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Sunday, August 14, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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12:15AM BBT

Michael, Kyle and Brittany continue discussing Joseph. They all agree he is the best player in the game.

Michael: The only real negative thing I can say is that he is the reason we have no bread in the house.

Conversation changes to this week's eviction. 

Michael: I just wish Jasmine was going to jury this week.

They discuss that Jasmine has been using her birthday to garner guilt.

Kyle says that she has used her birthday week to advance her game like she has used her sprained ankle that has lasted a month.

Brittany: They are forcing her out of her brace. Like, 'You're healed. Get walking.'

Michael brings up that he was nominated the week before his birthday.

Britt: The emotional manipulation is astounding.

Kyle: If she went this week then Alyssa would go next week.

Talk turns to Indy being a "lost puppy right now."

They discuss Turner's success with Crypto Currency and his shop, and that they don't get why he thinks having a Tesla makes him a target. They say he is amazing to be so successful at 23.

They are bothered that Jasmine's winnings would pay for liposuction and disposable clothes.

(Jasmine says she tosses out outfits she presents on Instagram after just one wearing.)

Britt: She said her suit on premiere night was $400.


12:39AM BBT

Kyle: I only feel comfortable with you guys.

Britt says they need to bring in Turner in a week or two. "Keep building with Turner and try to build more with Alyssa, too."

Kyle: It's hard for me. I need to take a step back.

Kyle says he thought Alyssa was leaving two weeks ago, so he was okay getting more intimate with her. He says he has regrets, now.

Britt: Well, if this has legs, you can explore it in jury or outside of the house.

Kyle: I don't have any relationship with Indy, Jasmine or Terrance. Us three are the only veto winners. (And Daniel is gone)

Taylor has an HoH win. Monte has an HoH win. Turner has an HoH win.

Britt: Jasmine, too. I want to win one so bad.

Kyle: What do I do with Alyssa? I would like to revert back two weeks and tell her that....I'm just portraying lost puppy....But I've got this thing that is affected by it.

Britt suggests that he tell her he needs mental health time.


12:56AM BBT

The three of them decide to go inside wondering where everyone is.

Kyle: What do we say we have been talking about for two hours? Religious upbringing?

Once Kyle heads inside leaving Britt and Michael alone...

Michael: I wonder how much of that conversation was real? (Kyle claiming he wants distance from Alyssa)

Britt: Yeah, yeah

They decide they would rather have these conversations now than to wait.

Britt: We can't play both sides.

They put a load of towels in the washer and decide they now have a plan to work off of, instead of going "Wild, WIld, West."

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1:29AM BBT

The HGs are all in the livingroom talking about a zombie apocoplypse. Joe has all the answers saying they will form a civilization on a cruise ship. Michael points out that eventually they would need room to expand, and Joe says thair ultimate location is an island. Kyle says that the limited resources on a ship make it hard. Joe says they will constantly go back to the mainland for resources.

Monte: If the zombie apocolypse spreads anything like Covid then it's gonna go everywhere.


(This conversation goes on and on.)


2:30AM BBT

The Golf Pro Bedroom is now lights out with Jasmine, Kyle and Brittany sleeping.



2:42AM BBT

Taylor, Turner and Joseph are talking in the HoHR. Turner says it is way better to get Alyssa out.

Joe: Alyssa is a big social threat than Indy

they agree with Joe.

Joe: I want her to stay. I enjoy her company, but oh fuck, she is not in my alliance so why would I want her to stay?

Joe says Indy is nowhere near Alyssa game wise and social wise, and Terrance do not get along and Indy.

Joe: And she gave Taylor a reason

Taylor says it was the way she reacted when Taylor won.  


3:33AM BBT

Michael and Taylor are talking alone in the HoHR. They say things are getting harder now that they are at the jury phase. (Wanting to call people out about things.) They discuss Jasmine and how they want her to go. 

Taylor says she wants to go in on Jasmine so bad, "It's the one thing I won't budge on. But....Oh my God."

Michael: I feel bad that I complain so much. I feel bad, but I need to vent sometimes. 

Taylor: What are you feeling bad for? You have nothing to feel bad for. Everything you are saying is true.

Michael: I really have nothing against her as a person, and I think I  would lover her outside of this house.

Taylor: But inside this house? The way she behaves and the way she talks to people and the way she plays the game. Just go, please. Quickly.

Michael: Maybe it will be a double eviction on Thursday.

Taylor: PLEASE!

Taylor tells Michael that she has not hung out with him and Britt in the HoHR as much as she would like.

Michael: Well, you have to talk to everyone. It is what it is.

Taylor says she is not trying to play any games. When noms are final, she will just lay it out.

Taylor: My speech come Monday will be the last speech I give about it.  If i was smart, it would be kind.

Michael: The way you say that makes me think it won't be kind.

Taylor: 'You got found out.'

Alyssa made comments about Taylor that got back to her.

Taylor says that Kyle said she has an extreme jealousy issue (Alyssa).

Taylor: I don't want to say I am nervous about this, but, I hope I can pick who it is.

Michael: I think it is. I can't remember what the card said, but I think it said houseguest of your choice.

Taylor: Two days. This is crazy.

Michael says he wishes the replacement noms was the next day.




3:58AM BBT

Taylor and Michael are in the backyard doing laundry.

Taylor: Look at the moon! It's so bringht. I feel like I have a second wind now.


4:07AM BBT

Taylor and Joseph are chatting in the hammock about Taylor and Jasmine being hte final two black women in the house. Joe says he doesn't think highlighting the issue is not a bad thing, "But the game has consumed her. I would like to be friends with her outside of hte house, but I can't in here."

Taylor: I would like to but multiple people have said she doesn't want that.

Taylor retells a story of Jasmine going for a pageant title at her high school and how she ended up just bowing out for the other girl....Taylor says the way she told it was really obvious that she didn't have any interest in being friends with anyone in the pageant world.

Michael comes out to say goodnight to them.

Joe: What? You're not hanging out with us?

Michael says he was just up to finish his laundry.


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Taylor and Joe continue discussing Jasmine and her poor game plays. They discuss how poorly she covers her emotions with facial expressions and tone of voice.

[They are spot on with this, y'all. Jasmine plays phony really badly. -MamaLong]

Joe: Kyle and I have to act blindsided

Taylor: Literally chained to me.

Taylor practices her speech with Joe, "You know I had my big target. But things can change in the Big Brother house. Alyssa, your flight to London has been rerouted to the jury house. Cheerio."

Joe teases Taylor that even though she is truly a sweetheart, "if you just watch the show, you are a savage." 

Taylor cackles.

Joe: You are boss ass. There is no other way to describe you. And you will be in a costume chanined to me as you do it.

Taylor says Alyssa will come to her and she will respond that she had not even thought about it, but now she has a lot to think about.

Joe: Monday....oh God. It's gonna be wild.


Taylor: I will literally do a Maleficent cackle.

Joe: I wonder how Alyssa will react.

Taylor: She will cry.

The discuss how Taylor warned her during the competition twice, "I have replacement noms to consider."

[Taylor originally had the trip to London and wanted to keep it, but Alyssa took it from her. Taylor sees this as disrespectful given Taylor chose her to play veto for her. -ML]

Joe: Alyssa always has these slip up moments but always gets a pass when she cries.


5:10AM BBT

Taylor finally settles in her bed in the HoHR for the night.


5:15AM BBT

The Big Brother 24 house is dark and silent.


8:09AM BBT

The HGs are still sleeping.

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2:15PM BBT

Indy just did a punk-a-tard performance. Production has been cutting the feeds for these, approximately, 2 minute performances.


2:17PM BBT

Turner and Kyle are whispering in the Car Design Bedroom. Kyle tells Turner they are pushing for Alyssa to go out, but that he needs support with Alyssa, "I can't be the only one wanting to save her." He says he needs him (Turner), Michael and Brittany to express it, too.

Turner: I know I am not supposed to know this, and I know I'm not supposed to tell you I know this, but I know you guys fucked yesterday which is dope, but that puts a whole new level of.....

Kyle: stress, I know! How do you know?

Turner says Alyssa was crying yesterday and is worried where Kyle's head is at.

Kyle: Alyssa is so attached already. I really like her. Why was she crying?

Turner tells him that Alyssa was emotional and then started her period today. 




Kyle says he has no problem using the veto if it means Indy goes out. Turner says he understands that him using the veto that gets Alyssa sent out would terrible.

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2:54PM BBT

Joseph asks Michael what he likes about doing Escape Rooms, and Michael gives a convincing story of how he found himself there after doing two years of IT work that he hated.




Turner has fallen asleep in the backyard.



3:05PM BBT

Monte had a quick conversation with Turner in the kitchen saying he really doesn't care which one goes out (Indy or Alyssa). He then begins making himself somthing to eat.

[BB zooms in on the Imperial margarine, and I'm sure this is homage to Monte always talking about royalty in terms of BB. He just mentioned to Turner that he was going to go check on the Queen since he hadn't seen her all day.  -MamaLong]


3:07PM BBT

As if summoned by the smell of Imperial margarine, Taylor pops out of the HoHR and calls down to Monte to come up and talk with her.

Monte: May I bring my food up?

Taylor: Yeah

Monte: I'll be right up



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3:14PM BBT

Jasmine joins Michael, Turner and Joseph on the backyard couches. Jose asks her what she requested for her birhtday. Jasmine says she asked for white wine, White Claw, beer and strawberry cupcakes. She says she didn't bother asking for red wine because it seems no one drinks it. Joe says he really liked the cider that Michael got, "and it's 8% alcohol, so if they want to do two of those...."

Joseph begins talking about his birthday being the worst day in the house because it included the fight between Daniel and Taylor and the Woodstack comp when Jasmine passed out.and "It was such a mess. I was like, Oh my God, my birthday sucks."

Jasmine: That was all in the same day?

Joe: It was the world's longest day, my 25th birhtday.




[3:35PM BBT I have corrected this post to correctly reflect that Turner was the one who offended Jasmine with his insensitve comments, not Michael!  -MamaLong]


3:20PM BBT

Jasmine says she forgot to ask for balloons. She wants to release at least one birthday balloon for her dad.


[Jasmine and her dad share a birhtday, but he recently passed, so she wants to honor him in a special way. -MamaLong]


Turner points out that it is not good for the environment. He says the plastic could kill a bird. "Just as far as climate change, that is not good for the environemnt. Have we considered that.....Okay, we can let it....just want to consider that."

Everyone grows silent.  Michael trries to ease the tension, "If we don't have outside, is there an alternative you'd do?"

Jasmine says she hasn't thought of alternatives. 

Britt changes the subject to lantern festivals.

Turner gets up with a smirk on his face and leaves.

Jasmine then puts her boot back on and gets up and leaves.

Joe: This house is about to get into a rumble. I'll go talk to her.

Britt: Yeah

Joe: I don't think he meant it like

Britt: But it was insensitive

Joe: That's why they are always talking shit on him


[It's true, y'all. Turner is insensitive and has a way of belittling people...and always with that smirk, too. I'm not a fan at all.  -MamaLong]


Joseph: Michael, thank God you didn't look at me. That was the most awkward moment.

Brittany: Yeah!

Joe: Maybe we can light a candle or something like that.

Britt: That's got to be really hard! I'm even recognizing in myself that I need to cool it.

Turner comes back.

Joe: Turner!

Britt: Turner!

Joe: I'll talk to her and let her know that you didn't mean to disrepsect.

Turner: It was nothing about that. It was just pointing out the environment.

Kyle makes his way over while Joe details the awkwardness that he just missed.

Turner says that was why he walked away.

*WBRB appears


3:28PM BBT

When the feeds return, they are still discussing the awkward conversation.


3:30PM BBT

Turner: I can just imagine....I don't want the one-sided version making it's way around the house. It was just constructive criticism that LA doesn't need more plastic.

Michael goes inside. 


3:42PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jasmine tells Britt and Michael that what just happened was the most insensitive thing she has ever experienced, "for him to laugh and get up and walk away!" They offer their support. Jasmine says she is going to go spend time in the hammock.


3:43PM BBT

Joe approaches Jasmine at the hammock asking if she wants to be alone.

Jasmine: Well, you were laughing, too. I saw you.

Joe says that it was so awkward and he didn't know what to say. Jasmine vents and gets emotional. "He did laugh though. Him getting up, laughing and walking away....it's fucked up."

Joe tells her that he doesn't think that Turner meant it the way she received it. He says he covered his face because of the awkward tension, "It was definitely poor timing and inapporpriate and I hope he was only laughing because he felt like a fucking idiot." Joe shares that Turner did return and comment that he wasn't trying to be disrespectful, he is just concerned about the environment.

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Joe tells Jasmine that Turner wants to apologize.

Jasmine: I'm not ready.

Joe: I'll tell him.

Jasmine repeats that Turner can feel however he wants to feel, but he didn't have to say something so insensitive. 'He is always coming to me apologizing about something. Like, when are you just gonna do better? And I always just have to walk away and not blow up."

Joe compliments her for holding back

Jasmine: Joseph, in real life I wouldn't. I would have dropped his ass.

Joe laughs, "I really think his laughter was from him being uncomfortable and not knowing what to do. I think he is just tone deaf to the situation."




4:00PM BBT

Kyle, Mihcael and Britt are whispering in the Car Design Bedroom. Kyle says he is not using the veto.

Michael shares that Taylor was talking about strong arming Kyle to use it.



4:07PM BBT

Tunrer has made his rounds to everyone in the house to give his version of the awkward balloon release conversation.

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4:22PM BBT

The feeds return after being on WBRB since 4:08PM BBT


4:30PM BBT

After chatting with Jasmine about the awkward conversationw ith Turner, Alyssa asks Jasmine if they can go inside because it is really hot outside. ALyssa can't get up and needs Jasmine's help. Alyssa gets teary but finally makes it to her feet.


[Alyssa hurt her back earlier today. She has been complaining about it hurting but won't go to the DR for help. She says she hurt it dead lifting 135 pounds. SHe normally deadlifts 155 pounds. She says it's happened before and she will be fine. Her back is definitely not fine. This mama feels she needs medical assistance. -MamaLong]






4:35PM BBT

Kyle tries to convince her to go talk to production.

Alyssa: I'm fine



4:36PM BBT

WBRB on the feeds

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4:51PM BBT

Jasmine is sitting on the backyard couch and Turner approaches to apologize "a thousand times over." Turner says he can't begin to imagine what Jasmine is going through. He tells her the laughing was because he was extrememly uncomfortable. "Honestly, you don't have to forgive me, but I am sorry."

Jasmine: I appreciate you apologizing

Turner: I have never lost parents, so I can't even imagine

Jasmine says that she felt like he was trying to make the birds' lives more important than her dad's life.

Turner: I should have been thinking about what it means to you, but all I was thinking about was the climate and how it would be affected.



Jamsine tells Turner that she just needed time by herself and then everyone came up to hug on her, which she doesn't like, and everyone somehow knew about it even though she didn't say anything to anyone other than the ones that witnessed it... "I was like, I don't think Turner would go and tell everybody." (actually, that is exactly what he did)

Jasmine: I do appreciate you coming over and apologizing and talking to me

Turner: For sure. I didn't realize how delicate it was. It was an after thought, but it should have been on the forefront. I am honestly really sorry.

Jasmine says people will probably expect them to be going after each other now.




Turner specifies that his apology has nothing to do with the game

Jasmine: Well, I don't see myself being HoH anytime soon  [Jasmine cracks me up.  -ML] I would never make that move....it would be too predictable.


5:15PM BBT

The zombie apocolypse conversation has restarted (blame Joe) in the backyard and now it includes Taylor.



5:20PM BBT

Terrance notices a big bug in the backyard, and it heads to Taylor in the hammock. The bug quickly earns possession of the hammock by chasing Taylor out.






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5:29PM BBT

ALyssa is lying in bed in pain. Monte comes in to check. He apologizes saying he feels like he pushed her to do more weight than she should have. She says it was not his fault at all. She just came up wrong and pulled something.

Monte: What did they say?

Alyssa: They gave me an ice pack and some ice free stuff for my back and told me to take some Advil. I can bring my knee to my chest, so it's not that bad. We were doing some exercises and stuff. I just need to stretch it and rest.

Monte tells her dinner will be ready soon and let him know what she needs.

Alyssa: Thanks. You da best.

Monte: You da best.

Alyssa is crying and puts her shades on. She is clearly in a lot of pain.




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6:02PM BBT

Indy tells Jasmine that Joseph has the same body as one of her exes.

jasmine: I really miss my husband right now.

Indy: I know, Baby



6:13PM BBT

Kyle gets in bed with Alyssa and whispers to her that he has to back away from her for the next few days, "Do you trust me?"

Alyssa: Yeah

Kyle tells her that she should play up her back injury and not say anything to anyone, "I'm not gonna use the veto this week and Indy goes home, hopefully."

Alyssa: Okay

Kyle: Just know I am working on it and I have a plan moving forward. Is that okay?

Alyssa: Yeah

Indy and Joseph enter the room

Kyle (to Alyssa): Your back is gonna be okay

Kyle (To Indy): Indy, what do we do for a broken back?

Indy asks what "they" said. Alyssa says they gave her some stuff and strong Tylenol.

Joseph: Rest is the only thing, Alyssa. It's literally two or three days.

Alyssa: It's like shooting pains.

Joe: Did they let somebody check you out?

Alyssa: Yeah, the medic did

Joe tells her that she just did the wall, so she was probably all tensed up and she just spazzed it.

Alyssa: I feel better than I did before, for sure

Kyle: Hopefully it's just two days

Jasmin walks in and sees Alyssa and Kyle cuddling

Jasmine: That hip is not hurting now, is it?





6:22PM BBT

Jasmine fills them in on Turner's apology. 

Kyle says that Tunrer said he actually feels closer to her now


6:28PM BBT

Turner shows us his dirty feet.



Taylor tells Brittany and Terrance that it was hilarious when Indy was called to Punk Out at 4AM. She said Michael was playing the drums, Indy on guitar and her and Joseph cracking up ove rhte couches. "I hope it makes the show."

Brittany gets up saying she is getting tired. Taylor offers her the HoH room to chill out.

Britt: Thanks, that's really nice.

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Taylor tells Terrance she expects a twist, "Daniel was the first HoH and a twist messed him up and now I am the first HoH to jury."

Terrance; Oh, Wow!


6:51PM BBT

After cuddling for a bit, Kyle and Alyssa decide to go sit outside. He helps her get out of bed.

Alyssa: Oh, and they got Terrance Birkenstocks. That's so cool. (production got Terrance some sandals.)

Kyle: He is a Birky Boy now.



6:52PM BBT

Indy is walking around with the house camera.

Joe: Oh, you have the camera, Indy?

Indy: It's part of my punishment

Joe: I hope Taylor and I get a camera.

Joe tells Michael that they must be waiting to give time to highlight Indy's punishment first.


Indy is filming details about the punishments. She says Terrance just got called to the DR for his tattoo punishment.


7:00PM BBT

Kyle and Michael are playing pool in the backyard.

Kyle: I don't know...something is going on that doesn't include me. It's Monte and Joseph and Taylor.

Kyle says he is not going to use the veto, "It's not going to be as easy as 'Let's get Indy out.'"


Kyle: If they are trying to make a big move and now I am off the table...'cause Lyssa is not that big move. Am I crazy?

Michael: No




7:07PM BBT

The HGs sit down for dinner and thank Monte for preparing the meal (looks like chicken legs, carrots, broccoli and rice). Joseph and Taylor are not on camera.


7:30PM BBT

We got Rancho Coastal critters on the feeds for a few minutes then the HGs popped back in still enjoying their meal.


I am out for the night.  -MamaLong

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Joe, Taylor are on the bed in the HOH room, Jasmine comes in and joins a few of the Leftovers.

Taylor shares one of her snacks with the others.

General talk.


Brittany and Alyssa find alcohol in the storage room and house guests are called to the room. There are party hats and a cake mix.

Jasmine didn't come to the room, she stayed upstairs.

After a few minutes Jasmine comes to see what Big Brother has given to her for her birthday. She finds rainbow sherbert in the freezer. There is wine and white claw as well. They decide to have the party later, closer to Jasmine's birthday.


Turner  found a bag of Baked Lays, he asks who did it, Taylor says "not me, I hate Baked Lays"

A sheepish Jasmine raises her hand, says "me".

Turner, "do you want me to put them back?"

Jasmine, who is upset for being called him out tells him no, he already revealed it to everyone and anyway someone was hiding other snacks too.

(I wonder if Jasmine realizes they may be hiding snacks from her..)


Most of the house is in the kitchen, they say they arent' outside because of the mosquitos.


Indy has gone to the back yard, she is talking to Kyle about taking her off the block. She says she knows it is hard for him. Brittany asks what is hard about it.

Kyle tells her that he thinks Taylor is upset with Alyssa for taking the trip to London from.

Kyle also tells them that Alyssa said, "That's enough." when Kyle was hugging Taylor. He says, "Taylor knows it."

Indy and Jasmine says they didn't know about it.

Kyle says Taylor promised Indy safety, and she is on the block, he says she promised safety to Alyssa as well, but may not follow through.


Jasmine tells Kyle she thinks 100% that she will put Monte up as a replacement.

Kyle says Monte was up there for a long time, is she still doing that?

Jasmine says Terrance  told her that Kyle is not using the veto, Kyle tells her he told Terrance he was thinking about the options.


Kyle says Taylor promised the three girls they were safe, but she put one of them up anyway.

Indy says she is on the block because she doesn't really talk to Taylor, she doesn't connect to Taylor.

Indy says she is willing to go and leave Terrance in the game, the alliance will be broken at that point.


Kyle says for Alyssa to say "that's enough." is enough to be put on the block.

Jasmine repeats that Taylor wants to take Monte out, she hasn't indicated that she doesn't. Jasmine says if Kyle doesn't use the veto people will begin to talk about Kyle wanting to save Alyssa.

Indy says Kyle promised in front of Michael that he would take her off the block.

Kyle says Daniel used the veto and his best friend got sent hom.


Jasmine says even if Alyssa goes on the block she would not go home, the house would not vote her out.


Alyssa comes to the back yard and joins Jasmine, Kyle and Indy.

She says she needs to talk to Taylor.

Jasmine asks if Alyssa feels like Taylor is coming for her, Alyssa says she doesnt.



Jasmine says Taylor won't waste her HOH going after a girl, but she isn't sure.


In the HOH Taylor, Joe, Turner, Brittany, Michael, and Monte are talking about the other side of the house.


Taylor wants to put Alyssa up against Indy, she doesn't care if Alyssa stays for another week or two.

They see Alyssa coming up the stairs, Joe goes to the bed and lays on it by Taylor before she come in.

Talk moves to cooking.


Joe says Monte has hurt two people, Alyssa and Terrance with weight lifting in the back yard.


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  • morty unpinned this topic


Indy, Jasmine and Kyle continue to talk in the back yard.


Kyle tells Indy that he is upset with her for telling him she would rather leave than stay in jury. He says when he was on the block he wanted to stay more than anything.


Cameras move to the HOH. 

Terrance is being called to begin his temporary tattoos.

Jasmine comes to the HOH room and joins in with the others.


Joe asks Brittany if he can listen to the music,she brings it to the bed.

Joe,"you didn't have to walk it over to me, i would have come and got it."

Taylor, "no you wouldn't"
Joe, "no, i wouldn't, my lady is laying on me."



Kyle comes into the HOH room followed by Indy.

General talk



Indy asks to talk to Taylor, everyone leaves the room.

Indy tells Taylor that Kyle is afraid to use the veto, he is afraid Taylor will put Alyssa on the block.

Taylor says she doesn't understand why he feels that way after she promised Alyssa she was safe.

Taylor asks if she has seen Kyle talking to Terrance, Indy say no.


Taylor says she needs that veto used, she has a person in mind that would be a "clean sweep". (Taylor acts indignant)

Taylor asks if Indy thinks Kyle might be working with Monte, Indy says she doesn't see Kyle talking to Monte like that.

Taylor says he is probably not wanting to use it because of the London trip.


Indy goes to get Jasmine.

Taylor tells Jasmine that Kyle might not use the veto because of the London thing, Jasmine acts shocked.

Taylor says maybe someone else is telling Kyle not to use the veto, she blames it on Monte.

Jasmine takes the bait, she is happy to blame Monte.



We get orange circles for a few minutes, then back to the HOH conversation.


Taylor tells them Alyssa would tell them she was worried before she would mention it to her (Taylor)

Jasmine says Kyle and Alyssa haven't spent a lot of time together today.

Taylor returns to the "Monte theory"

(Indy and Jasmine are buying this, they are more than willing to believe Monte is behind Kyle's reluctance to use the veto.)


Jasmine says that Taylor won't really know what Kyle will do until the ceremony.


Alyssa comes into the HOH room (she is dealing with a sore back.)


Indy tells Alyssa that Kyle doesn't want to use the veto to save her.

Taylor says she needs to talk to Kyle and see if he will use it.

Alyssa asks who is the bigger target, Taylor tells them "Monte".

She also says she will deny it.

Jasmine asks Alyssa how she feels about it, she tells them she doesn't have a problem putting Monte out.

Taylor repeats her promise to talk to Kyle.


Indy tells Taylor she really needs her help.

She tells Taylor and the girls that she doesn't want to go home, it is hard for her in the house, but she wants to be here.


Alyssa apologizes for taking the tri p away from Taylor, she says it was just in the moment.

Alyssa says she wants to go to bed, Indy helps her up.

Before Indy leaves she tries to get Taylor to promise she won't be on the block, Taylor puts it on Kyle.


Camera moves to Turner and Kyle playing billiards in the back yard.

They are discussing what the twist might be, Turner says there hasn't been a twist with America yet,

Kyle, "that we know of."

They think Joe is America's boy.

Kyle says he plans to distance himself from Alyssa and play the game. He qualifies it, "Well not really distance myself."

Kyle says Alyssa's physical game has taken a hit after she was hurt lifting weights.

Joe joins Turner and Kyle.


They decide to play with three players. Each of them take 5 balls in numerical order.

They joke while they play, Monte has taken the house out with weight training. Terrance has been on bed all day, three of them can't go up the stairs to talk to Taylor.


Kyle tells Joe that Indy told him if they vote her out she will leave the jury house and go home.

Joe tells Kyle that Terrance got upset when Kyle said he might not use the veto, and said Kyle is "playing with his d**k".

Joe says Terrance continued to fuss about Kyle's gameplay and personal relationship with Alyssa.


Indy comes out and hugs Kyle, tells him she is "so sorry." 

Turner says they might need to talk further about using the veto or not using it.

Kyle agrees they can do that.

Joe says he doesn't care about the order, it is about who can win an HOH.

Kyle continues to say that Alyssa is not a huge threat, Kyle asks who wants Indy to stay.

Joe says they need to go over the options one by one to see which of them needs to go first.

Kyle says if he uses it, he will own it, but he thinks she can leave later.

Joe says that Kyle would benefit if Alyssa left, he would be able to spend more time with the alliance. He says Alyssa is the only person on the other side that the alliance has pushed back on.

Kyle continues to defend keeping Alyssa, he repeats his defense over and over again.

Joe tells him (Kyle) that he makes great points.

Joe tries to explain to Kyle that putting Indy up with Alyssa will create fighting over a vote.






Conversation continues between Joe, Turner and Kyle.

Kyle continues to defend not using the veto.

Joe tries to be non-confrontational, saying he understands both sides. He says there is no wrong decision this week, only if the person who stays wins HOH.



Taylor joins them at the billiards table.

Kyle tells Taylor about the conversation with Indy earlier.


Cameras move to the lavatory area when Joe mentions Indy going to the cameras every day and asking, "when am i...."

General conversation in the lavatory, then everyone leaves the room.



Cameras move back to the back yard.

Taylor says if someone wants to go home they should drag them along as long as they can.

Joe says says Alyssa should be good to go on Thursday.


Taylor says they should take Indy down.

Kyle says no, and gives a laundry list of reasons to not take Indy down.

Taylor repeats her conversation with Alyssa and Jasmine.

Taylor says she used that conversation to have a reason for Kyle to use the veto.

The general attitude of all of them is that Indy should be sent to the jury house.

They continue to hash out Alyssa's behavior.



They seem to have come to an agreement that Kyle will not use the veto.


Indy joins them almost immediately after the decision is made.



Taylor is talking to Michael and Brittany.

She says she wishes Kyle would use the veto so Alyssa could be voted out.

She says it is her HOH, but his veto.

Taylor says her refusal to nominate Jasmine is very different from Kyle not wanting Alyssa on the block.


Michael says at the end of the day, when people do things to "p**s people off..." (related to Kyle protecting Alyssa)



Darlings it is time for me to say goodnight to you. I need to go cuddle with my puppies and thank the Lord for my day. Be kind to to others today, your small actions say so much about you. I hope your day is wonderful,  goodnight dears, hugs. Grannysue



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This is long and covers some road already tread.


10:00am BBT It's Sunday Fun Day and BB let the HG sleep in. Not that the need any help.

11:00am BBT In the Space BR, Michael is trying to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet (it's easier finding the missing left sock). 

11:15am BBT Michael catches Kyle in the SR and warns him that Taylor now wants Alyssa out if Kyle uses the Veto. Michael doesn't want Alyysa to go. Kyle doesn't want to be the reason Alyssa goes home. Kyle has to think now about going against the HoH's wishes with Veto.

11:20am BBT Michael tells Kyle he hasn't talked 1-on-1 to Turner about the Veto. Joe come into the SR and game talk ends. In the BY, Joe doesn't want to work out with Monte/Alyssa/Terrance. 

11:30am BBT Taylor comes down from HoH and tells Indy she enjoyed her morning show. Favorite rock star ever, she says. Indy says Michael was with her. Does that make him a groupie, he asks? He has to explain to Indy waht a groupie is.

12:00pm BBT Turner comes out side and can't believe BB let them sleep in until noon. (Dude, BB woke you up 2 hours ago). Joe/Kyle talk abotu how quickly and often Taylor is changing her mind. Kyle doesn't think he can use the Veto now. 

12:05pm BBT Kyle reasons that if Taylor can refuse to nom Jasmine for personal reasons, he can decide not to use the Veto for personal reasons. Kyle asks if the other Leftovers agree with Taylor about evicting Alyssa? Joe says no, they all agree it's up to Kyle. 

12:10pm BBT Joe insists to Kyle that targeting Alyssa is not a done deal. Even Turner isn't fully on board, he says. Kyle says he'll tell Indy he didn't use it because of a threat to put up Alyssa. Kyle wants Indy gone. She never thanked him the last time he saved her.

12:15pm Indy is called to perform a Punk-A-Tard performance, so FotH. Afterwards, in the Cars BR, Kyle tells Turner he can't be the only one fighting for Alyssa. He needs Turner/Michael/Brittany too. 

12:17pm BBT Turner says he's not supposed to know and not supposed to tell him, but he knows Kyle & Alyssa f*cked yesterday. Which is dope, but puts a whole new level of... Stress, Kyle says, wait, what? How do you know? Turner says Alyssa was crying afterwards.

12:19pm BBT Turner tells Kyle that Alyssa wasn't upset at him but worried about where his head is at. Plus, she started her period today. Kyle says Alyssa is so attached to him and he really likes her. He's upset that she was crying because of their coupling. 

#BB23 12:21pm BBT Kyle says he has no probem using the Veto if Indy is evicted. Turner understands that him using the Veto resulting in Alyssa being evicted would be terrible. 

12:30pm BBT Turner joins Kyle/Joe in the SR and says he doesn't want Alyssa gone. Indy comes in and Kyle says he was on the block last week and knows how she feels. He assures her he has her back. She leaves.

12:32pm BBT Kyle can't believe how fast things change. Turner laughs and says let's home Taylor doesn't win HoH gain. Joe goes up to HoH and says Kyle is not on board with evicting Alysa and made good points. Taylor is not backing down about wanting Alyssa out this week.

12:40pm BBT Turner/Michael/Brittany agree they would rather Kyle not use the Veto. They both like Alyssa and it is not good if half the group wants one thing and half wants something else. 

1:10pm BBT Michael talks with Taylor in HoH. She says The Leftovers not only saved her but has shown her she deseres to be there.

1:50pm BBT Michael tells Kyle it's suspicious how hard Joe is working to keep Indy/Jasmine in the house. They are both with Joe. He tells Kyle it's OK with him to not use the Veto. He understands the value of keeping Ayssa. 

1:55pm BBT Kyle doesn't want it to seem like he's turning on The Leftovers (or are they are turning on him?). Michael says Joe doesn't always tell everything he knows but says only what he thinks someone wants to hear. Kyle wonders if Joe is ontrolling Taylor's HoH.

2:00pm BBT Joe's argument for evicting Alyssa makes no sense, Michael/Kyle say. They're scared she's a social gamer? Why would that matter if the 7 are solid? Kyle is willing to stick his neck out for this but hopes he'll have Michael/Brittany's support.

2:02pm BBT Michael wonders if Taylor intended to target Alyssa all along, and Joe volunteering to go on the block to evict Indy and then back out was just to distract Kyle. Kyle says what matters is he has the Power of Veto and if he makes Taylor mad, what can she do?

2:03pm BBT Kyle says Joe should remember it was Kyle who formed the alliance. First the guys formed and then brought in Michael/Brittany/Taylor. He implies there was a pecking order to where Michael and Brittany stand in the alliance.

2:04pm BBT In the WA, Alyssa tells Turner Kyle is acting weird. She used to cry when she had sex with her Ex because he didn't care if she wanted to. She's scared of reconnecting with someone. She laughs that her first time with Kyle was on a floatie in the HNR.

2:10pm BBT Alysa is worred she took something from Kyle because he said he'd only been with 2 women before (thank you so much for revealing that highly personal bit of someone else's information). Turner assures her that Kyle will be all right. 

2:20pm BBT Kyle asks Turner to back him when meeting with The Leftovers. Turner says they have to have a meeting because people are telling different stories and they are not on the same page. J

2:54pm BBT On the BY couches, Joe asks Michael about doing Escape Rooms. Michael says he got the job after hating his IT job for 2 years. Turner is sleeping in the shade. Turner wakes up and has a quick convo w/Monte about who to target, Indy or Alyssa (he doesn't care).

3:07pm BBT In the KT, Monte tells Kyle he doesn't understand why Alyssa and why now. Hes' worried if Kyle doesn't use the Veto, though, what the optics will be to the Fly Swatters. Kyle doesn't care about the Fly Swatters. They are 3 who are about to become 2.

3:10pm BBT Jasmine wanted to release a balloon in remembrance of her father's passing. Turner says that's not good for the environmnet. After it pops, a bird might eat it and die. Jasmine is very offended, thinking Turner was mocking her remembrance. 

3:14pm BBT Jamsine joins Michael/Turner/Joe/Brittany on the BY couches. She lists everything she asked BB for on her Bday. She didn't ask for red wine because no one drinks it (how considerate). Joe really liked Michael's cider. It was 8% alchohol, so if you do 2 of them...

3:17pm BBT Joe says his bday in the house was the the worst because the day of the fight between Nicole/Daniel and Taylor and the Woodstack when Jasmine feinted. It was such a mess. Was that the same day? Jasmine asks? It was my 25th Bday, Joe says, my longest day ever.

3:30pm BBT Joe tells Jasmine that Turner wants to apologize. She's not ready. He can feel however he wants, but he didn't have to be insensitive. He's always apologizing for something. Joe compliments her for holding back. In real life, she says, I'd drop his *ss.

3:35pm BBT Taylor tells Monte that Alyssa was goign to send Kyle home instead of Daniel last week (she wasn't). She says Alyssa taking the trip instead of the Veto was one of the biggest blunders of the game (this thin, petty and totally unconvincing).

3:37pm BBT Taylor warns Monte that if she doesn't take out Alyssa now, then Kyle will win HoH and have to do it himself (uh, I doubt it). Taylor says she's going to still claim it will be someone close to Monte that will be the replacement nom without saying its him.

3:50pm BBT Joe tells Jasmine she has to remember Turner is only 22 and isn't emotionally sensitive (he's 23 and Joe is just over a year older). Jasmine insists that Turner was more concerned with a bird's life than her dad's. (This is all in her head)

3:55pm BBT Michael wonders why Taylor was in the DR for 3hrs if this was such a simple plan. Brittany says Taylor can't be HoH next week so they'll have the numbers.

4:00pm BBT Kyle updates Michael/Brittany in the Cars BR about Taylor's plan to nom Alyssa. He's not going to use the Veto. Michael says Taylor was trying to get him to convince Kyle to use it. 

4:30pm BBT Jasmine tells Alyssa about Turner apologizing. Alyssa wants to go inside because it's too hot. Alyssa can't get up (she hurt her back this morning while deadlifting weights but won't go to the DR for help) and starts tearing, but finally is able to stand.

4:35pm BBT Jasmine says she has to make it to the end because she can't stand being in the JH with Turner. Kyle is trying to get Alyssa to go to the DR about her back. She insists she's fine. FotH. 

4:50pm BBT Turner is continuing to try to apologize to Jasmine. He can't imagine what she's going through, he was just laughing because it was an uncomfortable situation. You don't have to forgive me, he says, but he's sorry. Jasmine appreciates his apologizing. 

4:52pm BBT Turner tells Jasmine he neer lost his parents so he cannot imagine. She says he was making the birds lives more important than her dad's life. I should have been more sensitive to what it would mean to you, he says, instead of the climate emergency.

5:10pm BBT Jasmine/Turner talk. Turner promiss to think twice before things come out of his mouth going forward. He tells her Taylor wouldn't nominate another Black woman. Jasmine is surprised and saysshe doesn't see color in the house. He says she's safe if he wins HoH.

5:15pm BBT Turner tells Jasmine BB made him leae the DR so Alyssa could get her back checked. Jasmine says she couldn't even get out of the hammock earlier (the hammock is the last place she should be with a bad back).

5:30pm BBT Alyssa is in bed in the Space BR in pain. Monte comes in and apologizes for pushing her too hard. She says it's not his fault, we were just exercising. All she needs to do is stretch and rest (heating pads can relax the back muscles too).

5:32pm Alyssa finally relented and went to the DR. She tells Monte they gave her an ice pack and told her to take some Advil. She says she can bring her knee to her chest, so it's not that bad. Monte says he'll bring her dinner when it's ready. You da best, she says.

5:33pm BBT Monte leaves and Alyssa starts crying from the pain. She puts on her sunglasses to cover her red eyes.

5:51pm BBT Alyssa is in bed in the Space BR. Michael/Brittany tell her to try they are on her side and she should try to convince Kyle to not listen to Taylor and to not to use the Veto. Alyssa says she's on their side as well. They promise each other safety.

6:02pm BBT In her Punk-A-Tard costume, Indy tells Jasmine that Joe has the same body as one of her ex's. Jasmine's response is she misses her husband. I know, Indy says. 

6:05pm BBT In the SR, Kyle tells Brittany he thinks everyone is fed up with Jasmine. Kyle lays down with Alyssa and says they're going to have to separate for the next couple days to protect them long term. He tells her to play up her back being bad as the reason.

6:10pm BBT Kyle tells Alyssa he's not going to use the Veto even though he's being pressured to do so. Do you trust me, he asks? Yes. She cannot say anything he told her to anyone. Not een Turner, no one. Kyle says Indy will go home. He's trying to get them through a DE.

6:51pm BBT Kyle comforts Alyssa in the Space BR then they decide to go to the BY. He helps hoist her out of bed. She tells him BB gave Terrance Birkensocks sandles. He's a Brky Boy now, Kyle jokes.

6:52pm BBT Indy has the GoPro. She tells Joe it's part of her punishment. Joe hopes he and Tayor can get the camera. They are waiting for BB to chain them up. Maybe they're waiting for Indy's punishment to end first. Indy is filming the details about the punishments.

7:00pm BBT Kyle/Michael playing Pool in the BY. Something is going on that doesn't include me, he says, Monte/Joe/Taylor. He's not going to use the Veto. They are trying to make a big move (evicting Alyssa) to take me off the table. Am I crazy? Michael says no.

8:15pm BBT Terrance and Kyle in the Cars BR. He wants to stay and is a better vibe than Indy. He respects and honors Kyle. Kyle appreciates it. Terrance says he undertands if Kyle cannot take him off the block. It's OK.

8:20pm BBT Taylor is trying to find out where everyone is. She finds Monte in the shower and says she was locked in HoH for the last hour doing the blog and HoH questions. As long as you had fun, Monte says. Taylor finds Kyle in the LR and asks him to chat in HoH.

8:30pm BBT While general chit chat takes place in the LR, Kyle asks Tayler if it's true she wants to get Alyssa out and asks her to catch him up on how she's feeling. Taylor says she needs to walk Kyle through it because it sounds like its for the pettiest reasons.

8:32pm BBT Taylor tells Kyle that she joined Indy/Alyssa as her Festie Besties to protect Alyssa (it was because they were expendable to The Leftovers). Then she swapped the punishment for the trip. It's not about the trip but Alyssa (no, it's always about the prize).

8:34pm BBT Taylor concludes she was trying to protect Alyssa and Alyssa wasn't trying to protect her. Alyssa was saying her social standing in the game was more powerful than Taylor's HoH. Taylor says anyone who has seen BB knows you always take the Veto. 

8:36pm BBT Taylor tells Kyle that Alyssa is intertwined with everyone's game (I thought she was just intertwined with Kyle). This will be their only chance to get her out. Kyle asks why Taylor picked Alyssa to play Veto? If she had won, Taylor couldn't have Backdoored her.

8:38pm Taylor says if Alyssa had used the Veto, she would have gone with the plan to use Joe as a pawn. Kyle says Monte/Joe were indifferent about evicting Alyssa, and Michael/Brittany/Turner want her to stay. Taylor says that sounds like some flip flopping going on.

8:40pm BBT Taylor insists that the ony Leftover who is not behind her plan is Turner and he's just playing devil's advocate. Kyle doesn't see how Alyssa is a social threat but Indy is a comp threat. He asks if Taylor really thinks Alyssa will really try to break up The LO?

8:42pm BBT Kyle counters to Taylor that Terrance voted to evict him, Jasmine has actively moved against Monte and Indy didn't even say TY when he saved her before (tecnically, Daniel did it). Kyle says they have 4 options if he uses the Veto. Alyysa dosn't feel right.

8:44pm BBT Futher, Kyle argues, they don't need to have an excues to get rid of Alyssa later. She will be fine when it's her turn. But htere is a reason to get out the other three HG, a threat to The Leftovers. There is no threat from Alyssa.

8:46pm BBT Kyle continues to pick apart Taylor's reasons for targeting Alyssa. Jasmine could have also taken the Veto instead of the Prize but Taylor is protecing her when she did the same thing Taylor accuses Alyssa of doing. 

8:48pm BBT There are 7 who are willing to vote out Indy if he doesn't use the Veto. He does not want to use the Veto and is prepared for any flack that comes from it. He's not going to get Jasmine/Indy/Terrance's Jury Votes anyway. Taylor says she won't either.

8:50pm BBT Taylor insists Alyssa is serving herself up on a silver platter. She offers excuses Kyle could use when Taylor names Alyssa as the replacement nom so they don't know he's in an alliance. At this poing, Kyle says, it won't matter if they know.

8:52pm BBT Trying to find a way to bring Kyle on board, Taylor points out this is his chance to take Alyssa out without being responsible. Kyle says he's not trying to save his showmance. He just doesn't feel comfortable saving Indy or Terrance over her (yeah, right).

8:54pm BBT Taylor tells Kyle that Michael/Brittany were among the Leftovers calling for Alyssa to be the target. Kyle says that's interesting. Taylor says it's just because they listen to all sides. He points out Alyssa has exposed 2 alliances by accident.

8:56pm BBT Kyle points out that Alyssa hasn't won anything, has shown no game strategy, and hasn't done anything but be happy. She's not made any moves against anyone. Joe/Monte come up to HoH. Kyle changes the subject and says Monte broke Alyssa's back.

9:00pm BBT Taylor wants to get back to the Veto. Joe says Indy is all over him to pressure Kyle. Monte asks how Kyle is feeling and he says fine. He says from all the convos he's had, everyone is fine with him not using it. Turner comes up to HoH.

9:05pm BBT Kyle says he's responsible for Alyssa's move (to take the trip, not the Veto) because she know he was going for the Veto. Turner says if Indy stays, he's going up. Kyle says me too. Joe says Terrance says it's shady if Kyle doesn't use the Veto.

9:10pm BBT Joe thinks Alyssa would be unpredictable as HoH. Taylor says this is the best time to get her out. Joe says Indy is a worse game player than Alyssa. Kyle says Indy has been running around claiming Alyssa thinks she's going up when Alyssa hasn't said anything.

9:12pm BBT Turner says maybe this is a good week to get Indy out since she's already on the block. They don't need her on the block again. Taylor again suggests Kyle let her take responsibility for evicting Alyssa. Kyle says there are better options now.

9:15pm BBT Jasmine is coming up to HoH on the Spy Screen and Taylor tells Joe to get on the bed with her and they change the convo. Alyssa and Brittany gingerly walk to the SR to find alcohol and cake mix for Jasmine's birthday. They see in HoH and head downstairs.

9:25pm BBT Everyone gathers in the SR to see what they got. Jasmine got everything she asked for. Turner finds a bag of Baked Lays. Who aksed for it, he wonders? Not me, Taylor says, I hate Baked Lays. (Apparently she prefers half-baked Lays)

9:30pm BBT In the BY, Indy asks Kyle again about taking her off the block. She knows it's hard for him. Why is it hard, Brittany presses her. 

9:32pm BBT Kyle tells Indy/Jasmine that Taylor is upset Alyssa took the trip away from her and told Kyle to stop hugging Taylor when she won HoH. They didn't know about that. Kyle says Taylor promised Indy safety and now she's on the block. She promised Alyssa as well.

9:34pm BBT Jasmine says 100% Taylor will nom Monte as the replacement. Kyle says Monte has been talking to Taylor a long time. He doesn't think so. Jasmine says Terrance says Kyle isn't using the Veto. Kyle says he told Terrance he was exploring all options.

9:36pm BBT Indy says she'd be OK with being evicted and leaving Terrance in the game. The alliance (Fly Swatters) will be broken at that point. Jasmine warns Kyle if he doesn't save Indy the house will think he's trying to protect his showmance. 

9:38pm BBT Indy says Kyle promised to save her in front of Michael. Kyle says Daniel used the Veto and his best friend, Nicole, was sent home. He doesn't want that to happen to him. Jasmine argues that even if she goes on the block, Alyssa wouldn't go home. (right)

9:40pm BBT Alyssa joins Jasmine/Indy/Kyle in the BY. She wants to talk to Taylor. Jasmine asks if she feels Taylor is coming for her? Alyssa says no. Jasmine is sure Taylor wouldn't waste her HoH going after a girl. Then again, maybe she will.

9:47pm BBT In HoH, Taylor is talking to Joe/Turner/Brittany/Monte. She still wants to put Alyssa up against Indy. She says she's OK with Alyssa staying one or two more weeks. Alyssa comes up the stairs and Joe jumps on the bed to keep up appearances of the fauxmance.

9:49pm BBT In HoH, the convo has changed. Joe says Monte hurt both Alyssa and Terrance with weight lifting (Terrance also says he has a bad back). 

10:00pm BBT Kyle tells Indy he's upset with her for saying she'd rather DOR than be in the Jury. When he was on the block, he wanted tos tay more than anything. In HoH, Terrance is called to start his tattoo punishment. The HG gather in HoH to watch.

10:22pm BBT Indy asks to talk to Taylor and the other HG leave. Indy says Kyle is afraid of using the Veto because Taylor may put Alyssa up. Taylro says she promised Alyssa she was safe. She asks if Kyle has talked with Terrance and Indy says no.

10:24pm BBT Taylor tells Indy she needs the Veto to be used. She asks if Kyle might be working wtih Monte. Indy doesn't see Kyle talking game with Monte. Indy goes to get Jasmine. Taylor is blaming Kyle not using the Veto on the London thing. Jasmine is shocked.

10:26pm BBT Taylor suggests to Jasmine that someone else is telling Kyle to not use the Veto. Jasmine says probably Monte. Taylor thinks Alyssa would tell Jasmine/Indy before her if she was worried about being nom. They haven't spent much time together today, Jasmine says.

10:30pm BBT Jasmine says Taylor won't know what Kyle does until the ceremony. Alyssa joins the girls in HoH. Indy tells Alyssa Kyle isn't using the Veto to save her. Taylor asks Alyssa to talk to Kyle about using it. They can't get out Monte unless he does.

10:32pm BBT Alyssa has no problem voting out Monte. Taylor pleads with Alyssa to talk to Kyle. Indy says Taylor needs Alyssa's help. It's hard for her in the house but she doesn't want to go home. Alyssa apologizes for taking the trip from Taylor, it was just in the moment.

10:34pm BBT Alyssa needs to go to bed. Indy offers to help her downstairs but first asks Taylor to promise her she won't be on the block Thursday. That's up to Kyle, Taylor says. 

10:36pm BBT In the BY, Turner/Kyle play pool. Kyle is going to distance himself from Alyssa for a few days. Her took a hit with her bad back. They think Joe is America's Boy. As if on queue, Joe joins them. They joke Monte is taking out the whole house with weight training.

10:40pm BBT Kyle tells Joe Indy is threatening to leave the JH and go home. Joe says Terrance got her upset saying Kyle won't use the Veto. Terrance said Kyle is playing with his d*ck. 

10:45pm BBT Indy comes to the BY and apologizes to Kyle. She leaves and Turner says they can talk further about using the Veto and Kyle agrees. Joe doesn't care about the order, it's about who can win HoH. He wants to go over the options again. 

10:47pm BBT Kyle says whatever he decides, he'll own it but he thinks Alyssa can leave later. Joe repeats Taylor's argument that Kyle's game would benefit without Alyssa. He would have more time to spend with the alliance (Joe hasn't seemed worried about time the alliance).

11:00pm BBT The discussion between Joe/Kyle keeps going back and forth. Joe understands both sides and there are no wrong decisions, but he keeps circling back to his point. Anyone listening to his defense of the Zombie cruise ship last night would recognize the strategy.

11:08pm BBT Taylor comes to the BY and Kyle tells her about Indy threatening to leave the JH if evicted. Taylor says that's reason enough to keep her in the house. Kyle says no and the arguments begin all over again.

11:30pm BBT It seems like Taylor and Joe have accepted that Kyle will not use the Veto

11:40pm BBT Taylor tells Michael/Brittany she wishes Kyle would use the Veto so they can evict Alyssa but while it's her HoH, it's his Veto. Her refusal to nom Jasmine is completely different from Kyle wanting to protect Alyssa. Michael says Kyle is just ticking the LO off.

11:42pm BBT Brittany thinks this will have to be a 2hr epi to cover everythign that's happend today. Taylor says she'll be in the DR until 4am again. Well, she got out and stayed up to 4am (that's on you, then). 

11:44pm BBT Playing pool, Kyle/Turner say they are getting tossed around like rag dolls. Joe joins and Indy says goodnight. They are playing 3-person pool with different rules. Joe suggests instead playing doubles with Monte. 

11:46pm BBT Kyle asks if Monte thought he'd use the Veto? Turner says Jasmine still thinks the target is Monte. Joe says the other side is still clueless. Joe says he's never been to Utah. Kyle/Joe tell him he's missing out. 

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