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Tuesday, August 10, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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10:25 AM BBT  Kyland is in the WA, after taking a shower.  Azah, Big D and Britini are whispering in bed about Alyssa.  Brit says she can use the info to her advantage, that she will say she was on board to keep Christian, but now.... Azah says no!  She said only a couple of people know, (using Brit as a pawn again) and Alyssa would know where the info came from.  Brit agrees not to say anything.  Claire comes into the BR in her costume.  They discuss how she had to get up in the middle if the night.  Claire explains that she had to go into the different bedrooms, and no lights were on.  As soon as she got out of the costume and into bed, they called her again.  She saws she almost got into the wrong bed.  Azah keeps calling Big D a chocolate cherub.  WBRB  keep getting these interspersed, hard to follow the conversations.

10:35 AM BBT  Claire, Azah Big D and Britini are discussing SB.  Azah doesn't understand why she keeps crying.  Claire says she doesn't understand it either.  She is on the block against someone that is a bigger target, yet every time she goes into a room, SB looks like she is crying.  Azah thinks her speech yesterday was just to get it over with.  They don't understand SB, WBRB

10:40 AM BBT  Feeds are back  Azah says SB is turning into Whitney to her.  Claire says that she hasn't seen this side of SB.  Claire states that SB was just mean during the Veto.  She was saying things about Brit.  Claire doesn't want to repeat it, says she shouldn't have said anything, then proceeds to tell Brit that SB called Brit F ing obnoxious.  They says SB keeps crying, but she went out 5th place.  She shouldn't be mad that Brit won.  They say that SB shouldn't be upset, she has 5K and has made it to jury.  She should just be chilling this week.  Alyssa comes in, tells them they missed sandwiches.  They all tell her she can have theirs.  Azah says she is the only woman eating the sandwiches.  (HN get to eat the sandwiches ) Alyssa leaves and Brit continues about needing to get out Alyssa, SB, X and Kyland.  Big D says he wants SB out first  They agree they will have to put up with the aftermath of this week.  Alyssa comes in again, game talk stops. Big D tells Alyssa that she will have to do like he did the week Brit and Frenchie were on the block.  He could campaign for either one, because they were both his team.  He explains more. 

10:52 AM BBT  Hannah is in the KT with Kyland.  He is in his donkey suit.  She asks if he had to make sandwiches during the night, he says only around 1 AM, not after that.  He says he has to fix sandwiches for the ladies now, Hannah says they will probably all give them to Alyssa.  Just general talk about a game they played last night.  Alyssa is still in the BR with Claire, Azah, Big D and Brit, so they are talking about Claire's punishment.

11:00 AM BBT  Hannah and Kyland are still in the KT.  Claire walks through, X does too.  Hannah and Ky continue to discuss what former HGs might like them.  Claire comes back into the KT.  In the back bedroom, Alyssa gets into the bed vacated by Claire.  Big D says in his gut he thinks there is a power out there.  They wonder if SB has it, but she is always crying, so they aren't sure. X comes in, goes to talk with Brit, but can't hear him as Big D is still talking about his concern about the "power" that is out there. 

11:05 AM BBT  WBRB

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11:00am BBT HG are awake doing ADL and chit chatting. The Duchess of Hearts (Claire) and Jackass of Clubs (Ky) are in the KT... and we get WBRB.  11:15am BBT still WBRB

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11: 18am BBT Claire calls Ky a donkey, he says thats Jackass to you. She responds with How asinine of me. He LOL. Large group of HG in bedroom talking about someone outside the house and we get WBRB. (must be someone that hadnt signed a release) 

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11:19 AM BBT  Feeds come back, Big D is still talking about a power he thinks SB has.  He tells Alyssa that if SB uses the power, Christian will go home.  He says no matter who goes home, the other one will go home before her (Alyssa).  He tells how when Brit and Frenchie were on the block together, that his friend was voted out, but he had to suck it up and keep playing.  More WBRB. 

Alyssa now goes into the other BR where SB and Tiff are.  They talk about the sandwiches, and how they aren't eating them.  Alyssa said she ate hers in a gulp.  Ky had to make sandwiches for 7 girls, so that is 2 sandwiches with one piece left over.  WBRB

Feeds come back.  Azah and Ky are in the SR.  Ky is asking how much he should say about keeping SB.  Azah explains that she has been crying to a lot of people, she is too emotional.  Azah says people think she is faking it because she does it so much.  Ky keep saying yeah, ya.  Azah says she doesn't want the tide to change becuase people ar getting annoyed with her damsel in distress.  WBRB

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11:26am BBT Ky and Azah in SR he is saying that he has to reduce the amount of time he talks with some ppl.  Whats the correct amount of time? Azah says Sarah is real emotional, she cries to everyone....WBRB 11:35am BBT feeds back. Claire needs a bandaid, she got a paper cut from her cards, she says her own ppl!. Derek X is doing yoga in the BY with Brit, Hannah and Alyssa drinking coffee watching him. 

11:39am BBT Sarah talks with Big D, she says ppl told her to just wait until Wed and do her one on ones with ppl but then Christian is campaigning like crazy. Big D says do what you have to do. Frenchie told him to trust her....WBRB 11:45am BBT Feeds back. Big D says he has an instinct when ppl are BSing him. Have a convo with someone to see where their heads at, build a relationship for next week. 

11:51am BBT Azah, Alyssa, Hannah, Brit and Claire in BY talk about how many ppl are watching them right. 50,000 or more (and even more reading about them) Chat changes over to snot and boogers and how its changed being in the house. Brit says to wake up in the morning and say you will purposely hurtful to this person that is not her cup of tea. 

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11:44 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Big D is speaking with SB.  He says he has good instincts when someone is bull shitting him, growing up in the hood (really?)  He is telling SB she can lay low today.  Big D says her teammates are in a tough spot, because both of them are up.  SB says she knew about the Slaughterhouse from Frenchie.  She said she even asked them about it, and they lied to her, so she knew she couldn't trust them.  Because they lied, she started making friendships outside of her team.  She didn't even use that information to try to get Christian on the block.  SB states she is a loyal person.  Big D says he doesn't disagree with that, but she needs to be careful or people will start pulling back from her.  WBRB   When feeds come back, Big D, he is still telling SB it is okay for her to be talking to him, but don't push others.  He tells her not to demand promises or swears.  SB says people are telling her she is safe, but she is sure they are saying the same to Christian.  Big D continues to discuss Frenchie's eviction.  He reiterates that SB needs to take it easy.  If she wants to take a shower, then take a shower, or not.  He continues to advise SB to relax, talk to people she feels comfortable with.  Intermittent WBRB.  Big D and SB head to the KT where X and Ky are. 

Outside is Azah, Brit, Claire and Alyssa.  They are talking about not being able to change people's opinions.  Azah states the people won't change until they have an epiphany.  She starts to tell about someone posting false information, and in a respectful way she... WBRB

11:57 AM BBT  Still on WBRB  (I can't take all of these, out for now)

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12:00pm BBT KY burns the Vegan bacon. Sarah tells Ky and X that she is just going to keep doing her best. She says that she talked to Ky and he is not keeping her. Ky says he is not going to lie, its just easier that way. (they are joking with each other) Big D comes in to the KT and says he was going to hug X but he (X) hasnt showered yet. X says he can hug Ky. Sarah says they (Ky and Big D) cuddled the other day. 

12:07pm BBT Big D going around to see what ppl want for dinner. He says spaghetti, goes into the KY and is told its Taco Tuesday. He says oh yeah and tells BY thats its tacos. (more WBRB) feeds back. Ky, X and Big D talking about how shady they are (skin tone not character) Sarah tastes the vegan bacon, she says it tastes like Bacon Bits, Azah says it looks like Beggin strips she feeds her dog. They all look burnt she says. 

12:20pm BBT Christian and Derek X in the HOH. DX says he is sorry about the nom. Chris says its a game. DX says the peak at the same kind of comps, he sees a lot of similarities between the two. When would be the next chance at this opportunity. Chris says that thought never crossed his mind, he has to deal with it now. He doesnt know where DX head is, what can he do or offer him or act to show athat the paranoia is gone,  ppl have to go after each other, only 2 get to the end. Chris says can we fully agree to not come after each other until a certain date. 

12:24BBT Chris says they need to get rid of the paranoia. DX asks what his game would look like after this week. Chris says DX cant play next week, DX has a lot of strong ppl on his side. DX says its good to not have a lot of enemies. Chris says there are each others shields. They are both not idiots. Chris says for DX to set the date and he will do what he needs to do to keep DX safe until that date. He is willing to prove it again, he proved it last week. DX asks who Chris targets are. Chris asks if RF is still a think. DX says he (DX) is on the bottom. Chris says there is only one person on the top, he says Ky. DX says he can see that. Chris says there are meeting where you arent there. 

12:29pm BBT Chris says that in Ky mentioned DX. DX says reeeally. Chris says he is willing to go after his target as long as its not Alyssa. DX says two questions then. If he can share anything Ky said that would be helpful. What length of time would he be willing to set up for this......(crap WBRB)

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12:32pm BBT Chris tells DX that while he was HOH Ky said he thought DX was sneaky. Chris says during the one on one he asked Ky who in the RF was he most uncomfortable and Ky said DX was sneaky. Chris says they need to take out the person who is the best for both of them. DX asks how long for the cease fire. Chris says he thinks 5 weeks is too long. He goes saying that they can use ppl that go home, say they were in our ear.  WBRB

12:39pm BBT Tiff and Hannah whispering. who is he going to offer safety.  Claire joins them. Tiff likes the bed, its so big. Tiff says she will sleep out here from now on, she is a night WC person and she talks in her sleep, she wouldnt disturb ppl. In HOH Chris and Derek X try to figure how long the cease fire is to be. He says he wants DX around but not to F2. Chris says DX needs to make a decision or send him home. What did Chris do to DX to be put up, DX says nothing. Chris says the only time he said DX name was after noms, Sarah said his name. 

12:49pm BBT Tiff, Hannah and Claire talk about using the HOH shower. In HOH, Chris asks Derek X how does keeping Sarah benefit his game over him, besides him going home. DX says just comps. Chris says in the puzzle comp she did the most of it. Chris is the only reason Hannah didnt go home that week. Chris says that Sarah kept telling him they should have gotten Hannah out. Chris says that with this agreement that they 2 and relax some. DX says so you want me to swing the vote to get Sarah out, what will they say. Chris says he needs to convince Claire and Tiff, he has a plan to get the rest, but he doesnt want to tell DX for obvious reasons.

12:58pm BBT Derek X says he wont talk to ppl today. Chris says he wont either. Chris says he doesnt feel any point in keeping it between them. Chris can tell Alyssa and DX can tell Hannah. Chris is gong to lay low today. As far as the way the votes go he is going home right now thats why this deal is essential. DX says let him think about it, it is an interesting deal. Chris leaves the HOH. (The deal is for the week of 8 HG or 3 HOHs)

1:00pm BBT Derek X talks to us, says he didnt think of something like that. He needs to talk to Ky about he said about him. After this week he sees Alyssa, Sarah and Ky as targets. The only person he is missing is X. How does he get X on his side?

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1:13 PM BBT:  "As a chocolate man, I do not want to be ashy.  I will leave that up to Big D." Xavier. (what a thing to turn the feeds on to - Sheldon.). Xavier leave the bedroom where SB and Azah are at and says that it is the perfect time for slop and that he is going to go get a bowl of slop but wants a sandwich.  After X leaves, Azah said she does not like sandwiches and goes to Subway once every other year.  Talk turns to game, but SB is relaying to Azah what votes she believes that she has. SB thinks she is safe, but if she left she wouldnt be able to live with herself if she didnt do everything that she could.  SB says that X was asking her how she was feeling and that he believes that itll come down to what the Jokers decide to do. Azah tells her to trust her gut.  Azah told her that she was such a beast and she needs to bring that back and come back and play the game like a beast. 


1:17 PM BBT:  Azah tells SB to remain calm, cool and collected.  She says she hasn't been nominated, but she says it must be weird.  Especially hearing people saying that you are good and then hearing that it is up in the air.  Azah says to look at this objectively. Azah tells SB that it makes no sense for "him" to stay.  ( I couldn't tell who the him was because I thought they were talking about Derek X.) Azah then tells SB to trust the process.  SB says that she will chill and thanks Azah.  Azah said that the more she makes herself appear emotional and stuff, even though she was on a strong team, the more they will point to her and to not give them the opportunity to point to her. 


1:24 PM BBT:  SB says that she needs to stop talking to Ky because he gets her in her head.  Azah said that she doesnt work well with people yelling at her, unlike Brittni who is all in to that. They then talk about going to the pool.

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 1:13PM BBT  Azah ask SB how she is doing. They are in the BR alone. SB says she thinks the hardest part is that she does not want to go home and fell like she didn’t do all she could and everyone is telling she is good, don’t do anything. She is torn.

scrnli_8_10_2021_1-16-32 PM.png


 1:19PM BBT Christian is recapping his conversation with DX regarding the deal Chris offered him.  


1:21PM BBT Alyssa and Christian agree on a plan where Alyssa will go talk to DX and lie and say that there were people around and Christian couldn’t explain everything to her, he told me to ask you.   

scrnli_8_10_2021_1-24-55 PM.png

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1:25 PM BBT:  Chris and Alyssa are outside upstairs talking about the 3 week deal that Chris made. It doesn't look like Alyssa is too happy. "It is your plan so I am not putting an opinion in it." is what she told Christian. They are talking about SB taking the money at the POV. Chris keeps asking Alyssa for help, but Alyssa keeps telling him no and that he does not need her help. Chris said it is 3 plans.  the one with Derek X, convincing Tiff and Claire that SB is coming after them and she gets an advantage from POV and then convincing Azah to "get on the right side of the house."


1:31 PM BBT:  in the KT, Big D says he is going to go to every person and tell them to clean their dishes immediately so he can cook in a clean kitchen. Chris asks Xavier to make him some slop. The camera is jumping around a bit.  DX and Alyssa are now in the HOHR. Alyssa comments on the nastiness of the HOHR. She said that it gives her anxiety and that it is stressing her out because she feels like he is a clean person.  BB tells DX to put on his mic and he apologizes and leaves to get it.  Alyssa is starting off into space. 


1:34 PM BBT: DX starts to explain what Christian said to her but Alyssa interrupts him and says she wants to say.  She asks if the plan to backdoor Chris was always there and he lied or what.  He denies the plan being there from before POV.  Alyssa tells him that she couldn't be 100% honest with him in the gym because SB came in.  Alyssa said that Chris only wanted to get Whit out and never wanted Hannah out. Someone came into the room and DX says to use the BR downstairs. He locks the door and checks the HOHBR.  Alyssa then starts selling out SB and says that the past HoH wasnt Christians.  If SB had won, Hannah would have been gone last week, she was the only one who wanted her out. She then says that SB was very persuasive. Alyssa says that SB said that Hannah needed to go for her personal game, but that X, Chris and Alyssa never targeted Hannah.  When DX became HoH, they did not know that DX didnt know the plan. Alyssa was saying that SB was adamant about getting DX out, especially if it is a double eviction.


1:40 PM BBT:  "It was easy to trust you, but not now."  Alyssa to DX.  She then tried to fix it by saying that this could be fixed.  Alyssa said that SB realized that when Brittni wont he POV, she knew Big D was going to be the new pawn but she would leave, so she came up with a story saying that DX was going to be targeted by Chris and Alyssa. Alyssa assures that her, Chris and X were NEVER coming after him. Alyssa says that Hannah should have known that they were never coming after her, and she believes that Hannah would say that.  Alyssa said that Chris leaving is not good for DX's game because there is still a strong duo in the house (referring to SB and Ky, but she is forgetting that she is a strong pair with Chris - Sheldon). Alyssa says that the whole act that Ky puts on is so obvious and she says he never came up to her after noms. She remembers Ky saying that DX is sketchy and that he thinks Ky would choose SB over DX. 


1:47 PM BBT:  Alyssa's smear SB campaign is continuing and bringing Ky under the bus too. Alyssa said that she is so glad that she didnt win the POV and save SB because she would look like a fool. DX asks what he could do and Alyssa says to get the Queens plus one more. Alyssa continues to say something about SB fake crying and shaking.  Alyssa says that he and Chris are the same player. She asks if he thinks that they will go after the Jokers because they aren't aligned with them and says no. Alyssa said that if Ky or SB win HoH Hannah is going on the block.  DX asks what their relationship would look like if Chris stays.  She said that all of this was squashed, but as a player, she respects the move and says the timing was bad. She says that there is someone who she would target instead of himself and Hannah. 

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1:30PM BBT Big D in the KT saying he is going to go around the house and tell everyone that when they use a dish to wash it right away, he would like to have a clean sink when he cooks. Big D asks X to make him some slop eggs.


1:33PM BBT Alyssa heads to the HOH with DX saying that Christian couldn’t tell me what I needed to talk to you about because people were around (lie). Alyssa asks if that was always his plan or after Brit won veto. DX: After she won veto.


1:35PM BBT Alyssa said you looked me in the eye and told me you didn’t have a backdoor plan. I believed you DX says he didn’t plan it right away. There was the veto day then a gap day.

scrnli_8_10_2021_1-39-07 PM.png


1:37PM BBT Alyssa is throwing SB under the bus saying that from week 2 SB has wanted Hanna out of the house. If it wasn’t for Christian Hanna would of gone home instead of Whit.


1:41PM BBT Alyssa continues to discuss with DX how SB can’t be trusted. She is very smart, convincing smart. SB has made it clear that she is going about you, DX. Plus, her and Ky are close, weirdly close. We know she will choose Ky over us


1:43PM BBT Alyssa now saying that she doesn’t think he DX would of made the decision to backdoor Christian on his own. Ppl are taking in his ear. Alyssa says she is not good at this game, there are others much better liars and they are the ones that need to leave the game.


1:47PM BBT Alyssa says she is glad she didn’t win the POV and take off SB and then you put up Christian, I would of looked like a fool. So far, during this entire Alyssa rant DX hasn’t say a word. Nods or uh mm  


1:49PM BBT Alyssa is now saying that she respects DX for having the fucking balls to go after a big player, it wasn’t good timing but she respects him. It is a game, I get that. But I think if you can fix this and SB goes we can talk about that 4 again.   


1:51PM BBT Alyssa finally gets to the point of asking DX what the agreement Christian and he talked about (acting like she has no idea what it is)

1:52PM BBT DX says if he stays it is 3 weeks of not going after each other. Alyssa: so a timeframe, nothing sketchy. There are 3 people in this house that have good memories. Ky, SB and Hanna.

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2:00PM BBT Alyssa tells DX that she doesn’t want him on the wrong side of the house. He has more power being HOH than he realizes.  


2:09PM BBT Big D interrupts asks if can come in. DX opens the door. Big D says he is going around to everyone asking if they were a dish please wash it right away. He wants the sink to be clear before he starts cooking around 5.   


 2:11PM BBT DX grabs a snack and sits back down with Alyssa while she is saying that if she won the veto she was going to take SB off the block, that is how loyal she is. DX says no matter what he does this week he will piss off someone.




2:12PM BBT Alyssa, how many ppl are you pissing off if SB goes home? DX Hmm, 1? Alyssa, how many if Christian goes home? DX 2.


 2:19PM BBT Alyssa says actions speaks louder than words. Alright hope that helped. She leaves the room with DX behind her.

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2:28AM BBT

SB is in the bathroom now and says she often shaves one armpit and forgets about the other. "When I first started shaving, no one showed me how. I was about 12 and we were going to the beach. I was really insecure and wanted to shave my legs because my older step sister shaved, so my mom said I could shave."

She tells the girls she only shaved the front of her legs not even thinking about the backs, and when her step sister saw it at the beach, she made fun of her the rest of the day. "It was so embarrassing....I don't know what my child brain was thinking."


2:30PM BBT

Ky, dressed as his Jackass punishment, is whispering with Xavier in the living room about their order of evictions.

They decide to relocate to the storage room to talk more freely.


2:39PM BBT

Big D walks in and joins the conversation

Ky states the order, "SB, Claire, DX, Alyssa or Britini.The house is underestimating Alyssa."

We just need to get them out one by one. Unfortunately, when we get down to the 6, we need to find a way to get rid of the three girls

Ky says they will need to just not win HoH those weeks.

X says they just need to maintain communication.


2:50PM BBT

SB and Tiffany are talking about Taco Tuesday in the bathroom.


2:54PM BBT

Alyssa and Christian are lying down on the sofa bed in the parlor chatting about SB saying that she was not in the house to make friends. She is there to get as much money as she can.

Alyssa says when she talked to DX she wouldn't let him tell her "what Christian said" because she wanted to say her piece and be sure he knows that she thinks her own way and that it's not just the same as whatever Christian thinks. Christian tells Alyssa, "you are so fucking smart...so fucking smart. You have cold feet too."


Big D comes in and starts talking with CHristian.

Chris- I feel really good

Big D- Okay; then we should be good then. That's all that matters

Chris- If you change your mind Big D, I'm coming to Philly. You don't want to know...

Big D- I was saying this morning....I was telling Alyssa, I think someone has a power

CHris- SB

Big D- if she has a power and you go home

Chris- if I go home on a power, I'm okay with that. I think I have the votes without you

Big D- that's what I've been waiting to hear

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 2:53PM BBT DX and Hannah are laying in bed in the HOHR. Hannah is saying that when they were talking flipping the vote on SB that is when they brought up how one of them has to win next week to take you out. Hannah has heard it from two sources. If you and me were on the receiving end that would be what we would be talking about. 


DX: I don't have inclination of keeping Christian at all.

Hannah: If we did he would come after me, Ky, Azah, maybe Big D who we have talked about bringing we said we would take far in this game.


They both start laughing at Big D wanting the kitchen to be spotless. If you use a dish wash it.. 


DX: Big D takes his role (as chef) in this house seriously still laughing

Hannah: he (Big D) says guys like me make it to final 4. Who’s going to pick me?

DX: That’s funny… I’m the big fish?

scrnli_8_10_2021_2-58-19 PM.png


3:09PM BBT X knocks on the door HOHR door to use the bathroom.


3:10PM BBT Hannah tells DX that she needs to go have her conversation with Christian.

DX: He said he wanted to talk to you.

Hannah: Yeah, he said talk to Baby D first.

DX: Basically he wants me to fill you in on his three week deal. Just tell him that I am still thinking about it and that if I do take the deal I believe it that he will stay true, that’s not what I am worried about.

Hannah: that is the entire plan? Three weeks of safety, we don’t target each other? Nothing about a final 6? 

DX: We just talked about how long we want this deal for. Final 5 is when you start making real money. Dude, that is 6 weeks.

[I love how much they laugh with each other ~PinkTee] 

scrnli_8_10_2021_3-19-11 PM.png

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3:40PM BBT

DX is reading Shakespeare Sonnet 52 (on a snack box) to SB and Hannah in the HoHR. 

DX notices that Xavier is sleeping. SB says Claire was sleeping too but got called to play 52 pick up.

DX- oh, so Ky is making sandwiches?

SB- no, he is making lemonade


In the backyard, Britini is sunning. Tiffany is playing mom by asking her to put on sunscreen. Claire is hanging out in the shade. Azah is sitting on a lounger in the shade. Tiff says SB looks like she is in an abusive relationship (leg wounds and bruises). Alyssa is laying on the inflatable unicorn float in the shade.


3:47PM BBT

Alyssa- Guys can a girl win a HoH next week, please?

Brit-wait what?

Alyssa- Can one of us girls win a fucking HoH next week?

Brit- That would be cool

Tiffany- Let's do it

Claire- yeah

Brit- Let's go Ladies!

Tiffany- These fucking guys. They didn't give us no puny guys. Damn; we got like four Michie's and no Christmas...where's our Kaycee?  (former HGs)

Azah- Right!?


3:54PM BBT

SB and DX are chatting in the HoHR. DX says he can't remember the last time he cried prior to moving into the BB House. SB asks if he cried during the application process, "I cried a lot about having to decide to quit my job; I cried a lot about like having to leave my cats; I cried worrying about my relationship; I cried because I just really wanted to make it and I didn't know if I would"


3:58PM BBT

Hannah is chatting with Christian in the coral reef room about Christian's campaign arguments

Christian tries to convince Hannah that he is worth saving because it benefits her game. He won't come after her or DX.

Christian- I know he didn't want to take me out. SB was in his ear. That's why. 

He says that the fact that he stays can prove that the contention is squashed.

Hannah tells him that if he doesn't target DX everyone will assume they are working together and come after them.

Christian- it still benefits you, doesn't it? It really does. If I send you and Baby D into jury not honoring my agreement, I don't get your vote. 

Christian says he just doesn't know what to offer. All he has is his word and he has proven his word to her already.

*WBRB Bubbles

Christian isn't getting anywhere with Hannah even though he has offered her safety with DX because, as Hannah very calmly explains that he blew it last week when he put her on the block after she had made it clear she was willing to work with him and laid out details

Hannah- if you can better help me understand why you were willing to risk my safety last week and what has changed since last week and this week and what will make you not do that again moving forward, I'm on board. But until you can lay that out for me, I don't know what I can tell you....you don't have to answer me now. I want you to think about it.

Christian- I am going to think really long and hard about how to convince you

Hannah- your time may be better spent talking with other people who may be easier to convince

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4:23PM BBT

Hannah just can't understand why she would want to keep him when he clearly see her as expendable.

Christian- So you want to know 1. What was I thinking 2. What changed 3. How does keeping you around benefit me

Hannah- No... how does keeping me around benefit you more than it benefits me because that's the only thing that could make this deal (she says no one would make a deal that would benefit the other person more)

Christian- I will come back with another answer, but I think you are underestimating the value of surviving short term versus long term. Regardless of the deal, me being here 3 more days is 

Hannah- Well, we are assuming you will be here next week. If you can just be honest with me and give me real raw answers to those three questions; Derek X still doesn't know where he stands on this deal...if you can come back and communicate real answers, I may be able to convince him to go all in with you.

They hug and Christian leaves "I think you deserve the answers because I put you in that situation last week."

Hannah- mm hmm


4:38PM BBT

Hannah is now talking with Xavier in the coral reef bedroom


Tiffany and DX are discussing their eviction order again and possible scenarios in the HoHR.


4:56PM BBT

Christian is telling Alyssa about his campaign with Hannah

Alyssa- she is willing to wait for those answers

CHristian- yeah; she said I just kept repeating th esame things and I was like because that's what iit is. I think she is trying to get me to slip up or something.

[Christian, she wants the truth and she can handle the truth.   -MamaLong]

Christian tells Alyssa that he believes Azah will pull through for him

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5:05PM BBT

Tiffany and Derek X continue planning in the HoHR. They are watching Claire on the spy cam

Tiff- if it wasn't for X, honestly, they need to go back to back (ChrisAlys)

DX- would you throw this week's HoH? Have you considered that at all?

Tiffany indicates no (hasn't thought about it) throw it to who?

DX- Azah would take out Alyssa

Tiffany- maybe as long as I don't get backdoored. I'm cool with it being Christian, SB and Alyssa. How long to we keep Britini?

DX I would keep Azah and Big D over Britini because she is a competitive threat

Tiff- at some point she's gonna be I am not the pawn anymore

DX- I'm so happy I didn't win that veto

Tiff- were you trying because you and Britini were like one away

DX- I wasn't actively throwing it; I was definitely trying

Tiffany decides to go downstairs


5:11PM BBT

Xavier enters the living room after talking with Hannah in the coral reef room. He places a blanket over a cuddled up ChrisAlys on the couch.

ALyssa- where were you

X- studying the days with Hannah because for some reason she has a photographic memory. We also talked about the eviction. How are the both of you feeling?

Christian- I feel like I have a fighting chance; I feel better

X- I was trying to see if she would tell me what DX is thinking

CHris- I don't think he has made a decision

X- I don't think so either. Whatever you did it's working on them. I think he can be easily persuaded. I just don't know how well he can persuade others.

Alyssa argues that he doesn't need to persuade them, "he just needs to tell them they want him to stay"


[Last night, I heard Alyssa tell Christian that they are all playing a game in that BB house and maybe they are just being outplayed. She said it could be DX is just playing it better than they are. You can't be pissed about that. -MamaLong]


5:17PM BBT

Britini is telling Claire and Tiffany about how she was cornered right after Christian was the renom "They think they have my vote, Big D's vote, Azah's vote and basically think they are getting your votes because they think you will vote with majority"

Tiffany- you have to remember Alyssa will still be here

Brit- We know what's happening. The vote is going to be 7 to 2. Big D got cornered. I got cornered. We had no choice but to say yes. You know where my vote is.

Tiff suggests that she say she was under the impression SB was the target but then realized the target is actually Christian.

Tiff- say 'I didn't know at the time you asked me, but now I realize he is the target and I don't want to be on the wrong side of that because I don't want to be his target.' Say 'I am still trying to get on Derek's good side. He did nominate me.' whether it's true or not you need to believe it and tell it to her like that. 

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6:04PM BBT

BB Punishment Voice- Kyland please make sandwiches for all the men in the house

Ky- okay


6:09PM BBT

While Jackass makes sandwiches, he and Brit are talking about Disney and the fast pass. It seems Brit knows all the DIsney hacks. 

[I've never been to DIsney. Ever. Closest I ever got was Astroworld. My family never had the means for such a trip, and on a teacher's salary, Disney has not been an option for my immediate family. My message here is: Disney is a dream. If you have been, you are very fortunate. It remains a dream for me. My kids claim they will take me to Disney one day. We'll see.  -MamaLong]


6:31PM BBT

Ky is delivering sandwiches to the guys


6:33PM BBT

Ky delivers sandwiches to Derek in the HoHR

DX- thank you

Ky- Thank the king. He sends his regards.

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