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July 19, Live Feed Updates

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Dick just admitted that he has bought the live feeds for BB before. He said that the best parts were right after an HOH comp and to watch the house guest react. Eric says he never wanted the live feeds because you hear the conversations about turning on others and by the end of the television show, everyone never does what they said there were going to do on the live feeds.

(if I were in this game, those two would of shed a ton of light for me, Dick really knows how this game works and Eric laid the ground work that you can't trust any plans that have been made prior to the episode. )

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Amber gets a pickle & simulates a BJ on it for Dick's benefit. Eric asks what is going on in the house. Amber says Jess is inside getting ready for her date with Mike, Jameka & Mike are in the kitchen talking in the kitchen about Alcatraz. Dick goes to teetee. Jameka & Jess come out.

Nick & Dani in the hammock. Dani says she is soooooo hungry. Nick says he doesn't wanna go inside because he will get cornered by the M.R.A. Nick says he wants to win HOH this week & get shit started early because he is bored. Nick hopes the wake up music in the AM is Marilyn Manson & Buck Cherry-Crazy bitch. He asks Dani to name 3 things she wants to do with her life. She says she wants to go back to school. She wants to either be a 2nd grade teacher, or work for a fashion magazine, or open her own doggie spa. Those are her 3 options.

Meanwhile back on the sofa... Jameka wants to play ZoomaZooma. Dick says he doesn't want to have to pee 5 times during the night.

In the kitchen Kail is washing dishes.

(Sheesh :rolleyes: don't they know After Dark has started. Liven up people!!!)

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Nick and Dani in the hammock talking. Nick is sick of people telling him what their plan is and how to vote. Nick wants to say this is your plan, but here is my plan. He wants HOH this week. He tells Dani she was right, there is no need to sit in the weeds, he needs to win and stir the pot. Nick says that if Kail and Zach get put up then he is going to come out and let them have it. He ask Dani if that is right and she says yeah. He tells her that she is so purty even though she has bugs in her teeth.

Nick wants to know if the songs they play in the morning have anything to do with the day. Dani agrees. Nick says that the day Joe got put up, they played "Dancing Queen." Dani wants to know what Madonna has to do with today.

Nick is naming songs they should play in the morning that would fit Jen. One was "Crazy B@tch". Now Nick wants to know what three things Dani wants to do in life. She wants to go back to school, and she doesn't know, she hasn't decided. She wants to change her major from photography to education. She wants to work for a fashion magazine, teach second grade or open a doggie spa. Nick says those are the three things you want to do in life? She says those are her options. She says typically, she wants to get married and be the first person in her family that isn't divorced. Nick says that he wants to throw out there that he doesn't plan on getting divorced. Dani says that everyone in her family has been divorced between one and five times.

Nick wants to know if she wants kids, she says yes.

She ask Nick want he wants to do. He says the first thing is to write and illustrate a child's book. The book would be about a white and black football player who comes together and fights racism and then be on Oprah. Then he wants to travel to Alaska, Vegas, California, New York, Maine. Then he wants to........a lot of things, bungie jump. He says he has a list of things he wants to do before he dies. He wants to get married, have kids, have a house. He has the landscaping of how the house is going to look, wrap around deck, clear out the trees between the house and the beach and the put cherry blossom trees in and apple trees. He wants a big outside grill, the grill area will have a sauna. Inside the house he wants a weight room and Dani says she wants a dark room. Nick says his mom has one and is into photography. He also wants a fireplace. Dani didn't say anything in response to his dream.

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(Just starting After Dark on my DVR so my times are off)

From 9PM-10PM BBT:

Lotsa HG hanging out on the BY sofa chit-chatting. Joe says they told Dani that slop will end at 6PM tomorrow.

Nick & Dani continue their talk about what they wanna be when they grow up. Dick comes over & says Jess is voting for Joe to stay but that's fine. He wants to be sure Zach isn't wavering.

In the HOH Jen & Joe are talking about the vote. Jen is worried that Nick will look horrible to Dani when he votes for Joe to stay (I can't wait til this vote is over so everybody finally knows which side Nick is officially on) Jen says Dani should vote for Dick to go or else she will be going up on the block every week. Jen says if Zach doesn't vote for Joe to stay he is gonna have problems. She says no offense to you (Joe) but if we don't get evel out this week it's not gonna be able to happen again whereas with you there are more people who will put you up. (I can't believe she said that to Joe) Joe says Jameka will let him know her vote sometime tomorrow if he gets her they will be OK.

Meanwhile in the BY talk turns to "Would you tell some one if they had a booger hanging out". The majority would tell. They are playing a game of pseudo Family Feud.

Kail & Jen in HOH. Kail asked if Jen told Zach how many people are gunning for him. Jen says yes. Kail says Zach is dumb because evel's people are the ones after him. Kail says that Eric is not Jen's "Mike" (as in he's not on her side). Kail says Eric told her evel has the votes to stay so that's how he is voting. Kail says she is planning on evel being here next week. Jen says she is going to plan on evel being gone so her thoughts will overpower everything. They say they cannot talk to Jameka that she is going to make up her own mind. Jen says everyone doesn't realize that evel & Dani are concentrated players. They say Dani, Amber, Dustin, evel are 4 strong & MBE more. They think Jess will vote with them for sure. They say Joe guarantees Nick but to not talk to Nick about it. Kail doesn't think Nick will vote with them. Jen thinks Nick will vote with them but it will make him look bad so she hates that it has to be Nick.

10PM-11PM BBT:

Still in HOH... Kail & Jen talk about how dumb Zach is for keeping evel. Jen says she can't handle people that are that "retarded & disloyal". Jen is sure that Dick is going home. Kail leaves the HOH. Jen starts setting up the chessboard for Zach.

Chit-Chat/Family Feud still going on in the BY.

Zach goes up to HOH. Zen starts (that crap of) using the chess pieces to represent HG to try to convince Zach to vote their way. Zach flat out says he will not vote Dick out unless Nick votes Dick out. Jen says a few days ago they were thinking they could throw the HOH to Zach but now they are worried about him. Zach says Kail has really dug herself a grave & fucked up. Zach says that Jen recognized the weekness of Dani/Dick & that is putting them both on the block together & if he wins HOH next week he will nom them both again. Zach guarantees that Nick will not nom a member of the MRA. (I cannot tell where the truth ends 7 the BS begins)

Meanwhile in the BY... they are still playing the guessing game for a really really really long time.

11PM(ish) BBT (I'm off to bed. Nite all sleep007.gif)

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10:24 BBT Jen and Zach upstairs in the HOH. Jen is trying to convince Zach that if he doesn't vote out Joe then he'll be out next week at the hands of Dick and his alliance.

Kail walked in and asks if she should go and Zach says he can't be upstairs with both of them so Kail leaves.

Zach says he's not willing to sway. Jen says if "this guy"[Nick] sways at 4:00 will he sway. Zach says he will sway if Nick does but if he doesn't he is "adament" that he will evict Joe.

Zach says Kail has "dug a grave" "She's fucked up" . He says it's pretty deep.

"in the big swing of things" Zach says that the next few weeks are crucial. Zach says he's gambling with this..He says he plays games....

Zach says he will put Dick and Danile next week if he's HOH and Jen says in that case Evel would stay.

Zach says in the long term Joes is going to be a destruction and in the short term Dick is the way out.

Jen ask who nick would put up. Zach says floaters probably Jess and Eric.

Jens says he'll look horrible if he doesn't put one of Mrs Alliance. Zach disagrees

Jen interested in the Nick and Danile "relationship issues" Zach says he won't say because he doesn't want it to come back to bite him.

Zach tells Jen he's in it for the long run and he is voting for Joe for eviction

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10:37 BBT

Dani and Nick in the hammock..Dustin came by ask how they are doing and dropping off cookies for Nick.

Dani wonders what Jen says in the DR. "The horrible horrible things"

Nick worried what she will do when she finally sees the things he's said about her.

Dani says Dick is driving her crazy. She says if she goes on another week of slop she'll "have a nervous breakdown"

Dani say I want sleep all night and all day wake up right before the show and do the show and eat the grill chesse and pancakes he's promised to make her. he said "done"

Nick Says she'll get a goodnights sleep in his "big grissley bear arms"

Nick saying "these cookies aren't that good" a near starving Danile says "i hate you"

Nicks says Jens looking over he says she thinking" Why can't I share in the laughter with Nick" Dani says she saying "How can I killer her in her[Dani] sleep" nick -"or that"

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10:45 BBT

On the patio almost the whole house playing some game

Nick and Daniele talking about how long they have been in the house. Dani says it could be a tie breaker question of how many minute they've been in the house.

Nick rappin ........

Nick telling Danile he was depressed for a straight month on Easter in Australia and had no one around when he got dumped.

Dani -"that was random"

Nick says he didn't talk to anybody and just lifted 6 hrs a day and got up to 220lbs.

Dani asks how many serious relationships he's been in and he says "one" "that was her..fucking bitch..just joking"

Brief FOTH

Nick talking about being in the confines of the game and he's trusting her and says he needs to start trusting and was going says something about his Ex..FOTH.."never want to see her again..answer her phone calls"

Nick noticing she shaved her legs "aren't I suppose to" and tell him her arms too.

dani says she's never been spoiled everything she has she's earned. Nick says "I heard your Mom bought you a car" she says not really and wonders why Dick says those things.

Nick saying how spoiled he is his parents paying for his car and his insurance while he's there "it must be nice" Dani says She tells him sh prepaid all her bills "and you don't have to rub it in her face"

Nick says "god spoiled her with a perfect face and perfect body"

Nick telling her twelve years ago that his family was on the brink of brankruptcy FOTH.

Talking how he quit football his senor year of college to concentrate on his major"She say she had t quit school because she couldn't afford it"

Nick telling her "the perks " of marrying good ol Nick. Saying his parents will support them...Dani telling him "shut up"

11:02 BBT Nicks says Mike Zach and probably Jess are followers

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11:04 BBT

Nick tells danile he's been a leader and a follower. eavesdropping on the patio people.

"out of the two HG in the hammoch how many of them are in to each other" Nick joking playing the game..and say she was until she found out that his mom pays for evertything.

Nick says 12 people outside and 1 inside[Kail]go figure. Dani says "she's probably sleeping" and Nick says "that's what grandmas do"

Nick says he wants to keep in touch with her her dad, Amber Jameeka "Joe and Dustin" "that's hot" says Danile and Eric and Jen just in case her and Danile "don't work out"[he was kidding]

"Amber trusts Dustin me and you" says Nick and Dani says "she's been getting close to Jamekka"

Nick palying their game from hammock to himself.

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Not much going on tonight. Kail's quit campaigning, the entire house except Kail are palying a game on the patio.

Nick and Dani still just laying on the hammock talking about coming up with some sorta code.

Talking about biggest fear..Dani says "if her grandma dies" because she's had two liver transplants and she's the only family she has.

Nick says he has "no fears" and joking says maybe "the scene from alien" Danile says "you're an idiot"

11:28 BBT sais that the hardest thing he's ever had to go through was "the break up" Talking about his dad and how they had issues where they almost never talked.

Danile says with her grandfathers bout with alzheimers. Watching him die from it

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11:32 BBT

Nick wants to go to bed but wants for their family fued game to end. Dani says just go but Nick doesn't want to make the "awkward" walk past them.

Nick asks Danile if she would leave the game for ten grand. She says no.

Nick said he'd leave the game when she's gone. [kidding?]

Nick says he'll leave for 25 grand. [that was a question from the game the HG are playing on the patio]

Danile is called to DR. Danile says "there's you escape" to got to bed. Ask her if she's going to bed and says probably not I think she said she was going to eat.

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11:48 BBT

The game fianlly broke up. Jameka Jen Dani and mIke in Kitchen. Jen eating food. Dick gives warning whoever needs to use the bathroom to go before he goes to drop a duece.

Zach says to Dani "you're not ticklish" she tells him it depends "who" and "where"

Eric outside talking about Joe saying that "he's thrilled" he's going.

Amber says "who hasn't got on his nerves?" Eric says a few people..still waiting for the answer....

She posts the question to Jameka.."Mike..he doesn't talk"

Eric says there are two......no names....

Jameka say actually "3 or 4"

Joe campaigning say he has 4 for sure some maybes. Dani ask who the maybes were and said her and Eric

Nick comes in she ask him how his DR went.

Joe is packing for eviction

dani tells Nick she can't tell Joe tomorrow that she's evicting him

Joe giving Nick some Clothes to keep his memory alive and Nick says OK and Dani says "now hump him" and Joe obliges.

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12:03 BBT

Jameka and Eric outside.

Talking strategy. Mike says he smells skunk and Eric says it may be me.

Eric I think that he's telling her about Nick being in Mrs Robinson.. He's telling her that Nick/Joe told them to put her up.

Eric says since they didn't take the deal that means they are not the priority. Eric telling her that why should thaey keep Joe when Evel never tried to sell them out. Jamekka agrees.

Jameka says she's all about getting "the liars out" "I'm not a liar Jess is not a liar and You're not a liar"

Eric says him and Jameka are safe from the two alliances from being nominated.

Jameka says she'll put Zach and the others she doesn't know. Eric says Nick and Danile are putting targets on their own backs. He says Dustin amd Amber for having tight bonds between the two.

Eric says Joe told him that "he wasn't the most brilliant of players" laughing how things have turned out

Jen plops her ass down. Ask what's funny and Eric asking when she gets out of her unitard. Amber doing ultra obnoxious imitations of Fran [The Nanny] whoever.

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12:20 BBTThe game starts up with all the HG on the patio with the exception of Kail and Nick and daniele who are whispering in the bedrrom and Kail who is MIA[probably sleeping]Daniele loks like she's near tears again. talking with Nick who's on the floor and she's sitting on the mattressless bed.Danile says she's just thinking. Talking about Dad saying said he's done things and said things you wouldn't say to family and everything he says basically goes in one ear and out the other. "I want brownies" nick tells her "go make some" she says "i hate you telling her that it's worth a penalty nom for "moist" brownies and Dani says she hates that word. Nick keeps saying "moist" cake... brownies....Dani "are you stressing about the HOH" he says "no" asks her "you want it" she says she just doesn't want "certain people" to get it and is stressing over it.Dani says if he thinks it will be set up again Nick says like the "9 gallons" she says "ya" he says no clue and doesn't give a f##k he's going for it.Danilele gives Nick a hug goodnight She heads to the kitchen to eat or drink a protein shake and feeds turn to the game outdoors.

12:34 BBT BB took all Jen's Shirts like jenius and gave her plain ones from her house. Dick asks if it was from the audience complaining?[LOL] Jen says BB told her it was copyright issues

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12:46 BBT

Game still going on on all 4 feeds...so not much to post right now.

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1:21 BBT

The game has broken up but the trivia question keep going with Amber Dustin Jess Dick Eric Daniele Jen and Joe

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1:29 BBT Dustin and Dick on the hammock telling Dick in the event he does go home tomorrow[really today] it was a pleasure getting to know him Dick tells him he feels the same way.

Both talking about Eric being a "good guy". Dick telling him Amber was a total luck of the draw about their relationship.

Dick says There was mistrust at first. Talking about Joe being manipulative and charasmatic.

Dick saying Dustin mentioned the gonorrhea in HOH and says he didn't and talking why anyone would mention that they had gonorrhea on national TV.

Dick mentions for the millionth time how he and Daniele can't talk on a personal level.

Dick says Ambers perspective on people isn't as good as his because he's been around a long time and can spot a bullshitter since he's seen so many. Amber too trusting

Dustin says his vote for Dick is a vote for him to stay and not a vote for Joe to go

feeds switch to Jess Eric Jameka talking in the LR talking about skyscrappers. Jess says she's going to bed because "she has an HOH to win tomorrow"

Feeds switched back to Dick and Dustin with Dustin telling him "I'll pray to gOd you stay" Dick says he's got Jess and he was worried about Zach switching but says that Zach hates Joe.

Dick says Joe will get the voted upstairs. Dustin says Mike is waverely.

Dustin says every person is putting up Zach but who is he putting u[ against him Dustin Asks. Dick says he hopes its Kail.

Dustin saying that his calling her out basically outed her alliance. Dustin says he got shaky when Dick told her not to walk away and she was saying I'm not walking away. Dick says he really didn'y go off on her and that he wasn't yelling or it wasn't "cuss laced" but it was "well deserved".

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1:49 BBT

Dustin and Dicks heart to heart continues with Dstin telling him his experience with him has made his time better.

Dustin says with Joe's exit a lot of "the bullshit" will stop [ya right]

Dick says that he isn't in that group of three. dustin calls him a floater. Dick says that the people Joe was closest to was him and Nick. dustin says "no" that it was "me"

Dick talking Mike has to go. Dustin talking about his talk with Kail and saying how both their archrivals are up and how he wasn't going to campaign like her.

In the dining room Amber sitting giving Joe a back rub on the floor and Dani eating.

Dustin saying if Kail spoke to other people the way she did "me me me" then she would fail.

Dick says Kail doesn't participate in the house and says her only participation was campaigning against him and when he put a stop to it by calling her out she stopped.

Talking how secretive she is. Dustin says they had to do their goodbye videos today and again tells him how appreciative he is of him and "their realationship" and he feels "open" and "comfortable" with his conversations

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Dick at Night has a solo guest tonight - Jen. She doesn't get too many chances for monologues as he bounces from topic to topic. On a global level, he pontificates about all problems being about money, and the problems with 'blood diamonds' and DeBeers. Then the focus shifts, of course, to the house. He mentions that he and Dani are not in an alliance, except maybe a one-way one in that he would protect her. Tells her that Kail would go home even if she were up against Jen. She tells him, as she has others, to tell her if anything he says is not to be repeated.

In the long run, nothing of any great significance on the table, unless tonight can be marked as the beginning of the Dick-Jen alliance.

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Dick, announcing confidence level, tells Jen how much Dani is torn apart by her relationship with Nick vs. boyfriend at home.

Jen, announcing confidence level, tells Dick that by the end of the season, Dani won't be with either one of them. She then infers that Nick is playing Jen as part of his alliance strategies.

Dick is silent for a moment (a long moment for him) and then changes the subject.

ETA: Twenty minutes later, as Dick is sitting alone on the porch, he mutters to himself, "And what about Nick -- that's a concern."

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Dick is doing his usual and moving the rabbits before bed. he puts them on the coffee table in a "rabbit" position (humping).

He's coughing and says "fuck" cause he cant seem to stop. (have another smoke Dick) Now he's taking his shoes off and talking to himself.

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