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July 21 Live Feed Updates

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Dani has made up a song to give her sushi, "I wish I had some sushi, if you love me you'll give me sushi sushi sushi"

Marc, Janie and Dani sitting out near the pool.

Marc says they are freaked. Janie asks who, and Marc says CT. She said, Yeah, and Jase. They are saying how Jase hasn't been acting so great to James.

Jan says how at least a guy will be leaving.

Jase interrupts to ask to play a game of Badminton w/ Marc.

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9:13 BBT James takes Dr. Will to the HoH room and asks him if he really wants to leave... Dr. Will is saying his thing is he can't go to sequester... He says he will leave even if it means losing his stipen... He tells James to not to feel weird if he needs to put him up... He says put me up even if as a pawn... I won't hold it against you...

Will asks James what he wants to do... Floaters or what... James says there are two allainces in the house and everyone is thinking about getting them both out... James says he considers Jase as chilltown and Will says I don't think that's unreasonable...

Will asks again who he wants out and James says that he won't tell anyone... James says George drives him crazy... James just confirmed that he talked to Will BEFORE the house and told him about the S6ers alliance... Will repeats that he don't want to get to sequester and that if he does it will ruin his practice and relationship... He says maybe if the prize money is higher he would stay...

James says that the two votes for Nak to stay were S6ers and Will says rightttt...

Will keeps telling James that IF Boogie won HoH he wouldn't put up James... He says Janelle and Howie are most likely...

They are now talking about floaters... Erika, Marcellas are mentioned...

Jase is part of Chilltown Will says... James asks if he is part of the alliance and Will says if he is or not it's precieved that way...

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Will is pissed and venting to James because WIll says he was promised over and over and over again by the producers that this season was going to be great and it isn't at all as good as WIll had though, so we went t fire during Will's rant.

also earlier James was telling Will he won't be putting season 6 up, and he hopes season 6 won't put him up.

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(It's time for me to call it quits for the night. Please cover for us until jem takes over in the AM. Thanks for everyone's post, here's my last update on the main page)

9:30PM BBT: James has concerns about Boogie, Will assures him that Boogie's targets might be Howie and Janelle, but not James. [On Tuesday, Boogie said James is a snake and his number one target, yesterday, he did mention Howie and Janelle as targets yesterday.]

Back on the subject of Chicken George, "Look he's 47 and doesn't have a lot of assets..." Will says, and James says, "So the jury would vote for him over anyone. Everyone sees Chicken George as this nice old guy, I don't."

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9:40 Will leaves and James asks him to send up Diane... Diane comes in and they talk about Howie... They talk bout how Howie is harmless...

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Diane in HOH w/James making small talk (come on let's get to it :P )

James asks if she's glad to be here. She says yes & please don't back door me or nom me again cause she can't take being nom 2 weeks in a row. She says her one goal is to make sequester.

James asks Diane who she thinks the 2 votes for her to go were. She says Janelle & Howie. She doesn't understand why the SOV wants her gone so bad. She says if Janelle wants me gone let her do it herself instead of having others do it for her. James talks about how he's tired of the floaters. He says he doesn't like that people are looking at who they want to keep based on who they think they can beat in the end.

James said if the 2nd vote for her to leave wasn't Howie who does she think it is? They say it wasn't Boogie & Will :lol: because they would vote together.

Diane says people view James as a more independent player & not as with SOV. James says he wishes everyone would play more for themselves. James wants to keep people in the house that wanna play the game & have fun not the people whe are along for the ride. James says he isn't going to put up BB6 because he doesn't want the whole house on him & he's not putting up Diane.

James: if you were HOH who would you put up

Diane: I wanted CG gone for the longest time but he has been so nice to me. I want to tell you but I am afraid

James: I don't want you to tell me if you are worried

Diane: Would you use it against me?...I am not going to tell you but there is somebody that I think we both came to consensus on a few minutes ago

James: Season 6 is upset because they though they could make the nom & the whole house would follow

James: If you could have 1 person go this week who would it be. Who do you think the whole house would go for

Diane: I hate to say it but CG

James thinks if CG is nom the house will vote the other person out. If CG & Will were up who do you think would go. Diane says she would vote out CG if that's what he wants her to do. James say he truly believes that Will does not want to go to sequester & Diane agrees. James says that if Will makes it to final 2 he would vote for him cause he deserves to win. Diane says he thinks that Season 6 will be very inclined to vote against his wishes.

Talk of who is worried about being nom. Lots of yelling & screaming downstairs. They go down.

FOOD RESTRICTION IS OVER!!!!! BB sent them pizza. I guess the food restriction is over because Howie, Janelle, Marcy, & Dani shoving pizza in their faces.

(nite all, I'm out)

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Since no one else is posting I will try to remember what's happened in the last couple of hours.

James had a meeting in HOH with Erika. They talked about who James should put up. They specifically discuss CG and Jase. Erika wants CG to go, but she tells James she'll vote however the HOH wants. James says he wants to get out a floater. Then he says, not her, he doesn't really see her as a floater. James tells E he doesn't want to do other people's jobs for them and go after CT. He goes over the votes if he puts up CG and Will and seems certain that CG would go.

James meets with Marc (it may have been Marc then Erika, I don't remember the order). James tells Marc that he wants to keep the big targets in the game and go after floaters!! Marc doesn't look thrilled. They discuss CG and Marc says he would vote out CG over Will.

James then had a meeting in HOH with CG. (I'm still not sure I understand what CG said.) I think essentially what he said was if he's not nominated, that he will remember it or some such vague and confusing thing. Then James said that he can see CG feels he's going to be nominated and just wants to get the heck out of the HOH room. Then CG told James that if he stayed he would vote for James in the end (assuming he makes it to sequester).

James meets briefly with Jase in the HOH room. (I missed the beggining of this discussion.) When I cut in I heard James say to Jase that he's safe and will not be nominated this week! Jase said he appreciated that. James then said, I hope the favor will be returned. Jase said he thinks it will be. (wow, this coming from the same James that was super pissed when he (mistakenly) thought Kaysar made a deal with CT to save himself. Will CBS ever show that the "deal" K made with CT was fake from the start??)

Then Howie is next in the HOH with James, but James is quickly called to the DR.

Meanwhile, Jan and Kay are in the hammock talking strategy. Then talk about CG and Jase and CT. They determine the best thing to do is to get out Jase. (Ironic that the two conversations were going on at almost the exact same time.)

Everyone is playing volleyball in the BY and/or watching from the outside couches, except Jase who is making a Happy B-Day shirt for Callie.

After DR James joins the volleyball game.

Diane and Jase have a quick meeting in the red room. Jase tells Di that James said he's safe. Di said James pretty much said the same thing to her. They are both pleased about it. Jase starts to get into detail about what James said but they both seem paranoid that someone might catch them together. Jase quickly stops and says, "We'll talk about this after nominations." Jase goes.

A couple minutes later Jase and Diane pass each other when no one else is around and Di says, "Mr. Smith."

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wow, no one posted a thing?...if i'd have known i would have been on it


james met with dani next

first thing he said to her was

i talked with will and he is still cool with everything

taken to mean that the super alliance, as james called it, of dani, himself and willboog, is still intact

she wont vote out cg as she promised him that if he voted for her to stay week one then she would not vote him out

she is adamant about this and will not budge

she thinks jase is a threat, she feels that jase has lied to her face about that he was working to save her week one...

dani doesnt really think that james should waste a week on cg

she tells james that he needs to pick 3 ppl that he is ok with leaving. 2 for noms and one in case of veto

dani asks for a glass of wine and james says ok

janelle joins them and asks what will said

james says that he is not comfortable talking about that in front of dani and he will tell her later

the 3 of them talk about jase being a threat

and dani tells them that nak was going to put up 3 sovs for sure

janelle cannot belive this, she really liked and trusted nakomis

everyone in the house is relieved that nak is not there now that they found out her lies and they all think she would have won this hoh

dani leaves, janie and james talk a bit

she cannot understand why jase did not join with them and instead chose ct

she tells him almost the same things dani did

after janie is erika

she tells him that she always votes however the hoh tells her to

she also goes on and on about floaters, like diane did, which is funny cuz they are both floaters

everyone wants chicken george gone, but think maybe jase should go after someone who might come after him

marcy comes up and he is the first one to figure out that will was the other vote

at this point, james has promised everyone safety

howie has tried to come in several times

marcy says chicken george...they figure if they put him up with will they will definitely have the votes

howie finally gets in and james gives him a quick update, cg on the block and james gets called to dr...

chicken george was in the kitchen and kept telling howie that he was next

george seems very nervous

i missed some due to rp malfunction

i guess cg did go in the hoh room but not sure what was said

jase is next

james, very unpredicably

tells jase that many ppl in the house are after him

but he is safe this week since he covered janeys butt week one by not disagreeing with her

he tells jase that others are afraid of his in your face attitude and jase says that he has been laying low so far, he looks upset and grills james on who could possibly want him out, i think we may see a new jase come dawn

he tells james that he appreciates the heads up

so now james has promised safety to all 3 sovs...and made it clear to everyone that he would not think of putting them up

he also has promised safety to diane, erika, will marcellas and jase

i am sure theres some i am forgetting and some i missed

but thought i'd throw this in for those with no feeds

now it is 1:27am in the bb house and everyone is still eating and they are mostly outside

the fed hamsters are happy and playing games

marcy said that he thought this was his season and when did he become a co star

he also says that he thought it would be he and kaysar final 2 with them figuring out that they are in love with each other

this is in front of kay and erika

erika immediately jumps in and reminds them all that kaysar is in love with her...something she proclaims many times a day

kay says how do you know i am not in love with someone else and neither of you two

at some point marcy says, do you mean to tell me that this is going to be fun now...he is serious as everyone is happy and playing together and laughing and getting along

he follows that statement with...tomorrow is gonna suck and goes right back to the bitching...but its that funny marcy bitching that we all know and love

dont know what happened to boog, guess he went straight to bed

cg went to bed right after he got out of hoh

others are all still up in by hanging and eating and talking and laughing and playing badminton

jase spent a long time with pink fingernail polish and a tshirt, making a shout out to caleigh (his gf heidi's daughter) for her birthday the 24th which is also sara's birthday

im out guys

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In that same conversation Jase asked James if he was going to backdoor him. James said, no way!

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dont know if this is up there somewhere or not but in wills meeting he and james talked about the plan they made before the show

will says that if he stays, final four..dani boog james and will

james calls this the super alliance

james has covered his butt with every single person in there but cg

he also made it clear to everyone non-sov that he is not really with them but he wont put them up and they will all be voting together

he was empathetic to others as well that it was his hoh room and the sovs were not taking it over

yet when a sov shows up, he tells them to do or take whatever they want

ed. james is riding high and should be safe til final 4 now unless the entire house bands together and has a big pow wow and calls him out on it all

but they way he worded things he pretty much covered his bases

he did not make any alliances, he promised safety but did not try to strong arm or even really ask anyone to keep him safe, although each of them offered it once he told them they werent going up

other tidbits

the dani marcy feud appears to be over

they are not after each other,they both said

will still says he wants to go before sequester unless bb really ups the ante

everyone is worried about the next boogie drunken rant

everyone thinks jase is a wild card and very close to going nuts

everyone thinks erika is the biggest floater of them all

diane told james that erika told her that she(erika) had made the house turn in di's favor, everyone knows this is a lie and they all got mad at that

erika does not think she is a floater, but will vote however the hoh tells her to...lol

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When James and Danielle were talking she said that her target was still Marcellas. That's why when James and Marcellas were talking he asked Marcellas about Danielle... and Marcellas said that he was not after Danielle... James was surprised and told Marcellas that. So, could be another situation where Danielle has fooled Marcellas into thinking he is safe with her, when he's not. :blink:

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I just wanted to add my favorite James quote to date (from earlier tonight in the HOH room). I believe this was during his discussion with Danielle (but it may have been someone other than Dani, someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). They were talking about how they both liked and respected Nakomis.

Dani: "I adore Nakomis."

James: "I adore her too, I just adore her more at home."

2:35am BBT: K, Jan, H, Marc, Dani, Erika outside, talking about nothing

K saying he's been in a funk for 3 weeks. He says he's gonna take a DOR (which, by the way means Drop On Request and is a military term). H says, you were in power, we're still in power and you're not on food restriction! Discussion veers to BB6.

Meanwhile, Jan and Marc in bathroom area. Marc asks Jan who she thinks will go up. She says probably CG and a member of CT. Talk turns to Jase. Marc says they should have made a deal with him "separate from the 4 and anyone else in the house" because they could beat him in the end. Marc goes on to say that Jase turned back to that "frat boy thing." Marc opens bathroom door and says, "How funny would it be if I opened this and a member of CT was sitting there."

3:00am BBT: Dani, K and H in BY talking about sequester. Dani says she'd rather go home than go to sequester, but if she were in sequester she would vote for whoever she thought played the best game. H pipes in and says he thinks James is playing the best game so far. ;) Dani asks why. H says cause he's picking up cross talk... K and Dani think everyone is doing that. Dani says, it's just that J is on your side so he's bringing that information to you. Other players are doing the same with whoever they're with. Then H says Jase is also playing a good game cause he's being anonymous. D: You mean he's a floater? H Yeah.

Dani says she would never vote for a floater to win. Dani says "the winner will consist of strategy, winning competitions and luck." She thinks Drew was a worhty BB winner because he did what was best for him. Next they talk about Will and how brazen he was in his season lying to everyone and telling them he was going to lie, then still winning in the end.

3:30am BBT: K, Dani and H talking about Nak and Di. K says he believed Nak was in line with their (BB6s) objectives. Dani says with Nak you have to listen very carefully because the way she words things so cleverly she can tell you the truth but still leave herself a loophole. H says, "She would have went one week with our objective then went back to her game plan. (Wow, H sure is more with it this season. :D )

Dani, K and H continue chatting. They switch topics a lot. Tomorrow is Dani's daughter's 18th birthday. Dani says if she got kicked out of the house early she and her husband were going to take a trip to Spain.

4:11am BBT: K and Dani still outside chatting. They're talking about music. (I assume H went to bed.) Everyone else is long since asleep. Talk turns to sleep schedules. K says he used to get up to pray and stay up, but in the BB house he's been staying up to pray then going to sleep. Dani says she only needs 4 to 5 hours of sleep which is why she's always up early. K says he can do 5 or 6. Dani says, yeah 5 or 6. I lied. 5 or 6 is right. K says "I thought you weren't going to lie in this game, Dani. Internet viewers, please don't hold it against her." (lol)

H comes back out. K and Dani both say "I thought you went to bed." H is flossing.

K says he wants to get reaquainted with a regular schedule and wants Dani to wake him up in the mornings. K says the only time he had a really good DR was the other day when they called him in at 5 o'clock in the morning. K says he asked what the heck they were doing (calling him in at 5am) and they said "You're the one who's up." K "You're right" Dani says that must have not been good what with him being tired with his hair messed up and all. He says it went well, they said he was peppy.

"Good morning America, it's the Kaysar and Dani show" Dani and Kaysar decided to have their own morning show. They will do recaps of the goings on in the BB house. Dani says they have to look like they just woke up. K "No makeup" D" You wear makup? I told you to stop wearing that makeup" (lol) Dani says they will get up in the mornings, get a cup of coffee, talk about nominations, make predictions, have guest stars.

H farts, prompting a long conversation about farting. (K: "H goes to the bathroom, pees, then comes back, gets on my bed and farts." (LOL) K says they should save this for a segment on their morning show.

4:30am BBT: Dani suggests the name BB Cafe for their new show. K says: "How about BB Cafe Crosstalk with Kaysar and Dani" Dani agrees.

K, H and Dani talk about how it feels like they've been in the BB house a lot longer than they have.

4:50am BBT: Dani "It's time for you to pray." K "I know. I was just trying to figure out what the drop is on the other side of that wall. I'm gonna make a fun for it." Dani laughs. They agree that not tomorrow morning, but the next day they will start getting up early. Dani leaves to go to bed.

K puts away the leftover pizza then heads to the bathroom area where H is in the shower.

5:09am BBT: K praying. H drying off.

5:17am BBT: Feeds are all on sleeping people. Not exactly sure if H and K have gone to bed or not, but I am. Good night all.

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6:35 BBT..... all the little rats are sleeping, and its actually quiet! NO snoring or farting going on at all.. i wonder where Howie and George are!

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Thanks to those who did the recap last night even though they didnt have to :-) when they noticed no one had posted. I needed to be caught up...THANK YOU!

Another day is about to begin in the Big Brother HouseHold...

The HG's will all have food in them today - Game On!

9:40am BBT

All 4 feeds on sleeping HGs (2 feeds are the same)

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