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July 29 Live Feed Updates

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CG, Diane, Boogie, Kaysar, Will hanging out in kitchen. Will hair is looking kinda wild tonight & he is joking around (it's pretty funny will try to describe but you really need to see it/hope someone gets it)...

They say BB is really building something big for the POV. Will says he thinks it will be questions based on what Alison thinks like..

Alison thinks this person will be most likely to wash a dish - Boogie or Kaysar ?

Boogie: no one will go near him (Will), producers are threatening to sue him...

Will: for eating for eating. If you eat that food we are going to sue you. Oh cool cause...I really needed that in my life. Could you guys just have a mechanical boot come out of the wall & kick me in the balls when I wake up? That's a good twist.

Will decides to make iced tea popsicles (the sloppers can have tea now). Will says he doesn't want anyone who can eat jonesing on his popsicles.

Will cutting up with George & poking fun/imitating him being on slop & trying to make creative dishes out of it & always saying it's not that bad...

Hey Doc... this (couldn't hear) shit tastes like Creme Brulee

Hey Doc... have you ever tasted a bar of soap, it's not so bad

Hey Doc... I ate a tarantula, it's not so bad doc

Hey Doc... I licked the bottom of the fridge

Hey..you guys ever funnel??? shampoo??

Hey Doc...I ate some shaving cream, it tasted like califlower

I ate over 1500 Advil pills for breakfast, I feel like shit but I'm full

Hey Doc...I made some gum out of an old band-aid

(they are all cracking up)

Will drinking tea from a champagne glass.

Will says his back hurts. Boogie says if it's a physical comp tomorrow should he pick him? Will says yea he will suck it up. Diane trys to eat slop but says she can't so she is going to go to bed hungry.


Will showering. Boogie flossing. Howie comes in & he & Will start verbal sparring. Talk of Howie's underwear in the tube again. They say we haven't seen Hurricane Howie in 30 days. What would make you mad? Howies says betrayal, backstabbing. Will gets a devilish grin on his face & we get FoTH.

Will & Boogie whispering. Something about season 6 is starting to crack (can't hear I'm on quad & CG/Kaysar being loud on other feeds). Boogie rehashing some of his earlier convo w/Janelle. Danielle comes in. Boogie farts & it must have been a bad one. Will says dude that sounded like it was wet as he & Danielle move far away from Boogie. They all discuss the POV & who will do what with it. Danielle says you think you have every thing figured out but you don't.

(I'm off to bed, nite all)

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I am guessing Jani is asleep in her room, I have not seen her on the feeds in a long time, Kaysar and Boog are asleep or close to it in the bug room... James, Howie, Will, Ericka and Diane and now Chicken man and Dani are all in the red room gabbing... They all have said they are going to bed early for the veto comp..

<I am anxious for them to konk out so we can hear the wake ups!!!>

Have not seen Marci either.. guess he is up with Jani in the HOH asleep

Dani Kaysar and James have now went into the kitchen, Dani is saying she is tired of the game...

BB just called Jani to the DR, her and Marci popped down the stairs.. obviously they werent asleep.. BB just didnt have any feeds on them...

LMAO.. James just popped into the red room and said "go into the LR for the veto comp" and they all started gettign up.. and then he said JUST KIIDING!!! the whole room was like ARGHHHH<too funny>

for the past few mins now it has just been all 4 feeds on Will braggign abtou how well they were treated when he did battle of the netwrok reality stars.. but now its FOTH...

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they know theyre gonna be awake all night (ish)

theyre swimming through starburst in the morning (??????!)

Will, Diane and Howie are players in veto..

Will suggests everyone throw it for Erika.

Will keeps suggesting Erika win the veto. He asks if anyone else is willing to

nobody responds to will.

Howie/ James/ Janie

Janie is really mad.

she is guarenteeing she wins this veto.


Janie starts to drink some red bull

James suggests not drinking it so she won't crash

Marcellas is excited he doesn't even have to go outside tomorrow.

James tells Dani that Janie needs to sober up

confirmed: 15 minutes is the wake up call

Dani says if she was a viewer she'd vote for 3 hours.

Kaysar said he's vote for 1 hour.

Kaysar not happy, he said he was actaully planning on going to sleep early tonight... James agrees he was also tired for the first time at 11:00 tonight

Dani doubts that it will be every 15 minutes... so i guess it wasn't confirmed.

Dani said if people were smart they'd do every 3 hours.

K said it won't be every 3 hours.

D: what if they told the viewers what time the POV time is

K: its gonna be 30 min or an hr. i bet 30 min

Dani said if BB is smart theyd tell us (viewers) what time the compeition was

Boogie: this is a disadvantage for me.. i'd be asleep and theyd be up till 4 like they always are

the wakeup calls are starting a midnight BBT

george to the DR

B: nobody is gonna sleep. it's just gonna be us bitching all night.

James: I'm exhausted big brother. this is gonna suck

Janie drunk

Janie: any sane girl would love this room. WE'RE GONNA HAVE TO EAT, STAY UP, WORK OUT.


Howie and Janie go to work out

Marc: good riddance to bad brothers. i'm going to bed.

Janie prancing around screaming "IM READY!"

Janie putting on her battle gear (aka clothes)

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W: are you ok Janie.. you've had quite a lot to drink


Will and Boogie just had a complicated convo that I can't even begin to tell you about.

It's terribly confusing because as a new person enters their dialogue changes.

I'm thinking Janie and Howie and CT are together for this round and need to get boogie off to put Danielle (???????) up. I think it's Danielle because Will said the veto lineup is perfect. Will and Boogie feel Janie is on their side because Janie opened up the bag so Mike could se the red ball. Will said they should honor their word with Janelle this week to show s6 their with them for now. Then, they can try to get James on their side by magnifying the Janie/ Marc situation.


Janie picked Howie to play veto.


James and Kaysar chat and feel like their screwed if Will wins.

They feel Marc needs to go up...

EVERYONE is stressed out about this veto competition.

my god every feed # is lit up with good conversation.. it's hard to keep up!!

James and K want to go after Marcellas.

James and Kaysar agree boogie have to go, then will, then marcellas or diane,and the opposite one the week after.

Hgs who aren't playing in veto aren't allowed to watch the comp

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first wake up call is at 12:30.

Karen from houston texas got hers on the air.

The HGS insult Karen from TX, particularly Will. (I Could have sworn the woman's name was Carolyn but they keep saying Karen.. so karen it is)

It was a phone ringing, followed by a male voice making a noise, then karen saying 'wakie wakie eggs and bakie'

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they just showed an outside cam on Feed 1, it showed a red lightbulb and a green lightbulb...

my guess is that those were the lights from a endurance challange

12:45 BBT another wakeup call.. this one is demonic

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ok it's 15 minutes for sure.

just got another one at 12:45

boogie attempts to cover the speakers in the room where he's trying to sleep

will insults live feeders.

Will: kirby 4ever..whatup, love you... smooch.

(kirby4ever is a janie hater on survivor sucks)

they talk about her now.

Will wonders who she is.

Janie says how much of a troll she is.

Will says thats freaky.

Will had a myspace briefly... but he deleted it because 'freaky ass people' messagd him

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ericka, and boogie, danielle, Daina attemping to sleep/

LOL another wake up call sounds like a rooster/ demon from arkansa

Boogie " this is dumbest thing EVER!"

wake up call from bill from arkansa

Janelle and Kaysar cozy in hoh.whispers

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Kaysar and jenelle talking about who the bigger treat Diane or Danielle. Whispers

Kaysar say Danielle is more trust worthy

Marci enter hoh. Talk stops

Another wake up call.... "wake up! Wake Up! Get up (Slow and fast) Bet you can't sleep! Repeat! Sounds Like a bad rap song.

Marci and Janelle talking about Kaysars BO. And Marci is attracked to Kaysar Bo.

Jani Has ear plugs, Marci tell her she might sleep through POV.

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Wake up calls are indescribable.. they mostly consist of yelling, banging things around, random noises.

the last one was 2 women singing "bet you can't sleep" in many different keys. THey thought it was the most annoying one yet.

if anyone says their name, they get brutaly insulted. One was from bill in arkansas and the hgs yelled how they don't even have computers in arkansas

basically if they say their name , the hgs respond:

"________ suck a dick!!!"

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