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  1. Okay - I need to make a confession......its a tough one to admit.... I think I am the only person in America who thinks this way but -- I THINK JOHN O'HURLEY IS AN INSUFFERABLE POMPOUS BLOWHARD!! There -- I said it -- and the world didnt open up and swallow me whole. Cars are not amassing in front of my house filled with angry people carrying bricks and bats looking to change my mind. I may be the only person that feels that way but I dont care. Let the rest of Amercia ride on the John O'Hurley bandwagon but keep me out of it. He has been a poor sport ever since Kelly won the first time, and I think the fix is in this time to get him to finally shut the f**k up. I called about 40 times (which I never do, not for Big Brother, not for American Idol, Not, Never, No) and I got about 10 times. One time to vote and 5 times being told that the call would not go through and 5 times or so being told the circuits were down. As for their dances, for me the first round was about a draw/slight advantage Kelly. For the first time I saw some heat from JO/CJ and I thought Kelly and Alec were great. Round two -- I dont think it was the big JO triple 10 that the judges thought it was. I thought it was slightly better than KM/AM's performance but I expected that. This was John's style of dance and I expected him to carry that round. Medium advantage John/Charlotte. But then we get to Round 3. I love Kelly but I am honest by nature. The freestyle dance she did tonight was no comparison to the amazing performance she gave in the last finale. The first competition she earned 3 tens and she deserved them but I thought the 26 she got tonight was right. The dance was very good but not the level of difficulty that was there in the last competition wasnt there tonight. BUT and here is where I think the comp goes to Kelly -- JO's last dance IMHO was a complete mess. So chutzpah points for JO for trying the lifts, but why try something you cant do. He dropped her at one point, the footwork was all off coming into and out of the "stunts" was a mess, and their timing was not in synch at all. How the judges could give them the same score as they gave KM/AM for that last dace just because "he tried' is beyond me. Maybe I am jaded but I think TPTB was JO to win this time to prove that there wasnt a fix and possible to set up a third and "final" finale (funny me but I thought a finale was by definition final) if you watch tonight and agree that Kelly 1. deserved the title the first time 2. didnt deserve to be set up to have to prove she deserved it the first time around and 3. won again tonight, I encourage you if your time zone is still open to vote, vote, vote as well as vote at www.dancingwiththestars.abc.com. Oh and PS. what kind of stupid competition is this that they open the phone lines before the first dance and close them 15 minutes after the show ends. What a dumbass way of doing things. CBS, Fox and NBC have reality shows which are competitions and none of them work this way. When ABC first set up the rules (and yes I know this shows what a geek I am but I read them the night of the first show) I KNEW that the outcome would be controversial because the rules made no sense. So now they redo the comp to fix the problem with the rules only to give us another stupid ass set up. Message to ABC -- if you dont know how to do reality show competitions, dont do them!!!
  2. last nights ep was so good. Loved when she brought up the innocent guard. What I think I like best about this show is that it doesnt have the all wrapped up feel that most crime shows have. The endings are always a little bit troubling and sort of linger with you.
  3. Great posts as usual H8. BTW have had lots of trouble getting on to Morty's of late. For those of you that want to see the dancing again, General Hospital Happenings two has the clips. http://groups.msn.com/GeneralHospitalHappe...Two/ghnews.msnw I applaud Kelly for this as its a no win situation. If she wins again, it stirs up the it was fixed and the soap freaks did this complaints. If she loses it validates these complaints. Kelly has said what she really would like is the opportunity to dance with John. I would have much rather seen the two of them doing the 3 dances and one final dance together with no voting. As for Kelly, if you thought the soap fans came out before watch them now. From what I have seen on the soap boards people are very hyped up because they feel that not only has she been slammed but that they as soap viewers have been as well. thanks again for the latest info. H8. Cant wait til the 20th. Then five days to LOST - YUMMY
  4. I watched it to and really liked it for the most part. Was good to see Will from bb5 and Richard Hatch and gervase. Didnt like Omorasso doing the interviews but actually didnt mind bachelor bob, liked the clips from the 70s show. Oh an I wish they would call the chick from the swan by her name instead of here comes the swan. it was kind of silly. Laughed at gervase's commentary on sue hawks plastic surgery. And Burton is yummy.
  5. My daddy can beat up your daddy. Geez :roll:
  6. What a fascinating conversation you all are having here. :roll:
  7. I understand that I just want to know how to get around the 1 IP address issue. And I am not running those programs -- dont trust them at all.
  8. Yes but voting off if done incorrectly doesnt help. I hope the last poster will come back and explain what he just posted
  9. color me dumb but I dont understand what you are saying. Are you saying that voting through aol doesnt count?
  10. Where to even begin. How can the rest of the game become piling on maggie if Kaysar returns when even with Kaysar their are 5 players on team crappy, 4 on team kaysar and a wild card in james? Secondly, Kaysar didnt think he had good game play by winning hoh. He thought he showed good gameplay by shining a light on the fact that the strongest player in the house at the time (Eric) had agreed to multiple deals (the final 4 male alliance, the eric/james/beau/Ivette final 4 alliance, and his partnership with Maggie) which were inconsistent with each other. By putting up the two people closest to eric he splintered the alliance and forced eric to show cards he otherwise wouldnt have had to play. Kaysar should be proud of that move, it was the smartest in the game so far even if it did have an emotional/revenge element to it. there is nothing that says a strategic move cant also be one that satisfies you emotionally. Fianlly, I dont think Kaysar was surprised at all that he was put up, what he said was that he didnt think that was Maggie's best move from a strategy standpoint and he was right. Maggie's target has been James for 3 weeks now and for 3 weeks she has FAILED. Moreover, James has said first crack he gets he is going after Maggie on multiple occassions. Had she put up James and Sarah last week then they couldnt have played veto for each other and at least one pair would have been split up. Getting out kaysar, who is playing without a partner was stupid, especially considering the fact that Maggie is also without a partner on a team with 2 other SETS OF PARTNERS. And the irony is that had james or sarah been voted out last week, I think the odds of Crappy coming back would have been vastly improved as James is almost as unpopular as the King O' Crap.
  11. So then let me get this straight because I dont want to misunderstand you, you would agree that Ivette and Aprils terminology is mean-spirited and would not be words you would use to describe kaysar?
  12. Shockalot you really dont see that calling someone from Iraq "Saddam" is mean spirited, especially given that Kaysar had to flee his own home because of the brutality Saddam's regime inflicted on the nation's people. Like I said, i dont have any problem with wacky iraqi and I can see where the brown thing could be in the gray area a bit, but sand n&&&&& and Saddam clearly cross the line between making fun and being biggoted. Its interesting that you put out an entire list of names for Kaysar running from the benign to the racist and whenever you get challenged by someone else on the board, you refute the challenge with the least offensive names on your list -- lets give you wacky and brown and have you respond to sandnigger and saddam.
  13. Well as I said before the cbs site -- which is where most of the voting is taking place has erics popularity at 29% and Kaysars in the 80s. I would be shocked if Kaysar didnt win this America's Choice competition.
  14. I was going to leave the repeat program running, but no matter what I did, I couldnt get the page open in the right spot to be certain that it was in fact recording votes for Kaysar. Without that, I was too afraid that it was voting for Napolean CRAP-a-lot so I didnt want to try it. Could you see the page? Are we 100% certain that any of these are definately for Kaysar? If we have it visually confirmed then I will run one tonight.
  15. Just my 2 cents but I think Eric opened himself up to more extreme name calling because he is the one that started with calling Michael a sexual predator. If someone were going to call me a name, I would much rather it be wacky iraqi or midget than a sexual predator. Once Eric dishes it out, he has to expect to get it back. With Kaysar its the exact opposite. When janelle, James, Michael and Sarah started in with the name calling he told them to stop so I guess on some level I think he earns himself the right to be subjected to a little less of that. As for what is rascist, I too am okay with Wacky Iraqi, but the brown bomber, saddam and sandnigger are offensive (I would put that in a league with sexual predator because it implies that all Iraqis are terrorists)-- and I would say much more offensive than midget.
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