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July 19, Live Feed Updates

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2:34pm bbt

just heard Jessica/Jen in bathroom getting fixed up for the show discussing the HOH for tonight, said last week was hard trying to match everyone else, tonight will be easier since it's just true/false

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2:36 PM BBT all four feeds are now blue vortex. last was cam 2 & 3 with jessica, jen, and daniele in the bathroom getting ready for tonight which happens to be only 2 1/2 hours away.

2:36 PM BBT = Less than 2 1/2 hours away from the live eviction show, can't wait. Bye Bye Joe!

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3pm bbt

FOTH for a while now(no more live feeds until after tonights show?)

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Feeds back! Dick and Amber in BR talking while she primps. Eric is in the shower.

Nick and Daniele whispering somewhere, I can't see them, even though the feed is on the bedroom they are in...

Bathroom feed switched to Kail and Joe in storeroom. Joe is talking but it's really hard to hear what he's saying. Daniele and Nick are loud (for once).....back to Amber and Dick in the bathroom...all chatter is of course last minute pre-show stuff.

(Be back in a bit, have to put my rugrat to bed)

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Amber and dick in bathroom, amber getting ready. Amber tells Dick that if he walks out before the vote she would flip out. Someone in shower, amERICa in the toilet.

Jameka is waiting for a little while to get ready.

Dani shares with amber that Nick just told Joe he is voting for Joe to go home and Joe is flipping out.

Eric just mentions to Dani, Amber and Jameka that it would be a great birthday present for Jameka to get HOH tonight. Apparantly its Jameka's birthday tomorrow.

Joe and Dustin in the weight room, and Nick told Joe that he is voting him out, since you are telling everyone that you are trying to get me and dustin out.

Jessica, Amber, Zach, Nick, Dustin, Amber and Daniele are voting Joe out.

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Jess Jameka, Eric and Zach all getting ready in the bathroom.

Now Nick has joined in, and Dick stops by and says all we need is a disco ball for the party.

Dick making a stinky deposit before the show.

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Nick and Zach are in the weight room. Very rushed, excited talk.

Zach: I didn't! I swear to God! They just gang-raped me!

Nick is telling Zach that "they" came in and told Nick that he needs to tell Zach the way Nick will vote. Nick told them (whomever) that Zach will vote as he wants to vote.

Nick says he is voting Joe out. He asks if Zach is also, and Zach says yes. He is voting Joe out.

Nick says that Joe personally attacked him. Zach says that Joe personally attacked him, too.

Nick says that Jen is the one who told him (Nick) that Nick would be put up. Zach says that Jen is the one who told him that he would be put on the block, too! Zach says he isn't "doing anything," and he swears he is voting Joe out. Zach says it is "Jenius" and she is working it.

Zach says that he pulled Mike in and told Mike that Nick lied to Joe and Zach lied to Joe, and that he is voting Joe out, and so is Zach. They wanted to be clear with Mike.

Zach says that Mike said he already knew that they weren't really keeping Joe. Zach says he wanted to make sure Mike knew, because of the "loyalty thing."

Nick says Kail is freaking out because she is hellbent on having Dick out.

Nick: It's me, you, Amber, Dustin, Dani, Jess, Eric.

They have the numbers to vote out Joe

Nick says he is staying away from everyone, as they only have an hour left to go.

Nick says he wants to be around "everybody" so that no one can talk to him and try to talk him out of it. Zach agrees. They leave.

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Dick is talking about family genealogy and the family crest, which is a griffin.

Nick and Dustin in the weight room (so much for not talking--ed)

Dustin: Oh, that's what you told him in here??

Nick: Yeah.

Nick: I got on the block. I was on the block on the morning of re-nominations, and I had to talk myself out of it. Nobody else went to bat for me. I had to do it. You put the idea into Jen's mind (he is saying how he was talking to someone else--maybe Joe). And now everybody's coming at me, you have to do this, you have to do that. I just straight up told everybody I'm voting Joe out.

Dustin: Yeah!

Nick: It's gonna be me, Zach, you, Amber,

Dustin: Dani

Nick: Eric

Dustin says that Jess told him that she felt bad, but she was voting Joe out because she was voting with the house.

Nick says he told Joe that he was a nice guy, fun, personable, etc. Joe told him that it was bullshit and Nick was voting him out, so he wanted nothing to do with Nick after this.

Nick says that he can't trust Joe, but he does like him. Nick told him with Dick, what you see is what you get, and you know if he is coming after you, and he doesn't want to have to look over his shoulder for Joe thinking he would come after him.

Nick says that Joe told him, "You can save me."

Nick told him he isn't changing his mind.

Dustin: Keep it real!

Joe is in the storage room with Jen.

Joe: Just leave Nick alone. He can decide for himself.

Jen: Yeah. I'm done with him. You know what I mean?

Jen: If he does, then that shows a lot.

Jen: It's bad for you, but I mean for the rest of us.

Jen asks if he has Jess for sure still, and he says yes. Jen says they have Kail and Mike. She says if they get Eric...

Joe: I may get it. I really might.

Jen: I think you can.

Jen says she wants to surround herself with positive people.

Joe says he really thinks he could do it. He says that Jameka told him that she would tell him later. So, he is hoping she will say yes. Jen asks if there is anything she can say that would help with Jameka? He says no.

Joe: Whatever God wants. Whatever.

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4:42 PM BBT Surprisingly we are still watching the HGs in the living room and bathroom getting ready for the show which happens to be in less than 20 minutes.

Zach, Mike, Amber, Daniele, Dustin, Nick, and Jessica are in the living room. Dick just walked out. Jessica just walked out too. Jessica comes back and sits on the opposite couch. Dick comes back and sits back on the eviction couch. Kail comes in and sits down. Dustin talks about remembering his father reading the paper in the morning with his legs crossed like a woman. Eric joins everyone and then leaves then comes back. 4:47PM BBT Jameka joins the bunch in the living room. Daniele is trying to do put something on the table. The camera is on Nick, not sure why.

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Feeds watching Jameka (I've backed up, as I couldn't post a while back--must be a lot of visitors--ed)

Joe is talking to Jess.

Joe is talking quietly, and unfortunately I'm on quad feed and Dustin and Dick are being so loud that I can't hear them.

Joe is telling her about how he told Jen that everyone should just leave Nick alone and not bug him about voting for him.

He talks about how everyone is avoiding him.

Jess says she is sad.

Joe starts to talk to Jameka, but she is in a slip and he doesn't talk to her.

I'm switching feeds..

Joe is lying down in the bathroom area. Jameka is getting ready. Mike goes into the bathroom.

Jameka looks really pretty in a white dress.

Joe tells her the dress is very nice and classy.

Jameka: Um..Because of inconsistencies in the house, not on your part, I'm voting for ED.

Joe blows out his breath in a frustrated way.

Joe: FOR him?

Jameka: mmm hmm

Jameka: I'm telling you, and I'm leaving it alone, and you can't ask me anything else about it. People are lying to you, Joe.

Joe: I know who is. I know who is.

Jameka: Okay. And at that point, it's not going to matter because of inconsistencies in the house. It's not.

Joe; I've got enough! With yours, I've got four with yours, not counting people who I know are lying!

Jameka: And I'm telling you, you will see, out of that group they lied to you. And I told you I would be honest to you from the jump, and I'm keeping my word to you. You will see who it is down the line.

Joe: Who?

Jameka: You will see when you leave.

Joe: ust tell me.

Jameka: No!

Joe: Why not?

Jameka: Because I don't do names.

She says that he will see when he leaves, and if he wants to go off, that's his choice--however he wants to leave. He says he doesn't think Nick will vote for him.

She says that three is not four.

Joe says he thinks it will be close.

Others come into the bathroom.

Mike and Zach are in the bathroom, and they whisper.

One of the two whispers: What the hell is going on?

Mike has toothpaste in his mouth and makes sounds.

Another whisper: I don't know what's going on.

Mike wants to talk more to Zach and Zach starts to go toward him, Dustin walks out of the bathroom, and Zach walks on by, instead.

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Most of the houseguests are sitting on the couches, waiting for the show to start.

They are laughing, talking.

Nick is wearing a ski sweater.

Dustin is whispering to Dani, on the couch.

Joe has Jameka in the weight room on the other feed.

Jameka is asking when Eric has ever really talked to Joe, though? When has he spent time with Eric??

They left the door open to the weight room.

Jameka says that things can change fast, you can say something to upset people in one day, and a change of heart happens.

Jen is whispering to Mike. She says that they could vote with them. Then she says "Vote against them...without them getting mad?" Mike walks away, and Jen walks away.

Joe and Jameka walk out.

Jameka: I love you though, and I'm sorry. It is the way it is.

Dani is putting something on a blue plate in the middle of the coffee table. She says they worked on it for a long time.\They are asking questions.

What's your favorite color?

Zach: Can you flare your nostrils?

Dani: Can't everybody????

All 13 are in place. They are told 10 minutes to show time. FOTH!!!

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4:52 PM BBT BLUE VORTEX comes our way. Probably going to be this way until the show and all during the show

4:53 PM BBT Feeds come back for a few seconds. and then BLUE VORTEX.

4:55 PM BBT Five minutes until live show starts.

4:58 PM BBT Blue Vortex gone, FOTH Trivia has arrived (the trivia that everyone already knows the answers to - duh! - they're from last year)

5:00 PM BBT Live Show Starts Now!!

See everyone around 6:00 PM BBT, 7:00 MST, 8:00 CST, 9:00 EST!!

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FOTH... Patiently waiting for the feeds to start back up tapfoot.gif

6:11PM BBT

Feeds back. Dani & Amber leaving the storage room saying how happy they are. Everybody hanging out in the dining/kitchen area. Jameka & Dick talking but all the HG talking loud at once so I can't really tell what anybody is saying. Dick says if he didn't thank anybody individually he is thanking them all now. Jameka trying to get a game of Zooma-Zooma going but nobody seems interested.

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They are discussing at the end of the episode Zach said "Shit" which I myself did hear.

I guess they got repremanded for swearing.

Dick says: "Shit and Fuck are not okay" but he thinks "Bitch and ass" are okay.

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Feeds are back. Dani is squealing and happy with Amber. Dani is telling her that she is so happy--this week is going to be a breeze--they can kick back and relax all week.

Dani:: In your face!!!

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They are talking about how they will now probably go into the DR and talk about events that happened yesterday and they should set back the clocks.

They start discussing something about Kaysar and Trivia.

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feeds are back. geezz, they do change fast. most of them are back into their normal house clothes. eric and jameka are still dressed up. but most everyone is dressed down already.

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Dick is talking about how he guessed in the tie breaker. He said he almost said true on that question that they all got wrong. ED thinks that he will continue to sleep in the round room instead of the HOH. He said that he is comfortable where he is and doesn't want to move.

They are all locked in the house and waiting for the food. Earlier ED was telling Dani that he is sure Vince sent a picture of the three of them together. Dani didn't respond as far as I could tell.

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ED just said he has ruin one of his computers due to "animal porn." :confused:

Now they are asking Dustin why he doesn't go by Dusty? ED said that Dusty Rhodes (the pro wrestler) was a cool name. Dustin says that he thinks of a man in an over large snake skin cowboy hat with cigs rolled up in his sleeve driving down a dirty road. He says Dusty just reminds him of dirt and gross things. He says his family use to call him Dustin Butts, then it ended up just being Butts.

ED says his dad use to call him retard or ##%# (something I won't type on here.) He says it did wonders for his self confidence. :animated_scratchchin:

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Kail and Dick, along with the other house guests are talking about people stealing from the bar. Can't sense any tension between Kail and Dick at this time, sure there is some brewing though.

Jess just told Dani that she better pack her bags because the two people that have been evicted has been from their room.

ED is telling someone that Kail is in a bad spot since she went after him last week. He is now out in the BY smoking. I think he was talking to Jen as she just appeared in the picture.

Kail is already pleading her case to stay to Amber :animated_rotfl: (like Amber is going to save Kail)

Nick is telling how Joe gave Nick his hat last night and Nick had Dani put it back in Joe's bag ASAP. Dustin says it might be okay after a good washing.

Jen is telling ED that last week showed her what people are capable of saying. ED says Joe's little speech of who is honest, well he needed to realize that people began telling him what he wanted to hear just to get him off their backs.

Jen just sold Kail out and told ED that she was the only one who voted to get rid of ED. Jen says that she saw her chance to get rid of him. ED says Kail buried herself by not keeping their agreement.

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