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July 26 Live Feed Updates

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  • 2 weeks later...

10:20PM BBT: Janelle, Howie, Diane are in the kitchen eating as much as they can. They have to give up the food. Janelle said, "I can't believe we have to give up all this food." Boogie, Jase and Will are outside talking about Dani. They think she is playing a good game as she is in the middle of the SOV, she in with CT and the floaters. They think she is dangerous because she is so likable. They are trying to work out who is in the best position in the game. Probably Marcellas because he is friends with Janelle. Will says Dani, Diane and Erika are in a good position too. Jase goes as Erika comes out and talk stops. Will does ask Erika is he is staying and she says yes. Will wants to know for when he gets his speech ready. Boogie thinks Will has the votes and he names CG, Erika, Marcellas, Boogie and Dani. He should be ok even if SOV vote him out.

11PM ish BBT: Janelle and James are up in the HoH room. James is trying to get Janelle to vote out Will and not Jase. James tells her that he is not worried about Jase he is more worried about Boogie winning HoH. He thinks that Jase will go after CT before the SOV. The floaters are the ones that are afraid of Jase and they will take Will to the end with them. Janelle asks who is easier to get out

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1:49 bb time

right now kay and jan and howie are in hoh deciding to vote out jase even tho james doesnt want them to

they feel it in their gut that jase has to go

they know that james will go after howie and janey

dani and james are in the hammock

james is telling her some stuff, but not all


jase in the hoh pleading his case

boils down to

he used to think that janey was after him

she reassures him that she never said that

he gives them all his word that if he gets hoh he will put up boog and a floater, he says erika but they tell him that he doesnt have to name his noms to them,just as long as its none of the 4 of them

at one point jase tells them that someone promised him safety and he said...well you know how that goes

james said ....but what you dont get jase, is that this alliance, especially the 3 of them...these ppl keep their word...they dont lie

jase is begging and pleading and it all ends on a handshake that he will try for hoh and not go after them, therefore promising them one week

jase goes out to diane and dani to talk

dani says that marc and erika are freaking out

di and jase and diane count votes and think they have enough for jase to stay

jase says that he wants hoh and he wants to put up boog and prove that his word is good to the sovs

this is when james comes out and he and dani head over to the hammock for a private talk

erika comes out and goes straight to james and tells him that marc told her that jase told everyone that erika told diane (whew) that she, erika was the one responsible for keeping diane in the house

james tells her that this info did not come from jase, but from willboogie

at one point dani has a rushed convo with willboogi and tells them that they better watch her butt and that she is telling jase that she is trying to keep him

cg has kinda said he is voting out jase to some ppl, but to others he says that will is a snake in the grass and they better get the snake while they can

will went up to hoh after jase left and then dani came in so there was idle chitchat

will does seem nervous now and wants to stay

basically dani has talked to everyone tonight and told them all different stories

james wants will out now and seems to trust jase.....but the other sovs know that james is on the bottoom of the sov list as far as others are concerned for the hit list

back to real time

janey has a quick update with marc, who appears to be going to bed

boog and will are attempting to go to bed

well does not seem happy

james in hammock with erika

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2 am bb time

will in bathroom telling everyone that he is bringing them down and he wants to go

boog is telling everyone in there..di and dani and not sure who else

that will is kidding ...its his ego talking and he just doesnt want to look like the guy who wants to stay and then get voted out

boog asks diane who she is voting for, she says she hasnt decided

boog and will have the same old convo....in front of the others in the bathroom

will wants to go

boog wants him to stay, boog wants to stay and at least crush one dream

says to willl, dont you want to laugh at them one time?

erika and james still in hammock talking chitchat

di dani and willboog in bathroom

cg has gone to bed, earlier he came out to backyard and complained, in a very nice way, about the slop, he is really suffering

back to bathroom

dani says she has never seen this before, this is allstars and you, to boog, are trying to talk him in to staying

willl, i am not quitting, i dont want to go to sequester and waste 6 wks of my life and i dont want to wast the next 2 in the exact same situation as this week

will really seems to be telling them to vote him out

boog says he is not disappointed in him but he doesnt get how wills fight comes and goes

dani says she is disappointed in will

will says, i hate you all and leave the bathroom

whisper between dani and boog

she says....let him go

sounds like they are not going to talk will into staying anymore

they disperse

but reassemble in kitchen...dani willboog

will says he realized in front of the house first day that he didnt want to come here

will goes back into bathroom and calls a mtg with di and dani and boog

he says, if he stays, will they promise to vote him out next week

dani says she cant promise him that

will says, then i am gone

boog ..survive and advance, survive and advance

will, how many votes to i have to get to stay

will, i only can count on cg and boog, seas six is a goner, you 2 i dont trust, then erika the queen of the floater...so im not going to stay anyway

boog to dani, who else can you rally

dani, ill see what i can do

boog says that he was in bed 2 hrs ago and dani woke him up and told him that it all goes down after midnite on tues before voting

will, i have nothing to gain

will, how bout this, im going to bed, i am leaving you in charge, by 10 am tomorrow i just want to know so i can practice my speech, i would like the courtesy of knowing

feed switch

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2:13 am bbtime

erika and james still in hammock

james saying its nice out there

the moment you walk thru that door, the tension hits you

you see who is trustworthy at this time, its not the ppl who go to bed, its the ppl up rallying

they complain about the fact that they are on bread and bullshit tomorrow

food comp talk

erika is really playing up this broken rib thing, funny that she didnt get the smallest bruise from this so called broken rib, and that she has no symptoms..ie shortness of breath....she just complains...and then only when it is to her benefit to ger pity....this poster is not so sure on the broken rib story.....if you'll all remembre, will used it as a bargaining tool with kay for kay to not put up erika when kay had hoh

janey comes out

erika goes to walk away and walks up to the cam

she says...you are my boyfriend

janey walks up with her and then james to and they all stick their faces right in the cam and blow kisses

boog headed to hoh room

di and dani in bathroom

talking about how weird it is that will really wants to go home

will is still there saying that he was promised big stuff

and that what has happened so far has been so boring

and that he makes more money outside than in and he is tired of being bored

boog comes in...they wouldnt let him in hoh right now

will, season six is cocky, i respect cocky, but they are just so..self assured..its disgusting...

he says that he wouldnt make a deal with them, thats stupid

whoever wins is going after seas six and he wont make any promises otherwise

willl, heres the dilemna, no one can give me advice on how to solve this problem

boog says he will go up an dmake a deal with 6'ers

boog wants to crush them, crush their dream

will, if im gonna stay i wanna crush their dream

willboog want to make a deal with 6ers then do back on it and crush them

dani, if youre gonna crush em youre gonna crush em right...wow...she seems surprised that dr will is saying this

erika comes in

will is saying that when they were outside the house day one he really did not want to come in

will wants to see the shrink

i guess diane had the water runnning so she could pee

will, if i stay and if nothing happens this week, a twist, car money plasma or a trip...then i am out of here

boog, what do you think diane

di..i respect both of you for diff reasons...if i get hoh next week you know you are not going up next week

will says no problem, ill just get a penalty nom...thats what ill do and it will be exciting for the show

will...REALITY SUICIDE IS HARD...KIND OF LIKE TINKLING YOURSELF..you cant tickle yourself, you can be tickled but not do it to yourself

boog tries to tickle himself

boog, you have 3 strong ladies right here willing to give you what you want, this is all you need and cg, cg idolizes the doc...if we have this right here, i dont even have to go upstairs

boog, diane you are close to jase, so this is a problem for you

diane, we are not in an alliance

they all laugh

she goes on to say that she will vote him out in a minute

boog....they told me to come back..speaking of when he tried to get in hoh room...they will call for me in 10 mins

boog, well if he wants to stay and you guys are cool then what i say up there will be different

dani, will do you want to stay

will, i will stay one week

boog says excellent

they sidperse

go outside

boog, when i go up there i wont repeat this convo, they are gona ask me for a deal and im not gonna give it

now dani and diane and erika alone in by

erika upset the sovs arent trying to cut a deal with her

erika...they are writing checks their ass cant cover

dani, it bothers me that he wants to go then stay, its diaappointing

erika, its his strategy..he wants to stay

erika is voting jase out..or so she tells these guys

dani wants to vote for will to stay but doesnt know, she needs to see what is happening upstairs

diane, me too

erika, i know they are going after the floaters, will wont come after us

erika...jase keeps calling us out

diane, i will vote out jase, i am fine with it

they all agree to keep will

diane, but if i get hoh next week, he is not going home

dani...oh welll

as of 2:30 bb time

floater girls are keeping willl but decide to discuss it one more time in the morning just to make sure

erika, i love jase but i cant hang with that kind of behaviour

dani, i feel ya

eirka likes jase outside

diane counts votes....the 3 of them..marc and boog...they have the votes to keep will...or so they think and say right now

dani says she has such a headache

dani erika go in

diane goes to boog in bathroom

tells boog that they are gonna keep will

boog says that will want to crush the sovs and make one of them cry

boog, im gonna have to lie to them

diane you dont have to say anything to them, you dont have to go up there...say fuck you guys

will comes out of the can

diane tells him that there is no fucking around next week

will, if i win hoh next week i am crushing them

if they win they ill take the fall

diane, we all want you to stay, we want to hear you say it

will, ok ill stay

boog tells diane to drop out of hoh if it is her and will ....let will crush them

boog...they are expecting me to go up there, what do i do...

will, go on up there...dont get them paranoid

will tells boog to tell them that will wants to stay

this should be fine with jan how and kay as they want jase out anyway

erika is in the shower and has been there the whole time...like she does

will tells her that he wants hoh next week and he is going after season 6 next week

will tells boog to go see what their offer is

he is sick of waiting for them to call him bakc up to hoh

no cams have been in hoh for awhile, dont know whats going on up there

feed switch

and finally hoh

kay and howie want whats best for their team

kay doesnt like when ppl calll ppl out, its insulting

kay, i really think will is on his way out willingly..so...and fire


james..doesnt make any sense

kay, not necessarily wanting to throw boog on the block....

thats all i got on that convo

boog comes up

kay, will seems like he really wants to go home

boog, its his ego..if he goes and looks like he wants to stay he will look like a chump...his ego is huge, he doesnt want to get run out of here by you guys

kay...so heres the thing

if will stays...why wont his ego make him go after the beg cheese

boog, whos that

james...uh the ppl who have hoh the whole game

boog if you guys bully your way to the top, i can respect that

james says they arent bullying, we have retained power by winning hoh..we are not bullying ppl..we dont tell ppl how to vote

boog, i mean win everything...thats the wrong word..what i mean is sticking together, winning shit, having the power

kay, you mean bulldozing and winning

boog i am surprised how cool you guys are, usually the ppl in power are dicks and assholes, you guys are cool

boog, i am not gonna let a floater win this game

like i said, well janelle said it best and i was drunk and got mad but its the truth, if i want something done then i need to win hoh and do it myself

james, the issue is there is one who wants to play and one who doesnt

..will is the greatest player ever...does he really go home or does he want to play

boog, he wont let it on camera that he wants to stay and then go home..he doesnt want to be the hardy of allstars..hes deathly afraid of that, i know him well

kay, you guys have not been honest ..we feel you guys are laughing at us

boog, i understand that, he did that with 7 ppl his season

boog its who do you trust the least...not who you trust the most

boog isnt it an advantage to you guys if will is not motivated to be here and jase is

james, but does he want to really go, he is the most dangerous player in the game...once he gets in ppls head

boog, when will is here it draws more attention to me...i dont know how to play like will does....will is smarter, i dont know how to do that, keep my mouth shut...

boog, will is not gonna win, theres no way, he is a target every week from you guys, floaters...everyone....him and dani are the only 2 players on a caliber that you can bring up in a conversation and they are always targets

james we dont feel that anyone else will be a target due to your negative campaigning against us

boog, ive just told them that it is dangerous to have 4 ppl that are as tight as you guys

basically says that everyone is intimidated by them cuz of who they are, not what he has said

boog, you guys decide what it best for you...i dont really know

...talk of kent and bb2...they say hi kent..hes a douche...think hes watching?...boog says he probably doesnt have a computer....more kent talk

talk of the band on james wrist...he says that normally he ties it around his nut sack...i couldnt make this crap up

kay, what is it worth to you boog to keep will in the game

boog, i dont know if it is good for me..i do want him to stay but at the same time..is their less attention on me ifhe leaves....if floaters win and dont go after you...they will come after me and will if he is here

boog says that ppl try for hoh then say they throw them cuz of their ego

boog, i cant talk game with him, its like pulling teeth

i am not in a position to offer up something to keep him, i dont have anything...i am cool either way..i have a good time with jase, i trust will more...i dont know if he is in with diane or not, they are both good liars....

i dont know that if you guys win hoh again...he might come make a deal with you guys to put me up ...will wouldnt do that

boog is doing all the talking here

they are all just listening

boog says...do your thing...howie you gotta win it this week

howie...i got it

kay...you definitely wanna come after us dont you

boog, no..i want marcellas, hes the scariest in here....everyone is afraid to nom him

james.if marc was nom i think it would be funny..he would go crazy and run around crying all week

boog, i like marc..but you just dont know what he is gonna do..he is well liked....i dont know who i would put up with him

i dont think about winning hoh...the contests are too random

boog i make no bones about it, the 4 of you are dangerous

the floaters...its like they have become an alliance in a way

now boog is defending his drunken behavior

says when he drinks it manifests itself into something crazy...says hes got alot on his mind..his businesses etc

he says he has respect for them and would rather see the 4 of them run shit than the floaters running it...he wishes he could motivate will do be like that, but its not gonna happen, might be a blessing in disguise if he does leave

i know thats not too helpful, but do with it what you will

james...you are so funny, you look like a wanker, then you sit down and you are so articulate

boog i am enjoying it so much more this time...the ppl are so cool, at the end of the day we would all be cool out of here...one of us will win..and thats it

kay, wait can i ask you something before you leave?

it has 2 points...altho will wants out ofhere asap, you want to make it as far as possible right?

boog, theres an asteriks on that part, ill wait til you ask the rest before i answer it

kay, alright, do you consider your game play different this time around

boog, i didnt even get to play last time...i tried a move first week of putting up a likeable person...i was the first hoh ever...it backfired and it was like 6 on 3 at that point...i was outnumbered, i didnt have any insulation..it was just me and will and shannon..this time i am enjoying myself and interacting with different goups...i have very mixed emotions as far as sequester and all that

i came to play hard and as far as i could

if i am on week 5 and i dont think i can go much further....i dont want to be out week 6 or 7...my business partner doesnt want me in here..i have major responsibilities out there, i didnt even really realize how long this show was, the other day when they did the 60 days withe the slop, i was like..omg...i thought it was the beginning of sept...wtf was i thinking...i am building 3 restaurants in atlanta right now....but this is the last time i can do something like this..if you guys keep winning and it looks like you are gonna run away with this thing...then i am gonna want out, i am more motivated than will, but im also not like diane where i have nothing to lose...

im gonna slit my wrists sitting in a motel in mexico

im thinking...im just gonna see what happens thurs nite, see who wins hoh...week to week

kay...is your game one of finesse or one of blazing guns and see what happens...

boog, i can in with blazing guns, even tho i knew better...its diff this time, i came with the most dangerous player that everyone is afraid of..clearly you guys were gonna stick together...either for a long time or a short time..my blazing guns strategy to the others was...theres this dangerous group of four and we have the numbers, but these guys are a bunch of fucking sheep and pussies

james, if you win hoh thie week, youll have 7 new friends...theyll do your laundry

boog, they have the best of both worlds, they go where the power is and let us do their dirty work


boog, it doesnt make any sense to do the blazing gun thing if i have no one to blaze with...maybe at some point we will have a convo and ill join with you guys...and one thing what you see is what you get, if i say i am with you then i am with you

boog, lets say i am hoh...it makes more sense...either bust you up or go after the floaters cuz theres nobody coming after you in the back end...

i dont know what im gonna do, its better to know where ppl stand

theres no point in me going to war if i am clearly outnumbered

kay..what jan said, win hoh and then we'll talk, not to say that we are going after you directly

james, thats why i made sure that will was willing to be a pawn, in bb history there has never been a gift like that veto comp...ever

boogs getting ready to leave

he either wants to stay a long time or go soon...he doesnt want to go out week 6 or 7

james, if you get hoh and put us up then you have secured yourself in sequester...just like will, you throw a food comp, you will go to sequeter...but i told him that and will said i would never throw a food comp

boog, i dont know what i am doing, i am not here cuz of my gameplay

theres ppl here who will stay up an extra 4 hrs so they dont miss a conversation...shit i was in bed 2 hours ago and someone woke me and said wake up you might miss something

boog, i dont have a strategy..i tried to get a crew in the beginning, is not going to happen

kay, so you are here to do something different

boog....im taking it one day at a time

kay, its early 2 ppl are gone

james..thats right 2 ppl..o god

boog, you guys are here and youre in power...and until someone else wins the house will stay as it is...i dont even know how ppl have strategies...you are either with ppl or you are a floater...i am not a floater, if will and jase leave i will get with other ppl, i cant be marc and diane i cant sit in the room for 14 hrs...its like monica, she laid in the back yard with a towel over her head and she got 3rd..theres only one place for me and thats first place...my bus partner was like second place is 50k...

boog..i dont know, i ll see you guys tomorrow

he leaves


what do you think

james one think you have to remember, when i come hard at someone i want you guys to come hard back, cuz when ppl get emotional is when they say how they really feel

kay what are you talking about

howie fuck youkaysar

james when i come hard i want that emotion that fire...stop fucking touching me howie

when you talk to ppl like erika...its like talking to a wall

james...i am completely up in the air

he still never said that he wasnt coming after you janey....

jane, hes coming after me and marcy

james, heres the thing with jase, he has drummed up more dr will paranoia than is really there....jase got suckered and its his fault

they joke that they are voting janey into their alliance

they say that jase has sealed his own fate

they all seem in agreement to get jase out

they say he threw veto and hoh

and he tried to be with them then he left them

james, that was a smart move on his part to leave us when he did

he acted as a spokesperson for ct

jan, he is the biggest target in the game for us

howie, i dont feel bad for the guy

jane why should we have to clean up his fuck up

kay, theres just somthing wrong, on the back burner...theres somethign there

howie jumps in yelling and they tell him to pipe down

james dont play with emotions

kay i got emotional and screwed up the whole game last time

james, jase came to me and told me he was going after dani and others that he was going after janey...those were his mistakes

howie keeps touching james, they are on the bed

kay tells howie to stop it

it is weird to see 2 very heterosexual men...

they talk of hats....james says thats why he was friends with eric, he needed a hat....

kay has obviously taken james' miami hat, which i think was janeys to start with

they think boog could beat jase in a comp

they think the floaters will be afraid to put up jase..as he might get veto and come after them

james says boog is a tennis pro

james jokingly tells them that one of them needs to win hoh ..he is tired of carrying them

they wonder what hoh will be

they like the asteriod one

jan says if she wins howie can congratulate her cuz everyone already knows..howie yells superbowl baby

janey says i will say to them all...back your bags bitches

jane tells james to throw the key if she wins

jan wants some hatred in this game...she needs to see the late night bug room raps and rants about her

kay says wait til later, im gonna be pissed when someone comes after you guys

howie...hurricane 5

james, i dont believe in personal attacks

they are all joking and laughing and having fun

they say they are getting rid of jase

and boog next week

its 3:30am

jan wants to make a statement and go after a floater

they tell her to go after marc

they now make fun of marc when he said that they were pussyfooting around

they are trying to make themselves feel ok with voting jase out

but agree he threw the hoh so its fair

howie, he was with us then he betrayed us

james o and guess what, when jase was sitting here i wanted to say...but janey was blocking my cam time...lol

they laugh about the autovoters

james says that bbq had all of his votes directed to cowboy

james is seriously making them all move to he is for sure on camera

james, when jase said that he didnt have deal with anyone else...he lied, he had a deal with di and dani...why would he lie at this point...its honorable to say that yes i made deals with the ppl who voted to keep me...its not trustworthy...he held that info back

kay, i dont like ppl with nothing to lose and everything to gain...hes desperate

talk of cgs farts....and he stinks so bad...

james, real quick.lets finalize this...the best idea is to keep will

they all say yes

jane, even tho i dont want to, its a strategic game thing

james, i am sure they are all waiting downstairs for you

jan, marc and erika are voting for jase to go

james, its fair if they ask that we tell them so they dont feel we threw them under the bus

kay but dani wont tell anyone how she votes

james, cuz she wont tell anyone until she talks to me, shes the one we can trust

kay, i agree

jane what are we gonna tell jase

james ,lets see how the votes fall jase, i dont know what do you want to tell him

jan i wanna say sorry we cant trust you

james but to be honest we did trust him

howie and he betrayed it

more talk of why jase should go and what they will tell him tomorrow

they make fun of howie

howie says wills ass is like a bone...its nothing...nice upper body...but from the ass down

jan, i think will has a nice body

they dog will

jan says fine hes ugly

then she says i admire his body

james says she has a crush on him

james, you hooked up with micheal, you would hook up with him

talk of a kissing scene from goonies

feed switch

feed 1everyone asleep in bug room, not sure who...at least 2 maybe 3 ppl

jan is now laying out on the couch in the balcony

(i must haved had my feed pause at some point for a few mins...not sure if i missed anything or not)

feed 2 ..see janie reading the koran..hear light snoring

feed 3..how kay and james in hoh....

howie talking about the jackshack last night and i am out of this room

feed 4 is hoh too...

james likes how howie handles will

says its almost like its genius

howie is wills kryptonite

will wants to show everyone else up

james...its genius, its beautiful....its unreal

kay...they way he touches his leg and licks his lips at will

earlier...james sang howies praises to dani too

james says that it is so scary that he and howie are agreeing so much

james, thats what i like about boog, he will sit down and talk to us

kay, he is one extreme or the other..either all business or so childish

james wants to party outside of the house...he thinks they party on the same level

kay....and you want me to go out with you?....thats not my scene dude

james...bars are the place to meet girls...i met sara in the lingerie dept...

kay, but she worked there!

more girl talk

and i am out

you guys should be up soon to pick up from here...

gnite all

ill leave you with howies quote

sex is like pizzy, even when its bad, its good

james says he has had bad sex

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approx 3:50am BBT: K, James and H still in HOH chatting. Talk turns to food and their food restrictions. James says he wishes he could have taken a ton of stuff and put it in his HOH fridge, but it's too small. J said something like: 'I would've taken a pound of chicken, a pound of turkey and stood up on the balcony eating it all, looking down on the peasants, starving.' (lol)

4:00am BBT: James in bed. K and H eating in the kitchen, in silence.

4:03am BBT: Jan joins the boys in the kitchen for a snack. They play around (laughing like they do) then chat about how much weight they're gaining.

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330 BBT: The Seasick alliance in the HOH deciding on who to vote out.

James is stating Jase made deals w/ everybody in the house to stay and is upset b/c he feels like Jase lied to him.

James Di, he told her she was safe and he told Dani that if she votes to keep him then she is safe to sequestor. Essentially he had the same deals w/ e/body else. Is it a big surprise, no, but why would you lie at this point.

James I would tell anybody anthing to keep me. You saw the shit I was saying to the nerd herd.

H He has n/thing to lose and e/thing to gain

K I don't like people in that position

James It's called desperation

Discussion turns to CG dropping bombs in the BY and how bad it stinks.

James OK, really quick let's finalize this. Do you guys think the best idea is to keep Will?

Janelle Yes

James OK

K Definately

H We getting rid of Jase?

Janelle Yeah, even though I don't want to, it's more of a strategic game thing

James It's a strategic game thing b/c he said he was coming after you (Janelle) and other people that we like. Of course, Boogie said he's coming after you but Boogie isn't on the block.

Marci and Erika are voting for Jase to leave according to Janelle

K asks to make sure Dani isn't going to tell a/one tomorrow b/c he doesn't want to deal w/ drama tomorrow.

Now, talk moves to Janelle's possible crush on Will. Janelle denies it.

As of 4 BBT the Seasick alliance plan on evicting Jase

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4:34 am BBT

kaysar in kitchen stretching, janie comes out of bathroom goes to kitchen and takes what looks like are some pills

janie walking around kitchen in circles

kaysar sitting at kitchen counter in a stupor, twirling around on barstool

4:45 am BBT

howie in kitchen now, kaysar whispers something and points to bedrooms, howie tosses his cap in the iar and says "yeah he is", then grabs a bag of chips and walks away.

Kaysar remains sitting on kitchen barstool, looking as if he is deep in thought

kaysar gets up and heads to bathroom, where he goes to mirror to pluck what looks like ear hairs, while Howie sits in bathroom and watches

kaysar now plucking eyebrows,

howie - you got em done

k- yeah just for you

h- lemme see

h- you ever pluck those things at home?

k- yeah

h- what up kaysar, wow you did a good job!

k- i hope you become a very successful meteorologist

k now brushing teeth with howie while he hops around taking off his socks, k walks around in bathroom still brushing his teeth,

my feeds time out

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kaysar gets out his prayer mat, does his prayers and starts coughing

h- coughing?

k- what?

h- is it your asthma?

k=- yeah that is why I came over here to fart on you

h- did you?

k- yeah

howie in bathroom sitting in shair, kay goes into loo

h- I have to go to the bathroom, i have to take a dump

k- do you?

mumbled chit chat

h- what up kaysar!

k- leaves bathroom heads out to kitchen

howie droppin logs in the bathroom saying "oh geeze, oh man sorry _ sorry _ whoooo! whooooo! oh sorry __________! then whistles.... very odd log droppin behavior

5:09 am BBT

C1 - bathroom with howie in loo

c2- camera is flickering on and off in bedroom

c3 & c4 HG sleeping

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howie out of bathroom, washes hands, goes in to take shower, strips down and then opens door with his shorts placed over his lil friend,

howie washes up and brushes his teeth while in shower... done brushing teeth, washes hair...

Howie asks someone a question but I am not sure who, I hear no answer...

howie continues to talk to his 'invisible friend'

STILL in shower

done with shower finally, HG all still asleep except for Howie 5:22 am BBT

h- gotta shave my pubes, it is disgusting (mind you no one is awake, talking to self)

h- I got a big belly

gets dressed, puts on deoderant, preens and gargles

howie says "ow that hurts"

he gets some TP out of the loo, sits down and puts some gel stuff inside of his mouth and keeps saying ouch and moaning

walks out of bathroom says "jesus christ" and heads into community bedroom, takes of mic and hat walks into girls bedroom real sneaky like, stares at janie asleep and then hops into bed... nighty night for howie

all HG are now in bed going to sleep

signing out 5:33 am BBT

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9:15 AM BBT

"It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes" is being played to wake up the hamsters.

People are stirring, looks like someone is getting up - not sure who.

Dani is up, went to bathroom, "picking" her nose with a tissue in the mirror. Big yawn. Washing her hands. Flossing... morning routine.

Another song - rap (I don't know it) Dani starts dancing, and then foth

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Will up.

Looks like CG is up as well, brushing teeth.

Will and Dani talking about who should be voted out. Danielle says, you have to tell us what you want.

sounds like will and boogie talking about why will should stay

Dani to will - do you really want to go home?

W - I don't want to go to sequester.

B - wants Jase out.

Will saying I saw my suitcase today and it made me really happy to pack.

I'm sorry I can't keep up - multi-tasking.

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9:54 BBT

Danielle/Will/Mike outside

Will just decided(again) for them to PLEASE vote him out, it will be better for Mike and Danielle he says

Danielle goes over her strategy/what SOVs are really wanting, says she just needs Will/Mike to play... says she needs a decision, right now!

W: I've got to go home

D: Boogie?

M: it's his choice... the problem is, S6 wins Thursday night, don't you think it's me and Jase?

D: no, I think it's you and a floater

(CG has joined them)

W: CG, we are contemplating, I want to go

CG: you are the man

D: I think HOH is a push/pull kind of thing... more something you(Mike) can do, we won't know until Thursday night... I'm just frustrated.. if you want to stay, if you want to go

W: I think it's better for me to go... unless one or two don't vote that way, and S6 decide to keep me

D: you just need one more vote...

M: not really, if the 3 of them, Marcellas and me keep you

M:for game purpose, and your stake in the game...

CG:you need to say what you want doctor

M: CG, for your sake, what is better for you?

CG: I hadn't thought about that

M: I think it's better for you

D: I never thought in my lifetime, I'd see a BB where we are discussion if someone wants to stay or go... it's CRAZY!

W: I wish I had a definative answer, but I'm leaning towards leaving

CG: Doc hates us all anyway!

W: including himself!

(Jase comes outside, CG goes in)

W: I've got to get out of here... but I've got to go tell S6, so they will come after me

M: Jase, who do you want to put up?

J: Where are you at, that they want to keep you instead of me?

W: I say I want to go, so they want to keep me

J: I've never seen a group flip flop so much... I shook their hand, made a deal, then they stay up trying to make more deals

M: what was the deal?

J: that I'd put up floaters

M: for real?

J: yes

M: then I have a vested interest in Will staying.. I love you Jase, but I have more friends in floaters than them

W: then I have no choice

M: lets leave it how it is... if Jase stays he goes after floaters, cool... most floaters won't put S6 up, Jase can't put them up.. they will vote for each other in the end... even if it gets ugly, the have been friends

D: I think their goal is to get to sequester

M: in the end, do what you want, I don't want you to be bitter

(2 feeds switch to Erika/CG with mics loud, BB calls Will to DR)

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10:05 bbt

(Danielle goes in, Jase/Mike left outside)

J: you want to make a deal? Cause a scene if Will leaves? or too showy?

M: too showy... let's just do little things, I can be upset if my friend leaves... Danielle will report back to them our discention... they are definately coming after me...

Jase asks about Mikes talk with S6

M: Kaysar said bottom line, what would you do to keep your friend?

I said I'm not in a position to make a deal, either way I have someone I enjoy kicking with, and I'm pretty sure would not vote me out, either way I win, telling you guys, Will won't make a deal with you guys.. it is what it is... odds are I won't win HOH.. they asked if I win will I come after them... I said you are a target, 4 of you, won last 3 HOHs... I tried to get Marc out, maybe I put one of you up, maybe 2, I'm not going to say I'm not going to nominate you...

(2 feeds change to Danielle/James)

D: so they want to vote Jase out?

J: they do...

D: I think you(James) are safe either way

J: I don't want to be on a team Danielle... there is all kinds of paranoia... they keep thinking there are other alliances

D: it's the what ifs

J: the hardest thing this week, it was probably dumb to get HOH, because I didn't have enemies... I needed to know I could do it... I'm gonna get it every other week now, I like it up here

D: so next week all you need is 4 votes to stay

J: 4 votes is a tie

D: and I'm the tie breaker

J: basically, if you are HOH.. with 8 voting

D: so I need to win it next week

J: what do you think of the decision? dumb dumb... unfortuantely, Jase is still lying, saying he isn't with Diane

D: but he admitted that, when he was calling people out

J: when he said he would keep the deal with us, and anyone else... he said I haven't made deals with anyone else.. but he did with you, George, Diane..

D: ohhh, ok, he's gone

J: Will in the game, I like him... I got clouded, I wanted Jase for the competition thing, but...

(ed. looks like Will stays DESPITE his speech to everyone, this IS AMAZING!)

D: ok, so Will stays, what's the next plan?

J: you win HOH, and you pop Marcellas

D: I need to guarantee he goes...

BB: Danielle, please come to DR

J: we worry about next week Thursday night...

(Danielle leaves to DR)

10:15 bbt

(Jase goes to HOH, all feeds switch to Will/Mike in SR)

W: come on, it's time to play! I'm cutting it close but... they don't see me as a target now(he's jumping up and down excited)

(Mike leaves SR, feeds switch to show Jase coming back down the stairs, not sure what happened)

(Jase/Mike/Erika in kitchen, general moving around the house now)


(Mike/Erika in kitchen, Will joins them)

M: half man, half annoying!

(M/W go to SR)

W: what's great about Jase telling us... if I win HOH... I can say to them... look, I was cool with going after floaters, but with you making a deal with him... everyone thinks this game takes place in two places, the house and the DR... but it's 3, the house, DR, and the bigger picture... I'll do 2/3 weeks of I'm just walking out, walking out... soon as S6 fractures, we pick up one or two of them.. I said in DR, CT is only 2 people, but we are always taking applications... thing is, they may not go very far

(M/W leave SR, feeling pretty good about their position in the game, this guy IS a genious!)


(James/Erika in HOH)

J: he's not the one I wanted to nominate, there were 2 others

E: thing about Jase..

J: he will keep his word

E: we can take out Will whenever

J: I don't think Will wants to go home... he's telling George not to use the veto, if he doesn't, who goes home?

E: he was saying don't use it on ME

J: oh ok, good call

E: do I have to walk you thru this?

J: I don't want this to be a f$&%^$ team sport.. I'll feel like my HOH...

(E pulls up the spy screen)

E: just cause I want to feel covert... I think it's cool

J: I like it... the capability... it's annoying, everyone always wants it on, I'm like ok... what time is it? Do not make me get out from these blankets and whoop some a$$

E: you want some coffee?

J: no, I'm comfy

E: k, I'm out, try not to miss me too much

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(Danielle/Jase outside)

Discussing BB game and how they edit to create characters

(Mike/Diane brief meeting at bathroom sink)

Mike explains to Diane his conversation with S6 last night, telling them to do what they want

(back out to Danielle/Jase outside)

Discussing Howie's comments/actions as 'endearing' vs Michael being the 'sexual predator'

J: was Mike?

D: he would hold a girl and kiss her on the cheek, but...

then they imitate Howie's comments

D: filthy, filthy, dirty boy!

J: you have to realize, he's what 35? Still going to meterology college, went to jr college near where I went to college... he went to Canada with flipflops and his light saber... S6 has not stopped playing the game

D: I wonder if we are just rusty, cause they keep winning... I came in not wanting to create alliances beforehand, people would call and I'd say nope nope, and then I didn't hear from them again...

(cut to Mike/Will in gym)

W: they asked me... what if Mike went, would you roll with us, and I said this conversation is over

M: I don't think they want me, but they would want you

W: think, Kaysar had a pass to final 4, until he started taking over

M: we were talking in generalities, then K said, what would it be worth to keep your friend, and I said nothing

W: I said difference between the two alliances, you won't walk away from your alliance, whoever wins HOH, has to go to S6 and ask who are you willing to throw under the bus, you have to drive that wedge in deep and fast... The girls hate Janelle, Diane said she thinks Jan is responsible for her/Nak... who goes up?

W: Jan/Kay.. tell James/How, if you play POV and win/use it, the other of you goes up, so you better make separate deals... I think Howie has anxiety issues and can't play... if you had to have a private convo in the house, where at?

M: in HOH

W: where at? a VERY private convo?

M: HOH shower? can the producers hear in there?

W: say you me Danielle are in final 3... that's a whole nother eliment... who would be down for final 4... (goes over spliting the money) or would you hate for someone to stab you in the back?

M: it's inherient to the game, play for the moment... do you really think you could get us to go that far? Do you need to have a shower convo with me?

W: no, not yet... I've got a target on my back that is slowly getting wiped off... you could start another alliance that could cause a HUGE blow up... could you pull it off acting wise? say you won HOH... (gives a scenario)

M: they wouldn't buy it, they know you too well

W: question is, if you are final 4, could you hold a button for 18 hours?

M: for sure, final 10, not so much...


(feeds back out to Danielle/Jase, Erika has joined them)

Still talking BB history/remembering past seasons

(feeds back to Will/Mike)

talking about past HGs

W: what's great, first time we took this so seriously

talk about friends who may be watching

W: if S6 wins HOH, they will put us up, and you HAVE to keep your mouth shut, and I'll blow up to get out of here...

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(Jase/Diane by the pool)

J: they flopped on me again

D: I don't trust Will... so you think S6 switched?

J: yea

D: does this mean we can hang out?

J: yea, fellow BB5...

D: you think everyone is scared of BB5? I'm so tired... don't worry, I'll get redemtion for you and Nak... I don't even want to be here... no wait, I do.... you do know there is a chance if you go, you could come back? between you, Nak, Alison, you'd come back!

J: I'd have Will/Boogie/you, that's 4

BB: Jase, put on your mic

J: NO! I'm spraying water on myself!

D: I hate BB6

J: me too...

D: did Danielle tell you she changed her vote?

J: yea...

D: at least we can enjoy hanging out

J: I'm ready to get out of here... I hope they don't have one come back, I would, but I'd like to go home

D: I'm sure producers are listening... they don't have a chance if they come back... this game is so...

J: it's not even a game... the whole week is decided by 30 seconds... is there a gnome on the cage... or a butterfly...

BB: Jase please put on your mic

(Diane goes inside)

J: (picks up mic)I'm spraying myself with water... I don't have it on to keep the water from getting on it(puts mic back down on ground next to him)

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It's getting good:

Jase & Di talking....

D: Does this mean we can hang out now?

They think that the SOV switched over again last night. Jase says he admitted he'd go after them if he got HOH.

D: I hate BB6.

D saying this is BS.

She says Jase could come back.

She tells him that she will get redemption for him and Nak, not to worry.

Diane keeps swearing under her breath.

My speakers are ALL the way up, I'm having trouble hearing Jase. BB keeps telling him to put on his Mic.

Jase said if it doesn't work out for him to stay, at least he can go back to Heidi.

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Diane and Erika discuss Texas.

BB : you're not allowed to dicsuss diary room with other HGs...

Diane and Erika say it wasn't them. they inquite to if it was Boogie. Boogie says for once it wasn't him

Erika alone at kitchen table with her head in her hands

Di Jase talking

They discuss who is lying.

Di says maybe dani will tell her (?)

Di, Janie, Dani and Georgie on red couches.

they dicuss whether they are indoor or outdoor people.

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(Diane/Erika in kitchen)

D: so... 6... you think they switched?

E: I don't know...

BB: HGs, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions

D/E: it wasn't us!

D: k, I'm going to take Jase water... it's hard talking to him... but he knows...

(Diane goes outside to Jase)

D: question, so how do you know BB6 flipped?

J: James

D: does Erika know?

J: why?

D: I'm trying to see who is lying, cause I asked Erika and she said she didn't know... interesting, I'm going to ask Danielle to see what she says

(Diane leaves, finds Danielle/George and starts small talk with them about dogs)

(feeds switch to Will/Mike in the gym still)

M: if you are here I'm willing to fight it out, but I'm scared about going it alone

W: but you have a better chance if you are alone

M: how do you see this game playing out if you aren't here? is there any way to plan it?

W: if you become a floater, would they target you? Statistically anyone can win HOH... if they win the next 3.. just let them win the show

M: the problem is, if they are HOH, they have the 3 weeks, and it only takes 4 votes... if a floater wins HOH...

W: you have to get rid of one of them

M: even if there is some disention, end of the day they will vote for each other... the floaters have to go after them... maybe Marc or Diane? Marc will put you Danielle and you probably

W: Marc is smart.. it's not like they can't see S6 is together, they are just shutting up until HOH

W: if we get stuck in sequester... I'm buying a cell phone off a random person!

M: we call joe... follow the car out of town...

W: just tell him, here's the address, send us a fed ex

M: I wish you could have seen the hotel room

W: and you couldn't get any info?

M: the handlers wouldn't break... did you see the thing in Us Weekly? 20 HGs, 12 keys, 1 house...

W: oh yea, it was whacked.. totally amature... that was it?

M: I tried, up until the very last minute

W: tv ads?

M: no

W: did they mention internet?

M: tv, net, print

W: did they mention if cbs.com got augmented with ringtones or anything

(4 feeds FOTH)

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(George/Danielle/Diane/Marcellas outside, Erika just joined them)

discussing past seasons again, then Howie putting up James/Sarah, Kaysar not playing POV for Michael

Marcellas saying he realized the hatred of the Nerdherd had gone too far when on Housecalls people were saying they were calling Maggie's work to try and get Maggie fired... talking about a woman trying to meet him, who wrote ugly things about him, how she has children

CG: why do they get so wrapped up in it?

D: BB fans are like no other... first we have the live feeds.. they all see it

M: but they filter it thru their eyes... if a person doesn't like you for whatever ax they are grinding, they take what you do and put their take on it... I don't mind if you are typing every word(lol), but when they put their own comments...

D: I've been to sites where they post... they can post what is said... but if they say all of us are bashing someone... but if only one of us was talking about someone, and I'm sitting here with a blank face...

D: I think that's what they do...

M: no, it's guilt by association... because I way laying in bed, Amy was bashing Chiara, because I didn't get up or say anything... now Tonya, I have to take responsibility for what came out of my mouth...

(ed. I TRY my best to be fair, impartial and report what is really happening :) )

M: in the end, you have to forget the net and play the game, the internet aren't the real fans... if you are bashing and trashing, I think you are working out something else, that you need to work out yourself

D: BB fans are different though, because they can see the feeds, although it's their perseption

E: but it's all up to interpretation, you can say one sentence and it's interpretted 10 different ways, end of the day I love my family and friends, not everyone will like me, you can't please everyone all the time, bottom line, don't you agree?

M: absolutely

E: what is the line for the season? It is what it is!

Diane: BB tag line... (they all repeat it) IT IS WHAT IT IS!

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