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Monday, August 8, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Washroom Area (WA)
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Thank you!

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12:00am BBT Taylor/Joe discuss their flirtmance. Joe asks what to call it in the DR. Jaylor is a lame name, she says. Indy, who has been drinking a large glass of white wine, says Kyle/Alyssa should go to the HNR and have some "fun". Not now, Kyle says. 

12:20am BBT Indy wants to put some ice in her wine to make it last longer. Too late, Kyle says. Brittany says she won half of 2 Vetos. Alyssa says she sliced her knee open so Michael could win. Kyle/Michael are playing pool in the BY. Kyle/Michael play pool in the BY. 

12:20am BBT Alyssa is a bit tipsy, telling Brittany her babies are going to watch BB & say their mom is amazing. Brittany returns the compliment, saying Alyssa is skinny and beautiful. If only she looked like Alyssa at 24. Everyone loves your Mem Wall pic best, Alyssa says.

12:25am BBT Joe says his brothers are level headed and usually right. He used to work secruity and tries to not cause a scene (that explains why Joe is always trying to be a mediator). Alyssa was called to be on BB on Feb 22, so her phone lock code is 222 (thanks for that).

12:30am BBT Alyssa is listing everything she gave up to be on BB: 2 breakups, her jobs, her BF's bday. She thinks her, Kyle, Michael, Brittany should work together. Her passion, she says continuing to talk, is to listen to people. 

12:35am BBT Alyssa continues rambling about visiting Brittany in Austin. She hopes Brittany doesn't see her as a punk kid. Brittany says she's a cool friend. Alyssa says her parents watch the live feeds 24/7 and now are watching her. She's living her mon's dream (on BB).

12:40am BBT Alyssa assures Brittany she supports Michael whatever he decides. Brittany says Michael keeps his word but he is struggling with the Veto (he's not). He's just not sure if this is the right week. 

12:45am BBT Brittany is worried about the girls getting picked off. We'll have our moment, Alyssa says, it just hasn't been her time yet. She says she's an emotional person but not an emotional player. She'd pick Brittany over Kyle if it came down to it.

12:47am BBT Indy joins Allyssa/Brittany. She's dreamed of being on BB for 22yrs, but she wanted to be on BB Brazil. A friend said apply for BBUS but she wasn't a US citizen. Once she got her citizenship, she applied & got on. Her manager said she wanted Brazil but got USA.

12:50am BBT Indy says people don't usually spend 24/7 with other people. In the BB House, they get bored, have fights. She wishes people would just call her a B*tch to her face than talk behind her back. Brittany loves how open Indy is. Jasmine says it's just a game.

12:53am BBT Brittany tells Jasmine she's funny. I am, she asks? Taylor joins the girls, says she likes Indy too, she's real. I'm real, Jasmine argues, I have moods. I like to make people happy. Terrance comes out w/towels and Taylor asks if he's trying to get off the block.

1:00am BBT Terrance asks Taylor about TayJay (Taylor/Joe) and she says it's just fake. Daniel says he & Joe have similar types (of girls) outside the house. He's equal opportunity- very version, not every virgin. Terrance has never watched the Live Feeds. Daniel won't.

1:10am BBT Alyssa tells live feeders this is the best experience of her life. We should apply and maybe meet the love of your life. Or win $750k. Daniel scares Alyssa while she's talking to her family. Her mom and grandma are watching. 

1:20am BBT Alyssa asks Joe to feel her leg - she just shaved. Would he like this on a girl? She starts twirking, swinging a towel around. In the BY, Indy tells Turner there are mirrors in a Feng Shei home (true, it is calming). Turner has heard this.

1:25am BBT Alyssa claims she and Kyle haven't kissed on the mouth (they have, repeatedly, maybe a little tongue too). She says Kyle is scared to be nom. She says Taylor/Joe should share a bed and she and Kyle can share a bed. They discuss their couples names.

1:30am BBT Taylor claims BB wants her to be with Monte. Alyssa says Daniel needs therapy. She wants to make the season fun with romance. Taylor says everyone is pro Kylyssa and pro Jaylor. Alyssa says if noms stay the same, Joe/Terrance will be fine. She wants girls for F2.

1:24am BBT Alyssa calls Kyle an angel. She wants to corrupt an angel. She's a bad, bad girl. Taylor tells Alyssa Go Team. Go Team, Alyssa replies. Alyssa says she'd have sex with her best guy friend but not with her best friend's guy. 

1:30am BBT Alyssa says if you hang out with a guy every day, sex is inevitable. Terrance asks Taylor if she has a platonic guy friend. FotH before there's an answer. Joe says the cider is missing. Indy says Alyssa took it. Michael gave it to her, Alyssa says. CiderGate!

1:50am BBT Joe says if a girl values friendship over sex, he's done it. He has girls that are just friends. Taylor agrees it's possible. Daniel disagrees. Monte doesn't hae female friends he's not attracted to. Monte teases Taylor: you working on that?

2:00am BBT Indy says she's asked everyone about the about the cider. Joe asks if it was just moved, did she ask Michael? No, she admits. Turner says he has female friends that are just friends. There are billions of people - there have to be male/female friendships.

2:05am BBT Turner elabororates on friendships between the sexes: We are not monkeys. We don't walk around trying to f*ck everyone. Indy has a lot of guy friends and nothing happens. Joe says most men think with their d*cks. Michael & Indy head inside as the debate rages.

2:35am BBT Kyle is surprised Indy hasn't gone to bed yet. Alyssa says it's late. Daniel says goodnight. Alyssa asks Kyle why he didn't say a word outside. If you are single and attracted to someone, why not be in a relationship? Kyle agrees. 

2:40am BBT Alyssa trips up Kyle on her bday (she claims he doesn't know anything abt her). Alyssa gets the hiccups. Kyle accuses her of faking. He can't scare her now, she knows its coming. She asks Jasmine to scare her. Why does she have Fabreeze? For my bed, Jasmine says.

2:45am BBT Ayllsa announces Kyle annoys her. Why, he asks, then apologizes for whatever the reason. She's just bored. Kyle wants to go to bed and says goodnight. Then he realizes his laundry is unfolded on his bed. Jasmine/Alyssa think Indy is mad at them (about the cider).

2:50am BBT Taylor/Joe are in the BY hammock. Joe says Indy/Jasmine are trying to start an alliance with them but they have to go home (Jury actually). Joe says Alyssa is investigating. Investigating what, Taylor asks? If I'm cute. She goes after innocent guys, Taylor says.

2:55am BBT Taylor likes Kylyssa. Joe says Kyle is going to have to break Alyssa's heart to keep The Leftovers. It will hurt more the longer she stays. Taylor thinks he'll be fine. Joe says Alyssa is a deadly player. She could blow it up. Daniel now, she says, Alyssa next.

3:00am BBT Kylyssa lay down in the loft. You are my favorite person in the world, she says. Kyle is annoyed they can't spend all day together. They decide to go into the HNR together. They lay down on the butterfly floatie even though it's "gross". Can anyone hear, he asks?

3:02am BBT Michael/Brittany in HoH wonder where Kylyssa are. He thinks they are sneaking. Tonight's the night, Brittany says. She thinks people are more honest after a few drinks. Michael agrees. The girls are on board to evict Monte. Michael doesn't want to lose numbers.

3:10am BBT Michael is surprised that other than Daniel, none of the others came to him today to promote their plan. Michael will talk with HG more in the AM and say he is using the Veto and will help get Monte out next. 

3:15am BBT Michael/Brittany go to the HNR and surprise Kylyssa. I just came for dirty towels, Michael claims. We were just talking, Kyle claims. Brittany laughs, they're like Mom & Dad. Michael says he's going to leave the door open. Everyone laughs awkwardly.

3:20am BBT Michael/Brittany return to HoH and start jedi training (matching days and comps/ceremonies). Brittany doesn't think Alyssa would put them up but she's not sure about Jasmine. Alyssa wants a F4 with them and Kyle. Michael would agree to it. 

4:35am BBT HG in the WA give late night shout-outs to family & friends: Turner/Joe/Kyle/Taylor. After the others head off, Kyle asks Joe what he should do about Alyssa. He tells Joe about Michael/Brittany walking in on them in the HNR and is worried she'll affect his game.

5:20am BBT Taylor/Joe/Kyle finally leave the WA and head to bed. Lights go out in the house. Loud snoring in the Cars BR (Terrance).


9:00am BBT BB wakes the HG up. 

9:45am BBT Brittany is meditating in the loft. Daniel goes up and knocks on the HoH door, then hears the shower running. He wants to amek his last ditch pitch first with Michael. Joe is out the BY getting some early sun.

9:55am BBT Daniel is in with Michael in HoH making his pitch. Jasmine/Indy/Alyssa are in the BY couches waiting him to come back. Daniel's pitch is rushed and simple - safety if he stays off the block. If Taylor targets Michael for evicting Monte, he'll target her for him.

9:58am BBT Michael hears Daniel out, then says he didn't sleep last night struggling with the decision. After Daniel leaves, Michael wonders if Terrance told Daniel he didn't want to evict Monte because he was afraid of Taylor coming for him.

10:01am BBT Two minutes later, Jasmine goes to HoH to "check in". He's really tired. Bless your heart, she says in pure southern drawal. She's on his side whatever he wants to do. And she didn't drink his cider. Michael says maybe you can help with an investigation.

10:03am BBT Michael tells Jasmine that first everyone said Daniel, now eeryone says Monte. They're both targets but Daniel has won comps and Michael hasn't promised him anything. Jasmine understands. Terrance/Indy/Alyssa are on the BY couches while Jasmine pitches in HoH.

10:07am BBT Michael tells Jasmine that the odds of Monte winning either HoH or Veto every week are low. This won't be their only chance. That is what they are afraid of, Jasmine claims, but if Daniel's the target, then let's do what we have to do. 

10:10am BBT Jasmine leaves and Michael grabs an energy drink from the HoH fridge, takes a sip, then lays down to watch the spy cam. Daniel is in the KT as Jasmine comes down but she doesn't talk to him. Kyle/Joe are slouching in the WA. 

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10:15am BBT Kyle comes up to HoH. Everyone (Leftovers) is on the same page and knows he's willing to cut her (Alyssa) if necessary, especially once we're at jury. He says she spilled the beans about everything. It won't work unless we need her for a number.

10:17am BBT Kyle says Jasmine is sneaky. Terrance isn't a threat. Indy isn't a threat. Do we push to 7 & get rid of all of them? I don't know. Michael wonders what it will look like if the 7 go against someone with a broken foot, doesn't know the game & hasn't won anything.

10:19am BBT Kyle says Alyssa wants to kiss and I'm like, we have no privacy, but we agreed last night we're ready to go all the way and have sex in Michael's bed. Michael says you're kidding. Kyle says he's kidding. She's so young, Kyle says, I don't know what I'm doing.

10:25am BBT Monte replaces Kyle in HoH. Jasmine grabbed him to go to the Cars BR and told him she's been working with Michael all week and the target is still Daniel. Michael says she's backtracking to cover herself because he implied he's not going after Monte this week.

10:27am BBT Michael replays his convo with Jasmine and Monte is ROFL. She came to him right after. They aren't even subtle, Monte says. Michael says Kyle saw her (Jasmine) run to Alyssa. Monte says they threw in the towel (to save Daniel). 

10:29am BBT Monte & Michael think they (the other side) will start making the case that Kyle is the bigger threat. Monte says if they do, it's not a thing. We're solid. It's just what they're doing, not what we're doing. FotH for the Veto meeting.

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11:44am BBT Feeds return from Veto meeting. In the BY, Kyle tells Turner he doesn't know how he should act as a pawn. Should he campaign? Turner says he better or he might vote him out! Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine regroup in the Space BR but I can't hear them. 

11:59am BBT Taylor and Brittany comes outside and Taylor Turner she had to come so noone saw her skipping. It's a good day, she says. Turner starts snoring and BB says no napping. The snoring always gives you away, Taylor says. Convo is light in the KT.

12:05pm BBT It's breakfast time in the BB House (yes, I know, it's after noon). Taylor tells Brittany Kyle is going to talk to her about Alyssa. Persoal or gamewise, Brittany asks? A little of both. He really likes her. He's afraid he's giving them a reason to distrust him.

12:07pm BBT Taylor says she told him to go for it, especially if they're on the block. The fact that he came to them about it makes them trust him. Taylor says they were told 10am wakeup and 10pm lights out, but the house is chaos 24x7. 


12:12pm BBT Brittany & Taylor in the BY laugh over Jasmine's attempt to walk back her efforts to get Monte out. Amazing, Taylor says. Scary, Brittany says. They have a job to do this week, Taylor says, we'll clock back in again next week. Alyssa joins them outside.


12:18pm BBT Taylor tells Alyssa she walked in on a convo late last night and went to bed then came back and the convo was still going on. She thought she dreamed it. It was after 5am. Now that Kyle is nom, Terrance wants to learn more about him and asks questions at the DT.

12:20pm BBT Indy joins Alyssa/Taylor/Brittany on the BY couches; Turner is still sleeping. In the KT, the HG keep talking business things that BB can't air and we get FotH. Taylor says they have no energy. She needs Lays and Alyssa needs Coke. 

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12:26pm BBT Kyle, Monte, Terrance have been talking about their work. Kyle says Chicago sounds scary. Terrance says you know where to go and where not to go. Stay out of the south side. Jasmine has completely changed course and is interacting with Monte as good friends.

12:30pm BBT Michael has joined the BY lounge group. Monte/Jasmine in the KT. Daniel/Kyle/Terrance at the DT. Outside, they wonder how long the Besties will last. They're running out of who can be nom. Monte comes outside. Taylor gets up; Michael grabs her seat.

12:32pm BBT Michael and the other late night HG are really tired. At the DT, Terrance is talking about the sources of Chicago's problems - no resources, no services, no hope. You need something, you just go and get it because nobody will give it to you.

12:34pm BBT Daniel says he walked an hour to school, and his awareness went up after his brothers' death. He always thinks someone is after him since then. His brother was his protector. He drives ridesharing and there are areas in Vegas he won't go.

12:35pm BBT Indy/Alyssa have gone inside, leaving Brittany/Michael/Monte (and sleeping Turner) to talk game. Will the other side try to campaign? Michael thinks the reason they didn't approach him with the plan before Veto was they were afraid Monte would win it.

12:37pm BBT Monte thinks Daniel's last ditch effort to put the target on Taylor was Terrance's doing. Their execution was with military precision - one after the other came up with the pitch. What can you do. 

12:38pm BBT Brittany says she & Michael call the others The Convenience Store because they go with whatever's on the shelf. They laugh. Monte says if they campaign against Kyle, that's low. They've already asked what he thinks of Kyle, looking for something incriminating.

12:40pm BBT Jasmine comes out. She found the origin of the ant infestation. She killed one and the others came after her, so she got the spray, and they went Charge and came after her. Even the snack drawer they cleaned out was infested. Indy comes out. She killed 300 ants.

12:42pm BBT Indy asks Michael how he feels. OK, it never feels good. The price you pay for HoH, Indy says without knowing. He's done for the week, Michael says. Indy wonders which Festie Besties Kyle will join. Terrance is outside. Talk turns to Steak & Shake and In & Out.

12:45pm BBT From burgers to shakes to ice cream, the HG move on to Baskin Robbins & Dunkin Donuts. Jasmine asks Brittany to decribe her house's layout. Daniel is outside now and at some point, Turner got up and went inside. Either that or Terrance is sitting on him.

12:49pm BBT Indy is comforting first-time nom Kyle in the Cars BR. Alyssa is laying next to him. Jasmine wants to buy a house in Alpharetta (north Altanta) where she can get a lot of land. Brittany says when she lived there, what is now John's Creek was called Alpharetta.

12:51pm BBT Jasmine realize they have north Atlanta in common and they start sharing shopping, neighorhood & stories. In the Cars BR, Indy is still making sure Kyle is comforted, or preventing Alyssa from providing comfort. She's playing w/the draws string on Kyle's shorts.


12:55pm BBT Brittany grew up in Atlanta before she moved to Austin. Her sister lives in Dunwoody now. Both Jasmine/Brittany bought their houses a year ago. Brittany's was new construction. They bought a foundation and got to pick from a menu of options for the rest. 

12:57pm BBT Indy leaves the Cars BR and Kyle rolls over on his side to face Alyssa, one hand behind his head, the other across her stomach. Kyle says he could leave. Alyssa counts the votes and says no. He says it won't be an emotional decision, people will vote game.

12:59pm BBT Kyle just wants one more week, he wants to get to Jury. Alyssa is holding his arm close to her stomach, caressing it back and forth. Kyle thinks Jasmine/Terrance will vote against him. Terrance voted out Nicole to stay with the house, Alyssa reminds him.

1:00om BBT Michael gets up from the real estate convo in the BY. Kyle is now caressing Alyssa's cheek as she counts votes for him to stay (and they say romance is dead). Kyle says this is his last kiss because he has to go out and socialize. 

Out for a couple hours. Someone else can update Kyle/Alyssa making out (again).

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2:29PM BBT

Indy and Joseph are floating in the pool while chatting with Monte and Turner.



Alyssa and Jasmine are tanning by the pool. Taylor and Britt are hanging out in the shade. Joseph tells Jasmine she should model. Jasmine says that Taylor is the one who should model.



2:34PM BBT

Terrance and Daniel are talking about flying home. Terrance needs headphones to listen to stuff on the plane back home. He didn't bring a pair. Daniel tells him not to buy Beats in the airport because they are too expensive. 

Terrance: Oh no. We are not about to do that.

Dan: Well, at least I wasn't on slop for my final week.





2:44PM BBT

Terrance tells Daniel that he will make coffee every morning in honor of him. "I'm gonna be concentrating on my plan...you, know...get up, make some coffee, drink me some coffee, work out then go back to my room.

Daniel: Well, what else can you do? It's dwindling down.

Screenshotter--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-97988’36” (1).png

Daniel tells Terrance he won't miss Indy's bossing Joseph around all the time.


2:54PM BBT

Joseph joins Terrance and Daniel on the backyard couches. Dan tell sJoe that he's already getting his drink order ready for when he is evicted. Daniel wants to take the cell phone inflatable bed home fromt he HNR. He is going to ask production for it. Joseph says he wants the duck.

Joseph: My hair is falling out. I can see it. One strand. Two strands. I'm stressed out in this bitch.

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2:58PM BBT

Jasmine joins them with a lime popsicle. SHe says she forgets how many tattoos she has until she is wearing a bathing suit.

Dan: How many do you have?

Jasmine: Six, I think.




3:03PM BBT

Kyle, Turner, Britt and Taylor are talking about hte first week of Big Brother being insane.

Britt: I was literally walking around with a target on me (Backstage Pass)

Kyle says you couldn't go into a room and find yourself alone. There were groups of people everywhere.



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3:48Pm BBT

In the backyard, Britt, Turner, Kyle and Taylor are talking about television shows they. The guys discuss 30 Rock. Turner says he watched it in "Mexico."

Turner: Season 1 was so good. The rest? No way. I watched six seasons, dude. If was five days of my life.   

Britt says she really liked Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Taylor. Titus carried that show. Titus was that show.




3:57PM BBT

Michael has joined the group in the backyard. He says he is willing to talk with Daniel if he wants to talk. They all agree that Indy is "the sneaky one" of the girls.

Britt: She doesn't spend too much time any one place. She is always like, I gotta get out of here.

Taylor: Mm Hmm!



4:04PM BBT

Michael asks Britt on what basis did they (the girls) exclude Taylor.

Britt says it was Jasmine who pointed out that Taylor was a "boys' girl not a girls' girl  so they formed "Six in the City" excluding Taylor. "It had to be day one. Like, day one."

Michael: I feel like you can't be in the pageant circuit if you didn't like other women.

Taylor: How did I win Miss Congeniality if I am not a girls' gIrl. 51 women...That is the girls' girl award. So,  I really thought that was going to be my sinking point.

Britt: It's ridiculous. It didn't make any sense.


Bob: Monte! No napping houseguests!


Taylor says she knows that Ameerah and Nicole are really mad about the way they exited.




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5:33PM BBT

Jasmine and Joseph are swinging in the hammock, just chatting.

Joe: Damn! Let me go cut that watermelon for Indy. I feel bad.

Jasmine: Damn! Now I don't have anybody to push me.

Joe: Sorry



5:39PM BBT

Kyle is in the HoHR talking to his family about Alyssa and how he just wants to hang out with her. He wishes she was just in the alliance. "....Last night things got a little wild. I hope that doesn't get aired. We were kissing in the Have-Not Room and then Brittany and Michael walked in and it was like getting caught by my mom and dad. I told Joseph that I might kiss her tonight. I am surprised that nobody knows we have kissed. "

Kyle says he knows he would lose to Taylor, Monte, Joseph and Michael. He feels he would lose to Jasmine. 

Kyle: I don't know what else to do? I don't sleep because Terrance's snoring kills me.

Kyle begins choking because he is eating and talking at the same time. He rushes to the bathroom and clears his throat. Monte and Joseph join him in the HoHR.




5:42PM BBT

Joseph says he has been getting a lot of information. He says that Jasmine mentioned maybe sending him (Kyle) home.

Kyle: Dude, what did you say?

Joe says they are just trying to hide their cards, "They are getting desperate."

Joe says that Jasmine said they need just one more person to entertain sending Kyle out "because they think I am voting with them." Joe tells Monte that he has been throwing him (Monte) under the bus to them "because you always keep ime in the dark."

Monte laughs.

Kyle: Dude, I don't know how you keep them all fooled.  

Joe: They are getting desperate to save Daniel.






6:00PM BBT

I am out for the night.  -MamaLong

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7:50pm BBT Alyssa is worried about Kyle and would never do anything to put him in danger. She will talk to Joe. She tells Kyle to talk to everyone. Kyle says I'm sleeping in the BY. Start now? Alyssa tells him to join her in the HNR at 1am. Last night was fun, he says.

7:55pm BBT Kyle tells Alyssa he's so week, he weants to head to the HNR now. What's the excuse, she sks? He's vulnerable and scared and on the block! Kyle decides to work out with Joe. Alyysa says she isn't, she's sick, cough cough. Yes you are, he says.

7:57pm BBT Jasmine yells that Alyssa promised to bake cookies! I will, she says, I just wanted to talk to Kyle. Alyssa is allergic to grass and a little bit to dogs. She doesn't know if she's allergic to hay. Kyle is allertic to cats/dogs but never had a reaction to a cat. 

8:00pm BBT Kylyssa goes up to the BY balcony for the sunset. This is where they should have a date, he says. When do we officially announce our showmance? Next week Alyssa says. Kyle tells her to win HoH. Naturally, Indy interrupts. 3 more days to a full moon, she says.

8:05pm BBT Alyssa says she won't date a guy over 29 (conveniently, Kyle is 29). Kyle teases she hits on guys in clubs in Miami more than they hit on her. She denies it. Kyle wants to get in the pool. She says it's too cold. 

8:10pm BBT Alyssa wants to move to Paris, get married and have 6 kids who become artists. Kyle doesn'tt want 6 kids. He'll write a book of poems. Alyssa writes poems about love because everone relates to love. In the hammock, Michael/Brittany are talking about dying.

8:25pm BBT Michael/Brittany talk about comps. He doesn't have the upper body strength for The Wall. Brittany can zone out, hypnotize herself to not relax her grip or open her eyes. Michael thinks neither Jasmine nor Terrance would do well. 

#BB245 8:35pm BBT Turner says the last 3 weeks feel like 3 years. Alyssa wants Kyle to get a tattoo on his chest or arm. Kyle says he has a hard enough time choosing what he wants at the store, he can't choose a tattoo to wear forever. Turner has 15 tats. 

8:40pm BBT Turner says photographers can airbrush tats away He has a low pain threshold (then why get tattoos?). Kyle says a guy at work who died had a full sleeve of tattoos. He died in a motorcycle accident. Alyssa hates motorcycles for that reason. 

8:45pm BBT Daniel tells Jasmine he's gone over it and he's going home. Jasmine says you've only been nom 5 hours. Expect the unexpected, she says. The other side is running the house, he says, he gave Michael an unbelievable offer and he turned it down.

8:47pm BBT Daniel/Jasmine are talking with Joe. Daniel says Brittany doesn't think for herself. He doesn't have Brittany, Alyssa, Michael, Turner, Monte or Taylor. Daniel thinks Turner is laughing at him. Taylor will be Final 5, he says, 100%.

8:49pm BBT Daniel predicts Michael will go all the way to the end if they don't get him out. Turner flies under the radar. I forgot about Turner today, Joe says helpfully. He says he had no idea Michael was going to use the Veto. Daniel says it was a bad move to use it.

8:53pm BBT Daniel says not taking a shot at Monte will be Michael's downfall (a minute ago he was going to the finale). Unless he has a big alliance, Jasmine says. Daniel says the showmance (Kyle/Alyssa) will vote together. Joe says that's why he's staying away from Taylor.

8:55pm BBT Terrance joins Daniel/Jasmine/Joe. He thinks Brittany, Michael and Taylor are in an alliance and after Daniel leaves, they want Kyle out. They're protecting Monte. Jasmine tells Terrance Joe is not in the other group. 

9:00pm BBT Daniel says Kylyssa is not love. After she gets out, she's ging to go  out and party and break his heart. She has 3 years of partying left (apparently, girls are all partied out by age 27). Jasmine thinks Michael/Brittany/Turner/Monte are the big alliance.

9:05pm BBT Terrance asks Daniel about Paloma's Pack (it was Po's Pack). Daniel says it was Monte/Kyle/Ameerah/Turner/Michael/Alyssa. Jasmine says Alyssa broke down and confessed (don't forget, Joe is listening to all of this). 

9:07pm BBT Daniel says he's going to go drinking with Nicole and talk sh*t about the HG. Terrance says Michael is walking around all satisfied (or more likely releaved his responsibilities as HoH are over). Jasmine says the big guys underestimated Michael, now he has power.

9:10pm BBT Terrance says Michael is playing afraid because he didn't take the shot at Monte. I threw him the Veto, Terrance claims, and he didn't take the shot. Yeah, you did, Joe says, keeping him talking. If he'd taken the shot, Terrance says, then Daniel would be safe.

9:15pm BBT Daniel knows he's going home and will be rooting for Jasmine, Joe and Terrance. He won't watch the live feeds but he will meet up with Paloma and Nicole. 

9:35pm BBT In the SR, Joe says he can't stay long and fills Brittany in on everything Daniel, Jasmine and Terrance said. He grabs steaks for dinner. Jasmine says they look brown and smell. But cook them if you want.

9:40pm BBT Kylyssa are in the HT. Alyssa says Jasmine and Turner leave their dirty plates lying around. They are Festie Messies, Kyle jokes. Jasmine hates Turner, Alyssa says. She does, agrees Kyle. 

10:05pm BBT In the Space BR, Jasmine and Alyssa are talking about noms and the alliance Jasmine thinks is running the house. There never was a flip, she tells Alyssa, they knew what they were doing when they evicted Ameerah. 

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Michael and Brittany are talking in the hammock. Michael hopes for a quiet rest of the week.

Taylor says no one has said anything to her.


Taylor says Terrance has been asking how close she is to Kyle. She told Terrance Kyle would be a good target next week.


Michael says Kyle would be welcome to join them if he wants to, but he hopes Kyle doesn't want to.

That would make 3 of them from the Leftovers as besties.

Taylor hopes Festie Besties is over on Thursday.


Taylor says Daniel knows he is going home, Michael says everyone waits until Wednesday to push.


Taylor thinks her vote will the the "deciding" vote on Thursday.



Taylor says "how ever it falls, it falls. we just gotta keep winning."



Joseph, Daniel, Jasmine are in the living room area


Terrance is listing a list of people in an alliance, he says they want Kyle out next week. (Taylor, Michael, Brittany and Monte and Turner)


Jasmine,"Did they say my name?"


Joe looks on, says nothing.


Terrance continues to repeat his conversation with Taylor, he says she said there was no reason to get rid of Monte before jury, and he protected her.


Terrance says he went to his room and found Alyssa and Kyle in a bed in the room earlier. He felt like he was in the wrong room, he shut the door really fast.

Daniel says when Alyssa gets out of this house, she will be a party animal and break Kyle's heart. She has three years of partying to get out.


Terrance says Turner is under the radar, Taylor doesn't want Turner to be touched

Jasmine and Terrance continue to whisper, Terrance says last week was always the flip, they were just looking for votes.


Jasmine wonders if there was already an alliance before last week.


Terrance asks who was in Paloma's Pack, Daniel verifies.


Jasmine says Ameerah would never have come for her.



Daniel says he wishes he were evicted tonight, he would go drink with Nicole.


Terrance says there have to be more guys out now.

Jasmine insists she has to win HOH this week.


Terrance and Jasmine continue to taste the sour grapes because Michael did not keep nominations the same and rid them of Monte.

Terrance calls it a "missed shot". He says the opportunity to get him out won't come again.

Jasmine says she has been watching how much time they spend together.

She pairs Taylor and Monte, Michael and Brittany.

Terrance says he gave Michael that shot, he threw OTEV to Michael, but Michael did not take the shot he was given.

Joe acts completely shocked!  He laughs as if he can't believe it.


Terrance continues to rehash the Michael didn't do what I wanted story. He has a whispered conversation (misinformation, but a conversation nevertheless) with Jasmine. 



Daniel tells them that cooking is how Indy works to stay in the house.  He says Monte might "have his hand" on Indy, but he is not really working with her.

Daniel says he will be rooting for the three of them when he gets home. He will tell them everything he knows before he leaves.


Jasmine says no one should count her out, she is strong, not all those competitions will be...(as she limps away on her boot)



Camera moves to the kitchen

Indy is making steak, Monte is talking nonsense.

Alyssa comes by to check on her cookies, "They didn't even touch each other..that much."



Cooking, snacking and general talk in the kitchen.

Turner is passing out burritos, everyone loves them, he is called to the diary room, will have to have his later.



Joe yells to Indy about the steak, "Is it invite only?"

Indy says she is cooking only for herself.

Jasmine is fussing, why does she get two pieces of steak, how can she eat two whole pieces of steak, that was big pieces of steak, uhhh.

Jasmine to production, "Can you get us some meat?"

She wants "fresh meat."

Indy told them Turner made breakfast burritos but only for the people "here", meaning in the kitchen.

Turner, Terrance and Jasmine grumble.



Joe is telling Brittany about Terrance and Jasmine blurting out information. He has gone to the storage room for more steak.

Brittany says the steaks smell "sour", (they expire today).



Kyle and Alyssa are talking about Turner and Jasmine not doing dishes or cleaning up after themselves. Terrance told Alyssa she needs to talk to Turner and tell him to pick up his slack.



Cameras move to the living room, general talk about twisted Big Brother seasons, like siblings and such.


Alyssa says she is a free agent, she isn't going to try to make other alliances.



Joe, Terrance and Jasmine continue to fuss because no one cooked for them. Joe offered to make the steaks though, but they weren't good enough for Jasmine.

Terrance says he will just start cooking for himself.

Taylor wishes for red wine to cook with.

Terrance talks about foods he doesn't like,

Jasmine decides to get some of the leftover chartueserie (sorry Morte, I spelled that like a 4 year old). Joe tells her there were ants on it.

Indy offers Joe some of her steak, (guilty feelings?), he accepts.


Jasmine says she could cook ground turkey, she doesn't want to cook. She doesn't want to make any of the prepackaged foods. She wants snackables.

Terrance tells Jasmine there is lunchmeat.

(I have never seen anyone quite like Jasmine, she expects other house guests to play fetch, cook for her, clean up her messes, and in general act as her household staff. Jasmine can never live with Grannysue. nope nope)



Alyssa and Kyle are talking about their travel dreams.


Jasmine is repeating Daniel's comments about the showmance between Alyssa and Kyle.

Jasmine says Taylor said Kyle was the target next week, not Monte.

Jasmine says she hopes Daniel blows up all their game, she tells Alyssa that Monte, Brittany, Michael, and Taylor spend time together, they are an alliance.

Jasmine says Michael said no one looked at him the first two weeks, now he took two of them down, "because of your word? In Big Brother?"

Jasmine says Michael might take Brittany to the end, but she won't win.

Jasmine says they already knew about sending Ameerah out, they changed their vote at the very end.


Alyssa says next week they have to get Michael or Monte out. If they don't get rid of them they will win.

Jasmine tells Alyssa Joe trusts Terrance more than Monte, she plans to get closer to the girls (Brittany and Taylor) because she sleeps in the room with them.

Jasmine says Indy is "up here cooking steaks and s**t for em." She thinks Monte is working to control Indy.

Jasmine says Taylor and Michael are more comfortable this week, where does that come from.


Alyssa promises not to tell anyone what they talked about.

Jasmine says Taylor was smart to join Alyssa and Indy.

Jasmine says she is going to go tell Daniel to blow up everyone's game up before he leaves.

Jasmine tells Alyssa she threw the OTEV comp, she thought Michael would do the right thing.



House guests crowded in the hot tub. General talk.














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10:15pm BBT Alyssa asks Jasmine how Joe feels abotu Monte. He trusts Terrance more than Monte, Jasmine says. Right now, we're outnumbered (and outsmarted). Jasmine says you, me, Indy, Joe or Terrance have to win next week. You're the ones I trust.

10:17pm BT Jasmine says they have to break up the other side. If Indy wins HoH, she'll put up Taylor. Taylor is smart. She wants Daniel to blow up everyone's game on his way out (he would have to know everyone's game, anyone's game). 

10:20pm BBT Jasmine tells Alyssa Taylor joined her and Indy so Kyle wouldn't put her up. He won't put you at risk, she says. Jasmine says she through the Veto because she thought Michael would do the right thing. You were hurt, Alyssa reminds her. 

10:22pm BBT Jasmine tells Joe she learned a lot tonight (boy, he sure did). Turner/Taylor/Terrance/Indy/Michael/Kyle/Alyssa all crowd into the HT. Brittany is sitting on the side w/her dangling. Joe brings out a plate full of food. Daniel/Jasmine/Joe on lounges behind them.

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Joe tells a funny story about his school life. His father cut his hair at home, it sounds like he did a pretty bad job of it. One time dad was cutting his hair and clipped his ear. Joe says his ear was bleeding and he had it wrapped. The ear began to bleed badly so he was sent to the clinic at school.  When he spoke to his dad, his dad said, "Do not tell them I cut your ear. You tell them I cut your ear, I cut the other ear." Joe told the school what happened, his dad was embarrassed.

Joe says he loves his dad.

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Terrance and Daniel plan to meet in the back yard later tonight.

 Daniel talks to the camera, he is insulting the

m, calling them weak and saying they aren't playing the game.

(The Leftovers is definitely playing the game, and Daniel as well. Daniel is in for a surprise come Thursday if he doesn't pull himself out of this mess.


House guests are moving away from the hot tub, everyone checks their shoes and items for ants.




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10:30pm BBT HG tell HS dating disasters. Brittany went to prom alone becuse her BF was in college. Joe tried to kiss a girl and accidentally banged her head against the wall. Monte's first kiss was in the 6th grade on the school bus. 

10:35pm BBT Brittany's first kiss was a 6th grade birthday kiss to a boy by a dumpster outside the community theater. Taylor's first kiss was on Valentines Day playing spin the bottle. The boy plugged his nose and ran away.

10:37pm BBT Alyssa's first kiss was in 5th grade. She was in a circle of kids and a boy kissed her then ran away. Kyle didn't kiss until 7th grade. Monte calls him a late bloomer. Monte's first kiss was an older 9th grade girl in his driveway. 

10:48pm BBT Joe tells a story when his father accidentally clipped his ear cutting his hair. The bandaged ear started bleeding at school. His dad sad if he told officials what happened, he'd clip the other ear. Joe told the school & his dad was embarassed. He loves his dad.

11:20pm BBT Most HG are in the HT. Daniel is alone, talking to the camera, saying the other side is weak, not playing the game. The HT gang breaks up, checking their shoes for ants.

11:40pm BBT Alyssa tells Kyle Jasmine thinks Brittany/Taylor/Turner/Indy/Monte are in an alliance. She thinks Kyle should talk with Jasmine (Alyssa thinks Kyle has to fight). Terrance tells Daniel Kyle is not with the other side, only voted with them once to evict Nicole.

11:42pm BBT Terrance tells Daniel there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Daniel wonders who would go after Monte or Michael if he's not there? Terrance says Daniel needs to pay attention to who talks to who. Terrance will talk to Joe, his little bro. 

11:44pm BBT Daniel tells Terrance to use Brittany. Make sure he has Alyssa's vote. Once they have Alyssa, everyone else will fall in line. Terrance says he confronted Michael who had no excuse for using the Veto. He just stood there. 

11:46pm BBT Terrance wants to blindside the other side. Daniel calls himself a mad scientist and will find a way out. He'll win HoH and put Michael on the block, no backdoor, let him sit.

11:50pm BBT Kyle watches Alyssa in the shower. He thinks he'll be fine. She worries their showmance makes them a target. Just don't be public, Kyle advises. I keep it low key that we kissed and stuff. Alyssa calls him perfect. Game, Kyle asks? Let's go mingle, he says.

11:53pm BBT Daniel tells Terrance they should tell Alyssa she can build her resume by voting out her showmance. Alyssa heads to the BY hammock. Joe asks her what are her drug experiences. Joe starts to talk about Turner's acid.... FOTH

11:55pm BBT In the Cars BR, Kyle tells Monte Alyssa is frustrated he is not campaigning more. He's just playing dumb. He thinks Daniel will try to blow up games when he leaves. Monte says let him try. Indy's lost her glasses. Daniel says whoever took the Cider took them.

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