's eggs were harvested last season) or just try to hide it. Then again, considering the show's sky-high slinky outfit-to-episode ratio, a burgeoning belly would be hard to conceal. Further complicating matters, Garner performs most of her own stunts.

Affleck, 32, and Garner costarred on screen together before coupling off--he was Daredevil to her Elektra in 2003's Daredevil. (His cameo in this year's Elektra wound up on the cutting-room floor, but is preserved for posterity on the DVD.)

They finally went public with their much-rumored romance last fall at the World Series, when she was spotted snuggling Red Sox diehard Affleck at Boston's Fenway Park. Their pairing was alternately dubbed Garfleck and Bennifer II.

But unlike the original Bennifer tandem of Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the all-new edition prefers to fly under the radar. The World Series appearance aside, Garner and Affleck have generally managed to eschew being photographed together at red-carpet events.

Garner was previously married to Felicity costar Scott Foley. They split in 2003, and their divorce was finalized in March 2004. They didn't have any children.

The never-wed Affleck previously was engaged to Lopez. That relationship ended with the scuttling of their September 2003 nuptials.

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NEW YORK - After months of speculation, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have tied the knot - and she's pregnant.

Representatives for both actors confirmed the marriage to The Associated Press on Thursday. Their publicists, Ken Sunshine and Nicole King, also confirmed that Garner is pregnant with her first child.

Sunshine and King would not give any other details.

The confirmation came after Us Weekly reported that Affleck, 32, and Garner, 33, were wed Wednesday at the Parrot Cay resort in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. The National Enquirer also released photos it claimed showed Garner arriving on the islands with her "Alias" co-star Victor Garber.

In stark contrast to Affleck's much publicized relationship with Jennifer Lopez, he and Garner have been tightlipped about their romance. Aside from appearing at a Boston Red Sox game last fall, they have stayed out of the public eye.

Reports in April about an engagement were never confirmed. In May, E! News reported that Garner was pregnant and the baby was due in November, but neither star confirmed that report.

This is first marriage for Affleck and the second for Garner, who divorced actor Scott Foley in March 2004 after 3 1/2 years of marriage. Affleck and Lopez called off their September 2003 wedding and broke off their engagement in January 2004. Lopez married singer Marc Anthony later that year.

Affleck co-starred with Garner in 2003's "Daredevil," her first big movie role, but they didn't begin dating until last year.

"He's really a gentleman," Garner told AP Radio after they shot the action thriller. "And he's not afraid to laugh at himself or you. And I knew, I just had an instinct that he would take care of me in my first step out there, and he did."

Said Affleck of Garner: "I don't think she thinks that she is as drop-dead gorgeous as she is, and I think that is what gives her this incredibly appealing quality."

Garner has been filming the drama "Catch and Release" in Vancouver, Canada. Affleck will star as George Reeves, television's Superman, in the upcoming movie "Truth, Justice, and the American Way."

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were (and are) my favorite celebrities even before they were together. I was thrilled when I heard they were. (Although, for a short time I was really said that Jennifer and Michael couldn't make it work...oh..he's cute too..)

Anyway, thanks for the article. I wonder what her pregnancy means for Alias? It'll be kind of difficult for her to fit in those skimpy outfits that she wears. They certainly couldn't write the pregnancy into the show, because Sydney just doesn't have time to take care of a baby. :lol:

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Baby News

Garner Leaks Baby's 'Alias' on 'Tonight Show'


'Alias' star Jennifer Garner reacts to blurting out the sex of her baby during

an interview on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.'

It started out like any other celebrity interview on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Garner came out on the 'Tonight Show' stage looking lovely in a sexy black maternity dress covering her extremely burgeoning condition. She fit the epitome of the glow that a happy pregnant woman displays.

She was delightful in her enthusiasm throughout the chat with Leno, dodging the numerous questions trying to pry the sex of the baby she is expecting in late November with husband, Ben Affleck. Garner and Affleck were married last June after months of tabloid rumors and celebrity gossip speculation.


A very stunned Jennifer Garner can't believe she let

it slip that she is expecting a baby girl in November.

Leno asked, "Do you know the sex of the baby? Is it a boy or a girl?" After a pregnant pause (literally), Garner teased the host with her reply, "We have one or the other for sure." Being the seasoned professional, Leno knew he was not about to trick her into announcing the sex of the child to the audience or the viewers at home so he changed the topic to her season opener of ABC's "Alias" on Thursday, September 29 at 8 p.m.

Garner began to discuss the use of stunt people on her show and the numerous 'bumps' worn by her stand-ins to simulate various stages of pregnancy. "My stand-in has a little bump. My stunt double has a bump, and the other day I walked in, and my stunt double just looked a little different to me and I said, 'Did they graduate your bump?' . . . And she said, 'Yeah, we went to a bigger bump.'"


Jennifer Garner explains how she felt about her growing

pregnant physique.

The interview was going well until the subject moved to her recent appearance on "Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast." Garner was eager to pitch in especially since she has family affected by the storm. She was front and center next to her new husband prepared to receive incoming pledges from the American public. To her amazement and growing frustration, her phone didn't work rendering her virtually useless in front of the cameras.

Garner described how uncomfortable she was, both at not being able to take pledges and for having all that time to concentrate on her growing stature. She told Leno, "You can just start to feel really pregnant. Like you are the hugest person on the face of the planet. . . . And then I felt just bigger and bigger like she . . ."


Jennifer Garner had mixed reactions after accidentally revealing she and

husband, Ben Affleck were expecting a baby girl in November.

Her voice abruptly stopped short upon realizing her slip of the tongue. Garner's eyes bulged while she grabbed her mouth with both hands and slightly blushed. She tried her best to regain her composure, even taking a comedic moment with her cup of water. Once she realized her misspeak, Garner decided to play up her innocent look as she peered over the 'Tonight Show' mug right into the camera.

Though she tried to play coy about the gender of the baby earlier, Garner let it slip for a second time while talking about setting up the nursery. Only a short time later in the 'Tonight Show' interview, Garner told Leno that she was "girling" up the baby's room. Blurting out two separate clues, it's hard to mistake the fact that she and "Daredevil" co-star, Affleck are expecting a girl in November.


Jennifer Garner's first slip of the tongue was on the red

carpet at this year's Emmy Awards in an interview with

'Access Hollywood.'

This isn't the first time Garner slipped with the maternity news. In a red carpet interview with Access Hollywood at the Emmy Awards this year, one of the reporters thought she heard Garner accidentally slip that, in fact, as rumored, she was expecting a little girl. After her interview with Jay Leno, I think it would be safe to invest in a few pink outfits.

The 33-year-old actress stars as Sydney Bristow on ABC's "Alias," which returns Thursday, September 29 for its fifth season. Garner's pregnancy was written into the show, even though her character is a globe-trotting spy.


Jennifer Garner ran the gamut of emotions from shock to amusement

after she divulged her maternity secret.

In the season premiere episode ("Prophet Five"), after learning that the man she has known as Michael Vaughn is under investigation and suspected of being a double agent, Sydney begins to question whether their business and personal relationship over the years had all been a lie. When she discovers that she's pregnant with Vaughn's baby, she becomes determined to uncover the truth about him.

Meanwhile, because of Jack's past betrayal by Irina, he begins to worry that his daughter may suffer the same fate that he did. This season, new agents will be introduced and a nefarious organization will come to light in Sydney's life as she fights to protect her unborn child -- all the while traveling incognito, outsmarting the bad guys and keeping the world safe.

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Baby News

Affleck, Garner--and Baby

By Joal Ryan


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have a new production the critics can't touch: Their daughter. Garner gave birth to the girl at a Los Angeles hospital, Us Weekly reported Thursday. It was unclear if the baby--named Violet, E! News has learned--made her debut on Wednesday or Thursday. Us said labor was induced Wednesday night. "Ben was with her the entire time," a source told the magazine.

The child is the first for both. Affleck, 33, and Garner, 34, wed June 29, almost two months after their expectant news was leaked.

In completing her labor day, Garner beats her prime-time alter ego to the nursery. Sydney Bristow, the Alias secret agent that made Garner a star, also is with child. Producers of the ABC spy series wrote in the pregnancy after Garner's was confirmed.

Alias was canceled last week by ABC. It'll finish its fifth and final season in May, after a previously scheduled eight-week-long maternity leave of sorts starting in January.

TV show or no, Garner's plate is full. In addition to the baby, she has a new movie, Catch and Release, due out next year. It's her first shot at headlining a real-people drama (from Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant) as opposed to a fantasy comedy (13 Going on 30) or a superhero adventure (Elektra).

Meanwhile, no bad reviews are good reviews for Father Affleck, who will not appear on the big screen in 2005--the first time that's happened since 1994. While it might seem as if romance, marriage and pregnancy has kept the actor otherwise occupied, he might have as many as three films out next year, including Truth, Justice and the American Way, about the 1959 death of TV Superman George Reeves.

Before marrying Garner, Affleck endured the worst box office and worst publicity of his career. When he wasn't making headlines for his overexposed, and eventually scuttled, engagement to Jennifer Lopez, he was launching dud (Gigli) after dud (Paycheck) after dud (Jersey Girl) after dud (Surviving Christmas).

Affleck and Garner met on the set of 2003's Daredevil--he was the titular hero; she was Elektra. The two began dating in 2004, after Affleck had moved on from Lopez, and after Garner had moved on from Alias costar Michael Vartan and first-husband Scott Foley.

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