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  1. My daddy can beat up your daddy. Geez :roll:
  2. What a fascinating conversation you all are having here. :roll:
  3. I understand that I just want to know how to get around the 1 IP address issue. And I am not running those programs -- dont trust them at all.
  4. Yes but voting off if done incorrectly doesnt help. I hope the last poster will come back and explain what he just posted
  5. color me dumb but I dont understand what you are saying. Are you saying that voting through aol doesnt count?
  6. Where to even begin. How can the rest of the game become piling on maggie if Kaysar returns when even with Kaysar their are 5 players on team crappy, 4 on team kaysar and a wild card in james? Secondly, Kaysar didnt think he had good game play by winning hoh. He thought he showed good gameplay by shining a light on the fact that the strongest player in the house at the time (Eric) had agreed to multiple deals (the final 4 male alliance, the eric/james/beau/Ivette final 4 alliance, and his partnership with Maggie) which were inconsistent with each other. By putting up the two people closest
  7. So then let me get this straight because I dont want to misunderstand you, you would agree that Ivette and Aprils terminology is mean-spirited and would not be words you would use to describe kaysar?
  8. Shockalot you really dont see that calling someone from Iraq "Saddam" is mean spirited, especially given that Kaysar had to flee his own home because of the brutality Saddam's regime inflicted on the nation's people. Like I said, i dont have any problem with wacky iraqi and I can see where the brown thing could be in the gray area a bit, but sand n&&&&& and Saddam clearly cross the line between making fun and being biggoted. Its interesting that you put out an entire list of names for Kaysar running from the benign to the racist and whenever you get challenged by someone el
  9. Well as I said before the cbs site -- which is where most of the voting is taking place has erics popularity at 29% and Kaysars in the 80s. I would be shocked if Kaysar didnt win this America's Choice competition.
  10. I was going to leave the repeat program running, but no matter what I did, I couldnt get the page open in the right spot to be certain that it was in fact recording votes for Kaysar. Without that, I was too afraid that it was voting for Napolean CRAP-a-lot so I didnt want to try it. Could you see the page? Are we 100% certain that any of these are definately for Kaysar? If we have it visually confirmed then I will run one tonight.
  11. Just my 2 cents but I think Eric opened himself up to more extreme name calling because he is the one that started with calling Michael a sexual predator. If someone were going to call me a name, I would much rather it be wacky iraqi or midget than a sexual predator. Once Eric dishes it out, he has to expect to get it back. With Kaysar its the exact opposite. When janelle, James, Michael and Sarah started in with the name calling he told them to stop so I guess on some level I think he earns himself the right to be subjected to a little less of that. As for what is rascist, I too am okay wit
  12. Erics favorable rating at the cbs site is 29% compared to kaysar's which is in the 80's. I cant see anyone but Kaysar coming back in through those doors. And given the dumbass move Howie just made by nominating Sarah and james instead of April and Maggie, they are going to need kaysar back to have a chance in the game
  13. I kinda hafta go with bbbiggestfan here. I am baffled -- I used to belong to a group where we would have board meetings quarterly and many of the guys in the group didnt even want to share rooms more than 3 -- 2 beds and a cot -- to avoid sleeping in the same bed. I can honestly say in my almost 38 years on this planet I dont know one straight guy that would kiss another man on the lips like that. (ok except for actors getting paid in a movie but this isnt the same thing)
  14. Just because they have different view points on the war on terrorism doesnt mean that they cant be friends in the real world. Eric and Kaysar had similiar views and Kaysar is kicking Eric's sorry self out of the house. So I guess to be a friend you have to agree on everything? Or are you making the point that James is not a trustworthy person in general because he is a Republican? Not sure what you are getting at.
  15. Julian McMahon was ROBBED I say. HE WAZ ROBBED!

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