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July 26 Live Feed Updates

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Marc talking about how he & his mom also lost touch once, and how proud of him she was on TV. She called him, a "sissy, fruit" etc. He was like, People Get the Point, STOp! HAHA, everyone laughing. Marc says that it's a horrible stigma to be gay in the black community.

Jan/James & How in Kitchen, Howie's burning carrots.

Jan saying she'd rather eat slop than How's carrots. So, she's eating slop. He's saying you need grease for elacisity. He is not going to drain the extra oil off the carrots.

How making up some stirfry.

Will makes himself an Eggplant Sandwich.

Today they can't eat meat.

James got the HOH camera!

Jan, James, How, Will & CG are all in the Kitchen taking pics.

Dani enters. Will refuses to have his face in any pictures. He covers his face in the pics.

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1:45 bb time: Janie, Howie, DI\iane, James still taking pictures, but in the HOH room. Jase and Booger are in the pool bitching about sequester. Both think going out fifth is best because sequester means you're still playing the game but you don't get the $$$$.

Dani and Kaysar in workout room talking about nominations. Dani saying she doesn't "want to go out by his hand." Feeds cut in too late to know who he is, but Marci came in and they changed the topic to whom they were voting out.

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LOL, James said the cam isn't as much fun this year, and How chuckles and says, that's because Busto isn't here!

Janie and Marc get their pic taken 3 different times b/c she thinks she looks fat in it.

Now she is posing in front of the chess area telling Jam to leave out her lower body.

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(Janelle/Howie/James in the kitchen)

Jan: what is he cooking?

James: he's not... he's slaughtering vegtables... right Howie?

How: what? I couldn't hear you

James: that's probably good

How: it's Wednesday, but it's really Friday

James: because he's frying everything...

James: now I believe you Howie, that you stayed up all night the nominated me and Sarah, it's so stressful... you need to put the veggies on a paper towel to soak up the grease

How: you need the grease for your skin, for the elasticity

Jan: I think I'm going to eat slop... poor Howie... but he's a beefcake

How/Jan: ooooowhhhhh Jan: I've lost my mind...

(will comes in)

How: Willie, she's attracted to you

Will: Howie, you're eating eggplants? Janelle, would you like an eggplant sandwich?

Jan: no thank you Will

James: I've got a rose if you want to borrow it

Will: she's bored, I'm her play toy, I get it, jokes on me ha ha

How: she thinks you're extrodinary Willie... I think I smell a showmance Willie

W: Janelle and I have both been burned by showmances, we aren't going to put that out there

(CG enters)

Jan: how much oil did he use?

CG: enough for his car

Jan: it looks disgusting

CG: ok, time for dinner(gets up from chair to prepare slop)

How: you're cute little Willie... why don't you and Jannie have some green tea and hang out tonight

W: I told Janelle I'm open minded

How: (singing)Will likes Janie, Will likes Janie

CG: french frie night is going to be tough, cause it smells up the entire house

How: what you making Will

W: eggplant

CG: he's having grease

How: (singing)Janie likes Willie

BB: Will, please center your mic


(James enters)

James:I want a picture of Howie getting bigger

Will: I want one picture of me squeezing Howie with these tongs

How: I'll throw you into the backyard with no sunscreen

How: Will, what time you wake up

Will: 6

How: you eat breakfast?

Will: of course, you can order it at (names his web site)

James taking picture of Howie, tells him not to suck it in...

Will asks to get picture of Howie with the tongs, Howie concedes

W: can we do that again, it doesn't look great... can I pinch you with these?

How: no, they are hot

W: they aren't hot, they are warm

CG: brand him

BB: HGs, you are not allowed to talk about DR sessions

getting picture of 'find the bread on Will'

(Danille has joined them)

Jan: take one of me and George

CG: oh Howie, I want a Janie doll!

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Howie's being his usual adolescent self asking Marci to take his pic grabbing Jani's "boobies", and keeps repeating, "Fingerbang me Howie, just like Big Daddy." Janie told him to shut up and Howie told her "Screw You, Janie," then told Marci he's a Bobo stylist. Didn't set well with Marcy - "beau is NOT a stylist." Howie did something off camera to Janie, who warned him to stop. He told her again, "screw you janie". Erica laughed and said "she warned you." and Howie said, "Screw you Erica."

Of course this is all in a sing-song falsetto so it sounds like he's playing around. After Howie and Janie leave, Marci and Erica talk about who to put up first, the four or George. Marci thinks George and Howie since they have a bond.

Jase finally sees what an operator will is. Marci told Erica how Jase told him that "Will just worked Janelle over in the Bathroom...he's just so good you just don't see it happening." Erica and Marci agree that it finally has dawned on him that he blew it. Marci muses aloud whether he should go fix his goodbye message to Jase since it was so scathing.

Damn Howie made the fire come on because he sang, "I'm beautiful" to the tune of "You're beautiful." We live feeders ought to charge his ass for lost video time, especially if he wins. :angry:

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Howie's giving Janie a pep talk for why she needs to work out - for Big Daddy and to be ready to take on the floaters after Chilltown is gone.

George was giving Boogie cooking lessons, but now is just cooking it for them. He also said he tried to eat the slop raw, but prefers it cooked and doctored so he's making some doctored slop for himself while Boogie eats what George made for him. Bogger said there should be an America's choice where George gets to eat again. CG said the Dr. would win that to which Boogie says no way.

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(I got sidetracked working... about an hour behind on the feeds... just wanted to toss out here that there have been an assortment of HGs wandering around in the kitchen cooking/eating/taking pictures...

part of the activity has involved Howie/Will/Mike/Janelle...

seems like Janelle is giving Will some attention, wanting to take pictures of Will/Howie, Will of course plays hard to get, saying it's against his principles/etc, then finally gives in and lets her get the picture...

then a picture of herself with Will, saying she told someone she loves Will... although she was teasing/playing around all this time, I sense Howie is getting jealous of the attention Janelle is giving Will...

Will goes to do chin ups on the spiral staircase... Janelle comes over to get a picture of Will/Mike, then she says Will looks better when he isn't hiding his face... Howie starts to make the sarcastic comments again about Will's beauty being his pale skin/etc... that's when the singing started and we get FOTH...

(again, this was about an hour ago)

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Will, Booger, James, Erica, Dani, Kaysar and George are in the backyard. Booger just figured out that BB took one of the unused beds away and got a hard time for it. BB-CSI

Booger says everyone else wants to use the $$$$$ if they win to put their kids thru college but that he's buying a Bentley.

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Now the HGs are trying to figure out how BB knows what they're doing. Booger thinks that they're on a loudspeaker. Dumbass that he is clearly never heard of a mix board with headphones.

Dani is making George drool because she keeps describing food that he can't eat.

Now they're debating whether to refer to Apeface as Busto or April. James says Busto won the potty mouth award for their season. Others thought Ivette was worse. James says on the gag reel shown @ the wrap party they called her Busto. Boogie asked if they called Jennifer J-Blow; James said they did not.

Mike wants someone to fly over the bb house thurs bet 5:40 and 6 P.M. with a banner telling him who won the world cup, who won wimbledon, and how many games the Red Sox are in first in the AL East. He says it costs $300.00 and he'll repay you when he gets out.

Boogie wants the LAPD helicopter to drop Taco Bell from Sherman Oaks @ Ventura and Woodman. James just wants the LAPD helicopter to shine the spotlight on them for some recognition.

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Boogie and James are making business plans to start an LA style sushi restaurant in Atlanta. Boogie will stay with James and introduce him to all his friends. Will is telling them to get doctors to invest because they're nerds that don't know what to do with their money.

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5:44 BBT

Kaysar teaching Erika how to play chess

Diane, Dani, & Erika laying on the LR sofas. Diane says I guess the doors will open soon & we can practice the crapshoot game for a couple of minutes til we get bored on that. (I guess that is referring to practicing for the upcoming HOH)

Howie, Janelle in the kitchen whispering stuff.

(can you say bowring? Define bowring: adj; uninteresting and tiresome; dull :P:lol: )

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Just tuned in!

Erika and Boogie in the hoh room chatting.

Kaysar, janie and Dani on the couches, howie must be close by because they're talking to him but he isn't on the cam

they're eating fries on the couches that Howie cooked.

they talk about "hot dog on a stick" which apparently is a resturant in california. Dani raves over how good the food is.

they talk about the attire hot dog on a stick has, and Howie asked if it was better than hooters.

all of them are lazy and bored.

Janie: Should I work out or lay in bed.

Kaysar: I think I'll just sit on this fuzzy carpet

Janie and Howie leave, Dani and Kaysar are left alone in the living room chit chatting

Boogie/ Erika

B- who is the strongest of the 4. who taken out will fracture the alliance. who is the most dangerous

E- who is the most dangerous of the 4?

B- yeah

B- or... who would chip away at the alliance the most.. I think Janie the most individually strong. I think if you took our Kaysar... Howie isn't that bright, and James will flip quickly.

Erika- mhm (yes)

E- the thing is there isnt a dumb person in this house

B- i agree with that. but have you not thought about it? you're taking a long time to answer.

E- i'm very torn because i know that taking out kaysar would be the only way to go, but i like him too much.

B- you wouldn't go after him unless you have to?

E- i never said that but I mean..I think if I would target----- FISH.

E- ummmm


E- i think with him gone they're more likely to all seperate

B- yea?

E- yea because...... with kaysar gone they don't connect anymore.

B- he's the glue?

E- theres a loyalty to him somehow. I don't think J/K/H would go against each other. But J/ K would be more willing to allign with others where as Howie isn't.


E-I think they wanna be broken up

E- along w/ k/j/h he's the one (k) that would probably give up. but with him around they feel a sense of loyality. understand?

B- yeah hes the rah rah team guy.

E- right.


B- he's least likely to win a comp though don't you think?

E- i don't know if he's throwing them or what

E- i'm getting a headache

B- stress from your day?

E-no i don't think i'm eating enough food.

b- did you eat one of those wraps?

E- no

b- wheres the fries anyways.. any chance theres some left?

e- no theyre gone

b- let me see the screen

E- somethings going on with marc/ dani

B- with them together?

E- i kinda saw them together the other day...

B- kinda like nobody expects us to work together so we will

B- shes working everyone in here at every angle.

E- too hard I think.

E- she'd go after janelle. if she got it she'd put up janie and howie. thats my guess cuz obviously she has never said anything to me

B- im cool with that.. whatever. as long as it's not you and i and will (HMMMMM!!!!)

E- i knowww hahaha.

E- here comes someone!!! lets pretend to be asleep

*they pretend*

(don't know who it is... camera hasn't showed them) but whoever it was went into the hoh bathroom I think.

5 minutes later they're still pretending to be asleep.... and I still have no idea who came in

Dani please go to the diary room!

hoh shower running... (switching feeds quick to see if I can see who came in...)

it was marcellas in the hoh bathroom.

mike boogie gets up and leaves.

marcellas leaves 2 seconds after him

erika rolls over and talks to herself about the spy screen

8:00 bbt

Will, Diane, Howie , George, Jase, Marc(?) and James talk about bb6

James talks about how weird Michael is.. Will and Diane agree hes a freak

Howie spent 6 weeks on mike and kaysars couch.

James: IMO I like him but he's a nice guy. I thought he was a huge monster. that was my first veto win, to make sure he went home.

Boogie Joins.

Will suggests Boogie not get a haircut

Boogie: you know the problem with your haircut will.. you never style it how they do it. you always do that slick back thing.

Will's haircut it supposed to look like Jim Morrison.

the people outside (the only feeds we get) are talking about mullet's.

Will says the problem with his hair is it has a mind of its own.

Boogie said the hoh bed is off the hook.


George is making a shirt that says danger: gas. Or dangerous gas.

Will says although it's discusting it's not dangerous. so how about mr. fart.

george: that's a good one doc!

Will: simple yet appropriate.

the HGs talk about Chenbot... "but first"

James wants PBJ

George: you don't think this will tarnish my rep will you.

B: nowhere to go but up... you were sitting in a tinfoil suit.

Di and Will talk about how they both learned form their season to not bring any nice clothes.

Di and Will said basically everything got ruined they brought

W: t shrits and bathing suits

Di: I'm learning to rotate my live show outfits

Apparently Monica called boogie and Krista 3 way... Krista didn't know Boogie was on the line.

boogie says that Krista said they boogie called a radio station in Louisiana. Krista said her lawyers because she was being dragged back into that. Krista claims boogie called Louisiana to blow up the whole fiance thing, and then people tried to take krista's pictures. Krista claimed to boogie that CBS called her, boogie said yeah right they'd never call in in a million years. Everyone agreeds. Boogie said Krista and CBS had a settlement

Boogie said krista and him broke up after 2 months.

Jase: you know how you know you're leaving... they don't call you into the DR for anything. Don';t need your soundbites when you're evicted...


They were contacted in Janurary to come on Allstars.

They inquire as to how they (Producers) found georges info. George says he is in the phonebook in vegas. Then he said oops shouldn't have said that


boogie is mad julie never commented on the afro. Diane is mad her and nak didn't even get to speak because Howie answered a question that wasn't even his

the mr. fart shirt is being made for tomorrow's live show

george is laughing to the point of tears about his farts.

Jase: i want a % from all of you. what is the chance you think one of the first 4 is comming back. I'll go around and ask each of you.

Will: 100%

Howie: 100%

Boogie: I woulda said 50%... but will knows something i dont i bet.. so maybe 100.

Jase: if i sit in fucking sequester for 2 wks... ugh. I might as well come back at that point. I don't wana sit in palm spring for 2 weeks. I WANT TO GO HOME HOME HOME HOME friday morning.

Howie: isn't that a song?

Jase sings... fire!!

Dani, Marc and James on all 4 feeds in the living room. they're playing a game involving songs.

you use any word in the title of the song and any artist.

Marc and Dani are alone in the living room playing this game.

heres an excerpt for inquiring minds, since all 4 feeds are on them.

D: fields of gold..staind

M: if you love someone set them free.. staind

D: every breath you take.. staind

M: every heart beat- amy grant

Marc starts to sing it and we get FIRE

Boogie, Erika playing James and Diane in badmitton.

they complain how crappy the racquets are.

(im going for now.... take care!)

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