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Biggest "game changing" mistake so far?


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week two not going after chilltown mainly WILL the bb legend

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I agree with both of you - I think both are tied for first place. Jase would have gone MUCH further if he had disagreed. Though I think any week that the houseguests did not nominate CT was a big mistake on thier part. Though I will postface that comment with the fact that i've wanted will to win from week one.


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It's easy for us to say, but I wouldn't have taken that chance so early in the game. That means that he would have had to trust them to not vote him out. He didn't know where everybody stood...they were still trying to feel each other out, and make alliances. I wouldn't have done it either...he knows that a lot of people didn't really like him. Especially after you have 3 more people from S6 that would have been coming after you, all b/c you did the "dirty work" for the others.

I think his mistake was...flipping and then trying to hang up Chilltown's butt, and he was basically a 3rd wheel.

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yep he jump ship too early without sov losing hoh not smart. the leech ericka stayed with sov for as long as she could until they kick her leeching ass out.

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I think will BIGGEST game changing mistake EVER is when Janelle nominated Diane & Nickomis instead of Chilltown that changed the game for EVERYONE for the entire season! Every week since then she had to WIN everything in order to survive.

AND from that day on she really had to play the game for her self @ the expense of the SOV 4 or SOV 3 & James.

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kaysar did that

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Alison- Trying to get Jase and Janelle to disagree. Stupid. Nobody would give up their immunity and place themselves on the block in order to try and get somebody else out.

Nakomis- Not forming enough alliances to keep her when she needed votes. Not developing any sort of relationship with any Season Six person to lobby her off the block.

Jase- Getting caught playing both sides. Trying to convince the Sovereigns he was with them while chilling out with Chilltown. Too much of a threat in challenges later down the line.

Diane- Like Nakomis, not having enough alliances that would want to keep her when she was up. Had a bad relationship with Janelle before entering and should have tried harder to mend fences.

Kaysar- Not putting up Chilltown week two thus starting a war between the Sovereigns and the Floaters. Opting not to play in Graveyard POV (if he won, Janelle comes off and Dani couldn't put up Howie).

Marcellas- Not doing a good enough job convincing Janelle that if he went up he'd go out. Being incredibly obvious with his floating so that nobody could really trust him.

Howie- Over celebrating any time a Season Sixer won HOH didn't help. Had an obviously alliance that everybody knew he wouldn't break from. Didn't have any parachutes. Trusted Chilltown.

James- Not putting up Chilltown week three as he had wanted to. Putting faith in Season Six who didn't have his back to keep their word. Trusting Chilltown and The Legion of Doom.

Danielle- Putting all her eggs in the "get Janelle out" basket. Not working earlier to keep Erika on her side and away from Chilltown. She was after CT so they had to get her out first.

George- Not having any alliances that would keep him safe. Floating around and being worthless helps you avoid being the target but makes you a damn good backup target.

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i guess I'm the only one who doesnt' think it was totally stupid to go after the floaters. If they had taken one of chilltown out the one remaining in the game would have joined up with the floaters anyway. Either way it was the sovs vs. the entire house.

Kaysar def should have played for the veto....but that wasn't one that I htink he'd have won. I doubt he'd have put the house on slop etc.

As for Jase not disagreeing. I don't think that was stupid AT ALL. Why would he trust the entire house off the bat? Besides that Janie won the POV anyway. She could have replaced the nominaiton with someone non threatening & he would have been out week one.

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Since the title of this thread doea not say "this season", I will say that the biggest mistake was CBS doing All-Stars. While I have enjoyed the season, it just wasn't the same. And what's worse, it changed the great athmosphere here at Morty's and lot's of the old posters who have been around season after season left. It just was not as fun as in the past.

CBS needs to rethink BB if they do another season

Morty's needs to rethink the rules for the BB board if another season happens

As for this season, there are so many mistakes, but there are 2 that hit me from the beginning.

For one, uvp and I agree. Not voting out Will week one was a HUGE mistake.

2nd, season 6 should not have just banded together again from day one. If the 4 of them had split up and worked other angles from day one instead of gluing themselves together and making themselves the big target in the house, things would have been very different. I understand why they did what they did (it was comfortable), but had they disbanded the season 6 gang at the start, maybe the folks in the house would have realized that Will and Boogie were the ones that really needed to be dealt with. Will and Boogie might make for some entertaining moments on tv, but I think the season would have been much more interesting without them in regards to game play.

But, again, there have been so many mistakes this season, but those are a few


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The biggest mistake, in my opinion, was S6's not having a plan, one stated clearly and agreed upon by the 4 of them, from day 2.

It was quickly clear that the rest of the house saw those 4 as "the threat" so they had to be allied in order to survive it.

They needed a plan at least as complex as WIll's (a hidden ally in E., telling the floaters to go after S6 and vice versa, and "forming alliances" with members of each of those two groups.

What follows is just one possibility, it could have worked many different ways; but back when S6 was intact and each of them seemed to have one close outside ally (M., Dani, E. and G.) I thought MAYBE something like this had been planned. Too bad it wasn't: watching one plan trying to work against another plan (CT's) would have been even more intresting than watching CT cut down everyone else, one-by-one; it might have been kind of like last season when each of the two groups had its plan, only this time there would be "leftover" people who weren't really part of either side - lots of room for HG-created twists:

Someone, probably K. (too bad it just wouldn't have been Janelle) needed to say in front of all 3 others: We don't really trust you James, after watching the videos of our season you appear to have betrayed us really early. But you need us at the start of the game b/c everyone's going to think we're together no matter how much you deny it, and if we don't have your back the way we do each other's you'll be gone early.

"Let's make a 4 week alliance, renewable at F10 only by mutual agreement. Until then let's agree not to give any REAL info to anyone outside the group, never to nominate one of us 4, never to vote against one of us 4 unless there's no choice.

"And in the meantime, let's not hang together, let's each go out and get one more HG who will have our own back early on - that way each of us will secretly have the other 3 AND our new ally, 4 people watching out for us, until F10. If we make it that far together we're almost half the house.

"James - tell them we said we don't trust you and you need another ally, that you damn well won't put your trust in people who don't trust you. Be angry at all 3 of us, especially me.

"Janie, tell them you're mad at me because I drove James away so now it's just you and Howie and you need a stronger comp player to ally with.

"I'll tell them Janie's mad at me because I told the truth and TOLD James I didn't trust him. She wanted to lie to him to keep him in the group.

"Howie, tell them you know Janie is ready to form a new alliance and leave you behind now that it's just the 2 of you, so you need a new partner too.

"Try not to make any promises. We'll talk occasionally and decide what we're going to tell the people we're allied with outside this group, so each of them will think we're telling the truth when they hear it coming back from others in the house. And let's let our first "leak" be that we're most afraid of CT because they're the ONLY two people in the house who are really tight outside, so we ARE gong to try to get them out first.

"And when we hear it from someone we haven't told it to we should ask "Who told you that?" like we're tracing a leak."

Watching THAT (or anything else as complex) being played on one side, while CT played its "Will's going home before sequester - let's let him help us get 'the other guys' before he leaves" plan with both the floaters and S6, would have been more interesting to me than what did happen.

But generically, the biggest mistake was S6's being allies-in-name-only. What the little speech above warned James would happen if he didn't hang with the group in fact ended up happening to 3 of them.

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Will advised Janie very early this morning that he and Boggie had pre game alliances with

James and kaysar. Will said he always knew that James would peel off from season 6

and that Kaysar would stay Loyal to the end. of course there were many other Pre Fab alliances

formed in the house we all know them very well.

Therefore, the selection is Pre Game conversation that allowed them to form such

fake alliances.

Alliances will not win the game Loyalty will. and of course the banana bread split deal.

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