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  1. I just finished Deja Dead which is the book that introduces Dr. Temprance Brennan,hopefully the series will be as good.Of course there is the added bonus of seeing David Boreanez every week.
  2. :rofl The only thing you forgot was his head
  3. I don't think there is much to dicuss Micheal will be gone this week.All I can hope for is that Eric and Ivette are up next week.
  4. Thanks Suds for the reminder,I voted Thursday just forgot to post :wink:
  5. Which award wiining show finished at #77-dead last-the week that it debuted?
  6. They ran Golden Palace, except Dorothy who only guest starred for 2 episodes.
  7. Ranster was the big winner again on tonight's Classic Trivia Chat :twisted: !!!! Thank you to everyone who played. Special thanks to Diva for more challenging questions
  8. I think I read somewhere that Alias is writing her pregnancy in,it may have just been a guess, since it would be too hard to work around .
  9. Nope this show was after all of the guesses so far.

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