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  1. I've been away too long. Hi to so many of you precious posters but my heart belongs to Morty. I guess that's true for the majority of us. Forgive me if I can't remember everyone's name but I'm at that age now. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) I fondly recall J E D I [I remember the spacing], Dade, Fuskie, CeciMom, Slowpoke and so many others. Sorry, my health keeps getting in the way. I'm often reading the forums late at night while I watch BBAD. Looking forward to catching up with the old and new BB crowd. Morty . . . You've been missed by this old reader/poster. Love to all at the beginning of another Big Brother Summer.

    1. TV_Paige


      I got your sweet message Dade but apparently I have to learn how to post again. I keep thinking that I'm hitting the chat box but I guess there's a learning curve for me.

  2. Well, count me in for the Donny vote. He won my heart and my vote with the way he played the game as well as how he loves his family/girlfriend. I want HGs mouth to fall to the ground when someone from the jury house wins and not the final three. Caleb seems so sure that he's a shoo-in for the prize. Frankie is expecting the honor as well. Love him or hate him, I DO have to give a strong second to Frankie. He did make the season quite entertaining. I never saw so many straight men be so comfortable with the amount of caressing, kissing [foreheads, top of heads, etc.] and touching that Frankie provided. I hope it wasn't just gameplay but a sign that people are not having their sexuality challenged just by a friendly touch. I applaud the men in the house for giving me a glimmer of hope for things to come and a fine example for America. Derrick would be my second choice but I'm ruling him out in hopes he's going to take the top prize. He really has been the puppet master of the season. Kudos to a game well played in all aspects of the challenging format. In a humorous way, I've got to give Victoria a shout out for being the most perfect pawn from any season I can recall. She can't seem to win a competition even if she was holding a bucket of water and her hair was on fire!
  3. I have to ask for opinions again on a subject I seem to not understand. Why are HGs being allowed to fall asleep on LR and BY sofas with BB seeming to endlessly call them out from behind the wall. The other quandary is this . . . Derrick wins HoH but I tune in to TVGN for BBAD and there is a close up of Caleb in the HoH bathroom washing and moisturing his face. If he's not the HoH, why doesn't BB tell him to use the main bathroom? Okay, now I tune in and find Cody and HoH Derrick shaving in the HGs bathroom! What's the point or benefit of being HoH? Derrick was in the HoH room for the majority of Caleb's grooming routine but left the room leaving Caleb behind on his own. It used to be understood [back in the olden days] that if the HoH wasn't in the room, NO ONE could be in the room [with a few exceptions when HGs asked special permission from the HoH for a little romantic privacy]. Am I the only one who wish it would go back to some of the old ways to motivate and perhaps appropriately punish HGs during the game? I think it made for a more gritty contest/game with contestants who were from the general public. I know I lose that argument because ratings don't lie. Ratings go up with the bikini ready/buff shirt off young bodies for the demographic CBS seeks but I miss a HG like Chicken George. I guess that's why I gravitate to Donny. Just a few more things that make me scratch my head and go ummm . . .
  4. I'm not sure if this is the proper thread to place my query but here goes. What strikes me very odd this season is how easy the HGs have had with luxuries such as a pool table, exercise and weight equipment as well as games such as that beautiful chess board upstairs. I remember seasons past where one groups of HGs had to use cardboard or paper to make playing cards for something to do. I remember some sort of trash bag Slip 'n Slide creation for entertainment. And the HGs would plead with BB for some sports or exercise equipment. It seems like HGs are eating quite well [unless you were a Have Not]. They also seem to be asking BB frequently for special food or alcohol things and getting them. I also don't remember another season where production is talked to so much or maybe that's just on TVGN's BBAD. My other observation is what's the use of having an HoH room when EVERYONE is using it . . . for showers, for snacks, for sleeping, etc. Also, Derrick and Cody seem to fall asleep a lot on the living room couches. So much to the point of the BB "voice" having to bust them verbally from above. I have this question every BB season [well, almost everyone] . . . why don't the women play smarter and form an all girl alliance to vote the boys out for a change? This year, someone attempted and was so shut down so fast by the women that it cost her the game. It's the same beef I have with "Survivor" so maybe it's more of a sociological question of men vs. women. And, last [i promise] . . . has anyone heard of America's Favorite Player voting? Caleb thinks he's a sure thing [not in my observation]. I think it's a toss up between Donny and Frankie but I think Frankie is losing America's favor as of late. If anyone knows where we can cast a vote or if CBS is even going to fork over the cash to do AFP this season, please drop me a line. I would really also love to send my hearty thanks for all those who gave us daily updates off the live feeds. I was hospitalized two times this year for extended periods of time with tests often run during BB nights [don't they know to leave patients alone when BB is on?]. I can not thank you enough for the hours of joy brought to me by reading the updates, looking at the pictures and seeing posts by my old friends mixed with new ones here at Morty's. Shout out to Morty. Love ya.
  5. Have I missed something on Izzy? I thought CBS would have featured her on a segment by now but I haven't seen one. According to schedule, they're about to air the jury trashing the house while the final five watch on a monitor. So have I missed Izzy's segment or does anyone else think CBS isn't going to use the footage?
  6. My vote goes to Donny for being the most understated but lovable guy in the house. True to his family and girlfriend. Just an honest Joe. He was so good-hearted that the cynics inside BBHouse created all sort of scenarios to who Donny was and what he did for a living. What you saw is exactly what you got . . . all heart and a true BB fan who came to play the game by his ethics and standards. Are they even having a vote this season? I haven't seen any place to cast a vote. Nor have they chatted up the prospect of a vote with a minor prize.
  7. Crime and Punishment 'Runway' Finalist Faces Assault Charges 'Project Runway' Finalist Kenley Collins with fiance Zak Penley at Fashion Week in February NEW YORK CITY, New York -- "Kenley Collins was arrested today after assaulting her fiance with their cat," authorities reported about the "Project Runway" finalist. After throwing the feline, a laptop computer and three apples at her fiance, Zak Penley, the young designer was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon. "It was a miscommunication," Collins, 26, told The Post after getting released without bail from Brooklyn Supreme Court the morning of Tuesday, March 17. "Fights happen, And that's that. There is no case," the "Project Runway" contestant explained. According to law enforcement sources, an enraged Collins woke Penley up just after 7 a.m. by hurling their cat in his face. Then she threw her laptop, and as he fell crawled on the floor, slammed a door on his head. She threw three apples, and doused him with water, before he was able to dial 911. "You're lucky, it could have been worse," Collins told Penley after the blow, according to sources. Collins and Penley, an artist and musician who penned a song called "CAT?" for her "Project Runway" finale, were to be married in October. Neighbors said the couple had been fighting for weeks. "Lately there has been a lot of yelling," neighbor Ken Edge, 31, said. "I can hear Kenley much louder than I can hear Zak. When she speaks, she yells. Since she moved in around September there have been a lot of noise problems."
  8. Pregnancy Kara Janx Designs Second 'Project' 'Project Runway' Finalist Kara Janx with her husband, Sharone Sohayegh NEW YORK CITY, New York -- After winning the Second Annual International Design Awards for sportswear, former "Project Runway" contestant Kara Janx will unfortunately be a no-show at the ceremony in Los Angeles. Her absence however, is with good reason! "I'm like seven months pregnant," she said. The 32-year-old designer is due in June and reveals that baby-on-the-way is a little boy. Having started her own line
  9. Injury News 'Law & Order: SVU' Actress Mariska Hargitay Injured by Natalie Finn 'Law & Order: SVU' Actress Mariska Hargitay LOS ANGELES, California -- A breath of fresh air is hard to come by in the "Special Victims Unit." Mariska Hargitay is on the mend after suffering a pneumothorax
  10. Hospital News 'Deal or No Deal' Host Howie Mandel Hospitalized 'Deal or No Deal' Host Howie Mandel TORONTO, Canada -- Howie Mandel has been hospitalized in Canada with an irregular heartbeat, his publicist said. Mandel was in Toronto taping his new show, "Howie Do It!" on Monday when he was taken to the hospital, said Lewis Kay, publicist for the 53-year-old comedian and game show host. "Howie is in the hospital being monitored for an irregular heartbeat but doctors expect him to be released and back to work tomorrow," Kay said in a statement. "He did not have a heart attack." Toronto police Staff Sgt. Devin Kealey told the Canadian Press that officers were called to a downtown hotel with a report of a man with a medical condition shortly after 7 p.m. Monday. Kealey confirmed the man was Mandel, and said he was conscious and breathing when officers arrived. Family members went with him to St. Michael's Hospital, Kealey said. Mandel, who was born in Toronto, hosts the hour long NBC game show, "Deal or No Deal." His new hidden-camera prank show "Howie Do It!" premiered last week. Update Lewis Kay, a publicist for Howie Mandel says the 53-year-old comedian and game show host is out of the hospital and plans to return to work on Wednesday.
  11. Engagement 'Dancing' Pros Karina and Maksim Engaged! Wedding Dance for Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff LOS ANGELES, California
  12. Births Tony Dovolani Adds 'Dancing' Pair by Monica Rizzo Lina and Tony Dovolani It's a ballroom pair for "Dancing with the Stars" professional ballroom dancer Tony Dovolani and his wife, Lina. The couple welcomed the little boy and a girl in the early morning of Monday, September 8 at a hospital near their Connecticut home. The beaming parent's first son, Adrian Driton Dovolani, took the lead by taking the stage at 3:14 a.m., weighing 7 lbs. Lina and Tony's newest daughter, Ariana Dovolani, followed her brother's entrance 14 minutes later, weighing 7 lbs., 10 oz. "We are so happy, I can't stop smiling," an emotional Dovolani told People Magazine in a short interview. "Lina was such a champ, and she looks incredible right now." This is the third child for the couple, who have been married for eight years. Daughter Luana turned three in August. Dovolani is gearing up for season seven of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," whose new season premieres September 22. He was in the middle of rehearsals with his celebrity partner, Susan Lucci, when he got the call that Lina was in labor. "Susan was so understanding," says Dovolani, who felt bad about cutting their rehearsal short. Lucci had to snap him out of it. "She told me, 'What are you waiting for? Go!'"
  13. Pregnancy Spice Girl Mel C. 'Really Really Wants' First Baby by Angela R. Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm LOS ANGELES, California -- Despite past reports that her life doesn't include babies in the near future, Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C., is pregnant with her and longtime boyfriend, Thomas Starr's first child, she has confirmed. The baby is believed to be due in late winter. Mel C.'s slight belly at a performance last week had sparked rumors that she was possibly expecting. Writing on her website on Friday, Melanie, 34, shared, "Some happy news! Well, I can announce that Tom and I are expecting a baby and we are very happy. As I am sure you'll understand, we needed time to wait for results and tell our families. Thank you for all you kindness, good wishes and support (even if it was based on speculation!)." This will be the eighth child in the Spice Girl family! Victoria Beckham has Brooklyn Joseph, 9, Romeo James, 5
  14. Births 'My Name Is Earl' Jason Lee's New Karma by Julie Jordan Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac LOS ANGELES, California -- "My Name Is Earl" Star Jason Lee and his girlfriend, Ceren Alkac, are the proud parents of a baby girl, People Magazine confirms. The baby was born Sunday, August 10, a representative for Lee said. No other details were announced. Lee's representative announced the pregnancy exclusively to People Magazine, then the actor let it slip on the "Today Show" that the couple were expecting a girl. Lee, 38, also has a 4-
  15. Births Damon's 'Born Identity' Sequel



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