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Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
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Washroom Area (WA)
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Thank you!

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12:12AM BBT  

In the backyard, Taylor, Michael, Brittany and Alyssa are talking about BB nudity on Reddit. The girls are worried that there will be pics of them from changing clothes. Talk turns to videos of previous HGs "jacking off in the shower."

Michael says there used to be a tub thing in the backyard that guys would go inside with a plastic bag to do their business, "That is disgusting. You know it must have been so hot in there." (The infamous "jack shack" started way back in the early seasons)

Taylor: (to production) Please bleach the HoH shower


In the Space Age Bedroom, Indy is reading the Bible while Nicole seems to be sleeping in her bed (Nicole took over Ameerah's bed)


12:14AM BBT   A New Final 2 is Locked In

In the bathroom, Kyle and Turner are talking about the numbers on the other side of the house.

Kyle: I hope I don't get backdoored, dude. I hope I don't go up with Daniel. I am just nervous as numbers start to dwindle down, it's going to be easier for the 7 of us to be 'let's just take a shot at Kyle'

Turner: You think?

Kyle: I just think alliances of 7 or even 6, (are too big)

Turner: It's hard to get to the end.

Kyle: I know. I just hope it stands strong.

Turner: Tell me if I am overstepping, but do you have a final 2 with anyone or a final 4?

Kyle: I have none, dude. I swear on my life.

Turner: I think I would assume that 2 people, and we know what 2 do (inaudible because his mic is not on)

Kyle: I am down 100%

Turner: I'm down 1000%

Kyle: 1000%

Turner: If we are in a final 4, I think it's pretty obvious who the 2 and 2 would be

Kyle: I think in final 4, I lose to Joseph. I lose to Monte. I think you lose to Joseph, and you lose to Monte. We don't have an options if we get to that point.

Turner: Here is a fun fact. Pooch was my final 2 after Dan fucking won.

Kyle: but freaking Jasmine?

They discuss Pooch messing things up with his game play. Kyle said his plan would have worked if it was any of them in HoH

Turner: Okay, so final 2?

Kyle: Let's lock it down, bro! I was thinking Monte, Joseph, Brittany, Michael and you and Taylor

Turner: I think it will be easy for us 4 to get to final 4

Kyle: I'm ready. I am down 100%, Bro

Turner: That's fire. I'm ready. I'm already there.




12:16AM BBT

Turner: And if I win HoH in the final 4, dude, you're coming

Turner says he thought Kyle probably already had something with Monte or Joseph, but then he recognized that Monte and Joe were tight.

Turner: And Taylor is going to have one hell of a speech. It's gonna be dope.

Kyle: I hope it pisses off Daniel. Dude, we are good. Daniel and Nicole are just shooting themselves in the foot. Dude, can you believe all of this happened just because you won HoH. We would be done and they would be running the house.

Turner: I know


Nicole interrupts on her way to the loo.

Kyle: Hey! How is your Bible study going?

Nicole: Well, I feel she was reading the Bible to me in her mind


*The cams cut to the backyard.


12:20AM BBT

In the backyard, Taylor, Michael, Britt and Alyssa are dipping their feet in the hot tub and talking about their "secrets" 

Michael (to Alyssa): How many children do you have?

Alyssa: I have three under the age of ten.

They all laugh.

Michael (to Taylor): Do you have a secret you want to share?

Taylor says she thinks they already know, but she won Miss Congeniality at Miss America

Alyssa: What is Miss Congeniality? Like, best personality?

Taylor says all of the contestants vote on who is easiest to get along with.

Taylor: You don't get anything but bragging rights. Just a social media shout out.

Michael: Do you know how many votes? Did they reveal that?

Taylor: They did not reveal that. It's not Big Brother.  

Taylor pokes fun at herself saying she thought it was the big secret that would get her evicted if the HGs found out. "Well, it went a little differently. Nope."

Michael says the first secret Terrance revealed is that he thought Ameerah was the most beautiful girl in the house.

Alyssa: That was Terrance's secret? I am sorry I missed that.

Michael: Well, everyone thought Ameerah was beautiful.

The HGs are complaining that the hot tub is not hot. It is actually making them cold.

They begin discussing the death of rapper, Juice WRLD who Turner says looks so much like Terrance. Turner said he was evading arrest and took off on a jet then had a seizure related to an overdose. 

*WBRB when Alyssa starts huming one of his songs



1:14AM BBT

Kyle and Alyssa whisper in the bathroom.

Kyle: We have the backyard tomorrow! All day!

Alyssa: I am happy

Kyle: I will just stay out there all day looking at you.

Alyssa: Sounds fun!

Kyle: Can I just say, you are the hottest girl I have ever seen in my entire life? I promise!

Alyssa: No way! You are just saying that.

Kyle: I promise. You Arrrrrrrre. Oh my gosh!



Alyssa deflects the compliments in a very flirty way and gets closer to Kyle.

Kyle: Like, right now? Oh my gosh! You are so freaking pretty. Oh my gosh!

Alyssa: Thank you

Kyle: No, I'm serious

Alyssa: You are ridiculous. But, thank you. You really think that?

Kyle: I swear. Oh my gosh. It is like hurting my soul looking at you because you are so beautiful. It's insane. It is insane.

Alyssa: I can't. You're lying. Thank you, though.

Kyle: It's bad. It's bad for my game.

Alyssa: My game is already out; I'm done.

Kyle: I can't play. I'm out. I'm done. Check please. And you are so cool, too.

Alyssa: You are just gassing me up right now.

Kyle: It's bad for my game because I don't want to talk to anyone else. But, I'm like, I can't just go and bug Alyssa all the time.

Alyssa: I bug you.

Kyle: I go and bug Terrance and try to make small talk....And you are so funny. You make me laugh. Girls don't usually make me laugh.

Kyle says he just tries to make small talk with everyone else when he really just wants to talk with her. Alyssa says she feels the same, "I really just want to spend time with you."

Kyle: Oh my gosh. This is bad. This is why we just need to do Amazing Race or something where it's just us.

Alyssa: I think we would do good.

Kyle: You think?

Kyle: Here is what we do. When we get out of here, I come to Florida and learn to drive stick shift. Do you want to live in Florida?

Alyssa: I don't care. Wherever.

Kyle: Let's go and travel for...how long?

Alyssa: Forever

Kyle: Could you handle me, though? I think you would get sick of me.

Alyssa: I feel you would get sick of me.

Kyle: No way!

Alyssa: Facts! You are way cooler than me. You are way out of my league. Facts!

Kyle: No, that is not true. Now you are gassing me up. Tonight is your night. I am gassing YOU up. Do you have like savings for travel?

Alyssa says yes because it's all she wants to do. 

Kyle: Oh my gosh. Me too! Let's go. I will spend all my money on you. Okay, wait. I can't cash that check. But let's travel everywhere.

Alyssa: I don't care about Florida. I just want to go on an adventure and figure it out.

They discuss traveling and making content along the way. Neither really know how to do that well, so they laugh that they have to bring Turner along.

Alyssa: I think that would be great. I think he would be down.

Kyle: Turner and Megan would be cool! We would be such a random group.



[Kyle is hard to read. At times I think he is serious about Alyssa, but then I wonder if he is just toying with her. I hope he is genuine because Alyssa is really falling for him. Either way, I have doubts he would pursue anything further with her in the BB house. He is serious about the game and wants her out because she distracts him. -MamaLong]


2:14AM BBT

Kyle and Alyssa are cuddling in her bed in the Space Age Bedroom with the lights on.  

Kyle kisses her on the forehead.

Kyle: Do you think America likes us, or not?

Alyssa: Definitely not.

Kyle: As long as you like me.

Alyssa: I like you a lot

Kyle: Whoa! You like me? A lot?

Alyssa: I like you a lot, a lot!

Kyle: Do you like these warm scratches (he is running his fingers along her arms

Alyssa: I just like you touching me. All of the above.



2:20AM BBT

Kyle and Alyssa are getting very cozy with Indy sleeping in the next bed with her eyes covered. Alyssa asks if she is watching. Kyle says no. Kyle finally kisses her.

Alyssa: What happened to waiting? What happened to just being friends? Remember that talk we had?

Kyle says he doesn't care anymore. He wants to have a good experience in the house and just have fun. He says now that this has happened, he can last another few weeks.

Alyssa sayss he wants to be asleep befor Nicole gets out of the DR because she always wants to talk with her. Kyle thanks production for keeping Nicole in the DR. "Should I leave?" Alyssa doesn't respond.

Kyle: Can I just sleep in here?

Alyssa: Yeah

He gets more handsy.

Kyle: I'm sorry. Is this okay?

Alyssa: Yeah, I like it

Things get steamier and production moves the cameras to the backyardimage.thumb.png.a1c5dd14f8cf4f8d467f9c6870ec67eb.png



[Welp! I was wrong. It isn't the first time. LOL! Anyway, I hope Kyle doesn't break her heart. He really has her fixated on him now. -MamaLong]


2:43AM BBT

Alyssa is now sleeping in the Space Age bedroom, alone, with the lights off. Kyle is chatting in the kitchen with Turner, Taylor, and Joe about the ants being everywhere. Joes sees they have made their way inside the bread.

Joe: This is where I draw the line. Now I can't make my breakfast sandwich.

They are wishing production would bring an exterminator through.


3:35AM BBT

In the kitchemn, Michael, Monte, Taylor, Joe and Kyle are ragging on Jasmine and how she kept the soft blanket from the HoH.

Turner: Do you want it back?

Monte: Yeah, I want my cashmere.

They complain about how Jasmine has been seeking sympathy scooting up the stairs on her butt, but Monte just says "okay, you'll warm up" doing that when she is still cold from the HNR.


[Yesterday, Turner was harshly compalining about Jasmine always having people make her food for her, saying a wounded foot doesn't prevent her from being able to cook for herself. He feels like Jasmine won't do anything for herself. And this is somewhat an accurate assessment. I get the impression that Jasmine doesn't do anything that others are willing to do for her, and this would be the norm for her, despite her injury. I've considered her behavior somewhat dangerous, as other HGs would view her as nothing more than a vote. On the other hand, Jasmine has been complaining about Turner being selfish and not helping her at all. She also says that he is the dirtiest house guest and never cleans up after himself. He doesn't cook slop for her when he makes it for himself, and he leaves all the pans dirty when she asked him to please clean them so she can use them, too. They just tolerate each other. But, Jasmine is right about Turner being dirty. His personl hygeine is lacking, in my opinion, and I've never seen him wash a dish. -MamaLong]


3:45AM BBT

Kyle, Michael, Taylor and Monte all say goodnight and head to bed. Turner heads out to the backyard where he tells the live feeds he is going to play pool. He asks the cams for confirmation they are recording him. He gets his confirmation. "Okay, Megan. If you are watching this. It's 4 AM. I don't know if you are watching this. I love you, and I miss you so much. I hope Nelson and Nyla are okay. That third HoH, that was for you, Baby. I never addressed most of my family, so mom..."

Feeds cut to all sleepers, so we miss the rest of Turner's monologue.



4:00AM BBT

Turner: Pooch, why did you put yourself up as a pawn on week 2? I love you, dude. But, come on! I feel like I'm widowed. 


4:12AM BBT

Turner finally settles for slumber in his freezing Have-Not floatie bed.


8:25AM BBT

The Houseguests are sleeping in a dark Big Brother House.

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9:06AM BBT

The house is still dark and silent.


9:23AM BBT

Terrance is out of bed for the loo.


9:29AM BBT

Terrance checks the time on the microwave then heads back to the Car Design Bedroom.


9:35AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"

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9:46AM BBT

The feeds return to all of the house lights up and HGs struggling to start their day. 

Daniel is bringing Jasmine's scooter down the steps for her.

Jasmine examines her foot. (It is looking much better but still swollen and still has visible bruising.)




Jasmine tells Daniel that she thinks he is right about the house having mosquitoes.

Daniel: What time did you go to bed?

Jasmine: It had to be 12. I felt bad because I had to get up in the middle of the night to go pee and I think Monte was in the tub so I just went straight to the bathroom and straight out. I felt so bad but I couldn't hold it. I was hurting. 

Daniel: Oh man! 

Daniel says he was in the DR really late but thinks he still got about 8 hours of sleep. They head to the SR to get their batteries.

Daniel looks at the batteries, "There is still alot of people here."

Jasmine: It doesn't seem like it, but there is

Daniel: It's time to get rid of some of these people.

They laugh


9:54AM BBT

WBRB, again, because only Dan, Jasmine and Britt are out of bed.


9:55AM BBT

Daniel heads outside and up to the balcony to enjoy his coffee.


Production has called both Brittany and Kyle to the DR. Kyle tells her to go first since she is already dressed and ready.

Britt: Are you sure?

Kyle: Yeah

Kyle heads to the couch and closes his eyes.


9:59AM BBT

Bob: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests. Please change your batteries.

Kyle: Ugh


10:08AM BBT

Daniel, Terrance and Jasmine are talking about the morning music: Bruno Mars, Akira and Blink 182

Dan: I liked today (the music)

Jasmine already has her swimsuit on saying she was ready to get up today because it's the last day in the backyard and last official full day on slop (I mean, she technically has two, but I get the countdown reasoning since today is already upon us.)


10:10AM BBT

Bob: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests

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10:14AM BBT

Jasmine walks into the Space Age Bedroom and Nicole tells her she looks good, "You have definitely lost weight."

Jasmine: Definitely, but it will all be eat up tomorrow. "I'm gonna go outside because this is the last full day of me on slop."


Bob: Alyssa, Indy, Joseph, Nicole, Monte, Taylor, Turner please change your batteries.



10:19AM BBT

Indy asks what was going on last night that they kept coming in and out of the room.

Jasmine: That was your daughter (meaning Alyssa)

Alyssa says she first washed her body then couldn't sleep on her dirty hair, so she showered three times last night. "And then Daniel came in from the DR"

Nicole: And we all just stared at you sleeping


10:21AM BBT

Alyssa jumps out of bed to go pee and finds a line of Nicole and Michael already there

Nicole: There is someone in there

Alyssa: Okay....I have to pee so bad

Nicole: I know, so do I


10:22AM BBT

Bob: Joseph, Monte, Taylor, Turner Please change your battery!

Kyle finally finishes in the bathroom and says good morning to those waiting.


10:25AM BBT

Alyssa heads back to the Space Age Bedroom.

Indy: Did I miss anything last night?

Alyssa: Kyle and I cuddled, did you hear us?

Alyssa says that he kept getting freaked out that people were coming so he would leave and then he would come back.


In the backyard, Daniel is talking tot he feeds and shouting out past HGs that he thinks played well (Meisha, Todrick, Shanna, Danny & Evil) "But my favorite player of all time is Dan Gheesling. Don't even get me started on Dan's funeral. It cannot be repeated. Damn! I do wish we had a Britney Haynes in this house, though. She was dope. She was funny. She was hot. Where are those? Where are the triple threats. I don't think we have any. The Brigade? So bad ass. Poor Britney. Damn, I wish I could geek out with this with everyone else. Hopefully Dr. WIll hosts something; and oh my God, I'm going to have to act like I don't know who he is."


10:32AM BBT

Dan: I bet you the person playing the best game right now, not just from my perspective but from the viewer perspective is Michael. I don't agree with his floating tactics. But, that's a way to do it.


10:34AM BBT

Nicole heads outside.

Dan: Oh my God! FInally!

Nicole: I had to brush my teeth.

She says Terrance has his workout clothes on already and is heading out there.

Nicole: Hammock in the morning.

Dan: I love this!

Nicole: You can be here and nobody sees you.

Turner comes out and heads to the backyard couch. 

Nicole says she needs coffee and food.


10:38AM BBT

[I will be in and out today, with a lot going on. So, please post updates when you can. -MamaLong]


10:39AM BBT

Nicole tells Daniel she talked to Joseph and Turner yesterday.

Bob: Please lower the outside awnings.

Nicole: Ugh! Okay, Big Brother. Let's start on the hot side first.

Daniel: Ugh, FIne!


10:42AM BBT

Jasmine and Terrance are whispering in the kitchen. Jasmine says it's crazy that everybody is scared that it may flip.

Jasmine: How do you not want to get this girl out? Taylor got to go.

Terrance: SHe gone

Jasmine: you, me, Alyssa, Indy, Daniel....Who is gonna be 6?

Terrance: We got to get Kyle....Alyssa's got Kyle's ear

Jasmine: You think so?

Terrance: I am hoping so. I don't know what the shit they are doing. At this point, I am rocking with you. Let's go.

Jasmine is making fried slop cakes.

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Jasmine: Damn! We got to get that other vote, but I think we'll be good. She will be a number for us.

Terrance: A great number. And she will go after them.

Terrance says he thinks he will end up on the block again next week.

Terrance says if Taylor stays, she will join with Indy and Alyssa to protect herself. 

Terrance: There is a lot going with this bullshit

Jasmine: Why would she feel she would be safe with them?

Terrance says she feels Kyle is connected to Alyssa and Indy is connected to Monte so why would they shoot.

Jasmine: They shot that shot already. 

Terrance tells Jasmine that she and Turner are insulated and Jasmine is shocked that after Turner went rogue, no one is after him.

Terrance: No one is gonna fuck with you because that would be a coward's move

Jasmine says she is doing her best.

Terrance: Get that shit out your head. You were hopping around and throwing wine glasses. No one is doubting you.

Jasmine says her scooter wasn't rolling on the rug, so she had no choice but to hop through that. The doctor then got after her telling her not to do that again. She says she only has a week and a half to go before she can put pressure on her foot. She has exercises she was shown how to do, but she is scared to do it. 

Bob: Please clean the mirror above the kitchen sink.

Terrance: I got you.

jasmine: They are like, we can't see y'all.



10:56AM BBT

Monte is up finally changing his battery



11:05AM BBT

Indy is full of pep today, "See, when I go to bed early, I wake up with loads of energy." She is already ready for the backyard and starts singing We Don't Talk About Bruno but does not get called out.


11:13AM BBT

In the backyard, Jasmine and Brittany are discussing how suprised they are that Big Brother cast both of them this season, given they are both married with no kids and not model skinny.


Britt says she applied to Big Brother a lot and made it to semi-finals BB17 then made it to finals for another season. She took a break and then started reapplying.

Jasmine says they got new casting people and seeing last season made her realize if they are getting diverse (in casting) they will be diverse in every way (casting fuller-figure women).

Jasmine begins talking about her experience last year "being crazy" but the feeds cut this discussion and move us to the kitchen.

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12:12PM BBT

In the kitchen. Monte and Michael are discussing Have-Nots and how Turner has just one more day (He has had the hardest time of all othe HGs thus far)

Michael: We almost have enough beds for everyone (without Have-Nots)

They think that Have-Nots will disappear after next week

Kyle: Let's hope. (He is washing a dish) Maybe if we don't leave any dishes in the sink others won't leave theirs. Do you think it will work?

Michael: No

Kyle asks if he can use Monte's room to talk to his family. He says yes.

Indy enters the ktichen and Michael asks her what is on the menu today. Indy says she will make lettuce wraps. "I need to get back on my diet."

*currently transcribing a long monologue from Kyle.....and it's great* Check back soon!  -ML

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Kyle:  I came into the house thinking there was no way I was going to do any sort of showmance stuff. Ughhhh and here we are.  I really like her and  I don't know what to do because she's outside of the Leftovers Alliance. Like she could have been gone this week, and I could have been the reason that she had to leave. Oh my gosh! So, just to recap, we came up with a plan....oh, wow, can I talk about this? Just let me know, production, if I cant.... We came up with a plan to ensure Michael and Brittany were safe. And, basically that meant that I wasn't going to use the veto and neither was Daniel to leave Alyssa and Indie up on the block and send Alyssa home.  And then Indy would, hopefully, join Michael and Brittany's twosome so that they have a third, so that no matter what pair gets put on the block, me and so that the numbers to keep our lines safe.


That was the plan, and I was the last to know about it. And I didn't know how I felt, like,  it was such a hard decision cuz it was literally the day before the veto ceremony and I get pulled in and it's like dude, this is the plan.Llike the only way we're going to keep the whole group safe... so, basically I had told Alyssa and Indy for 2 days 'I'm going to use the veto on you'  and then this idea was brought where I couldn't use the veto and we were going to take Alyssa out this week (y'all, it was his original idea to take out Alyssa. I guess his emotions have caused amnesia -ML) and then this idea was brought where we going to take Alyssa out and I was going to have to lie to her. I was like, this is the hardest thing. Like, just morally, I couldn't do it. Like, that was so difficult. I feel like I was lying to her and then.... I was just, it's so difficult and I don't think I could have done it.


So, anyway, the next day, luckily, Daniel came to my rescue cuz we had a plan. Monte was going to share a bunch of info about the house that indicated that Nicole might leave. So Monte comes down to the kitchen and he's like dude, Danny, we need to talk about the veto. I got some information and immediately Daniel smelled something fishy.  He comes running out he's like Dude, Monte is trying to keep Alyssa and  Indy on the block. He doesn't want to put up Nicole and Taylor because he doesn't have the votes to keep Taylor.  So he smelled it right from the start and told me that, and then Monte talks to Daniel and Nicole. They didn't buy the BS at all, and so Daniel comes out. He's like dude I'm using the veto 100%.... they don't have the votes to keep Taylor and we send Taylor home this week and we have the numbers. So I'm playing so dumb with Daniel.  and he thinks I'm an idiot.... and he's telling me all this stuff. He trusts me for some reason when in reality, I'm the reason. I was the one who started the freaking Leftover Alliance. Like it was my idea to unite the outcasts, and he has no idea.



12:18PM BBT

He thinks I'm just like the seventh member (of Daniel's side) So that's tough too. Holy shit, now I'm lying to Daniel. thinking we all we have the numbers to get Taylor out this week. He thinks Monte doesn't have the numbers when in reality, I know he's using the veto to basically send his best friend, Nicole out the door. It's like the dumbest move in BB history. Like, it's so dumb, but I understand the logic. So he thinks  it's Monte, Britttany, Taylor, Turner, Michael and Brittany... Monte can't vote. Taylor can't vote.  He's not assuming I'm with them.  Then He thinks it's Daniel, Nicole,Terrance, me, Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine so Nicole could about so it be a 6 to 4 vote to get Taylor out. And he's like, to me, we have to take this chance. When in reality I think it's going to be a landslide vote. (to evict Nicole) because the girls don't want to be blindsided again. They don't want to be on the opposite side of the vote is what I am trying to say. So I mean it's going to be...they think Terrance is with them and I don't think so.  That's what they're trying to say, so in my mind, I think it's 5 to 5 with a tie break going to Monte. 


There are 7 in The Leftovers. There's me, Monte, Joseph, Taylor, Brittany, Michael, Turner.  If we present it to the girls, I think it's going to be a unanimous vote.


12:21PM BBT

But, anyways... yeah so.... oh my God I kissed Alyssa yesterday. What am I thinking America? Is this the dumbest thing ever?  It's day 28 and I'm so bored and I'm so horny.  It's so bad and she's so hot. And I never thought I would get along with someone this weel. I have to keep playing it up to the Leftovers like we're not in a showmance.... as I was making out with her like two feet away from Joseph.


Anyways, I really like her! Oh my gosh! I really like her and the scary thing is I didn't think I would be in this situation. I thought coming in, like a girl would like me, or maybe have a crush on me or something. But, I didn't expect to like a girl back. And then, here we are! Shit! It's so difficult too, cuz like now I think about us like kissing and stuff and I get so excited. So I have to wear this hoodie everywhere so it like hangs down mid thighs because it's very obvious I'm excitable. So yeah that's going on. Oh my gosh she's so hot. Am I stupid?  Okay, listen. Here's my philosophy. I came to terms with it when I was basically going to vote her out this week and not use the veto. Only, in this game there is only a certain amount of time and it is a game. And games are meant to be fun. I'm so bored. We're all bored. I thought at the end of this, am I really going to regret spending these moments with someone that I truly care about? Like whether it hurts my game or not, I'm just like, I would rather enjoy moments of people I care about . We just need to be more discreet about it, I think, and not be making out in front of Indy with her sleeping and Joseph in the next room.


>Whatever! But oh my gosh! It was so fun kissing her too! Wow wow wow! That's all I want to do. I don't even care. So yeah, that happened last night. I was just like, screw it ...and I'm so insecure about my glasses when I kiss because like I never want to poke a girl in the face with my classes when I go in for a kiss. So like I just casually...like,  I'm like tired... I'm saying, okay everything is blurry but I don't have to worry about poking you in the eyeball... so yeah that's kind of where I'm at. I'm worried that my relationship with Alyssa is affecting the Leftovers Alliance. I was wondering if that played in to why they wanted her gone this week   [He is still forgetting that it was HIS idea -ML] but I don't think it is. Brittany and Michael are just in a tough spot where say one of their side wins HOH, they put up one of us or me and Daniel. No matter who plays in the veto, only one person has to make this decision to use the veto... so it could be someone on their side to use the veto, take me down off  the block and put up Michael and Brittany. So basically the only way they're guaranteed... we win HOH or if that side wins HOH and then Michael and Brittany win.


12:26PM BBT >WBRB interrupts










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Joseph is cutting fruit in the kitchen.


2:01PM BBT

Turner is fast asleep in the livingroom

WBRB, probably to wake him up, but when the feeds return, he hasn't budged.






2:05PM BBT

WBRB, again


2:06PM BBT

The feeds return to Turner now vertical.


Brittany is enjoying the pool and chatting with Michael, Nicole and Jasmine.

Nicole finds a bunch of ants "they just came out of nowhere. That was is carrying a dead body. They have come to gather their fallen soldiers."

Michael: What do they do with them

Nicole: Maybe they eat them

Daniel joins them. Brittany says hi to the birds that are chirping.

[Apparently there is a nest of baby birds that the HGs can see, and they have been quite vocal this summer. -MamaLong]






2:12PM BBT

Taylor is campaigning to Alyssa in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Alyssa says she is still disappointed that she was blindsided last week. Taylor tells her if she stays there, she would want to join her and Indy. 

Taylor: Then if you had an inkling I would come after you, I mean I cannot come after you, and we put some guys on the block.

Alyssa: Why me and Indy?

Taylor: Because I couldn't come after you.

Alyssa comments that she ha s no idea why people target her (Taylor) because all she does is sit in a corner and eat her chips.

They laugh.



Alyssa: I appreciate that and I think you should talk to Indy.

Taylor: I don't think she likes me

Alyssa: I don't think that it's that she doesn't like you

Taylor tells Alyssa if she joins them, ALyssa would be guaranteed jury because she wouldn't touch the block, or she would touch the block but Taylor would go home.




2:20PM BBT

In the backyard, Jasmine discusses her technique for eating dill pickles. She nibbles the skin all around the outside then bits of the tip and sucks out all the juice leaving 3 spears which are delicious. "Have you ever had a candied pickle? It will change your life." Jasmine says she will send Brittany a care pacage of candied pickles.

Jasmine and Nicole are discussing all of the Asian snacks they love.

[Self torture for Have-Nots if you ask me. -ML]



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2:30PM BBT

Indy, Taylor and Monte have joined the others in the backyard. 





2:35PM BBT

Daniel, Terrance, Turner and Alyssa are chatting on the backyard couches. Daniel tells them that production told him if he sings anything  (original songs by Daniel) it will belong to them.




2:38PM BBT

Indy, and Alyssa head into the pool, but a bug chases Alyssa around.





2:43PM BBT

There isn't much game talk today, just a lot of hanging out.




2:46PM BBT

Daniel is whispering with Nicole in the kitchen that he is nervous that no one is talking game with him, not saying how they are voting at all. He knows this means trouble.

Nicole: They want me to freak out, and it's not working. I find it to be very comical because it's not who I am.

Nicole says she is "damned if I do, damned if I don't" when it comes to gametalk, "especially when he is trying to push the narrative that I am paranoid."

Dan: Fuck. Why are we here? It's not to make friends. It's to win a fucking game. Shit.

Nicole: I feel with the way things went yesterday....I know that you using the veto was not what they wanted.

Dan: Oh absolutely notbecause it gives us a chance.

Nicole: They are trying to pull in Kyle and Alyssa to whatever they are doing.

Dan: I don't think Alyssa will stray.

Nicole: Me neither.

Dan: Especailly after what happened last week.

They discuss Michael and how he never initiates game talk. They know he is working with them but he plays to Nicole/Dan as if he isn't.

Nicole: We aren't fucking stupid.

Dan: Like you think you don't think we see you up there 24/7?

Nicole: He is giving me the information I want but he presents it like it is information he is formualting. I call them 'Sorry Six" because they are gonna be sorry. First to go, Monte. Second to go, Brittany. Let's watch Joseph crumble.

Dan: Brittany has go to go because she is such a liar

Nicole: A terrible liar

Daniel heads up to the Tiki loft to make sure no one is there

Nicole: They are all out there outside talking about us right now

Dan: of course


2:57PM BBT

Dan and Nicole get some of the chicken from the oven and rave that it is incredible.


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3:00pm BBT Nicole says Michael & Terrance are doing a really acting job if they're with Monte/Joe. I told Terrance if I went home, Daniel was the only one left he could trust. Daniel worries there's a Cookout 2.0 and they're on the wrong side. But why send home Ameerah?

3:10pm BBT I'm 100% keeping you, Daniel tells Nicole. It's no secret. Michael says he's tired of 50/50 waivering but he won't commit. I was waiting for him to commit. Joe is snoring on a lounge chair so the other HG start stacking cushions around him. 

3:20pm BBT Nicole says she'd vote for Michael to win right now. Daniel agrees. That's why he needs us on the jury, he reasons. Unless everyone else is telling him that too. Turner looks to see if Joe is awake and Joe scares him. 

3:30pm BBT Daniel tells Nicole Jasmine said Brittany told her she's keeping Tayler. Part of me wonders, Nicole says, if they not playing reverse psychology on us. Being on the block sucks. It's the worst feeling. Worse than Slop. I'd go on Slop 3 wks to stay off the block.

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6:30pm BBT In the WA, Kyle asks Michael what he thinks will happen when The Leftovers are down to 7. Michael says he hasn't had any convos along those lines. Kyle says he thinks he has a good relationship with Michael/Brittany and feels super comfortable. Michael agrees. Kyle says Joe/Monte are great but he doesn't have the same comfort with them that he has with Michael/Brittany. Kyle points out that Michael has Britanny, Joe has Monte & Turner has Taylor. Kyle is the odd man out, the 7th member of the alliance. 

Kyle doesn't want to be #7. He's cautious when Monte/Joe say they have a great relationship with Terrance, with Indy, with Jasmine, but they want Daniel out next. That leaves them with only one option, Michael says. That means I go on the block too, Kyle says. Michael asks Kyle if he has a working relationship with Daneil. Yes, Kyle says, but that'll end once Nicole is evicted. They discuss who Daniel might turn to after Nicole is gone. Kyle thinks he'll go to Indy/Alyssa or probably Turner/Jasmine.

Kyle says a 7-person alliance is big and not like the Cookout. Michael says Cookout had a bond bigger than the game. Kyle says we don't have that. Michael says Kyle winning HoH would be the best scenario. But then they'll want to go after Alyssa, Kyle says. Michael says Taylor will likely go to Alyssa/Indy (when she selects her new Besties), but The Leftovers are not going to want to put her up for the 4th time to get Alyssa. Kyle agrees, which brings them back to him & Daniel and being the 7th wheel.


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Alyssa and her hero, Kyle are talking in the Tiki  lounge, they are negotiating whether they will have a dog.  The cuteness continues.


In the back yard Jasmine, Indy and Brittany are discussing the upcoming vote.  Maybe they should talk to Joseph, they were all over the place last week.

Brittany tells them when she walks into the room conversations seem to be over, she is trying to talk to Monte more. She says Monte just says he did "his job" and the house can decide.

Indy says the girls were Daniel's targets, they need to look out for each other (the girls do). She says there were alliances, if they were true, that were done behind her back.

Brittany says she is close to Michael but didn't know about Po's Pack until it came out.

She tells him she wants to be on the right side of the house this week, they didn't like the way that felt.

Michael says he has no problem with either one, but he thinks Nicole is a bigger threat.  

Brittany says "who decides the page?"

Jasmine, "exactly."

Jasmine says it doesn't have to be like last week. She says she has talked to both Nicole and Taylor, Taylor was reassuring.

Michael says he wants to talk to Nicole because there are rumors about her (Nicole) commenting that Michael and Brittany were people she would back door as HOH>

Jasmine, "reallly??"

Michael says he doesn't want to jump to conclusions.

Jasmine says the only problem has is that there was an alliance, Nicole told Jasmine about it but left out some names. She says why, after it's already out, would you tell me.

Brittany says that Nicole told her in person that she considered Michael and Brittany as a back door possibility and even apologized.

They wonder, if Nicole's targets change, who would it be.


Nicole comes into the back yard, talk changes to cookies someone made that were really good, Brittany has to go to the loo.

Brittany is using her cane and her cast (earlier today she told the house that the Doctor told her it would be two and a half weeks before she could bear full weight.

(Production took her scooter, but watching her with the cane, they did not teach her how to walk with it)

Nicole tells Brittany she wants to talk to her, they allow Michael to stay.

Nicole says she knows Taylor and Brittany are friends and doesn't expect her to vote against her.

Brittany says that she does, indeed, consider Taylor as a friend, and in light of the things that have happened in the house, does not want her feel ostracized.

Nicole says she didn't have a problem with Taylor, although she did pick her as a Festie Bestie as a sheild (strategic move). Nicole says she wanted to work with Taylor and didn't want Taylor to be evicted. (pffft).

Nicole says she would like to join Michael and Brittany in their Festie Bestie group if they would agree to it.

She tells them she wants to work with someone she gets along with.

Nicole tells them she has resolve her conflict with Taylor and they are friendly.

Nicole also claims she doesn't cause drama, doesn't lie, keeps information to herself, and is a competitor.

Brittany asks who Nicole would choose as nominees, Nicole says she doesn't know, after the Ameerah eviction, things changed. Nicole says since she doesn't know who to put on the block working with Michael and Brittany would help her make that decision.

Nicole says she doesn't want to go into Thursday knowing she didn't try.

Brittany says she found out Ameerah was throwing out her name as being evicted and she voted her out. 

Brittany says Ameerah said other things as well, how can she (Brittany) fact check those things.

Nicole, "ask me."  

The three of them move up to the balcony in the back yard.

Nicole tells them that Ameerah told her Brittany was next to go home.

Brittany says she is aware of things that were said.

Nicole offers to answer questions if they have them.


Brittany asks if Ameerah said her name, she said she was coming into conversations with no invitations, telling lies and twisting what she heard.

Ameerah also said Brittany could not be trusted.

(Nicole said all these things as well....)

Brittany says that Ameerah told her (Brittany) not to trust Nicole

Nicole says Ameerah told her she (Nicole) was her number one, but then later claimed the same about Jasmine.

Brittany says she is gone, and what she said needs to be dropped, Nicole agrees.

Then Nicole continues to trash talk Ameerah.

Brittany says she doesn't want to continue the talk about what Ameerah said, the "he said, she said."

Nicole agrees

Then Nicole continues to trash talk Ameerah....



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Nicole continues to blame Ameerah......

for her Big Brother woes, saying she believed everything Ameerah told her.


Michael says that Brittany mentioned that she (Nicole) apologized to her for making her (Brittany) and Michael her next target.

Nicole vehemently denies that Michael was her target, it was Brittany. She said those things changed when she began to trust Brittany.

Michael asks her a great lawyer question, "when you were in a room with other people, was there a time when...."

Nicole tosses out  that Ameerah talking about who would be the target in several scenarios, Alyssa and Indy would be Indy to go, Michael and Brittany and Brittany would go.

Nicole continues to back track, saying Brittany and Michael are playing the best games in the house. She continues to "pet" Brittany with her words while Michael listens.

Michael says Ameerah was good at making people comfortable.

Michael tells Nicole that she asked earlier if she could join him and Brittany, Michael says he sees no problem with that.

Nicole says if she joins them she will not throw competitions.

Brittany repeats the question, "who would you put up if you win HOH"

Nicole deflects, she says she doesn't know who to trust.

Nicole, "If you join MY team, I will talk to you about what to do."

Brittany asks if she thinks she has the votes to stay, Nicole says it might be  50/50.



Camera moves to Alyssa standing in the Tiki lounge with her face pressed up like a pound puppy.


Back to Nicole

Right before the camera moved Nicole said she only knew who she would not put on the block.

She says if she goes, she is okay, if she stays she will continue to fight and play.

Nicole says "we are the true fans." (Her, Michael and Brittany applied to play the game.)

Nicole says she just wants to play her game, and win.

Nicole says when things happen and you aren't part of them in this game, it's happening around you. If she felt safe she would not be having all these conversations with people.

Nicole continues to trash talk Ameerah.......

Nicole says she doesn't talk bad about Taylor, she is a clean politician.

Michael says she has not talked bad about Taylor, "while she is campaigning".

Nicole throws a little shade Taylor's way about "things that have been said."

Nicole says everyone has smiled at her and told her they are evicting her (Taylor)

Brittany says her vote is about who stays and who goes.

Brittany says "whoever sits by her goes home." (referring to Taylor)

Nicole asks them how safe they would feel if Taylor were their third person.


Nicole continues to trash talk Ameerah........


(This is just an old lady opinion, but I think Nicole's motivation to join Michael and Brittany is planned as a way to make it far in the game using Michael's position in the game. She looks at Brittany as the third in the group and expendable if they were put on the block. She sees this as a path to a possible final two.--Grannysue)


They leave the balcony and Brittany goes into the house.

Nicole stops with Michael by the laundry area and continues her pitch, but just for a few minutes.

Most of the pitch is more Ameerah trash talk, but is repetitive.


Cameras move to the lavatory area where house guests are teasing Indy about getting the money to put her on a plane. (maybe to home). 


Jasmine and Alyssa are having a conversation about sharing bites of food, drinking after someone with a straw or their cup or bottle.

Indy says she was on the beach and a friend asked if she could have some of her water. Indy said yes and the girl drank from the bottle, Indy says she thought, "well there goes my bottle." and told her to keep it.


Talk changes to steak houses and what they like to have with steak.

Desserts seem to be popular.












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10:00pm BBT Daniel wodners if the HG who stays can pick Joe/Monte/Terrance or will have to pick a Bestie pair. Daniel says if Nicole is evicted and Taylor wins HoH, he'll go up. Joe says me too, or backdoored. I'm not hiding my vote for Nicole to say, Daniel says.

10:30pm BBT Daniel won't consider changing his vote without verifying any information he's told. Joe says he's gald Daniel used the Veto. He didn't want Indy or Alyssa to go home. Alyssa wants to wear a wig when she gets married to spice it up. Jasmine/Nicole say, Kyle!

11:00pm BBT In the loft, Brittany whispers Jasmine didn't give her any info, never does. Michael thinks Nicole being a Girls' Girl could be an angle to use. Brittany says Taylor is on board taking a shot at Joe/Monte. She's glad Kyle brought it up before they did.

11:05pm BBT Michael goes back and forth between Monte & Joe, then says Monte is the bigger threat. Michael says they have to work on their relationship with Alyssa & Jasmine. Indy is too hard to read, unpredictable. Joe is really good with the girls, Brittany says.

11:07pm BBT Michael dosn't want Daniel to win HoH. Kyle winning would be best because he'd protect Alyssa and would go after Terrance or Indy. They decide they aren't there yet (going after Joe/Monte). They note Kyle never talks game with Taylor. 

11:10pm BBT Michael promises Brittany that even if they took Jasmine far, he'd always pick Brittany.  Michael says Joe is sweet but has an ego. When they came up with the idea of not using the Veto, Joe jumped on it and lead the convo as if it was his idea.

11:15pm BBT Daniel tells Nicole that Kyle better vote for her to stay. Nicole says Alyssa said she talked to Kyle and she said he'd vote out Taylor. She says Alyssa & Kyle are sweet but are being fooled (by Monte). She thinks the other HG think Daniel saved Alyssa for Kyle.

11:20pm BBT Michael & Brittany want to get Kyle on their side. They also have Taylor, and that would be a solid four. Michael says Daniel thinks Nicole is safe because he doesn't have the full picture. Nicole tells Daniel they need to pit Joe against Turner. 

11:25pm BBT Daniel says neither Turner nor Michael will win much. Monte won't even say hi to her, Nicole says. Why are we so scary to talk to? Daniel says Brittany thinks she hs the game figured out but doesn't.

11:27pm BBT Brittany doesn't know what to say to Daniel. Michael says you don't have to, just let him talk. You go up to him, and he starts talking. That hasn't been Brittany's experience. Michael suggests opening by saying you're worried about being BD'd next week.

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Brittany says Michael always smiles and she can't picture him angry. Michael says he doesn't really get angry, but once during a breakup.


Brittany talks about bullying, she says she is the confrontational sister.


In the back yard

Taylor is talking to Turner.


Turner says he hasn't talked to anyone today, he knows who's going home, he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

Taylor says she wonders what Nicole's pitch was to Michael.

Turner asks her about her speech, she says he will hear it tomorrow.

Turner leaves the back yard.


Monte is bringing the checker board downstairs to the kitchen, he is also bringing the chinese checkers. Kyle says he will play as well after he eats.

Turner says he will play.


In the living room talk is still about being angry. Camera is on Alyssa, who keeps peeking up at it, but it moves to Jasmine, who is telling a story about getting in trouble at school. She was accused of throwing a book at another student who wanted to keep her from winning a high school home coming queen contest.

Jasmine says she had a black belt when she was in high school.

Terrance says he has trouble controlling his temper, he needs to learn to control it. He says his "boys" won't let anyone get around him, they chase them off.

Jasmine says what they do for you, you do for us now??? Terrance laughs.

They talk about how they deal with anger and how they deal with their partners when the partners get angry with them.


In the dining area Turner and Monte are playing checkers.


Michael is in the hammock. He is talking about a possible 5/5 vote where Monte makes the call. He says how Monte decides will expose himself to the house.  He says the key is Kyle and Alyssa. Michael says he needs to win HOH, he continues to give a dialogue to the cameras.

He says Michael gave him a non-answer and mentioned being close to Taylor. He says he needs to talk to Nicole and Terrance.  He says he is leaving before anyone else comes out, he tells himself to stop and chill,he doesn't want to talk to Brittany if she comes out.


Cameras go to the living room.


Daniel has joined the house guests in the living room.

Everyone is complaining about the trouble they encounter with slop.


Daniel is whispering to Terrance about "he" back tracked, he is making gestures  with his hands that make no real sense, he is mumbling.

Daniel keeps talking about "he", calling it bad acting. He finishes his mumbling conversation, Terrance just stares around, Jasmine looks at Terrance.


Michael and Brittany are talking in the Tiki lounge, he says he doesn't want to be a have not next week.  They discuss the conversation withA Nicole, they say she talked about Ameerah too much because she didn't have enough truths to tell.

Brittany says she would have called her out more, but she didn't want Nicole running to Daniel and tell him she is in trouble with the votes. Brittany says she retold the story about the apology in a different way. Brittany says Jasmine is primed to flip, Indy is not. Brittany says she isn't sure how much of what Jasmine has said is true. Michael says they need to work on their relationship with Jasmine.

Michael says Brittany might have trouble with physical competitions since she hurt her ankle, they think that will make her hesitant to use the foot. Michael tells Brittany that Jasmine approached Monte for an alliance, (Monte, Jasmine, Terrance, Indy and Daniel)

Brittany says she is surprised, Jasmine said nothing to her about that, she says she is a good liar. She woTking for a new alliance.

(They are whispering, the noise downstairs is covering them up now)



Daniel and Nicole are in the bedroom, Nicole is worried that Jasmine might be a problem to keep herself in the house.

Daniel says Brittany started "shit", she was talking "shit" on her own alliance member (Jasmine?). 

Daniel says it might be a 5/5 vote, they are waiting for Kyle to make his move though.

Nicole says she isn't going to confront Brittany after they had a talk about trust, that might blow it up.


Daniel says people are telling him they don't talk game to Taylor, he thinks they are telling him lies about that.

(It sounds like Daniel got wind of Taylor wanting to put him on the block.)


Nicole says they are all setting them up with their vague promises so they can say "I had your back."

Nicole also says she told Brittany that if she joined up with her (Brittany) and Michael they would have a strong player.

Nicole knows Festie Besties are competing to take Taylor into their group.

Nicole says everything she said to Turner got back to "them", that people already think her and Daniel are not 100%

The two of them continue to plot to tell house guests things that will cause them to want to keep Nicole over Taylor.


(They are telling people  the stories they have been hearing but these are the same people who have made up the stories all over the house.  Kind a like telling the author what's in the book.-Grannysue)


Daniel says Monte won't even talk to him.

Nicole says  people are telling others things that make them not want to keep her.

Nicole lies to Daniel, tells him she answered Brittany directly about her comment regarding making Brittany her target. She even lies about Brittany's reaction.

Daniel says he has never seen Taylor upstairs with the others they think are in the alliance.

Nicole counts votes.

Daniels says he knows he is going on the block next week if Nicole goes.

Nicole says if she stays and gets HOH the house will go nuts.

Daniel plans to talk to Kyle right before the show goes live.

Nicole plans to stop Taylor from walking anywhere around the house by hanging close to her Thursday.

Daniel tells Nicole he plans to tell Kyle that Taylor in jury is a wild card, but Nicole plays by the book. He says they will run the house if Nicole stays.









Daniel says Michael is the person he is most afraid of in the house.

Nicole says it is good her and Daniel disappear together, people will think they are scheming, but 5 other people are out there scheming for them too.


Cameras move to the kitchen area.


People are milling around with the exception of Monte and Terrance who are playing checkers.


Joe and Michael are in the storage room. Joe and Michael are getting their stories straight. Joe says Jasmine is asking him about votes, he thinks they need a meeting with the whole group. 

Joe says it is hard to know what she is really thinking, she says she doesn't trust Nicole, but then again he lies and says he doesn't trust Taylor.

Joe says he is leaving the door open with Jasmine. 

Joe repeats the need for a meeting to share information, set stories straight, and get ready for Thursday.

Joe says Indy has been talking game with him, but has quit so she must be talking game to someone else.


Michael says Nicole denied that she planned to back door him (Michael) and Brittany, she blamed it on Ameerah.

Joe says that was a lie, Ameerah had not part of that.

Joe says he gave three conditions to Nicole that would get him to vote to keep her. 

Joe says he knows she plans to use him as a pawn and he plans to use that if he tells her he is voting her out.

Joe expects things to get rowdy in the house Thursday.


Brittany and Taylor are talking in the back yard.

Brittany is reassuring Taylor. Brittany tells Taylor that Nicole is saying Ameerah's name in everything, but Ameerah is no longer there.



I have missed you for the last two days, but I will be with you again for the rest of the season, God willing. Sometimes real life takes center stage.

It is time for me to say goodnight, say my prayers and follow my puppies to bed.  Share a smile with someone today, shared smiles multiply!  goodnight Darlings, hugs-Grannysue


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