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Friday, September 3, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

If you drop silly putty from a great height, it'll shatter instead of bounce.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

If you drop Silly Putty from a great height, it'll shatter instead of bounce.

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8:34AM BBT WBRB for Wakey Wakey


8:50AM BBT Lights are on in the house but most of the HGs are still un the covers.


8:52AM BBT Ky is up and heads to the kitchen to wash dishes. So far no one is talking. 


8:55AM BBT Tiff is in the HOH Bathroom putting a mask on her face. 


scrnli_9_3_2021_9-29-51 AM.png


9:10AM BBT Claire is in the HOH room laying on the bed with Hannah.

Hannah: Ky doesn't even seem that upset or is it just me? 

Claire: I think that he is... this was his best case scenario. 

Hannah: SB leaving?

Claire: Oh no, he is somewhat upset about SB. I think he is upset but more like sad. Camera moves to X eating an apple in the living room. 


scrnli_9_3_2021_9-38-44 AM.png


9:25AM BBT  Claire and Alyssa are laying down in the living room. Ky is still in the kitchen cleaning. Tiff is in the HOHR and X has gone to workout.  


9:40AM BBT X is sitting on the work bench going over comps and dates. 

scrnli_9_3_2021_9-43-23 AM.png

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1:30ish BBT Tiffany takes Big D up to the HOH room for 1 on 1. Big D rambled quite a bit but said that he doesn't know if he's playing the game right but that he has offered himself to to play with any and everyone in the way that is best for their game. Says he sees the game going better for the girls than the guys because the girls are so strong. Tiffany said she doesn't see it that way at all. Big D also mentioned he can't "see" what the final 6 would look like and that he didn't really want to speculate on how he's going to play until he gets there and that really he is happy if he makes it to 5. 


After Tiffany dismisses Big D, she speaks to the camera and obviously, she did not buy into anything Big D said. "You don't wait until the final 6 to start playing the game, this game started on Day 1". She says she knows exactly what Big D is doing and knows that he's made final 2 offers with every member of The Cookout. 

1:49 BBT Alyssa and Hannah in the bathroom speculating about which of them has the better shot of winning if they are sitting together in the Final 2. Alyssa says she thinks she would have a fair shot sitting next to Hannah over anyone else, and Hannah says Ky would be the swing vote "but I don't think he respects me as much as a player". 


Alyssa and Hannah then talk about who could be going up this week and Alyssa hopes she can make it through the week. They run through the scenarios of Alyssa sitting against other HGs and her probability of staying. Hannah says Azah and Claire will vote for whomever Tiff wants them to vote for, Big D plays an emotional game, etc. Alyssa says she wants to convince Tiff if she wants to be safe to not put her up because if Ky wins HOH he will put up Tiff and Big D.

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11:15AM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS


1:11PM BBT

The feeds return to the HGs coming out of an HoHR lockdown. They are discovering they have had the large kitchen table removed and their small table is now in place.

Alyssa- Oh my God!

Ky- That's so weird.

Tiffany- We made it guys.

Alyssa- It is so tiny.

Xavier- Why is everyone freaking out?

Big D- This is so awkward.

Claire- It is so tiny.

Hannah- This makes the kitchen feel a lot bigger.

Tiffany- It's very nice. Thank you Big Brother.

Alyssa- Now it doesn't feel like we have a lot of people in here. 

Hannah- I count you guys on one hand.

They all sit at the table together and soak in the momentous occasion.


2:18PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Azah in the HoHR. Discussion is surrounding Big D.

Tiff- I would trust him if he gave me something to trust. My feelings moving forward are based on his actions of excluding me in his game moving forward.

Azah- you think he is excluding you

Tiff- absolutely

Azah- I feel that way with Ky, which is why I want him out first

Tiff says that in Big D's eyes, she knows she is out first (of Cookout members)

Tiff tells Azah that her true desire is for one of the three women from the Cookout to win. "That's my own personal desire. I would like a woman of color to win this game."

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2:13pm BBT Tiff and Azah in the HOH. Tiff asks Az if there were any issues with her winning HOH again because she knows it was supposed to be for Az, Big D or X. But when Ky wasn't dropping she decided to go for it. She wants to talk to Az to find out how other people may feel. Az says no, she made her peace with not winning. 


Tiff asks Az what's her end game and how she sees herself moving forward in the game. 

Az: "I don't see myself being able to get to the end by HoHs. The only HoH I see I can win, if I survive doubles, is at 6, cuz I want to take out Ky".


Tiff: In my personal game I am not looking at you (Az)

Az: I'm not looking at you either.

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Tiff- I don't see myself getting any further than 5. If I do, it's because I continue to win. I will probably get backdoored.


2:25PM BBT

Azah tells Tiffany whatever she tells her in confidence stays there.

Tiff- I personally believe that the guys have a final three...I don't think any of them want to take a woman in a jury full of women.

Azah- mm hmm



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Post-midnight Thurs night coverage:


12:00am BBT Hannah tells Claire that X and Alyssa are interchangeable - they would nom the same HG. Claire says X can win the physical comps at the end. Claire says it's obvious Ky/DF/X have F3 deal. DF asks Ky if SB didn't have GF would it have been different? Ky says no.

12:08am BBT Who wants to see my HoH Room? Tiff gets her HoH room & again doesn't want to look first. Pics include her grandpa, her biological mom, Christian in Mama Pat's LR, her pets and extended fam. Letter is from Trish who congrats her on 2nd HOH in a row.

12:15am BBT In her letter, Trish says Christian is in the band for football games, her pets miss her, she and Sherry talk every day and Tiff shouldn't worry about home. Tiff tells everyone she knows they are tired and they don't have to stay. Tiff's music is Chris Brown.

12:30am BBT Tiff invites everyone for a HoH sleep over but HN cannot. She tells them they can stay as long as they want before heading over to the HNR. Everyone leaves. X/Ky/DF are confident Tiff will stick to the Six. Hannah/Claire/Azah/Tiff think next week is DE. 

12:45am BBT X says by F6, each Main Dish should have been on the block, implying that Tiff has to go up next week against Claire. Ky says Tiff knew the plan was for Claire to go this week. X is ready to get filthy. DF says time to pull the trigger. Ky says not until F6.

12:50am BBT X says if Alyssa wins Veto, Tiff has to put up Claire and she'll go. DF says the guys have done all the work on the block. Tiff/Azah haven't been yet. DF confirms he & Ky are F2. Azah comes in and offers to make them tea - they look so cozy snuggled together. 

1:15am BBT Tiff/Claire watch Ky/DF on HoH monitor. DF must be loving it, Tiff says, Ky isn't moving DF's (familiarly placed) hands. Claire doesn't think deals apply to DEs. 

1:30am BBT In the LR, Azah tells DF that Tiff is worried the guys will put her up next week. DF says the guys are mad Tiff didn't throw HoH to Azah. They go to talk in the YBR. Azah says Tiff does not trust Ky. Azah wonders why Ky didn't drop first.

1:40am BBT Ky/Hannah talk. Ky couldn't hear Tiff during the comp. Hannah says they didn't know what Ky/Tiff were doing. Ky says if Tiff had said she wanted it, he would have dropped. Ky worries that this week will create a rift between X and Tiff. 

1:55am BBT Tiff claims she hadn't realized Alyssa had fallen during the comp, and that Azah had been DQ'd before she actually fell. Tiff says she can't play in the DE and it terrifies her. Hannah is sleeping in HoH tonight. X says to keep her close. Azah is alone in YBR.

2:20am BBT Hannah tells Tiff she is her only F2, and Tiff/X her only F3. Tiff says she would have given HoH to Hannah. She wouldn't have gone for it if Ky hadn't gone for it. She'll nom Claire if she has to. It's messed up but she'd do it. Hannah will toss Veto to Claire.

2:25am BBT Tiff tells Hannah that Ky wants an F2 with Tiff but Tiff doesn't trust him. Tiff knows she can beat Ky now. She knew what she was doing. Hannah says she'll toss Veto to Claire if she can't win herself. Tiff thinks X is ready to cut Ky and Ky is fooled by X.

2:40am BBT Hannah calls Ky selfish. Tiff says he's egotistical. They agree X is not selfish and has no ego. Hannah says X is hard as a man. Ky is power hungry. Tiff says they can't throw any more comps - they have to play to win. 

3:00am BBT Ky/Azah/X in the CBR while Tiff/Hannah sleep in HoH. HN are in the HNR. X says Azah was praying during the comp. She says that elephant hit her more. They laugh that JCM noting DF fell during the commercial break. X says Tiff should have dropped and been HN.

3:33am BBT Azah/Ky/X turn off the lights. Ky heads to WA to talk to the camera. He hopes SB understands. It's crazy they talk about the evicted like they died. He knows how much it means for their sides to be in the game but his hands were tied. He can't trust anyone left.

3:36am BBT Ky continues talking to cameras. He thinks Tiff's goal is The Cookout, not F2. He regrets telling X what Tiff told him. He loves SB as a friend, nothing more. He told her as much as he could. This alliance wouldn't have happened if a POC had won before. 

3:45am BBT Ky addresses SB's fans: She was a great force. He will get himself to F2 for her sale. Ky returns to the CBR and all HG are asleep.

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2:36PM BBT

The feeds move to Rancho Coastal Humane Society 


2:38PM BBT

The feeds return to Tiff still meeting with Azah in the HoHR and Xavier talking with Hannah in the bathroom about his frustrations. "I'm not harboring any anger. It is what it is. Big D's song is about to be me."

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Here is the FotH earlier:


11:16am BBT Feeds go to FotH (Furballs of the House). Too early for nominations.

1:11pm BBT Feeds return. HG come rushing down from HoH LD to find a new, smaller DT. They all sit down to test it out.


1:15pm BBT Tiff says the middle of the old DT never got wiped down because nobody could reach. Welcome to the Top 8, Azah says. The HG applaud. Tiff is going to start meeting with HG before noms.

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5:37PM BBT

The backyard has opened.

Hannah- Oh we have the backyard.

Big D- Why

Hannah- Because we have Zingbot tomorrow and we are probably competing one at a time in the basement tomorrow.

Alyssa- The basement is a one at a time thing?

Hannah- Yeah

Azah- Yay! Backyard. Yay!

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8:33pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany is talking to Xavier and Hannah in the HOH room.

She is telling them that Big D is not giving her anything to work with, he has denied having ideas of going past the final 6 and is not working or making deals in the house.

Tiffany also tells them that Azah has said she only trusts Big D and Tiffany, but Tiffany doesn't believe that because they have had trust issues with game play.  Tiffany says that Azah doesn't trust Kyland at all, nor does she trust Hannah. Azah says Hannah didn't share information about someone saying her (Azah's) name.
Tiffany tells them she is an emotional player, she doesn't need reasons other than how she feels.

Tiffany says that Kyland is a game player, she has no idea what to think of him. She knows he will stick with the guys, he doesn't want to sit next to a girl at the end.
Hannah says that Kyland is interested in sitting by Big D.

Tiffany warns Hannah to be careful to not let him use her brain, he has been approaching her (Hannah) with that in mind.

Tiffany says Kyland is looking at her (Tiffany) for safety, but is interested in taking Big D to the finale.

Tiffany tells Hannah and Xavier that regardless what they want, it is the three of them and nobody else after the 6.
Tiffany tells them that she had a conversation with Azah where she told Azah that she (Tiffany) expected to be out 6th, if not 5th, and thought that she would go out either before or after Kyland.

Claire comes into the HOH room and game talk stops.

Tiffany, Claire and Hannah head downstairs, Kyland has made food.

Tiffany and Hannah are in the lavatory, Tiffany tells Hannah tThat she realized Azah will be with Kyland, Big D and Xavier in this house.
Hannah says she (Hannah) understands that, Azah knows she is safe mixed in with the guys.
Tiffany tells Hannah she is worried about Xavier, he will be the biggest threat in the house,
Hannah says Azah doesn't trust either of them, and it's a shame.
Tiffany says first Big D goes, then Azah since that was their original plan.

They want Big D to go out first to cripple Azah's network a little bit.

Tiffany nor Hannah can figure out how Azah thinks in the game, she is unaware of how votes can save her, who she sits against that makes her safe, her responsibility to win HOH for herself, how she connects...

Alyssa comes into the room, reminds Tiffany she is on slop.

Tiffany leaves the room, Hannah goes towards the loo.

In the lavatory Hannah is telling Alyssa that it is possible that she (Alyssa) will be sitting next to Big D by the end of the week.

Alyssa tells Hannah that the only way she gets off the block this week is by winning veto.

Hannah tells Alyssa that Tiffany made the decision on the nominations based on wanting to break apart duos.
Alyssa says this leaves Tiffany and Claire as the only duo left in the house.
Hannah says Tiffany is the HOH, she made her decision, even if it wasn't one given thought to.
Alyssa has said several times that she has been thinking about asking Hannah to play for her, but she is more confident she will beat Big D, but less confident that Hannah would use it to take her down.

Hannah says that Alyssa should do what she needs to do for her game, but she can't say 100 % that she will use the veto on Alyssa if she plays and wins.

Alyssa is surprised that Hannah believes Kyland would vote to keep Xavier over her.
Hannah tells her to play and win.
Alyssa says she isn't going to play Kyland's kissey kissey, cook for people game. She says if people want her out, she can't change their minds.
Hannah says Tiffany may want Xavier around because she knows she has beaten Kyland twice.

The girls leave the lavatory area and go to the kitchen.

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9:08pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa is in the gym picking at her face.

(Girls, don't do this... it's just not becoming.--Grannysue)

Alyssa has gone to the kitchen where the group is assembled.

They comment on the table being a family style table now.  They don't like that they cannot have a side conversation or sit to the side eating grapes.  They are unused to the intimacy of this new way of dining.

Xavier decides he can slide things all the way across the table, Tiffany tells him he can pass things. Xavier and Hannah irritate Tiffany by passing a cup back and forth in front of her.  Tiffany does the “mom hates this behavior stare”, but they do it a few more times before backing down. (Teenagers, huh??!!!-hahaha)

Laughing conversation continues around the table, Alyssa and Hannah have joined in with their slop, not sure if Big D has joined, he is not on camera and I don't hear his voice.

Azah and Alyssa are joking about Azah staring at her glasses while she thought Alyssa was sleeping. Alyssa was awake and finally asked Azah what she was doing after several minutes of the intense staring.
Azah starts laughing, says she saw Alyssa's glasses and thought they were nice, but then she started daydreaming, first about glasses, then about being far far from the house and had no idea she was doing it.
Alyssa says it didn't even startle Azah when she said, “what are you doing?”
she says Azah just said, 'I thought you were sleeping.”
Alyssa said it just made it creepier.
Azah defends herself, says it happened early in the game, and since they realize she daydreams.
Everyone laughs, enjoys the story.

Big D and Tiffany are fussing at each other in the hallway bedroom.
(I have no idea what this was, but it was silliness)j
Tiffany, “you are the only one here that doesn't like me.”
Big D, “nu uhh. No I'm not.”
Tiffany, “So none of them like me either?”
Big D, fusses at her, she fusses at him
Tiffany walks away, “I love you Big D!”
Big D, mumbles
Tiffany, “see!!! they all told on you now.”
Big D  is already gone.

Azah asks if they can play a game tonight.
Everyone says, almost in unison, “No, no games tonight.”

9:45pm Big Brother Time

Dinner has ended,, just general chatter now.. No game talk
10:00pm Big Brother Time

Still general talk, No game talk.

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10:13pm Big Brother Time

Still general talk.

Big D and Alyssa started a game of chess.

10:30pm Big Brother Time

Still general talk....

11:00pm Big Brother Time

Still no game talk.

11:15Big Brother Time

Still general talk in the back yard.

(Darlings, this has been a very slow evening in the Big Brother House. House guests are not plotting or talking game this evening. So I am going to take this opportunity to call it an early night for updates.
Take care of yourselves today,  hugs, Grannysue)

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