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Monday, August 9, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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1:39pm BBT Azah walks into bedroom, and Alyssa leaves. Big D to Az: "She working like a good housewife trying to get these hoes off her man. (haha, I love it, Alyssa has been campaigning hard today!)

Az says "she working too early, she needs to simmer" Big D : "we just took the meat out the freezer, we haven't even defrosted it yet"

Big D : "I can vote for him to stay or I can vote for him to go, it don't matter, he's gonna go. " He then tells Az that Alyssa thinks if their (Big D et al) votes can all be flipped, Christian will be safe. 


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1:41PM BBT Big D At the end of the day I can vote for him to stay or vote for him to go. It won’t matter, he is still going home.


1:49PM BBT X and DX are in the HOH talking. DX tells X that with Christian gone maybe you, Ky and I can work together with the knowledge that we now need each other in this game. X: 100% we are going to have to lean on each other in the game.


1:50PM BBT X tells DX the only reason he wouldn’t have taken that big of a hit in this game is if they are on my team, and he is. So I get it.

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1:51pm BBT: Alyssa (sounding like a broken record) in another bedroom with Christian and Britini, trying to convince Britini she needs to vote out SB, otherwise she(Brit) could be the next one on the block, possibly next to Alyssa (Man, she's really beating that dead horse). 


And we  have the WBRB

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1:51PM BBT DX tells X that if Christian stays you have permission to take a shot at me. I deserve it. I don’t know who to play this game. X says that if Christian says you better hope it is a mental comp because he is a beast.

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2:36PM BBT

The feeds have been on WBRB Bubbles since 1:52PM BBT


2:44PM BBT

The feeds return to all cameras on Tiffany and Christian in the coral reef bedroom

Christian- I gave her (Claire) like nine arguments for me to stay and she could only give me one for SB to stay 

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2:46PM BBT: Feeds are back with all cams on Christian campaigning to Tiff.  He is trying to convince her that he'll be her shield and that he'll fight for her.

2:48PM BBT: Christian to Tiff - I gave Claire like nine arguments for me to stay and she could only give me one for SB to stay .  Tiff tells him that that she feels that she would like for him to stay, but needs time. She gives him pointers.




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3:38PM BBT

The camera return to Kyland helping SB remove her nail polish in the bathroom.

Chaddha is in the bathroom applying lotion.

SB is now coaching Ky as he paints her fingernails "you can get closer to the cuticle. There you go."

Hannah says maybe she'll stay and get hers done...but, she leaves

Kyland gets really excited about a nail he does with near perfection "Oh that was so good"

SB- that was really good. Look at that.

They begin whispering 

SB- now I hope they do rat out the alliance

Ky- they already had formed three alliances without me in it

SB- which three?

Ky- Slaughterhouse and the one with Whitney *feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles

SB- I shouldn't play this game with my heart; I know

Ky- exactly



3:50PM BBT

Christian and Alyssa are in the living room on cams 1 & 2, but we do not have their audio


3:51PM BBT

Big D enters the bathroom, sees Ky and SB and starts to leave, but SB tells him "come in here, he is just painting my nails."

Big D goes to the loo.

Big D comes out of the loo and teases SB, "if you keep spending all this time with my man, I'm gonna have to switch my vote."

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4:42PM BBT

Tiffany and Claire are talking in the bathroom (nothing new)


ChrisAlys are cuddling in the HNR


4:44PM BBT

Xavier walks in the bathroom and Claire tells Tiff that Ky said he had a dream where X and Claire were getting it on. Tiff asks if he and SB were too. Claire laughs.

 Xavier then complains to Claire that Tiffany said he doesn't have an ass. 

Claire- let me see

Tiff- let us see; there's two of us judges

Xavier- I'll let Claire see, but you cannot see

Claire- these pants don't do much for you

Tiff- see

X- that's because they are sweat shorts

Claire has him stand so she can look from the side. Tiff tries to look.

X- nope

Claire- don't you dare; that's my showmance; for my eyes only and Ky's imagination. That's it.


4:55PM BBT

Claire, SB and Xavier are discussing flirting in the bathroom

X- SB what do you think? Can flirting be taught or do you just have it or not?

SB- I definitely think it can be taught through experiences


4:56PM BBT

ChrisAlys are cuddling in the HNR and Alyssa says they will get the room to themselves on Wednesday.

Christian- OOOH! RIght!

*lots of loud smooching*

Feeds return to the bathroom


4:49PM BBT

Xavier comes out of the shower wearing his towel like a female would. "I feel like being cute today."

SB- it's definitely SB approved

 "I'm in trouble if I get a breeze" He struts and sways in his towel

Xavier- I don't know how Baby D does this all the time

[I have seen Baby D come out of the shower with his towel like that.  -MamaLong]

SB leaves the bathroom

Claire- you said you would vote for the one who is not getting the votes

X- I told them both that...a sympathy vote. If the house doesn't like it they can kiss my tight little ass. I'm not going to campaign against either of them. I refuse.

Claire- yeah



5:08PM BBT

Tiffany and Baby D are playing pool in the backyard. Christian & Alyssa are still playing under the covers in the HNR. Christian is also contemplating his campaign arguments.

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8:18PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are chatting in the hammock. The topic of Frenchie comes up as they both agree his paranoia was his exit ticket.


5:20PM BBT

It appears Christian and Alyssa have fallen asleep in the HNR.


5:24PM BBT

Claire is preparing food in the kitchen.


5:25PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


5:41PM BBT

Tiffany is telling Baby D about her conversation with Christian in the HoHR

She told Christian that she loves him on a personal level but can't beat him in the end. She can beat SB.


5:42PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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5:51PM BBT

The feeds return to Tiff and DX still talking in the HoHR. Ky is hanging out in the parlor. Claire is cooking in the kitchen. Xavier and Big D are chatting in the living room.


5:52PM BBT

Azah enters the HoHR asking DX for some candy. SHe grabs some candy then leaves.

Tiff- that was really weird; you don't come in somebody's door twice unless you're an idiot

DX- yes, she really does come in here for candy a lot

Tiff- DOesn't she know that you're the Hoh and got shit to do?

DX-Tiff, you're a hypocrite; you are laying in my HoH bed

Tiffany laughs "But I'm talking business here" and they go back to whispering about the game

DX says Ky is "waiting out there"

Tiff says it is because he wants to talk to him and get inside his head. SHe warns him that Ky is trying to feel out everybody in the house "he don't know your relationships with people and he should not be doing that. You need to be quiet with him."

DX says Ky is going to help him with the X situation

Tiff- X don't trust Ky. X trusts me before he trusts Ky. 

DX says he is going to cut a 3 week deal with the remaining Kings. Tiff says he should deal with Xavier only.

DX says after CHristian goes home there will be easier targets "Ky and SB are sitting alone over there"

Tiff- I want her to go home

Tiff says she will leave "so Kyland can come in here and feel important...feel him out"


5:57PM BBT

Britni is talking with Christian on the backyard couches

Chris- if Azah is with me then going against the house is UGH

Brit- WIth the 5 of us you have 5 (votes)

Chris- do you think Big D will flip?

Brit-isn't he one that said he would vote for you?

Chris- but do you think he would flip?

Brit says she doesn't think he would

Chris- I don't think he would either. I don't think he is a big liar; he has a big mouth, but he is not a big liar. You, Big D, X and Alyssa. That's one vote away.


5:58PM BBT

In the HoHR, Tiffany is repeating to DX that Christian is dangerous for her game "if I thought Christian wasn't coming after you and he could convince me he wasn't coming after you, I would be trying to convince you to keep him in this game. I really want to ride with me, you, Hannah or me, you Claire"

DX- I want the final 4 to be me, you, Hannah, Claire

Tiffany- I'm cool with that

Tiffany tells him that Ky is playing a fucking game and X does not trust Ky.

DX- fuck it; I'm not making a deal with the 3 of them then. I'll just save Ky for the next.

Tiff- you know Ky is woking with Sarah Beth so if you cut a deal with X you need to say that you can only work with Ky for so long because he is working with Sarah Beth. He wants to work with you. We can do the 6.

DX- if we do the 6, X will take a shot at Ky

Tiff- what is our next target, SB?

DX- Alyssa

Tiff- I really want to split up SB and Ky.  If you split up SB and Ky then you have Ky. 

DX- True. we already have Ky and keeping him means people are coming for him

Tiff- If we take Christian this week and Alyssa next week, X is going to kick everybody's ass

DX- that's true

Tiff- remember, you CAN work with X because all X has after you take out Christian is Alyssa

DX- Okay, so SB, yeah    (they have agreed SB is their next target)

Tiffany warns DX not to say anything about his targets


6:05PM BBT

They agree to keep Azah because she is easy to understand (it is easy to read her and they know her motives)

They have agreed on an eviction order: Christian, SB, Alyssa, Britini, Big D, Azah leaving their final 6 as: DX, Tiffany, Claire, Hannah, Ky and X

(but they agree they can't evict Brit - it has to be Ky or X to cut Britini so that they do not lose Azah's trust)


6:07PM BBT

DX goes to the parlor to talk with Kyland. He tells him he was in the DR for over 2 hours. He tells Ky that he talked with Xavier earlier and they determined the guys have to stick together.

Ky- that is literally exactly what I said

DX- true; true


6:20PM BBT

Cameras 1&2 are focused on the DR door.


6:21PM BBT WBRB Bubbles

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6:32PM BBT

Claire has her punishment costume on now. She has a card costume with the letter D (Duke/Duchess of the Deck) in place of the letter (Ace, King, Queen or Jack) . Claire has a princess style hat and gold bodysuit under the card. I believe she is required to do the 52 card pick up whenever the King demands (not positive about her punishment details)


6:42PM BBT

Sarge- Claire, go to the storage room, please

Claire- Yay, there's my clothes 

Big D- Oh my God, I'm going to bed at 10 guys.

Alyssa- I'm going to bed at 10


6:43PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


6:46PM BBT

The feeds return to Baby D and Azah giggling in the bathroom and Christian heading out to the backyard.


In the hammock Claire and Tiffany are chatting

Tiff- I don't understand why we can't play with the cards when it was us that came up with the (Royal Flush Alliance)

Claire- I know

Tiff- I ain't saying nothing else for my ideas here. (because production has been taking their ideas and using them)

Claire says the cards are really nice cards and she would like to keep them when she leaves. They told her she can't use them for game strategy. [They do not need cards for that, you silly BB. They just use the chess board, sour candies and Froot Loops -MamaLong

Hannah- How do you take that off to pee?

Claire- I don't know. It unzips in the back

Hannah says someone will have to assist her in the bathroom


Hannah asks Claire if she was the one who said they will all be known as one thing they said in the house. Claire says yes. She mentions how Holly being called Beth stuck with her and Raven said stupid things that followed her. Also Christie and Tommy talking in the bathroom "you remind me of home"  then CHristie repeated "Whaat?" because she couldn't hear him  [I believe he actually said "you can always look at me and see home" Unforgettable. LOL!  -MamaLong]


6:52PM BBT

BB punishment Voice- Claire, it is (inaudible part) to play a game of 52 pick up in the backyard

Hannah- Oh Claire

Claire tosses the cards in the air then begins picking them up off the ground


7:00PM BBT

Britni has squeezed her way into the hammock with Hannah and Tiffany.

Tiffany- excuse me, I'm gonna get up

Tiffany gets out

[Tiffany is often very annoyed by Britini and has a hard time hiding her emotions, so she typically avoids her in moments like this where she has been rubbed wrong by Brit.  -MamaLong]


7:02PM BBT

Christian is taking clothes outside to wash "Is the washing machine open? Like free? YES!"


Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles

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7:13PM BBT

BB Punishment Voice- Claire, Entertain Me. Please play 52 pick up in the living room.

Claire- are you entertained?

Big D- get out of here before they call you again

BB Punishment Voice-  Entertain Me, Again.  

Claire finishes and says "Ta Da"



7:15PM BBT

BB Punishment Voice- Claire, Tip of the day. I want to be entertained.Entertain me with 52 pick up in the front bedroom.

Tiff has to direct Claire to the the sea glass bedroom because she was heading into the coral reef room

Claire- The Duke of the Deck is here to entertain

Tiff says she is enjoying it now like Baby D in the beginning of his punishment, but she will grow to hate it.


7:20PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles

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7:30PM BBT

Baby D, SB and Claire have been delivering jokes in the sea glass bedroom.

Claire needs the restroom but isn't sure how to unzip.

She goes looking for help.

Baby D and SB begin discussing idioms and other common sayings.



7:53PM BBT

Baby D and Azah are now cooking in the kitchen. They are discussing fried rice. Azah wants to learn how to make it, so Baby D begins telling her how. They are going to make it tomorrow.


7:54PM BBT

Kyland is showering


7:55PM BBT

Britini has joined Azah to serve as sous chef. Azah tells Brit she really loves her because it's so awful for her to make salmon and not put butter on it "I love butter...I think the only thing I love more than you, Britini, in this house, is butter"

[Brit can't have butter. She has food allergies.  -MamaLong]

Brit- I'm slightly offended by that

Azah- the definition of love is butter  


7:58PM BBT

Hannah is keeping Ky company in the bathroom while he showers. Just random conversation going on there.


Christian and Alyssa are in the hammock.

Chris- I spoke to Britini and I said Brit we have a lot of time...today we plant a few seeds in people's heads. Tomorrow, alte at night, speak to Azah and have a discussion and because Azah is not gonna tell me you have my vote, but what you need to do is let me know where her head is at unless you tell me. SO Brit's job tomorrow is to see where Azah's head is at. If Azah is keeping me...(he says he will approach Tiff and let her know the Jokers may vote to keep him)

Alyssa- when you stay, that four thing is done


8:07PM BBT

BB Punishment Voice- Duke of the Deck...Amuse me by playing 52 pick up in the bathroom.

Claire drops her cards and picks them up. She adds a corny joke 'What time should you go to the dentist? Tooth Hurty"

Claire- I hope I have entertained

SB- more than entertained


8:09PM BBT

BB Punishment Voice- Entertain me again...in the bathroom

Claire- What? Oh, he played me. I should have gotten knee pads



[I'm out for the night y'all. Got stressful news the first day back to school today, and COVID is surging here in Austin with school set to start on the 18th. I'll continue posting when I can. I'm sure grannysue will be here soon. Nighty night   -MamaLong]

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8:32pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa and Christian are on the hammock talking to Britini.

They are trying to convince her why Christian needs to stay and offer to work with her going forward.

Britini listens to what they have to say, then she says she is going to see if she can relax in the hot tub to relieve her sore muscles.

Christian thanks her for listening, he tells her they have the snowball rolling, Britini needs an explanation, so he does that for her. He tells Britini that her vote will allow him to stay.  He says he is willing to offer Jokers the pick of any nominees with the exception of Alyssa.
Britini tells him she will talk to Azah, and even give Britini and Azah the HOH room, but says some of the snacks would be theirs as well. 

Alyssa asks if she has talked to Sarah Beth, Britini says no, she has not.  Alyssa says “Can she offer you that???”  (of course she can, they can both offer exactly the same things to Britini. Coming through with those things is the question, isn't it?)

Kyland and Tiffany are in the lavatory talking about the eviction and their ideas about the position of house guests in competitions.

8:43pm Bubbles

8:45pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return.
Kitchen crew is making dinner. 

Azah has joined Christian, Alyssa and Britini at the hammock.

Christian is presenting his plan to Azah.
Alyssa says she will not put them up, even as a pawn.
Christian says they will have four people playing for the veto (Britini, Azah, Christian and Alyssa).
Christian says “they cannot offer that.” (but Sarah Beth can, she can offer Kyland, herself, Britini and Azah as the four.)

Christian says he would have 7 people voting for him to stay. He says Tiffany and Claire have already told him if he has the numbers they will vote in his favor.
Christian tells them he just wants to make another week.

Azah says she needs time to think about it.

(if there is a double eviction the HOH room does not come into play for the first HOH competition.)

Alyssa repeats her offer to not put them on the block if she wins HOH next week.

Christian now says, “you can have a night in the bed...” earlier it was you can have the HOH room for the week if I understood that right.

Bubbles returns at 8:51pm
Feeds return 8:55pm

Christian and Alyssa continue to enhance the visual of their deal to Azah and Britini.

Christian is called to the diary room, Azah says she is going to check on the salmon. Christian hugs her.

Tiffany is in the shower while Claire talks to her.
Kitchen crew is still cooking. There seems to be a foil malfunction. Malfuncted foil can be a bad thing.
Azah fights past the trauma and now has un-malfuncted foil to work with.

Bubbles comes to see the foil. Bubbles says she has never seen this before, but we know she probably hasn't seen it because she has never been allowed to explore the non-virtual world.

9:00pm Big Brother Time
Bubbles still amusing herself with this foil issue.

9:04pm Feeds return

Kyland and Derek X are playing chess at the dining room table. Kyland is whispering

Britini and Azah are in the bedroom talking about the offer they just received.
Britini says she is voting Christian out this week, she is interested in working with Derek X, and she says they can beat Alyssa.
Britini is confident that if it is a puzzle, she will win against Alyssa. Playing against Christian could be a problem.  She does not believe they have her back at all, she says they threw us under the bus.
Britini tells Azah that Christian is saying Kyland ran the HOH and called Derek X a name she will not repeat.  She also knows that Christian said Britini would go on the block.
Britini is livid...she says she is not a pawn.  
Britini, “I ain't scared of anybody in this house. Especially her.”

Britini continues to vent, she is amped up about this.

Azah says if he thought he wasn't going home “we wouldn't see all this scrambling going on.”

9:12pm Big Brother Time
Bubbles returns,

Kyland was called to the diary room right after his punisher shouted that he was hungry. He may be getting suited up and given his instructions.

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9:15pm Big Brother Time

House guests are still in the kitchen, but some of the girls are in the lavatory area.

Christian is teasing Britini about clubbing after the game is over.
Claire says she told Azah no one was in the loo, but Xavier was in there. She says Azah saw Xavier peeing.  Claire says she did not see anything, Azah grins. Xavier is quiet.

Everyone is wondering how Kyland will look when he presents himself after his diary room session.

Christian continues to socialize. Girls start humming, we are rewarded with Bubbles.
Feeds resume after song session is addressed.

General talk in the kitchen. 

Tiffany, Claire, Xavier and Sarah Beth are relaxing in the living room area.  Just general talk as well.

10:02pm Big Brother Time

Dinner is ready for the house guests.

Kyland has come out of the diary room in a donkey costume. It looks like he is starting his first club sandwich.

In the living room Big D and Xavier are talking about Kyland holding himself so well this week. Cameras move away to Hannah and Alyssa in the lavatory.

Alyssa is telling Hannah that Christian didn't want to go after Hannah last week, that Sarah Beth has her eyes on Hannah as a target.  Alyssa tells Hannah that Sarah Beth seemed passionate about getting Hannah out of the game.

Alyssa says she doesn't know if she should talk game, should she hang out with Christian, she feels stuck in the middle.  She feels that people are looking at her in a way that makes her feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Alyssa says she is worried that Derek X would not have put Christian up if he didn't have support for that.
Alyssa says she would never target her (Hannah).

Hannah says for her personal game she would like to send Sarah Beth home, she says she knows she was the original target last week.
Alyssa denies this.
Hannah says she has loyalty to the HOH this week, she is worried that if she goes against him it would be difficult to salvage things later.
Alyssa says she is going to be there, and will work with Hannah, but she says she can't work with Derek X in the same way.
Hannah tells Alyssa she would be safe with her if she were HOH, she has other targets if Christian would leave.
Alyssa says she can extend the same courtesy to Hannah, but not Derek X.  Hannah says she does not think Alyssa is next.
Hannah tells Alyssa that if Christian leaves the house, it resets Alyssa's game. Hannah says there are larger targets in the house.  Hannah says when we are in a group setting, ...Azah comes in and interrupts...Hannah says both of them came in with a strong social game, but recently they have isolated themselves.  Hannah says they should spend the rest of the week socializing.  She tells Alyssa that she needs to be so social that people would miss her if she were gone.
Hannah repeats that she is going to respectful of Derek X's HOH, but things could change.
Alyssa asks if it would help her game (if Christian left).
Hannah says “all I will say is you could reset.” She repeats to Alyssa to integrate more into the group, and also tells Alyssa again that she is safe next week (from Hannah)

Alyssa says she doesn't realize she does that, Hannah says it makes people in the house say, “Where's Christian and Alyssa?”  She says that makes them seem like a powerful duo.

Hannah says “you don't want people to feel what it is like to have Christian out of the house.”

Alyssa says she wonders if she should not campaign for Christian, Hannah tells her to take a step back.
Alyssa insists she is not doing that. (That is all she has done all day.).
Hannah says she would not campaign for Derek X if he were on the block, she says you don't want to attach to a sinking ship.  Hannah says people will see her campaign for Christian all week and decide they cannot pull her in.

Alyssa tells Hannah that if she is HOH she would back door Derek X. (She says she wouldn't put him up on the block unless something happened with the veto.)

Hannah says if getting rid of Derek X is in the interest of her game, then put him up, but if it is just retaliation for  sending Christian home it might not be a good move.  Hannah says she believes Derek X would be willing to work with her and Xavier in the event Christian goes home.

Alyssa now says if he went up on the block after veto, he wouldn't even be a target.

They end their conversation with a hug.

Camera moves to kitchen/living room area

Xavier puts something in Azah's hand,  tells Britini not to look because it's not for her. He says “I love you.” Azah looks confused, “love you to.” She sits for a few minutes, then Britini asks her to play chess.

It sounds like the Have Nots are allowed to have a sandwich, Tiffany says she will give hers up for them. Christian says they need to ask as often as they asked Derek X to repeat his announcements.

10:29pm Bubbles comes to get a sandwich too.

Cameras come back to Christian drooling over the food Kyland is making.

While Kyland is finishing the club sandwiches they realized they have burnt the key lime pie merinque.
They pull off the meringue and decide to try again.

10:49pm Bubbles.

10:50pm Feeds return

Kyland is whipping egg whites for meringue. He says he is very warm in the costume.


11:14pm Big Brother Time

Christian and Big D go to the storage room.

Christian begins to tell Big D about the deal he offered to Britini and Azah.

Bubbles interrupts 11:15pm

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11:19pm Big Brother Time

The meringue is finally done.  They are trying to decide if they should broil or bake it.
Azah tells them to follow the directions.

Alyssa is in the lavatory brushing her teeth, Christian comes into the room.
He starts to talk, but she nods at the shower where Claire is bathing.
Alyssa says she is going to bed soon, Christian says he will tell Hannah he will talk to her tomorrow. He decides to get ready for bed as well.

Azah, Big D, and Xavier are in the anchor bedroom.
Xavier says he has told Sarah Beth and Christian need to campaign individually.
Big D says he told Alyssa he wanted Christian to campaign, not her.  He says he told Christian to campaign for himself, he told Christian that t was nice to hear the offers, but Christian needs the votes to stay.

Xavier says he needs five votes to stay, and a Joker will be the deciding factor.
Azah says she doesn't owe him anything, Christian mentioned putting her up.
Big D says he told Christian he might not get Azah's vote. Azah says Claire and Tiffany would keep him if the Jokers do.
Britini comes into the room.
Xavier leaves the room.

Britini asks Big D what he told Christian in the storage room, she tells Big D not to tell Christian anything. She says they need to make him comfortable.  Britini says Christian just told her it was up to her (Britini) to get the Jokers to vote his way.

Big D says Christian told her that if Azah votes to keep him Tiffany and Claire will do that also.
Azah says she told Christian she would think about it.
Britini says they need to wait until Wednesday, when Alyssa realizes she is alone in the house, she plans to pull in Xavier because Xavier was not included in the deal Christian offered (they could put up anyone but Alyssa, he did not include Xavier in the deal). Britini plans to  make sure he can't make a scene because there will be no time.
Britini says Alyssa has thrown all the Jokers under bus this week. She says she has heard this from multiple people. If Alyssa had won HOH this week it would be the Jokers on the block this week.
Big D says “but we were the pawns.”
Britini, “why do we need to be the pawns?”
Britini says when he is gone Alyssa will need someone in the house, and the other side doesn't want to work with her.

Big D and Azah leave the room to “wash the cat.”....leaving Britini alone and hyper.

Azah takes Xavier to the storage room.  She tells Xavier the deal Christian offered to her and Britini and Big D.
She tells Xavier that the condition was that they not put up him or Alyssa, but Xavier was not included in the deal, he was never mentioned.  She tells him the deal is collective to the Jokers.

Xavier asks what they are thinking about that...Azah says no no no. She told him she would think about it, she doesn't like to lie, but she wants to go with the HOH,and if that is Christian, it is that.

Xavier says he will not campaign for either Christian or Sarah Beth, he will allow the house to come to a decision.

11:41pm Bubbles

11:44pm Feeds Return

Xavier goes to the Have Not Room and Alyssa tells him about the deal, but she tells Xavier that Christian mentioned both her and Xavier as exempt from eviction.(Lie #1)  Alyssa tells Xavier that Christian said to keep it to themselves (Lie #2).

Christian comes into the room with them.  Alyssa tells Christian to tell Xavier about the deal he offered. Christian tells Xavier he told them that both Alyssa and Christian are safe (Lie #1). He says he told them he would drop out and allow a Joker to win. (Lie #2).

They tell Xavier that Azah told them verbally yes, but she also said she would sleep on it.

Xavier asks them when and where this happened. He asks how close the Jokers are to the Queens. Christian doesn't know.
Xavier says if they tell the Queens he lost Tiffany and Claire.

Christian says he doesn't think they will tell.

(Christian makes another slip,,,,he says, “I don't care who they nominate as long as it is not us two” He points at Alyssa. He did not say “us three.”)

Cameras move to Hannah, who is whispering to Britini.

She tells Britini that she told Alyssa not to campaign for Christian, that she needs to think about herself in the game.

Britini continues to talk to Hannah, who seems to be wanting to leave.

Tiffany and Claire are in the HOH room, they are talking about house guests and their positions in the house.
Tiffany says she warned Derek X this might unravel and his game is exposed.
Claire says he could have played it safe and put up other people.

Tiffany says Christian has a guaranteed two and Christian does as well.

Claire says the vote will be 7/2 however it lands.

12:00am Big Brother Time


Well dears, it is time for me to go find my bed, snuggle with my puppies (did I tell you I have a chihuahua and a little Pomeranian?) well I do, and they are such adorable sweet friends. We received both of them as gifts from others who could not keep them.  If you want a pet and you now you will be a good parent, please find a new friend from your local animal shelter.--Goodnight, hugs by the thousands, --Grannysue. 

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 12:10AM BBT Tiff, Claire and Hanna are whispering if they should keep SB or keep Christian. They are afraid that if Christian gets the votes they will be on the wrong side of the house.


#BB23 1:16AM BBT Hanna and DX in bed telling jokes and laughing. Ky and SB playing Chess.

scrnli_8_10_2021_10-40-28 AM.png




1:16AM BBT Two Jokes and one queen. The Duchess, the Jackass and Tippytoes. Sarge: I am getting Hungry…. Ky: Damnit Sarge: Make yourself a delicious club sandwich.

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 2:19AM BBT Ky and SB head to the LR whispering how she has heard that Christian and Alyssa has been making deals to keep him safe. The whispering is so low that I can’t pick up enough of what is being said.  

scrnli_8_10_2021_11-01-29 AM.png


3:47AM BBT Ky and SB have been talking in the LR cuddling for the past few hours. They finally decide to head to bed. Lights Out   

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