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Saturday, August 20, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:12AM BBT

The Dyre Fest HGs are playing Chinese Checkers. No game talk at all.



12:39AM BBT

Jasmine and Britt are talking in the Space Age Bedroom. Jasmine tells Britt she trusts her. Britt tells Jasmine she will leave noms the same because they have a good plan.

Britt: We'll make it happen.

Jasmine: I really appreciate that.

Britt: I'm curious while we are talking, who do you think will go on the other side of the house? Do you know who Terrance would want to target?

Jasmine: I know he wants to target a big threat. It wouldn't be Alyssa or Kyle. 



1:02AM BBT

In the backyard, Turner and Kyle have made a makeshift cornhole game using the MRE packets and large round BB pool inflatables. They take turns throwing two at a time. STtraight in earns 2 points. If it hits the side it's only 1 point; first to 11 wins They decide a Dyer Fest cornhole tournament tomorrow is in order,



1:05AM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Monte and Taylor are whispering...

Taylor: Someone (production) asked me how things are going in the house and I said swimmingly but we don't know what is happening outside. When they ask us that....

Bob: You are not allowed to talk about production

Monte: Ah! He called you out! Interns are on it. We can control our side. We are controlling and everything is going to plan.

Taylor: Fantastically!

Monte: Fantastically and sooner than we expected. Michael said we need to get together

Taylor: We got to run through

Monte: all scenarios.

Taylor: Yeah

Monte: If there is any hesitation with Turner and Kyle, and I hope not, but if so we have to come up with some sort of strategy for winning HoH next week

Taylor: I could see a scenario where Kyle would ask to go to jury first of who is left out there

Monte: Really? You think he is that mad in love?

Taylor: I don't know.

Monte is shocked at that idea and says it would be stupid

Taylor: I don't know. We talk about falling on the sword all the time.





2:25AM BBT

Turner, Alyssa and Kyle are sharing the hammock and random conversation.



2:57AM BBT

Britt and Taylor are whispering in the Tiki Loft. They discuss making it to final three with Michael and coming up with a plan just in case the backyard takes out Joseph this week. Britt says Kyle will have a huge argument as the creator of The Leftovers, "If Kyle and Turner don't get out Alyssa, we will be going after them."

Taylor: For sure!






3:40AM BBT

The Dyre Fest HGs are snoozing in the backyard with all the lights still on (they do not go out). They have rigged their sleeping quarters with couch and lounge cushions to block the light as much as possible.


3:42AM BBT

Michael, Britt, Taylor and Monte are discussing Kyle and Alyssa in the HoHR. Monte says Kyle blundered by not using the veto. They agree that Alyssa now sees she made a mistake in the veto competition (taking the trip from Taylor over the veto) but probably thinks she is working with Kyle not realizing he is working with them.


[They are wrong. Kyle came clean to both Alyssa and Terrance yesterday. Kyle detailed his entire game and made apologies for not telling them sooner. -MamaLong]


They all agree they are not working hard to save any of the Leftovers in the backyard.

Monte: I don't think he was thinking game at that point. I think he was thinking, 'What would Alyssa think of me?' (using the veto)

Taylor: Kyle fucked his game.

Britt says Kyle can't make up for his blunder, "How are you gonna make up for going against 6 other people to save 1?"

Taylor: His excitement when we all formed? I will never forget that!

Britt Yeah!

Monte: That's what love will do to you, though.


4:10AM BBT

Michael is alone in the HoHR talking to the cameras...

"Well, since It looks like the cameras are on me, I might as well do my Goodnights. So goodnight, Hayden. I love you! I miss you!  I hope it's, gosh, it's Friday night....so you are  probably in bed right now, but I hope you have a good weekend. I hope you get to do something fun, hang out with some people... hopefully watch me a little bit on the feeds, and I hope that I'm making the right decisions this week. I feel confident about the decision in front of me and what needs to happen, and I think that you would be proud of the way I'm playing the game. I know that you respect, you know, the honesty and the loyalty and that is how I am operating...So


(Michael begins whispering) I just said that just in case someone could hear me...the honesty and loyalty....ugh... don't mean that much to me in the game. I want to win.  But just in case someone can hear me. I don't think they can.


(now back to regular volume)

I love you very much. Pet all the girls for me, Megan, Sasha and Lila. I hope all is well and you are all getting good pets. I'll also say goodnight to Jake and Lindsay, Megan and Leah. I hope all is well.


Well I think those will be my good nights for tonight, and I actually want to think of a song recommendation... rather than the song recommendation, I'll make a Big Brother Season recommendation. I think honestly we've talked about season 6 being my favorite season, but if you haven't watched it, check out season 8... a lot of drama, a lot of good moments, very interesting game play and twists. Check out season 8. It's one of my favorites. So, that's my Big Brother season recommendation. And to all of the live feeders, I hope you have a good night / morning and thank you so much for watching and supporting the show. I hope that, at the very least, you've been entertained this summer and can appreciate the game that we were playing. And know that it means a lot for me to be here and just to know there are people out there watching is crazy because I never thought that I would be here despite applying since, literally, the second I turned 21. It's been a wild ride and I'm ready for it to continue. I am really hoping it's Zingbot next week. I want to make it to Zingbot so bad. Zingbot is the next goal. After that it's BB Comics, Final 4, Finale night and winning the game! 


I've checked off a lot of things on my Big Brother bucket list. I've got 6 comp wins under my belt which is  funny because as part of press I remember they asked me to predict how many comps I would win and I said 6, and I've already met that here.  I have final 10, so let's surpass it. I'm going to put that out there, and hopefully I'm not making any mistakes this week. It's a very different perspective from watching the episodes at home and seeing  everyone's DRs and everything. But when you're in here, I don't know....I'm here to make the smart moves not necessarily the big flashy moves. If those are the smart moves then sure I'll do it, but if they aren't the smart moves, I'm not going to. Okay, so that's it America. Goodnight Live Feeders. Goodnight Hayden. I love you. I'm going to eat some snacks.  I'm going to shower because it was very sweaty today in the veto.  That is all for me. Goodnight. Oh, and then if you want to watch me snack, that's fine."


4:12AM BBT

Michael kisses his ring then gets ready for bed.


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11:16 pm Friday BBT - camera 3 ... inside team had veto comp and Brittney won.  It was the hold or fold guesstimating comp.

11:29 pm Friday - Brittney and Michael in HOH strategizing their best moves going forward and what they do depending on different scenarios from what happens outside.  They want to solidify something with Monte and Taylor for when it's the seven.  They agree if Joseph goes on other side it might be best case scenario.  Monte and Taylor will never believe Joseph would pick someone else over them (Monte and Taylor).  They move on to who on the other side would be good at the veto comp if outside crew has same comp.

11:32 pm Friday - Brit and Michael talking about the comp .... why they holded on this / folded on that and what they thought each other would do.  Brittney is vey happy to have won something on her own (she has a hard time counting OTEV as a win as really Michael won and she just got it too by default as his bestie).  Michael is happy Taylor didn't win as, if she wanted, she could force Michael into a situation where he had no one to put up except Brit.  They start talking about how they can feel out Monty and Taylor "temperature check" them in Brittney's words.  

11:36 pm Friday:  Michael - "now If were the final five I'd take the shot but with it going back to 8 it doesn't make sense".  

Brit:  And who we had - it was Jasmin.  If it were Alyss ... she'd agree to anything


11:39 pm Friday - Brittney tells Michael she will keep it the same (which he wants) so they have rest of week to decide if they want to take a shot at Monte [right now I think they will send out Jasmine]


Michael - best case scenario they get rid of Jasmine and other side gets rid of a leftover.  



11:42pm Friday - Taylor comes to HOH and they celebrate briefly and talk about the comp for a second.  Dinner is ready - taco salad.  Michael wants four of them to get together later to talk out scenarios.  They all head down for dinner.




[I think my times might be off .... I'm on East Cost.  Please minus 3 hours.  So sorry!! ------ I fixed them but now they are in the wrong day.  I'm sorry, again]

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12 am - all cameras on Kyle and Turner playing Chinese checkers in back yard.


12:02 am - inside crew guessing who might win if outside has same comp.  They talk a bit and decide maybe Turner with Kyle runner up.  Brittney thought they would have more time to do math.  Jaz felt really good in the first one.  Monte asks Michael about the first one.  Sounds like Taylor went out first.  Jaz has something she wants to do in DR and hopes they will let her do it.  Taylor asks what wine glass one was.  Sounds like answer was 1000.  Camera cuts back to game outside.  (camera 1).  Looks like everyone but Terrance playing Chinese checkers.




Sounds like Tiffany from last season hosted from outside the house / remotely.  Taylor says "no she was here they handed her the thing" and camera cuts back to yard.

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8:02AM BBT

Wakey, Wakey Houseguests


9:21AM BBT

Terrance is sitting in the hammock. He says his back still hurts.



9:22AM BBT

Bob: Please lower the outside awnings.

Terrance and Kyle begin working on the awnings. They complain that the pop-up tent offers no shade formt he sun. 

Bob: Please excahnge your batteries

Joseph gets up and starts speculating about the veto comeptition today and how production will make it happen. They make some guesses then Terrance laughs, "Everything we have been talking about has been wrong. They are writing down our ideas for season 26."


9:38AM BBT

The Brochella HGs are still sleeping inside in a silent, dark BB House.


9:41AM BBT

Bob: Alyssa, Kyle: Rise and Shine Houseguests. Thank you! Turner! Wakey, Wakey Houseguests. Please change your batteries.



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12:36AM BBT All cameras on SBR Jasmine and Britt. Jasmine saying she's with Britt and Michael. Britt doing a little jury management. Britt gently probes about Jasmine's opinion on the outside group. Britt wants to know the relationship between Alyssa and Terrance. 

12:44 discussing Turner and the balloon incident

1:29 AM BBT Kyle and Alyssa are cuddling in the hammock. He's telling her he likes everything about her. 

She compares them to Jess and Cody. He says yes similar but not as public. 

They confirm veto has not been played yet for outside.



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10:18AM BBT

The feeds return to Kyle and Alyssa whispering about Jasmine and hoping she can save herself. Kyle says that Jasmine has brought this all on herself (being a target) because of the way she treats people and never does her dishes in the house.


Terrance walks over and enters a portable shower.

Alyssa asks Kyle what he tells people when asking about them spending time in the HNR. He says he just tells them talking and chilling, "But I think they know. I think Turner told them."

Alyssa: No way

Kyle: Well, they will figure it out



When finished with his shower, Terrance says it isn't near as cold as the Have-Not showers.


10:25AM BBT

The Brochella HGs are now awake with all house lights up..


10:32AM BBT

Kyle tells Alyssa they have Joseph right they want him. They hope to evict him this week then get Turner on their side and tell the Brochellas that Joseph blew up The Leftovers in an effort to save himself.


10:39AM BBT

We have RCHS on the feeds, so it is likely time for the Dyre Fest Veto Competition.

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1:49PM BBT

We still have Rancho Coastal on the feeds.


2:00PM BBT

The feeds return! Terrance won the veto.


Alyssa: Tracey is going to be so proud when she sees Sunday's show....and then Wednesday's show. I am so proud of you. You freakin' crushed that!

Turner: Hell yeah!




2:09PM BBT

In the kitchen, Monte says they are sure to get "some shenanigans they offer tonight"  

Taylor: A movie? A Concert? Something! Well, this is the Big Brochella! VIP!

*The feeds pop back to the backyard


Kyle: That was so hot

Terrance: I think it's around 1 o'clock

Alyssa: Maybe 1:30 or 2

They speculate that the Brochella HGs did their comp yesterday nad htat it was probably a different competition. Turner is pacing around the backyard while the others just chat.





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2:15PM BBT

In the kitchen, the Brochella HGs are talking about highway driving. Talk turns tot he veto comp including Tiffany from BB23.

Britt: I don't know, it made it like, we are part of this now.

Monte: Yeah

They discuss their food. They are trying to decide if they will cook chicken or salmon. Meanwhile, in the backyard, Joe says he is thinking of eating tuna with beanie weenies.


Monte asks Jasmine if she wants to work out.

Jasmine: Well, they haven't cleared me yet. I'm thinking of just doing the bike.

Monte says they all need to at least do some stretching.

2:36PM BBT

In the backyard

Joe: These ants are wild. I flick at least 20 a day.

Turner: I hope they don't overtake my bathing suit. It is posted in the grass (drying out)

Kyle: How many do you think are in the grass right now?

Joe: Millions

Turner: I say 500K

Joe whispers that they need to talk to Terrance, "Alyssa exposed Old Skool"

Turner: I'm down

Joe: What do you think Kyle?

Kyle: I don't know if he would be interested in even entertaining it

Joe: He keeps pitching to me that he's going after Kyle. We might as well unite.




[Joe wants the three guys to convince Terrance to take out Allysa because she blew up Old Skool. I do not expect Terrance or Kyle to fall for this plan. Joe is their target. -MamaLong]


Jospeh tell Kyle, "He is telling me it's you, DUde."

Kyle: I wanted to cry when he won.

Joe: It's gonna take all three of us.


2:45PM BBT

The Dyre Fest HGs are enjoying the pool.






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In the kitchen, Monte says he is sure he heard the Dyre Fest competition starting this morning, "I heard, 'Are you ready for...' something. I don't think it was a reward of any kind, though."


2:55PM BBT

[I'll be out for a while. -MamaLong]

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5:01PM BBT

Terrance is staring at his photo of his wife.  [So sweet! -ML]




5:02PM BBT

Joseph is working out. He tries to recruit others, but no takers. Kyle says he has a heat headache or he would. Alyssa says maybe tomorrow. Terrance says his back is still hurting. Turner just ignored the request, as usual.

Joe frowns, "I usually work out better with someone."






5:09PM BBT

Monte is having more luck in the house with the Brochella HGs. He is leading them all in stretching exercises. He is gently coaching them for proper technique and insists on correct body mechanics with a lot of affirmations.




Brittany does some booty moves and the others tease her

Taylor: Oh, Brittany

Monte: She went to the club and don't know how to act anymore

Jasmine: She got a taste of the college life

Taylor: Stephen, come get your girl!


Monte leads some quad stretches. When Jasmine tries her left leg, she has immediate pain. Monte tells her not to put all her weight on that injured foot.

Monte announces abs next and they all moan.

Monte: It will be a quick little circuit

Jasmine: Suuuure

Taylor: remember the last one?  

Monte: I promise I won't hurt you







5:22PM BBT

The cameras move to the backyard where we hear Terrance snoring and find a sad Joseph pouting on the weight bench just wishing he had a workout partner.  [Poor Joey! He'll get to see his Indy-Baby soon, though.  -MamaLong]


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5:32PM BBT

Brittany, Taylor and Michael are now on the bikes in the gym. Britt comments that BB definitely figured out she had not been to a club before. They discuss feeling dehydrated.

Taylor: How long are you guys going?

Michael: Maybe a half hour

Britt: I may or may not be going until you stop.



Britt: Can you guys believe we are final 8?

Taylor says Monte is 100% in for final 4, "If Joseph doesn't come back, the decision is made for us."

(replacing Joseph with Monte for the final 4 plan)

Britt says she was so excited she could barely sleep last night.


5:39PM BBT

Alyssa has fallen asleep in the hammock.

[The Dyre Fest HGs have been napping most of the day. Bob has been waking them up periodically with "Good Morning Houseguests" 'It's Time To Get Up For The Day" & "RIse and Shine"  It's funny because they keep thinking the messages are a mistake in the control booth. -ML]



5:42PM BBT

Back inside, Monte has Jasmine working some hand weights.

Monte: How are you feeling?

Jasmine: I am feeling something..

Monte: Does it feel like you are going to war?

jasmine: Jesus!

Jasmine says that she tears it up at Orange Theory but this isn't the same.

Monte: Grab those dumbbells and give me 10-10.

Jasmine: Whaaat?

Monte: This is our last set.

Jasmine: You said this was our last set.

She completes the set, "Jesus, be my strength"

Monte: 10 more....come on Jasmine

Jasmine counting: 9 and 10. Okay, don't ever talk to me again. My arms are burning. I don't even know how to use them.

Monte: Oh Goody. Alright, get up off your ass.

Jasmine: I can't use my arms. Obviously I was a little weak there.

The workout continues.




5:57PM BBT

Alone in the Space Age Bedroom, Britt talks to the cameras. SHe tells her family and husband that she loves them. SHe shouts out to her clients and thinks aboutthem everyday. She can't wait to get back to the good work they were doing and she hopes they understand why she is there. She mentions that if anyone sees the "guided meditations" and feels it could help them stop smoking or lose weight or help them in whatever way, they should seek out a hypnotherapist. Britt says hypnosis is what saved her from depression and transformed her life so much that she knew she had to study it and learn it. "The feeling of getting to help someone else experience change in their life was the best feeling in the world." SHe says she started her business after getting certified and it just took off like wildfire. It started as a side hustle and she just recently went full-time with it before coming to BB. "It's the biggest gift in my life and I can't wait to share that with the other houseguests." Britt says her "guided meditations" are actually hypnosis sessions, but she will only use her hypnosis to help others and for kindness.





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6:05PM BBT

Britt shares with us that Daniel was easy to hypnotize. She says Alyssa can go really deep in their one on one sessions. Britt tells her clients again that she can't wait to get back to working with them and welcomes new potential clients to her business. She invites us to check out her Instagram for testimonials and says she may be doing a "guided meditation" with the Brochella HGs later. Britt goes into details about how she self hypnotizes herself using relaxation, mantras and visualization. Taylor walks in saying she is just looking for everyone. Britt tells her she is just talking to the cameras.

taylor: Okay, bye

Britt: I hope she didn't hear any of that


6:12PM BBT

In the backyard, Joseph and Kyle are surprised they haven't had DR sessions.

Joe: I could really use a DR

Kyle: I could use a DR1 upstairs

Joe: Oh, DR, DR, DR


6:16PM BBT

I have to go help PapaLong.  -ML

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7:09PM BBT

The Dyre Fest HGs have been provided an official cornhole set.

Joe: They felt bad after yesterday

Kyle: Let's go

Terrance says this made the experience much better (being in the backyard

Joe: Can we get chess, too, please or am I asking too much?





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  • morty unpinned and locked this topic

3:10pm BBT Kyle tells Terrance he should DJ live on TikTok and make a lot of money. Inside, Jasmine made chicken for lunch. It's just a wing, she says. Drumsticks, Monte corrects. 

3:20pm BBT Joe/Terrance are sunbathing in the pool. BB reminds the HG to wear sunscreen. Terrance asks what sunburn feels like? Kyle says a mild headache (by the time you feel hot on the skin, it's too late and you're likely to start peeling.

3:45pm BBT Jasmine/Michael talk about Terrance's HoH. She thinks he'll make a big move, so maybe one of the guys. Michael wonders if he'll target the showmance. Jasmine says that's possible. She says Monte seems awfully comfortable (on the block). 

3:50pm BBT Michael mentions Turner and Jasmine are the only HG to not have hit the block (not anymore). Jasmine says she didn't realize (yeah, right). Jasmine says Terrance might nom Turner for that reason. If not, Michael reasons, that'll put a target on his back.

3:55pm BBT Jasmine/Michael discuss sleeping arrangements when the other half of the house moves back in. Jasmine thinks Kyle will take Indy's bed to be close to Alyssa. Michael says he'd move out then.

3:57pm BBT Michael says if Alyssa is evicted, he'd have the Space BR to himself (that was a slip, because it means Jasmine would also be evicted, but she didn't seem to pick up on that). Michael says whomever goes, they won't be able to record a GB message.

3:59pm BBT Michael wonders if they'll record 6 GB messages this week, 2 for the Big Brochella nominees, and 4 for the potential Dyre Fest nominees. In a separate convo, Monte says if Joe gets evicted, they are going to have to fact-check everyone's story.

4:01pm BBT Monte tells Taylor he thought about lying to the outdoor HG and say he took himself off the block (what purpose would that serve?). He'd be crushed if Joe was evicted and thinks less of Kyle and Turner after last week. We're either 4 or 5 now, Taylor says.

4:10pm BBT Taylor tells Monte what Kyle told her about Michael/Britt being indifferent to evicting Alyssa last week & about his using the Veto. Britt told her it would have been a good time for Alyssa to go. Taylor thinks Kyle is trying to protect and win over Turner.

4:30pm BBT Taylor says she almost heard who won Veto outside. Monte says the house is not soundproof. He wonders why they were in separate rooms today and BB tells them to not talk about production. Taylor says let's work out - Jasmine/Michael pretend to be asleep.

6:02pm BBT Brittany says guided meditation started as a side hustle but she went full time just before BB. She starts talking about brainwaves and Taylor interrupts. She apologizes and returns to talking about visualizing having the HoH key around her neck.

6:04pm BBT Brittany says she visualizes herself winning BB24 24 times every night. In the BY, Joe is playing Chinese Checkers alone while Terrance naps under the tent and Kyle rests on the couch. Brittany says she has won the most Vetos of any woman this season (one).

7:45pm BBT Turner tells Alyssa/Kyle that it is good Joe didn't win Veto. Kyle says he's worried that Michael/Monte/Joe/Taylor will be bonded after a week inside. Turner says he's OK with Terrance not using the Veto, he trusts them (to not vote him out).

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