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Saturday, September 11, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:00AM BBT

Kyland, Tiffany and Hannah have left the sea glass room. 

Big D has created a new hit for the BB23 Greatest Hits album, "🎵 Don't mess with my man. Don't mess with my man. 🎵" Big D claims people were going after his man, Kyland. 

Big D- I was telling him (Ky) that he's sorry his girlfriend (SB) is going out and he was like, 'She's not my girlfriend, Derek.' I was like, 'I'm just saying....maybe you can focus on the game'

Azah- I think he was always focused on the game.

Xavier- You needed him to focus on you.

Big D- Yeah, I needed him to focus and the game AND focus on me.

Azah- That's what you mean.

Xavier- I can low key see Azah dating Kyland after all this.

Big D- Oh my God. I wouldn't even know how to be friends with her no more.


In the bathroom, Hannah and Tiffany are chatting.

Tiffany- (looking at the camera) Oh my goodness

Hannah- What?

Tiffany- I'm on the block! She on the block! We on the block. We are on the block! Then we only made it a week. But, we don't know yet.

Hannah- You're right! We don't know yet! Ideally, I win veto. No...YOU win veto.

Tiffany- I'm the target.

Hannah- then Azah goes up. I don't know. I don't know where X's head is at.

Tiffany- I'll continue fighting for my life every week. I would have to win the next HoH or the next veto. I can't live like that Chaddha. (she is laughing, completely okay with whatever is destined to be)

Hannah- You would have to. I think regardless of which one stays or which one goes, the other will have to win the next HoH or veto.

Tiff- I don't think they will come for you. I don't think X is after you. I don't think Ky is after you. After me, I think they go for Azah or Big D. Big D would definitely save Azah. I have to convince Azah to work with the girls.

Hannah- Or we convince Ky to put up Big D.

Tiff- I don't think he wants to. I think it was a plan for me to be out at 6.


[Tiffany was well aware that she would be the next target. Her predicament was that although she knew this to be true, she still had to put Claire up because the Cookout Mission was bigger than her personal game. I see many bashing Tiffany on social media and praising Xavier for "sacrificing" his personal game for the Cookout, but Tiffany most definitely sacrificed her own game for the Cookout, too. I hope Tiff survives this week. I don't want to see Chaddha go either. I am hoping Ky has a backdoor plan...truly hoping. I have heard no sign of this because Ky has not talked directly to the cameras as he did during his previous HoH reigns.  -MamaLong]


Xavier walks into the bathroom, "Oh, so this is the conspiring location."

Hannh- It has to be. (Hannah leaves and X enters the loo)

Tiffany- Hey, nobody said anything when you was talking to Alyssa 24/7.

Xavier- We said we were going to bed at 10. That shit ain't happening at all. We had some good conversation, though. (he washes his hands) Goodnight Tippy Toes.

Tiff- Good night


12:10AM BBT

Tiffany heads to the sea glass bedroom and talks to the cameras.

Tiff- Now, I haven't asked in a while. But, y'all gonna have to do it. Send me all the energy. Send me the positivity. Send me some good stuff. Y'all know I got a veto to compete in tomorrow. It ain't for fun tomorrow.  Tomorrow, it's for my life in this house. Hey, what's meant to be will be. Your girl is a fighter. I'm going to play my heart out and hopefully I come back with the win. For now, I'm about to go to bed.  I need my rest. I got to think. I got to prepare for tomorrow.


12:13AM BBT

Tiff- Oh my goodness. It's Christian's birthday. Happy Birthday Christian. I promise when I get up in the morning, I will look right at these cameras and wish you a happy 14th birthday. You guys should go on my Instagram and wish my son Christian a happy birthday. My Instagram is @absolutelygorgeous100. I'm not giving out his Instagram. He is a kid, and you don't need to bother him. So, go on my page and wish Christian a happy birthday. And shout out on Twitter @absolutelyTiff   Happy 14th Birthday Christian. Your mom loves you. You do not need to worry about me. One thing about me is I will always be alright!

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Tiffany settles in bed, (talking to the control room) "Alright, I am going to bed in the open room by myself. Please get the lights turned out. Thank you."


12:35AM BBT

In the YBR, Big D and Azah start talking about future BB game play.

Big D- At the end fo the day, I made a promise to myself.

Azah- The best thing we can hope for is that X wins HoH.

Big D- But we don't know what he gonna do.

Azah- The reason it is for me is because I told Ky that if he was on the block, I would vote for him and if it's Ky and X...that's hard. You know what I'm saying? I would have to vote for Ky.

Big D- We have to hope they get on the block together at 4.

Azah- That's fine. They both want to take us to 4. At that point, it's fine.

Ky comes in to say good night.

Azah- Good night Ky.

Big D- We got a long day tomorrow.

Ky- Yes, indeed.

Ky leaves

Azah- Whoever wins the veto is gonna...

Big D- That's why I said we need this week to go according to plan...do not...I would really...You know, listening to you and you....you know, talk about God and everything like that. In reality, there is a path that is already made. I can try to alter that path. I can try to get it my way and make it the way I want it. But, if it's meant to be it will be. If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. I been waiting since I was 11 years old to be on a platform where I can entertain and be myself. And do it where there are no fucks given. They will understand, that's Big D. You either like him or you don't. Okay. Big guys like me don't usually make these kind of shows. The fact that I got on this and made it here and be myself and got this far? It means the world. That I am here with someone I care about, and I came to love you so much. At the end of the day, if you are in a situation to send me home. Send me home. I'm not gonna be upset. You have to understand. It's an individual game.

Azah- You always say this to the people you gonna get rid of. So, don't say that to me.

Big D laughs- I said that to X. Being down to three, you me and X. I made a deal with X in the beginning. That's why I am saying....'cause let's say you made a deal with Ky for final two and we got to final three and you need to get rid of me. That's okay. I understand. I would love for you to win and make the decision and you and me be in the final two. But we have to realize there are 6 people in here and one person leaving this week and then we don't know. They could be like, 'let's get Big D out of here.'

Azah- I'm never going to...When I made that final three deal with y'all, I told you I am okay with third. I told you. You didn't know I was serious. If we get there and you tell me I'm not gonna take you, there is not going to be a bitter bone in my body. What good does it do me to me bitter?

Big D says he told X and Ky he won't take anything personal.


12:41AM BBT

Kyland comes out of DR, heads to the loo then up to the HoHR where he begins talking to the cameras 


[Finally! Now be patient while I transcribe his verbal nonsense and attempt to decipher something that will make sense.   -MamaLong]


Kyland thanks his friend Brett for introducing him to this game. He hopes he is making people proud. 

"The Cookout. The final 6. Unscathed we are like, arguably, the most successful alliance in this game. And now we are going to have our first African American winner in the game in 23 seasons. I am honored just to be a part of it. I am so thankful for this squad. Everyone does their part. Everyone is responsible. If I could have played this game differently, I would have. But, unfortunately, I saw an opportunity to do something that is bigger than my own individual game, my own individual desires. I saw an opportunity to be a part of creating a decently visible representation of black excellence. And I know how important representation is.... I hope we have done that here. We collaborated. We fought. We bled...sweat. Blood, sweat and tears went into this. Now we are here. Now I'm HoH, so I am final five. I hope I make it to final two. I think tomorrow will definitely be a move that can make a difference. I am excited to keep playing this game and I do see myself sitting in those final two chairs. So, that is a possibility that wouldn't even exist without you, like so many other great possibiliities in my life...so I appreciate you brother. Please continue to check in and send support to my family."


The camera switches back to Azah and Big D in the YBR. Azah tells Big D that Ky proposed a final three with them.



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Camera switches back to Ky in the HoHR

"I want to make sure my family and friends are in the right mindset. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be here right now. Christian. I love you bro. Birkenberger. I know it was hard to see Alyssa leave this game. It wasn't personal. I hope you can see that we are committed to something bigger. She misses you bro, so that's good for you. I hope you are finding success outside of the house. I admire you. You are a competitor.


Lasty, to Chaddha's family and to Tiffany's family, I am so in love with Chaddha and Tiffany. I think the world of them both. I don't love certain things that Tiffany has done in this game. And it sucks that by her own admission she has been distrustful of me in this game at moments when she should not have been. I hope that you recognize her mistake was not that she trusted me. Her mistake was that she stopped trusting me. There were moments when I still had her back in this game.  I wanted to go to the end with her along with Xavier, the three of us, because I am a crazy person that wants to go to the end with the best. And now it seems like that may not be possible.


So, I make this move. It's strategic. It's not personal. It's nothing against her as an individual. It's just my best option in this moment to accomplish my individual goals. Hopefully you've seen that I have defended her, consistently, and been loyal to her, even though, like I said, she has admitted to me that she has not been loyal to me. She has not defended me. She has not not looked after me and had my back in the same way I had hers. I did not come to this decision lightly. This was not easy. Nothing in this game is easy. It was the hardest decision I have made in this game so far, and probably that I will ever do.  I wish things could have worked out differently. But, she is amazing, as you already know. She may very well win this veto and send me out next week. I guess we will see. Anything can happen in this, Big Brother. Expect the unexpected, so that's what I am trying to do."


WBRB Bubbles

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12:56AM BBT

Ky is still talking to the cams in the HoHR, "I will always commit to taking care of my loved ones, and I believe I have the ability to do it with or without the first place prize money in this game. Of course I am going for it and will make a strong case. I think I have a shot. I have no idea how my goodbye messages will impact the jury vote. My hope is that they....um.....that they do.....um....that they realize...that they see my moves are significant and they see the sacrifices I was willing to make for the Cookout....to protect the 6 and get us to the end. I hope they also care about my preparation for this game. I feel like me and Xavier aren't playing a game like Derrick and Cody (The Hitmen from BB16). I feel like we have played our own game. We came in like 'yo, we are aligned and we don't talk'....when he (Xavier) approached me and said if anyone were final two it's you and I. I love the way he has played the game. I respect him in the game. I respect him as a competitor.


I respect everyone in this house as a competitor But everybody in the game is saying that he is the best, you know. I can't help myself. I need to sit down next to him because I want to compete in this house against the best in this house, in this game. It's not because I have an ego that makes me want to be the best amongst the people in the house. I just want to be my best me. The only way to be my best me is if I sit next to the best in this house... that makes me unlock my potential. It's that Goku mentality like I'm gonna let you charge up, transform, power up, whatever. How can I do that if I don't sit next to the best.... I don't know if I can beat him. I don't know if I can beat a lot of people in the house, to be honest. I don't even know if I can make it to final two. But I believe I can. This week I am looking at scenarios...if nominations stay the same, I know some people are going to want to take shots at Chaddha. I don't know that I want to, personally. She is going to be the third best competitor in the house if Tiffany leaves.


I want to see what everyone else wants to do. I will defend her the best I can. I appreciate Derek F for saying to me on multiple occasions that when we get to final three we can duke it out. I kind of feel that is a confusing statement. He knows, everybody knows,  that I want to face competitors. I still want to take care of him as much as I can in this game just like I know others do; I know X does as well.  We'll see what happens. I can't control a lot of things. I can't even control if my nominations stay the same.  But, I have an opportunity to control that, so that's what I am planning to do....and....uh....I would love to win this veto...but, I'd also be down for someone else to win it and go home with a win...So, if I have that much agency;  But I guess I won't because if it's BB Comics tomorrow, we will compete individually. Oh snap; I didn't realize that. I can't even throw it. But I also don't need to win it. Even if Tiffany wins, I have worked out a lot of scenarios. I can see a scenario where her and I keep moving forward along with Xavier. I could be totally wrong about everything. Xavier could win and take down Tiffany.... I don't think I am, but I might be.


If I can make it past five.....right now, I have the planning that if so and so wins, these are the conversations I need to have. And based on these conversations, these are the deals I will try to make...and based on how everyone responds to these conversations it's like....This is why they call me a mad scientist sometimes. It's not a simple answer. The who and the why...it's impossible for my brain to not consider every...there are so many idfferent variables. They key for me is to not get paranoid. Paranoia almost killed me week one... That's all I continue doing. I might be doing good in this game, but I could get to final two and lose to anyone I am sitting next to. But even though I realize it's a possibility to leave at 5, I still see myself sitting in those final two chairs. I saw it before I came into the house. I will be savage when I need to."


1:05AM BBT

Kyland sends love to his family and friends. "If you are supporting anyone in this house, I love you for that. If anyone is supporting the Cookout, I'm glad we could get it done." Ky mentions that he realizes he is coming off in a bad way.

Ky raises his Black Panther ring and shouts out to Chadwick Boseman. "Thank y'all. I'm getting ready for bed."


1:30AM BBT

The BB lights are all out with all Cookout members sleeping.


8:03AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"

It's veto competition day!


8:17AM BBT

The feeds return to Big D cleaning up in the kitchen.


8:45AM BBT

Azah is out of bed and heads to the loo saying good morning to Big D on the way.


8:54AM BBT

Tiffany is sitting in her bed in the sea glass room and begins talking to the cameras, "Oh, y'all want to talk. Okay. I'm on the block. I can't even think too much about how I ended up on the block....today I am optimistic. The eternal optimist. I have to keep my mind focused on winning today. If no other day I needed to win, today I need to win. They want me out of here. It was made very clear. I don't know who to trust. I do feel I can trust Azah. I do feel I can trust Hannah. The guys definitely want me out of here. Um, so today I have to win. That's all I can really focus on...relaxing my nerves, having fun, thinking things through, moving with speed and efficiency. There is no time to be emotional. The only thing I am emotional about is that it is my son'd birthday. I am happy about that. Today is day in history that we experienced a tragedy, but for me, today is a day I experienced a blessing. I know Christian is a gift, and not just to me...to the world. He is a wonderful young man. I am truly blessed to have him. Regardless of what will happen today, today is a great day for me. I feel like DX. I need to win. And I will need to win every competition because apparently, I am the number one target. I'm n ot mad. I came in this house to play the game. If they view me as a threat then I must be really playing. It's not personal. It is what it is. So, it's all good. My family, Sherry....I know you're watching. Sherry, your girl is on the block! Only you guys watching know what's going on in this house. In this house, you don't know nothing. People tell you one thing and do something different. But I knew coming in this house, you can't trust nobody. Honestly, there isn't anything major I would have changed in  the way I play the game...some minor tweaks. Like, I talk too much. And you do have to open up a little and.... I'm lying, you don't have to open up a little. You don't have to open up because Xavier don't open up at all. X don't say nothing in this house. I am who I am."


9:00AM BBT

"It does make me wonder, however, if we didn't have the 6 of us, I would probably have been out. It is what it is. I have to win the veto. Well, I don't have to win. If it's for me, it's for me. I'm all good. If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose. That's how things go in this house. Out of this house, too.


Everyone is thinking for themselves. It is officially an individual game. I got to save me, and I will. I have manifested a lot of things in my life and in this house. I can manifest a win. You guys have to send me your energy. I have mine, but I need yours, too. Believe in me. Thank you! And Mama Pat, I know you aren't worried about me. I am fine. I am fine regardless. Regardless, as always."


"I know my firends and family know how bad I wanted to come into this house and play this game, and I have done that. There is a lot at stake here. There is a grand prize that will guarantee that I can doo something for him and I...or him and me. Regardless, hopefully for me there are opportunities for me beyond this. Hopefully I have not embarassed my family or myself. I have done and said some things in good fun. Anything done is never malicious. It's for my game play. Like anything in life, we can critique it all. Unless you are in here, you do not know what it is like within this house. The best you can do is the best you can do."


Azah walks through.

Tiff- What's up, Boo?

Azah- Hey, I'm coming in there in a minute

Azah gets in bed and begins to snuggle with Tiffany

Sarge- Azah

Tiff says it in unison with Sarge- please put on your microphone

Azah- I'll be right back

Tiff- Azah and I have had our challenges in this house and playing this game. The way we play. How we think about it. They way we see things. I respect it. But, that is my sister. She honest. She gonna keep it real. I appreciate that. I will always have respect for her. I will always love her.


9:10AM BBT

Azah returns.

Tiff- If I win that veto today and Ky has to nominate somebody else?? Let's see what he does.

They both discuss how weird it is being in the house with just 6 people.

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9:20AM BBT

Tiffany tells Azah that she respects Kyland's game because he probably doesn't care if he loses to Xavier, "He is all about impact. I won't be surprised if the two of them sit in the final two. But, Xavier is... I know he playing the game better than anybody. If we supposed to vote for the player playing the better game, that's X hands down. That gets respect from me."


9:23AM BBT

Big D is frying bacon in the kitchen. I have not seen Kyland, Hannah or Xavier on camera yet.


Back in the sea glass room Tiff says, "I don't know.... if they keep winning back to back and they carry Big D to three. Who knows, X might take Big D and tell Ky 'Thank you.' (to Azah) Wake up (Azah looks like she is daydreaming).

Azah says that when she hears Tiffany talking about final three, she sees it in her head...the images.


9:29AM BBT

Tiffany- Big D is coming for me. I can't ignore that.

I have to think about it depending on, let's say I stay and Chaddha goes. If I'm HoH and Ky is on the block, I would have to put him next to Big D so that you would vote to keepBig D, but X might vote to keep Ky. I don't know and I would have to break the tie. Me, you, Big D, X...... I couldn't put you and Ky because I don't know what he (X) would do, I don't know what he (Big D) would do. I would think he (Big D) would keep you, but I don't know what X would do. If I stay and Big D goes home this week it would be Ky and X and you would vote for X and she (Chaddha) would vote for X and I would break the tie and send Ky home.

Sarge- Azah, please do not obstruct your microphone

Tiff- I would have to. I don't know who X is coming for, but if they are both coming for me, I got to vote the one I know is coming for me.  

Azah asks why she won that HoH

Tiff- He wants to build his resume. I do, too. At tleast I could have some history of winning HoH. I wanted to win and if that meant I had to send Claire home to do it, I was willing to do it. I want to leave with something. I could have fell. He would have had three HoHs and I would have had one and still be in jeopardy this week.

Azah- I saw how you looked out for Ky. I thought it was the same this way.

Tiff- You thought what was the same? That I would look out for you?

Azah- No, I thought that you would want to keep Ky around and he would want to keep you.

Tiff- He won HoH knowing that him and I were disconnected. He doubted me and I doubted him. So, out of the 6 people and him trying to figure out who he trusts...He trusts X the most. He trusts me the least because he knows I don't trust him. He trusts you next because you are honest. He trusts Chaddah less because he knows she trusts me. He had to look at who would be hardest to work with. I know that's me. 

Azah- So y'all thought...he was supposed to win  (Kyland)

Tiff- Nah, we all thought that it was up to you and Big D but when you didn't win, I said fuck it. Yes, I did decide to stay. I did. It was the unpredictability factor (the reason Ky feels he can't trust her) But I said from day one that I am a challenge, period. I know this. I don't try to be, I just am.

Sarge- Tiffany, please go to the diary room downstairs.

Azah- Give me a hug

Tiff- I am not for everybody.

Azah- Nobody is



9:46AM BBT

Azah has fallen back to sleep in Tiffany's bed

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10:20AM BBT

Big D, Xavier and Tiffany are eating the breakfast Big D made at the kitchen table. They are discussing the veto being at 10:30. There is no need to have a veto pick because everyone will be playing.

Talk moves to BB Comics and what they think their comics will be.

Tiff says she can only think of Tippy Toes "I don't know how I am being viewed, so I don't know."

X- Zingbot is the only hint we have. Maybe I'll be someone just looking in the mirror.

Tiff- Unless I am an old lady or something.

X says that sometimes they base it on a punishment, "That's why I think Ky's will be about a donkey."

Xavier says he thinks DX will be in his Lord of the Latrine costume

Tiff- So Claire will be

X- The Duchess soemthing

Tiff- Whitney is going to be fine whatever it is.

X- I don't know what SB will be. Travis might be something surfing

Tiff- or Travissa, that would be good

X- Brent will be like a circus director

Big D- He will be snakes on a plane  [Good idea, Big D  -ML]

Tiff- What about Christian?

X- Goldendoodle

Tiff- I don't think they will make him a dog

[I mean, he did follow Alyssa around like a puppy, so it makes sense to me. -ML]

X- Chaddha could be Invisible Woman

They discuss how being superheroes will be dope.


10:30AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


10:35AM BBT

Chaddha is asleep in the YBR


10:38AM BBT

Azah is telling the others how hard Claire was campaigning saying that she stuck her head out for Brit and now it was time for Azah to stick her neck out for her.

Tiff- She was taking you to church

Azah- She said that as long as he (Xavier) is here, 'you will always be on the bottom'

Xavier- I think they all made solid arguments. They brought in a bunch of people that are smart. I was like, damn! Where are all the influencers that haven't seen a season?

Tiff says that was one of her biggest complaints, "Like where do they get these people like David who know nothing about hte game?"


10:41AM BBT

Ky is now sitting with the others at the table, and Hannah is out of bed

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10:56AM BBT

Tiffany is reviewing her discussion with Claire when she told her she was going on the block.

Tiff- She asked me if I was in an aliiance, and I didn't want to lie. But, I knew I had to. I told her no, that I had to think of my own personal mission....She was like, 'those people wouldn't do it for you, Tiff' I told her I know that and it was fine.

Big D- Oh my God. What is this season?

Tiff- Betrayal and backstab

Hannah- 🎵 I'm on the block again 🎵 , let me finish 🎵 But, I'm from the block 🎵  (This is how Big D first sang that song)

*WBRB Bubbles


11:01AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


11:06AM BBT

Tiffany says she really wants to know how Alyssa is being edited for her to have Zingbot refer to her as dim. They all agree that Alyssa is very smart.


Xavier thinks it was because of a conversation he had with Alyssa involving percentages that Alyssa clearly didn't understand.


11:09AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


11:11AM BBT

Talk turns to Christian and Alyssa and whether they will stay together.

Xavier says he think they are going to give it a go, and he hopes it works out.

Big D- I'm about it

X points out that Alyssa is more prepared for how things will be after the season than Christian because his maturity level is just not ready and that distance will likely be problematic for them.

Hannah insists that Frenchie is 44. A bet has been placed and if Frenchie is anywhere between 33 and 45, Kyland will have to pay Chaddha $100. Big D says that he knows he will win his bet, "My bet is that Ky will hook up with SB after Big Brother, and I bet 1K it will happen."

Hannah says she will join the bet

Big D- Ky are you saying that will not happen?

Ky says he will take the bet.

Xavier says that if SB is single and not in a relationship, it might happen, "If SB is in a relationship, Ky will not hook up with her."

Big D says that it will happen even if SB is in a relationship. Hannah will take the bet, too.

Hannah- Let's say within a year.

Big D- That's not long enough. I say two years.

Hannah- I don't think she will be in that relationship in two years.

Xavier says that SB is not unattractive but Ky "will hella have" females approaching him for a good time.

Ky- Who do you think is the quickest after the show to get married.

Hannah- Whitney

Ky- Who is the second?

BIg D- Me

Ky- I was thinking me

Hannah- Big D, you want to get married soon?

Big D- Yeah. I am ready

Xavier- No, I think Azah and then Whit because Whitney is going to take her time to make sure he is right for Paxton and Ryker (her sons). 


11:25AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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12:14PM BBT

Hannah is alone in the bathroom doing her makeup. She whispers, "I have to win this veto. Oh my Lord."


12:21PM BBT

Azah has fallen asleep on the living room couch. Hannah is still getting ready in the bathroom.

The others are not on camera.

Correction: Azah has fallen asleep against Xavier on the living room couch. He is asleep, too.


12:30PM BBT

Hannah is still working on her hair in the bathroom. She applies a leave-in conditioner or smoothing cream (couldn't see product label) and is going for smooth, tight bun. It looks great.


You can hear Kyland talking off camera and X and Azah stir.

X- Were you talking to me?

Azah indicates no.

Xavier- Kyland, who are you talking to? Are you talking to me? Are you talking to us?

(still can't hear Ky)

X- Oh, maybe to pick chips. Not to pick players but to pick the order.

[It sounds like production told Ky they are about to film something -MamaLong]

Xavier walks into the bathroom saying, "You look cute and sporty."

Chaddha- Thank you. I'm going neon with my yellow and pink.


X does not remove his mic back before using the loo  [Gross!  -MamaLong]


Chaddha walks out of the bathroom and Azah says, "I love your hair!"

Hannah- Thank you!


12:33PM BBT

As Hannah walks toward the YBR, it seems Tiffany has fallen asleep in the sea glass bedroom with her Bible on her lap


12:35PM BBT

Xavier has gone to the HoHR and shouts for Derek who is in the shower.

Xavier- Are you in the shower?

Big D- I'm about to. Are you?

Xavier- I was going to. I don't know. I'm going to hop in the shower right quick.

Xavier heads back downstairs to get his things for a shower.


12:37PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

Now we have an adorable bunny on the feeds courtesy of RCHS. 

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The Cookout is gathering in the kitchen for good photo shots.

Azah- This is like the Avengers

The all sit at the table and pose.

Tiff- Okay, everybody do something with their super powers.

Hannah- I was Oceana Hannah

They all gather in the living room to show their superhero poses.

They do a few more poses.

Tiff yells- The Cookout

X- I'm telling you. I was literally stuck on Hannah and Whitney forever.


6:57PM BBT

The feeds are back on RCHS kittens


6:58PM BBT

Hannah- I was not fast at all at running and going on the zipline

Tiffany- I had to go up there like 20 times.

Ky- The heat was...

Tiff- I was soaking wet

Ky says he was breathing so hard after 4 or 5 trips and knew he was going too fast.

Hannah- The fact that you were able to take 20 trips in 11 minutes

Big D- I don't think he took 20 trips

Ky- It felt like it

Big D- No Ky!

Ky- Well that's what I was thinking.


Xavier- Azah, your comic was dope as shit.

Tiff- I did not recognize Alyssa. I did not know who she was.

Hannah- I thought it was Whitney

Tiff- What was her name

Hannah- The Bikini Genie

X- I loved all of them. Azah's was perfect.

Azah- I did smirk at Claire Bear's because she does walk like that (Azah models her walk)

Tiff- Claire's had ears

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7:15PM BBT

Azah has retreated to the yacht club bedroom. She gets comfortable in the daybed sofa. Azah is deep in thought and doesn't look happy (likely sad knowing Tiff is going to jury).

7:20PM BBT

In the kitchen, Hannah, Ky, Big D, Tiff and Xavier are still talking nonstop and over each other about the comp.


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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7:47PM BBT

Derek and Hannah are in the storage room discussing how anyone can go up on the block. They agree to share information for the next week


They return to prepping dinner and going over times from the veto comp. Sounds like a complete a puzzle across a zip line?


Azah, Kyland, and Xavier are talking movies in the living room.

Tiffany "I loved my comics" Something about being called Tiffy toes

Hannah says she loves that her comic included hot clam Chaddha

8:11pm BBT

Tiffany asks about getting the backyard tonight. Ky says the base has been up since HoH. Dinner prep continues with most of the house

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9:51pm BBT X/Ky talking on the LR couch about going to bars w/friends. He tells Hannah to not go to bars but to stick with fashion and think about DX. Ky jokes that guys can't fool Hannah. X joins in, saying she can tell the difference between a Brent and a DX.

9:54pm BBT X jokes he has to evict Hannah because she's hanging around w/DF too much. Hannah would like his bro, Devan - he's more chill, a good dancer, mixed and has hair like Ky's. He's an egghead, high SAT, full rides to Harvard & Standford but went to Cleveland State.

9:57pm BBT X says Devan switched his major from Engineering to Special Education. Hannah says since X is like her brother, dating Devan would be like dating her other brother. As your older brother, X says, I'm going to check out who you're seeing. 

10:00pm BBT Hannah doesn't think she'll use her phone or go on social media much after the show (yeah, right). Ky thinks she just doesn't follow many people. X wonders if he'll have a big following after the show. He will post more if he does. He thinks the F6 have 50k+.

10:09pm BBT DF tells Hannah he's missing out on opportunities to win stuff - the rest of the comps will be mental or physical, no more luck or skill comps. Hannah says we don't know. Whomever is not evicted next will earn Final 5 prize money, $12k.

10:11pm BBT DF says everyone in the jury or pre-jury wanted the prize, but The Cookout was here for the cause (they want the money too). DF says he knows what it's like to be on the block. Hannah sings an On The Block song and he joins in and sings with her.

10:15pm BBT DF tells Hannah that Tiff took a shot at Ky. Hannah thinks Ky is more unpredictable than X. DF says he never knows who is going to be nom. He's worried Ky will Veto Hannah's nom and put him up. Hannah says Ky made it clear his target is Tiff.

10:20pm BBT DF says if X didn't talk so much, he could have won. X doesn't respond. Hannah says they didn't beat Nicole F's BB Comics time (7m) but both she and Ky beat Cody's All-Star time. Hannah thought Ky was another Derrick initially but then he started winning comps.

10:24pm BBT Tiff is alone in the SGBR, reading the bible and then just contemplating her fate. DF says Tiff timed out during the comp. X got 20m. DF said he did beat other HG in BB Comics. Hannah wants to be an honorary Joker since she sleeps in the YBR now.

10:30pm BBT Ky comes into the SGBR and lays besides Tiff but Tiff does not say anything but keeps reading the bible. X says they should just do DEs until the season's over (surprise!). Hannah suggests he could always self-evict. She says she's been cussing more hanging w/DF.

10:37pm BBT DF says there's a lot of money on the line. He'd rather sit next to someone easy to beat. He doesn't have to beat the best. Hannah tells DF they've been on the block the same number of times. Hannah says X/Azah both worried Ky will BD them. She thinks Ky won't.

10:40pm BBT DF says he got 2nd place in HoH and Veto so he thinks he will get BD. X and Hannah are laughing. FU, DF says, I'm going to be seen as a threat! I would have been better off timing out like Tiff! X says it just means you're trying and that's important.


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