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August 8 Live Feed Updates

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Will and Boogie have decided to make their Music Video. Janelle is wearing a red tank top and shorts with a bandana, and red high heels

Howie is going to be the drummer

Wills gonna scream

"Big Brother are you ready to ROCK..."

Will can't get howie to work with him

Howie is choosing to eat instead

They are pointing out the camera's to make sure this is being filmed while they are in the backyard, will notices one camera pointed at the ground, then boogie says there's a guy behind the pool filming, they say of course because Janelle is out here.

cam 3 & 4 is marcellas and george playing cards, (very quiet)

As they practice their song...

Big Brother female came on saying "guys we are really excited to see this, just a reminder from audio please not through water on yourselves with the mics"

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:angry: Marcellus is in bed complaining.

marci 'and yet we are supposed to have big energy in the DR. Can I show some excitment? No, its a reality show'

looooooooooooooooooooooong silence.

Erica "did kaysar say anything to you?;

marci ' he is barely looking at me, its kinda funny. I dont feel like I should start the conversation.'

erica' it doesnt really matter, he is gone, he is not on the jury'

marci 'true'

(they are both mumbling, they sound like they are going to fall asleep)

very loooooooooooooong silence <_<

switching feeds

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HG's in backyard

Dani Will Jani been drinking.

Howie farted and it burned Wills eyes. He starts spitting and says he can taste it.

Will ' I need to shower one more time, howie's funk is all over me'

Boogie and dani are talking about boogies career in bad mitt.

Will " is jani upstairs'

Dani ' I have luke warm water upstairs'

Howie' can I use it after him?'

dani ' ya'

now they are all talking way to fast about football players. Boogie is telling a story about being on the sidelines.

Dani goes in the house for more wine 'it smells like hot ass in here'

Jani showering downstairs in the cold.

Marci comes out of the bathroom, He wasnt going to say anything but jani said Hi.

marci ' :angry: hey, what are u doing'

Jani 'showering with the slop bucket'

marci ' very glamorous'

Jani ' do you ever go camping'

marci 'me ? no'

jani ' I do, it keeps me humble'

Marci walked away , mumbling something evil about her being in the back seat of a car.

Kaysar is praying.

backyard still talking about football. Boogie is very talkative tonight. Marci joined them in the backyard. Dani gets louder with every sip of wine.

Erica and James whispering on red couch and nomination chair. Will and jani flirting.

James' I didnt make them any promises.'

Will' yelling should I cut my hair'

James 'I am so tired but i cant sleep cause I am so dirty. It sucks'

erica ' the whole not eating and not showering sucks.'

ERica ' when do u get your phone call. '

James 'I did it this morning'

erica' u did not'

james 'yes i did'

erica ' how was it'

james 'she says hi everyone, she said her family and my family are proud and said hi. Hearing her voice ah, we just talked about our lives outside of here. WE are going to do stuff for us.'

marci 'I have been practicing my speech when I get evicted. I am going to tell julie chen when I get out of here, this is the worst experience of my life, ' as I go to sequester it feels like jail.'(marcellus cant stand someone else have the attention_)

James ' it was nice to talk to her. we talked about, um , the animals, she has been talking to my sister.'

Boogie comes in ' you had your phone call? '

James 'ya , I didnt want to rub it in anyones face.'

will and boogies come in, and james tells them all over again about the call with sara.

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Jani and Will in bathroom.

talking about sleeping pills.

Will is brushing his teeth wondering around.

Will is flippin boney.

Jani is cleaning her face and brushing her teeth. Now she joins the backyard.

bb'george please dont obstruct your mic.'

Dani is going on and on about her house payment , gas prices, Ca is too costly.

george is the only one who stuck around for this conversation.

:lol: Howie goes in and interrupts james and will and boogie in a pair of small underwear. bikini briefs.

Will ' is that a banana hammock'

Erica whispers when he leave ' where is his penis'

Boogie ' do the stripper dance'

Howie dances like a retard. then starts his 'BAM BAM'

Will ' u look like a mentally challenged gay super hero'

howie ' erica what do you think of these'

erica ' i dont like those underwear'

will being bb ' howie please put on some pants'

Howie leaves and James continues the convo about the phone call from sara.

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Howie says last night him and erica farted each other to sleep.

Howie ' I asked her why she isnt farting '

Erica ' I was just not as loud as you'

Will ' Howie you can sit here and talk to us, just don't fart'

Howie ' Put a shirt on'

Will ' you need a BRO, or a manseer' (seinfeld fans will get it)

James is dragging on and on about the phone call, which he just said he didnt want to rub it in anyone face, but anytime there is a pause he remembers something else sara said. <_<

Kaysar is done praying.

James talking about marcellus " I wanna sleep in the HOH every night.'

Howie runs away and farts, Mike walks right into it.

James 'Will, do you know anyone who can treat him'

Will 'no'

Kaysar'your season had an america's choice every week'

Will 'almost, I can think of 5 of the top of my head.'

kaysar'erica is wasting away on slop diet.'

james ' it doesnt help that she came in weight 100 lbs. what are u now 88.'

Kaysar ' maybe its because howie doesnt stop eating. his digestion is always moving'

Will 'he is the only person who gains weight on slop.

boogie and howie doing immitation of ivette from last season.'Kaysar you dont respect women'

boogie' the live feeds would ruin the show'

James ' the live feeds you know the truth'

Will ' u think six million watch it'

kaysar ' maybe half that'

will ' what is your favorite show'

mike' sixty minutes'

will ' would u go online to see more about sixty minutes'

mike 'remember people are not like us.'

:angry:<_< Will ' if your watching us on the net you have a serious problem with your life. Plant a tree , get a puppy. If you are not a family member or spouse or agent you have a problem.'

Mike ' what about the people who work at a desk or watch it one hour a night.

Will 'that is fine, but if you have kids and you are watching this you are a terrible parent.

boogie' the live feeds would ruin the show'

James ' the live feeds you know the truth'

Will ' u think six million watch it'

kaysar ' maybe half that'

will ' what is your favorite show'

mike' sixty minutes'

will ' would u go online to see more about sixty minutes'

mike 'remember people are not like us.'

Will ' if your watching us on the net you have a serious problem with your life. Plant a tree , get a puppy. If you are not a family member or spouse or agent you have a problem.'

Mike ' what about the people who work at a desk or watch it one hour a night.

Will 'that is fine, but if you have kids and you are watching this you are a terrible parent :angry:<_<:huh::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

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11:54 BBT

Dani, CG and Erika in BY talking about GAS-X and how it gives you gas....must be the reason why CG is always farting!

Dani just finished telling GC (b4 Erika came out) about how she KNEW the first week when she was nominated that Jase was in an alliance with Nakomis, Alison and Diane and that she begged Nak for a vote but she couldn't give it to her and that is what gave it away. So she just sat back and let Alison get herself voted off by outrightly verbally saying she was going to go after Janelle if she wasn't voted out.

Danielle and Erika looking all crazy and saying how they HAVE to get HoH on Thurs......Dani saying that other people have to step up....(tired of hearing Dani say that other people have to "step up).

Dani and Erika asking the internet to forgive them for Kaysar going home. saying they love him, but season 6 has to go! this is not season 6.5, Dani says.

CG laughing in his usual laugh still in wonder about how he is still "here"

Dani talking about her hair and how bad she looks when she goes into the DR. and that she doesn't care. and that she isn't there to be on a TV show....but she'll get cute on Thursday!

All 4 feeds on erika, dani and CG in the BY.

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feed 3 & 4 just switched to kaysar talking to boogie in the dark...telling boogie that if he tells him something, he is giving is word. (i think they are talking strategy)

boogie is saying that he doesn't trust the floaters and that he and will are not there to side with either the floaters or the SOV6. kaysar saying something about James, and how there is a high probability that he will defect back to the SOV6 from the floaters after kaysar leaves and CT will be targeted by him. (mumbling from boogie, can't really hear)

boogie says he can talk to will about keeping kaysar, saying that he would tell will that kaysar has been nice and true so far and they can work something. (BB finally fixed the muffling in sound) boogie asks kaysar about the reaction kaysar gave (Howie pls go the the DR) gave when he heard he was nominated in Janelles place, and how he smiled and seemed like he has just accepted it? Kaysar said that that wasn't true and proceeds to explain something about marcellas.

(howie enters, boogie and kaysar pretend they are sleeping)

howie leaves and they get back to talking, boogie suggests that they find some time tomorrow to get together and talk with will and air everything out. boogie asks if howie and janelle are keeping him? kaysar says yes.

(mumbling, convo is over...kaysar leaving the bug room, boogie settles in to sleep)

all feeds on Janelle, Will and Dani in kitchen and now FoTH!!!!!!!

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Just before Kayser gets up and leaves he says, "I can't belive you did this to us." Boogie says "did what?" and Kayser says "This" pointing to the bedding he's getting up from.

Boogie laughs and says "Yeah, we do a lot around here"

Kayser says, "And never get blamed for it."

So it was Boogie and Will that are actually responsibe for the HGs sleeping on cots - the floor. :blink:

And everyone is thinking it was someone else.

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Now the HG's are bringing in the cusions in from the back yard.

(I was wondering how long it would take them to figure this out.)

Kayser has made his bed, Jani brings hers in and says 'lets sleep together'

Kayser said he doesn't spoon.

Then Dani put something (I missed it) Into her pink bathrobe and acked like Jessica from "Where's Rodger Rabbit".

James is now lying on his 'new' bed and asking Dani to bring him a book. She's asking him about if he's read "The Book" he responds with yes, twice last year.

She asks, 'did you meet Ruth, Esther'

And he says that Catholic Bibles don't have those chapters.

Will's out of the DR and telling what he wouldn't give them a sound bite. He was sent out.

Dani is asking if everyone is going to bed early. She asks if he really sleeps that way, with pillows all over the place, he says he sleeps like this every night, ask boogie.

Will says he spoons Erin, and holds Scout. (his dog) He says that he likes to make a nest and hes afraid to sleep in a bed because he will fall off the bed. So at home he sleeps on the floor.

James, Kayer, Will and Boogie are all 'Camping' Out in the yellow bug room. Dani is laughing at how many pillows he has. She tells us to count them. She gets to 11 or 12.

James is called to the DR.

Will is counting on 15 hours of sleep. Will is talking about sleeping, and all the weird stuff his girlfriend doesn't know he does sleeping.

CG just walked in wrapped in a gold blanket. Takes note that there isn't much floor space for him and leaves.

Dani is sitting on the floor laughing at Will about his sleeping talk. Eric strolls in.

I'm done. Off to bed I go.

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Kay & Jan in BY, 3.24am BBT

K: I would be so happy to stay, but I would be happy to leave.

Talking of what they would/could do when they leave the house

Janelle wants to open a store for dogs, clothes purses etc

Kay: u have a new idea every day!

Jan: Yeah I'm a cocktail waitress on Monday nights but thats not my occupation. I'm a model/actress

Kay: Whens the last time u did something?

Jan: I did a commercial in April for Sony

Talk about Janelle dating. She says she hasnt been dating for a long time/hardly ever. Janelle went speed dating

Kay: Why did u go to that? Did your friends talk u into it?

Jan: No I was feeling lonely! Technically I dated 10 guys that night

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howie has placed TP in his nose and gone back to the red room to sleep alone.

all other hg are still sleeping


james gets up and goes to use br and then back to bed


howie is up checks on a noise (james going back to bed) and then back to bed he goes


janie is up ues the toliet. washes hands Goes to kitchen does somethin and back to bed

boogie is up puts cussions on lr couch and uses the tolit also. he wahes hands, and puts contacts in and starts adl's. he goes to kitchen and makes some coffie, looks in fridge and makes a bagel with cream cheese.

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Danielle/Mike sitting outside, discussing the good position they(Legion of Doom) are in... playing both sides, S6 and Floaters

M: let me ask you in your heart of hearts, no matter what, do you think James will see this thru?

D: after this week, yes, if he lasts

M: I am more trusting than Will... we 100% trust you... he is worried about egg on his face... you did this before, you have no reason...

D: I need some people, you came to me on day 2 or 3, I didn't have pre game alliances, hopefully someone smart enough would come to me

M: there are no Jasons here, no one can hide or be nice, it's Allstars, if you aren't going to do that, you may as well go the other way

D: by putting James up, they were saying there was an alliance out there... James didn't think I was even doing Allstars, he asked what my plan was, and I said I didn't have one, he asked if I was going after S6... I said no one has reason to be worried about me until we go in the house...

M: with you nominating James, everyone was thinking you were becoming friends... but this goes with your character, she means business

D: in my season I played with fear a lot, so this was important to me... I know I'm being risky but...

M: I'd rather go with this, and think some how it's going to turn out well... the one downfall in BB is people are afraid to trust each other... when they do it goes well... Drew/Cowboy, you/Jasoon, Maggie/Ivette.... will did it alone... I didn't see S4

D: they hated each other, but they worked together

D: it's going to be good, I worked my a$$ off

M: you were in like 6 groups!

D: I never gave input, I was a great listener... ok that person is against that person...

M: you have a thing about you that is trusting.... Will is like I've never even talked to Kaysar..

D: yea, they think I'm going to send James home, I told Kaysar, honestly the most honorable is you(K), when you say something, I know you mean it... you have two playing for each other, and one playing alone, and he is low man on the pole... I said when are you going to play the game for yourself... I said this 4 days ago... all Kaysar had to do was play for the veto and win it, and he'd be safe... I couldn't put up Howie

M: he should have realized, you only had one option

D: he came to me and said I'm probably coming up, and I said most likely.. I said all you had to do was play the game... he said I thought you wanted me to distance myself... I shook my head in complete awe

M: when you try to play the background so much

D: sometimes he overthinks things.. I told Marc I wasn't nominating him, but he was my second choice... after the POV comp, I told Marc right away you are safe, boom... so they couldn't go to him and say anything... the truth is setting me free this time

M: that's good, makes me feel better, can you imagine being in an alliance with Janelle?

D: I really don't want you telling them how you are voting... if it's not 5-1 them someone is lying, and I need to find the snake

M: when Kaysar said to me he has the other vote, is it George or Erika?

D: George shook my hand, said I'm voting out Kaysar... I told Erika, if he said you were never a target, why did he also tell you he was arguing to save you? If you aren't a target... they asked me if I wanted protection later on... I said if I go next week or the week after, the money is the same, what does it matter... I'm not here for my ego, I want to play the game

M: same with me...

D: thank heavens for that POV! First time for you to win POV

M: wait til you see the tapes.. I hit the buzzer and was out of my seat! yea! that's what makes this game amazing, the ups/downs

D: when they had a spider web... I told my mom I'm gonna be The Black Widow

M: we are in here so close to it.. that was a major turning point for the viewers... they were running the show, and you just...

D: Erika looks back, she didn't have the hutspa to do it

M: that's what makes Erika dangerous, she won't win until she needs to

D: oh no, don't trip, chocolate chip!

D: my husband and I are big Survivor fans, watching Allstars, kept thinking, Boston Rob is strong, why aren't they going after him, they said yea we are an alliance, why don't you come after us!

M: who went 4th?

D: Rupert... Boston Rob made deals with people he didn't have to... lied when he didn't have to... Jase and I were like, I'm not doing it, he said come on, we'll go in yea we are an alliance... I told my parents I"m not going to sit in the background... the fans think my year I wasn't under the radar... but I was telling my plan in DR, but the HGs didn't know

M: the week you won HOH who did you put up?

D: Amy and Lisa.. Jason was HOH, just got rid of Marc.. if I didn't win, he was gone... I had to win it... and we decided to take Lisa to final 3... Amy was on a roll!

M: I know you are big on speculation, but do you think someone is coming back? I used to think so, but not now, it's been too long... it's the half way point... can you put someone gone from day 9/10, if Alison won to come back...

D: if she comes back, sit back and... that's like when Amy came back... (Danille recaps her season when Amy came back and was HOH)

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10:20 am BBT Back Yard is Danielle & Mike Boogie

They have been talking strategy and laughing about how she is the mole for the Floater Alliance and James is the mole for the Season 6 Alliance. As long as James is safe this week, then James will stick with them probably the whole way. Mike is patching things up with Marcy, so that shouldn't be a problem. Mike and Dani have been together in alliance since Day 2 of this season. A bit of talk about other seasons of BB and the strategy worked during them. Talk of how to get to this point has been a lot of work which they both have humor about. She pats herself on the back for being a good listener. The truth is setting her free this game by speaking the truth and sticking to it.

Mike says she appears trusting because of her listening. Season 6 thinks Dani is going to send James home, and how they aren't quite a cohesive alliance and how James was asked when he was going to begin playing for himself.

How Kaysar didn't play for the HOH on the spider web. He dropped early and didn't TRY. Dani doesn't want Mike & Will to tell CG, Marcy & Erika because Dani wants to see WHO they vote for to see where they stand. If she goes next week or the week after, it's still the same amount of $$.

Giggling Dani about telling her mom how she is going to be the Black Widow, and she won the competition with the spider web. Erika dropped cuz she didn't want the target. Survivor Game Dani would watch and Boston Rob and ?? (his girlfriend at the time) couldn't believe how no one went after them because they were scared.

More talk of how great Dani was during her season (mostly her talking).

About someone coming back.... Mike doesn't think so because it's been too long. Dani not sure. Can you have someone miss 30 days and have them come back in. They laugh about Alison coming back and Dani says to just be quiet if she does because she'll kick her own self out.

Dani again talks about her last season and how she manipulated people and what went down with Marcellus and why Dani and Marcy doesn't care for each other now. (This is SO tiring listening to her!) I'm switching cams.

10:42 am BBT B)

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James joins Danielle/Mike

D: Kaysar thinks it's going to be 3-3, with me breaking the tie to kick you out

J: they have given up on me... they were all talking... Janelle is so stupid, I don't know how she made it so far... luck?

J: they were saying we have to be strong, think as a team... I thought you guys gave up on me week 1... if I'm alone with someone, there's Howie

M: tonight, they will badger me/Will on how we will vote

D: don't tell them, or let Will lie

J: I nullify a vote... I'd love during the live vote... Janelle, sit back down... I said to them don't try to tell me you aren't voting for Kaysar to stay... I'd think they'd want to keep the stronger player

M: they are intimidated by you...

J: now he is trying to lie... well he started to last year...

M: last night he came to us, and he was like dude... FOTH...

back after a minute... Mike walks inside.. Danielle is missing, James sitting outside alone...

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Danielle back outside with James

J: Kaysar/Janelle were up during the night talking... his alarm went off to pray and I had to turn it off... they are so scared... like with Diane/Nak... if you want one to stay, vote for that one to stay, it doesn't have to be a flush... this year I can take more risks, idiotic stunts like this one, sure nullify me

D: when I was on the ropes and heard you got the nullify vote, I thought I have to talk to James, I was counting votes

J: Mike/Will need to step up

D: now Will is in sequester, so he's going to play full force

J: and he does not like Janelle at all! Like that story she was telling yesterday... they were egging her on!

D: I thought this girl needs to stay quiet!

J: I was calling her to the table, and he said that two bit skank wh0&%... he is good, I'd rather have him as an allie than an enemy, at least for a couple weeks.... I'm surprise one of them hasn't followed me outside

D: they will eventually... and I haven't told you how I'll vote if it's a tie, so you can tell them that... but you know....

J: I've worked hard the first 4 weeks setting up relationships, now it's like is it going to work

(Mike returns, must have been in DR)

J: how was that?

M: fine, they had to wrap up a few things for tonights show...

(talk about the show/playing scenes from prior seasons)

D: don't you remember Marc didn't want me to win the game? He said that... roll the tape!

J: we were talking about the sponsor conversation, digging herself deeper

D: why did you do that!

M: I was interested... Janelle, don't you understand people from Minnesota don't understand you going on private jets to... (doing Jan voice) well that's their problem!

D: how did she get out here?

J: she came out here after college... like Boogie said... to 'model'... just for a couple years

D: so she came out to LA? how did she get to Miami?

J: Minnesota, LA, Miami

M: that's a better place for her, there are suckers here, but they are tight with their money... entertainment money is scared money... NY is wall street money, Miami is European money....

J: when you get a stripper drunk, they start telling stories about their trips... if you get the chance, do it, but don't pretend it's something it's not

J: I've dated 3.. one I met in a club.. ughh, no more stories.. (ed. lol)

D: to me it's a business if someone is willing to pay, but don't give up your body, the money isn't going to make you feel good

M: the most poignant thing she said, two weeks ago, she was having this party, and got a guy to pay for it who wasn't in town... Will asked how... and she said she called him...

J: what about the 4 girls in training? ones a spiller.... but finish the story

M: she said, you have to use key words... so you can't come... he set it up at 4 clubs... this place Tantra in Miami... so her, Ashlea... 2 are waitresses, to dress in regular clothes.. they act like they are just there... then Ashlea will come wait on them... one stays sober, one drinks, and one is the spiller, spills it on the floor so he has to buy more drinks... they'll get a guy to spend $5 grand and they split the money

J: it's a tight game

D: that has to be in a movie

M: I knew it kinda went on, but to hear it... when she started telling the story... she wanted to tell it, but

D: she can't work there anymore

M: oh no, the club is in on it

J: I don't think guys spending $5 grand are watching the live feeds

M: I think even if he knew he wouldn't mind... now THAT is an alliance

D: how much does she make in a year?

J: she doesn't work much, but there are sponsers

M: what she hasn't said is who is paying her rent... you don't work 3/4 days a month...

J: she was at Mansion, but someone got killed... you heard different story?

M: it's well documented that Hardy's her boss... does she seem like an employee who shows up on time? I was calling to see if he's doing it, and if she works for him, cause I was concerned, if he's doing Allstars that hurts my chances... he didn't seem to know if she was, maybe protecting her

D: so she was let.. ok...

M: I hope she's saving her money

J: she was telling us... Howie and I were at convetion, people asking about her, Howie was saying talked to her, I had talked to her day before, she was in Minn taking time off because she wasn't working at Mansion anymore

M: was Howie talking about Allstars? knowing what I know I can't see him here

J: we are getting tired, his humor is recycled.. you have to think for entertainment he was a shoe in

D: I didn't think Howie and Jase...

J: Jase was more doing it for the camera, Howie is just a lunatic

M: Jase would do it to be cool, Howie is self depricating... that's gold for tv...he's eating and getting fat

D: I talked to him about that(recounts video we saw of Dani/Howie)

J: he keeps looking for this year's busto, and I say he isn't going to find it in this house

D: he better not come after me

M: he would have if he had been nominated

D: it would have been beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and your momma beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

J: much as I trust you, that's a show I would have loved to see

(mention of 'Jim and Ed' security)

D: you better ask for security at the wrap party, it would have been crazy, my dad would be like where he at? no daddy don't don't... he talked like he lost his mind, I need to know where he at? my family is funny, much as we are like the Huxtables, we still have ghetto in us

M: James, you think someone is coming back?

J: no, Will was making it up... I verified in DR, if one knows, everyone has to know... I still think I'm going to watch the videos and see Will banging away at the slop button!

(discuss who picked what during POV comp)

D: I KNEW she was going to take everything... she's dead woman walking

J: knowing Janelle, she wants those prizes, cause she wants all she can get out of this

M: thought she would take one bad thing... I didn't think it would end when it did

D: but she needs to make it to sequester

M: I thought she'd be willing to leave with a sponser

J: she won a tv last year, won a trip

M: I think Will got the trip and tv, and Marc got the money

J: the important thing is the veto

D: I thought it was me... I'm just trying to keep the nominations the same... (ed. I STILL can't understand how that POV game worked, can't wait for tonight's show)

M: when are they going to let us know who won, who can play for veto

J: I told her to her face... if you are lying to me, I will put you up myself... I said you had 55 points, it's not possible, if you got 9 and 5, that's 14!

D: I knew she did the veto, I asked how many points she had... she hesitated... you guys were like 49

M: what was the solitary, 9?

J: and the slop was 7...

(Will is now up and going... outside)

W: didn't know we were having a meeting

J: I want you guys to vote for me, cause I'll be honest, loyal, go after the floatherd... I've tried to get them to stop saying things related to last year

D: Will, I don't want anyone to know how you are voting, if people are committed to me

M: so DON'T do one of your things! We can't afford to do it again

W: Howie and Janelle haven't discussed it with me

J: I think they have voted with me

M: let's say we got called to DR... Kaysar thinks we are gun slingers, tell him producers said we can't keep fooling around

J: if they know Kaysar is leaving, they will vote for him to leave also

D: I need to know if there is a snake

J: just say, why would I keep a player like James in the game

W: after the fact, Howie/Janelle will ask and I can say James is a big target, if Kaysar is at the end

D: even if Erika/Marc ask, I'll say I don't know

J: Marc attitude is rotten, it's like I put HIM on the block

W: would be good if we can get Marc to drop HOH... if we tell him we are going after Howie/Janelle, he'll tell them

D: I told you he is erratic

J: Janelle controls him... if Janelle doesn't have veto next week

D: CG is voting to keep James here, cause I told him to

J: I've set up this hatred of Janelle... I told Erika Janelle threw you under the bus

D: did Janelle?

J: and next week she got nominated as a pawn? she sealed her own fate

(CG is up)

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Booger, James and Dani in backyard talking about how Janie worked for Hardy @ the Mansion, made $800 a night and worked only four or five days a month, has rent of $1,500 and takes cash from men in addition to the sponsorships she gets for trips, etc. to San Tropez.

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J: I think I've done a good job of acting so far?

D: I need to get my speech ready if it's a tie...

J: if all goes as planned, it will be 5-1

W: I wonder how they will have James do the nullify

D: it was wierd how they had us vote live

M: they spent so much time

W: they edited the show that I was leaving, then Jase busted out the secret

J: I'll make a speech... I can't wait to go...

D: tell me you are disappointed

W: or say I only want Howie and Janelle to walk me to the door...

J: last year I had the whole house against me

M: don't forget Kaysar

W: oh yea... I appreciate your loyalty...

(CG comes out and joins them, talk about the beds)

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(CG back inside shaving, LoD back to James eviction speech)

W: look, this has been an awesome experience, but there have been 3 that we've had a great run, everyone can stand, but... Danielle, Boogie and I will just sit there

M: producers, can you please please please sit us together?

Mike jokes about hearing DR mention 'Legion of Doom', it sounds silly

D: I'm in DR, you have to understand no alliance is official unless you name it...

James starts to add, and BB gives a LOUD "HGs, you are not allowed to talk about DR sessions"... and they all go inside and joke with CG about shaving/start getting breakfast... (ed. time for me to do some work lol)

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(everyone outside, may be a LD, not sure... Will/Janelle talking, George/Danielle playing cards, Marcellas watching them, James/Boogie by the pool)

W: why were you mean to me at the beginning of the season

J: you were mean in season 2

W: when did you realize you are madly in love with me?

J: ha ha

W: seriously?

J: I'm not

W: well, not madly, but...

J: I'm not

W: a little bit... did it go from hate to fear to....

J: I never hated you...

W: so it went from fear to.. what was the transition?

J: not fear... it went from not really... wanting to get to know you

W: that's nice

J: sorry, that's mean...

W: what's the first thing you'll do when you get out

J: call my mom

W: then what?

J: call my boyfriend?

W: are you really close? do you talk every day?

J: yea

W: how often do you see each other?

J: every two weeks

J: what about you?

W: try to put my life back together... call my girlfriend, call my office, check my mail/email, try to get everything done in 24 hours...

someone asks Will how to get rid of crabs... Howie says he'd rather have crabs than eat slop...

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(everyone outside for LD, not sure... Will/Janelle talking, George/Danielle playing cards, Marcellas/Erika near them, James/Boogie by the pool)

W: why were you mean to me at the beginning of the season

J: you were mean in season 2

W: when did you realize you are madly in love with me?

J: ha ha

W: seriously?

J: I'm not

W: well, not madly, but...

J: I'm not

W: a little bit... did it go from hate to fear to....

J: I never hated you...

W: so it went from fear to.. what was the transition?

J: not fear... it went from not really... wanting to get to know you

W: that's nice

J: sorry, that's mean...

W: what's the first thing you'll do when you get out

J: call my mom

W: then what?

J: call my boyfriend?

W: are you really close? do you talk every day?

J: yea

W: how often do you see each other?

J: every two weeks

J: what about you?

W: try to put my life back together... call my girlfriend, call my office, check my mail/email, try to get everything done in 24 hours...

someone asks Will how to get rid of crabs... Howie says he'd rather have crabs than eat slop...

W: will sequester be fun if we are there? tell me why?

J: yea, I was only there two days, but.... there was music... and, there was lots of alcohol, and the food was awesome... Chris was a really good cook... and there's no cameras, it's a better feeling, you don't have to wear a microphone, trust me it's way better

W: that doesn't sound that different, can I bring my books and study? Like 6 hours a day?

J: yea, you can have books and movies and all kinds of stuff

Howie comes over to Jan/Will, offers him Gatorade/turned down... then tells Will he can float all the way to the end, not win HOH cause he's playing both sides(?) Will says he's voting for CG to win, or Howie... Howie leaves and Janelle asks Will if he's going to try to win HOH

W: if a floater wins it, you and Howie go up, or me and boogie

J: or whoever is left

Howie returns, Will asks what happened to the Gatorade, and Howie goes to get some for will

W: Boogie, Janelle and I are just friends

M: but you both want otherwise

W: that's not true...

M: she could be married to a doctor

W: do I look like a sponsor to you?

J: I don't have sponsors!

Will makes fun of Janelle drinking Cristauff(?)... jokes about her bringing it to open houses/etc

Janelle says she doesn't drink to get drunk... Mike says when you are at Tristans and hussling I can understand, but when you are out... teasing her...

Mike asks about the openings of BB, what they show... Janelle remembers watching the previews... will the Sov2 survive, or the Nerdherd gain control... talk about who they sent home in S6, and sending Ivette/Maggie to the finals...

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Will: I'm just exhausted mentally... I wish they gave us a puppie, or dolpin, even a kid to play with

Mike: what if they had bring a kid to work day, for the people behind the scenes, and they could play in the BB house

W: and we won't use bad words, or let Howie near the kids alone, at any given time...

James: there are cameras around... could you behave for a day?

W: Howie could go in solitary

H: yea, I could (ed. behave or go in solitary? lol)

W: not that it matters, but I thought of the girl's name I was supposed to kiss, but she got in a fight with Lisa... Josaline

H: anyone tell you they watched it?

W: two friends from high school, said they were obsessed, would run home to watch it

M: they don't have vcrs or tivo?

J: who wants to record BB?

H: I record so if I miss something

W: it wasn't that important, but to watch it spontaneously just to watch it

W: I can't believe we voted out all the girls with natural breasts... nice job you 4

M: your's aren't real Erika?

H: they are real, real expensive...

talk of Janelle 'upgrading' hers in May... she says these are silicone, Howie explains that last years model were rock hard... Janelle says these were $8000, because silicone is more expensive

W: how long does it take to feed crickets to spiders?

H: they are taking the cots out so we have to sleep on the floor

(Danielle having a slow, quiet, more serious talk about BB)

D: this time is different, because we know what our life is like, we get in here this time and look forward to gettitng out, family and friends... imagine going to a restaurant and ordering what you want to eat... looking in the fridge

CG: that's why I love playing cards with you and Erika, my daughters love playing cards

D: I worry about my husband and children

CG: you can't help it... not only the stress of the game, but outside

D: some people here get on your last nerve, right Marci?

CG: no one gets on his nerve

D: what's wrong Marci?

M: I'm just tired, tired of sitting outside in the heat, hearing their voices

CG: you're having a moment

M: other than the competitions....

Mike: are the feeds on during lock down?

CG: it's just the half way point... you have to keep going...

Marc critiquing Erika's bikini, likes the top and the bottom, but not together... Marc says Sarah Kosar just did a line of bikinis.. meanwhile, Mike is doing #1 in a cup in the corner...

Will asking if a jet can have a hot tub.. Janelle says most private planes she is in hold about 12 people...

Mike asking Janelle about her trip to Dubai... guy paid for all her plane flights...

M: oh a hot scale, how do the friends that went with you compare to you

J: hotter... Ashlea wanted to go but she was in school

M: from London to Dubai?

J: yea... partied in London

W: once you got to Dubai, you didn't pay for anything

J: we had two girls from London

W: if you were in Dubai and met someone and kissed them, would your friend cut you off?

J: no, but there are no hot guys there, or girls

W: there are no Kaysars there?

J: then we took a bigger private jet with a lot of people 20 or so...

(feeds cut out)

J: recently, one of my friends got a new jet, and he asked if I wanted to go to New York to try out the jet... (cut feed) stupid what are we going to do (cut) stayed at Madrian..

M: you know, don't quote me, that might be where Lendy works

J: I think the hotel I stayed in Dubai was the nicest, isn't that a 7 star? The service is really good

M: isn't there a pool on the roof? did you have your own pool?

W: what if you want a massage? do you pay for it or charge it to the room?

J: that's rude, I'm not like that, but my friends do... they get everything done

(Kaysar asks something)

J: yea, I'm the mature one...

J: I'm always watching out for my friends, when we go places there are other girls that are shady

M: start a cat fight

James: if it's plutonic, why would there be problems?

J: they start talking.... a bunch of fun girls going places.... I consider myself fun when I go travel... I don't get naked or crazy but I have a good time... they aren't looking for that or they'd go to Vegas.. my friends are pretty classy

W: do you see (someone) becoming a sponsor?

M: (tells story about someone going to Vegas as sponsor... next week... girls go to Saddleranch, guy stuck with bill, this time he chances them down, has two girls go to atm for $20 reciepts

W: it's not the money but the principle, if you rip me off for a dollar... but I'll buy a condo without thinking about it... may not be the best analogy...

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OD lockdown is over, HGs are inside... some cooking, Howie screaming in the cold shower, Mike/Will had a quick Storage Room meeting, Will questioning a bit about how to cover their tracks with SOV when Kaysar is voted out, Mike telling Will to calm down... Mike tells James in gold room he feels bad for Kaysar...

M: I want to tell him, but I can't

J: it's part of the game...

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