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  1. I've been away too long. Hi to so many of you precious posters but my heart belongs to Morty. I guess that's true for the majority of us. Forgive me if I can't remember everyone's name but I'm at that age now. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) I fondly recall J E D I [I remember the spacing], Dade, Fuskie, CeciMom, Slowpoke and so many others. Sorry, my health keeps getting in the way. I'm often reading the forums late at night while I watch BBAD. Looking forward to catching up with the old and new BB crowd. Morty . . . You've been missed by this old reader/poster. Love to all at the beginning of another Big Brother Summer.

    1. TV_Paige


      I got your sweet message Dade but apparently I have to learn how to post again. I keep thinking that I'm hitting the chat box but I guess there's a learning curve for me.

  2. Obituary 'All My Children' Actor James Mitchell Actor James Mitchell LOS ANGELES, California
  3. "The Mothers-in-Law" "The Mothers-in-Law" starred Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard as the lead actresses. Desi Arnaz Jr. acted in a couple of episodes and Desi Arnaz Sr was not only the producer of the first show but acted in four episodes as well. Kaye Ballard is still alive while sadly, Eve Arden died in 1990. Eve Arden Date of Birth: 30 April 1908, Mill Valley, California Date of Death: 12 November 1990, Los Angeles, California Kaye Ballard Date of Birth: 20 November 1925, Cleveland, Ohio The Mothers-in-Law 'The Mothers-in-Law' (1967-1969) Creators Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Davis
  4. Obituary 'All My Children' Actress Eileen Herlie 'All My Children' Actress Eileen Herlie NEW YORK CITY, New York -- Eileen Herlie, a stage and TV actress who appeared on the ABC daytime soap opera, "All My Children," for more than three decades as former carny turned boutique owner, Myrtle Fargate, died Wednesday, October 8 of complications of pneumonia in New York City, the network announced. She was 90. The actress joined the long-running show in 1976 to play Myrtle, who became a surrogate mother to many of the soap's major characters -- including Erica Kane, portrayed by Susan Lucci
  5. TV_Paige


    Fox Cancels Once-Hot 'The O.C.' 'The O.C.' "The O.C.," the once-hot teenage soap opera that saw its ratings plummet like a delinquent student's grades, has been canceled. The final episode of the drama will air on Thursday, February 22 at 9 p.m. ET, Fox TV and Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. reported. The finale "will deliver real closure to the series, to the story we began telling four years ago," series creator Josh Schwartz said in a statement. "It will be fun and emotional and I think really satisfying. It is the finale we always planned to do." Based in the affluent Orang
  6. They didn't explain but instead made an "inside" joke about her "time away." They treated it much like they did on "Roseanne" when the original actress portraying the eldest daughter, Becky, came back after finishing her college education. The part was originated by Alicia Goranson (61 episodes, 1988-1996) but the actress chose to walk away from the part and pursue her college education. Instead of writing out the character, Roseanne and the producers placed another actress, Sarah Chalke (27 episodes, 1993-1997), in the part for the interim. When they made the swap, the writers dealt with i
  7. Rej . . . I caught the first one but got interrupted during the second one. I'd be really interested on your spin because there was something that bothered me but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'm not sure if it was my imagination but it looked like it was being filmed differently. The look of it wasn't as crisp as I remember. I did enjoy the tongue-in-cheek welcome back for my girl, Scarlett Pomers (aka Kyra). I thought they way they handled her return ala "Roseanne" was a hoot! It did kind of border on the macabre but it made me chuckle and I was glad they didn't sweep her departure last
  8. Man, jersey . . . did you call that one perfectly!!!! The was the worst game of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" I've seen in a long time! So much wasted time and not a lot of laughs in its place. The scores were pitifully low and I didn't find a lot of entertainment value out of watching. I'm hoping the remaining rounds play better than tonight's game. The remaining six celebrities seem better suited to an interesting competition. We have a politician, author, band leader, soap opera queen, actor and an amazing mind in the form of Michael McKean, actor/comedian/writer/director, etc. Only two more days
  9. 'CMT Giants: Reba' Debuts November 18 on CMT by Lisa Lee Reba McEntire HOLLYWOOD, California -- If anyone ever doubted Reba McEntire's reach in the entertainment business, one look across the red carpet outside the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Boulevard would have put the issue immediately to rest. On one side of the velvet rope were some of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood and Nashville who gathered in Reba's honor. On the other side were the Los Angeles press corps who -- despite their general "been there, done that" attitude -- actually seemed excited to be there, too. Ther
  10. "Reba" Returns Sunday, November 19 'Reba' The CW says "Reba" will make its bow on the CW Network on Sunday, November 19 with a pair of original episodes airing from 7-8 p.m. Starting November 26, The CW will air "Reba" repeats Sundays at 7, with original episodes at 7:30 p.m. Country superstar Reba McEntire made her first foray into series television in this edgy comedy that takes aim at the all-American family with a spirited look at suburban dysfunction. The series began with the Hart Family in the midst of a divorce as Texas soccer mom, Reba, played by country superstar Reba McEntire
  11. See? I KNEW we had something in common!!! I tease our jersey721. It's apparent too that you possess a good sense of humor so it's all good. It's the balance that serves us well in life and makes it interesting, right? You totally took the previous post in the true spirit it was meant . . . to poke a little fun, agree with certain points and give a slightly difference of opinion on one point. Actually, if we all agreed on everything, what a boring board to read and a world to live in. Vive le difference! Hey, jersey721, I did think of you yesterday though. Are you sitting down? I know I was gl
  12. BIG surprise . . . jersey hates something I post about! I would do a cartwheel if I ever found a post about something you DID like! LOL! Hey, the upside is . . . if you don't like it, you only have to sit through two weeks of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" On the other hand, I appreciate celebrities donating their time to the causes and perhaps shedding light on charities that need a helping hand. In fact, the last "Celebrity Jeopardy!" show, had two of the celebrities donating to lesser known charities that would truly benefit from $25,000-$50,000. I prefer to see the glass as half full. I find life
  13. "Celebrity Jeopardy!" Daily Line-Up Announced The 'Law & Order' Edition of 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' features actors (L-R) Sam Waterston, Kathryn Erbe and Christopher Meloni CULVER CITY, California -- To celebrate "Jeopardy!'s" 5,000th episode milestone, America's Favorite Quiz Show rolls out the red carpet to celebrities such as, James Denton, Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, Martin Short and Curt Schilling. They will join a variety of other TV stars, newsmakers and pop culture icons for the show's most "famous" competition of all - "Celebrity Jeopardy!" The two-week competition features st
  14. Yee Haw!!!!!! I really missed this show from the new CW line-up. How could they leave "Reba" off a network with the initials CW? I hope they'll allow Scarlett to come back on the series as well especially if her rehabilitation is complete. Can't wait to see the whole gang but I especially miss the chemistry between Reba and Melissa Peterman. That woman cracks me up!
  15. 'Dr. Phil House' Shut Down By Angry Residents Dr. Phil in front of the 'Dr. Phil House' "Dr. Phil" has had to shut down production at a location for a popular segment of the show, after angry neighbors waged a revolt. It seems the cocaine addicts and others who were holed up in the house didn't go over too well with residents on the block. Every Monday, "Dr. Phil" features guests who live together for a week in the "Dr. Phil House," a home located in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Peteski Productions, Dr. Phil's production company, purchased the residence last June. The insid

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