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August 28 Live Feed Updates


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Danielle is in the hottub drunk and talking one on one with George who is sitting at the edge - she is quite bitter about going out and is a little teary and philosophical. She tells him if he makes it to final 2 he has her vote. More game assessments - couda/shoulda/wouda's, alternating with pumping George up with confidence as George lends a gentle ear. She's also trying to look forward to life after BB back at home with her family.

Danielle's kind of jumping from topic to topic but basically just seems to be trying to come to terms with her apparent eviction this Thursday.

* * * * *

Janelle, Erika, Will and Boogie are talking over on the backyard couch - Janelle was mentioning something a short while ago about her friend having a pet cougar!?! Grrr!

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10:15 bbt -- HGs still in BY talking about a variety of subjects..... Dani (in HT for the first time all season) is talking privately w/ CG. She is crying (subtly) telling him how hurt she is that Erika said she was putting Dani on the block tomorrow. She said she knows it's a game & all & wouldn't have minded being taken out by anyone else, but she truly believed she & Erika were tight from the beginning. It really hurts her. She told CG that if he's in final 2 against Erika, he has Dani's vote. She keeps saying for her to do that to me is just unbelievable...remember that George.... Hard to hear some of it w/ HT noises & other HGs talking in background. Dani, while sipping what looks like beer from a wine glass, says she just didn't have "it" this time around, she wished she did. She should've scumbagged ppl, but she just couldn't do it this time, she tried to play honestly.

CG asking how she thinks Marcy is doing and she says she's sure he's doing fine. She says that was one of the hardest votes for her to make this season. She says as much as Marcy irritates her to death, she just loves him. He's got a unique character and his personality is infectious.

Talking about Jason from her season & how loyal he was & what a great guy. Says she would've taken him to final 2 if she could've, even though he would've won between the two of them.

She says she can't believe how alone she was this whole season. She knew she was, but came to believe she could trust Erika...she's very hurt that she was wrong & is realizing now that she truly was alone the entire season.

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Dani really drunk now starts yelling in BY for CT to come into HT. She's saying...Did you or did you not look me in the eye & tell me you'd get in the HT tonight??? All of you MoFo's are crazy...get your asses in here! Will is yelling back he owes her one next week. Dani cracks up laughing saying, oh yeah, one liar knows another liar in this house....don't make me start calling out the LOD -- get on in this HT.

CG had walked away for a min. and Dani alone in HT, all others leave BY. Dani yelling to cams -- Hate to love me, love to hate me...I am Danielle and the game is on! These MoFo's think they have me figured out. Then to her hubby (I assume)....oh, honey, I am miserable!

CG comes back out and sits by HT again...Dani gets a little more settled talking quietly to him about his game & how to play the comps. She's telling CG that if he gets to the end he has to say, I kept Janelle in the game when I was hoh because she was a bigger target & I needed to play for me. Danielle says she will preach (in the jury house), but he's got to remember to say that. Telling him word-for-word what to say if he's against Erika, then what to say if he's in the end against CT member, and just keeps going over what he needs to say to win.

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(I really don't enjoy watching Erika much, but with only 6 people left . . . )

Erika, Will and Boogie ran away from Danielle and up into the HOH room. A couple of minutes trying to destress from the backyard confrontation with Will and Boogie again telling Erika why Danielle needs to go. Will and Boogie then act like Erika's their 'Yoko' and she either believes them or plays along. She seems to have her doubts because then she casually weaves into the conversation that she's noticed that Chilltown keep saving Janelle every chance they get. She also mentions flat out to their faces that she told Janelle that if Janelle gets HOH next week she needs to nominate Chilltown, combined with how when one of the 3 wins POV of course they will come off the block and George will go home (now is Erika REALLY going to be trying for that POV?). She then smoothly mentions in 'passing' that George today told her if he gets HOH that he is going after Chilltown. Boogie is kind of freaking out now, and was even tempted for a moment to keep Danielle and vote out George! He quickly backs away from that, but Erika seems to feel pretty secure about making it through the next eviction . . .

. . . Janelle has now joined them in the HOH . . . they're all still a little freaked at the confrontation with Danielle. Janelle and Danielle suggest another shower, but Boogie isn't interested. Janelle and Will were sitting cozy in the round loveseat, but she and Boogie went to the bathroom so Janelle could tell Booger who her boyfriend is (we don't get to see or hear this) - back in the room Boogie asks her if he's a starter and she says yes.

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Switched feeds to find Erika & Will & Boogie in HOH room. Erika saying CG wants Will out & Janelle wants Boogie out. Will says the beauty is that no one knows we're working together. She's wondering how ppl didn't know how they were working together due to votes, etc. She doesn't understand how Dani/Janie don't know that she's working w/ CT (meanwhile, she doesn't know both Dani/Janie were also working w/ CT the whole time). Will saying he has to avoid Dani tonight. They all discussing how drunk she is and she's a loose cannon tonight. (ed: IMO, they're keeping Erika from Dani while her mouth is running so she doesn't give up the LOD alliance to Erika).

Erika telling them that it was Dani who came up w/ the scheme the first week when Janie/Jase were HOH & how they shouldn't agree & go up on block to backdoor someone...(ed: I don't remember the details & they're not repeating them, but I do believe it was Alison who came up w/ the first scheme -- I could be wrong, maybe Alison just carried the info to other HGs, but either way, Erika's giving up all on Dani's schemes now).

Now they're discussing how if Janie keeps winning comps then they'll have to get rid of CG next week, if Janie wins POV next week since she can't play for HOH next week.

They're all agreeing how they don't think POV comps are fair since they negate HOH position. Will asking who CG is putting up if he wins HOH next week. Erika says he's putting up Will & Boogie, but Will is the target. She says CG told her that tonight in the HT. Boogie sounds very concerned about this information. Will says why don't you convince CG to go after Janelle. Erika says CG will definitely NOT go after Janie or after her (E) if he wins because he thinks they're popular and he got a really bad rap on his season & a lot of hate mail for getting rid of someone popular. That's why he won't put up Janie/Erika. Boogie says if he F's up this game for us after all this work I'll freak out. Erika tells Boog he HAS to win HOH next week.

Will saying they need to plant Janelle seed about how she's coming after him (CG). Meanwhile out in the BY, Dani was convincing CG to totally trust Janelle over Erika. She had said that after all is said & done, Janie is definitely loyal to her alliances and that he should trust her over Erika.

Will asks Erika to check the spy screen to see if Dani's in the house, he says he doesn't want to leave HOH room if Dani's out there cause he wants to avoid her at all costs.

Boogie yells after thinking about it...."AMERICA'S F**KING CHOICE!!! WHO THE HELL CARES??" Will telling Boogie to chill out, everything's under control.

Boogie telling Erika to convince CG to throw all future comps. Erika says that before POV comp this week, CG asked Erika, if he won POV did she want him Not to use it...Boogie says, he asked you that while he was on the block??? This man really doesn't understand this Sh** at all!

Talking stops cause Janie comes to HOH room.

Erika tells her they're all avoiding Dani cause she's so drunk. Janie jumps into double chair w/ Will putting a teddy bear in his face saying...hi what's your name? She asks what they're all doing, they all say nothing, just hiding out from Dani. Telling Janie how Dani was yelling about Will not getting into HT and going crazy outside.

Silence for a bit.....

Erika says, actually we're all about to take a shower again, the 4 of us...Janie says ok...Erika asks the boys...they say nothing...E says it'll cheer you up Boogie...he says I'm fine.

Erika says everyone get your suits, let's go shower, Boogie says I'm not really in a rah-rah mood, I hope you don't mind. Erika says, someone's not playing their role.... Will cracks up laughing....

Boogie saying he just wants to get on w/ his life....

Erika keeps pushing saying you guys (Janie/Will) are gonna have to start making out or something to kill time... Will immediately says no.

Boogie asks if Janie will tell him who her boyfriend is in the bathroom where they don't film...she says, I could & they both walk into HOH bathroom. I was only on F2 so didn't get if she told him or not.

Boogie asks for something to eat out of Erika's basket, but she & Will remind him he's not allowed to have any of it (based on food comp).

Erika tells Boogie to lay down on bed... he does, Erika's sitting on end of bed eating...

Boogie says Janelle, one last question, is he a starter (referring to her b/f, so I'm assuming she hasn't told him his name). She says he does.

Will wants to go to bed (sleep), Janie says no, let's stay up... Will says I'm not staying up till 5am, Janie says pleeeeeasse.... he says no, he'll play cards for a little bit, but going to bed in about 15 min.

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Will/Boogie/Janelle make a quick exit from Erika's HOH room and proceed to downstairs bathroom to brush teeth/shower, etc. Will asks Janelle, if CG wins HOH next week, who's he putting up? She says she has no idea. Boog in shower, Will brushing teeth, Janie putting cream or something on her face. Will off to potty. Janie continuing facial routine. I don't hear water running, so I don't know if Boog's just changing in shower stall or actually going to shower. NM....now I'm hearing water. Changing to quads while nothings going on...

Dani still chatting up CG out at HT about diff. strategies that have been going on in the house, CG saying how confused he's been.

We get quick FOTH while Will sings....come back to he & Boog alone in bathroom & he asks Boog if everything's ok, if he (Boog) needs to tell him (Will) anything. Boogie says no & Will says ok. Then Janie back in to brush her teeth.

Dani asking herself/CG -- why not CT? why not CT? why not them over me??? Remember that George...who's she trying to protect?? She says here we are (Dani/Erika/CG) in an alliance & she gets HOH and puts you & I up? What's up w/ that? It's a slap in the face...who's she protecting?? She will not get my vote...w/ this move she's making against us...

Switching back to F1 where Will/Janie sitting on bed playing cards now... Will tells Janie her new assignment is too keep bonding w/ Erika & work on CG in case he gets HOH next week... she has to get CG to nom. Erika next week. Janie says ok.

They hear something...Will says what's that? Janie says I don't know...sounds like voices....then they realize it's Boogie...

Ok, I'm out for sleep all...hopefully someone's still awake to hear whatever Will/Janie will be discussing....

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Woah, just turned on the feeds - and things with Danielle have taken a turn for the worse. Erika came out for a smoke and Danielle is really angry and is looking for a fight and this is getting ugly. Meow meow meow!

omg - I sure hope somebody with that Reloader thing is taping this . . . this is like Howie vs Busto level ugly! I'm scared! :huh:

(I'm just not even going to bother transcribing this because you all really need to see the video of this one!)

They keep saying the same lines over and over anyway . . .

D: You will NOT get my vote (said like Howie's 'I want your DOR')

E: Nothing has happened yet (said like Busto's 'I don't caaayer')

D: Whatever

Oh no, now there's tears :(

(Sorry, I can't watch anymore - this is too intense and not very productive. Anybody else there to pick up feeds?)

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omg - BOMBSHELL. Chicken George just came out to the backyard and Erika used the opportunity to escape. Erika just woke Boogie up and said 'I can't put her up, she's hysterical'.

Erika looking for help from Chilltown - asks Boogie to go talk to Danielle outside, but he doesn't want to. Will agrees to go upstairs with Erika to reassure her.

EDIT: Will seems to be doing a good job of telling her what she wants to hear because she's just reassured him that she's going to follow through.

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Just checked in with feeds - except for the doorbell incident, nothing seems to have changed. Will doing all the talking with Erika up in HOH, Danielle doing all the talking with George down in the backyard.

Janelle just joined Danielle and George . . .

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For the last while all houseguests have been sleeping. Dani & Janie in bug room, Boogie & CG in other room and Will and Erica in HOH. Will stayed to sleep in HOH because Dani was acting so crazy and he was concerned she would come back up through the night or first thing in the morning. About 15 minutes ago Erica got up, went outside and had a smoke and is now lying down on the washroom couch.

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9:35am BBT

BB: Good morning houseguests! The veto ceremony will begin in two hours.

Two feeds on Will and Erika in HOH.. Still in bed, but they're beginning to stir.

Two feeds in Bug Room on Janie and Dani's bed. Dani was up earlier and went outside - feeds aren't on her, and I don't think she returned to bed. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong?)

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10:03am BBT

BB announced Veto Ceremony in 90 minutes.

All four feeds in HOH room.

Erika's up and in the bathroom, Will still in HOH bed.

Few minutes later, Erika back in bed, "Good night Will, I hate you."

Will-"That's alright, I hate you too."

Will's talking to Erika about the game. Telling her that the show's a joke, always was a joke.

Will-"Don't be emotionally blackmailed, you know?"

Erika's going downstairs, outside. Will in HOH alone.

Nobody else outside. She says, "I hate my life. And I hate you. (pause - lying on trampoline) I hate this game. I hate Mike Boogie for talking me into this. I hate Will."

George is up and in the bathroom.

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George outside talking to Erika who looks like she's been crying - wearing huge sunglasses. George is telling her everything will be okay and Erika agrees and says that after this is all over they'll all exchange emails and be happy again.

George is happy he didn't smoke last night.

Both agree it is going to get more and more brutal and that Dani shouldn't be so upset. Erika says she has to turn off her emotions or she'll be a wreck like she was after BB4 - that Josh got mad @ her for being different.


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10:45 am BBT

CG in shower, E walking around in BY talking to herself... saying... "I hate Danielle, I hate Will, I hate Boogie, I hate myself... now I know why people hate themselves... I hate this game, I hate this game... laughs, I hate this game"

She gathers up some stuff, cups, towels etc... walks back into kitchen.

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Checking in on feeds and Erika walking around Trampoline (outside of it) saying "I hate my life, I hate Mike Boogey, I hate Will, I hate myself. Oh, now i realize why Will says he hates himself!"

Funny Moment -

Erika walked over to the Camera pole in the BY and said "I hate this game" The camera went back and forth as to say "no you don't". She then said "Yes, i hate this game" the camera did it again, she only laughed and walked away.

(Well, i found it funny;-))

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BBT 10:47 am

Ericka was standing by the sliding glass doors and then walked outside and began walking around the back yard talking to us, (internet) saying she has to do this, she (I presume Daniel) said she was going to vote for the best player. She walks around more and then walks up to the camara in the middle of the yard and says, "I hate this game". The camara turns as if nodding its head no, and she laughs and says, "Yes, I hate this game." She walks back inside and tells CG that he was right this game is going to get brutal.

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George having a shower.

Erika walked back outside, did her "I hate" chant again - even to the outside camera, which shook its head 'no' in reply.

Erika goes upstairs, where she and Will begin to chat (with the spy screen on so they can see if anyone is coming.)

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CG still in shower, e makes a cup of tea or coffee and then heads upstairs to HOH room.

Walks in HOH room

Will - hey

E - Hey

w- I was watching u eatbreakfast

e- i love cg

w- he is a nice guy

e discusses the convo that they had

e- he said there is not enough alcohol in this house to get that drunk"

w- that is what I was saying, i had 1 boogie had one, janie had 2

e- I had 2 and dani had like

w- 4 or 5

e- well that is enough to get someone drunk, then she told CG that I said Josh was deceitful

w- she is just pulling straws, we are chameleons

-uh hu

w- she is a phenominal player and has stratedgy, we have the talk but up to this point it has been like one minute a day

e- thank you last night for being there for me

w- of course, i am a good listener and I want to be a friend and the person I am mad at is boogie, he is so selfish. He has only child syn. and he uses emotional black mail

e- yeah he has classic single child syn.

w- my brother sumed it up best, boogie will give you his world but he expects your world in return

both laughing

e- man that CG, I really like him, he is just an amazing guy

w- he is a great guy, I think he is confused about the ways of the world but he has a heart of gold


w- is boogie up yet?

e- no

w- when. after the ceremony I am gonna sit down with him and have like an hour talk and tell him to quit being a baby.

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I think we're being shown Dani, sleeping, in her usual bed in the bug room.

Janelle joins them off and on in the kitchen. No sign of Boogie - but he could be in bug room, too.

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Erika went up to her HOH bathroom and started getting cleaned up walked to sink in hoh bathroom and said "Emotional Blackmail" then she continues to brush theeth

CG and will downstairs in kitchen talking about chickens and cown, will sttes that he never drinks milk, only soy milk

CG states that people out here (referring to californians) milk cows weird

will asks how is that

CG states that they do like a confinement thing...


Will and Janie in bathroom

j- you want me too?

w- yeah

Feeds timed out

will rehashing the convo with dani about how she yelled at him that he promised to get in the hot ub with her and that he said no I changed my mind "I was like what!"

w- commenting on janies lip balm, said he will get her a bunch next month, actually alot of neutrogena products...

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Actually he was starting to talking about something else with Dani when she walked into the bathroom -- then he instantly switched discussion to the hot tub.

Dani never said a word -- just straight into the stall. She came out, washed hands, started brushing her hair. Not a word from her to either Janelle or Will.

Outdoor lockdown just announced. Guess we'll see her in a minute.

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BB - this is a lock down please go outside, through the sliding glass door... will was messing with the trash. will goes to bug room, and says "Mike Boogie" and then something I couldn't understand...

they (W & MB) start whispering about Danis actions last night, I cannot understand them

B- no she can't have that

w- no stop, stop

w- take a deep breath today we are gonna have a better day today than yesterday

b- sure

CG walks in

w- what can I help you with

b- nothing I am fine

grabs towels and walks out

CG- I wonder if ____________ is gonna make an appearence today (sounded like he said Col. Sanders????)

CG is in Back yard with erika laughing

CG is humming

CG - my wife hates monday mornings

CG is putting on shoes

Will saying something about reading body language

Female - no I am fine

CG whistling and humming

CG, E, and W in BY

Will has the deck of cards and is shuffling and looks like he is gonna deal a hand

Now D and MB have joined them in the BY, missing Janie

Awkward silence

E & W playing cards

CG just chillin

MB stretching

Dani looking like she got run over by a mac truck

still no janie

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