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July 19, Live Feed Updates

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All four feeds are on Amber breathing loudly while she does Jameka's hair. They are not talking at all. (I wonder if BB told them they aren't allowed to talk?--ed)

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The microphone that is 'on' is one being worn by someone in the HOH bedroom and the noise from the HOH bathroom (where Amber, Kail, and Jameka are) is being heard only from that mic. The door is closed. All four feeds are on the same activity - same angle.

ETA: Quick shot of HOH room reveals two people sleeping in the chairs, two others in the bed (Jen and ?) and a female in a hairband who stepped in and then went out again. Back to the bathroom, where all body language indicates the girls are really just talking about hair. (See screencaps)

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Gretchen predicted that Evil Dick will be her guest on Housecalls tomorrow, and Kaysar thinks Joe will have the seat.

Back to the house, Kail has joined Jameka and Amber in the HOH bathroom, while Jameka's hair gets done. No spoken words at all.

Are they having a contest to see who can go the longest without speaking for a prize like a summer long slop pass???

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Girls left the HOH BR but all feeds were still there. Nick uses latrine and we get to hear it, so it must be his microphone that's on. - what he gets for whispering so low. Back to BR with Kail and Jameka. It's an HOH lockdown so everyone is in there. Sound still nothing. <be back maybe when it's all fixed or everyone's awake....>

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All 4 feeds are still on the girls getting ready in the HOH room.Who ever's mic is still on is bored..And sleeping! lol I just heard snoring!

11:03 BBT: BB: Houseguests the lockdown is over. You are free to move about the house.

Trivia on the feeds but I can still hear HG's talking.

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Nick and Mike in Storage Room:

Nick wants Mike (and therefore the alliance) to know that he's changing his mind - he's voting for Joe to leave. He says it's looking like 6 to 4 for Joe to go, with some being maybe's - either way.

A hand gesture to indicate their vote at the live voting is still in the works.

Everything is depending on who turns at the last minute.

A few minutes later, after FOTH, we have Mike telling Kail of Nick's vote change in the SR. Suspicious, he adds that he thinks Nick will be throwing all HOH competitions. Kail says she's not sure he would ever even vote for them to stay. They leave the room.

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It's so funny the HG's are down from the HoH room and they can hear the Feed Music as well as us. They sing the melody every once and awhile. You can Hear the Guys talking strategy about the voting for tonight. Hand signals and all, about who votes how. It's Zach and Nick talking in the storeroom about if this one votes for this one then this one has to vote for this one. All as confusing as it sounds.

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zack and nick talking in storage room

zack says it's too early to not go with what 'everyone' wants, nick says there are 3 maybes to vote out dick

zack keeps repeating that he (zack) has to vote out whoever nick is voting out

joe is vaccuuming downstairs,jameka is drying her hair....so that describes the only things that can be heard right now

now mike and nick in storage room....nick tells mike that he is going to vote out joe today because joe said that he would go after them if he stays

mike looks unimpressed (but he kinda always looks this way)...mike says 'well its a known that im a target with dick, and joe is just a maybe'..nick says he just wanted to be upfront so they would know he's not lying to them

mike and kail in storage room, after mike gives kail a briefing on his discussion with nick: 'we're screwed'

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11:17am bbt

Nick/Zach in SR

Nick: there are three maybes, that are either way...

Zach: right now?

Nick: it looks like the vote is going to be 6-4

Zach: Joe going?

Nick: yea, me, you, Mike and Kail

Zach: Mike is going with Joe?

Nick: MIke wants Dick out

Zach: they want us to vote for Dick, so it looks like we are split? I told Mike I want Joe out... I told him if you switch I would vote Dick out

Nick: I told Mike that I'm going Dick out

Zach: then I'll end up having to vote Dick out... then Jen, Kail will come to me...

Nick: but there will be four votes...

Zach: but if there are 4 votes, they will want me to switch, it's too early to go against the alliance

Nick: ok, I'll have to talk to them

Zach: You have to vote Joe out... if me/you vote out Joe, then we are at an empass, 2 and 2, but if you turn... that's what we were doing earlier... if you say Dick, and it gets back to me, then I have to vote Dick out

Nick: how can we work this... cause I think

Zach: just say hey dude I want to vote Joe out, if they aren't willing to turn

Nick: last night Joe was saying if we vote for him, next week he'll go for Kail and Mike

Zach: Kail and Mike want Dick out, I said I want Joe out, if you can persuade Nick.. soon as you tell them, if they come to me, Mike came to me and said you were voting Dick out...

Nick: let me go talk to Mike...

Nick leaves the SR

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Nick talking to Mike now in the storage room. Nick tells Mike that he is voting out because Joe said he planned to put up Mike and Kail up. Mike says "Okay, I just dont want to be a f*cking target, I mean It's known that Dick's coming after me when Joe is a maybe", Nick asks Mike "You don't think I'm f*cking both sides...? Mike grunts...Nick: Because, nobody knows...

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11:30am bbt

Nick/Mike in the SR

Nick: I'm switching it up, I'm voting for Joe... I found out he is talking about every scenario with everyone last night, he wants to put up you and Kail

Mike: he specifically said that?

Nick: yea, to the wavering ones... with Joe, he also said he's coming after Zach, he also told Jen he's putting me up... and honestly, when he was talking with Kail, Daniele said he told her he was just playing around to watch Kail squirm... I'm still going to talk to some people to confirm, but right now it's Joe going

Mike: ok, well I'm a target, it's a known with Dick, and a maybe with Joe

Nick: I wanted to tell you, so you know I'm not playing both sides... I'm going to try pulling Joe aside

Mike: maybe you'll come up with something...

feeds show trivia, but audio sounds like Nick, going to someone and starting to whisper(guessing Daniele?), then them music starts(if HGs hum/sing the BB theme, do we get FOTH and warning not to sing? lol)

11:35am bbt

Mike/Kail in SR

Mike: Nick said Joe was telling floaters he would put up Mike/Kail... his reasoning his Joe has mentioned all 4 of our names, I said well I'm a target... also I think Nick is going to be throwing HOHs, they won't put him up and we won't either

Kail: yea... I don't even know if he'd vote to keep us

Mike: he's gonna have to show his loyalty

Kail: you think I should keep my word and vote Evil out? so it's 9-1?

Mike: yep

Kail leaves and we are back to Trivia and sounds of vacuuming

five minutes of watching Jameka fixing her hair with HGs walking thru the bathroom... then...

11:40am bbt

Jen/Kail in the HOH bathroom, cleaning out for the HOH closing

Jen: my favorite when Evil was if Eric had won HOH he'd have put two of you up

Kail: I can't believe Eric won't vote him out(amERICa? lol)

Jen: there's no reason to do much

Kail: you might want to bring down this towel

Jen: he told me to leave the towels, because last time we took them

more talk of packing up bathroom supplies

Kail: I'm hearing music!

Jen: it's not working, just that big brother thing.... I don't know where my strappy pack is... I can't find... (pulling back the bed sheets and searching the room for... something... theme music and trivia take over again)

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11:45am bbt

Zach/Mike in the round bedroom

Zach: can I talk with you... I'm just confirming with you to stay with my original thoughts... is that correct? To vote Joe out... that Nick heard Joe was going to put 'you' and Kail up...

Jen comes in with clothes, then lays down

Jen: what are you guys doing, hang'n?

Jen: everyone is not at a strategic level, they are at a friendship level(on why they won't vote Dick out)

Zach rolls over on one bed and appears to be trying to nap.... Jen/Mike talking about nothing, benefits of 'him' (Dick?) leaving to free up the other round bed, annoying sleeping habits, comfortable beds

Dick enters and leaves without any negative conversation between him/Jen

Jen: what time do we need to be ready to go down? 4? or 4:45? or for the game, unless it's the same... when did they shut down the back yard? when we had to go to the HOH? Did you notice anything they did to the house? Anyone figure out how long it was?

Mike: they shut it down this morning... it was about an hour and a half(HOH lockdown)

Jen leaves and Mike remains, Zach still under the blanket

Zach/Mike conversation continues

Zach: I asked Nick who he was going to vote out, and he said "Dick, but you should vote for Joe"... I said if he was switching and wants to vote for Joe, then you(Nick) need to go to Mike... so I'm coming to you to find out who he said

Mike: well he said Joe, but I know now I'm going to be a target... here's the thing, we don't have Nick playing for HOH, he's safe on both sides

Zach: he's playing for it, if he wins he'll put up Jess and Eric

Mike: I believe since people are buddy buddy with certain people, they would throw HOH, like Amber, if Dick was ahead, because they have an agreement or alignment, so they don't have to put me and Kail up

Zach: I can see people doing that for us... Jen has told me, they would throw it to me, and I don't want them doing that... Dick has a beef with you guys... it's nice being under the radar... if you want me to throw it to you so you can put him up, but I don't want to do your work

Mike: well who would you put up

Zach: I don't know, I don't want to put up people targeting the group, that makes me wary, I'd rather play the card... if you want Dick out next week, I'd throw it to you, because I probably wouldn't put him up

Mike: you said you would yesterday, so who would you now?

Zach: I've got people on the top of my list

Mike: make me understand, why a threat to our alliance isn't a threat to us right now?

Zach: if I have a choice between giving you HOH and me winning it, I'll give it to you hands down... I want to keep as many on, inside as we can... you can't expose everyone now(in other words, you make yourself the target and I'll fly under the radar lol)

(Mike gets up to check if anyone is listening in on them)

Zach: if I get HOH because I won it, then I'd probably put Daniele and Dick up.. if it's thrown to me though, I'd prefer it not be, I don't want to be in that position

BB: Mike, Zach, please put on your microphones (I could hear them fine lol)

(Mike leaves and Zach stays under the blanket)

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Feeds 1 & 4 are showing Kail doing Her hair

Feed 1 is now on Living room

HHmmm Now Feed 1 and 3 are on Trivia

Feeds 2 and 4 are Back on Kail

Now only Feed 4 is on Kail

Now Feeds 1 and 4 are on Kail

Feeds 2 and 3 Trivia

(BB messing with our heads Ha ha - ed. )

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Feed 2 is on trivia but we can hear them.

Feed 1 is the same.

Feed 3 is trivia with music.

Feed 4 is video with theme music.

Quad is theme music and trivia WITH sound of the house.

Quad is trivia on 2 and 3, video and audio on 1 and 4

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House cleaning is going on, Dustin, Amber both cleaning the kitchen. Jen looking for a hair tie, Kail said she can do that for Jen. Amber is cleaning out the freezer.

Mike is with Dustin and Jen comparing the HG photos on the wall.

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1:17PM BBT All cameras on the bathroom. HGs party in the bathroom. I don't know how many are in the bathroom. But there are at least 5 or 6 of them in there. Seconds later, the trivia FOTH came on.

1:37PM BBT FOTH Trivia has been on for 20 minutes and continues for who knows how much longer. Probably forever.

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1:57pm bbt

Back from FOTH, Jen/Eric/Jessica/Dick/Jameka in the bedroom, appear to be discussing questions for HOH and items being moved in the house(Jen mentions a table in a different place?)

Eric: I think it's going to be all about Carol... "was Carol's BBQ scheduled for July 20?"

Jessica is yelling back to them from another room, will someone wake her up... says thankyou to those who said yes, I hate you to those who said no (all in jest of course lol)

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Joe goes to Zach and tells him Nick is voting for him to stay. Zach tells Joe if he (Joe) can get Nick to come to him (Zach) and tell him that, he's in. Joe goes to Kail and repeats his convo with Zach, she nods approvingly, then Joe goes to Mike and repeats again. Mike says he does not think Nick and Zach are really "down" with that, they told him (Mike) that earlier. Now Joe asks Nick if he's really with him (Joe), Nick says yes, Joe says, Okay, that all he (Nick) needs to do is tell Zach that and the deal is done.

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2:00pm bbt

Joe/Zach in the SR

Joe: as far as I know, Nick is voting for me to stay

Zach: all you need is for Nick to come to me and tell me he is keeping you in, then I'll keep you in

Joe: two weeks, I give you my word

Joe leaves, tells Kail quickly that all he needs is Nick to tell Zach... Kail tells him to talk with Mike

Joe goes to the couch where Mike is laying and explains

Mike: Nick and Zach are not down

Joe: I've talked to Nick, and he said he can't tell anyone, because of Daniele...

Mike: ok

Joe goes past Kail again, she mentions talking to Jameka

Joe goes to Daniele in bedroom

Joe: I need you to talk to Jameka

Dani: what do you want me to say?

Joe: whatever you need to say to keep me here

Joe goes to the kitchen... Nick comes by

Joe: where is your mic?

Nick: I'm just not going to talk

Joe: grab it and meet me in the gym

Joe/Nick in gym

Joe talking fast..

Joe: are you really voting to keep me? I don't need both of them(Eric/Jam?) if you give me your word, just tell Zach...

and they leave...

BB: Nick, please put on your microphone

Joe goes back to bedroom and continues packing... Nick is... Trivia?!?!?!?

Joe/Jen on LR couch

Joe: ok, I think we have enough for a tie

goes back to the bedroom, whistling, starts packing... Dick packing and talking randomly with others in the room

(someone is going to be shocked with the vote tonight!)

(I have saved this as an audio/mp3 clip, sending it to you Jemmie :) )

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Joe is in a panic, now. Nick doesn't have his mic on, and Joe asks him to put it on.

Nick: I'm just not gonna talk.

Joe asks if he lost it or something. Then he tells him to go find it and meet him in the weight room, right now!

Nick doesn't get his mic (which ensures a short convo).

He doesn't enter the room. Joe is in the weight room and Nick is just leaning in with the door open. Joe is talking in a very fast, very agitated voice. He's pointing his finger and sort of jerking his arm up and down while he talks.

Joe tells Nick that he has three votes for sure. Mike, Kail and Jess. He says that Nick needs to tell Zach that he is voting for Joe!

Joe: Are you really voting to keep me??

Nick: What?

Joe: Are you really voting to keep me??

Nick: I wanted to. Everything is flipped now.

Joe: No, it's not! All you have to do is tell Zach. If you tell Zach you are voting for me, he just gave me his word that he will vote for me. That's five. I don't have to worry about Jameka. I don't have to worry about Dani. (He is talking a million miles an hour--ed) I just need one of them. If you mean that you are going to vote for me, I have Kail, Mike and Jessica, you, Zach, done. If you give me your word that you are, talk to him and tell him. Like no pussyfooting around. Straight up yes, that's what I'm doing!!!

They quickly walk away from the weight room.

BB: Nick, please put on your microphone.

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FOTH with trivia.

Nick still can't find his mic.

Joe sits down on the couch next to Jen.

Joe: Hey! Seems like we have enough for a tie.

Kail walks by, stops and listens.

Joe asks if Jen is still about keeping him if they tie. She says "Mmm hmm."

He says good and gets up.

Houseguests are getting the vacuum out, getting ready for the live show.

(Kail's hair is all curled and she is wearing a little miniskirt, so you know it's show night!)--ed

We keep getting little bits of FOTH with trivia sometimes, and the blue swirl sometimes. It's a loooong FOTH (I backed up the feed to get the previous quotes, so the timing is off, Jem--Cat)

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