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July 19 Live Feed Updates

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Things a little slow tonight...the group just renamed teh spider over the pool Charolette. Now they are all standing around watching the spider catching bugs. Talk is on catching moths and throwing them into the web for the spider to eat.

All cams on the outside, 2 on the spider documentary and 2 on the pool game.

Camera has a nice shot on the spider and it wrapping up its newest victim, most action happening tonight.

Howie and (big shocker) George in the kitchen looking for something to do

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George in the kitchen and Howie.....asking Howie about him being HOH 2 times....

Everyone else is outside watching the spider walk around

Jase: This is ironic the real spider is more interesting than the spiders in this house LOL

I hope someone caught the fight on James and Kaysar earlier today or tonight or whatever time it was

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The guys saw a moth in the pool and tried to throw it in the web... they were unsuccessful. Someone found another moth and threw it in the web. the camera actually caught the spider race across the web, wrap it up and move it to the center of the web. They are watching to see if it will fix the hole left in the web now.

They have renamed the spider (it was Fritz) to charlotte. Will jokes about all they need is a little pig.

They are wondering when Charlotte will fix the web "Cmmon' you lazy sopider we gave you like a full meal. Yeah, He's eating better then half the houseguests." "Throw some prooidge up there and the spider will pack up his Sh*# and leave."

Will wants to see the shrink because the spider they found above the pool is cooler then the tarantulas BB gave them.

Best line "You need to find you're own spiders around here."

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When Jase came down from the HOH rm from talking with K,James,H saying that he was going to vote out Di, he went to BY hammock and began talk with B of how many votes they have to keep Di. B told him that if they could get M they would have 6 votes. Jase calls M over and asks him how he was going to vote and what he based it on. M says he is voting to keep Di because of her telling him she is living in her car. At that time, Jan walks up and talk stopped. Jan and M decide to join the pool game and as they walk away, M turns and blows a kiss to Jase.

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Jase is thinking about seeing if he can jump and clear the width of the pool. Boogie telling him to take a running leap. James wants to see if he can do it frim just standing. Will and Boogie tellign him to run and do it.

"Don't hit the spider" James says he is afraid of spiders.

Will he do it?

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Jase says he will do it. testing the width. Will joking have a medic ready.

BB saying Jase stop that. Jase I said stop that!!

Jase keeps thinking of doing it.

BB "Hey Jase I said stop it"

Will " Howie why don't you do it so we can make sure no one will get hurt."

BB still tellling Jase to stop it.

Kayser and James telling Jase to look at it from another angle and see how wide it really is.

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James did a practice jump in by the pool. He didn't jump far at all and decidec not to do it, lol.

Then Jase was really going to jump across the pool, no joke.

He took off his mike and jacket and was standing at the edge of the pool getting in position to jump.

BB was yelling saying, "Jase, stop that!" "Hey! I said stop that!"

But Jase seemed to not care at all and was ready to jump. He had his mind set on it. BB kept yelling at him while Kaysar and James were trying to tell Jase it was a bigger jump than it seemed.

Jase finally gave up and put his mike and jacket back on. He seemed to be dissapointed that he couldn't do it.


Jase has caught and killed another moth to feed to the spider above the pool. They're really interested in getting the moth in there. Had a field day watching the spider eat the first moth.

He can't get the second moth in. Now Jase and Boogie are talking to the other bugs. Saying something like, "You better watch out, this is gangsta territory. We'll feed your @ss right to the spider."

Now they are just sitting around.

Janie, James, Howie, Dani, and Kaysar are in the kitchen. Janie and Dani are eating the slop that Chicken G fixed.

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Looks like Jase is not going to do it.

Howie wandering around the pool. Talk of the spider again. Howie asks if it is a "black Widow". "But it's not black"

James complaining about the food (slop). Saying this is the longest 15 days ever. Goes inside Cg saying he thought they were all doing well and he is proud of them. They say they have been complaining amongst themselves all week he must have just not heard them.

Howie outside with Will and Boogie doing star wars lightsaber sounds. and Mike asks if Howie had braces as a kid because he has such nice teeth. Howie says yes and says he wore a head gear to baseball camp as a kid.

Dr Will says he wants to get invisalign

They found another moth to feed the spider. Jase climbs on furniture to throw it to the spider. Jase throws it through the web.

Talking about Howies Dong b-day hat. ewwwwww......

Howie argues the spider can't eat more. says it would be like them eating a human and then trying to settle in for another human right after. Will calls him stupid. and says How Howie eats tons.

They are looking for more food for the spider.

Feed 1& 2 on HG in the kitch. talking about bb slop and how it gives them gas.

Some "Thnks Georgie you're alright Georgie" going on. Guess he made them more slop chips.

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Will and Boogie singing and causing FOTH

talking about if the twist will be bringing a voted out houseguest back or another all star in.

Will says the twist is the grand prize is now only $10,000 and that they are bringing in 30 houseguests from big brothers all around the world. LOL!!!!

Mike and Jase talking.... Mike says "o.k. 3 pple you would need to see go before you if you weren't going to win the game?" Marc named, can tolerate Kayser but don't want him to. Says Howie is o.k. and htink he would be a fun winner. Think Erica is a sweet chick and she is playing the game "she will go far" they think.

say they are surprised Nakomis even got in the house. Thought Lisa (a hottie they say) would have been what they expected. Jase says was either monica or Danielle. Mike says he wishes Monica had come in because she would have been down with them.

Are saying James is trying to have an alliance with everyone so if HOH doesn't go his way he can jump ship. Mike says "you know who isn't bothering me and i thought he would? Chicken George. If he would be down with sharing votes I'd keep him for a while. He's cooking and cleaning. He's kind of a wierd guy." Talk about how he talks about well that was cool etc. Joking that CG is really talking trash about them in DR. "Little do they know... I've been farting on the bread rubbing b*#ls on the food. He's sweeping up and putting dirt in our food"

Mike says i hope we can pull this off on Thursday that would be awesome.

Jase: have you talked to Erica

Mike: no, after what happened the other night she's kind of scared of me

Mike: so will is going to talk to her

They talk about that they have CG's vote to keep Diane.

Jase:see that would be like a good 12 punch. They would be sitting ther ekind of stunned as Nak left. Be a little shakin up for HOH comp. and then sweep in and take HOH.

Mike rubbing Erica's shoulders in the ht now. George theer as well. They are laughing that tonights show would be Mike's show. Mike hoping they got rid of his DR sessions. His mom is going to be catatonic... "That's my son?" she doesn't even drink. CG laughing.

I have to go to bed... very late here. ttyl

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Nak & Kaysar in the HOH alone. Nak says the SOV has got to stop telling people she is with them because that is putting a target on her back. Kaysar said it isn't hime telling people that & he wants to call the rest of the SOV in & find out who is telling people that.

Nak starts saying that pre-show Diane tried to get her to team up with Jase but Nak refused. She said once she told Diane she wouldn't join w/Jase Diane started backtracking & acting like she didn't want to team w/Jase either. Nak says she hopes Daine wouldn't lie to her & make her look like a total jackass on TV but she's not sure since they only talk when they are in the house. (basically Nak who said she wouldn't campaign against Diane :huh: is totally campaigning against Diane with Kaysar)

we got FOTH for a few minutes

Feeds jump back in to the middle of a convo...Nak saying so but I'm serious about this I have never been more sure about anything. I really want to help you guys get them out of the house. Howie is now in HOH.

Kaysar says that's why he had to put them both up so he could be sure where everybody stood ( :rolleyes: ). He says they are working really hard to keep her. Nak is planning, saying that she is going to get HOH & then nom either Will or Boogie up against CG (MBE she oughta wait til after tomorrow to make futher plans :huh: ) Nak says doing all this without technically campaigning aginst Diane has been tough. Kaysar says as far as he is concerned she hasn't been in there campaigning & there were no negotiations involved. They are making up a lie for her to tell anyone who asks her what she was doing in the HOH. More Mr & Mrs Smith talk, it's just a game talk, I don't like being lied to, blah blah blah.

Nak tells Kaysar that if he hears in the future that she is with Chilltown or she has told Chilltown anything that it will not be true. Kaysar says now that they have had this talk he will know the truth if he hears any lies about her.

(To be honest since I haven't watched the feeds solid tonight & with Nak up here plotting & scheming like she is, she could be playing Kaysar right now. She is pumping Kaysar for a lot of info. Someone who has seen convos she has had with others earlier tonight may be able to confirm who she is with)

Nak: so why did you not put up Boogie & Will

Kay: because that was the expected thing for me to do, if I put up both of them & one leaves then I am perceived as the king of the house :rolleyes:

Thay talk about how Chilltown is good at turning people against each other & putting people on the spot.

Meanwhile on another feed James & Danielle whispering in the LR. James trying to get Danielle to switch her vote & vote Diane out. Danielle says no, she told Diane she was voting to keep her & she is going to be honorable about that.

Nak finalllly leaves the HOH & goes to the bathroom where Diane is washing her face but feeds switch before they start talking.

It appears that many of the HG are going to go to bed early tonight.

Marcy, Kaysar, & Janelle now in HOH. Kaysar says he is trying to figure out who's lying & it takes a lot of energy. Janelle wants to know why Danielle confronted Jase on the Mr/Mrs Smith thing. Janelle says now Jase is trying to sell out Diane to CT & says he is voting her out. Kaysar says he doesn't believe Jase is voting Diane out. Kaysar says Jase is being bullying & mean. Marcy informs them that he is voting out Nak. Marcy says he will not keep someone who can potentially beat him down the line (Nak). Janelle acts mad cause Marcy isn't voting her way. Kaysar (who earlier said he didn't want to pressure anybody to vote a certain way) starts telling Marcellas that he needs to vote with the SOV because they need to work as a collective & if they are compromised week 2 then we can't get your back. How can we move forward if you state your position as you are with us you are with us then...blah blah blah it's about trustworthiness that's what it's all about. Kaysar is not happy.

Marcy is firm about keeping Diane. He says it is Kaysar's fault because he put the house in this position by nominating the wrong people. He points out that he changed his vote last week for them & yet they didn't nom Danielle like they promised (good for you Marcy, you go) He said he is not in bed with CT & he will never vote to keep them in. He is voting the way he wants to vote & hopes the SOV will not turn on him next week because of this.

11:53 BBT

Kaysar decides they don't have the votes so he says to landslide the votes the other way (goodbye Nak unless they flip again)

(sry but I just can't take another nite of listening to all this stuff being rehashed, I am off to bed, nite all)

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dani and marc were in the storage room talking

now they are in by talking

bashing kays noms

and marc saying that as far as diane goes, they pushed her away,they had nothing to do with her and so she went to ct...well what did they expect

marc, i feel like i have a brain tumor, i probalby have an ulcer, i am broke out, i haven't eaten...he goes on and on,,...its kinda funny

now they go to erika not using the veto

they just dont get why kay didnt either go with ct in the beginning

or after finding out about m.m.smith, then used veto and put up jase

marc says at least when boog had his bad night, he came and apologized to marc

but not kay, he has a million of excuses and rationalizations, but never just says he was wrong or apologizes

ed...earlier in the kitchen jase was with sovs telling them that they are too serious, they didnt have time to decompress from season 6

he says that after his season he had to walk away and go back to real life and if he was asked to do all stars then, he would not have done it

janie says,...what do you mean i didnt decompress?...i drank for 2 months!

then howie says....hell i left the country and went to canada!

back to by with marc dani and now erika

says that kay has threatened him

dani, i have never seen this....this is crazy

its working backwards

marc said that kay made a mistake and now is running around threatening instead of just saying, well i made a mistake, lets see how we can fix it

he says kay has a million explanations for what he did, he will never say it was short sided or wrong

marc says if he gets thrown under the bus and nom'd next week and put out then it was meant to be

ed...seems alot of them are thinking about getting out before sequester at this point

marc goes on and on about what he would do with his family etc. if he got out next week

its very funny

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erika says that out of respect for hoh, she told kay that she would vote however he wants

she says that if he were not targeting nakomis, then it was a good nomination

then fire

ed...there are alliances all over the house...nak is only with diane...she is no threat...kay keeps telling everyone that they need to break up the alliances yet he won't put the ppl up to do that

diane and dani had a conversation about their seasons

that each week there was target a and target b

they all went after a...if something happened then on to b

but none of this switching daily

back to by...jase is there now

saying that diane is cool and she is staying

jase, janelle is completely whacked

she told me that i was the mole

they all laugh

danis says that she promised di her vote and thats that

so now erika, dani, marc, jase all say they vote out nak

now out comes james

and janey

everyone to by

talk about how late it is

they are all wound up

and their heads are spinning as the vote has changed several times today

its alot of scheming and talking in circles today, very hard to keep up with

i dont even know if they know from one minute from the next who their target is...as they all keep saying the wrong names and confusing each other and themselves

random talk in by

about being weak

ed...i dont think that marcellas has eaten anything since put on fr

howie there too

kay too

they are talkign about all the blankets being gone, no one has any blankets

howie says that will and boog took his bed

marc says that this is like the other bb...the have and have nots (this is another country's bb)

they eat slop and have no blankets

marc, my crazy norma rae hunger strike may not be working well, but im gonna stick to it

i aint leaving, i will do this on my back with an IV sticking out

the other night i thought i was having a stroke

they talk about the brady bunch

kay twirls his hair, like he does

howie talks endlessly, like he does

marc, compains, like he does

dani listens to it all, like she does

janey bounces in and out, like she does

jase has now shut up like he does if there are more than 2 ppl around

they are talkign about switchign out cast members

its funny

like roseanne did with becky

like cindy brady

like joan crawford playing her daughters role on a soap opera

its funny stuff and complicated

now they all talk about how gross the place is and how they all smell and have smelly feet

so its not fair when they pick on one person on the cbs show and talk about their hygeine when they whole place stinks

talk of season 5....jase and cowboy

talk of cowboyisms

and his karate moves


bb loudly calls kaysar to sr for mic exchange...they all cant believe that bb did that thru the whole house when ppl are sleeping

so now they think that the others are not sleeping in the house as they thought

marc, goes into his..i havent slept since i have been here...speech

talk of naps

ed...sorry if this is boring, but they are all up so something is bound to happen and i am up too so i might as well report it to you since it seems that we had a 3 hour gap when i picked up

howie...talking of banging hot chick

howie asks janey if she has been doing her kegels but he calls them kuggells

jane says she thought of sex before her nap

jase tells howie to stop with the...oh you guys know what he's doinig

howie says oh ok...and stops

howie woke up with wood this morning

janey, that cuz i was sleeping next to you

marc, erika is pretty and all but she snores as bad as george

kay still there, not saying a word, just a smiling and a twirling

jases gf is 27 and she is from illinois

they live 2 hours from jases parents

but he wont say where cuz of us feedsters

marc says that he told bb that they could not talk to his family for the marc update they always do

jan says her dad got offendd cuz only her mom got asked

jase has a younger sis

janey has an 11 yr old sister and 2 younger bros too

jases parents are divorced....mom and step dad is who he is talking about

jases sis is 13

he also has a 18 yr old brother who is into movies and acting...not into stuff that jase is into

jase says his brother is awkward around girls

janey says, so is howie....lol

they say they howie is kinda between jase and scott in looks and actions

micheal was 6'5

janey likes someone who is tall too now

but she wont say anymore

marc says the main guy he is seeing, he is seeing several, marc calls him mr. big...he is 6'3"...says his body is so hot

and he didnt want to get with him and have the guy with the hot body look over at him and say what in the hell are you doing here....it was funny

talk about hot body reality calendar

marc is putting together a better one with better ppl and all money goes to charity

the one that beth? does is almost all real world and theres too many of those ppl and they are so young

they say that there are too many survivors too.....

talk of project runway

marcs favorite show

jane likes amaz race, but she doesnt watch on tv, she just buys the boxed sets

marc says he couldnt get the amer,next top models cuz they are under too tight of a contract

more amazing race talk

ill keep posting as i am wide awake....and so are they!

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ok now i am over at the hammock for scheming with dani and

james and kaysar and not sure if anyone else

dani is kinda calling him out for telling erika not to use the veto

now kay is saying what dani said earlier....that the house always decided who was going...there was a target, none of this back and forth

dani, the hoh would ask around to see who wanted who put up then the hoh would nominate a common threat and the vote would be easy

dani says she only switched when amy came back?

kay said that his season, you go around and say who are you voting for..ok then on the next person...and that was that

none of this all out mind changing and flipping and others telling ppl how to vote

james wants milk

dani, just remember that kaysar, let the house decide (as in dont make them vote your way)

kay, my noms were fine, but my team got upset and i lost my temper

dani, he kaysar, news flash..youre not perfect

kaysar is upset with himself that he has gone off so much this week

james says that he and marc got it all straightened out and hugged it out

dani says...i am sitting her on natl tv with 2 guys with my hair looking like this (dont know how this fits into the conversation, but it does look awful)

dani, everything is going to be fine, everything works out for a reason

now for some reason james and dani go full blown on the oh howie thing....howie from across the by joins in

dani, no lady has ever said finger bang

shouts out to howie, what woman have you met that said finger bang me

howie, they say lick my bean

dani, you lie

they are all lying

dani, you so nasty, you need jesus


ed...so far only ones missing from by are nak and diane and erika and boog and will....

they talk about asbestos

dani, america still loves you

kay, no they dont they think i am a raging lunatic

james and kay talk about yelling at each other all week about the noms

dani, do you wear anything other than black kaysar?

james, kay is a gay vampire, of course he wears black

kay, what do you have against vampires?

kay says that he is in mourning cuz he left the ppl that he loves behind for this crap


james, summer camp is over

kay, its crazy camp

switching feeds

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back to by

jase erika janey marc and howie

shout outs and we get fire

jase and marc are growing beards

they joke that it is final 2 alliance

they want fu man chu's

howie is caressing marcy head and face and ears....

marc tells him to stop, do you really want screencaps of you caressing me?

but howie doesnt stop and marc lets it go on

howie is on the left side of marc, with his arm around him and caressing his head and his earlobes etc

its kinda weird

marc tells howie that homosexuality does not run in familes

marc says that girls hit on him all the time, when he is not on bb as the gay guy, that ppl dont think he is gay

howie says...well with your tantrums you throw, that gives you away

marc, i dont throw tantrums

erika, i can picture 3 of them in my head right now

or how bout the one you just had out here a little bit ago with kaysar

marc, and they are all the same, with me on the floor kicking and screaming and yelling...as god as my witness....

howie is really stroking marcellas now

asks him if he remembers his last experience with a woman

talk of wicker park..with josh hartnett, janey loves this movie

howie is rubbing marcy's lap and arms and it is looking very very intimate and creepy

marc told him to go rub janey, howie said, i cant reach her

finally marc gets up and walks away...

it was very creepy

jase is gone too

jane and howie scheme, dont know if erika is still there or not

janey wanting to know if marc will vote with them now to evict diane

erika is there

how, what if we tank it (keep diane) and we could have gotten her out

janey should we just say fuck it and vote her out anyway and hope?

howie votes to bang erika...onto the oh howie

erika wonders if there is anyway that they could get mike and will

janey says WHAT???????

ct is going to keep diane

erika plays dumb here like she didnt know that

howie, she is their ally

erika, oh really

how and jan, we should have used the veto and put up jase

jan what do you think of jase

how, i dont trust him

both to erika...he is trying to get in with us, we are trying to be cool, but it is really annoying and janey says that she has had enough, she repeats it

howie says that jase comes up to hoh and just lays on the bed like he belongs there

they say jase is sabotage

crash everybody against everybody and then he ends up in the finals

thats his game this y

howie, will hoh be majority rules or a crap shoot

they start with questions

for majority rules hoh comp

they are trying to get their answers to match

ed...this is stupid...bb has yet to come up with any comp that remotely matches any of the questions they have practiced, for 2 yrs now...and i doubt that they will

i cant listen to this crap anymore

who is the best cook

danielle or james or cg

its mind numbing and hopefully someone will get up soon to take over as it is 6am here and i must get on with my life!

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Mod Mark

Morty and I will be away from our desks for some time today due to our schedules conflicting. So there wont be any Mod Marks till I get back.

Thanks to all the late night posters.

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8:35 AM BB Time: Will up to go to the bathroom, flexes in the mirror, and then goes back to his room to get his shoes. He goes back to the bathrrom to put on his cutoff sleeve headgear, and then talk to the camera about his plans for the rest of the week. He plans on throwing the HOH and begging to be evicted. He also plans on singing alot. Will explains that he dislikes himself for being in the house, he misses his family and friends and promises to see them in 1 week. He'll be getting thrown out of the house, or breaking out of it.

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3:40 BBT

Will is up, and he greets us!

Will: "Welcome to another day, of the dumbest show on the internet. Today I'm going to vote, eat a little bit, work out a little bit, that's it. You'll really know it because I got a terrible night sleep because of the flourescent lighting all night and chicken George snoring. Tomorrow, sit through the live show, no one's going to ask me any questions. I'm going to throw the HOH contest and promptly beg the new HOH to nominate me so I can be quickly evicted. just in case you wanted to know what was going to happen. This year's twist: massive depression among the houseguests. ....I'm also going to sing a lot, too."

( goes into the bathroom)

Will goes into the kitchen, loud cameras following him, and then he goes into the workout room. He works out a little bit. He is humming, and then he goes back into the bathroom.


He speaks to us again: "Trust me when I tell you, this show should be the least important thing in anyone's life. I'm absolutely embarrased that I'm in here, I'm appalled by the behavior this house causes. (big sigh) I dislike myself for being here, and it makes you realize that family and friends are the most important things in the world. Not that any of my family or friends are watching, cause they're actually normal, but I miss them very much, and I look forward to seeing them in one week, because I'm getting myself thrown out of here, or I'm breaking out. "

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8:40 bbt

(Will is the only one up so far... goes to the bathroom and looks at the camera)

Will: welcome to another day of the most boring show on the internet.. today I'm going to vote, tomorrow I'll sit for the live show but not say anything, because no one will ask me any questions, then I'll throw the HOH competition, and beg the new HOH to put me on the block... I'm also going to sing alot...

(puts on socks/shoes, stretches some and goes to gym to work out)

Will again - in the gym, paraphrased - Trust me, this show should not be the most important thing in your life... I'm embarassed to be here, I'm embarassed for my family and friends, not that they are watching this, but... I look forward to seeing them in one week, because I'm getting myself voted out, or I'm breaking out of here...

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